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Revilo, E. B. Oliver Byrne. The
creed of St. Athanasius proved by :i
mathematical parallel. L. 1839.

Revolutionary Soldier, A. James
Collins. Autobiography of . . . Clinton,
La., 1859.

Revolutionary Soldier, A. James
Sullivan Martin. A narrative of the ad-
ventures [in the battle of Long Island],
dangers, and sufferings of . . . Hallowell,
Me., 1830.

Revons, E. C. Charles Crozat Con-
verse. Sayings of sages . . . N.Y. 1864.

Revorg, Trebla. Albert Grover.
Monkey vs. Man ... L. 1878.

Rexdale, Robert. Robert F. Bar-

Reybaud, Madame Charles. Hen-
riette Arnaud. Madame de Rieux. Paris,

Reynard. Myron Fox, in the New
York " Telegram."

Reynard. Frank Foxcroft. Tran-
script pieces. North Adams, Mass.,

Reynaud, Jacques. Gahrielle Anne
{de Cisternes de Coutiras), marquise de
Poilow de Saint-Mars (" Comtesse
Dash"). Portraits contemporains. Paris,

Reynolds, Beatrice. Elizabeth Sara
Sheppard. My first season; by . . .
Edited [or rather written] by . . . L.

Reynolds, Francis. F. Reginald
Statham. Alice Rushton, and other po-
ems ... L. 1868.

Rheal, Sebastien. Se'bastien Gai/et.
Les chants du Psalmiste, odes, hymnes,
et poemes . . . Paris, 1839.

Rliode Islander, A. Mrs. Catherine
R. Williams. Might and right; by . . .
Providence, 1844.

R'Hoone, Lord. Honore' de Balzac.
Clotilda de Lusignan ; on, le beau Juif . , .
Paris, 1822.

Rhymer, A. Thomas Bell, of Fife-
shire (Scotland). Verses for the people.
Glasgow, 1844.

Ricard, Adolphe. Gustav Sandr€.
L'amoureus des onze milles vierges.
Paris, 1846.

Ricard, Adolphe. X.avier Eyma.
Cascarinette, roman comique. Paris,

Richard. J. M. V. Audin. English
and German dialogues. P. 187-.

Mr. Audin was assisted in this work by an-

Richard, Lord Bishop of Cloyne.

Richard Woodward, LL.D. Eemarks on
a jiamphlet entitled, "The present state

of the Church of Ireland." By . . .
Dublin, 1787.

Richard, Lord Bishop of Ldtch-
field. Richard Hurd. A sermon . . .
December 13, 1779 ... L. 1779.

Richards, Ezek. John Savage, in hia
contributions to the "Press" (P.).

Richards, Parke. Miss Laura R.
Feu-ell, who contributed to Godey's
"Lady's Book " under this pen-name.

Richelieu. William E. Robinson, in
the Brooklyn " Eagle."

Richmond. Jacob R. Shepherd.

Richmond Lady, A. Mrs. Sarah A.
{Brock) Putnam. Richmond during the
war. N.Y. 1867.

Richmondiensis. Christopher Clark-
son, Esq., in "Gent. Mag.," September,

1823, p. 201; February, 1824, 113; June,

1824, 489; December, 1827, 593; and
December, 1832, 601.

Richmondiensis. Rev. Matthew Daw-
son Dvffield, F.S.A., who, in the early
part of his life, was a frequent contribu-
tor to the " Gent. Mag.," sometimes imder
this signature.

Riddinge, Amias, B.D. William
King, LL.D. (?) Key to the Fragment,
by . . . with a preface by Peregrine
Smyth, Esq. L. 1751.

Riderhood, Pleasant. Mrs. M.

Ridges, B. Bridges W. Smith.

Rie, Blay. Miss Mary Walsingham
Crean, whose " career as a writer com-
menced as a school-girl, and opened
with a series of lively, dashing, and piq-
uant articles, prose and verse, in the New
Orleans " Sunday Delta."

Riesler, Ulrich. Wilhelm Molitor.
Die Blume von Sizilien. 1880.

Rieux, A. de. Alexandre Carrat de
Vaux. Eudoxe; ou, I'homme du XIX®
siecle ramene a la foi de ses peres
Paris, 1840.

Rieux, Georges de. Xavier de Men
te'pin. Les mvsteres du Palais-Royal .
Paris, 1863.

Rifleman, A, Esq., Gent. A. M.
Keiley. Prisoner of war ; or, five months
among the Yankees . . . Richmond
Va., 1865.

Kigby. Bt. Hon. John Wilson Croker
in Disraeli's " Coningsby."

Rigdum, Drunken. Rt. Hon. Rich-
ard Rigby, so called in the English news-
papers. 1779.

Right Honourable Mendicant,
The. Charles James Fox. A looking-
glass for . . .

Right Honourable Person, A. Wil-
liam Pitt. A letter from . . . and the an-




swer to it [by William BeckforJ, Lord
Mayor of London]. L. 1761.

Rigbt Rev. the liord Bishop of Na^
tal, The. Rt. Bev. John William Colenso,
D.D. The Pentateuch and Book of
Joshua critically examined. By ... L.

Rigolo. Nicolas L€on ThiehUn, in the
Monday financial article of the N.Y.

Rinaldo. James Edwards, in Dibdin's
" Bibliomania."

Ring, Ivar. Alfhilda (Svenson) Meck-
lenburg. Fortallinger, 1871-72 and 1878-

Ringbolt, Captain. Capt. John Cod-
man. Sailors' life and sailors' yams . . .
N.Y. 1847.

Ringletub, Jeremiah. Rev. John
Styles. The legend of the velvet cush-
ion .. . L. 1815.

Rinmon. Simon Blocquel. Nouvel
album pittoresque . . . Lille, 1835.

Ripon, John Scott. John Scott Eyer-
ie//. Buonaparte ; or, the freebooter. A
drama. L. 1803.

Rit Toujours, M. A. Peccatier. Le
veritable farceur perpetuel ; ou, propos
comiques de . . . Paris, 1851.

Rita. Mrs. Eliza 31. J. Gollan
von Booth. My Lord Conceit. L.

Rivers, Dio. Samuel H. Dixon, in his
contributions to various periodicals of
Texas, etc.

Rivers, Peari. Mrs. A. M. Holbrooh.

Rivers, Pearl. Mrs. Eliza Jane ( Poite-
vent) Nicholson. Lyrics ... P. 1873.
Also in her contributions to the " Times-
Democrat" (New Orleans, La.).

Rob Roy. John Macgregor. The
Rob Roy on the Baltic. L. 1879.

Robert. John T. Bedford, member of
the Corporation of the City of London,
in his contributions to " Punch" (L.).

Robert, Liord Bishop of Sarum.
Robert Drummond. Sermon before the
Society for Propagation of the Gospel in
Foreign Parts. L. 1754.

Robert, Jules. Jean Baptiste Marie
Augustin Challamel. Une visite h, la
Galarie Aguado, in " la France litteraire,"

Robert, Karl. Eduard von Hartmann.
Dramatische Dichtungen. 1871.

Robert, Karl. Georges Meusnier. Le
fusain. Charcoal drawing without a
master. Cin. 1881.

Robert, Liudvt'ig. Georg, Baron von
Oertzen. Erlebnisse und Studien in der
Gegenwart. 1875.

Robertjeot. John Sanderson, who, in

letters signed with this name, insisted
upon classical culture in Girard Col-

Roberts, Capt. Hon. Augustus
Charles Hobart, generally known as
Hobart Pasha. Never caught : personal
adventures in blockade running, 1863-
64. L. 1867.

Roberts, George. Robert Walters.

Robertson, Ignatius Loyola, LLi.D.
Samuel Lorenzo Knapp. Sketches of
public character . . . N.Y. 1830.

Robin, Commodore. William Hard-
ing, in his contributions to the "Clipper"

Robin. Sir Robert Walpole, Robin's
panegyrick, etc. L. 1729.

Robineau. Alexandre Louis Bertrand
Beaunoir. L'amour queteur, V^nus pele-
rine. Paris, 1778.

Robinson, Doctor. Dennis Hanne-

Robinson, Jack. Archibald Michie.
The Hamlet Controversy. Was Hamlet
mad ... L. 1867.

Robinson, Jack, Junior. David
Blair. The Hamlet Controversy . . .
L. 1807.

Robinson, Ralph. His Majesty
Geo. III., of England.

Huieh, in his "Memoirs of George the Third,"
p. 562, states that " The king's letters were seven
in number, all of considerable length, and dis-
playing a most profound knowledge of the sub-
ject." The first letter is printed in Young's
" Annals of Agriculture," vol. vii., p. 65, en-
titled. " On Mr. Duckett's Mode of Cultivation,"
and dated Jan. 1, 1787. The second letter occurs
at p. 332, of the same volume, and is entitled
"Further Remarks on Mr. Duckett's Mode of
Cultivation," dated "Windsor, March 5, 1787."
The other letters will probably be found in the
subsequent volumes. — See " Notes and Queries,"
2d 8er., V., May, 1858, p. 439.

Robsou, Frederick. Frederick Rob-
son Broionhill. Nom de theatre.

Rochester, Mark. William Charles
Mark Kent. The Derby Ministry . . .
L. 1858.

Rochfort, Alfred. Major Alfred R.

Rock, Captain. Roger O'Connor.
Letters to H. M. George the Fourth. L.

Rock, Captain. Mortimer O'Sulli-
van. Memoirs of . . . the celebrated
Irish chieftain ... L. 1824.

Also attributed to Tliomas Moore.

Rock, Captain, in. London. J. M.

Rock-man, Constant, M.A. Rev.

Nicholas Bowes. Modest accoimt con-
cerning the salutations and kissings itt
ancient times ... B. 1768.




Rockingham, Sir Charles. Le

Comte de Jarnac de Rohan- Chabot. Le
Dernier d'Egremont. Paris, 1851.

Kodenberg, Julius von. Julias
Levi/. The Island of the Saints ... L.

Roderick. William Davis Oallagher.
In 1827 Mr. Gallagher and Otway Curry,
as "Eoderick" and "Abdallali," main-
tained a friendly rivalry in the columns
of the " Cincinnati Chronicle " and " Cin-
cinnati Sentinel."

Rodman, Blla. Mrs. Eliza Rodman
(McUvaine) Church. Flights of fancy.
KY. 1851.

Roe, Richard. F. G. B. Ponsonb//.
Barefaced impostors . . . By J. D., Rich-
ard Eoe, and John Noakes [i.e. Tom
Taylor]. L. 1854.

Roger, Aristide. Le docteur Jules
Bengade. Voyage sous les flots. Paris,

Rollicker, Harry. William Make-
peace Thackeray. Phil Fogarty. A tale
of the Fighting Onety-Oneth. "Punch,"
August, 1847.

Rollingpin, Commodore. John Han-
son Carter. Log of . . . N.Y. 1874.

Remain, Jules. Jides Girette, La
paix ou la guerre, choisissez ! . . . Paris,

Romaine, Robert Dexter. George
Payson. The new age of gold; or, the
life and adventures of . . . B. 1856.

Roman Catholic, A. Rev. Hardinge
Furenzo Ivers. Important questions af-
fecting the existence of the Catholic
Church in England ... L. 1854.

Roman Catholic Clergyman, A.
Rev. W. Cloury. A correspondence, etc.
L. 1825. — See "Protestant, A."

Romano, Enotrio. Giosue Carducci.
Odi barbare. Bologna, 1877.

Romeo. George W. Fellowes.

Romer, Jonathan. William Star-
buck Mayo, M.D. Kaloolah ; or, jour-
neyings to the DjeTjel Kumri: an auto-
biography of . . . N.Y. 1849.

Rooke, Thomas Elbridge, Esq.
John Player. Considerations on the
present dearness of provisions and corn,
in Great Britain . . . Devizes, 1772.

Rooney, Alderman. Daniel O'Con-
nell Townley. His signature in " Scrib-
ner's Magazine."

Rooney, Barney. William Garvie.
Letters on confederation, botheration,
and political transmogrification. Hali-
fax, N.S., 1865.

Roper, Abel. Jonathan Swift, D.D.
Cursory but curious observations of . . .
L. 1711.

Rosa. Mrs. Rosa Vertner (Griffith
Johnson) Jeffrey. Poems. B. 1858.

Rosa Matilda. Mrs. Charlotte Dacre
Bi/rne. Hours of solitude : poems. L.

Rosalba. Kathinka (JSalein) Zitz.

Rosalind. ^liss Rosalind Davis.
Garibaldi; or, the rival patriots. A
dramatic operetta ... L. 1860.

Rosavella. Mad. Blanche Roosevelt
( Tucker^ Macchetta.

Roscoe, Deane. Frederic B. Yates.
Glendover. N.Y. 1880.

Roscoe of Cork, The. , James Roche.
— See London "Athenaeum," 1853, 448
(obituary) ; Prout papers.

Roseau, Emie. Emeline Reed.

Roseau, Marie. Mary J. Reed, who
contributed to periodicals under this

Roseharp. James M. Cawdell, in hia
contributions to " Fothergill's Weekly
Register" (Toronto, Can., 1824), etc.

Roselinda. Mrs. Rose C. (King)
White. The little white cot. B. 1872.

Rosen, Julius. Nikolaus Duffek.
Samtliche Werke. Vienna, 1870-79.

Roset, Hipponax. Joseph Rupert
Paxton. Jewelry and the precious stones
... P. 1856.

Rosicrucian. Rev. Washington Froth-
ingham, in the Utica "Herald."

Rosicrucian. Paschal Beverley Ban-
dolph. Dealings with the dead . . .
Utica, N.Y., 1861-62.

Rosicrucius. Thomas Frognall Dib-
din concealed his identity with the
authorship of " Bibliomania ; or. Book
Madness : a Biographical Romance in
Six Parts" (1809), for a short time,
under this pseudonym.

Roslyn, Guy. Joshua Hation. Poems.
L. 18-.

Also ascribed to George Barnett,

Ross, John. Koo-ices-koo-we. His
Indian name.

Rossi, Emile. l^mile Chevalet. Ame-
lie ; ou, la Grisette de province. Paris,

Rothenfels, Emmy von. Emilie von
Jngersleben. Eleanore. P. 1872.

Rouillon, Paul. Auguste Paul Poulet-
Malassis. Apropos d'une faience re-
publicaine a la date de 1868. Paris,

RoumanyRei. Tom Taylor. "Gipsey
Experiences," in the '•' Illustrated London
News," November and December, 1851.

Roundelay, Roger, Esq. William
Biglow (?). "The Occupations of a
Social Recluse" (poetry), in the "Fed-
eral Orrery" (B. 1795).




Rover, Ralph. Robert Michael Bal-

Roving Editor, The. James Red-
path. The roving editor ; or, talks with
slaves in the Southern States. N.Y.

Roving Englishman, The. Eustace
Clare Orenville 3Iurrai/. Pictures from
the battle-fields. L.'l856. [Reprinted
from "Household "Words" (L. 1854).]

Roving Printer, A. — Jones. Life
and adventures in the South Pacific.
N.Y. 1861.

Row, T. Samuel Pegge. " A Letter
in Behalf of the Wives of Excise-men,"
"Gent. Mag.," 1757, p. 559; and 124
other articles, from 1758 to 1795.

" T. Row," i.e. the Rector of "Whittington. —
See" Gent. Mag." LXVI., p. 981.

Rowe, Saville and Bolton. Clem-
ent Scott, who writes dramas under this
double nom de plume.

Rowlands, Cad^walader. John Cam-
den Hotten. Life of H. M. Stanley. L.

RoTvley, Thomas. Thomas Chatterton.
An examination of the poems attributed
to . . . By Thomas Warton. L. 1782.

Roxbury Farmer, A. John Lowell.

Roy. Nathaniel Parker Willis, who,
while in college, 1823-27, published sev-
eral religious pieces of poetry under tliis

Roy, Liuxymon. Samuel H. Homan.

Royce, Ashley Allen. Nathaniel
Hawthorne, in the " Salem Gazette," and
the " New England Magazine."

Mr. Lathrop says of the " T^yice Told Tales,"
" The earlier pieces appeared in the ' Salem
Gazette' newspaper and in the 'New England
Magazine ' (published in Boston from 1S31 to
1834). Sometimes they bore the author's real
name, and sometimes a pseudonym was at-
tached. Several among them purported to have
been written by ' Ashley Allen Royce,' or the
' Rev. A. A. Royce.' Another pen-name used
by the young romancer was ' Oberon,' the
choice of which may be explained by the fact
that, as the late Henry W. Longfellow recalled,
some of the college friends of Hawthorne have
nicknamed him ' Oberon,' in allusion to his per-
sonal beauty and the imaginative tone of his

Rozier, Jacques. Mme. J^milie Paion.

Rubek, Sennoia. John Burke. The
burden of the South, in verse ; or, poems
on slavery . . . N.Y. 18-

RudorflF, E. FranzisTca Jidie (Schle-
sius) Jarke. Stunden der Erhebung.
Auspriiche von K. J. Nitzsch, 1877.

Rugby, Nym. Nugent Robinson, in his
contributions to the "Boys and Girls'
Weekly" (N.Y.).

Ruhamah. 3fiss Lib/ Scudamore, in
the Washington " Republic."

Ruhamah. Harriet M. Skidmore, in
her contributions to the " Globe-Demo-
crat" (St. Louis, Mo.), etc.

Ruling Elder of the Church of
Scotland, A. Bishop Forbes. An essay
on the nature of the human body . . .
Edinb. 1767.

Runnymede. Benjamin Disraeli, Earl
of Beaconsfield.

In 1836, "A series of letters . . . appeared in
the ' Times,' signed ' Runnymede,' which were
in professed imitation of ' Junius's Letters,' but
which could only be compared to them in point
of violence and personality. These letters were
written by D'Israeli, and contained fierce and
unscrupulous attacks upon Lord Melbourne's
government. Lord John Russell is called ' an
infinitely small scarabajus, an insect'; Lord
Palmerston and Grant, 'two sleek and long-tailed
rats'; and Lord William Bentinck (...who
had just returned from the government of
India), 'one of those mere lees of debilitated
humanity and exhausted nature which the winds
periodically waft to the hopeless breezes of
their native clifl's, — a drivelling Nabob, of weak
and perplexed mind and grovelling sijirit.' The
appearance of the Marquis of Lansdowne is de-
scribed as ' the ox-like form of the Lansdowne
Apis'; and O'Connell as 'towering, like a
crocodile, above, above them all.' These letters
were, in August, 1836, reprinted in a volume en-
titled, ' The Letters of Runnymede,' and dedi-
cated to the late Sir Robert Peel." — See An-
drews's "British Journalism," vol. 2, p. 223.

Rural. M. jC. Dunlap, in the New
York " Tribune."

Rural D.D., A. David Esdaile, D.D.
Contributions to natural history . . .
Edinb. 1865.

Rural Dean, A. Rev. Arthur Tat-
ham, M.A. " pray for the peace of
Jerusalem." A few psalms, collects, and
prayers selected for the daily use of the
Church of England during her present
troubles. By . . . L. 1851.

Rusco. Marij Ann Smith. Teone;
or, the magic maid : a poem. Milwau-
kee, 1862.

Rushton, Wattle. A. Watson Atwood.

Russ-Ockside, Knight. Mortimer
M. Thompson. The history and records
of the Elephant Club . . . N.Y. 1856.

Russell. Col. Russell H. Conwell, in
the Boston "Traveller."

Russell, Margaret. Mrs. Eleonora
Louisa Montagu Herveij. IMargaret Rus-
sell : an autobiography, L. 1849.

Russelli, Li. Leon Rousseau. Les
suivantes de Jesus . . . Geneve, 1866.

Russian, A. Alexis Eustaphieve.
Sketch of the internal condition of the
United States of America ... By . . .
Bait. 1826.

Russian, A, quondam civis biblio-
thecse Edinensis. — Davidoff. An
appeal on the Eastern Question . . .
Edinb. 1854.




Russian Ijady, A. Olga de {Kir€ef) No-
vikoff. Is Russia wrong ? By ... L. 1877.

Russian Noble, A. Nicolas Gogol,
Home life in Russia ... L. 1854.

Rustic Bard, The. Robert Dinsmoor.
Incidental poems . . . Haverhill, Mass.,

Rustic Maiden, A. Miss Stevenson.
Homely musings. Kilmarnock, 1870.

Rusticus. Dr. LinncBus B. Anderson,
m his contributions to " The State "
(Richmond, Va.).

Rusticus. Mev. Samuel Denne. Cu-
rate's bill. " Gent. Mag.," September,

Rusticus. Caleb Fleming. The de-
Tout laugh ... L. 1750,

Rusticus. Edward Neivman. Letters
of ... on the natural history of Godal-
ming. L. 1849.

Rastlcas. George Hickling, Mystic
land, and other poems. 188-.

Rusticus, Gent. Gerrit-Maspeth Fui
man. Long Island miscellanies. By . . .

Rustifustius, Trismagistus, D.D.

Thomas Moore. An ode upon nothing,
with notes. By . . .

A poetical extravagance which, while tho
author was a student at Trinity College, Dublin,
gained the medal of the Historical Society.

Ruth. Mrs. A. P. {Dawson) Hill. New
cook-book . . . N.Y. 1870.

Rutherglen. Robert Macfarlane, in
various writings on Scottish antiquities
and the history of Scottish emigration
to America.

Ruy-Blas, Eugene. Eugene Lebeau.
Chansons de . . . Paris, 1844.

Ryse, Sherwood. Alfred B. Starey,.
in his contributions to " Harper's Young
People " (N.Y.).

Rytter, Poul. Parmo Karl Ploug^
Poul Rytters Viser og Vers. 1861.


S. Thomas Sharp, Esq., his signature
in the " Gent. Mag." — See the volume
for 1793, pp. 1103 and 1162, and else-

S. Rev. Dr. Samuel Salter, master of
Charter House, in his contributions to
the "Athenian Letters "... L. 1741-43.

S. — Scutt, who died in Bedlam. —
See Lamb's " Elia," " Christ's Hospital."

S. Percy Bysske Shelley. — See " V ,


S. Thomas Sharp, Esq., in "Gent.
Mag." for 1800, p. 817, his signature to
an article on " Antient British Torques."

S. Royall Tijler, his signature to
poetical contributions to the "Polyan-
thos," Boston, 1808-7.
■ S. Samuel Webber, M.D., his signa-
ture to poetical articles published in the
" New England Galaxy," Boston, 1817 et

S., Dean. Jonathan Swifl, D.D. Dean
S.'s true . . . copy of that most strange
. . . prophecy v/ritten by Saint Patrick
. . . 1740.

S., Dr. .Jonathan Swift, D.D. The
celebrated Mrs. Pilkington's jests . . .
to which is . . . added a . . . variety of
bons mots . . . of . . . Dr. S., etc. 1764.

S., Lord. Henry Addingfon, Viscount
Sidmouth, in Beloe's " Sexagenarian,"
Vol. n., p. 155. 2d ed. L. 1818.

S., Mrs. Mj-s. Spinks. — See Lamb's
"Elia," "A Chapter on Ears."

S., Reverend Mr. J. Jonathan Swift,
D.D. Les trois just-au-corps, conte bleu,
tire de I'Anglois du . . . 1721.

S., A. Anna Shipton. The child min-
ister. L. 1866.

S., A. Anna Swanwick. The com-
plete works of Shakespeare, edited by
. . . L. 1851.

S., A. Abraham Shackleton. The
court of Apollo . . . Cork, 1815.

S., A. A. Seton. Poems, by .
Stockholm, 1827.

S., A., K. A. Stansfield, Kersal.
Ground flowers and fern leaves : being a
selection of poems ... By , . . Man-
chester, 1876.

S., A., Philomath. Abraham Sharp
Geometry improv'd. L. 1717.

S. A. li. E. BI. Mrs. John C. Wyman
of Fall River.

S., A. M. Alexander Mackay Smith
Ariadne in Naxos. Hartford, Conn

S., A. W. and H., M. W. A. W.
Smith and M. W. Hallett. The Thames
angler. By . . . L. 1846.

S., Barbara. Miss Frances Maria
Kelly, in the " Essays " of " Elia."

S-B. Charles St. Barbe, one of hia
signatures in the " Gent. Mag." — See
September, 1813, p. 231, February, 1815,
p. 109, and 1828, ii.,p. 603, and elsewhere.

S.B. Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve.
Volupte'. Paris, 1834.



S-B., C. Charles St. Barbe, one of his
signatures in the " Gent. Mag." — See
March, 1823, p. 198; October, 1824, p.
296 ; July, 1828, p. 17, etc.

S., C. Charles Shadwell. The fair
Quaker of Deal ... A comedy ... L.

S., C. C. Staunton. Life and humours
of Falstaff. L. 1829.

S., C. Charles Stanley. Plain words
by . . . L. 1861.

S., C. Charles Sackville, 2d Duke of
Dorset. A treatise concerning the mili-
tia .. . By . . . L. 1753.

S., Sir C Sir Charles Sedley.

S., Sir C. E., Bart. Sir Claude Ed-
ward Scott, Bart. Comic illustrations to
T. Moore's " Irish Melodies." L. n.d.

S., C. W. Charles William Smith.
The big bulls of Europe and the blasphe-
mous " Te Deum." L. 1855.

S., C. W. Charles William Short, A
treatise on swimming . . . 1846.

S., E. Edward Sef/mour, in his con-
tributions to the "Times " (N.Y.).

S., E. Elkanah Settle. The Lady's
triumph : a comi-dramatic opera ... L.

S., E. Miss Emily Sharp. Outlines
of sermons, taken chiefly from the pub-
lished works of Unitarian writers. [Ed-
ited by E. S.] L. 1872.

S., E. Epes Sargent. Planchette ; or,
the despair of science ... B. 1869.

S., E. Mrs. William Stewart {?).
Sketches of home. Hale Parsonage.

S., E. B. Ephraim Baynard Seahrook.
Ariel refuted . . . By . . . Charleston,
S.C, 1867.

S., E. B. Eliza B. Swan. Once a
year; or, the doctor's puzzle. 1881.

S., E. H. Edward Henry Smith, Lord
Stanley. Six weeks in South America.
L. 1850.

S., E. Li. Mrs. E. L. Saxon, in the
New Orleans "Picayune" and "Times."

S., E. R. Ernest B. Seymour. Mig-
nonette : a sketch ... L. 1858.

S., E. S. E. S. Seward. Columbiad
poems. Bait. 1840.

S., F. (Felix Summerly). Sir Henry
Cole. The most delectable history of
Eeynard the Fox. Edited by . . . L.

S., F. Frederic Saunders. Salad for
the solitary ... L. 1853.

S., F. M. P. Felicia M. F. Skene. A
memoir of Alexander, Bishop of Brechin
. . . L. 1876.

S., G. George Slater, in his contribu-
tions to the "Mail" (N.Y.).

S., G. George Smith. A defence of
the coramuniou-oiiice of the Church of
England . . . Edinb. 1744.

S., G. Sir George Stephen. The guide
to service ... L. 1844.

S., G. George Sewell. An introduc-
tion to the life and writings of G — t Lord
Bishop of S— m ... L. 1714.

S., G. George Stronach, M.A. Shakes-
peare and Bacon. By ... In the " Hor-
net " (L.), Aug. 11, 1875.

S., G. A. George Augustus Sola, in
newspaper contributions.

S., G. O. George 0. Seilhamer, in his
contributions to "Truth" (N.Y.).

S., G. W. George W. Smalley, the
London correspondent of the New York
" Tribune."

S. H. James Tidmarsh, National re-
ligious education ... L. 1852.

S., H. H. A. Hely H. A. Smith. The
duke and the doctors. L. n.d.

S., H. P. Miss Helen P. Strong, in her
contributions to "Harper's Young Peo-
ple" (N.Y.).

S., H. S. Henry Sewell Stokes. The
plaint of Morwenstowe. Verses signed
. . . Bodmin, 1876.

S., H. W. Mrs. Horace Wemyss
Smith (?). Records of a happy life . . .
P. 1873.

S., I. T. John Talwin Shewell. A
tribute to the memory of William Cow-
per . . . By . . . Ipswich, 1808.

S., J. Sir John Stoddart, wlio wrote
his first contribution for the " Times " in
the shape of a series of letters, in 1810,
under this signature.

S., J. John Sympson. The age of the
world, collected in all its periods from
the sacred Scriptures, and other histo-
ries of undoubted veracity . . . n.p.

S., J. John Small. An apology for
the true Church of Scotland . . . Edinb.

S., J. Joseph Sutton. The character
of the true Gospel ministry, and the
liberty of the children of God, etc. By
... L. 1836.

S., J. Joseph Sykes. Detached
thoughts. Brighton, 1865.

S., J. Josiah Swett, D.D., compiler.
Forms of prayer to be used in families,
as set forth in the prayer-book . . .
Claremont, N.H., 1861.

S., J. Jonathan Swift, D.D. A letter
of advice to a young poet. 1720.

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