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his journal. L. 1851.

Traveller, A. Thomas Jefferson Hogg,
Esq. Two hundred and nine days; or,
the journal of ... on the Continent. L.

Traveller and Teacher, A. Alonzo
Tripp. Crests from the ocean world . . .
By . . . B. 1855.

Traveller in the Tropics, A. Ma-
turin M. Ballon. History of Cuba; or,
notes of . . . etc. B. 1854.

Traveller, The. Isaac Story, in some
contributions to the " Columbian Senti-

Travelling Bachelor, A. James Feni-
more Cooper. Notions of the Americans,
picked up by . . . P. 1838.

Travelling Physician, A. Sir George
William Lefevre, Knt. Life of . . . L.

Treasurer of a Corporation, A.
Thomas Greaves Gary. Profits on man-
ufactures at Lowell ... B. 1845.

Treasurer of the Wimbledon Local
Museum, The. Joseph Toynbee. Hints
on the formation of local museums.
By . . . L. 1863.

Trebor. Robert S. Davis. As it may
happen. P. 1879.

Trebor, Eldrah.' Robert Hardie.
Hoyle made familiar. Edinb. 1830.

Treddlehoyle, Tom. J. Rogers. Tom
Treddlehoyle's peep at t'Manchester art
treasures exhebishon e 1857. Leeds, 1857.

Treenoodle, Uncle Jan. William
Sandys, F.S.A. Transactions of the
Loggerville Literary Society. L. 1867.

Trefoil. Gen. F. F. Millen, in his
contributions to the "Golden Era" (San
Francisco, Cal.), ett-.

Tregeuna, the late James Hamley.
Ven. Robert Bateman Paul, M.A. The
autobiography of a Cornish rector. By
... L. 1872.

Trelawny, Anne. Mrs. Anne (Tre-
lawny) Gibbons. An Easter offering. By
... L. 1845.

Tremaine, Canon. Rev. Robert Ste-
phen Hawker, M.A.

The character of Canon Tremaine in Mortimer
Collins's " Sweet and Twenty," a novel, L. 1875,
was intended for Hev. li. S. Hawker.

Trenchard, Asa. Henry Watterson.
Comic sketches. L. 18-.

Trepidantium, Malleus. Samuel
Young, who published tracts under this
name and that of "Calvin Philanax."
L. 1698-1700.

Trepolpen, P. W. William Prideaux
Courtney. His signature in "Notes and
Queries," 1864-69.

Tressilian. Edward William Brydges
Willyams, in Lawrence's " Silverland."

Tretane. Johji JBrendon Curgenven,
2I.R.C.S. London riots in 1780. Light
horse volunteers. By T., in "Notes and
Queries," 1860.

Trevor, Edward. The Right Hon.
Edicard Robert Bulicer-Lytton, Baron Lyt-
ton, joint-author. Tannhauser; or, the
battle of the bards : a poem. L. 1861.

Trevylyan, Mrs. Kitty. Mrs. E. R.
Charles. Diary of . . . N.Y. 1864.

Tricotrin. N. J. Henderson, in the
New York "Tribune."

Trifle and the Editor. Warren Til-
ton and William A. Crafts. Trifleton
papers ... B. 1856.

Trigger, George. W. H. Florio
Hutchisson. Pen and pencil sketches,
being reminiscences during eighteen
years' residence in Bengal. L. 1883.

Trim. Rev. Edward Baldioyn. A
critique on the poetical essays of the
Rev. William Atkinson . . . 1787.

Trim. Louis Gustave Fortune Ratis-
bonne. Les petits hommes, 1868 ; Les
petites femmes, 1871.

Trimalcion. Fe'lix d'Amoreux (called
Jtdes de Saint-F^lix) . Etudes parlemen-
taires, morales, et pittoresques . . . Paris,

Trimble, Esther J. Esther J. T.
Lippincott. A handbook of English and
American literature, historical and criti-
cal. By . . . P. 188-.




Trimester, A. Rev. Stephen Weston.
A Trimester in France and Switzerland.
L. 1821.

Trinim, Timothee. Le'o Lespes. Prom-
enades dans Paris. Paris, 1867.

Trimmer, Tim. Albion H. Redford.
Fred Brenning. Nashville, 1876.

Trimsharp. Harvey A. Fuller. Trim-
sharp's account of himself. Ann Arbor,
Mich., 1873.

Trimstave, Tyro, M.D. Christopher
Beid. Killvillian. A catechetical ode
by the late . . . With preface and notes
by Cosmo Caustic, Gent. Edinb. 1835.

Trinculo. Andrew C Wheeler, in
dramatic criticisms contributed to the
"Leader" (N.Y.).

Trinitarian, A. John Penrose, I\r.A.
Of God or of the divine mind, and of the
doctrine of the Trinity ; also of Panthe-
ism. Oxf. 1849.

Trinity Man, A. .John Wright: Alma
Mater; or, seven years at Cambridge
University. Edinb. 1827.

Trinity Undergraduates [One of].
W. C. Borlase. Leaves from the Lime-
Walk. By . . . Oxf. 1867.

Contains " A "West Country ditty," and other
pieces signed "B.," i.e. W. C. Forlase.

Trip, Tom. Giles Jones. The history
of Giles Gingerbread . . . N.Y. 1880.

Tripe, Dr. Andrevp. Jonathan Swift,
D.D. A letter from the facetious ... at
Bath, to the venerable Nestor Ironsides
(the name under which Steele wrote
"The Guardian"). L. 1714.

Tripe, Dr. Andrew. Br. William
Wagstaffe. A letter ... to his loving
brother, the profound Greshamite. n.p.

Trismegistus. Thomas Manning, the
" Trismegistus " of Lamb's " Letters."

Trismegistus. Moses Whitney, Jr.,
in the " New England Galaxy." B. 1828
et seq.

Triton, Willie. Alonzo Tripp. The
fisher boy. B. 1857.

Trognon, A. Le Prince de Joinville.
Campagne de I'annee du Potomac . . .
N.Y. 1862.^

Trois Etoiles. Eustace Clare Gren-
ville Murraij. The Boudoir cabal. L.

Trollopp, Sir Francis. Paul Fe'val.
Les mysteres de Londres. Paris, 1844.

Trooper, A. John A. B. Williams.
Leaves from a trooper's diary. P.

Trooper, A. Frederick Colburn Adams.
Story of . . . campaign on the Peninsula,
1861-62. N.Y. 1865.

Trotandot, Jolin. George P. R. Pul-

man. Eambles, roamings/and recollec
tions ... L. 1870.

Trott, Jolin, Yeoman. Henry St.
John, Viscount Bolingbroke. A letter to
Caleb D'Anvers, Esq., concerning the
state of aft'airs in Europe as published in
the "Craftsman "... L. 1730.

Trottplaid, John, Esq. Henry Field-
ing, -who in 1747 brought out the "Jaco-
bite Journal " as the production of J, T.,

Trovata, Ben. Samuel Lover. Rival
rhymes in honour of Burns ... L. 1859.

Trovator. William Francis Williams.
Letters from Europe, in " Dwight's Jour-
nal of Music." 1861.

Trowel, Adjutant. Tliomas Dawes.
Proposals for printing by subscription
the history of Adj. Trowell and Bluster
\i.e., James Otis]. B. 1761.

Truck, Bill. .John Howell. The man^
of-war's-raan, originally published in
"Blackwood's Magazine," commencing
in Vol. X., p. 161.

True, Fanny. Miss Mary Asenath
Short, who contributed poems to "Ar-
thur's Home Magazine" and "Beadle's
Home Monthly " under this nom de plume.

True Liover of Presbyterian Prin-
ciples, A. Rev. John Malcome, of Dun-
murry. More light ... n.p. 1721-22.

True Quaker, A. William Singleton.
A letter addressed to Joseph John Gur-
ney ... By . . . Nottingham, 1824.

True Son of the Church of Eng-
land, A. William Asplin. The anatomy
of the Kebla; or, a dissection of the
defence of Eastward adoration ... L.

True Son of the Church of Scot-
land, A. William Cheyne. The friend-
ship of Christ . . . Edinb. 1718.

The dedication is signed " W. C."

Trumbull. Noah Webster. Article
in " Hampshire Gazette," Feb. 14 and 21,

Trumps. William Brisbane Dick (?).
The American Hoyle . . . N.Y. 1868.

Trusta, H. Mrs. Elizabeth (Stuart)
Phelps. A peep at "Number Five." B.
1852, etc.

Truth. James Stephen, in various let-
ters to the "Courier" (L. 1816) upon
the Crown Estates in the West Indies.

Tub, Elder Triptolemus. Rev.
George Rogers. Adventures of . . . B.

Tugmutton, Timothy. Charles Char'
ley. Letter [on Governor Eyre's case]
offered to the "Times," and placed
among its " Rejected Addresses." Signed
..." Christmas, 1868." Truro, 1868.




Tardus Merula. Frau Emil von
Quanten, who, under this name, has ob-
tained a reputation as a translator.

Turkish Spy, A. Giovanni Paolo
Marana. Letters writ by . . . L, 1770.
— See " Mahmut the Spy."

Turnham, Trevelyan, Esq. James
Flaviank. Tracings of men and things
... L. 1854.

Tutor, A. William Jones, F.R.S. Let-
ters ... to his pupils. L. 1780.

Tutor, and Fellow of a College in
Oxford, A. Rev. Edward Bentham. A
letter to a young gentleman, n.p. 1748.

Tuvar, Loreiizo. Wilson Armistead.
Tales and legends of the English lakes
and mountains . . . Compiled by . . . L.
about 1855.

Twain, Mark. Samuel Langhorne
Clemens. The Innocents abroad; and
other works. 1871-85.

In 1877 the " San Francisco (Cal.) Alta " pub-
lished the following letter from Mr. Clemens to
Mr. John A. McPherson of that city, in which
the former gentleman explains how he came to
adopt the pseudoujTn : —

" Dear Sib, — ' Mark Twain ' was the nom de
plume of one Capt. Isaiah Sellers, who used to
write river news over it for the New Orleans
' Picayune.' He died in 1863, and as he could bo
longer need that signature, I laid violent hands
apon it without asking permission of the propri-
etor's remains. That is the history of the iiom
deplume I bear. Yours truly,

Twig, Timothy, Esq. Joseph Moser,
Esq. The adventures of ... in a series
of poetical epistles. L. 1794.

Twig, Timothy, Esq. Alexander
Campbell. The guinea note : a poem.
Edinb. 1797.

Twist- w^it, Christopher, Esq. Chris-
topher Anstey. Madge's addresses to C.
W., Esquire, Bath-laureat, and Miller's
Plumian professor. L. 1777.

Twitcher, Jemmy. Lord Sandwich,
the "Jemmy Twitcher" of the news-
papers during the latter part of the last

Two Americans. Arthur and Augustus
Beaumont. Adventures of . . .in the siege
of Brussels, September, 1830. By one of
them. L. 1830.

Two Brothers. A. and George Henry
Mooney. Sevastopol: our tent in the
Crimea. L. 1856.

Two Brothers. Julius Charles and
Augustus William Hare. Guesses at
truth. L. 1827-48.

Two Brothers. Alfred and Charles
Tennyson. Poems. L. 1827.

Two Candidates for the Bachelor's
Degree. Theodore Parsons and Eliphalet
Pt arson. A forensic dispute on the legal-

ity of enslaving the Africans, held at the
public Commencement in Cambridge,New
England, July 21st, 1773. B. 1773.

Two Children. Elaine and Dora
Goodale. Verses by . . . N.Y. 1878.

T-wo Clergymen. Rev. James Ellaby
and Rev. A. S. Thelwall. Anti-mammon ;
or, an exposure of the unscriptural state-
ments of " Mammon "... L. 1837.

Two English Gentlemen. W. R.
and Eustace Chetwood. A tour through
Ireland, in several entertaining letters.
Dublin, 1748. See " N. & Q.," 3d Ser.,
II., 148, 258.

Tw^o Englishmen. — Rivington and
— Harris. Reminiscences of America
in 1869. L. 1870.

Two Friends. John James Piatt and
William Dean Howells. Poems of . . .
N.Y. 1860.

Tw^o Gentlemen of Harvard. John
Tyler Wheelwright and Frederic Jesup
Stimson. RoUo's journey to Cambridge.
B. 1880.

Tavo Merry Men. Francis Edward
Smedley and Edmund Hodgson Yates.
Mirth and metre. By . . . L. 1855.

Tw^o Mounted Sentries. Lt.-Col.
John Josiah Hort. The Horse Guards
... L. 1851.

Two Oxford Men. Rev. Robert Ste-
phen Hawker, M.A. A ride from Bude
to Boss. By ... " Belgravia," iii. 328-
37 (1867).

Two Priests of the Church of Eng-
land. John Mason Neale and Rev.
Joseph Haskoll. The history and fate
of sacrilege. Edited by . , . L. 1853.

Two Private Soldiers. Lemuel Lyon
and S. Haws. Military journals of . . .
1758-1775 . . . Poughkeepsie, N.Y.,

Tvro Sisters. Madeline Wallace and
Rosalind Diinlop. The timely retreat.
By . . . L. 1858.

Two Sisters, The. Eliza and Sarah
G. Walcott. The two sisters' poems and
memoirs. New Haven, 1830.

Two Sisters of the West. 3Irs.
Catharine Ann ( Ware) Warjield and
il//-s. Eleanor Percy ( Ware ) Lee.
Poems by . . . N.Y. 1843.

T^vo of thenjselves. 3Irs. Elizabeth
(Rundle) Charles. Chronicles of the
Schonberg-Cotta family ; by . . . L.

Tydus-Pooh-Pooh. Sir John Bow-
ring, in the " Maclise Portrait Gallery."

" To a grateful and discerning public . . . we
gladly submit the efflgy of our Man of Genius
. . . ' Tydus-Pooh-Pooh, the translator of the
poetry of the Sandwich Islands.'

" Further on in the pages of Fraser (vol. xxi..




p. 22), it may be read that this queer, enigmati-
cal plate is merely a joke, the point of which is
now forgotten ... I would, however, just hint
. . . that the original of this odd caricature por-
trait was no other than the celebrated scholar,
linguist, and political economist, Dr. — more re-
cently Sir John — Bowring, so well known by
hie translations from the Russian, Sei"vian, Po-
lish, Magyar, Danish, Swedish, Frisian, Dutch,
Eethonian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Icelandic
poetry." — See the " Maclise Portrait Gallery,"
pp. 74, 75.

Tyne, William de. William Sidney
Gibson, F.S.A. The day after to-mor-
row ; or, fata morgana ... L. 1858.

Tynt, R. Harcourt Brown. Streetol-
ogy of London; or, the metropolitan
papers of the Itinerant Club. L.

Typo, A. John S. Rohb. The West-
ern wanderings of . . . P. 1846.

Tyro Phileleutherus. John Duncan,
D.D. An address to rational advo-
cates for the Church of England. L.

Tyro Philolegis. William Livingston.
He was studying law in New York City,
with Mr. James Alexander, when two es-
says which he published under this sig-
nature, in Parker's New York " Weekly
Post Boy," 1745, offended his instructor,
and led to his withdrawal to the office of
Mr. William Smith.

Tytler, C. C. Fraser, Mrs. Edward
Slidell. Jasmine Leigh. L. 1871.

Tytler, Sarah. Miss Henrietta Ked-
die. Modern painters and their paint-
ings. L. 1874.


U. A. W. and J. C Hare. — See
"Two Brothers."

U., C. Charles Usher. A letter
to a member of the Convocation of
the University of Oxford ... L. 1699.

U., E. Edward Upham. Kameses :
an Egyptian tale, etc. L. 1824.

U., E. V. Edward Vernon Utterson.
A little book of ballads. Edited by . . .
Newport, 1836.

U., J. James Usher. Clio; or, a dis-
course on taste. L. 1772.

U., J. John Upton. Miscellaneous
observations upon authors ancient and
modem. L. 1731-32.

U., M. Mary Uniache. The dolls'
pic-nic. By . . . L. 1860.

U. S. E. W. Spear. Emanuel Swe-
denborg . . . by . . .

U. U. Cyrus Redding. The sword
Bong of Korner. Translated closely from
the German. Signed ... in "Black-
wood's Magazine," xii., 585-86. 1862.

U — d, T. T. tinderwood. A dialogue
in Hudibrastic verse. Occasioned by the
publication of a volume of poems by . . .
L. 1768.

" Ubique." Parker Gillmore. Acces-
sible field sports ; the experiences of a
sportsman in North America. By . . .
L. 1869.

Ulsternian, An. George Sigerson.
Modern Ireland ... L. 1868.

Ulysses. George Newman Bliss, in the
Providence papers. 1861-65.

Ulysses. Samuel Graves. A letter
to the Right Hon. George Canning
. . . 1814.

Ulysses Cosmopolita. George Berke-
ley, D.D., in his contributions to the
"Guardian," No. 35, Apr. 21, 1713; No.
39, Apr. 25, 1713.

Umbra. Charles Cavendish Clifford,
M.P. Hotch-pot . . . Edinb. 1866.

Una. Mrs. 3Iary {Hall) Lawrence.

" Distinguished for her beauty, she was ponr-
trayed by West in two of his most admired pic-
tures: first, as Una; and secondly, as Fidelia, in
his 'Fidelia and Speranza.'" — See "Gent. Mag.,"
February, 1S15, p. 184.

Una. Miss Mary A. McMullen.
Snatches of song. St. Louis, 1874.

Uncle Tom's Nephew. Thomas
Driver. The slavery of the pulpit . . .
Salem, Mass., 1860.

Uncommercial Traveller, The.
Charles Dickens. Notes by . . . in " All
the Year Round." L. 1861-68.

Unda. Thomas S. Muir. Inchcolm,
Aberdour, North Rona, Sula Sgeir . . .
Edinb. 1872.

Undergraduate, An. Rev. Thomas
Whytehead, M.A. College life. Letters
by . . . 1845.

Undergraduate, An. Rev. Thomas
Agar Holland, M.A. (?). The colossal
statue of William Wallace: a poem.
By . , . Oxf. 1824.

Undergraduate, An. Rev. Richard
Polwhele. The follies of Oxford ; or,
cursory sketches on a university educa-
tion from ... to his friend in the coun-
try. L. 1785.

Undergraduate, An. George Home,
Bishop of Norwich. A letter to the Rev-
erend Doctor Priestley. By . . . Oxf.




Undergraduate, An. John Delaware
Lewis. Uur college, leaves from . . .
Scribbling book. L. 1857.

Undergraduate, An. William Penn.
Vindicise Britannicse , . . By ... L.

Undergraduate of the University
of Oxford, An. Benjamin Bailey. A
discourse inscribed to the memory of
the Princess Charlotte Augusta. L.

Underbill, Doctor Updike. Royall
Tijler. The Algerine captive ; or, the
life and adventures of . . . Walpole,
N.H., 1797.

Underwriter, An. Samuel A. Wells.
Opinion of the Supreme Judicial Court
of Massachusetts in the case of W. Eager
V. the Atlas Ins. Co. With remarks . . .
by . . . B. 18.33.

Uneducated 3Iaii, An. Thomas Flin-
dell. Prison recreations . . . Exeter, 1822.

Unfeigned Admirer of genuine
Britisli Jurisprudence, An. Henry
Constantine Jennings. A free enquiry
into the enormous increase of attornies
. . . Chelmsford, 1785.

Unfortunate Nobleman, An. Thomas
Christopher Banks. The detection of
infamy . . . n.p. 1816.

Uniche. Mrs. R. A. Heavlin. The
mysteries of Isis, by . . . N.Y. 1858.

Unitarian, A. L. Foot. A few
words of plain truth . . . By . . . 1832.

Unitarian, Tbe. Lant Carpenter,
LL.D. The Unitarian's appeal . . .
Bristol, 1817.

Unitarian Clergyman, An. Henry
Ware, Jr., D.D. Reply of ... to the
"Letter of a gentleman in Boston" [L.
Tappan]. B. 1828.

Unitarian Layman, A. H. J. Huide-
koper. Unitarianism the doctrine of the
Bible... By... Pittsburgh, Penn., 1843.

University Man, A. George Carring-
ton. Colonial adventures and experi-
ences. By . . . L. 1871.

University Pen, An. Luke Howard.
Extracts from the Spiritual Bee ... L.

University Professor, An. Alexander
Harvey, M.D. Man's place and bread
unique in nature, and his pedigree human
not semian . . . Edinb. 1865.

Unknown, An. George Mollett Murphy.

The slave among pirates ; or, " Uncle
Tim's " many editors : a satire. By . . .
L. 1852.

Unknown Friend, An. Rev. George
Garden. A letter to the Episcopal
clergy in Scotland . . . Edinb. 1703.

Dated M.DC.m., but published in 1703.

Untaught Minstrel, An. Elizabeth
N. Locherby. The wild brier . . . Char-
lottetown, 1866.

Unus quorum. William Wadd, Esq.,
F.L.S. Nuga9 canoras; or, epitaphian
mementoes (in. stone-cutter's verse) of
the Medici family of modern times. By
... L. 1827.

UnvFortby Member of that Com-
munity, An. John Rutty. The liberty
of the spirit and of the flesh distin-
guished : in an address to those cap-
tives in spirit among the people called
Quakers, who are commonly called Lib-
ertines. By . . . P. 1759.

Upholsterer, An. A. J. Kay. The
age of gold ; and other poems. By . . .
L. 1851.

Upper Graduate, An. Rev. Alexan-
der Geddes. A letter to the Eight Rev.
the Archbishops and Bishops of England
... By . . . L. 1790.

Upper Servant, An. Jonathan Swift,
D.D. Advice to servants, by . . . 172-.

Upper Servant, An. John Jones.
Hints to servants : being a poetical
and modernized version of Dean
Swift's " Directions to Servants "...
L. 1843.

Urban, Sylvanus. The pseudonym
adopted by the managing editor of the
" Gent. Mag.," from its commencement
in 1731 to the present day.

" It is intended to typify the interest taken by
the periodical in both town and country affairs."

triiJes for the " Morning Post,"

And nothing for Sylvanus Urban.

— W. M. Praed, " The Vicar."

Utis, U. Donough [you don't know
who 'tis]. Richard Grant White.

Utopiensis, Bernardus. John Rutty.
A second dissertation on the liberty of
preaching granted to women by the peo-
ple called Quakers ... By . . . Dublin,

Uvedale, Christian, M.D. Sir John
Hill. The construction of the nerves . . .
L. 1758.




V. Orville J. Victor. The American
Rebellion. N.Y. 1862.

V. Mrs. Caroline ( Wigley) Clive. Po-
ems. L. 1872.

v., A. J. Abraham John Valpy. Q.
Horatii Flacci opera. Edited by , . .
L. 1818.

v., C. Charles Vallancey, LL.D. An
essay towards illustrating the ancient
history of the Britannic Isles ... L.

v., C. M. C. M. Vaughan. An ad-
vanced reading book. L. 1866.

V. D. C. Ch. Fr. Valentin de Cullion.
Examen de I'esclavage . . . Paris, 1802.

v., F. E. J. Francis Edward Jackson
Valpy. Sacrae historise veteris epitome
. . . L. 1862.

v., G. Gilbert Venables. Facts and
comments bearing on Mr. Morgan's Buri-
als Bill. L. 1873.

v., G. George Vivian. Sonle illustra-
tions of the architecture of Claverton
and of the Duke's house, Bradford, etc.
L. 1837.

v., G. G. G. G. Vaudoncourt. Let-
ters on the internal political state of
Spain during 1821-23. L. 1825.

v., G. li. 31rs. G. L. Vanderbudt. A
kite story. A birthday festival . . .
N.Y. 1871.

v., H. H. Vizetelly. Christmas with
the poets : a collection of songs . . .
Embellished ... by Birket Foster, etc.
Edited by . . . L. 1851.

v., H. Herbert Vaughan. Devotions
for Advent, Christmas, and the Epiph-
any (Paschal Time . . . Whitsuntide) . . .
L. 1867.

v., H. F. Henrietta F. Valpy. Au-
tumnal leaves, etc. L. 1834.

v., I. Mrs. Isabella Jane (Houlton)
Vivian. To Mrs. Henry Austin Bruce.
The midnight watch. Words and music
by . . . L. 1876.

v., J. John Vizard. Narrative of a
tour through France, Italy, and Switzer-
land ... L. 1872.

v., 1j. Louis Viardot. Apologie d'un
Incre'dule. Paris, 1868.

v., li. Mrs. Laura (.Jewry ) Valentine.
Beautiful bouquets gathered from the
poets of all countries . . . Selected and
edited by . . . L. 1869.

v., Mary V. Thomas Jefferson (?).
A dialogue between a Southern delegate
and his spouse, on his return from the
Grand Continental Congress. A frag-

ment, inscribed to the married ladies of
America, by . . . N.Y. 1774.

v., R. Bichard Valpy. The second
part of King Henry the Fourth, altered by
... L, 1801.

V. S. N. David Dakers Black. Legal
reform in Scotland proposed . . . Edinb.

The letters "V. S. N." are the initials of
Virtus sola nobiliias, the notarial docquet of
D. D. B.

v., T. T.Veasey. Hours of solitude ;
or, poetical recreations of a bachelor.
By . . . L. 1851.

V , Emilia. Emilia Viviana.

Epipsychidion. Verses addressed [by
P. B. Shelley] to the noble and unfortu-
nate lady . . . now imprisoned in the con-
vent of (St. Anne, Pisa. With an

advertisement signed S., i.e. P. B. Shel-
ley]. L. 1821.

v., Liady V — ss. Lady Viscountess
Vane. A letter to . . . occasioned by
the publication of her memoirs in the
"Adventures of Peregrine Pickle." L.

V***, Mr. de. Frangois Marie Arouet
de Voltaire. Histoire de Charles XII.,
Roi de Suede, par . . . Basle, 1731.

Vagabond. Adam Badeau. The vaga-
bond. N.Y. 1859.

Vagabondia. Mrs. Frances Hodgson

" At seven, Frances' ' Stories ' were the de-
light of her brothers and sisters. We can well
imagine no day dreary, and no evening could be
long in that household, a circle which in later
years has become familiar through her pen as
' Vagabondia.' The first essay at a story that
might go beyond the approving audience of
'Vagabondia' was attempted in her 13th year;
written and read, not told, to her two sisters,
when she was nearly 15." — From the Boston
" Sunday Herald."

Valbert.G. Victor Gherbuliez. Hommes
et choses d'Allemagne. 1877.

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wood. Bibliomaniac ballad. L. 1815 (1).

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Natalie ; or, a gem among the sea-weeds
. . . Andover, Mass., 1858.

Valens. Richard Burke. About 1770
et seq. The three Burkes, Edmund,
Richard, and William, wrote for the
London " Evening Post." Richard was
the principal contributor, under the sig-
nature of " Valens."

Valentine. Bev. Joseph Holden Pott,
M.A. The tour of , . . L. 1786.

Valentine. David T. William I.




Paulding. History of the City of New
York. Bj ... N.Y. 1853.

This work was compiled by Mr. Paulding,
though published under the name of Mr. Valen-

Valentine, Floyd. Floyd Vail, in
contributions to tlie "Freeman's Jour-
nal" (1884), etc.

"Valerie. Mme. Wilhelmine Jos€phine
Simonin Fould.

Valerius. One of tlie pseudonyms at-
tributed to Junius {q-v.).

The first letter, signed as above, ia dated May
12, 176S, and relates to the Duke of Portland's
case, in reply to a defence of the grant to Sir
James Lowther. Another letter, dated August
23, 1768, relates to Sir Jeffery Amherst.

Valerius. William Coombe. The let-
ters of ... on the state of parties, etc.
Originally published in the "Times."
L. 1804.

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aly and its comforts. Manual of tour-
ists. By . . . L. 1841.

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Die Opfer der Wissenschaft. 1879.

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fidences d'une Puritaine. Paris, 1865.

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" Springfield Eepublican."

Van Augustine. John G. Abbott, in
letters to the Boston " Herald," from
Maine and later on from Cuba.

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sur les e'crivains fran^ais. Brussels, 1837.

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