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Talis Qualis. Karl Wilhelm-August
Strandberg. Sanger i pansar. 184-.

Tally Tom. George Barham. The
merry days of coaching . . . By ... L.

Talmon, Thrace. Mrs. Ellen T. H.
Putnam. Captain Molly : the story of a
'sbrave woman. N.Y. 1857.

Talvi. Mrs. The'rese Albertine louise
(((•t« Jacob) Robinson. Heloise ; or, the
ainrevealed secret, N.Y. 1850.

Tarn. Thomas 3IacKellar, Tani's
fortnight ramble, and other poems. P.

Tan Chau Qua of Quang Chew Fu,
gent. Sir William Chambers. An ex-
planatory discourse by . . . annexed to
" A dissertation on oriental gardening."
L. 1774.

This was attacked and burlesqued in the ad-
mirable "Heroic Epistle," generally ascribed to
Rev. William Mason, the poet.

Tandem, K. Felix. Karl Spifteler.
Extramundana, Von . . . Leipsic, 1883.

Tanhauser, der neue. Eduard
Grisebach. Der neue Tanhauser. 1869.

Taoalttbob. — Graham. Diana
s:reat at Ephesus ... A sermon . . .
By . . . L. 1755.

" Taoalttbob" seems to be a name composed,
as an acrostic, of the initials of the words form-
ing the following sentence, " The Author Of A
Letter To The Bishop Of Bangor."

Tasma. Miss Jessie Fraser, in several
works of fiction.

Taswert. John Allan Stewart, in his
contributions to the "Times" (No.
Springfield, Mo.).

Tatem, H. M. Helen Hazlett. Glen-
air ; or, life in Scotland. P. 1869.

Taubert, A. Agnes ( T.aubert ) von
Harlmann. Der Pessimismus und seine
Gegner. 1873.

Taylor, George. Joseph Archer Crowe.
Antinous. 1880.

Taylor, George. Prof. Adolf Ilaus-
rath. Klytia, and other novels.

Also attributed to Joseph Archer Crowe.

Taylor, Theodore. John Camden
Hotten. Thackeray, the humorist and
the man of letters ... L. 1864.

Teacher, A. Charles W. Sanders.
Metrical stories in chemistry and natural
philosophy. By . . . N.Y. 1842.

Teacher, A. Henry Russell Cleveland.
Remarks on the classical education of
boys. B. 1834.

Teacher, A. Miss Elizabeth P. Pea-
body. Theory of teaching ... B. 1841.

Teacher in Boston, A. Nathaniel
Peabody. First lessons in grammar on
the plan of Pestalozzi. By ... B.

Teacher of thirty years' experi-
ence, A. N. W. Starr. The arithmeti-
cal assistant . . . N.Y, 1863.

Tekeli. Theodore Edward Honl- (?).
Poems, by , . . L. 1809.

Tela, Josephus. Joseph Wehh. Phil-
osophical library. Edited by . . . L.

Telarius. Foster Webb, who contrib-
uted translations from the Latin classics,




particularly " Ovid " and " Homer," to
the " Gent. Mag.," 1740 et seq., under the
signatures of " Telarius " and " Vedas-

Telba. William Ablett. The road to
riches; or, plain directions for securing
wealth ... L. 1857.

TeU, Muni. Mrs. Alice (McClure)
Griffin. — See " Glenmore, Addie."

Temperate Drinker, A. William
Gauntlet;. Animadversions on a treatise
published on behalf of teetotalism.
Bakewell, 1857.

Templar, A. William Charles Mark
Kent. The Gladstone government, being
cabinet pictures ... L. 1866.

Temple, Rev. Allan. Eev. Charles
Benjamin Tayler. The will-forgers. L.

Temple, Launcelot, Esq. John Arm-
strong. Sketches ; or, essays on various
subjects. By . . . L. 1758.

Temple, Neville. The Hon. Julian
Charles Henrij Fane. Tannhauser; or,
the battle of the bards (1861), conjointly
with "Edward Trevor" [pseud.), q.v.

The authorship, which was intended to be a
profound secret, was discovered by Fane's- use
of his family motto, " Ne Vile Fano," as a pseu- .

In his " Julian Fane, a Memoir " (1871, p.
173), Lord Lytton writes as follows : " The little
poem of ' Tannhauser,' wliich, wliilst at Vienna,
he [-Fffl?!e] published under a feigned name, and
which was written in conjunction with myself,
grew naturally out of his enthusiasm for . . .
Wagner's great opera of ' Tannhauser.' " He
then, after explaining that the pseudonym "Ne-
ville Temple " refers to the motto of the Fanes,
ne vile fano, proceeds to give in full those parts
of the poem which were composed by Fane.

Templeton. George H. Monroe. Mu-
sical entertainment. B. 1845. Also in
his contributions to the Hartford " Cou-
rant," and other papers.

Templeton, Faith. Harriet Boomer
Barber. Wrecked, but not lost. P.

Templeton, IJaurence. Sir Walter
Scott. Ivanhoe : a romance. Edinb.

Templeton, Timothy. Charles Ad-
ams, of Washington. — See " Brit. Mus.

Templeton, Tristram. Nicholas
Francis Flood Davin. Charles Kava-
nah : a story of modern life, character,
and adventure, in the London " Monthly
Journal," 1866-67.

Temporary Inhabitant, An. Johann
Jakob Grilmbke. A tour through the
Island of Eiigen, in the Baltic, 1805 . . .
L. 1807.

Temporum Felicitas. One of the
pseudonyms attributed to .Tiniin? ('/.?•.).

The letter thus signed is dated Oct. 12, 1768^
and satirizes the correspondents who had sup-
ported the ministry.

Tenella, La. Mrs. Mary Bayard
(Devereux) Clarke, who first adopted thi»
pen-name in her contributions to South-
ern literature.

Tennessean, A. Randal W. Mac-
Gavock. A T. abroad; or, letters from
Europe, Africa, and Asia, 1851-52.

Tennessean. £>. W. Marsh. Ten-
nessean in Persia and Koordistan. P.

Ten-Pounder, A. P. Mackenzie. An
exposure of the spy-system pursued in
Glasgow during the years 1816, 17, 18,,
19, and 20 . . . Edited . . . Glasgow^

Termagant, Madame Roxana.
Bonnel Thornton. Have at you all; or,,
the Drury Lane journal ... L. 1752.

Terrae Filius. Bobert Edward Gam-
ham. A letter to the Right Rev. Lewis
[Bagot], by divine permission, Lord
Bishop of Norwich ... L. 1789.

Terrae Filius. Rev. Stephen Weston.
Werneria ; or, short characters of Earth's
... By . . . L. 1805.

Terry, Money, Esq. James B. Cong-
don. New Bedford money matters . . .
B. 1859.

Ter-Tisanthrope. William Honyman
Gillespie. The origin of evil : a celestial
drama. L. 1873.

Testiculus. One of the pseudonyms
attributed to Junius (q.v.).

The letter thus signed is dated Nov. 24, 1770^
and consists of an ironical defence of Lord Bar-

Testis. One of the pseudonyms at-
tributed to Junius [q.v.).

The letter thus signed is dated Nov. 19, 1770,.
and reflects upon the army.

"Testudo, Totty." Mrs. Flora Fran-
ces Wi/lde. The life and wonderful ad-
ventures of ... an autobiography.
Edinb. 1873.

Testy, Tim. Alden Spooner. His sig-
nature, Sept. 4, 1811, to lines "Crossing
the Ferry," in the " Long Island Star "
(Brooklyn, N.Y.).

Testy, Timothy. — See " Sensitive,
Samuel," and — .

Teutha. William Jerdan, who used
this signature from his first to his last
contributions to the press.

Th. Thomas Thornton (?). — See
Lamb's "Elia," "Christ's Hospital."

Thacker, Page. Lettie M. Burwell,
Plantation reminiscences. 1878.

Thanelian. N. W. Coffin, in the
Boston " Journal."

Thanet, Octave. Miss Alice French^




of Davenpoii;, Iowa, in her contributions
to magazine literature.

Their Chairman. Benjamin Frank-
lin Hallett. The Sears Fund connected
with St. Paul's Church in Boston. Ee-
port of a committee of the proprietors,
by . . . Easter, 1854. B. 1854.

Their Latest Victim. John Hahber-
ton. Helen's babies ; by . . . B. 1876.

Their Nephew. John Penrose. Lives
of Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Vinicombe
Penrose, and Capt. James Trevenen.
By . . . L. 1850.

Their Wellwisher. Simeon Ide.
The young Franklinsonian . . . written
for the children of mechanics and farm-
ers .. . Hartford, 1872.

Thekla. Mrs. Caroline Atherton
(Briggs) Ilason. Three of us. B. 1880.

Themaninthemoon. Eev. John Ea-
gles. Felix Farley ; Ehymes, Latin and
English. Bristol, 1826.

Themistocles. Harvey Redmond 3Ior-
res, 2d Lord Viscount Mountmorres.
Letters of . . . with appendix, containing
the character of Dr, Franklin ... L.

Theodelinda. Mrs. Charles E. Kel-
seij. Tlie Vail family; or, doing good . . .
P. 1862.

Theodosia. Anne Steele. Poems on
subjects chiefly devotional. L. 1780.

Theophanes Cantabrigiensis. Bish-
op Samuel Squire. The ancient history
of the Hebrews vindicated ; or, remarks
on . . . the third volume of the Moral
Philosopher. By . . . Camb. 1741.

Theophilanthropist, A: William R.
Peck. Discourses on the diversity of
theological opinions . . . Doncaster,

Theophilus. — See " Layman, A." (P.
Duigenan ) .

Theophilus. Samuel Spring, D.D. (?).
Essay on the discipline of Christ's house

. . Newburyport, 1816.

Theophilus Secundus. Rev. Stephen
Jenner. Answer to Archdeacon Wilber-
force, on the doctrine of the Holy Eucha-
rist. L. 1854.

Theophrastus, Sylvanus. John Thel-
wall. The peripatetic; or, sketches of
the heart, of nature, and society ... of
. . . L. 1793.

Theoptes. Job Durfee. The I^nidea
... B. 1846.

Theoria. Digby Pilot Starhey. Theo-
ria ; poems. Dublin, 1847.

Th§otime. L'Abb€ Marc Antoine
Bayle. Les chants de I'adolescence,
poesies religieuses. Marseille, 1846.

Therapeutes. David Brodie. The

healing art the right hand of the Church
. , . Edmb. 1859.

Theron. John Pierpont. His signa-
ture to a prize poem for the Boston
Theatre, in 1827.

Theseus. Edicard Hamilton. Death
of our Minotaur. B. 1868.

Theta. Julia Putnam Henderson.
Annie Balfour and her friends . . .
N.Y. 1870.

Theta. Miss Maria Theresa Hoblyn.
The fisherman's daughter, and dreams
of the past. L. 1869.

Theta. William Thorn. The thorn-
tree : being a history of thorn worship of
the Twelve Tribes of Israel, but more
especially of the Lost Tribe, and House
of David. L. 1863.

The full pseudonym reads, " Theta, a lineal
descendant of the Hereditary Standard Bearers of
Normandy and England. 'The Knights of the
Swan.' "

The work is dedicated to the Bishop of Natal,
by O, presumably the author.

Theta, Ijaneastriensis. Rev. Thomas
Hayes, in the " British Magazine."

Thinlter, Theodore. Francis Chan-
ning Woodicorth. Jack Mason, the old
sailor. N.Y. 18-.

Thinkingmachine, John. James
Ferdinand Mallinckrodt. Novissimum or-
ganon. St. Louis, Mo., 1882.

Thinks! -To-My self, Who? Edward
Nares, D.D. Thinks-I-to-myself. A
serio-ludicro-tragico-comico tale. L.

Third Member of this "Synxpo-
sium," A. William Gifford, in Beloe's
"Sexagenarian," Vol. II., p. 114. 2d
ed. L. 1818.

Thirty-One, The. Rev. Leonard With-
ington. Penitential tears ; or, a cry from
the dust. 1845.

Thistle. B. Hume Middlemass, Senior.
— See " Bluebell."

Thistle, Timothy. 0. Ellsworth. A
single gentleman. Designs by the au-
thor ... B. 1867.

Thistleton, the Hon. ITrancis, late
Governor of the Island of Cacona.
William Henry Fleet. How I came to be
governor of the island of Cacona . . .
Montreal, 1853.

Thomas, Father. Thomas Doyle.
His signature to letters in the London
" Tablet."

Thomas, Caroline. Mrs. Julia Caro-
line (Ripley) Dorr. Farmingdale : a tale.
N.Y. 1854.

Thomas, Karl. Karl Thomas Michter.
As a poet, under this pseudonym, he was
quite fruitful.

Thoninonca. John Canton. Number




•of Mr. Whitefleld's hearers calculated
and jui.tified, in the " Gent. Mag.," Au-
gust, 1739, p. 416, and September, p.

Thome, Kate. Miss Louisa M. Gray.
2Telly's teachers, and what they learned
... L., Edinb. & N.Y.

Thorne, P. 3frs. Mary Prudence
{Wells) Smith. Jolly good times; or,
child life on a farm. B. 1875.

Thorne, Tom. Robert Merry, in the
London " Argus."

Thornton, Harold. Cecil Offord.
■Cry of Humanity. L. 18-.

Thorpe, Kanipa. Mrs. E. W. Bellamy.
Little Joanna. N.Y. 187-

Other authorities give this pseud, as " Kamba
Thorpe." Mrs. Tardy, " Kampa Thorpe."

Those Tvho Knew. T. JR. DeForest.
■Olden time in New York . . . N.Y. 1833.

0YOS MA0OS. Thomas South. Early
magnetism in its higher relations to hu-
manity ... L. 1846.

Three Friends. H. H. Weston, C,
Clark, and L. Gibbons. The fairy egg
and Avhat it held. By . . . B. 1870.

Three Friends. P^ev. Thomas Raffles,
■James Baldwin Brown, and Jeremiah
Holmes Wiffen. Poems by . . . L. 1813.

Three Sisters. Ellin Isahelle, Mary
Frances, and Margaret Elenore Tapper.
Poems by . . . L. 1864.

Thumb, Thomas, Esq. Benjamin
Church, M.D. The monster of monsters
... B. 1754.

Thumb, Tom. Charles S. Stratton.
•■Sketch of the life of . . . N.Y. 1847.

Thunderbolt. John Doherty. An
authentic account of Thunderbolt and
Lightfoot [Michael Martin], two notori-
ous highwaymen. B. 1847.

Thunder-Ten-Tronckh, Baron Ar-
ininius von. Mattheio Arnold, in the
London "Pall-Mall Gazette."

Thurland, Bilberry. Charles Hooton.
Adventures of . . . L. 1836.

Thurstan, Henry J. Francis Turner
Palgrave. The passionate pilgrim ; or,
Eros and Anteros. L. 1858.

Thwackius, Herman. Jonas Clapper.
Fragments of the history of Bawlfre-
donia, containing an account of the dis-
covery and settlement of that great
Southern continent . . . By . . .
Translated from the original Bawl-
fredonian manuscript into the French
language by Monsieur Traducteur, and
Tendered into English by a citizen of
America, n.p. 1819.

Tibbs. Charles Dickens. Scenes and
characters, in "Bell's Life in London
and Sporting Chronicle " for 1835-36.

Tichebourne, Cheviot. William
Harrison A insworth. Poems. L. 1824.

Tickle, Timothy, Esq. B. F. Ken-
dall. The doleful tragedy of the raising
of Jo. Burnliam ; or, the " Cat let out of
the bag "... Woodstock, Vt., 1832.

Tickler, Timothy. Robert Sym, in
the " Noctes Ambrosian*," and a con-
tributor under the same name to " Black-
wood's Magazine," 1818 et seq.

Tickletoby, Timothy. Samuel F.
Bradford. The imposter detected ; or, a
review of some of the writings of "Peter
Porcupine"... P. 1796.

Tickletooth, Tabitha. Charles SeU
by. The dinner question. L. 1860.

Tidy, Theresa. Mrs. Elizabeth Susanna
(Davenport) Graham. Eighteen maxims
of neatness and order. L. 184-.

Tim, Uncle. Richard Lower. Tom
Cladpole's journey to Lunnun . . .
Brighton, 1831.

Tim, Tiny. H. T. Jenkins, of South-
sea, in his contributions to "Notes and
Queries," etc.

Times, The London ("The Thun-
derer," "The Jupiter of the Press").
An English newspaper started in 1785
under the title of the " Daily Universal
Register," and adopted its present name
in 1788. It was originated by Mr. John
Walter, grandfather of the late Mr. John

Times Bee-Master, The. John Cum-
ming, D.D. Bee-keeping. L. 1864.

Timoleon. Isaac Orr, in the " Boston

Timoleon. William Bollan. Epistle
from ... to all the honest freeholders,
and other electors of Members of Par-
liament ... L. 1768.

Timon. Vicomte Louis Marie (de la
Haye) de Cormenin. Etudes sur les ora-
teurs parlementaires. Paris, 1836.

Timon, John. Donald Grant Mitchell.
Signature of his preface to "The Lorg-
nette." See " Opera Goer, An."

Timothy. Thomas Worcester. Letter
to the moderator of the N. Hampshire
Association. B. 1812.

Timothy, Master. George W. M.
Rei/nolds. Master Timothy's bookcase.

Tinker, T. Jonathan Swift, D.D.
Wood's [William, hardware dealer] plot
discover'd. 1724.

Tinklarian Doctor, The. William
Mitcliel. The T. D.'s funeral sermon . . .
Edinb. (?) 1737.

Tinto, Dick. Frank Boott Goodrich,
for several years the Paris correspondent
of the New York " Times " under this




signature, and author of " Tri-colored
sketches in Par s, during the years 1851
to 1853." N.Y. 1855.

Tinto, Dick. Charles A. Jones, who
wrote a series of poems for the " Cincin-
nati Gazette," under this signature.

Tinto, Gabriel. Ci. W. Anthomj. The
wise judgment . . . Manchester, 1853.

Tirabecque. Modesto Lafuente, who,
tinder the pseuds. " Fray Gerundio "
and "Tirabecque," published the period-
ical works, " Coleccion de capilladas y
disciplinarzos," 16 vols., etc.

Titcomb, Timothy, Esquire. Josiah
Gilbert Holland. Titcorab's letters to
young people, single and married. 1859.
Letters to the Joneses. N.Y. 1864.

Titian, Onyx. Miss Sarah Woodward.
The apple blossom ; or, a mother's leg-
acy. L. 186-.

Titmarsli, Michael Angelo. William
Makepeace Thackeraij. The Paris sketch
book. L. 1840.

" Michael Ansrelo " is said to be a nickname
bestowed upon Thackeray by a friend, probably
in allusion to his youthful aspirations, whilst
" Tilmarsh " was perhaps "added as a sort of
humorous anti-climax."

" Doctor Birch and his young friends " (L.
1849), and several other minor pieces are signed
" Mr. M. A. Titmarsh."

Titterwell, Timothy, Esq. Samuel
Kettell. Yankee notions. A medley . . .
B. 1838.

Toby. Jonathan Swift, D.D. A town
eclogue; or, a poetical contest between
Toby and a minor poet [Steele] of
B — tt — n's coffee-house.

Toby, Abel's Kinsman. Jonathan
Swift, D.D. The character of Richard
St — le [Steele], Esq. ; with some remarks
... L. 1713.

Toby, M. P. Mr. Lucy. Essence of
Parliament, contributed to " Punch " (L.
1881), etc.

Toby, Uncle. Rev. Tobias H. Miller.

Toby, Uncle. Elisha North, M.D.
The pilgrim's progress in phrenology . . .
New London, Conn., 1833.

Toby, Simeon. George Trask.

Thoughts and stories on tobacco, for
American lads ; or. Uncle Toby's anti-
tobacco advice to his nephew, Billy
Bruce. B., 5th ed., 1852.

Todd, IJaurie. Grant Thorburn.
Sketches from the note-book of . , .
N.Y. 1847.

Todkill, Anas. .John Esten Cooke.
My Lady Pokahontas . . . With notes
by . . . [or, rather, written by . . .] B.

Toletus. David Tappan, D.D. Two
friendly letters from Toletus to Philale-

thes [the Eev. Samuel Spring, D.I).] . . .
Newburyport, Mass., 1785.

Tom, Brother. Thomas Wartun. —
See "Peter, Brother."

Tom, Captain. Daniel Defoe. A let-
ter ... to the mobb, now rais'd for Dr.
Sacheverel. L. 1710.

Tom of Bedlam. Luke Milhuurne.
Tom of Bedlam's answer to Hoadly.
L. 1698.

Tom-Tit, Ebenezer. Charles Smith,
Letter, addressed to the dean and chap-
ter of Norwich . . . Norwich, 1824.

Tomkins, Isaac, Gent. Henry, Lord
Brougham and Vaux. Thoughts on the
aristocracy of England ... L. 1834.

Ton. E. Kingman.

Tonson, Monsieur. John Taylor...
Monsieur Tonson. L. 1830.

Topping, Godfrey. Dr. John Rob-
ertson. Educational voluntaryism . . .
Manchester, 1854.

Tory, A. Samuel Adams, in the "Bos-
ton Ga'zette," May 1, 1769.

Total Abstainer, A. Susanna Car-
der (?). Friendly cautions addressed to
tlic advocates of total abstainance from
all intoxicating beverages. By ...
Lindfield, n.d.

Toiichatout. Le'on Dienvenu. Histoire
de France tintamarresque, par . . . Paris,

Touch'em, Timothy. Thomas Beck..
The age of frivolity : a poem. L. 1807.

Touchstone. .John Savage.

Touchstone. M. Booth. Eoadside
sketches in the south of France and
Spanish Pyrenees. By three wayfarers;
witl) 24 illustrations by . . . L. 1859.

Touchstone, Timothy. Oliphant and
— Allen, of Trinity Coll., Camb., and the
Hun. W. Aston, and — Taunton, students
of Christ Church, Oxford. The trifler :
a new periodical miscellany. By ... of
St. Peter's College, Westminster. L.

Toupius, Joannes. Jonathan Toup.
Emendationes in Suidam. L. 1760.

Tourist, A. J. Talboys Wheeler. Ad-
ventures of . . . from Calcutta to Delphi.
Calcutta, 1868.

Tourist, A. Charles Lanman. Haw-
ho-noo ; or, records of . . . P. 1851.

Town, Mr., Critic and Censor-gen-
eral. George Colman and Borinel Thorn-
ton. The Connoisseur. By ... L.

To\^^n, Mr., junior. Critic and Cen-
sor General. James Henry Leigh Hunt,
in the London "Traveller," afterwards
the " Globe."

Town Liistener, The. Leander Rich-




ardson, in his contributions to the
"World" (N.Y.).

Towne, Tracy. Mrs. E. W. Saw-
telle. Pen and pencil sketches. B. 1878.

Toxophilite. Q. F. Lanigan, a Cana-
dian writer, who, under this signature,
contributed to Wilkes' " Spirit " and
Porter's "Spirit of the Times" (N.Y.).

Tractarian British Critic, A. Eev.
George Herbert Tou-nsend. The life and
defence of the conduct and principles of
the venerable and calumniated Edmund
Bonner, Bishop of London ... L. 1842.

Trader, An Old and Experienced.
Alexander Clunij. The American trav-
eller ... By . . . L. 1769.

Tradesman, A. John Drinker. Obser-
vations on the late popular measures . . .
P. 1774.

Tradesman of Oxford, A. G. S.
Green. The images of the antients, par-
ticularly those in the UniA'^ersity of Ox-
ford ... a poem. By . . . Oxf. 1758.

Tradesman of Philadelphia, A.
Benjamin Franklin, Plain truth ... P.

Tradleg, Nitram. Martin Geldart.
A son of Belial ... L. 1882.

Traducteur, Monsieur. Jonas Clap-
per. — See " Thwackus, Herman."

Trafford, F. G. Mrs. Charlotte Eliza
Laicson {Cowan) Riddell. The moor and
the fens. L. 1858.

Tramp. Charles M. Skinner, in the
Brooklyn " Times."

Translator, The. Henry Crude Mur-
phij. Poetry of Meuw-Neder-Landt, com-
prising translations of early Dutch poems
relating to New York, etc. . . . By . . .
Williamstadt, 1866.

Translator, The. John Kesson. Trav-
els in Scotland, translated from the Ger-
. man. With notes by . . . L. 1844.

Translator of "Lady Catesby's
Lietters," The. Mrs. Frances {Moore)
Brooke. The history of Lady Julia
Mandeville. By . . . Dublin, 1763.

Translator of the " Caledonian
Bards," The. John Clark, F.S.A. A
letter ... on the late mutinies in the
Highland regiments . . . Edinb. 1780.

Translator of the " New Atalantis,"
The. Mrs. N. De la Riviere Manleij.
Memoirs of Europe towards the close of
the eighth century. Written by Eginhar-
dus, secretary and favourite of Charle-
magne, and done into English by . . .
L. 1710.

Translator of the "Niebelungen
Treasure." Madame {Phillips) de Pontes.
A selection from the poems and dramatic
•works of Theodor Korner. L. 1850.

Translator of the "Pattern of
Modesty," The. Elias Beckett. The
wit and honesty of James Hoskins, etc.,
consider'd in remarks on their late pam-
phlet call'd " The Pennsylvania Bubble."
By . . . L. 1726.

Translator of " Wilhelm Meister,"
etc., The. Thomas Carlyle. German
romance ; specimens of its chief authors
... By . . . Edinb. 1827.

Trash. Boyall Tyler, in the " Polyan-
thos," a literary monthly, published and
edited by Joseph T. Buckingham, 1806-7.

Traun, Julius von der. Julius Behind-
ler. Excursionen eines Osterreichers,
1840-79, 1880.

Traveler, A. C. Mrs. H. K. U. Clark.
Teachings of the ages. By . . . San
Francisco, 1874.

Traveller, A. De Witt Clinton. An
account of Abimelech Coody and other
celebrated writers of New York . . .
N.Y. 1815. — See " Coody, Abimelech."

TraveUer, A. Charles E. Kells (1).
California, from the discovery by the
Spaniards to the present time . . . N.Y.

Traveller, A. John Banim. Con-
tributions chiefly on "Theatrical topics,"
in the " Limerick Evening Post."

Traveller, A. Henry Salt. Egypt:
a descriptive poem. Alexandria, 1824.

Traveller, A. Dinah Maria {Mulock)
Craik. Fair France. Impressions of . . .
L. 1871.

Traveller, A. Benjamin C. Clark.
Geograpliical sketch of St. Domingo . . .
B. 1850.

TraveUer, A. Mrs. Ann {Hinton)
Taylor. Itinerary of ... in the wilder-
ness. B. 1825.

Traveller, A. Henry Russell Cleve-
land. A letter to the Hon. Daniel Web-
ster, on the causes of the destruction of
the steamer " Lexington "... B. 1840.

Traveller, A. William Cullen Bryant.
Letters of . . . 1857-58. N.Y. 1859.

Traveller, A. George William Curtis.
Nile notes. L. 1851.

Traveller, A. Samuel Laing. Notes
of . . . in France, Prussia, Switzerland,
etc. L. 1841.

TraveUer, A. H. C. Todd (■?). Notes
upon Canada and the United States, from
1832 to 1840. By . . . Toronto, 1840.

Traveller, A. George W. Carleton.
Our artist in Cuba: fifty drawings on
wood. Leaves from the sketch-book
of . . . during the winter of 1864-65.
N.Y. 1867.

TraveUer, A. A. V. Kirwan. The




ports, arsenals, and dockyards of France.
L. 1841.

Traveller, A. Thomas Victor. Sir
Humphry Davy's monument. A mid-
night tale. By . . . Penzance, 1875.

Traveller, A. Silas Pinckney Hol-
brook. Sketches by . . . B. 183-.

Traveller, A. Edmund Flagg.

Sketches of ... in 1836, published in the
" Louisville Journal " ; afterwards, in
book form, under the title, "The far
West ; or, a tour beyond the mountains
. . . N.Y. 1838.

Traveller, A. Mrs. Anne Ro/jall.
Sketches of history, life, and manners in
the United States. New Haven, 1826.

Traveller, A. Sir John Malcolm.
Sketches of Persia, from the journals
of ... in the East. L. 1828.

Traveller, A. Mrs. Sarah ( Wallis
Boivdich) Lee. Stories of strange lands,
and fragments from the notes of . . . L.

Traveller, A. Sir William Draper.
The thoughts of . . . upon our American
disputes. L. 1774.

Traveller, A. Frank Starr. Twenty
years of . . . 's life : being extracts from

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