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R., P., Barrie. Francis Bye. The
so-called Shakespearean myth. In the
■" Canadian Monthly " for July, 1879.

R., F. M. Frederick Mansell Reynolds.
The coquette ... L. 1865.

R., F. W. Fannie W. Rankin. True
to him ever . . . N.Y. 1874.

R., G. George Ripley. The doctrines
of the Trinity and T^ansubstantiation
compared. B. 1833.

R., G. E. George Edward Mice. Eph-
emera, and ISTugamenta. B. 1852.

R., G. W., Jr. George Washington
Riggs, Jr. The narrative of Alvar Nunez
Cabe^a de Vaca, translated by Bucking-
ham Smith [with a preface by G. W, E.,
Jr.]. Wash. 1851.

R., H. Henry Robson. Eigures in
rhymes ; or, metrical computations . . .
By . . . Newcastle, 1814.

R., H. Henry Reeve. Graphidae ; or,
characteristics of painters . . . n.p. 1838.

R., H., A Minister of the Chureli of
England. Hugh Ross. An essay for a
new translation of the Bible ... L. 1702.

R., H. E., Trin. Coll. Camb. H. E.
Reynolds. Freaks, follies, fancies, and
fashions. L. 1868.

R., J. James Rice. — See "B., W. and
J. R."

R., J. James Roche. His signature in
the " Gent. Mag."

R., J. Jolin Ruskin. His signature in
the " Magazine of Natural History," con-
ducted by J. C. Loudon, 1834, 1836.

"Mr. Loudon was the first literary patron
who sent words of mine to be actually set up in
print, in his ' Magazine of Natural History,'
when I was sixteen," says Mr. Rusisin. Also
his signature in " Friendship's Offering, " 1833,
1836, 1837, 1841. "My first verse-writing in
' Friendship's Offering ' at fifteen." Also to
poems in the "Amaranth," L. 1839; and in the
" London Monthly Miscellany," 1839.

R., J. Rev. John Rogers. Critical re-
marks on the third chapter of Habakkuk
... L. 1854. Also a letter (Penzance
Chapel) under this signatiu-e, in " Gent.
Mag.," 1830, C. 304.

R., J. James Relly. Epistles; or, the
great salvation contemplated . . . L.

R., J. John Rickman. Historical cu-
riosities relating to St. Margaret's Church,
Westminster. L. 1837.

R., J. Joseph Reed. A pastoral on
the death of Alexander Pope, Esq. ; in
imitation of Allan Ramsay. "Jemmie,
Simie, Patie," in the " Gent. Mag.," Au-
gust, 1744, p. 445.

R., J. Joseph Ritson. The quip mod-
est : a few words ... on the text and
notes of the last edition of Shakspeare . . •
L. 1788.

R., J. Christ Church, Oxon. John
Ruskin, in " Friendship's Offering," 1838-
44 ; in the " Keepsake," 1845, 1846 ; and
in "Heath's Book of Beauty," 1845,

R., J., D.D. John Ross, D.D. A
brief admonition to the members of the
Church of England ... 2d ed. L. 1711.

R., J., Jun. John Ryland, D.D. His
signature in the magazines.

R., J. D. John Dix, afterwards Ross.
A handbook of Newport and Rhode
Island. By . . . 1852.

R., J. J. J. J. Reid. [Gladstone's]
Political speeches in Scotland, November
and December, 1879, etc. With preface
by . . . Edinb. 1879.

R., Li. Leander Richardson, in letters
to the " Jom-nalist" (N.Y.).

R. Li. B. Harriet G. Storer. An auto-
biography : being passages from a Ufe
now progressing in the city of Boston
. . . Camb., Mass., 1871.

R., Li. N. Mrs. Ellen Ranyard. The
book and its story ... L. 1853.

R., M. B. Montgomerie Ranking. Fair
Rosamond, and other poems. L. 1868.

R., M. W. M. W. Rooney. Hamlet
first edition [1603]. The last leaf of
the lately discovered copy, carefully re
printed, with a narrative of its discovery,
etc. By . . . Dublin, 1856.




K., N. Nicholas Rowe, in a letter com-
municated to the " Guardian," No. 118,
July 27, 1713.

R., O. Olive Band. A vacation ex-
cursion from Massachusetts Bay to
Puget Sound, by . . . Manchester,
N.H., 1884.

R., P. Patrick Robertson, Lord Rob-
ertson, in " Leaves from a Journal."
n.p. 1844.

R., S. Mrs. Susanna Rowson, whose
contributions, chiefly of a religious and
devotional character, were published in
the " New England Galaxy," usually
over her initials " S. 11.," 1817 et seq.

R. S. John Scott. " Epidemick Mor-
tality, from Ecclesias. XII.," in the
"Gent. Mag.," December, 1753. "Verses
occasioned by the Description of the JEo-
lian Harp, in the "Gent. Mng.," Febru-
ary, 1754, XXIV., p. 625.

R., S. Samuel Robinson, Esq. Flowers
culled from the Gulistan or Rose Gar-
den, and from the Bostan or Pleasure
Garden of'Sadi, a Persian poet ... L.

R. S., a Passenger. Robert Paltock.
— See " Wilkins, Peter."

R., T. T.Rud. Miscellaneous obser-
vations upon authors ancient and mod-
em. L. 1731-32.

R., T., M.D. Dr. Thomas Reeve. A
cure for the epidemical madness of drink-
ing tar water ... L. 1744.

R. T. S. William Maginn, LL.D. His
first signature in " Blackwood's Maga-

R. V. James Harvetj. Interest of
money a legalized robbery . , . By . . .
Liverpool, 1875.

R., W. B. William Bradford Reed.
Haud immemor: a few personal recol-
lections of Mr. Thackeray in Philadel-
phia. P. 1864.

R., W. E. William Esdaile Richardson.
A letter ... on the establishment of
ragged school churches. L. 1852.

R., W. H. W. H. Bofision. The row-
ing almanack. L. 1861-68.

R.,W. H. William Harris Rule. The
Wesleyan Methodist Sunday hymn-book.
L. 1851.

R., W. J. William James Hobson.
September 1, 1850. Fresh waters from
a fresh spring. Wave the first . . .

R., W. J. D. W. J. D. Ryder. Chroni-
cles of Charter-House ... L. 1847. See
"Carthusian, A."

R. W. Li. Rev. Mowland Connor., who
contributed " The Radical Club " and
several social articles to the N.Y.

" Tribune," under this signature, which
he also used in some of his contribu-
tions to the "International Review,"
" Lippincott's Magiizine," etc.

R., W. M. W. M. Bussell. The truth
... L. 1852.

R., W. P., a political observer. W.
P. Bussel. A few valuable hints for the
new ministry ... L. 1806.

R., W. P. Verbotomist. W. P. Bus-
sel. An address intended to have been
delivered to The Literary Fund . . .
April 12th, 1804 ... By . . . L.

R., W. S. Walter S. Raleigh. Scheme
for the establishment of a national thea-
tre .. . 1878.

R., W. S. William Stewart Rose.
Thoughts and recollections ... L. 1825.

R., W. S. W. William S. W. Rus-
chenbcrger. The principles of naval stafl
rank, etc. P. 1809.

R., W. U. Williajn Upton Bichards.
Familiar instructions on mental prayer
. . . Edited by . . . L. 1852.

R»*», E— 1 of O*****. Robert, Earl
of Orford. An authentic copy of the
last will and testament of . . . With re-
marks. L. 1745.

R*"***, J. J. Joseph Jules Rovel. Des
institutions militaires de la troisicme re-
publique. Paris, 1878.

R******, Maria. Maria Biddell.
Voyages to the Madeira . . . Edinb.

jj*****^ g*****. Samuel Rogers, who
published eight papers in the " Gent.
Mag." for 1781, pp. 68, 119, 168, 218,
259, 306, 355, and 406, entitled, "The
Scribbler," of which the first number is
si'^'ned " q-j^^^jk^ y^vtBiHiJ^-^ **

Mr. Rogers was still in his 'teens when he
contributed these papers to the " Gent Mag."

R H , Esq. Thomas Carte.

A full answer to the Letter from a By-
stander . . . wherein his false calcula-
tions and misrepresentations of facts in
the time of King Charles II. are refuted
. . . L. 1742.

R — r. Lord. JoJin Wilmot, Earl of
Rochester. Windsor, by . . . L. 1703.

R H , (The) Lord C. The

Bight Hon. William Lord Craven. The
heroic epistle answered by . . . L. 1776.

Rachel, Mile. Elizabeth Rachel Felix.

Raconteur. Benjamin Perleji Poore.

Radical. Col. T^eslie Grove Jones, the
author of powerful but violent letters in
the "Times" (L.) during the progress of
the Reform Bill under this signature.

Rae, Leonard. John Douglas. Hal
o' the Wynd. L. 18-.




Rag, Tag, and Bobtail. James Cam-
eron Lees, D.D.

Ragged PMlosopher, A. John J.
Proctor, a Canadian poet, author of the
"Essays of a Ragged Philosopher" in
the "Preeman" (Sherbrooke).

Railroad Dii*ectoi', A. Jiiias Husket
Derhij. Two months abroad; or, a trip
to England, France, Baden, Prussia, and
Belgium . . . By ... of Massachusetts.
B. 1844.

Railway King, The. George Hudson.

Raimoud. William liennj Hurlbut.

Raimund, Golo. Georg Dannenherg.
Ein neues Geschlecht. Pioraan, 1879.

Rain-Water Doctor, The.

" Was a German who landed in Philadelphia in
the early part of the year 1811, and went shortly
to Brooklyn, N.T., where he remained for ahout
a year. In 1S12 he removed to Providence, R.I.,
where he had a large practice ; then went, la
1813, to East Hartford, Conn., where he enjoyed
an extraordinary success, but again returned to
Providence, and died there in 1814-15. He was
an educated physician, honest, skilful, extremely
eccentric, and noted for many deeds of charity.
While he resided in the villui^e of Brooklyn he
was consulted by thousands from the city of New
York and from Long Island. The recommenda-
tion to all his patients to use rain-water as a
drink won for him the cognomen of the ' Rain-
Water Doctor.' Although he gave himself no
distinct name, he sometimes signed himself
' Si/Ivan, Enemy of human diseases.' — See
Stiles's "Hist, of Brooklyn, N.Y.," Vol. I., p.

" He must not be confounded with his evident
imitators. The ' Rain- Water Doctor,' alias Syl-
van Gardener, who flourished awhile about 1817
at Roxbury, Mass., and elsewhere (see ' Hist.
Mag.,' February, 1862, or Octavius Plinth, the
Rain-Water Doctor, or Dr. C. Humbert, alias
Sylvan Gardner, who died in the vicinity of
Philadelphia in June, 1825, at ' the supposed age
of one hundred years ' [see ' Long Island Star,'
June 9, 1839]." — See Stiles's " Hist, of Brook-
lyn," Vol. I., note, pp. 393, 394.

Rajah of Vaneplysia, The. William
Penn, Esq., his signature in the "Gent.
Mag." — See " Gent. Mag.," February,
1818, p. 122, July, 1823, and elsewhere.
"Vaneplysia" is an anagram of Pennsyl-

Raleigh, Richard. W. H. Kister, in
his contributions to various periodicals
of Chicago, 111.

Rambaud, Yveling. Frederic Gil-
bert. Little walks in London ... L.

Rambler. Luther L. Holden, in the
Boston "Journal" (1).

Rambler. George H. Fullerton. Per-
sis : a tale of the White Mountains.
N.Y. 1879.

Rambler, A. Joseph Budworth. A
fortnight's ramble to the lakes in West-
moreland, Lancashire, and Cumberland.
By . . . L. 179G.

Rambler, A. Robert Montgonierg Bird.

Peter Pilgrim ; or, a rambler's recollec-
tions ... B. 1838.

Rambler, A. G. A. Simcox. Recol-
lections of a rambler. L. 1874.

Rambler in Mexico, The. Charles
Joseph Latrobe. The rambler in Mexico
in 1834. L. 1836.

Rambler, Jacques. Gabriel Peignot.
Le nouvelliste des campagnes . . . Dijon,

Ramsay, Grace. Miss Kathleen
O'Meara. A woman's trials. L. 1867.

Ramsbottom, Mrs. Theodore Ed-
ward Hook. Ramsbottom Papers, con-
tributed to the "John Bull" newspaper
(L.), in 1829.

Ramsneb, T. Benjamin Smart. Sat-
urday night. By a journeyman me-
chanic, in the "Gent. Mag.," August,
1806, p. 751.

Randall, Anne Frances. Mrs. Ma-
ria [Darby) Robinson. A letter to the
women of England ... L. 1799.

Randol, Liouis. Eusebe Salverte. Un
pot sans couvercle et rien dedans . . .
Paris, 1799.

Ranger. Luther L. Holden. A thrill-
ing balloon voyage ... B. 1870.

Ranger, The. Capt. — Flack. The
life of a Texan hunter. L. 1866.

Ranger, Charles, Esq. Arthur Mur-
phy. The Gray's Inn journal. L. 1753-

Raoul, Maximilien. Charles Letel-
lier, de Saint-Malo. Histoire pittoresque
du mont Saint-Michel et de Tombelene
. . . Paris, 1833.

Raphael. R. C Smith. A manual of
astrology ; or, the book of the stars . . .
L. 1828.

Also attributed to J. Palmer,

Rapidan. Daniel Connelly, in his con-
tributions to the "Buffalo Courier"

Rapier, Rob. Dr. 0. C. Alexander.

RatclyflFe, Sir Isaac, of Elbow-lane.
Rev. John Henley (Orator Henley).

" The ' Hyp Doctor ' was written by that ' a
little more knave than fool,' Orator Henley, un-
der the name of ' Sir Isaac Ratclyffe, of Elbow-
lane.' "

Rational Christian, A. Alexander
Leopold, Prince of Hohenlohe, Bishop of
Sardica. An exposure of the late Irish
miracles . . . Dublin, 1823.

Rational Mystic, A. W. Belcher.
Intellectual electricity, novum organum
of vision, and grand mystic secret . . .
By . . . L. 1798.

Rationalis. Bev. W. J\r. Hazlitt, in
the London " Monthly Repository."




Rationalist, The. William Baker,
Peregrinations of the mind ... by ...
L. 1770.

Rattlehead, David, M.D. l^f. La-
fayette Byrn. Rattlehead's travels ; or,
the recollections of a backwoodsman . . .
P. 1852.

Rattler, Morgan. Percival Weldon
Banks, in " Eraser's Magazine," 1851.

Rattler, Corporal Morgan. Den-
nis O'SulUvan, in his contributions to va-
rious periodicals.

Rattler, Raby, Gent. Thomas Hall.
"Effects" and adventures. L. 1845.

Rausse, J. H. H. F. Franke. Mis-
cellanies to the Grsefenburg Water-Cure.
N.Y. 1848.

Ravelin, Humphrey, Esq. Col.
George Proctor. The lucubrations of . . .
late major in the . . . regiment of infan-
try. L. 1823.

Raven, Ralph. George Pay son.
Golden dreams and leaden realities. N.Y.

RavensvFOod. Charles Washington
Beebee. Edmund Dawn; or, ever for-
give. N.Y. 1873.

Rayland, Rose. Mrs. N. E. Morti-

Raymond, Elie. 7?//e Bertrand Ber-
thet. La Veilleuse. Romans. Paris

Raymond, Henry Augustus, Esq.
Mrs. 'Sarali Scott. The history of Gusta-
vus Ericson, King of Sweden ... L.

Raymond, Ida. Mary T. Tardy.
Southland writers. P. 1870.

Raymond, John T. John O'Brien.
A nom de theatre.

Raymond, Malone. Richard Malone.
A nom de theatre.

Raynor, George. George James Rea.
A nom de theatre.

Raynor, Leslie. Maria A. Barlow.
in her contributions to the "Household."

Reader Therein, A. Andrea Crestu-
doro. The art of making catalogues of
libraries ... L. 1850.

Reader, A Desultory. Alexander
Graydon, a number of whose essays, un-
der the title of " Notes of a Desultory
Eeader," will found in the Phila. " Port-
folio," 1813-14.

R§al, Antony. F. Fernand Michel.
Les atomes, les reves. Paris, 1865.

Real Lover of Freedom, A. W. P.
Russel. Important proposals for national
and universal peace ... L. 1812.

Rebel, A. George Cary Eggleston.

Rebel War Clerk, A. John B. Jones.
Diary, 1861-65. P. 1866.

Rebenstein, A. Aaron Bernstein.
Hohen Liedes. Berlin, 1834.

Recapper. Thomas C. Abbott.

Reckoner. Rt. Rev. John Strachan,
D.D., a Canadian divine. As a writer,
Bishop Strachan is known as the author
of 70 essays, embracing various subjects,
which appeared in the " Gazette " (King-
ston), in 1811, under this signature.

Recluse, A. 3Irs. Anne Charlotte
(Lynch) Botta. Leaves from the diary
of ... in "The Gift" (N.Y.) for 1845.

Recluse, A. Rev. John Brewster, M.A.
Meditations of . . . L. 1800.

Recluse, A. John Barton Derby. Mus-
ings of . . . B. 1837.

Recluse, A. Rev. Francis Jacox. Rec-
reations of . . . L. 1870.

Recluse, A. Mrs. Mary Ann Kelty.
Visiting my relations, and its results : a
series of small episodes in the life of . . .
L. 185-.

Recorder of the City of New York,
The. Daniel Eorsmanden. A journal
of the proceedings in the detection of the
conspiracy formed by some white people,
in conjunction with negro and other
slaves, for burning the city of New York
. . . and murdering the inhabitants. By
. . . N.Y. 1744.

Rector, The. John H. Egar. The
Christian patriot . . . Quincy, 111., 1863.

Rector, The. Rev. Asa Eaton. His-
torical account of Christ Church, Boston
... B. 1824.

Rector, The. Rev. Francis Vyvyan
Jago Arundell, M.A. Some notices of
the church of Landulph, by . . . Deven-
port, 1840.

Rector, and Bishop of the Diocese,
The. George W. Doane. The way of
the Church with children . . . Burling-
ton, N.J., 1848.

Rector of Calverton, Bucks. Hon.
and Rev. C. G. Perceval. A serious ad-
dress to persons recovered from danger-
ous illness . . . By ... L. 184-.

Rector of St. Timothy's Church,
Philadelphia, The. J. Grigg. A pas-
toral address to young women ... P.

Red Spinner. William Senior. Travel
and trout in the Antipodes. L. 1879.

Red Wing. Frederic Eugene Pond, in
his contributions to the "Turf, Field,
and Farm" (N.Y.).

Reddik. Joseph Kidder, in his contri-
butions to newspapers.

Reden, Benno. Oskar Meding.

Reden, Karl. Charles Crozat Con-
verse. The voice of praise : a selection
of hymns and tunes. Richmond, 1872.




Redgap. George Frederirk Pardon.
The faces in the fire: a story for the
season. L. 1849.

Redivivus, Quevedo, Jr. Robert ]V.
Wright. Vision of judgment; or, the
South Church . . . N.Y. 1867.

Rednaxela. Hon. Mrs. Cropper. The
hermit of the Pyrenees ; and other mis-
cellaneous poems ... L. 1858.

Redruth, E. Richard Edmonds, Jan.
Proposed reformation of the laws of
England, in the " Cornish Magazine,"

Redwin. Richard E. Day, in his con-
tributions to the " Syracuse Standard "

Redwood, Ralph. J. G. P. Eolden.

Reed-water Minstrel, The. Robert
Roxby. The lay of the . . . Newcastle,

Reformator. Charles Clarice.

Reformed Stock Gambler, A. Wil-
liam Armstrong. Stocks and stock-job-
bing in Wall Street . . . N.Y. 1848.

Reformer, A. Rev. Frederick Nolan.
Fragments of a civic feast ... L. 1826.

Refugee, A. Frederick Augustus Por-
ter Barnard. A letter to the President
of the United States. N.Y. 1863. .

Refugitta. Mrs. Constance Ca.ry Har-
rison, who is best known to Southern lit-
erature under this pen-name, which she
first assumed in Richmond.

Regimental Officer, A. Capt.
Hawker. Journal . . . during the recent
campaign in Portugal and Spain ... L.

Regina. "Eraser's Magazine."

Regis, Thorpe. Frances M. Peard.

Register, Seeley. Mrs. Metta Vic-
toria {Fuller) Victor. Dead letter. N.Y.

Registrar of the Birmingham
County Court, The. Charles Water-
field. The Bankruptcy Act, 1861 . . .
A summary of the new practice in the
County courts in bankruptcy . . . By . . .
Birmingham, 1862.

Reid, Christian. Miss Frances C.
Fisher. Carmen's inheritance. P. 1873.

Reid, Hartebor. Robert Hardie.
Rational cookery. L. 18-.

Reimar, Reinald. Adolf Glaser.
Kriemhildens Rache [drama]. 1853.

Reinmar, Freimund. Friedrich
Ruckert. Deutsche Gedichte. Heidel-
berg, 1814.

Reinvrald, Theodor. Therese von
Hansgirg. Dimkle Piigungen, 1862, and
Novellen, 1874.

Relative, A. William Thomas
Brande (1). The life and adventures of

the celebrated Walking Stewart ... By
... L. 1838.

Religious Politician, A. Samuel
Adams. Address to the people in gen-
eral, February, 1775.

Remus, Uncle. Joel Chandler Harris.
Uncle Remus ; his songs and his sayings.
The folk-lore of the old plantation.
N.Y. 1880.

Rena. Mrs. M. Louise [Rogers) Cross-
ley, who frequently wrote for the news-
papers under this pen-name.

Renaud. L. Desloges. Grandeurs et
gloires de la France et de la maison de
Bourbon . . . Paris, 1849.

Renault, Ernest. Le'on Pillet. L'ob-
stine'; ou, les Bretons . . . Paris, 1837.

Rene. Mile Leonie Laroue. Marie
Touchet, drame . . . Montpellier, 1848.

Rene, Jules. Marquis de Casamajor,
in the "National" (Paris).

Rengade, J. Aristide Roger. La vie
normale et la sante . . . Paris, 1881.

Repandunum. John Adey Repton,
Esq., F.S.A. " In August, 1799 [" Gent.
Mag."] is a view from his pencil of Ing-
worth Church, Norfolk, taken before its
round tower fell down. The accompany-
ing letter is signed ' Repandunum.' "

Repmah. William Hamper, F.S.A.

" In his younger days he was much attached
to music, and was a composei' as well as a per-
former; he set to music one or more Bougs,
which were published under the assumed name
of ' Repmali,' being his own reversed."

Reporter of the " Boston Morning
Post," The. William Beals. Trial of
W, B. and C. G. Greene for an alleged
libel ... on A. W. Pike ... By . . . B.

Reporter of the Nevp- Orleans " Pic-
ayune," The. D. Corcoran. Pickings
from the portfolio of . . . P. 1846.

Representative Peer, A. Charles
John Gardiner, Earl of Blessington. A
letter to . . . the Marquis of Wellesley
... on the state of Ireland. By ... L.

Republican, A. Charles Pinckney, in
the Charleston (S.C.) "City Gazette,"

Republican, A. Jonathan Russell. To
the freemen of Rhode Island . . . n.p., n.d.

Resident, A. Reiu Andrew Bonar.
The Canongate, ancient and modern . . .
2d ed. Edinb. 1856.

Resident, A. Rev. William Agar
Adamson, D.C.L. Salmon fishing in
Canada ... L. 1860.

Resident, A. Isabel Massary. Social
life and manners in Australia ... L.

Resident, A. Newton H. Chitten-




deri (?). Strangers' guide in Minneapo-
lis and surrounding country . . . By . , .
Minneapolis, Minn., 1869.

Resident beyond the Frontier, A.
William Joseph Snelliiig. Talcs of the
Northwest ; or, sketclics of Indian life
and character. By ... B. 18.30.

Resident in the West Indies for
Thirteen Years, A. 3Iiss Bourne. The
British West India colonies in connection
with slavery . . . With an introduction
and concluding remarks by a late sti-
pendiary magistrate in Jamaica {i.e. Ste-
phen Bourne]. L. 1853.

Resident of San Domingo, A. J. W,

Resident of T\velve Years at Mari-
etta, in that State, A. Return Jonathan
Meigs. A brief sketch of the State of
Ohio . . . Glasgow, 1822.

Resident There, A. — La Corte.
Letters from Spain, 1863 to 1866. By
... L. 1868.

Resident, -who has never possessed
either Land or Slaves in the Colony,
A. Mr. Telfair (?). Eepresentation of
the state of government slaves and ap-
prentices in the Mauritius ; with observa-
tions. L. 1830.

Resident MA., A. Frederick Edward
Weatherb/, M.A. Oxford days ; or, how
Ross got his degree. L. 1879.

Resident Member of Convocation,
A. Rev. Edward Hawkins. A letter to
the Earl of Radnor upon the oaths, dis-
pensations, and subscription to the xxxix
articles . . . Oxf. 1835.

Residuary Legatee, The. Henry
Jackson Sargent.

Restless, Tom. Thomas Tyers.

" It is eaid that the character of ' Tom Rest-
less' (in the 'Idler,' No. 48) was intended by
Dr. JohnsoD for Mr. Ti/ers." — Chalmers, "Vol.

Resurgam. Charles Pettitt.

Retired Barrister, A. Charles Am-
bler. A review of the proceedings and
arguments in a cause in chancery, be-
tween J. Fox and R. Mackuth ... by
. . . L. 1792.

Retired Captain, R.N. George H.
Gardner, R.N. Suggestions for forming
a reserve of seamen ... L. 1871.

Retired Common Councilman, A.
James Kirke Paulding. Chronicles of the
City of Gotham . . . N.Y. 1830.

Retired Editor, A. Dorus Clarke,
D.D. Fugitives from the escritoire of
. . . B. 1864.

Retired Governor of the Island of
Juan Fernandez, The. Thomas Sut-

cliffe. Sixteen years in Chili and Peru,
from 1822 to 1839. By . . . L. 1841.

Retired Guardian, A. William Brad-
ley. Sketches of the poor. L. 18-.

Retired Officer, A. William Coombe,
Esq. Letter of ... a defence of Colonel
Cawthome. L. 1801.

Retired Officer, A. J. Spens. Me-
moir of the life and character of the late
Lieut. Colonel John Campbell . . . Edinb.

Retnyw, Werdna. Andreio Wynter,
M.D. Odds and ends from an old
drawer. L. 1855.

Retort, Dick. William Cobbett. Tit
for tat; or, a jDurge for a pill . . . By
... P. 1796.

Retort, Jack, Student in Scurrility.
William Franklin. A humble attempt at
scurrility, in imitation of those great mas-
ters of the art, the Rev. Dr. S— -th [Smith],
the Rev. Dr. Al — n [Allison], the Rev.
Mr. Ew — n [Ewing], the Rev. D. J. D — ve
[Dove], and the heroic J — n D — n [John
Dickinson] Esq-. : being a full answer to
the observations in Mr. II — s's [Hughes]
advertisement . . . Quilsilvania [Penn-
sylvania], 1765.

A defence of Dr. Franklin, by bis son.

Returned Australian, A. William
H. Thomes. The gold himter's adven-
tures ; or, life in Australia. By ... B.

Returned Californian, A. J. M.
Letts. Pictorial view of California . . .
N.Y. 1853.

Returned Missionary, A. Bev.
Thomas Laurie. Woman and her Saviour
in Persia ... B. 1863.

Reuben. Rev. Robert Stephen Hawker,
M.A. Tendrils by . . . Cheltenham. L.

Revel. Adolphe Volleau. Fastes de
Henri IV., surnomme le Grand . . .
Paris, 1815.

Reverend Author of the Rosciad,
The. Charles Churchill. The Church
Iliad; or, a few modest questions pro-
posed to . . . L. 1761.

Reverend Dean, A. William Vin-
cent, D.D., in Beloe's "Sexagenarian,"
Vol. II., 91. 2d ed. L. 1818.

Reverend Divine, A. Rev. Archibald
Bruce. Poems, serious and amusing, by
. . . 1812.

Reverie, Reginald. Grenville Mel-
len. Glad tales and sad tales. B.

Reville, Edouard. Guillaume Am€-
d€e Fauvel. Guibray au temps de Louis
XII. Caen, 1841.

Revilo. Oliver P. Marshall.



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