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Antiquary, An. Thomas Wright.
"Wanderings of . . . L. 1861.

" Antiquary, The." George Livermore.
The origin, history, and character of the
New England Primer ; being a series of




articles contributed to the " Cambridge
Chronicle " by . . . Camb., Mass. 1849.

Antiquitatis Conservator. Thomas
Fisher, Esq., F.S.A. The Crown Inn at
Rochester, and its curious cellars, in the
"Gent. Mag.," vol. 59, p. 1185.

Antonelli, Giuseppe. Humphry Sand-
ivith. The hekim bashi; or, the adven-
tures of ... a doctor in the Turkish ser-
vice. L. 1864.

Antony. Antoine Nicolas B^raud.
Guido Heni, 1833; Le Gars, 1834 j Le'lia,
1834; La Lesconibat, 1841. Paris.

Anvil, Sir John. — Crowlet/. A man-
ufacturer, the " Sir John Anvil " of Ad-
dison's " Spectator."

Ape. Mons. Pellegrini, in his contribu-
tions to "Vanity Fair" (L.).

Apex. William A. Brewer, in his con-
tributions to "The Herald" (St. Joseph,

Apostle of Temperance. Rev. Theo-
bald Mathew.

Aptommas, Mr. Mr. Thomas, the
harpist. A history of the harp. N.Y. 1864.

Aquila. Samuel Alexander. Serious
thoughts on the fall and restoration of
man ... By . . . L. 1814.

Aquilius. John Wilson. Horae Catul-
lianas, in " Blackwood's Magazine." Vol.
61, p. 374, etc.

Aq — s, Vive Valeque. Rev. John
Eagles. — See " Blackwood's Magazine,"
vol. 78, p. 72. Also " Vive Valeque."

Aqvaticvs, Mercvrivs. John Taijlor,
the Water-poet. M. A.; or, the water-
poet's answer to all that hath, or shall be
writ by Mercvrivs Britanicvs. L. 1643.

ArachnophUus. Adam White. A
contribution towards an argument for
the plenary inspiration of Scripture • . .
L. 1851.

Arbitrator, An. T. H. Williams.
Employers and employed. Manchester,

Arc, Gaston d'. Maurice Champion.
Les inondations en France depuis le VI^
si^cle jusqu'a nos jours . . . Paris,

Archaeologist, An. Frederick Wil-
liam Fairholt, F.S.A. Earables of . . .
among old books and in old places . . .
L. 1871.

Archaeologist, An. Henry Noel Hum-
phreys. Stories by an archaeologist and
his friends. L. 1856.

Archaeus. Michael Aislahie Denham.
Antiquarian discoveries at Carleburg,
County Palatine of Durham, a.d. 1856 . . .
Durham, 1856.

Archaeus. John Sterling. Hymns of
a hermit, in "Blackwood's Magazine,"

vol. 47, p. 80, etc. ["Archaeus" was
Sterling's signature in " Blackwood."]

Archard, Eliza. Mrs. E. A. Conner,
in her contributions to "Truth" (N.Y.).

Archdeacon, The. Bev. Edward Ed-
wards. Pity upon the poor. Preached
... in St. Mary's Church, Brecon . . .
By . . . L. 1802.

Archdeacon of St. Alban's, The.
Samuel Horsley, D. C.L. Letters from . . .
in reply to Dr. Priestley ... L. 1784.

Archer. George A. Stockwell.

Architect, An. John Carter, F.A.S.
"In 1798, a series of communications
was commenced in this miscellany [the
' Gent. Mag.'] under the title of ' Pur-
smts of architectural innovation' (1798-
1817), with the signature of 'An Archi-
tect.' " These were universally ascribed
to Mr. Carter.

Architect, An. W. Bardwell. Ac-
count of ancient and modern Westmin-
ster. By . . . L. 1839.

Architect, An. Arthur William Hake-
will. An apology for the architectural
monstrosities of London . . . By . . .
L. 1835.

Architect, An. Christopher Davy.
Architectural precedents. L. 1840.

Architect, An. Joseph Woods, Esq.
Letters of . . . from France, Italy, and
Greece. L. 1828.

Architect, An. John Burley Waring.
Poems. By . . . L. 1858.

Arco, Ciu D'. Giuseppe Torelli. C.
de Cavour : commemoration . . . Traduit
de ritalien. Paris, 1861.

Arcturus. Mrs. Catharine Stratton
Ladd, one of the noms dc plume under
which she has contributed tales, sketches,
essays, and poems to various journals.

Ardboe. Gen. F. F. Millen, in his con-
tributions to various periodicals.

Arden, Henry T. Henry Thomas
Arnold. Princess Charming ; or, the bard,
the baron, the beauty, the buffer, and
the bogey. L. 1850.

Arden, Hope. Mrs. R. A. Brennan.
Her heart belongs to me. Ballad. B.

Ardesier-Macdonald, Charles. An-
drew K. H. Boyd, who published in
" Fraser's Magazine " a number of essays
which appeared in 1860 under the title of
" Recreations of a Country Parson."

Aretophilos. Alexander Dalrymple.
Extracts from [G. Wither's] "Juvenilia,"
etc. Edited by A. L. 1785.

Argonaut. Edwin D. Brickwood. The
arts of rowing and training . . . By A.
L. 1866.

Argonaut. John Etches. An authen-




tic statement of all the facts relative to
Nootka Sound ... L. 1790.

Argus. Frederic James Prouting, in
his contributions to various English peri-

Argus. Irwin Willes, a sporting writer
for " The Morning Post." L. He also
signs "Argus the Exile."

Ariel. Rev. Stephen Fiske, in his con-
tributions to " The New York Leader."

Ariel. Buckner H. Payne. The negro :
what is his ethnological status . . . Cin.

Ariosto of the North, The. Sir Walter

Aristarchus, Anti-Blomfieldianus.
Edmund Henry Barker.

Arist6nete. Francois F€lix Nogaret.
Les comperes et les barabins. Paris, 1807.

Arlstide. Victor Marie Hugo. Les Tu
et les Vous, a political satire contributed
to "Le Conservateur Litteraire" (Paris).

Aristides. Francis William Blagdon.
In 1805, he suffered an imprisonment of
six months in the King's Bench, as the
author of a suppressed pamphlet, with
the signature "Aristides," reflecting on
the naval administration of Earl St.

Aristides. Noah Webster. — See "A

Aristides. Alexander Contee Hanson.
Considerations on the proposed removal
of the seat of government . . . Annapo-
lis, 1786.

Aristides. Thomas L. McKenney.
Essays on the spirit of Jacksonism . . .
P. 1835.

Aristides. William P. Van Ness. An
examination of the various charges ex-
hibited against Aaron Burr, Esq. Wash.,
D.C. 1804.

Aristides. Thomas Wilson Dorr. Polit-
ical frauds exposed . . . Providence,
R.I. 18.38.

Aristippus. John Gilbert Cooper.
Epistles to the great, from ... in retire-
ment. L. 1757.

Aristobulus. Rev. Thomas Woolston.
A letter to Dr. Bennet on the Quakers . . .
By . . . L. 1720.

Aristobulus. James Turner. Thoughts
on mixt communion . . . Coventry,
Eng. 1773.

Aristocles. Samuel Johnson, D.D.
Ethices elementa ; or, the first principles
of moral philosophy ... B. 1746.

Aristocrat, An.. John Lettsom Elliot.
A letter to the electors of Westminster.
L. 1850.

Aristocratic Tout. A name assumed
by T. Wood, a sporting writer.

Aristogeiton. Rev. P. Frazer. An
address to Baptists of all denominations,
on the tenets of their religion. By , . .
L. 1837.

Aristophanes. Arthur Boyrie. Pot-
ter's field; or, the gentleman with the
black humor. A tragedy. S. F. 1873.

Arkwright, Peleg. David L. Proud-
Jit. Love among the gamins, in the
" Daily Graphic " (N.Y.).

Arley. Miles Peter Andrews. His
signature to poetry in "The World."
L. 1788.

Arlington. Robert M. Baxter, in the
New York " Star."

Armand. Friedrich Armand Strubberg.
Ealph Norwood. Hannover, Cassel, 1860.

Armateur, li. M. B. Louis Marie
Prudhomme. Dictionnaire imiversel, ge-
ographique . . . de la France. Paris,

Armenian in Ireland, An. Edm,
Sexton Pery. Letters ... to his friends
at Trebisond ... L. 1757.

Army Chaplain, An. Rev. Joseph
Cross. Camp and field : papers of . . .
1863. Macon, 1864,

Army Surgeon, An. Thomas T. El-
lis. Leaves from the diary of . . .
1861-62. N.Y. 1863.

Armytage, Dudley. William E. A.
Axon. Shakespeare's house. Glasgow,

Arnett, John Andrews. John Han-
nett. Bibliopegia; or, the art of book-
binding. L. 1835, 1837.

Arnold, A. Alfred Salomons. The
Count of Talavera, from the Dutch of
J. van Lennep. By A. A. L. 1880.

Arnold, Birch. 3Irs. J. M. D. or
A. E. Bartlett. Until the day break. P.

Arnold, Eric. Henrietta Matson.
Acton; or, school and college days.

Arouet. Joseph Brown Ladd, the most
of whose poems were addressed, under
this signature, to " Amanda," a name by
which he designated the young lady to
whom he was attached.

Arp, Bill. Charles H. Smith. A side
show of the Southern side of the war.
N.Y. 1866.

Arpinas, Laurea. Charles Kelsall.

Air, E. H. Mrs. Ellen H. Rollins. Old-
time child-life. P. 1880.

Arrelsee. Robert L. Cope. The life,
confessions, and adventures of Albert
Teufel. Doylestown, P. 1867.

Arria. Mrs. Eliza Lofton {Phillips)
Pugh, who published, under this nom de
plume, short sketches, literary and politi-




cal, in the New York " World," the New
Orleans "Times," and other journals.

Arriala, Ramon de. Mariano Jos€ de
Larra. Un desafio : drama . . . Madrid, 1834.

Artist, An. Lester A. Roberis (?).
Hugo Blanc, the artist : a tale of practi-
cal and ideal life. By . . . N.Y. 18U7.

Artist, An. George William Novice.
Lights in art: a review of ancient and
modern pictures. By . . . Edinb. 1865.

Artist, An. J. Bengo (I). Poetry,
miscellaneous and dramatic. By . . .
Edinb. 1797.

Artist, An. Mrs. Elizabeth Murray.
Sixteen years of an artist's life in Mo-
rocco, Spain, etc., 1842-58. L. 1859.

Artist, An. Paul Kane. Wander-
ings of . . . among the Indians of North
America ... L. 1859.

Artlove, Sir Andre-wr. John Dennis.
A free consideration and confutation of
Sir J. Edgar. By Sir A. A. L. 1791.

Arundell, Harris. William Arundell
Harris Arundell. The fall of Sebastopol :
a poem. By . . . L. 1855.

Ashe, Tom. Jonathan Swiji, D.D.
. . . the dying speech of . . . whose
brother, the Rev. Dillon Ashe, was nick-
named Dilly. 1711.

Ashton, Warren T. William Taylor
Adams. Hatchie, the guardian slave ;
or, the heiress of Bellevue. A tale of the
Mississippi and the South-west B. 1853.

Asiaticus. John Scott Waring. Let-
ters to the right honourable Henry Dun-
das on his inconsistency as the minister
of India. L. 1792.

Asmodei, Count. Count Vittorio
Amadeo Aljieri. The generous husband
. . , containing . . . the genuine memoirs
of Count Asmodei. 1771.

Asmodeus. Thomas Nichols (1). As-
modeus in New York. N.Y. 1868.

Asmodeus. Thaddeus W.Meighan (?).
The Jenny Lind mania in Boston ; or, a
sequel to Barnum's Parnassus . . . B. 1850.

Asmodeus Secundus. Charles Soth-
eran. Author of Percy Bysshe Shelley
as a philosopher and reformer . . .
N.Y. 1876.

Asmus. Matthias Claudius. Asmus
omnia sua secum portansj oder, Werke
des Wandsbecker Boten. Wandsbeck,

Aspirant, An. James Beresford. Bib-
liosophia; or, book-wisdom. By . , .
L. 1810.

Assistant Librarian, An. Thomas
Mason. The free libraries of Scotland.
By . . . Glasgow, 1880.

Assistant Secretary of State, The.
Pennock Pusey. Statistics of Minnesota

for 1869: being the first annual report
of . . . St. Paul, 1870.

Astarte. Mrs. Ann Olivia Adams.
Poems. N.Y. 1865.

Astell, Hon. Ed^rard. Jane Tim-
bury. The male coquette ; or, the history
of the Hon. E. A. L, 1770.

Aston, Tony. Anthony Aston. A brief
supplement to Colley Gibber, Esq., his
lives of the late famous actors and ac-
tresses. By ... L. 1747.

Astronomer Royal, The. Sir George
Biddell Airy. Lunar motion. [By Jel-
inger Cookson Symons.] With letters
from ... L. 1856.

Asyncritus. J. E. Howard. The
inward light. L. 1839.

Atall, Peter. Robert Wain, Jr. The
Hermit on America . . . 1st and 2d series.
P. 1819, 1821.

Atherton, Harper. Frank Fowler.
Adrift ; or, the rock in the South Atlan-
tic .. . L. 1861.

Atom, Ann. Miss Jeanette R. Hader-
man. Against the world. B. 1873.

Attache. Mme. Frances Erskine (In-
qJis) Calderon de la Barca. Attache in
Madrid, 1853-54. N.Y. 1856.

Attalus. William Mudford. The five
nights of St. Albans. L. 1829.

Atticus. Richard Heber, in Dibdin's
" Bibliomania."

Mr. Dibdln says of him, "Atticus unites all
the activity of De Witt and Lomenie with the
retentiveness of Magliabechi and the learning of
Le Long . . . Yet Atticus doth sometimes sadly
err. He has now and then an ungovernable pas-
sion to possess more copies of a book than there
were ever parties to a deed, or stamina to 8 plant,
and therefore I cannot call him a duplicate or a
triplicate collector . . . But he atones for this by
being liberal in the loan of his volumes. The
learned and curious, whether rich or poor, have
always free access to his library."

Atticus. William Maccall. He con-
tributed to the London " Critic " [about
1845] many papers and reviews, generally
employing the signature " Atticus."

Atticus. Thomas Cooke. The letters
of . . . as printed in the "London Jour-
nal," in 1729 and 1730, on various sub-
jects ... L. 1731.

Atticus. Richard Fitzwilliam, 1th Vis-
count Fitzwilliam. Lettres d' Atticus . . .
L. 1811.

Atticus. De Witt Clinton. Eemarks
on the proposed canal from Lake Erie to
the Hudson River. N.Y. 1816.

Atticus. One of the pseudonyms
adopted by Junius [q.v.).

The letters signed " Atticus " and " Brutus "
relate chiefly to the growing disputes with the
American colonies. — Wade, " Junius."

The first of these letters appeared in " The
Public Advertiser," Aug. 19, 1768.




Atticus Secundus. Joseph Bolles
Planning. Junius unmasked ; or, Lord
George Sackville proved to be Junius . . .
B. 1828.

Atticus Secundus. John MacDiarmid.
Letters of Junius, with preliminary dis-
sertations and copious notes. By A. S.
L. 1822.

Attorney, An. Sir George Stephen. —
See " Caveat Emptor."

Attorney, An. Samuel Warren. Ad-
ventures of ... in search of practice. L.

Attorney, An. William Muir. Let-
ter to the law practitioners of Scotland
on tlie attorney tax. Edinb. 1833.

Attorney-at-Liaw, An. J. C. Wells.
My Uncle Toby : his table-talks and re-
flections. By . . . Cin. 1875.

Aubigny, D'. Jean Marie Theodore
Baudouin. Washington; ou, I'Orpheline
de la Pennsylvanie : melodrame en trois
actes, etc. Paris, 1815.

Auctioneer, An. G. Robins (?). Pro-
fessional excursions. By ... L. 1843.

Aude, M. Joseph Octave Delepierre.
Dissertation sur les ide'es morales des

Audi Alteram Partem. Lieut.- Gen.
Thomas Perronet Thompson, F.R.S.

" Ib 1848 he published a ' Catechism on the
currency'; and in 1S57-5S-59 weelily letters to
his constituents, under the title of ' Audi Alte-.
ram Partem,' mainly on tlie treatment of the
native army and people of India."

Aaer, Adelheid von. Charlotte von
Cosel. Im Labyrinth der Welt. 1879.

Augspur. Henri/ J. M. Sampson, in
" Fun's Prophet."

Augur. William Blalce. America : a
prophecy, 1793 ; Europe : a prophecy,

Augur. Henry Mort Feist. The
racing prophet. L. 187-. Also in "Lon-
don Life."

Augur. One of the pseudonyms at-
tributed to Junius [q.v.).

The letter thus signed is dated Sept. 8, 1769,
and reprobates the abusive language of the min-
isterial writers.

Auguste. Kathinka Zitz. — See "Zian-
itzka, K. Th."

Augustsolin, W. Wilhelm von Kotze-
bue. Zwei Siinderinnen. 18 — .

Annet, Iieonie d', Madame. Mme.
Auguste Francois Biard. Le voyage
d'une femme au Spitzberg. Paris, 1854.

Aura. William Gale, in the Lon-
don " Morning Advertiser."

Aura. Mary Catharine Irvine. Ash-
burn : a tale. L. 1857.

Aurelius. John Gardner. A brief con-
sideration of the important services . . .
which recommend Mr. Adams for the
presidency ... B. 1796.

Aurelius Prudentius, Americanus.
Samuel Mather, of Boston. The sacred
minister ... B. 1773.

Austin, the late Arthur. Prof. John
Wilson. Lights and shadows of Scottish
life . . . Edinb, 1822.

Austin, 3Iiss Betty. Miss Eliza How-
ard Austin, " better known as ' Miss
Betsy Austin.' Amusing incidents are
chronicled of her in the pages of Marry-
at's ' Peter Simple,' 'Tom Cringle's log,'
and other naval authors."

Australie. Mrs. Emily {Manning)
Heron. The balance of pain: and other
poems. L. 1877.

Austro-Borealis. Edward Josiah
Stearns, D.D. A platform for all par-
ties. Bait. 1860.

Author, An. William Warburton,
Bishop of Gloucester. A letter from . . .
to a member of Parliament, concerning
literary property. L. 1747.

Author, The. Capt. — Clarke, R.M.
Angler's desideratum . . . with some new
and valuable inventions by . . . from a
practice of nearly half a century. Edinb.

Author, The. Charles Edward Stew-
art. Extracts from the regicide : an
heroic poem ... L. 1801.

Author, The. William Edward Arm-
itage Axon. The tobacco question . . .
considered . . . Revised by . . . 1871.

Author of " Modern Painters," The.
John Ruskin. Modern painters.

To the editor of the " Weekly Chronicle,"
Letter signed . . . Sept. 23, 1843; also, Two let-
tors from ... in the "Artist and Amateur's
Mag.," 1843-44; also, Danger to the National
Gallery, in the "Times," Jan. 7, 1847; also,
The Pre-Raphaelites. Letter to the editor of the
"Times,"May 13, 1851; also, The Pre-Raphael-
ite artists ..." Times," May 30, 1851 ; also, The
National Gallery, " Times," Dec. 29, 1852; all
signed as above.

Author of" Susie L — 's Diary," The.

3Iiss Eliza Jane Cate. She contributed
many stories to " Peterson's Magazine,"
under the signature of " By the Author
of Susie L — 's Diary."

Author of "The Life of Goethe,"
The. George Henry Lewes. Carlyle's
Frederick the Great. By ... In " Era-
ser's Magazine," December, 1858.

Authors of the " Dramatic Cen-
sor," The. Francis Gentleman. Bell's
edition of Shakespeare's plays . . . By. . .
L. 1774.


Autocbtbonos. Edward Augustus
Autocrat of the Breakfast Table.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, who, under this
nom de plume, contributed certain humor-
ous papers to the " New England Maga-
zine," in 1836, which he resumed some
twenty years afterwards, in the " Atlan-
tic Monthly."

Autograph. Charles F. Coburn, in the
"Lowell Citizen."

Autolycus. John Edwards, in his con-
tributions to the "Springfield Wheel-
men's Gazette."

Autolycus. Michael Aislabie Den-
ham. Odd names of places in the north
of England. Durham, 1856.

Auton, C. Augustus Hoppin. Recol-
lections of Auton house. B. 1881.

Avalanche, Sir Anthony. — Blau-
velt. Fashion's analysis ; or, the winter in
town : a satirical poem, by . . . with notes,
illustrations, etc. N.Y. 1807.

Avaline, Alfred d'. Andre van Has-
selt. Essai sur I'histoire de la poesie
fran9aise en Belgique. Bruxelles, 1838.

Avia. Arthur S. Way (1). The Odys-
sey of Homer done into English verse.
By . . . L. 1880.

Avocat, Un. Hon. Dominique Monde-
let. Traite sur la politique coloniale du
Bas-Canada . . . Montreal, 1835.

Avon, W. William Kenrick. A mid-
summer day's dream, and other poems.
L. 1858.

ATrkTrard Man, An. F. L. Slous.

Leaves from the scrap-book of . . . L.

AtpI, Roby. Robert Kirhwood. — See
" Jamie, Daft."

Axis. — See " Waverley."

Axtern, H. Xavier Cont^. Moeurs et
usages des Israelites, etc. Paris, 1858.

Aymar, Patterson. Charles Knight,
in his contributions to " Knight's Quar-
terly Magazine."

Ayres, Alfred. Dr. Thomas Embly
Osmun. The orthoepist : a pronouncing
manual, containing about 3,500 words.
N.Y. 1880.

Azamat-Batuk. Nicolas L€on Thie-
blin. A little book about Great Britain.
By ... L. 1870. Also in his contribu-
tions as war-correspondent of the " Pall
Mall Gazette," 1870.

Azarias, Brother. P. F. Mullany.
The development of English literature :
the old English period. N.Y. 1879.

Azel6e. Mrs. Sarah C. {Smith) Yeiser,
whose contributions to the New Orleans
" Crescent " were signed with this pen-
name, and whose nom de plume of *' Aunt
Charity " is more familiar to Southern


B. L. J. Bates, ex-president of De-
troit Bicycle Club ; an editorial writer of
the " Detroit Post and Tribune."

B. Rev. Robert Bland, B.A., in the
" Greek Anthology." .

" Those articles in the • Greek ADthology '
which were from his pen are distinguished by
the signature B. Many of them had been pub-
lished in a smaller previous work of his, entitled
' Translations chiefly from the Greek Anthology,
with tales and miscellaneous poems.' L. 1806."

B. Rev. William Copeland Borlase. —
See '•■ Trinity Undergraduates."

B. Braham, now a Christian. — See
Lamb's " Elia " : Imperfect Sympathies.

B. Rt. Hon. George Canning, D.C.L.,
who " at Eton contributed to that cele-
brated display of rising talent entitled
the 'Microcosm,' published in weekly
numbers, from Nov. 6, 1786, to July 30,
1787. The essays signed ' B,' and a poem
entitled ' The Slavery of Greece,' are the
contributions of Mr. Canning."

B. Bryan Waller Procter, in the Lon-
don " Literary Gazette."

B. Rev. George Burden Bubier. Hymns
and sacred songs for Sunday-schools and
social worship. Edited . . . Manches-
ter, 1855.

B. Samuel Finley Breese Morse. The
present attempt to dissolve the American
Union, a British aristocratic plot. By
. . . N.Y. 1862.

B. William Black. Headings by
starlight, in the " Evening Star," signed

B. Oliver Bell Bunce. Reconstruc-
tion of the Union. N.Y. 1862.

B. A. Broderick. Rhymes with a
reason. By ... L. 1857.

B., Serjeant. Robert Butler. Narrative
of the life and travels of . . . Edinb. 1823.

B., A. A. Bayne. An introduction to
the knowledge and practice of thoro'
bass . . . Edinb. 1717.

B., A. Anne Beattie. Songs in the
desert. By . . . Manchester, 1845.

B., A., Esquire. Jonathan Stvift, D.D.
A letter to the king at arms. 1721.



B., Don A. Capt. Alexander Bruce. A
discourse of a cavalier gentleman . . .

B., A. B. A. B. Braley. Bosh about
Bacon. By . . . In the "Sunday Tel3-
graph" (Milwaukee, Wis.), May 20,
1883 ; also. The Bacon cranks ... In
the same paper, June 10, 1883.

B., A. C. Amos C. Barstow. Letters
[from Europe]. 1873, n.p. n.d.

B., A. C. Arthur Coke Burnell. Speci-
mens of S. Indian dialects. Collected . . .

B., A. G., Jr. Albert Gallatin Browne,
Jr. In memoriam J. W. B. {i.e., John
W. Browne). B. 1860.

B., A. K. H. Andrew Kennedy Hutch-
ison Boyd. The critical essays of a coun-
try parson. L. 1865.

B., A. Ij. Mrs. Anna Letitia Barbauld.
Hymns in prose for children. By . . .
L. 1781.

B., A. M. A. M. Barkly. Eevised
list of the ferns of South Africa. Cape
Town, 1875.

B. B. Caroline Oliphant, the Baroness
Nairn, in numerous fugitive poems con-
tributed to Smith's " Scottish Minstrel,"

B. B. Bev. William StabbacJc Johns
and W.3L Rogers. The fall of Alba.
" Helston Gram. School Mag.," 1852.

B. B. Benjamin Franklin. A modest
inquiry into the nature and necessity of
a paper currency. P. 1729.

B., B. Bernard Barton. Triplets for
the truth's sake. L. 1842.

B. B., The Hon. Joseph Green, Esq.
Entertainment for a winter's evening . . .
By me . . . the Hon. B. B., Esq. B. 1795.

B., Beatrice. Miss Beatrice Biddle,
society editor of "The World" (N.Y.).

B., Betsy. il/?-s. Mary Theresa Austin,
in her contributions to the " Argonaut "
and the " Overland Monthly " (San Fran-
cisco, Cal.).

B., B. H. Rev. Beaver Henry Blacker,
M.A. Gloucestershire notes and queries.
Edited by . . . L. 1879.

B. B. M. A. C. [Black Balled Mem-
ber of the Apollo Club, Son of Vermont].
Henry Stevens.

B., C. C. Bullock. Breaches in the
family fireside. By the late Hugh Stow-
ell . . . Edited ... L. 1865.

B., C. 3Irs. C. {Bicker steth) Wheeler.
Dawn and sunrise ... L. 1860.

B., C. Charles Bucke. The Italians ;
or, the fatal accusation : a tragedy. L.

B., C. Christopher Batty. The Ken-
dal hynm book. Kendal, 1757. By J.

A., C. B., etc. Thirty of the hymns were
by C. B.

B., C. Charles Bathurst. Remarks on
the differences in Shakespeare's versifica-
tion ... L. 1857.

B., C. Charles Butler. Undivided
allegiance of Roman Catholics to their
sovereigns. By ... L. 1825.

B., Mme. C de la. Mme. Frances

Erskine (Inglis) Colder on de la Barca.
Life in Mexico ... L. 1843.

B., C A. Cyrus Augustus Bartol. In-
fiuence of the Ministry at Large in the
city of Boston. By a spectator. B. 1836.
is., C. B. Charles Brockden Brown.
Wieland; or, the transformation. N.Y.

B., C. C. Mrs. C. C. Benton. France
and her people. P. 1872.

B., C. C. Rev. Charles Cardale Bab-
ington. Index to the Baker manuscripts
by four members of the "Cambridge
Antiquarian Society " (J. J. S., C. C. B.,
etc.). 1848.

B., C. E. C. E. Bowen. Sybil and
her live snowball ... L. 1865.

B., C. P. Charles F. Briggs. Sea-
weeds from the shores of Nantucket. B.

B., C J., Roman Catholic priest of
Atherstone. Rev. C. J. Bowen. Hid-
den joy. Compiled . . . Derby, 1869.

B., C. T. Rev. Charles Timothy Brooks,
A.M. Roman rhymes : . . . Newport,
R.I., Aug. 27, 1869. Camb., Mass. 1869.

B., D. Deodatus Bye, in " Gent. Mag.,"
May, 1817, p. 445.

B., D. Daniel Bagot. Original hymns
. . . Dublin, 1858.

B., D. Daniel Benham. Some ac-

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