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count of the village of Tadley in Hamp-
shire, 1862.

B., D. W. D. W. Bartlett, in the New
York " Independent."

B., E. Edward Burney, in Lamb's
"Elia"; Valentine's Day.

B., E. Elias Brockett. The advo-
cate: a defence of the B. of Lichfield
and Coventry . . , [Ironical.] L. 1732.

B., E. Rev. Evelyn Bartow, M.A. Bar-
tow genealogy . . . [Bait 1878.]

B., E. Edward Brooke. A catalogue
of modern law books ... L. 1794.

B., E. Bev. Edward Bentham. A cer-
tain proposal of a certain little tutor . . .
L. n.d.

B., E. Rev. Edward Budge. The city
of God ... L. 1850.

B., E. Ezekiel Bacon, LL.D. The gath-
ered alumni of Yale to their Alma Mater,
by a graduate of 1794. New Haven, 1846.

B., E. Edward Bickersteth, DJ). A


help to the study of the Scriptures^ L.

B., E. Miss Elizabeth Blower. Maria :
a novel. L. 1785.

B., E. Mrs. Ethel Lynn Beers. The
picket guard ; or, all quiet along the Po-
tomac to-night, in " Harper's Weekly "
for November, 1861.

B., E. Edward Brotherton. The pres-
ent state of popular education in Man-
chester and Salf ord . . . Manchester, n.d.

B., E. Mrs. E. Bahington. Selections
from the poems of C. Elliott. With a
memoir . . . 1873.

B., E. Elizabeth Bentlet/. Stanzas on
Lord Nelson's death . . . 1806.

B., E. E. Bibby. Thoughts in verse.
L. 1873.

B., E., D.D. Edward Burton, D.D.
The holy oblation . . . By an Anglo-
Catholic priest. L. 1848.

B., E. C. E. B. Christy. G. Christy's
" Ethiopian Joke Book." Edited . . .

B., E. C. C. E. C. C. Baillie. The
way of the wilderness, and other poems.
L. 1862.

B., E. E. Miss Emma Elizabeth Brown,
" author of the many charming sketches
and dainty little poems which have ap-
peared over the signature of 'B., E. E.'"

B., E. F. E. F. Bevan. Songs of
Eternal Life. Trans. ... L. 1858.

B., E. G. Edward George Ballard,
Esq., who " made many communications,
chiefly in verse, to a variety of periodi-
cals, among which were the ' Literary
Chronicle ' and the ' Imperial Maga-
zine.' These were signed with his ini-
tials, 'E. G. B.'" He also wrote for the
" Gent. Mag." under the same signa-

B., E. H. Rev. Edward Henry Bick-
ersieth. Poems and songs. L. 1848.

B., E. H. E. H. Blackwell. A prac-
tical treatise on the power to sell land
for taxes. Enlarged . . . 1864.

B., E. J. Miss Elise Justine Bayard,
in "The Literary World," "The Knick-

B., E. J. Mrs. E. J. Burbury. The
trust. 1849.

B., E. Li. Edward Laman Blanchard.
John [Hunt's] birthday . . . Aug. 28,
1875. A birthday ode . . . L. 1875.

B., E. Li. Sir Edward George Earle
Lytton Bulwer-Lytton, Baron Lytton. The
lady of Lyons ; or, love and pride : a play
... L. 1843.

B., E. M. E. R. and E. M. Bliss.
Three months in the Orient. Edited . . .

B., E. O. Mrs. E. 0. Bull. A sequel
to Mrs. Sherwood's questions for a little
child. By . . . L. 1848.

B., E. S. E. S. Burnaby. John Bry-
ant ; or, the stag hunt : a true tale.

B., E. S. H. Miss E. S. H. Bagnold.
A handy book of English spelling . . .
L. 1870.

B., E. V. Hon. Mrs. Eleanor Vere
{Gordon) Boyle. Child's play. Seven-
teen drawings, by . . . L. 1852.

B., E. W. E. W Baarnhielm. Archi-
bald Hamilton. B. 18-.

B., E. W. Bev. Edward Waller Bar-
ker {1). Vigilemus et oremus . . . L.

B., F. Francis Bourdillon. Admis-
sion free. L. 1871.

B. F. Edward Claudius Herrick,
A.M. An answer to the Bible reader. No.
II., of Henry Jones, New York • . . New
Haven, 1844.

B., F. Francis Bowen, LL.D. Berke-
ley and his philosophy. From the
" Christian Examiner " for July, 1838.
Camb., Mass. 1838.

B., F. Sir Francis Beaufort. Klint's
sailing directions for the Baltic. Ed-
ited . . . 1854.

B., F. F. Bayley. The origin and
object of Roman Catholic doctrines . . .
By a County Court Judge . . . L.

B., F. N. Frederick Napier Broome.
Lady Barker's station life in New Zea-
land. Preface by . . . L. 1869.

B., G. George Brewer. Maxims of
gallantry ; or, the history of Count de
Verney . . . 1793.

B. G. Dr. Robinson. Miscellaneous
observations upon authors ancient and
modern. L. 1731-32.

B., G. George Burnett. The Scottish
bar fifty years ago. Sketches of Scott
[Robert Scott Moncrieff] and his con-
temporaries, with biographical notices,
by . . . Edinb. 1871.

B., G. C. Rev. George Clement Boase.
Thoughts and memories in verse. L.

B., G. E. Rev. George Edward Biber.
The kingdom and church of Hawaii . . .
By a friend of the Hawaiian church mis-
sion. L. 1865.

B., G. F. Sir George Ferguson Bowen,
G. C. M. G. Handbook for travellers in
Greece ... L. 1854.

B., G. H. G. H. Budd. An offering
to the Muses, worthy of being " a burnt
offering." By . . . L. 1836.

B., G. S. G. S. Bryan, Esq. Biographi-




cal sketch of Charles Fraser. Chai-Ies-
ton, 1857.

Forms a supplement to the catalogue of his
pictures, by S. G., i.e., Samuel Gilman, D.D.

B., G. W. George William Blunt, in
his contributions to the " Evening Post "

(N-Y.)- ., , . .

B., H. Hamilton Busbey, in his contri-
butions to the " Turf, Fiehl, and Farm "

B., H. Henrij Blundell. An account
of the statues, busts, bas-reliefs, cinerary
urns, and otlier ancient marbles and
paintings at Ince. Liverpool, 1803.

B., H. H. Boaz. The angler's prog-
ress : a poem . . . 1820.

B., H. Henry Blackwell. The gentle-
man's tutor for the small sword ... L.

B., H. Horace Binney. The leaders
of the old bar of Philadelphia. P. 1866.

B., H. H. Blomfield. The old plough-
man again ! . . . L. 1835.

B., H. Henry Baldwin. St. James's
chronicle. The yearly chronicle for 1761.
L. 1762.

B., H. Rev. Henry Bailey. A ser-
mon . . . after the death of C. M. Betts.

B., H. Harry Burke. A story of the
fifth commandment. L. 1866.

B., H. Henry Bewley. Thoughts and
suggestions submitted to the considera-
tion of the Society of Friends. By . . .
Dublin, 1859.

B., H. Henry Ballow. A treatise of
equity. L. 1737.

B., H., B. H. Henry Beaufoy, Esq.,
of Hampton-wick. Journal kept by H. B.
H. B. during an aerial voyage . . . from
Hackney to East Thorpe, Essex, Aug.
29, 1811. L. 1811.

B., H. C. Henry Clark Barlow, M.D.
God's temple-throne : a hymn. Eoma,

B., H. E. Sir Henry Edward Bun-
bury, Bart. Narratives of some passages
in the great war with France from 1799
to 1810. L. 1854.

B., H. N. W. Harriet Neiuell Woods
Baker. Edith Withington : a book for
girls ... By . . . n.p. 1871.

B., H. R. F. Henry Richard Fox
Bourne. J. S. Mill : notices of his life
and works. Edited ... L. 1873.

B., H. W. Sir Henry Williams Baker.
A daily text book ... L. 1854.

B., H. W. Henry William Ball. Notes
on Mr. W. Fowler of Winterton, and his
works. Hull, 1869.

B., I. John Beule. Herefordshire or-
chards ... L. 1724.

B., I. Ii. Mrs. Isabella L. {Bird)
Bishop. Notes on old Edinburgh. Edinb

B., J. .John Blanch. — See " A Gen-
tleman in Gloucestershire."

B., J. John Charles Brooke.

B., J. Jeremy Bentham. The ballot :
a cure for the ballotophobia . . . Pre-
scribed to H. Brougham. L. 1830.

B., J. J. Bentley. Banking: how to
make it safe and profitable. L. 1858.

B., J. W. Inylis. Book-keeping . . .
Manchester, 187i.

B., J. John Blackburn. The cat's pil-
grimage ... of J. N. Froude. With
illustrations by . . . n.p. 1870.

B., J. Bev. John Besly. Chronicle
of the family of Percy, by W, Peeris.
Edited . . . Newcastle, 1847.

B., J. Joseph Bessp. A cloud of wit-
nesses, proving' that the Bishop of Lich-
field and Coventry . . . hath misrepre-
sented tlie people called Quakers. L.

B., J. John Bartlett. A collection of
familiar quotations . . . Camb., Mass.

B., J. James Burgh. The dignity of
human nature . . . By ... L. 1754.

B., J. James Budd. Directions for
entrance into a religious life ... L.

B., J. John Brazer, D.D. The efli-
cacy of prayer, first published in the
" Unitarian Advocate." B. 1832.

B., J. J. Bragg. Extracts on various
subjects ... L. 1862.

B., J. Sir James Burrow. A few
thoughts upon pointing ... L. 1768.

B., J. Joseph Burton. Gold and com-
petition ; or, the wailings of a commis-
sion man : a satire. Hull, 1863.

B., J. James Beezlei/. A letter to Dr.
Formey, F.R.S L. 1776,

B., J. Miss Jane Belknap. Life of
Jeremy Belknap, D.D N.Y. 1847.

B., J. Rev. John Baylie. Life, the
day for work ... L. 1854.

B., J. James Buckridge. The lives of
the most eminent modern painters . . .
L. 1754.

B., J. J. Backhouse. A memoir of
Deborah Backhouse of York. York,

B., J. John Budge. Memoir of John
Dunstone, who was blind forty-four
j'ears, till his death, in 1856. L. 1857.

B., J. .Tohn Barrow. Memoir of
Sir J. Barrow, by Sir G. T. Staunton,
Bart, Edited . . . 1852.

B., J. Jane Bewick. A memoir of
Thomas Bewick. Edited . . . 1862.


B., J. John Broughton. Miscellanies
in prose and verse ... of Thomas Chat-
terton. Edited . .

B., J. Jonathan Barrett. Observations
on endowments for charitable purposes.
L. 1852.

B., J. James Bateman. The Oxford
crisis . . . By a member of Magdalen
College, Oxford. L. 1845.

B., J. Joseph Bentley. Politics made
easy for Englishmen. L. 1859.

B., J. John Bellows. Ritualism or
Quakerism ? Being remarks on a pam-
phlet by J. W. C[udworth], entitled
"Quakerism and the Church." L. 1870.

B., J. Mrs. J. B. Blackburne. Scenes
of animal life and character . . . L. 1862.

B., J. Joseph Barker. Self-abasement
and self-exaltation . . . Wortley, 1845.

B., J. John Budge. Some observa-
tions on important subjects . . . Cam-
borne, 1846.

B., J. Bev. John Badcock. Thoughts
on the building ... of a . . . church at
Summer-town, near Oxford . . . Oxf . 1832.

B., J., Nottingham. John Burton, in
the "Evangelical Magazine" for 1805.

B., J., a Friend of the Aborigines
Protection Society. John Burtt. The
young patriot, and other poems . . .
Manchester, 1846.

B., J., A Servant of Jesus Christ.
James Bardwood. Hearts-ease in heart-
trouble ... L. 1691.

Ascribed also to John Bunyan.

B., J. A. John Alexander Baxter. A
selection of hymns and psalms . . . 1830.

B., J. B. E. Jean Baptiste J^mile Bail-
Here, in the " Journal de la Librairie."

B., J. C. John Coxe Boyce. Poetical
productions of my youth. Birmingham,

B., J. D. J. D. Bayly. Our homeless
poor ... L. 1860.

B., J. E. J. E. Babron. A day by
the fire, and other papers . . . By Leigh
Hunt. Edited ... B. 1881.

B., J. E. J. E. Brown. The Dove on
the Cross, and other thoughts in verse.
L. 1849.

B., J. E. J. E. Babron. Lamb's " Elia."
Edited ... L. 1866.

B., J. G. John George Bellett. Short
meditations . . . Dublin, 1866.

B., J. G. H. John George Hamilton
Bourne. The exile of Idria : a German
tale ... L. 1833. The name is also
given John Gerrase Hutchinson Bourne.

B., J. H. Joseph H. Buckingham, in
the " Boston Courier," 1840-48.

B., J. Harcourt. J. Harcourt Bland.
An apology for war . . . 1854.

B., J. I. John Hderton Burn, Esq. " For
several years he acted on the committee of
the Labourers' Friend Society, and con-
tributed many valuable papers, under the
signature of *J. LB.,' to the pages of
the monthly publication ' The Labourers'
Friend.' "

B., J. J., B.D. Bev. James John
Douglas. The voice of prayer . . . Ab-
erdeen, 1873.

B., J. K. J. K. Bangs, in his contri-
butions to " Life " (N.Y.).

B., J. K. J. K. Bloomjield. Patient
Susie ; or, paying the mortgage . . . Cin.

B., J. M. John Montgomerie Bell. Bell's
(A. M.) lectures on conveyancing . . .
Edited . . . 1876.

B., J. P. Joshua P. Blanchard. Plan
for terminating the war, by division of
the U. S 1861.

B., J. R. James B. Ballantyne. The
Tarka-Sangraha of Annam Bhatta. Ed-
ited . . . 1851.

B., J. T. John Trotter Brockett. Hints
on . . a typographical society in New-
castle-upon-Tyne. Newcastle, 1818.

B., J. T. Joseph Tinker Buckingham.
The rosary. B. 1834.

B., J. V. Rev. James Vila Blake. "The
morning stars sang together" ... B.

B., J. W. John W. Bell. An anti-
Shakespearian plea. By ... In the
Madison (Wis.) "State Journal," July
22, 1882.

B., Lueinda. Miss Lucinda Bowser.
Angel visitants. L. 18-.

B., Ij. H. Lyman Hotchkiss Bagg.
His signature in the English " Stamp
Collector's Magazine" (Bath), and "The
Philatelist" (Brighton), and in similar
American prints.

B., L. L. Louis Lucien Bonaparte. Or-
thographie applicable aux dialectes de la
langue d'Oil ... L. 1867.

B., M. Mona (Drew) Bickersteth.
Poems. Wales, 1856.

B., M. Mary Brook. Reasons for the
necessity of silent waiting, in order to the
solemn worship of God . . . By . . .
L. 1774.

B., M. E. Mrs. Mary E. Bennett. Queer
people ... By . . . N.Y. 1872.

B., M. H. Mrs. Mary Hewins Burn-
ham, in her contributions to the " Repub-
lican" (St. Louis, Mo.).

B., M. I. M. I. Bromley. Poems. L.

B., M. I. M. I. Booth. The wooing
of King Sigurd. Illustrated . . . 1864.

B. O. W. C. [Brethren of the White



Cross.] James de Milk. A book for
boys. B. 1873.

B., R. Nathaniel Crouch. — See " Bur-
ton, Richard."

B., K. Richard Barrett. The Bible
not a dangerous book ... 2d ed. Dub-
lin, 1821.

B., R. Bobert Brett. Devotions for
the sick-room, L. 1843. — Prayers in
tlie time of cholera. By ... L. 1849.

B., R. Robert Bloomfield. The his-
tory of little Davy's new hat. L.

B., K. Richard Brown. Hospitalla-
ria ... L. 1837.

B.,R. Rev. Bobert Bolton. The Lighted
Valley ; or, the closing scenes of a be-
loved sister . . . N.Y. 1850.

B., R. Richard Brooke. Remarks
and conjectures on the voyage of the
ships " Resolution " and " Discovery " in
search of a northerly passage from
Kampschatka to England after the death
of Capt. Cook ... By . . . L. 1780.

B., R. Robert Browning. A selection
from the poetry of E. B. Browning.
Edited . . . 1866.

B., R., Gent. Robert Blackwell. The
corn-dealer's companion ... L. 1726.

B., R., a Servant of the Churcli of
Christ. Robert Barclay. A Catechism
and Confession of Faith ... L. 1726.

B., R. C. L. Robert Casper Lee Bevan.
Accommodated texts ; or, texts and con-
texts. By . . . L. 1854.

B., R. H. B. H. Blades. Who was
Caxton 1 ... a monograph. L. 1877.

B., R. J. Robert Jefferson Breckin-
ridge, D.D. Jesus and the Coming Glory
. . . Edited . . . B. 1865.

B., R. Li. Rev. Robert Lewis Bamp-
field. Our flslieries: exhortation and
prayers concerning them. (Chiefly from
Bishop Wilson.) Great Yarmouth, 1858.

B., S. Sijlvester Baxter, when Mexican
correspondent of the "Boston Herald."

B., S. Samuel Birch. Italian mediae-
val coins . . . By ... L. 1845.

B., S. Samuel Brewster. A letter to
the parishioners of St. B[otolph] A [Id-
gate], recommending parocMal commun-
ion .. . L. 1701.

B., S. Samuel Barker. Miscellaneous
observations upon authors ancient and
modern. L. 1731-32.

B., S. E. Sir Samuel Egerton Brydges,
Bart. Arthur Eitz-Albini: a novel.
By . . . L. 1810.

B., S. G. Sarah G. Baglei/. Biogra-
phy of self-taught men, continued . . .
B. 1840-47.

B., S. Li. M. S. L. M. Barlow. Let-

ter of C. Columbus describing his first
voyage . . . Edited ... L. 1875.

B., S. O- S. 0. Beeton. The works
of Lord Bacon . . . With a . . . memoir
of the author by . . . L. 1877.

B., T. Rev. Thomas Belsham. The
Book of Common Prayer reformed . . .
Edited ... L. 1813.

B., T. Rev. lliomas Barker, M.A. The
canticles pointed for Anglican chants . . .
By an English presbyter ... L. 1863.

B., T. Thomas Bates. A few words
on the temperance question . . . L. 1877.

B., T. Thomas Brightwell. Journal
of a«tour . . . 1825, through Belgium . . .
Norwich, 1828.

B., T. Rev. Thomas Brett. A letter
shewing why our English Bibles differ so
much from the Septuagint . . . By . . .
L. 1743.

B., T. Thomas Biirtt. Ode ... L.

B., T. Thomas Booseij. Piscatorial
reminiscences and gleanings by an old
angler and bibliopolist ... L. 1835.

B., T. Thomas Branch. Principia le-
gis or equitatis: being an alphabetical
collection of 20,000 maxims, principles
or rules, definitions, and memorable say-
ings in law and equity. By ... L. 1753.

B., T. Thomas Bowdler. Twelve anni-
versary sermons preached before the So-
ciety for the Propagation of the Gospel
in foreign parts. Edited ... L. 1845.

B., T., Minister of the Gospel.
Thomas Bradbury. A mug-house song.
L. 1717.

B., T. B. Thomas Bagnall Baker. A
doctrinal catechism of the Church of
England ... By . . . L. 1840.

B., T. C. Thomas Christopher Banks.
A letter to . . . Lord Brougham . . . signed
... L. 1831.

B., T. M. T. M. Baker. The slave
lover; or, pride humbled: a tale. B.

B., T. S. Thomas Squire Barrett. An
examination of . . . argument a priori for
the existence of a Great Eirst Cause. By
... L. 1869.

B., T. S. T. Seymour Burt. Monody
on the death of H. R. H., the Duchess of
Kent. By . . . L. 1861.

B., V. Vincent Brooks. Chromo litho-
graphs. L. 18-.

B., W. William Bigg. The art of
swimming. L. 1832.

B., W. Walter Bagehot. Bocastle.
" The Spectator," Sept. 22, 1866.

B., W. William Burge. The choral
service of the Anglo-Catholic church. L.




B., W. Bev. William Bright. Eng-
lish Church defence tracts. Edited by
H. P. L. [Henry Parry Liddon] and W.
B. L. 1872.

B., W. William Bromjield. The faith
of the true Christian, and the primitive
Quaker's faith. By . . . L. 1725.

B., W. William Blake. The gates of
Paradise. L. 1793.

B., W. William Bruce, D.D. An in-
troduction to the scanning of the Greek
metres ... By . . . Belfast, 1823.

B., W. William Boi/ne. A manual
of Eoman coins ... L. 1865.

B., W. William Bennett. My mother's
meetings . . . Edited ... L. 1863.

B., W. William Blades. The rules
of the Candlewick Ward Club . . . L. 1876.

B., W. William Brown. Sketch of
the life and character of the late Dr.
William Brown . . . Edinb. 1854.

B., W., Gent. William Brown. Im-
piety and superstition exposed : a poeti-
cal essay . . . Edinb. 1710.

B., W., Gent. William Breton. Mili-
tia discipline. By ... L. 1717.

B., W., Fowey. William Browne. A
geological puzzle; the beach at Ready-
Money Cove, Fowey: "Hardwicke's
Science Gossip," 1869.

B., W., and J. R. Walter Besant and
./. Rice. This son of Vulcan: a novel.
L. 1876.

B., W. A. William A. Brewer, in his
contributions to the "Journal of Com-
merce " (N.Y.).

B., W. B. W. B. Buchanan. Balti-
more ; or, long, long time ago. Bait. 1853.

B., W. B. William Balfour Bailcie.
List of books and manuscripts relat-
ing to Orkney and Zetland . . . By . . .
Kirkwall, 1847.

B., W. B. William Binnington Boyce.
Sketches of Protestant missionary soci-
eties, 1872-73. Compiled ... L. 1874.

B., \V. D. William D. Biclcham, cor-
respondent of the " Cincinnati Commer-
cial," Rosecrans' campaign . . . Cin.

B., W. F. W. F. Bateman. Instruc-
tions given to the guild of St. John the
Evangelist, Upper Norwood, in the
course of theyear 1876. By . . . L. 1877.

B., W. H. Bev. William Hiley Ba-
thurst. Metrical musings; or, thoughts
on sacred subjects in verse. L. 1849.

B., W. J. W. J. Battersby. A com-
plete Catholic directory . . . compiled . . .
L. 1836.

B., W. J. William John Butler, M.A.
School prayers for morning and evening.
Compiled . . . Oxf. 1848.

B., W. J. E. Rev. William. Jajnes
Early Bennett. Advent readings from
the Fathers ... By . . . Oxf. 1852.

B., W. S. Wilfrid Scawen Blunt.
Lady Blunt's Bedouin tribes of the Eu-
phrates . . . Edited ... L. 1879.

B., W. W. W. W. Beldene. A trib-
ute to the memory of Gen. George B.
Boomer . . . About 1865.

B***, le baron. diaries Doris.
Amours secretes de Napoleon Buona-
parte . . Paris, 1817.

B***, Henri. Honor€ de Bafeac, in his
contributions to " La Caricature" (Paris).

B****, Bishop. Bishop Lewis Bagot,
in Beloe's " Sexagenarian," I., 422, 2d ed.
L. 1818.

B****, liieut. Col. Henry Charles
Bunhury. The whist-player : laws and
practice of short whist. L. 1857.

B*******, Lord. Frederick Bichard
Chichester, Earl of Belfast. The farce of
life: a novel, 1852; Wealth and labour:
a novel, 1853; The county magistrate;
Naples, political, social, and religious,
1856 ; The fate of folly, 1859. L.

B*******, Lord. Henry Brougham,
Lord Brougham. The country magis-
trate : a novel. L. 1854.

B , The Right Honourable the

Farl of. Colin Lindsay, third Earl of
Balcarres. An account of the affairs of
Scotland relating to the revolution in
1688. L. 1714.

B , Liord. Henry St. John, Lord

Viscount Bolingbroke. Lord Boling
broke's three letters on patriotism. L.

B , Lord. Frederick Bichard Chi-
chester, Earl of Belfast. Masters and
workmen : a tale ... L. 1851.

B , Prof. Mark H. Beecher or

William W. Benedict. — See "P., Z.,"or
" Pundison, Zacliariah."

B , Sergeant. Robert Butler. Nar-
rative of the life and travels of . . .
Edinb. 1823.

B , E. Edmund Burke. Mr. E.

B.'s answer to his own speech on the 11th
of February, 1780. L. 1780.

B , E., D.D. Edward Bentham,

D.D. The honor of the University of
Oxford defended ... L. 1781.

B , F . Sir Francis Bernard.

The causes of the present distractions in
America explained ... B. 1774.

B , J . Joanna Baillie, in Be-
loe's " Sexagenarian," I., 409, 2d ed. L.

B , J , M.D. William Temple.

A vindication of commerce and the arts . . .




B , R — ■ — , GsQ- Richard Bentley.

A letter to R — B — , Esq., author of the
new comedy called "The Wishes." L.

B— e, Dr. Matthew Baillie, M.D., in
Beloe's " Sexagenarian," I., 314, 2d ed.
L. 1818.

B: — e, Earl of. John Stuart, third Earl
of Bute. A man of abilities for the Earl
of B — e ; or, Scotch politics defeated in
America ... L. 1766.

B — e, the Right Hon. Lord. Fred-
erick Calvert, Lord Baltimore. — See
" Young Gentleman of Sixteen, A."

B — n, Ch — . Charles Bateman. An
enquiry into a late very extraordinary
physical transaction at Eftojn ... L.

B ke, li — d. Henry

St. John, Lord Viscount Bolingbroke.
Speech upon the convention. To the
tune of "A cobbler there was." L. 1739.

Bab. William Schwenck Gilbert. The
"Bab "ballads. L. 1869.

Babble, Nicholas, Esq. Edward
Long. The "Prater." L. 1757.

This imitation of the " Spectator " was pub-
lished under the direction of J. Holcombe. Ed-
ward Long was a contributor.

Babbler. Alfred Trumhle, in his con-
tributions to "The Sunday News" (N.Y.).

Babbler, The. Hugh Kelli/, in Owen's
"Weekly Chronicle," the "Public Ledg-
er," the " Royal Chronicle," etc.

Baboon, liswis. France. — See
" Strutt, Lord."

Bach, Jenny. Jenny Fischer.

Bachelor, A. James Mac Grigor Al-
lan. The last days of ... an autobiog-
raphy. L. 1863.

Bachelor, A. Donald Gh-ant Mitchell.
Reveries of . . . N.Y. 1869.

Bachelor of Arts, A. A. J. P. Mar-
shall. The Oxford undergraduate of
twenty years ago. L. 1874.

Bachelor of Divinity, A. William
Josiah Irons. An answer to the Right
Rev. Dr. Wiseman's letter entitled " Con-
version." L. 1847.

Bachelor, The Mysterious. Dana
Boardman Clark.

Bachelor, The Travelling. James
Fenimore Cooper. The travelling bache-
lor ; or, notions of the Americans. N.Y.

BackTvoodsnian, A. Hon. Thomas
D'Arcy McGee. The Crown and the Con-
federation . . . Montreal, 1864.

Back-woodsman, A. Dr. William
Dunlop. Statistical sketches of Upper
Canada, for the use of emigrants. L.

Baconian. William W. Ferrier. W'lio
wrote Shakespeare f By ... In the
Angola (Ind.) "Herald "for March and
February, 1881.

Bagatelle. A. G. Bagot. Sporting
sketches at home and abroad. By . . .
L. 1879.

Bailey. Frederick Douglass.

Bailey, Junior. William Stevens Rob-
inson, in the " Carpet Bag," 1852.

Baker, Frank, D.O.N. Richard Fran-
cis Burton. Stone talk (Aidocpwyrj/xa) :
being some of the marvellous sayings of
a petral portion of Fleet Street, London,
to one Doctor Polyglott, Ph.D. By . .
[In verse.] L. 1865.

Baker, The Literary. Caleb Jeacocke,
the celebrated baker, who disputed so
much at the Robin Hood Society, where
he presided, and was the author of A
vindication of the moral character of the
apostle Paul ... L. 1765.

Baker Poet, The. Jean Reboul, au-
thor of "Poesies." Paris, 1836.

Baldwin, Rev. Edward. William
Godwin. The Pantheon . . . gods of
Greece, 1806; Pables, ancient and mod-
ern, 1821. L.

Balfour, Clara. Mrs. Felicia Doro-
thea (Browne) Hemans. Modern Greece:
a poem. L. 1817.

Balfour, Felix. Watts Phillips, in
the " London Journal."

Ballantyne, Colin, R.N. William
Dunlop, M.D., who wrote sketches of In-
dian life, and other papers for " Black-
wood," over this signature ; a nom de

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