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P. E. Samuel Pegge. Explanation of
the expression, a " White Crow." " Gent.
Mag.," 1754, p. 305.

"P. E." are the first and last letters of Paul
Gemsege. — See " Gent. Mag.," LXVI., p. 979.

P., E. Rev. Edward Pearson. A letter
to a member of the Senate of the Univer-
sity of Cambridge. Camb. 1799.

P., F. E. Rev. Francis Edward Paget.


Caleb Kniveton, the incendiary : a tale
. . . Oxf. 1833.

P., F. J. F. J. Pakenham. Life lines ;
or, God's work in a human being. L.

P., F. M. Frances Mary Peard. The
wood-cart ; and other tales of the south
of France ... L. 1867.

P., O. Mrs. Gertrude (Hext) Parsons.
How I became a hero. By ... in " Once
a Week." 1852.

P. G. Samuel Pegge. On Godmer-
sham church, in Kent, " Gent. Mag.,"
1789, p. 420.

" P. Or." initials of Paul Gemsege. — See
" Gent. Mag.," LXVI., p. 1083.

P., G. F. George Frederick Pardon.
Games for all seasons. L. 1869.

P., G. W. George William Pettes.
American or standard whist. B. 1880.

P. H. Richard Derby Ness, in his
contributions to " Notes and Queries "


P., H. Henry Poivnall. A word from
the Bible ... on behalf of enslaved Brit-
ish subjects ... L. 1829.

P., H. E. Harriet Eleanor Phillimore.
Violet Stuart: a tale of the Gibraltar,
and the heir of Cholmeley's Dene. L.

P., H. F. Helen F. Parker (1). Con-
stance Aylmer : a story of the 17th cen-
tury . . . N.Y. 1869.

P., H. K, Mrs. H. K. Potwin. Paul
and Margaret, the inebriate's children . . .
N.Y. 1869.

P., H. W. Henry Webster Parker.
Verse by . . . B. 1862.

P., J. Miss Jane Porter. Biographi-
cal account of the late Rev. Percival
Stockdale, in "Gent. Mag.," October,
1811, pp. 384-390.

P., J. James Py croft, B.A. Cricket-
ana. L. 1865.

P., J. J. B. Papworth. Poetical
sketches of Scarborough (with text
signed . . . text signed " W " [by the Rev.
Francis Wrangham], and text unsigned,
by W. Coombe). L. 1813.

P., J. Jonathan Pereira. Selectis e-
preescriptis ... L. 1844.

P., J. James Pedder. The yellow
shoestrings ... P. n.d.

P., J., Esq., F.R.S. James Postle-
thwayt, Esq. A collection of the yearly
bills of mortality from 1657 to 1758 in-
clusive ... By . . . L. 1759.

P., J., Student in Astrology. John
Phillips. The English fortune-tellers . . .
L. 1703.

P., J. B. J. Bertrand Payne. The
gossiping guide to Jersey. L. 1865.

P., J. B. J. B. Peat. Sure; or, it
pays ... B. 1872.

P., J. C. James C. Parsons. The
living word ; or, Bible truths and lessons.
B. 1872.

P., J. G. John Gorham Palfrey, D.D.
Notice of Professor Farrar. [From the
"Christian Examiner" for July, 1853.]
B. 1853.

P., J. H. Rtv. James H. Potts, editor
of the "Michigan Christian Advocate,"

P., J. H. John Henry Parker. A.
guide to the architectural antiquities in
the neighbourhood of Oxford. Edited by
. , . Oxf. 1842-46.

P., E. J. E. J. Pringle. Notes on
Spain and the Spaniards, 1859 . . .
Charleston, 1861.

P., J. V. J. V. Prichard (?). Who
wrote " Shakspere " ? By ... In
"Eraser's Magazine," August, 1874.

P., K. Kenrick Prescott. Mildenhall.
n.p. 1771.

P., Li. Count Leon Potocki. Sketch
of the social life of the city of Warsaw
. . . Posen, 1854. In Polish.

P. P., M.A., The Rev. Richard
Graves. The farmer's son : a moral tale.
L. 1795.

P. P., A parish clerk. Br. John
Arbuthnot. Memoirs, written in imita-
tion of Burnet's " History of my own

P. P., Poet Laureate. George Daniel.
R — 1 stripes ; or, a kick from Yar — h to
Wa — Sj.with particulars of an expedition
to Oatlands, and the sprained ankle.
L. 1812.

P. P. C. R. Thomas Watts, Keeper
of Printed Books, British Museum, who
under these initials wrote letters in the
" Mechanic's Magazine," 1836-73, on the
British Museum library.

P. P. P. William Maginn, in the
London "Literary Gazette," 1820.

P. Q. William Coombe. The Fast-
day : a Lambeth eclogue. L. 1780.

!»., R. Bobert Paltock. The life and
adventures of Peter Wilkins ... L.

P., R., An Honorary Associate.
Rev. Richard Polwhele. An epistle to
an archdeacon [Nares], Vice President
of the Royal Society of Literature, from
... an Honorary Associate. L. 1824.

P., R. A. Mrs. Rhoda Ann (Paige)
Falkner. Wild notes from the back-
woods . . . Cobourg, 1850.

P., R. B. Robert Bateman Paul. His-
tory of Germany from the invasion of
Germany by Marius ... L. 1847.



P., R. de Venezuela. Ramon Paez.
Ambas Americas contrastes . . . N.Y.


P., S. Samuel Pegge. "Les bran-
dons" explained. "Gent. Mag./' 1754,
p. 508; and a few other articles.

8. P., his initials. — See " Gent. Mag.," LXVi.,
p. 979, ss.

P., S. Mrs. S. Pennington. Letters
on different subjects, in four volumes . . .
L. 1766-67.

P., S. Samuel Pegge. On the Sordid
Philosophers. "Gent. Mag.," 1756, p.

P. 8., initials reversed. — See " Gent. Mag.,"
LXVI., p. 981.

P., S. B. Samuel Browning Power.
Some school and children's books, under
his initials.

P., S. B. Miss S. Rugeleij Powers.
Why do not women swim ? A voice
from many waters. L. 1859.

P., S. W. S. W. Partridge. Ehymes
worth remembering, for the young. L.

P., T. Thomas Parsons. Christianity,
a system of peace . . . Bath, 1804.

P., T. Thomas Poyser, Esq. List of
contributors to the " Quarterly Review,"
in " Gent. Mag.," February, 1844, pp.
137, ss. ; and other articles.

P., T. Theopliilus Parsons. Remarks
upon " Swedenborgianism reviewed, by
Enoch Pond, D.D. .. ." By... B. 1846.

P., V. W. Rev. Vijvyan Wallis Popham.
All my heart this night rejoices : a
Christmas carol ... L. 1874.

P. W. Rev. Pierce William Drew.
An account of the present state of You-
ghal church . . . Cork, 1848.

P., W. William Peck. A topograph-
ical history and description of Bawtry
and Thorne, with the villages adjacent,
by . . . Doncaster, 1813.

P., W. & I., A. W. Pamplin and
Alexander Irvine. Botanical tour in . . .
Perthshire. L. 1857.

P., W. F. W. F. Palmer. Memoirs
of S. S. Jamison. P. 1878.

P., W. P. Willard P. Phillips. Wen-
ham water-works. Statements, by . . .
Salem, 1867.

P., W. S. William Stevens Perry, D.D.
A memorial of the Rev. Thomas Mather

Smith, D.D By . , . Camb. (Mass.)


P., Z. (Pundison, Zachary). L. W.
Mansfield. Up-country letters [by Z. P.].
Edited by Prof. B. [William W. Bene-
dict], National Observatory. N.Y. 1852.

P*. Rev. Joseph T. Hewlett. — ISee
"Priggins, Peter."

P*****, Mrs. Mrs. Hester Lynch
( Thrale) Piozzi, in Beloe's " Sexagena-
rian," I., 384. 2d ed. L. 1818.

P*******, Miss. 3Iiss Anne Plumptre,
in Beloe's " Sexagenarian," I., 362. 2d.
ed. L. 1818.

P***, J. A. S. C*» de. Jacques Albin
Simon Collin de Plancy.

P*****, P»» Esq., F.G.H. John
Colls. The Bouselliad ; or, an apology
for Aminadab Shoe's (John Bousell)
apostacy. By . . . Norwich, 1786.

P****m, Mr. Right Hon. Henry Pel-
ham. The discovery. An ode to . . .
L. 1752.

P , Mrs. C . 3Irs. Constantia

Phillips. The happy courtezan ... L.

P , Miss Susan. Miss Susan Pier-
son.— See Lamb's "Elia," "The Old
Benchers of the ' Inner Temple. ' "

P , P . Poet Laureate, i.e.

Peter Pindar. George Daniel. Modern
Dunciad, Virgil in London, and other
poems. L. 1835.

P — s. The. The Pitcairns, in Beloe's
"Sexagenarian," Vol. I., p. 306. 2d ed.
L. 1818.

P— y, William. William Pudsey.
The constitution and laws of England
consider'd ; by . . . L. 1701.

Pacificator. Murray Hoffman. A
letter to the clergy and laity of the Prot-
estant Episcopal Church in the Diocese
of New York . . . N.Y. 1850.

Pacificator. Richard Dykes Alexan-
der. Observations on the subject of war.

Pacificus. Alexander Hamilton. The
EederaLst . . . with an appendix contain-
ing the Letters of . . . and Helvidius
[James Madison] on the proclamation
of neutrality of 1793 . . . Hallowell (Me.),

Pacificus. Joshua B. Giddings. The
rights and privileges of the several States
in regard to slavery . . . 1842.

Packard, Mrs. Clarissa. Mrs. Caro-
line (Howard) Gilman. Recollections of
a housekeeper. Charleston, 183-.

Paddy. Henry McCluskey, in the
"Eagle "(Brooklyn, N.Y.).

Paets, Cornelius. Rev. Arthur Ash-
ley Sykes. An humble apology for St.
Paul and the other apostles ... L. 1719.
Page of the Presence, A. Philip
Withers. History of the royal malady
[of George III.] ... By . . . L.

Page, Abraham, Esq. John Saun-
ders Holt. What I know about Ben
Eccles. P. 1869.




Page, H. A. Alexander Hay Japp.
Leaders of men ... L. 1880.

Page, Henri. William Duckett. Les
petites ouvrieres. Paris, 1862.

Page de la Cour Imperiale, Un.
jSmile Marco de Saint Hilaire. Memoires
and revelations de . . . de 1802 a 1815.
Paris, 1830.

Pages, Emile. Louis Bergeron. Fables
democratiques. Paris, 1839.

PamsTPortli, AV. Harassing, Pro-
fessor Strongfellow, G. P. R. Jaco-
bus, &c., and other eminent Authors.
William Harrison Ainsicorth, and others.
Our Miscellany [which ought to have
come out, but didn't] : containing con-
tributions by . . . L. 1856.

Painter, A. Sir Joseph Noel Paton,
R.8.A. Poems by . . . Edinb. 1861.

Painter, A. Sir Martin Archer Shee.
Rhymes on art ; or, the remonstrance of
... L. 1805.

Paix, Lie prince de la. Don Manoel
Oodoy. Memoires. Paris, 1836-37.

Pakeha Maori, A. Judge Man-
ing (?). Old New Zealand ... L.

Paleface, Hugh. Sir Hugh Palliser.
So called in the English newspapers
about 1770.

Palemon. Leonard Welsted. The
Triumvirate ; or, a letter in verse from
Palemon to Celia from Bath. L. 1718.

Palermo. John North, Esq., in Dib-
din's "The Bibliographical Decameron."

Palestinensis. Eli Smith. Reply to
the letters of ... by James Silk Buck-

Palette, Peter. Thomas Omohijn. Mr.
and Mrs. Brown's visit to the Exhibition.
L. 1851.

Palinurus of the Revolution, The.
Samuel Adams. So termed by Jefferson,
in 1825.

Pall, Etienne. Fe'lix Platel. Les
echos de Hombourg. Paris, 1856.

Pallet, Peter Paul. Bev. Richard
Warner. Rebellion in Bath ; or, the
battle of the upper rooms. Bath,

Pallette, Peter Paul. William Hall,
in his contributions to Birmingham peri-
odicals, etc. See " N. & Q.," 6th series,
viii. 494.

Palliser, Francis. Mrs. Mary Wil-
son. Glenerne . . . Glasgow, 1863.

Palliser, Mr. Plantagenet. Lord
Carlingford, in Trollope's " The Prime

Palman, Eugene de. Hippolyte Reg-
nier d'Estourbet. L'Histoire de tout le
monde. Paris, 1829.

Palmer, Lynde. Mrs. Mary L. Pee-
bles. The good fight. B. 186-.

Palmer, Pot-Pie. Edward Sanford.
Charcoal sketch of . . . N.Y. 18-

Pamela. Lady Edward Fitzgerald.

Panajot. Panajot Chitov. Heiduck-
enfiihrer-Balkanheiducken. 1878.

Pansy. Mrs. Isabella M. Alden. Ester
Reid; or, asleep and awake. Cin. 1870.

Pantarch. Stephen Pearl Andrews.
The basic outline of Universology. N.Y.

Pantheist, A. John Toland. Indiffer-
ence in disputes recommended by . . .
to an orthodox friend. L. 1705.

Paoli, Betty. Elizabeth Gluck. Neu-
este Gedichte. 1870.

Papinian. Rev. Charles Inglis. Let-
ters of .. . N.Y. 1779. _

Papirius, Cursor. Caleb Whitefoord.

" His essays, poems, and cross-readings (a
species of humour, to which he gave the apt
signature of ' Papirius Cursor') evince the
sprightliness of his satire and the novelty of
his wit."

Parallax. John Hampden. Zetetic
astronomy ... L. 1865.

Parameny, K. Anna Kempe.

Parens. Henry Craik. An easy in-
troduction to the Hebrew language on
the principles of Pestalozzi ... L. 1831.

Pariah, A. Caroline Frances Corn-
wallis. Philosophical theories and philo-
sophical experiences ... L. 1841.

Paris, H. Mile, de Haza. Tablettes
grammaticales . . . Paris, 1842.

Parish Minister, A. Lawrence Lock-
hart, D.D. Facts, not falsehoods ; or, a
plain defence of the Church of Scotland
. . . Edinb. 1845.

Parish Priest, A. Rev. Frederick
William Faber. The Blessed Sacrament
... L. 1845.

Parish Priest, A. Rev. Michael
Maughan Humble, M.A. Methodistic
Catholicism ... L. 1852.

Parish Priest in the Diocese of
Chichester, A. Rev. James Munro Sand-
ham, M.A. The wonders of to-morrow,
and the croMTi of life . . . Brighton,

Parishioner of St. Chad's, A. Rev.
Job Orton. Diotrephes re-admonished . . .
By . . . and author of "Diotrephes ad-
monished." L. 1770.

Parishioner of St. George's Parish,
Edinburgh, A. Rev. James Bryce. A
letter to the Rev. Robert S. Candlish.
Edinb. 1841.

Parishioner of the Doctor's, A. Rev.
Caleb Fleming.' A letter to the Revd.
Dr. Cobden, rector of St. Austin's and
St. Faith's and of Acton ... L. 1738.




Parisienne, Une. Mine. Juliette (Lam-
ber) Adam. Le siege de Paris : journal
d'une Parisienne. Paris, 1873.

Parker, Bently. Park Benjamin.

Parlante, Priscilla. Hon. Mart/ Ann
Cavendish Bradshaw. Ferdinand and Or-
della : a Eussian story ... L. 1810.

Parley, Peter. John Bennett.

Parley, Peter. IF. Tegg.

Parley, Peter. Samuel Griswold
Goodrich. Fireside education. 1838.

Parley, Peter. William Martin. P.
P.'s annual : a Cliristmas and New Year's
present for young people. Edited by . . .
L. 1867.

Parley, Peter. George 3Iogridge.
Tales about shipwrecks and disasters at
sea. L. 1827.

Parliamentary Secretary, A. Ar-
thur Symonds. Practical suggestions for
the internal reform of the House of
Commons. By . . . L. 1832.

ParocMal Bishop, A. Rev. John
Willison. A letter . . . concerning the
government of the Church . . . Edinb.

Parresiastes. Bev. C. E. De Coetlo-
gon. The temple of truth ; or, the best
system of reason, philosophy, virtue, and
morals, analytically arranged. L. 1806.

Parsee Merchant. — See " Curiosi-
bhoy, Adersey."

Parsonus Rusticus. Samuel Walton
McDaniel. His signature, 1856-60, in
the " Christian Messenger " (N.Y.).

Partington, Mrs. Benjamin Poore
Shillaber. The sayings and doings of . . .
B. 1854.

In the Rev. Sydney Smith's speech at Taun-
ton, on the Lords' rejection of the Reform Bill,
October, 1831, is this passage : —

" The attempt of the Lords to stop the pro-
gress of reform, reminds me very forcibly of the
great storm of Sidmouth, and of the conduct of
excellent Mrs. Partington on that occasion. In
the winter of 1821, there set in a great flood upon
that town, the tide rose to an incredible height,
the waves rushed upon the houses, and every-
thing was threatened with destruction. In the
midst of this sublime and terrible storm, Dame
Partington, who lived upon the beach, was seen
at the door of her house with mop and pattens,
trundling her mop, squeezing out the sea-water,
and vigorously pushing away the Atlantic Ocean.
The Atlantic was roused, Mrs. Partington's spirit
was up; but 1 need not tell you that the contest
was unequal. The Atlantic Ocean beat Mrs.
Partington. She was excellent at a slop or a
puddle, but she should not have meddled with a

Partington, Ruth. Benjamin Poore
Shillaber. Knitting-work : a web of
many textures. B. 1859.

Partridge, Simon. Henri/ Wood-
ward. A letter to Henry Woodward,
comedian, occasioned by his letter to
the Inspector. By ... L. 1753.

Parvus. Bev. Frederick Heesom.
Polperro games. Blame not before
thou hast examined the truth, consider.
By . . . 1827.

Pascal, I'abbe Stanislas. L'ahbe
Henri Congnet. Mois de Marie . . .
Paris, 1835.

Pascal the younger. Pierce Con-
nelly. Moral theology of Liguori; or,
cases of conscience ... L. 1856.

Pascarel. Bev. B. Ellison Warner, in
his contributions to the " Springfield Be-
publican " (Mass.).

Pasquin, Anthony. John Williams.
The life of Alexander Hamilton ... B.

Pasquin, Paul. Alexander Eraser

Pasquino. J. Fairfax McLaughlin.
The American Cyclops, the Hero of
New Orleans, and Spoiler of Silver
Spoons. Dubbed LL.D . , . Bait.

Passant, Le. Ernest d 'Hervilly, who,
in 1872, wrote in the " Rappel," under
this signature.

Passenger in the Ship, A. George
Buchan, of Kelloe, Berwickshire. A
narrative of the loss of the Winterton
East Indiaman . . . Edinb. 1820.

Pastel. George Frederick Pardon.
Dramatic criticisms. L. 186-.

Pastor. Abel Stevens, D.D., LL.D.
Pastor's stories. B. 184-.

Pastor, A. Joshua Noble Danforth.
Gleanings and groupings from a pastor's
portfolio. N.Y. 1852.

Pastor, A. Bev. Alexander Dallas.
My church-yard ... L. 1844.

Pastor, A. John Whitley Stokes. A
P.'s advice to a young member of his
flock on going out to service. L. 1861.

Pastor, A. Lchabod Smith Spencer,
D.D. A pastor's sketches. 1851, 1853.

Pastor, A. Rev. Thomas Erognall
Libdin. A word of caution and com-
fort to the middle and lower classes of
society ... L. 1831.

Pastor, The. Rev. Jason Morse.
Annals of the church in Brimfield. By
. . . Springfield, Mass. 1856.

Pastor, The. Rev. Edward Dafydd
Morris. Five years of ministerial life :
being a discourse ... at the Second Pres-
byterian Church, Columbus, Oliio. By
. . . Columbus, 1861.

Pastor, The. John Boswell Spotswood,
D.D. An historical sketch of the Pres-
byterian church in New Castle, Dela-
ware, by ... P. 1859.

Pastor of St. Paul's, Haggerstone,
The. Rev. William Stone. Thirty-six




plain maxims on the way to live and die
in peace. From ... to his flock. L.

Pastor, Tony. Harlan Halsey. 201
Bowery songster. N.Y. 1867.

Pastorini, Sig. Bishop Charles Wal-
mesley. The general history of the Chris-
tian Church . . . Dublin, 1812.

Pastor's Wife, A. Mrs. Martha Stone
Huhbell. The shady side ; or, life in a
f ountry parsonage ... B. 1853.

Pater. — Evans, of Bradbury &
Evans. — See " Ponny."

Paterfamilias. Afattliew James Hig-
gins. Papers on public school education
in England in 1860 ... L. 1865.

Pathfinder of the Rocky Moun-
tains, The. John Charles Fremont.

Patrice, Saint. James Harden-Hickey .

Patricius. R. Geoghigan. Thoughts
of . . . Dublin, 1785.

Patricius, Aberdonensis. Patrick
Forbes, Bishop of Aberdeen.

Patriot, A. 5. 0. Toicnsend.

Patriot, A. Joseph Priestley. An ad-
dress to the inhabitants of Birmingham
. . . Birmingham.

Patrioticus. W. P. Eiissel. A patri-
otic letter to the Right Hon. Henry Ad-
dington, exhorting him to firmness . . .
L. 1804.

Patrolman, A. George S. Mc Watters
employed this signature in his letters,
which ultimately created the " Mutual
Aid Eund " for the police.

Pattieson, Peter. Sir Walter Scott.
Tales of my landlord. Edinb. 1830.

Patty, Aunt. Mis. Caroline Lee
( ^Hiiting) Hentz. Aunt Patty's scrap
bag. 1846.

Paturot, JerOme. Marie Roch Louis
Reybaud. Le coq du clocher. Paris, 1845.

Paul. Sir Walter Scott. Paul's let-
ters to his kinsfolk. L. 1816.

Paul, John. Charles Henry Webb.
Parodies, prose and verse . . . N.Y. 1876.

Paul, Richard. Richard Paul Wurst.

Paul, Uncle. Samuel Burnham, Jr.
Uncle Paul's stories for boys and girls.
B. 186-.

Pauline. Mme. Kathinka (Halein)

Paulinus. John Jebb, M.D., F.R.S.
Letters on the subject of subscription to
the liturgy, etc. First printed in the
" Whitehall Evening Post," under the
signature of "Paulinus "... L. 1772.

Paulus SUentiarius. George P.
Philes, who contributed to literary jour-
nals under this signature.

Pavo. Mr. Langley, in his contribu-
tions to the "Morning Post" (L.).

Pax. Hugh F. McDermott, in tliR
Boston " Com'ier."

Paxton, Philip. Samuel A. Hammitt.
A stray Yankee in Texas . . . N.Y. 1853.

Paymaster, The. Henry Fox, 1st
Baron Holland. The Fox unkennelled ;
or, the paymaster's accounts laid open,
etc. ] 769.

Peabody, 3Irs. Mark. Mrs. Metta
Victoria (Fuller) Victor. A woman's
heart. N.Y. 186-.

Peace & Justice. Noah Webster.
Article in the " Hampshire Gazette,"
March 24, 1813, against the war of

Peacock, Timothy, Esq. Daniel
Pierce Thompson. The adventures of . . .
Middlebury, 1835. — See " Member of the
Vermont Bar, A."

Peale, Patrick. Gustav Anton von
Seckendorf, known by this pseudonym,
the author of dramas and prose essays.

Pearl, Christie. Ellen M. Perkins.
Every day lessons. B. 186-.

Peasant Bard, A. Robert Burns.

Peasant Bard, The. Josiah D. Can-
ning. The harp and the plow . . . Green-
field, Mass., 1852.

Peasant Poet of Northampton-
shire, The. John Clare.

Pecherel, Jules. Jules Chabot de
Bouin. Le moutard des' faubourgs . . .
Paris, 1836.

Peck, I. X. Thomas Mason.

Pedasculus, Paulus Purgantius.
William Warburton, D.D. Distress upon
distress ; or, tragedy in true taste . . .
By George Alexander Stevens . . . And
notes, critical, classical, and historical,
by . . . Dublin, 1752. See "Humm, Sir

Pedestrian. Robert Wilson. Travels
of that well-known ... L. 1807.

Pedestrian, The. John Alton, D.D.
Eight weeks in Germany . . . Edinb.

Pedestrian, The. Edward Payson
Weston. Journal of a walk from Boston
to Washington, 1861. N.Y. 1862.

Pedestrian Traveller, A. Comte Ar-
mand Bon Louis Maudet de Penhouet. Let-
ters describing a tour through part of
South Wales. By . . . L. 1797.

Peebles, Paul. Augustus Maverick, in
various periodicals.

Peeping Tom. Rev. Henry Ryder
Knapp, " author of several fugitive poems
and essays ; and, particularly, of a short
series, under the title of 'Peeping Tom,'
which appeared about 25 years since
(1792) in the 'Leicester Herald.'"

Peeping Tom. Samuel Kettell. "Peep-




ing Tom's Letters," in the " Boston Cour-
ier," 184-.

Peer of Scotland, A. Patrick Mur-
ray, 5th Lord Elibank. Considerations
on the present state of the peerage of
Scotland ... By . . . Edinb. 1771.

Peer of the Realm, A. Patrick
Murrai/, 5th Lord Elibank. Eight sets
of queries . . . upon the subject of wool
and of the woolen manufacture. Edinb.

Peer's Son, A. George Douglas Camp-
bell, Duke of Arsfyle. Letter to the peers
. . . Edinb. 1842.

Pelham, M. Sir Bichard Phillips.
The parent's and tutor's first catechism
. . . 18-.

Pellegrin. Baron Friedrich Heinrich
Karl La Matte Fouque', who, under this
pseudonym, published his first literary

Pellegrino. Rev. Gaudentius Rossi.
The Christian trumpet. Compiled by . . .
B. 1873.

Pembroke, Morgan de. Morgan
Evans. Poems. L. 1860.

Penciller, A. Henry C. Wetmore.
Hermit's Dell, from the diary of . . .
N.Y. 1854.

Pendennis, Arthur, Esq. William
Makepeace Thackeray , as imaginary'' edi-
tor of " The Newcomes : memoirs of a
most i-espectable family." L. 1853-55.

Pendennis, IJauncelot. Rev. Duke
John Yonge. Cornish carelessness. Po-
ems ... L. 1830.

Pendragon. Henry Sampson. Mod-
ern boxing ... L. 1878.

Pen-Dragon, Anser, Esq. Samuel
William Henry Ireland. Scribbleomania ;
or, the printer's devil's polichronicon.
A sublime poem, edited by . . . L. 1815.

Pendrea, W. William Noy ("Noy,
of Cornwall "), in "Notes and Queries,"

Penholder. Rev. Edward Eggleston,
in his contributions to the " Independ-
ent" (N.Y.).

Peninsula Officer, A. J. D. Williams.
The army : its traditions and reminiscen-
ces. By . . . L. 1857.

Penman- Charles Hallock.

Penmarch, Gustave de. Jules Du-
plessis Kergomard, de Morlaix. Les feux
foUets, vers par . . . Paris, 1851.

Penn, Arthur. James Brander Mat-
thews. The home library. N.Y. 1883.

Penn, Mr. \V. Stephen Colwell. A
letter to the members of the legislature
of Pennsylvania, on the removal of the
deposits from the Bank of the United
States ... P. 1834.

Penn, William. Jeremiah Evarts.
Essays on . . . the American Indians. P.

Pennee, le K. P. Cyrille. D. L. Mi-

orcec de Kerdanet. Le devot pelerinage de
Notre Dame de Eolgoet. Rennes, 1825.

Penniman, Major. Charles Wheeler
Denison. The Tanner Boy : life of U. S.
Grant. B. 1864.

Pennot, Rev. Peter. William M. F.
Bound. Achsah : a New England life
study. B. 1876.

Pennsylvania Farmer, A. John
Dickinson. Letters to the inhabitants of
the British colonies. B. 1767.

Pennsylvania Sailor, A. John Mac-
pherson. A P. S.'s letters, alias the farm-
er's fall : with extracts from a tragic
comedy, called " Hodge Podge improved;
or, the race fairly run" ... P. 1771.

Penusylvanian, A. Benjamin Bush.
Address upon slave-keeping ... P.

Pennsylvanian, A. John Kintzing
Kane. A candid view of the presi-
dential question. P. 1828.

Pennsylvanian, A. Mathew Carey.
Extracts from " The Crisis "... P. 1823.

Penrose, Lilewellin. Bev. John
Eagles. Journal of ... a seaman. L.

Pensilis. Charles Lamb. On the in-
conveniences resulting from being
hanged : essay contributed to " The Ee-

Pensioner, The. James Abercrombie.
Extracts from the . . . progress : showing
how a patriot may pocket .£2000 a j^ear,
by looking wise and doing nothing.
Edinb. 1832.

Pentweazle, Ebenezer of Truro, in
the county of Cornwall, Esq. Chris-

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