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Maynooth ... L. 1852.

Scribe, Sylvan. Selofins D. Forbes,
in « Turf, Field, and Farm," of N.Y.C.

Scriber, Peter. Charles Augustus
Davis. Peter Scriber on protection,
n.p. 1844. Also his contributions to
the New York "Commercial Adver-

Scriblerus, Johannes. William
Coombe. Cogitations of ... in the " Re-
pository of Arts," etc. L. 1814-16.

Scriblerus, Martinus. Jonathan
Swift, D.D. The art of sinking in po-
etry. 1727. With Pope and Arbuth-

Scriblerus, Martinus. Alexander
Pope. The Dunciad. L. 1727.

Scriblerus, Martinus. Rev. Bobert
Morehead. Explanations and emenda-
tions of some passages in the text of
Shakespeare . . . Edinb. 1814.

Scriblerus, Martinus. John Arbuth-
not, M.D. The first book of . . . L. 1714.

Scriblerus Blaximus. James Love.
Cricket : an heroic poem, illustrated
with the critical observations of . . .

Scriblerus Quartus. Thomas Cooke.
The boys' miscellany; or, Colley trium-
phant ... L. n.d.

Scriblerus Secundus. Rev. Thomas




Burgess. Bagley : a descriptive poem . . .
Oxf. 1777.

Also ascribed to Jler. Alexander Crmocher

Scriblerus Seoiindus. Ihnrij Field-
ing. The author's larce ; and the pleas-
ures of the town . . . by . . . L. 1730.

Scricci. John Sirab'/. Philosophy of
the opera ... P. 1852'

Scrub, Timothy, Esq., of Rag Fair.
John Kellij. The fall of Bob; or, the
oracle of gin . . . 1736.

Scrutator. — See " Antiquarius."

Scrutator. Henri Da Pre Labouckere,
in his contributions to "Truth" (L.).

Scrutator. John S. Bare?/.

Scrutator. Eev. John Tucker. Tlie
apparition ; or, the ghost of Archbishop
■Cranmer deciding the baptismal and pre-
destinarian controversy. By ... L.

Scrutator. K. W. Horlodc. The
country gentleman. L. 1852.

Scrutator. Eev. Malcolm Maccoll.
Mr. Gladstone and Oxford. L. 1865.

Scrutator. Charles Pennell Measor.
Irish fallacies and English facts ... L.

Scrutator. Charles Jerram, A.M.
Letters to an Universalist . . . Clip-
stone, 1802.

Scrutator. David Macallan. The
mode of Christian baptism ... L. 1858.

Scrutator. Walter Henry, M.D. The
politics of Nova Scotia. Letters dated
Halifax, 1843-44, in the New York "Al-
bion " under this signature.

Scrutator. Charles Eivington. Stric-
tures on Mr. N. E. S. A. Hamilton's inquiry
into the genuineness of the Ms. correc-
tions in Mr. J. J. Collier's annotated
Shakespeare, folio, 1632. L. 1860.

Sculler, The. John Taylor, the Water-
poet. Taylor's water-works ; or, the
sculler's travels from Tyber to Thames,
with epigrams, etc. L. 1614.

Sculptor, Sattricus, Esq. Samuel
William Henry Ireland. Chalcographi-
mania ; or, the portrait-collector and
print-seller's chronicle, with infatuations
of every description : a humorous poem
... By . . . L. 1814.

Sea. Roland F. Coffin.

Sea OfiBcer, A. Lieut. Richard Pick-
ersgill, R.N. A concise account of
voyages for the discovery of a North-
West passage ... By . . ." L. 1782.

Sea Officer, A. Francis V. Vernon.
Voyages and travels of . . . Dublin,

Seab, Lenial. D. S. B. Johnston.

Seacole. William G. Hudson, in the
Brooklyn " Eagle."

Seafarer, A. W. Clark Bussell. My
watch below. Yarns by . • . L. 1883.

Seafield, Frank, M.A. Alexander H.
Grant, M.A. The literature and curiosi-
ties of dreams ... L. 1865.

Sealsfield, Charles. Karl Pastel.
Gesammelte Werke. Stuttgart, 1843-46.

Seaman, A. John Stevenson. An ad-
dress to the Hon. Admiral Augustus
Keppel ... L. 1779.

Seaman, A. Thomas Cochrane, Earl
of Dundonald. Autobiography of . . .
L. 1860.

Seaman, A. Lieut. Weaver. Jour-
nals of the ocean, and other miscellane-
ous poems ; by . . . N.Y. 1826.

Seaman's Friend, A. Samuel Baker.
A few words of advice to the mariners
of England ... L. 1854.

Search, Edward. William Hazlitt.

Search, Edward, Esq. Abraham
Tucker. The light of nature pursued ;
by . . . L. 1769-70.

Search, John. Bev. Mr. Mursell.

Search, John. Rev. Thomas Binney.
The great Gorhara case . . . With a
preface by J. S. L. 1850.

Search, John. Archbishop Richard
Whately. Considerations on the law of
libel (L. 1833), and Eeligion and her
name, a metrical tract (1841).

" In resuming on this occasion the signature
prefixed by him some years ago to a pamphlet
on the subject of Religious Libel, the author of
these stanzas takes the opportunity of stating
that, except in the present instance and in that
of the pamphlet alluded to, he is not accountable
for anything that may have appeared under the
signature of ' John Search.' He is led to men-
tion this from the circumstance of some other
writer having assumed the same signature about
a twelvemonth, more or less, after fte had adopted
it; and forthwith prefixed it to sundry publica-
tions of his own." — Preface, " Religion and her

Search, Sappho. Bev. John Black.
A poetical review of Miss H. M.'s [Han-
nah More] stricture* upon female educa-
tion, in a series of anapestic epistles.
By . . . L. 1800.

Search, Sarah. F. Nolan. Marriage
with a deceased wife's sister ... L.

Search, Warner Christian, LiLi.D.,
F.R.S., and M.R.I.A. Sir William Cu-
sack Smith, Bart. Metaphysic rambles
. . . Dublin, 1835.

Searcher, Leland. William Wallace
Hebbard, M.D. Will it come 1 a story.
Hyde Park, Mass., 1870.

Searle, January. George Searle Phil-
lips. Memoirs of W. Wordsworth . . .
L. 1852.

Seaw^orthy, Captain Gregory.
James Gregory. Nag's Head; or, two




months among " The Bunkers "... P.

Second Childhood. Edmund Burke.
— See " Albion."

Secondsight, Solomon. Thomas
Berkeley Greaves. The insurgent chief;
or, O'Halloran. P. 1824.

Secondsight, Solomon. Dr. James
McHenry. The wilderness ; or, Brad-
dock's times. A tale of the West. N.Y.
1823. Also under this signature contrib-
uted to the " American Quarterly Re-
view," 1827-37.

Secondthoughts, Solomon, School-
master. John Pendleton Kenned y. Quod-
lib£t : containing some annals thereof . . .
P. 1840.

Secretary and General Agent. Rev.
N. Sayre Harris. Journal of a tour in
the " Indian Territory," performed by
order of the Domestic Committee of the
Board of Missions of the Protestant
Episcopal Church, in the Spring of 1844,
by their . . . N.Y. 1844.

Secretary of an Auxiliary Bible
Society, A. Rev. Georcje Clayton. Con-
siderations respectfully submitted to the
Committee of the British and Foreign
Bible Society, on the present crisis of its
affairs. By . . . L. 1831.

Secretary of State, The. Timothy
Pickering. Letter from ... to Charles
C. Pinckney, Esq N.Y. 1797.

Secretary of the Boston Society,
The. Bev. Seth Bliss. Letters to the
members, patrons, and friends of the
Branch American Tract Society in Bos-
ton .. . B. 1858.

Secretary to the Board, The. Ar-
thur Young. On the advantages which
have resulted from . . . the Board of Ag-
riculture ... L. 1809.

Seconder. Alexander Chalmers. Hy-
perbole in conversation justly censured.
"Gent. Mag.," August, 1801, p. 704.

Secundus, Theophilus. Rev. Stephen
Jenner. Wilberforce's doctrine of the
Eucharist refuted. L. 1854.

Sedley, F. Theodore Sedgwick Fay.

See, Gustav vom. Gustav Otto von
Struensee. Die Philosophic des Unbe-
wussten. 1876.

See, Henricus vom. William Dilg,
of Milwaukee, in several poetical works.

Seeburg, Franz von. Franz Hacker.
Die Fugger und ihre Zeit, ein Bildercj^-
klus. 1879.

Seedy, Alfred. Charles Bowcroft.
Chronicles of " The Fleet prison "...
L. 1847.

Segdirboeg. George Bridges. A let-
ter upon the decay of the woollen manu-

factories in Great Britain and Ireland . . .
L. 1739.

Seidlitz, Julius. Isaak or Itzig Jeit-
teles. Die Poesie und die Poeten in
dsterreich. 1837.

Select VestrjTnan of the Parish of
Putney, A. Rev. William Carmalt. A
letter to the Eight Honourable George
Canning on the principle and the admin-
istration of tiie English Poor Laws. L.

Selim. Samuel Woodworth. Quarter
Day. N.Y. 1812.

Selkirk, J. B. James Brown. Ethics
and aesthetics of modern poetry. L.

Semilasso. Hermann, Fiirst von Piick-
ler-Muskau. Semilassos vorletzter Welt-
gang, 1835 ; Semilasso in Afrika, 1836.

Senate of Lilliput, The. Parliament
[both houses of]. This important arti-
cle in the " Gent. Mag." was for several
years executed by Mr. William Guthrie,
born, 1708, at Brechin, and died in 1770 ;
afterwards it was done (1740-43) by Dr.
Samuel Johnson from scanty (or no)
notes furnished by persons employed to
attend Parliament.

Senator of thirty-years, A. Thomas
Hart Benton. Thirty years' view . . ,
By . . . N.Y. 1857.

Seneachie. Lachlan Maclean. An
historical and genealogical account of
the clan Maclean ... L. 1858.

Seneca. Lord Neaves, of " Maga."

Seneca. Noah Webster. Article in
" Hampshire Gazette."

Senectus. Gideon Granger, who,
under this signature, published some
essays on the New York school fund.

Senex. James Anderson, who, 1790-
94, wrote essays in the "Bee" (L.) under
this signature.

Senex. William A. Brewer, in his
contributions to various New York and
Boston periodicals.

Senex. Alexander Chalmers, Esq.
During the American war " Mr Chalmers
acquired considerable fame as a political
writer. He also contributed to the other
popular journals of the day. In the
' St. James Chronicle ' he wrote numer-
ous essays, many of them under the sig-
nature of ' Senex.' "

Senex. Lord Grey, in the London
" Times."

Senex. Canon Josiah Bateman. Cleri-
cal reminiscences. L. 1882.

Senex. Samuel Pegge. On the hopes
of a general index to the " Gent. Mag.,"
" Gent. Mag.," 1786, p. 757. — See " Gent.
Mag.," LXVL, 1083.




Senex. Edward Rowland. The psalms
of David attempted in verse ... L. 1826.

Senilis, Johannes. John Nelson.
Pinaceae: being a handbook of firs and
pines ... L. 1866.

Senior, A. John Penrose, M.A. A
familiar introduction to the Christian
religion ... L. 1831.

Senior Curate of St. Luke's, Ber-
wick Street, The. Bev. Henry White-
head. The cholera in Berwick Street.
By . . . L. 1854.

Senior Member of Convocation, A.
Rev. B. P. Si/mons. A letter to a non-
resident friend upon subscription to the
thirty-nine articles . . . Oxf. n.d.

Senior of the National Era. Dr.
William Elder.

Sensitive, Samuel, and Testy, Tim-
othy. James Beresford. The miseries
of human life ; or, the groans of . . .
with a few supplementary sighs from
Mrs. Testy ... L. 1807.

Sentimental Idler, A. Henry Hare-
wood Leech. Letters of . . . 1866.

Sentimental Philosopher, A. Wash-
ington Irving. Fragment of a journal of
. . . during his residence in the city of
New York. N.Y. 1809.

Sentinel. William Henry Bogart.
Who goes there ? or, men and events . . .
N.Y. 1866. Also his signature in the
N.Y. "World."

Sepia. Fanny Fryatt.

Septuagenarian, A. Selina E. Means.
Reminiscences of York, by . . .

Septuagenarian, A. Emma Sophia
Oust, Countess Brownlow. Slight remi-
niscence of . . . from 1802 to 1815. L.

Septuagenarian, A. James Forbes
Dalton, Esq. Some of my contributions
in rhyme to periodicals in bye-gone days,
by . . . Edinb. 1860.

Seraph. Stephen FisJce. His signa-
ture in the N.Y. " Spirit of the Times."

Sergeant of the ** Regiment of In-
fantry, A. J. Donaldson. The eventful
life of a soldier . . . Edinb. 1827.

Serulan. — Laurens. Poems. By . , .
Charleston, S.C, 1854.

Servati, Erich. Heinrich Sautier.
Warum soil ich ein freymaurer werden ?
Basel, 1786.

Servetus, Michael, M.D. Dr. Pat-
rick Blair. Thoughts on nature and re-
ligion ... L. 1774.

Servington, Quintus. Henry Savory.
Quintus Servington : a novel. Hobart-
Town, 1830.

Settler, A. Richard Arthur Seymour.

Pioneering in the Pampas ; or, the first
four years of a settler's experience in the
La Plata camps. L. 1869.

Settler, A. John W. Bannister. Sketch
of a plan for settling in Upper Canada a
portion of the unemployed labourers of
England. L. 1821.

Settler in Santo Domingo, A. Jo-
seph Wan-en Fubens. In the tropics, by
. . . N.Y. 1863.

Preface by Richard Burleigh Eimball.

Seven Years' Resident, etc., A. G.

Nettle. A practical guide for emigrants
to North America ... By . . . L. 1850.

Several American Authors. Miss
Catharine Maria Sedgwick, James I^irke
Paulding, William Cullen Bryant, Wil-
liam Leggett, and R. C. Sands. Tales of
Glauber-Spa. N.Y. 1832.

Several Young Persons. Jane Tay-
lor, assisted by her sister Anne (after-
wards Mrs. Gilbert) and others. Original
poems for infant minds. L. 1807.

Severne, Christine. Mrs. Anne Bout-

Seward, W. William Maginn. Let-
ter from ... " Ullaloo, Gol ; or, lamenta-
tion over the dead," in " Blackwood's
Magazine," Vol. VII., pp. 194-197.

Sexagenarian, A. The Hon. and Rev.
Robert Liddell. "The lay of the last
angler " ; or, a tribute to the Tweed at
Melrose ... By . . . Kelso, 1867-74.

Sexagenarian, The. Rev. William
Beloe. The sexagenarian ; or, the me-
moirs of a literary life. L. 1817.

For key to the above, see "Notes and Que-
ries," 2d Ser., IX., 300; X., 33, 93.

Sexagenarius. John Holland. The
old arm chair; or, recollections of a
bachelor. B. S. Sheffield, 1824.

Sexagenary, The. S. De Witt Blood-
good. Reminiscences of the American
Revolution. Albany, 1833.

Sexby, Edward. Josiah Quincy, Jr.,
who, under this and other signatures,
1771-72, published patriotic essays in
the Boston " Gazette."

Sexton of the Old School, A. Lu-
cius Manlius Sargent. Dealings with the
dead, contributed to the " Boston Tran-
script " (repub. 1856).

Seymour, Robert. John Mottley. A
survey of the cities of London and West-
minster ... By . . . L. 1734-5.

Seymour, W. Cuthbert Shaw. Odes
on the four seasons. L. 1760.

Shadow, John. John Byrom, A.M.,

Whilst at Trin. Coll., Camb., 1707-11, "he
held a correspondence with some of the literati
of that time, and wrote some papers in the




' Spectator ' on ' Dreaming ' signed ' John Shad-
ow.' He was also the author of that much ad-
mired pastoral, ' My time, O ye Muses, was
happily spent,' which appeared in the 8th vol-
ume of the same work."

Shahcoolen, a Hindu Philosopher
residing in Philadelphia. Samuel
Lorenzo Knapp. Letters of ... to his
friend El Hassan, an inhabitant of
Delhi. B. 1802.

Shaker. F. W. Adams, in his contri-
butions to the "Atlantic Monthly."

Shallo^v, Master. Rev. Dr. Thomas

"He was an enthusiastic admirer of the
• Sweet Swan of Avon.' Of this, his numerous
and admirable imitations of that matchless dram-
atist, inserted in several volumes of the ' Gent.
Mag.,' under the signature of ' Master Shallow,'
bear abundant testimony." — "Gent. Mag.,"
June, 1821.

Shamroclc. R. D. Williams, in poems.

Shandon, Capt. C. Smith Cheltnan,
in London "Belgravia."

Shandon, Captain. Dr. William. Ma-
ginn, the Captain Shandon of Thack-
eray's " Pendennis."

Shandy, Tristram, Gentleman.
Laurence Sterne. The life and opinions
of . . . L. 1760-67.

Sharp, Conversation. Richard Sharp.
Letters and essays in prose and verse.
L. 1834.

Sharp, Gustavus, Esq., of the late
firm of Flint and Sharp. Probably
Samuel Warren. The confessions of an
attorney. N.Y. 1852.

Sharpe, Jerome, professeur de phy-
sique amusante. Henri Decremps. Cod-
Icile de . . . Paris, 1787.

Shatt, Blontague. Latham 0. Strong.

Shaver, The. Rev. John Macgoivan.
[C. Churchill's] Night: a satire on the
manners of the rich and great . . . with
notes by . . . L. 1768.

Sheelah. A. Fletcher. The mother's
request. 18-

Sh — lb — ne, It — d. Lord Shelburne.
— See " F., Hon. C. J."

Shelley, A. Fishe. James W. Gerard.
Aquarelles [poetry]. N.Y. 1858.

Shenandoah. Lewis H. Morgan. His
signature to papers on the "Iroquois,"
in Cotton's "American Quarterly Ee-
view," in 1847.

Shepherd, The. James Sogg. The
S.'s calendar. Edinb. 1829. [First pub-
lished in " Blackwood's Magazine."]

Shepherd, Dorothea Alice. Mrs.
Ella (Farnam) Pratt. How two girls
tried farming. B. 1879.

Shepherd Tom. Thomas Robinson
Hazard. Recollections of olden times.

Sheridan, Right Hon. R. B. John
Hall Stevenson. Crazy tales. By the
late ... L. 1825. — See " Eugenius."

Sherlock. Solomon Southwick. A
layman's apology . . . Albany, 1834.

Sherry, Charles. John Osborne Sar-
gent, who wrote the versatile papers,
signed with this name, in the "Colle-
gian," a periodical published by a num-
ber of undergraduates of Harvard Uni-
versity in 1830.

Shingle, Solon. Caleb Dunn.

Shippen. Samuel Adams, in the
"Boston Gazette," Jan. 30, 1769.

Shirley. John Skelton. Nugae criti-
cm : occasional papers Avritten at the sea-
side by . . . Edinb. 1862.

Shoddy, Gretehen. Carl Hauser, in
his contributions to the German edition
of "Puck" (N.Y.).

Shoe, Aminidab. John Bousell. —
See " p-;»*** p**** Esq."

Shoeboy, A. Jonathan Swift, D.D.
A vindication of the libel ; or, a new
ballad, written by ... on an attorney
who was formerly a shoeboy.

Sholto. Robert Douglas, in his con-
tributions to the " Courier " (Glas-

Sholto. Dr. Robert Shelton Mackenzie,,
ill his contributions to the "London

Short, Bob. Alexander Pope, in his-
contributions to the " Guardian," Nos.
91 and 92, June 25 and 26, 1713.

Short, Bob. Augustus Baldwin Long-
street, LL.D., whose "Bob Short" arti-
cles exerted great influence in nullifica-
tion times, and who established at that
time the Augusta (Ga.) "Sentinel."

Short, Joshua. Frederick Oakley.

Shortcut, Daisy. D. S. Cohen and
another. Our show; one hundred year.3
a republic ... P. 1876.

Shortfellovr, Harry Wandswortfi.
Mi-s. Mary ( Victoria Novella) Cowden
Clarke. The song of drop o' wather : a
London legend. L. 1856.

Shrewsbury, B. de, Esq. William
Makepeace Thackeray. Codlingsby.
"Punch," 1847.

Shropshire Gentleman, A. Daniel
Defoe. The history of the civil wars in
Germany . . . Newark, 1782.

Shufflebottom, Abel. Robert Southey.
Minor poems. Bristol, 1797-99.

Shuttle, Job. Tliomas Weaver.

Siberian Exile, A. Rufin Pietrowshi.
. Story of . . . 1843-46. L. 1863.

Sibyl. Mrs. Sallie M. (Davis) Mar-
tin, who contributed to various journals
of the South, especially to " Scott's Mag-




azine," Atlanta, Ga., under this pen-

Siddons, J. H. J. H. Stocqueler.
Norton's handbook to Europe. N.Y.

Sidney. Ebenezer Smith Thomas, in
the Charleston (S.C.) "City Gazette,"

Sidney. Noah Webster. Articles in
"Commercial Advertiser" and "Spec-
tator," Nov. 20 and 22, 1837.

Sidney, Algernon. Gideon Granger,
who, in 1808 and 1809, published a num-
ber of papers with this signature in favor
of the administration of President Jeffer-

Sidney, Algernon. Salma Hale.
The administration and the opposition.
Concord, N.H., 1826.

Sidney, Algernon. Samuel Ferrand
Waddington. Address to the people of
the United Kingdom. 2d ed. L.

Sidney, Margaret. Mrs. Harriet
Mulford {Stone) Lothrop. The Pettibone
name. B. 1882.

Sidrophel. Sir Paul Neal.

Sic, Paul. Louis Amed€e Eugene
Achard, and others.

Sieg, W. 31. Sigismund Wulff. Gri-
seldis : a drama. Translated by . , . L.

Siegmey. Siegbert Meijer. Quousque
tandem Catilina. 1879.

Siegvolk. Albert Mathews. Bundle
of papers. N.Y. 1879.

Sierebois, R. P. Jean Baptiste Pru-
dence Boissiere. Psychologie realiste . . .
Paris, 1876.

Sigma. James Sinclair. The free
public library question discussed. Aber-
deen, 1883.

Sigma. Lucius Manlius Sargent.
Reminiscences of Samuel Dexter [orig-
inally written for the Boston " Evening
Transcript"]. B. 1858.

Sigma. Samuel Newington, M.D.
Thick and thin feeding; or, a new and
scientific method of feeding grain . . .
L. 1856.

Silalicum. W. A. Perry, of Seattle,
Washington Territory, in his contribu-
tions to the " American Field."

Silentiarius, Paulus. George P.
Philes. His signature in literary jour-

Silly-Billy. Duke of Gloucester, in the
" John Bull," about 1827. See « Wilber-
force, Samuel."

SUuriensis. John Wilson. Lord By-
ron, in "Blackwood's Magazine," Vol.
XI., pp. 212 et seq.

Silverpen. Miss Eliza Meteijard. The
little museum keeper. L. 1861.

This pseudonym was bestowed upon Miss
Meteijard by Douglas Jerrold, and afterwards
adopted by her.

Silverstar. John Thomas Denny, in
his contributions to the " Weekly Bud-
get " (L.), etc.

Silver tongue, Gabriel, Gent. James
Montgomery. The whisperer ; or, hints
and speculations by . . . 1797.

Silvervale, liumina. Mrs. H. A. B.
Suddoth. An orphan of the Old Domin-
ion. P. 1873.

Silvia. Henrietta, Countess Berke-
ley. — See "Noble-man, A," and "Phil-

Silvicola. William Haughton, a Cana-
dian poet, whose fugitive pieces have
appeared in the newspaper press under
this signature.

Silvius. John Balguy, who took part
in the Bangorean controversy, and pub-
lished three pamphlets in defence of Dr.
Hoadley, under the name of " Silvius."

Simkins, Jonas. E. G. Jewett. Eev-
eries of a wood sawyer . , . N.Y. 1872.

Simon the Wagoner. John Downey,
author of a series of humorous sketches
written for the press, under this signa-

Simpkin the second, poetic re-
corder. Ralph Broome. The letters of
... of all the proceedings, upon the
trial of Warren Hastings, Esq. . . .
L. 1789.

Simple, Sam. George T. Wilburn.

Simplex. One of the pseudonyms
attributed to Junius (q.v-).

The letter thus signed is dated June 6, 1769,
and attacks the Duke of Grafton and Sir WilUam
Blackstone for the pardon of M'Qulrk.

Simplex. John Young. An inquiry
into the constitution, government, and
practices of the churches of Christ . . .
Edinb. 1808.

Simplicius. Sir Charles Grant.

Simpson, Maria. Frank Cahill, in his
contributions to the " Saturday Press "
(P.), etc.

Sincere Admirer of True Liberty,
A. Zachary Grey. An examination of
Mr. Samuel Chandler's " History of per-
secution ... L. 1736.

Sincere Friend of Mankind, A.
Francis Eyre, Esq. A short essay on the
Christian religion ... L. 1795.

Sincere Friend of the People, A.
Maurice Lothian. The expediency of a
secure provision for the ministers of the
Gospel . . . Edinb. 1831.

Sincere Lover of our present Con-




stitution, A. Zachary Grey. A caveat
against the Dissenters ... L. 1736.

Sincere Liover of the Church and
State, A. Rev. James Webster, of the
Tolbooth Church, Edinburgh. An essay
upon toleration, n.p. 1703.

Sincere Protestant, A. Zachary
Grey, LL.D. Serious address to Lay-
Methodists to beware of the false pre-
tences of their teachers. By . . . L.

Sincerus. Samuel Adams. An earn-
est appeal to the people, Feb. 12, 1775.

Sinclair, Eugene. Frederick A.
Moore. A book of gems. Manchester,

Sindera. Mrs. Eliza Elliott {Lewis)
Harper, whose early publications were
in the "Louisville Journal" under this

Singing Sibyl. Mrs. Metta Victoria
(Fuller) Victor, a Western poetess, who,
in 1847, "made a brilliant de'but in the
New York " Home Journal."

Single, Celia. Benjamin FranJclin, in
a letter contributed to the " Pennsylva-
nia Gazette " (P.), July 24, 1732.

Singleton, Arthur, Esq. Henry
Cogswell Knight. Letters from the South
and West, B. 1824.

Singleton, Mary, Spinster. Mrs.
Frances Morne Brooke, editor of the " Old
Maid," a periodical (L. 1755-56), and
the author of novels, poems, dramas, and

Singleton, Captain Tom. Alfred
Follin, in his contributions to the " Boys
and Girls' Weekly" (N.Y.).

Singular Man, A. Samuel W. Fran-
cis, M.D. " Inside out " : a curious book
. . . N.Y. 1862.

Singularity, Thomas, Journeyman
Printer. Henry .Junius Nott. Novel-
ettes of a traveller ; or, odds and ends
from the knapsack of . . . N.Y. 1834.

Sinner Saved. Hev. William Hunting-
ton. — See "S. S." (Sinner Saved).

Sionara, a Japanese Traveller. Lau-
rence Oliphant. " Political Reflections "
and "Moral Eeflections," — articles in
the "North American Review," 1877.

Sir ***. Sir Robert Walpole. Sir ***
speech upon the peace. To the tune of
the Abbot of Canterbury. L. 1739.

Sir Bob. Sir Robert Walpole. The
congress of beasts. To which is annex'd
the advice of Sir Bob, etc. L. 1730 (?).

Six. Rev. A. K. Potter, in the New
York " Examiner."

Skenandoah. Lewis H. Morgan, in
Cotton's "American Review," papers
on the Iroquois.

Sketcher, The. Rev. John Eagles, M.A.,
in "Blackwood's Magazine," 1833-35.

Sketcher from nature. Mary Stan-
ley. True to life: a simple story. L.

Sketchley, Arthur. Rev. George Rose.
Mrs. Brown at the play ... L. 186-.

Sk-flF-ingt-n, Esq. Sir Lumley St.
George Skeffington, Bart. Letter VIII.
of the " Twopenny Post Bag " [Thomas

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