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Moore] is addressed from Col. Th-m-s
to .. .

Skillet, Joseph. Earl Russell. —
See " Gentleman who has left his Lodg-
ings, A."

Skitt. H. E. Taliaferro. Eisher's
River : North Carolina scenes and char-
acters ; by " Skitt," who was rais'd thar.
N.Y. 187-.

Slater, Nic. Charles M. Connolly.

Slender, Mr. Philip Freneau. Tracts
and essays ... by Mr. Slender ; essays,
tales, and poems, by . . . P. 1788.

Slender, Robert, Stocking Weaver.
Philip Freneau. A journey from Phila-
delphia to New York ... P. 1787.

Slick, Sam, of SlickvUle. Thomas
Chandler Haliburton. The clockmaker
... L. 1849.

Slick, Sam, in Texas. Samuel A.
Hammitt. Piney Woods Tavern; or,
... P. 1858.

Slingsby, Jonathan Freke. Dr.
John Francis Waller. The Slingsby
papers. Dublin, 1852.

Slingsby, Philip. Nathaniel Parker
Willis, who, about 1835, published in
England, his "Inklings of Adventure,"
a collection of tales and sketches origi-
nally written for a London magazine,
under this signature.

Slocum, Sal. E. R. Kidder.

Slokumb, Si. Henry P. Cheever.

Slop, Dr. Sir John Stoddart, D.G.L.
Dr. Slop's shave at a broken Hone (in
verse). L. 1820.

" In the political satires and caricatures of that
day [in the earlier part of the present century],
Dr. Stoddart was continually introduced as ' Dr.
Slop' ; and tbepencil of George Cruikshank, when
employed for Mr. Hone, frequently represented

Sloper, Ally. Charles H. Ross, in
London " Judy," 1864 et seq.

Sloper, Joel. W. A. Peters, editor of
the "American Bottler" (N.Y.).

Sloper, Mace. Charles Godfrey Le-
land. Ballads. P. 185-.

Sloth. Robert Thorn. Wang Keaou-
Lwan Pih Neen Chang Han ; or, the last-
ing resentment of Miss Keaou Lwan
Wang: a -Chinese tale . . . Translated
by . . . Canton, 1839.




Small Courtier, A. Jonathan Swift,
D.D. The new way of selling places at
court. In a letter from ... to a great
stock-jobber. L. 1712.

Smalltalk, Quicksilver. Willi am
Gray Swett, a member of the " Polyglot
Club," which was composed of the nine
editors of the " Harvard Eegister,"
Camb., 18^7-28.

Smelfungus. Patrick Proctor Alex-
ander. Carlyle redivivus . . , Glasgow,

Smiff, Philander, O.P.Q. A. A.
Dowtt/, in the London "Figaro." "Jour-
nalistic London" gives the name
"Doughty." — See "Alma Viva."

Smith, A. Charles Smith. Sparks
from a smith's forge. X.Y. 1852.

Smith, Bell. Mrs. Louisa (Kirbi/)
Piatt, author of a series of essays in the
" Home Journal " over this- pen-name.
Her letters from Paris were published
with the title, "Bell Smith Abroad."
N.Y. 1855.

Smith, Grandfather. Charles Knirjht,
who wrote a short series of articles for
the "Town and Country Newspaper"
(L. 185-), which he entitled "Grand-
father Smith's Lectures." — See his
"Passages of a Working Life," Vol.
III., p. 153.

"Smith, Neighbor." Moses Williams.
The cracked jug ; or, five answers to my
neighbor Parley's five letters ... B.

Smith, BroAvn, Jones, and Robin-
son, Messrs. James Smith, Dr. Neilcl,
Charles Bright, David Blair, and Archi-
bald Michie. Was Hamlet mad ? or, the
lucubrations of . . . Melbourne, 1868.

Smith, BIrs. Mrs. Martha (Savory)
Yeardlei/. Pathetic tales, founded on
facts. By . . . L. 1813.

This ■work was originally published under the
title " Poetical Tales," founded on facts, L.
1808, and suppressed by the author. Miss Martha
Savory. ,

Smith, The Late 3Ir. ^Esop. Mar-
tin Farquhar Tapper, D.C.L. Rides and
reveries of . . . L. 1857.

Smith, the late Ben. Cornelius
Mathews. The motley book : a series of
tales and sketches . . . N.Y. 1838.

Smith, Elephant. Cave Underhill.

Smith, Gamaliel. The work Not
Paul, but Jesus (L. 1823), usually attrib-
uted to Jeremy Bentham, was compiled
at the latter's request by Francis Place.

Smith, Gerald. William McCrillis
Grisivold. — See " Venner, Arthur."

Smith, J. William Black, in his con-
tributions to the "Daily News" (L.).

Smith, J., Gentleman. Charles Bar-
ing. Letters on the prophecies selected
from eminent writers. L. 1810.

Smith, John, Esq. Seba Smith.

Smith, John (of Smith-Hall). John
Delaware Lewis. Sketches of Cantabs.
By . . . L. 1849.

Smith, Mrs. John. Mrs. Celia M.
(Kellum Burr) Burleigh, who, under this
signature, wrote sprightly letters for the
"Great West," a weekly journal pub-
lished at Cincinnati, 1849 et seq.

Smith, Mrs. John. Timothy Shay
Arthur. Confessions of a housekeeper.
P. 1851.

Smith, John, Jr., of Arkansas. Syl-
vester S. Soutlncorth.

Sn)ith, John, Jr. Brantz Mayer^
Romanism in Mexico : being a reply to
an article . . . against Mayer's " Mexico "
in "U.S. Catholic Magazine," March,
1844, by . . . Bait. 1844.

Sniith, John, late Fellow of Queen's
College. Sir David Dalrymple. Select
discourses (in number nine), by . . .
Edinb. 1756.

Smith, Margaret. John Greenhaf
Whittier. Leaves from . . . journal. B.

Smith Matthew. Charles Mordaunt.

Smith, Shirley. Miss E. J. Curtis.
All for herself. 1877.

Smithies, William, Junior Rector
of St. Michael, MIU End, Colchester.
Daniel Defoe. The coffee-house preach-
ers .. . L. 1706.

Smitts, Oude IVeer, Mr. Mark Pra-
ger Lindo. Dutch stories. L. 18-.

Smoko, PulFo. Harry J. Shellman.
" Smoke wreathes," contributed to vari-
ous Indianapolis papers in 1870-74, etc.

Smuggler, A. John Rattenbury. Me-
moirs . . . compiled from his diary and
journal . . . Sidmouth, 1837.

Smyth, Peregrine, Esq. William
King, LL.D. A key to the fragment. '
By Amias Riddinge, B.D. With a pref-
ace. By ... L. 1751. See " Riddinge,
Amias, B.D."

Smythe, Samuel. Rufus Dawes.

Snake, William. Jean Raymond Eu-
gene d'Araquy. Les mondes liabites . . .
Paris, 1859.

Snap. Melville Phillips, Philadelphia
correspondent of "Texas Sif tings"

Snap, Sylvanus. Albert E. Bergh.

Snapshot. Lewis Clemejits. Shooting
adventures, canine love, and sea-fishing
trips. L. 1878.

Snekul, Heinrich Yale. Henry Cla"
Lukens. Lean' Nora: a supernatural,




though sub-pathetic ballad ... P.

Snift, Pollexenes Digit. Benson
Earle Hill. A pinch of snuff. L. 1840. 1

Snob, Mr. William Makepeace Thack-
eray. Mr. Snob's remonstrance with Mr.
Smith. " Punch," 1848.

Snoggins. Henry M. Putney. His
signature as correspondent of tlie Man-
chester (N.H.) "Mirror" from 1860 to

Snooks, Peter. John C. Moore. His
signature in the " Boston Journal."

Society called the Oziosi, A. Rob-
ert Merry, — lioscoe, etc. Arno miscel-
lany. Florence, 1784.

Society of Gentlemen, K. Thomas
Morgan. A brief examination of the
Rev. Mr. Warburton's divine legation of
Moses ... L. 1742.

Society of Gentlemen, A. John
Stone. The history of Paringdon . . .
Paringdon, 1798.

Socius, Ol. Thomas Humphrey Ward.
Brasenose ale • . . Ed. by . . . Boston,
Eng., 1878.

Sohailee. Ahmed Ibn Hemdem. Turk-
ish evening entertainments.

Sojourner, A. Rev. John Gay Cople-
ston. Lynmouth; or, sketchings and
musings in North Devon ... L. 1835.

Sol. A. M. Soteldo, Albany corre-
spondent of the " Sun " (N.Y.).

Sola. Olive San Louie Anderson. An
American girl, and her four years in a
boy's college. N.Y. 1878.

Soldier, A. Major Ranken. Canada
and the Crimea : sketches of a soldier's
life. L. 1862.

Soldier, A. Joseph Donaldson. Rec-
ollections of • . . Edinb. 18-.

Soldier, A. «7. H. Wilton. Scenes in
a soldier's life . . . 1839-43 . . . Mon-
treal, 1848.

Soldier, The. Warren Lee Goss. The
' soldier's story of his captivity at Ander-
son, Belle Isle, etc., 1862-64. B. 1867.

Soldier of 1812, A. Orrin Abbott.
Appeal of ... to the soldiers who sup-
pressed the Rebellion. Chic. 1867.

Soldier of Fortune, A. William
Hamilton Maxwell. Rambling recollec-
tions of . . . L. 1842.

Soldier's Daughter, A. Lady Nich-
olas Harris Nicolas. The cairn : a gath-
ering of precious stones from many
hands. Ed. by . . . L. 1846.

Soldier's Friend, The. Mrs. Maud
J. (Fuller) Young, who, during the late
civil war, under this signature addressed
thrilling appeals to the Confederate sol-

Sole Survivor, The. George Fracker.
A voyage to South America, with an ac-
count of a shipwreck in the river La
Plata, in the year 1817. By . . . B.

Solicitor, A. Edwin Wilkins Field.
Observations of ... on the equity courts.
L. 1840.

Solitaire. John S. Robb, who contrib-
uted humorous pieces to the Western
periodicals, and in 1856 published, in
conjunction with Madison Tenzas, M.D.,
" The swamp doctor's adventures in the
Southwest " (P. 1856), and other sketches.

Solitaire, A. Edwin S. Rickman. The
diary of . . . or, sketch of a pedestrian
excursion through part of Switzerland . . .
L. 1835.

Solitaire, Un. Hippolyte Barbier.
Biographie populaire du clerge contem-
porain . . . • Paris, 1840-51.

Solitary Wanderer, A. Mrs. Charlotte
{Turner) Smith. Letters of .. . L. 1801.

Solomon of StreetsviUe. Rev. Rob-
ert Jackson MacGeorge, who contributed
to the "Commercial Advertiser" (Mon-
treal, 1854), and to other Canadian jour-
nals, under this signature.

Solomons, Ikey, Esq., junior. Wih
Ham Makepeace T'hackeray. Catherine : a
story. " Fraser's Magazine," 1839-40.

Solymos, B. B. E. Falkonberg. Des-
ert life. Recollections of an expedition
in the Soudan. L. 1879.

Sombre, Samuel. J. W. Gerard.
Ostrea. N.Y. 1857.

Some Unknown Foreigner. Charles
Jared Ingersoll. Inchiquin : the Jesuit's
letters on American literature and poli-
tics. P. 1810.

Somebody. William Donaldson. The
life and adventures of Sir Bartholomew
Sapskull, Baronet . . . 1768.

Somebody, M. S. John Glutton. A
letter to Dr. Joseph Priestley . . . Birm-
ingham, 1787.

Somebody who is not Doctor of
the Sorbonne. John Louis Delolme. The
history of the Flagellants ... L. n.d.

Somers, Felix. Julius Chambers. A
mad world and its inhabitants. L. 1877.

Somers, Miss Rosalie. Mis. Harriet
Marion Stephens, who appeared on the
stage under this name until 1851, and
was afterwards well known by the con-
tributions of her pen under the signa-
tures of "Marion Ward" and "H. M. S."

Somerset Herald, The. James Rob-
inson Planche.

Sommers, Jane R. Cornelia Jones,
Heavenward led ; or, the two bequests.
P. 1870.




Somnambulus. Sir Walter Scott, in
Bome political satires, entitled the
" Visionary," contributed to the " Edin-
burgh Weekly Journal " in 1819.

Son of Bon- Accord in North Amer-
ica, A. James Biddel. Aberdeen and
its folk, from the 20th to the 50th year
of the present century. Aberdeen, 1868.

Son of Candor, A. George Grenville.
The principles of the late changes im-
partially examined, in a letter from . . .
to the " Public Advertiser." L. 1764.

Son of Liiberty, A. Benjamin Church,
M.D. An address to a provincial Bashaw
... B. 1781.

A poem. Gov. Barnard is the Bashaw.

Son of Liberty, A. Silas Downer. A
discourse delivered in Providence, in the
colony of Ehode Island, on the 25th day
of July, 1768 . . . Providence, 1768.

Son of Mary Moore, A. — Brown.
The captives of Abb's valley : a legend
of frontier life. By . . . P. 1854.

Son of Reed, A. Robert Boxbtj. The
lay of the Keedwater minstrel . . . New-
castle, 1809.

Son of the Church of England, A.
Arthur Browne. Remarks on Dr. May-
hew's incidental reflections relative to
the Church of England . . . Portsmouth,

Son of Truth and Decency, A. Bev.
Charles Inglis. A vindication of the
Bishop of Landaff's sermon . . . N.Y.

Sonlca. Bobert W- McAlpine, in his
contributions to the "Sun" (N.Y.).

Sophronia, Aunt. Mrs. Julia
(McNair) Wright.

Sophronius. Francois Marie Ber-
trand, who, in 1864, published five letters
under this signature on the question of
liturgies. ,

Sopht, Ensign. Bobert Michael Bal-
lantijne. The volunteer levee; or, the
remarkable experiences of . . . Edinb,

Sorbiere, Monsieur, Samuel de. Dr.
William King. A journey to London in
the year 1698, written . . . by . . . L.

" It was never ' written originally in French by
Monsieur Sorbiere ' . . . but was the production
of the witty Dr. William King, advocate of
Doctors' Commons, in facetious imitation of the
'Journey to Paris,' in the same year, by Dr.
Martin Lister." — See " Notes and Queries,"
February, 1865, p. 98.

Sosiosch. Edward Bi/rom Eaton. Man-
ifest destiny . . . N.Y. 1869.

Sothern, Ed^vard Aske'vv. Douglas

Souflfrant, Jacques, ouvrier. Louis

Ulbach. La politique de I'atelier . . .
Troyes, 1850.

South, Elma. Miss Essie B. Chees-
borough, who commenced her literary
career at an early age, writing under the
pen-names of " Motte Hall," " Elma
South," " Ide Delmar," and her initials,
"E. B. C."

South, Simeon. John M'Gregor. S.'s
letters to his kinsfolk, etc. L. 1841.

South, Theophilus, Gent. Edward
Chitty. The fly fisher's text book. By
. . . L. 1841.

South-American, A. Mons. Palacio.
Outline of the Eevolution in Spanish
America ... L. 1817.

South Carolina Planter, A. Charles
Pinckney. Three letters ... on the case
of Jonathan Robbius . . . on the recent
captures of American vessels . . . etc.
P. 1799.

Reprinted from a Charleston (S.C.) news-

South-Carolinian, A« Henry 3Iiddle-
ton. Economical causses of slavery in
the United States, and obstacles to
abolition . . . L. 1857.

South-Carolinian, A. Charles Pinck-
ney. Observations to shew the propriety
of the nomination of Colonel James
Monroe, to the Presidency of the United
States ... By . . . Charleston, 1816.

South-Carolinian, A. Robert Pleas-
ants Hall. Poems. Charleston, 1848.

South-Carolinian, A. Edwin C. Hol-
land. A refutation of the calumnies cir-
culated against the Southern and Western
States . . . Charleston, 1822.

South-Carolinian, A (who had
nothing else to do). William M.
Bobo. Glimpses of New York City.
Charleston, S.C, 1852.

South Sea Bard, The. Hector A.
Stuart, in his contributions to various
California periodicals.

Southern Barrister, A. Alexander
Hamilton Sands. Recreations of . . .
P. 1859.

Southern Citizen, A. Beverdy John-
son. Remarks on popular sovereigntv-
Bait. 1855.

Southern Lady, A Mrs. Catharine
Ann {Ware) Warfield. The household
of Bouverie; or, the elixir of gold: a
romance . . . N.Y. 1860.

Southern Man, A. John Pendleton
Kennedy. Slavery the mere pretext for
the Rebellion, not its cause ... P. 1863.

Southern Matron, A. Mrs. Caroline
(Howard) Gilman. Recollections of . . .
Charleston, 1852.

Southern Planter, A. N. A. Ware.




Notes on political economy, as applicable
to the United States . , . N.Y. 1844.

Southern Pre-Emptor, A. Thomas
B. Winston. Minnesota; or, a "bundle
of facts," going to illustrate its great
past, the grand present, and her glo-
rious future; by . . . New Orleans,

Southern Spy, The. Edward A. Pol-
lard. Letters of ... in Washington and
elsewhere. Bait. 1861.

Southerner, A. James M. Smythe.
Ethel Somers ; or, the fate of the Union.
By . . . Augusta, Ga., 1857.

Southerner, A. Seymour B. Duke.
Osceola ; or, fact and fiction. A tale of
the Seminole war. N.Y. 1838.

Southernwood. Charles Sotheran.

Southron, A. William Gilmore Simms.
South Carolina in the Revolutionary
War ... By . . . Charleston, 1853.

SouthTvell, Henry, LiLi.D. Robert
Sanders. New book of martyrs ... L.

Sparkle, Richard. William Mee.
Much of the poetry which he wrote ap-
peared in periodicals under this signa-
ture. " Winter," " The rose bud," " Flac-
cus," and other pieces were thus brought

Sparkle, Sophie. Jennie E. nicks.
Sparkles from Saratoga. N.Y. 1873.

Sparkle, Tom. Thomas Sheridan.

" In ' Pen Owen ' Mr. Hook has sketched his
friend Tom Sheridan, son of the Sheridan, under
the name of ' Tom Sparkle.' "

Sparks, Godfrey. Charles Dickens.
The Bloomsburj'- christening. L. 186-.

Sparks, Timothy. Charles Dickens.
Sunday under three heads : as it is ; as
Sabbath bills would make it ; as it might
be made. By ... L. 1836.

Sparrowgrass, Olr. Frederic Sicart-
wout Cozzens. The Sparrowgrass papers
. . . N.Y. 1856.

Spartacus. William James Linton.
Poems. L. 1845.

Spavery. Samuel P. Averij. The
harp of a thousand strings ; or, laughter
for a lifetime. Konceived, kompiled,
and komically konkokted by Spavery,
etc. N.Y. 1868.

Spec. William Makepeace Thackeray.
Travels in London. " Punch," 1847.

Special Correspondent, A. W. L.
McFarlan. Behind the scenes in Nor-
way, by . . . Glasgow, 1884.

Special Correspondent, A. Alfred
Arthur Reade. My trip to Paris . . .
Manchester, 1878.

Special Reporter, A. Rev. John Al-
lan. A council canticle . . . Aberdeen.

Spectacles, Timothy. William C.
Foster. Poetry on different subjects,
written under the signature of T. S. . . .
Salem, N.Y., 1805.

Spectator. David W. Barilett, in the
Boston " Congregationalist."

Spectator. W. H. Wingate. The goal
of life : a poem by . . . L. 1867,

Spectator, A. Cyrus Augustus BartoL
Influence of the ministry at large in the
city of Boston. B. 1836.

Spectator, A. John Nelson Darby..
New opinions of the brethren. L. n.d.

Spectator, The. Joseph Addison and
others. Sir Roger de Coverley. By . . .
L. 1850.

Spectator of the Past, A. C. G.
Memminger. The book of nullification . . »
Charleston, 1830.

Spectator of the Scenes, A. Rev.
John Carroll. Past and present . . . or,
Canadian Methodism for the last 40
years . . . Toronto, 1860.

Spen, Kay. H. C. Selous. True of
heart. L. 1868.

Spencer, EdAvard. Caroline Seymoury
in her contributions to " Harper's Maga-
zine" (N.Y.).

Spencer, Nath. Robert Sanders. The
complete English traveller. L. 17-

This work was republished in England under
the name of " Burlington," in Scotland under
thiU of "Murray," and in Wales under that of
" Llewellyn."

Spenser, Edmund, the Poet. Cril-
hert West. A canto of the Fairy Queen.
Written by Spenser. L. 1739.

Speranza. Lady Jane Francesca Spe-
ranza Wilde. Her first literary efforts were
some verses signed with this pseud, in
the "Irish Nation" in 1847.

Spermaceti, Marcus, the Elder.
Major Downs. Specimen of a new jest
book ... L. about 1810.

Sperry, Charles. John Osborne Sar-
gent. His signature in the Harv. Coll.
"Collegian," 1830, and in the "Token
and Atlantic Souvenir" of fifty years

Sphinx. Mrs. Sarah (Hustler) Fox.
Catch who can ; or, hide and seek. Orig-
inal double acrostics. L. 1869.

Spicer, Nicholas. Col. Alban S.
Payne, in his contributions to the " Turf,.
Field, and Farm" (N.Y.).

Spicer, Seth. Benjamin F. Ooidd.

Spike, Ethan. Matthew Francis
Whittier, who was many j'ears ago known
to the reading public as Ethan Spike,
whose satirical letters appeared in the
Portland " Transcript," and were widely




Spikes. Randolph Butts, of Albany
(N.Y.), in his contributions to various

Spindrift. Sir Joseph Noel Paton.
Poems. L. 1867.

Spiral Groove. Wilson MacDonald,
in his contributions to the " Turf, Field,
and Farm" (N.Y.)-

Spiridion. John Dunlap Osborne.

" Mr. Osborne was a contributor to the press
for more than forty years, and his letters under
the signature of ' Spiridion ' were familiar to
Boston readers through the columns of the Bos-
ton ' Atlas,' Boston ' Traveller,' and the ' Satur-
day Evening Gazette.' Pie contributed to the
latter paper for nearly ten j'ears, and during the
war it was his only American newspaper, for
communication with New Orleans was so irregu-
lar that he was obliged to suspend bis correspon-
dence with the ' Picayune ' of that city. Articles
from his pen have appeared in the ' Century.' "

Spirit of Hampden, Tlie. Dr. Rob-
ert Fellowes, in periodical contributions.

Spiritual Watchman, A. Rev. C. D.
Hawtrejj. The nature of the first Resur-
rection ... L. 1830.

Splene, Megathym, B.A., Oxon.
John Cockburn Thomson. Almse niatres
... L. 1858.

Spokes. W. J. Morgan, a professional
bicycle racer.

Sponge, Mr. Robert Smith Surtees.
Mr. Sponge's sporting tour. L. 1853.

Spoopendyke. Mr. Stanley Hunt-
ley. Mr. and Mrs. Spoopendyke. N.Y.

Sportsman, A. Charles Clarke.
Crumbs from a sportsman's table. L.

Sportsman and Naturalist, A.
Charles William George Saint John.
Field notes of . . . with a tour in Switzer-
land. L. 1849.

Sportsman of Berkshire, A. Peter
Beckford. Essays on hunting . . . Bv
... L. (?) 1785.

Spot, Dick, the Conjuror. Richard

Spriggs. Edward Payson Tenney.
Jubilee essays : a plea for an unselfish
life. B. 1862.

Sproule, Ziba. Reverend George
Trask. The diary of Solomon Spittle.
B. 1847.

Sprouts. Richard Whiteing. Mr.
Sprouts; his opinions. L. 1867. Also
in his contributions to the London
" Evening Star."

Spruggins, Richard Sucklethum-
kin. Not by Morley, the Dowager-
Countess of, who only lithographed the
drawings. Portraits of the Spruggins
family. L. 1829.

Spunkey, Simon. Thomas Green
Fessenden, in the "Farmer's Weekly
Museum," Walpole, N.II., 1796 et seq.

Spur, Mercarius, Esq. Cathbert
Shaw. The race: a poem. L. 1766.

Spy. Pelligrini, in " Vanity Fair."

Spy in Washington, The. Matthew
L. Davis, in the New York " Courier and

Squatter, A. John B. Jones. Wild
Western scenes : a narrative of adven-
tures ... P. 1869.

Squibob. George Horatio Derby.
Squibob papers. N.Y. 187-.

Staats. William Staats. A tight
squeeze; or, the adventures of a gentle-
man who undertook to go from New
York to New Orleans in three weeks
without money, as a professional tramp.
B. 1879.

Staflf", Jack. James Henry Harris, in
his contributions to the " Central Bap-
tist" (St. Louis, Mo.), etc.

StaiF Officer, A. Major Thomas Four-
ness Wilson. The defence of Lucknow:
a diary ... By . . . L. 1858.

Staff Officer, A. Hon. Somerset John
Gough Calthorpe. Letters from head-
quarters ; or, realities of the Crimea. L.

Staff Officer, A. James T. Lyon.
War sketches from Cedar Mountain to
Bull Run . . . Buffalo, 1862.

Staff Officer, A late. Woodburne
Potter. The war in Florida . . . Bait.

Staff-Officer who was there, A.
Sir Anthony Coningham Sterling. Letters
from the army in the Crimea . . . 1854,
1855, and 1856. n.p., n.d.

Staff Surgeon, A. Walter Henry,
M.D. Trifles from my portfolio . . .
Quebec, 1839.

Stahl. Pierre Jules Hetzel. Lea
pecheurs ennemis . . . Paris, 1881.

Stahl, Arthur. Valeska Voigtel. Ilig
torische Bilder aus der alten Welt.

Stahl, Pierre Jules. Pierre Jul"
Hetzel. Histoire d'un ane et de deux
jeunes filles . . . Paris, 1874.

Stampede. Jonathan F. Kelly, a hu-
morist, known as " Falconbridge," "Jack
, Humphries," and " Stampede."

Standfast, Joshua. For the sup-
posed editor of the "Political Tatler."
L. 1716.

Standfast, Silas. George Slilhnan
Hillard. Letters of, to his friend Jotham.
B. 1853.

Stanfield, Agnes. Mrs. Jane McEU
hinney Xnyes (Ada Clare).




St5if«*pe. Earl Stanhope. The
noble sans-culotte : a ballad occasioned
by a certain Earl's styling himself a sans-
culotte citizen in the House of Lords. L.
1794 (?).

Stanley, Frank. Mary Gibson (?).
The power of gentleness; and other
tales ... P. 1864.

Stanley, Reginald Fitz-Roy, M.A.
Bobert Cowtan. Passages from the auto-
biography of a " Man of Kent," 1817-65.
Edited ... L. 1866.

St-nn-d, E-t-n. Eaton Stannard.
The ghost of Walter Alexander, to
E-t-n St-nn-d, Esq., late Recorder of
the City of Dublin . . . Dublin,
1751 (1).

Stanser, Robert. Sir Alexander
Croke, D.C.L. An examination of the
Rev. Mr. Burke's letter of instruction
to the Catholic missionaries of Nova
Scotia. Halifax, 1804.

"States "man, A. Edward Vernon
Childe. Letters to the " London Times,"
" New York Courier and Inquirer " ; by
... B. 1857.

Statutophilus. Dr. John Speed. An
impartial by-stander's review of the con-
troversy concerning the wardenship of
Winchester College. L. 1759.

Sta"wel, Augustas. Alfred Owen
Legqe. Manslaughter : a chronicle . . .
L. 1876.

Stchedrin, Nikolai. N. Saltikoff.
Sketches of provincial life. L. 1861.

Steady. Allan liamsay, Jr. A let-
ter to Edmund Burke, Esq. ... L.

Stedman. Mrs. Elisabeth C. Dodge
Kinney, who commenced publishing
under this pen-name, dating from
" Cedar Brook," lier father's residence,
near Newark, N.J.

Stedman, Charles. William Thomson,
LL.D. The history of the origin, prog-
ress, and termination of the American
War ... By . . . L. 1794.

Stein, Adam. Bohert Springer, author
of other valuable works, and of numerous
popular books for the young, partly pub-
lished under this pseudonym.

Stein, Jokann Saville. John Saville
Stone. Eantasia. L. 1855.

Stella. Mrs. Bowen-Graves, " the au-
thor of some verses called * My Queen,'

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