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W., E. Edward Ward. The mourn-
ing prophet ... L. 1714.

W., E. Edward West. Observations
... L. 1835.

W., E. Edward Wynne. Observa-
tions touching the antiquity and dignity
of the degree of Serjeant of Law. 1765.

W., E., and Li., A. Say and seal . . .
L. 1860.

The preface is signed " E. W." [i.e. Eliza-
beth Wetherell], pseud, for Susan Warner,
and "A. L." [i.e. Amy Lothrop], pseud, for
Anna B. Warner.

W., E. H. E. H. Watson. Child-life
in Europe ... By . . . B. 1874.

W., E. J. Miss E. Jane Whately.
[Richard Whately's] The judgment of

conscience, and other sermons. Ed. by
. . . L. 1864.

W., E. S. E. S. Waters. Inter-State
. . . Exposition. Handbook to the bric-a-
brac collection, etc. Compiled by . . .
Chic. 1877.

W., F. Forbes Benignus Winslow. On
the nature, symptoms, and treatment of
cholera. By Medicus. L. 1831.

W., F. Rev. Francis Wrangham.
Psychse; or, songs of butterflies, by T.
H. Bayly, Esq. Attempted in Latin
rhymes, to the same airs; with a few
additional trifles. Malton, 1828.

W., F. Francis ]\^arton. A reminis-
cence of Gambier. Camb. 1868. — See
"L., E." [i.e. Lewis, Emma].

W., F. Francis Wilson. Where shall
I worship when I am saved ? In verse.
By . . . L. 1879.

W., F., B.Li. Francis Wise, Radcliffe
Librarian. History and chronology of
the Fabulous Ages, considered ... L.

W., F. C. F. C. Westley. The new
guide to Cheltenham . . . By ... L.

W., F. G. Francis Godolphin Wat-
dron. The Holy Vengeance : a Scottish
ballad, by . . . 1802.

W., G. G. Wall. A catalogue of
ferns indigenous to Ceylon ... L.

W., G. George Woodley. Mount-
Edgcumbe : a descriptive poem . . .
Dock, 1804.

W. G. William Frederick Deacon.
Warreniana ... B. 1851.

W., Gilbert. Gilbert Wakefield, in
Beloe's "Sexagenarian," Vol. 1, Chap.
XIV., p. 84.

W., G. R. George Robert Wynne.
Overton's question, and what came of
it. By . . . L. 1868.

W. H. Henry Wash. Adelphi series
[of school books]. By . . . L. 1871.

W., H. H. Wigram ( ? ) . Digest of rules
and orders of the High Court of Judi-
cature at Madras . . . Corrected up to
20th October, 1873, by H. W. Madras,

W., H. E. Whately (?). Life in a
Swiss chalet, etc. : a tale by . . . L.

W., H. Horace Walpole. The mag-
pie and her brood . . . Probably Straw-
berry Hill, 1758.

W., H. Henry Wix. On roach fishing
... By . . . L. 1860.

W., H. A. Henry Austin Whitney. A
brief account of the descendants of John
and Elinor Whitney. By . . . B. 1857.




W., H. B. Harry Brown WilJcinson.
Handbook of guaranteed furnished
apartments and hotels at home and
abroad. By . . . L. 1873.

W., H.E.C. Nicholas Patrick Stephen
Wiseman. Hymnus S. Casimiri m hono-
rem Deiparse Virginis Mari^ . . . Trans.
. . . by . . . [i.e., His Eminence Cardinal
Wiseman]. L. 1859.

W., H. Li. Henry L. Williams, .Jr.
Bryant's new songster, etc. Ed. by . . .
L. 1864.

W., H. Li. Henry Lovett Woodivard.
Poems of a religious kind in the " Chris-
tian Observer." L. 1835-36.

W., H. N. F. H. iV. F. Woodburn.
Senatorial functions . . . By . . . L.

W.,H. P. Mrs. H. P. Warner. Our
baby [poems]. N.Y. 1872.

W., H. S. Henry Stevenson Wash-
burn. The vacant chair . . . Words by
. . . Music by G. F. Root. Chicago,

W., I. Isaac Williams. Hymns on
the catechism [of the Church of Eng-
land]. By . . . L. 1843.

W., J. James White. — See Lamb's
" Elia," " The Praise of Chimney Sweep-

W., J. John Washington. The Baltic
pilot. Edited by . . . L. 1855.

\V., J. John Wade. The cabinet
lawyer ... L. 1866.

W., J. Rev. James White. John Sa-
vile of Haysted : a tragedy . . . By . . .
L. 1847.

W., J. Jean Wallon. M. Cousin.
Paris, 1859.

W., J. John Wilson. The music of
the soul ... in verse. L. 1829.

W., J. John Wauchope. The whole
doctrine of the Sabbath . . . Edinb.

W., J., C — t — ss of R — s — g. Justine
Wynne, Countess of Eosemberg. Moral
and sentimental essays ... L. 1785.

W., J., deceased, in usum Amico-
rum. John Wilson, of Islington, in the
"Music of the Soul "... L. 1829.

W. J., Mrs. Mrs. J. Williamson.
Hymns for the household of faith, and
lays of the Better Land ... L.

W., J., M.D. Dr. James Wallace.
The history of the kingdom of Scotland
. . . Dublin, 1724.

W., J., M.O.S.B. Joseph Wyche. The
creed expounded ... L. 1735.

W., J., of Tysoe. John Wright. Cot-
tagers' family prayers. By . . . Chel-
tenham, 1845.

W., J. E. Jonas E. Whitley, in his

contributions to the "World" (N.Y.)

W., J. E. John Ernest Weelces. Lec-
tures on art [by Henry Weekes, R.A.],
with sketch of the autlior's life [by
J. E. W.] . . . L. 1880.

W., J. F. W. Rev. John Fothergill
Waterhouse Ware. [Sadler's] Silent pas-
tor, etc. By . . . B. 1848.

W., J. H. John Huddlestone Wynne.
Tales for youth; in thirty poems ... L.

W., J. I. John Iliffe Wilson. A brief
history of Christ's Hospital . . . By . . .
L. 1820.

W., J. J. James Jacob Welsh. A brief
notice of Mr. T. Taylor, the . . . Platonist
... By . . . L. 1851.

W., J. J. G., of St. John's Wood.
James John Garth Wilhinson. Improvi-
sations from the spirit [in verse]. L.

W., J. li. Jean L. Watson. Bygone
days in our village. Edinb. 1864.

W., J. Li. Miss Jane Louisa Willyams.
Passing hours [poems]. By . . . Trur*,

W., J. P. John Philip Wood. A
sketch of the life and projects of John
Law . . . Edinb. 1791.

W., J. R. Rev. John Rowland West.
A catechism on the Church. L. 1848.

W., J. R. Rev. John Ryle Wood.
Some recollections of the last days of . . .
King William the Eourth. L. 1837.

W., J. S. Rev. Joseph Stone Williams.
All nations. England. The chronology
of the world ... L. 1871.

W., J. T. J. Talboys WJieeler. An
analysis and summary of Thucydides.
By . . . L. 1852.

W., J. W. J. W. Woolgar. Catalogue
of the library of the Eoyal Astronomical
Society. November, 1850. By ... L

W., Li. Leonard Welsted.

'"L. W.,' characterized in the 'Bathos; or,
the Art of Sinking,' as a didapper, and after as
an eel, is eaid to be this person, by Dennis,
' Daily Journal' of May 11, 1728." — Chalmeks,
Vol. 31.

W., Li. Mrs. L. Whitney. The burn-
ing of the convent ... as remembered
by one of the pupils. Camb., Mass.,

W. lu. Robert Lang. The father's
catechism . . . Glasgow, 1726.

W., Li. Leonard Waldo. Standard
public time . . . Camb. 1877.

W., Li. Sir Frederick Charles Lascelles
Wraxall, Bart. The trappers of Arkansas
. . . Trans L. 1864.

W., Li. P. Mrs. Lucy Pauline ( Wright)




Hohart. The changed cross [in verse].
Birmingham, 1855.

W., M. Mary Williams. Little Ella
and the Tire King, and other tales.
Edinb. 1861.

W., M. Maxwell Woodhull. Our
navy ... W. 1854.

W., M. E. C. Rev. Mackenzie Edward
Charles Walcott,B.D. Leaflets [inverse].
By . . . L. 1872.

W., M. J. M. J. Wilkinson. Memo-
rials of an Indian missionary; or, a
memoir of M. Wilkinson. Compiled by
a member of his family ... L. 1859.

W., M. S. M. S. Woodman. Choice
receipts ... B. 1875.

W., N. B. Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward.
Aspects of nature. Clapham, 1864.

W., N., C Nicholas Wiseman, Cardinal.
A retrospect of many years, being verses
. . . by . . . L. 1864.

W. P. Charles Dickens. The " Goings
on " at Bramsby Hall, In the " Monthly
Magazine," etc., for September, 18-34.

W., P. C. Philip Carteret Webb. A
short account of Danegeld, etc. By . . .
L. 1756.

W., R. Bichard Wharton. Cheviot:
a, poetical fragment. By R. W. New-
castle-upon-Tyne, 1817.

W., R. Robert Walker. Erom Tap-
low to Taunton. By . . . Weymouth,

W., R. Robert White. Going home
[a poem]. By . . . Newcastle-upon-
Tyne, 1850.

W., R. Robert Wright. An humble
address to the commissioners appointed
to judge of all performances relating to
the longitude ... L. 1728.

W., R. Robert Whatleij. A short his-
tory of a ten years' negotiation between
a prime minister [Sir K. Walpole] and a
private gentleman ... L. 1737.

W., R., Jr. Robert Wickliffe, Jr.
Machiavel's political discourses . . .
Louisville, 1840.

W., R., D.P. B. Wetham. New Tes-
tament, translated from the Latin Vul-
gate . . . Douay, 1730-33.

W., R., M.D. Robert Willis. [Les-
«ing's] Nathan the Wise . . . with an
introduction, etc. By ... L. 1868.

W., R. C Rev. Robert Cassie Water-
ston. Service book ... B. 1846.

W., R. E. E. Rowland Eyles Egerton
Warburton. Hunting songs, ballads, etc.
By . . . Chester, 1834.

W., R. G. Richard Chant White, in
his contributions to the "New York
Times," etc.

W., R. P. Robert Plumer Ward.

Illustrations of human life. By . . ,
L. 1837.

W. S. Charles Chauncy, in the "Anti-
gionian and Bostonian beauties ... B.

W., S. Samuel Warren. Cotton. By
... L. 1874.

W., S. Rev. Samuel Walker. The
doctrine of the Eucharist stated . . .
By a Presbyter of the Church of Eng-
land. L. 1720.

W., S. Susan Warner. The letter of
credit. By . , . N.Y. 1882.

W., S. Miss S. Waring, The meadow
queen ; or, the young botanists with the
wild-flower alphabet. By , . . L. 1886.

W., S. S. Watts. The religion of
Jesus... By... L. 1838.

W., S. Stephen Weston. A supple-
ment to the German grammar. By . . .
L. 1829.

W., S.,A.B. Charles Chauncy, D.D.
The Antigionian and Bostonian beauties :
a poem. Occasion'd by seeing the As-
sembly at St. John's, Antigua . . . and
afterwards at Boston, in King-street. By
... B. 1754.

W., S., A.B. S. Walker, A.B. Tradi-
tion is no rule now to Christians, either
of faith or practice . . . By . . . L. 1721.

W., S., F.R.S., F.S.A. Rev. Stephen
Weston. The praise of Paris . . . By . . .
L. 1803.

W., S. A. Bev. Samuel Abraham
Walker. Absolution. L. 1874.

W., S. B. Stephen B. Wickins. The
life of the Rev. Legh Richmond . . .
N.Y. 1842.

W., S. D. S. D. Waring, in his trans-
lation of " Charcoal drawing, by Auguste
Allonge." N.Y. 1876.

W., S. M. S. M. Warren. A com-
pendium of the . . . works of Emanuel
Swedenborg . . . With many new ex-
tracts . . . added by the present compiler
... L. 1875.

W., T. — See " Amateur, An " (Wil-

W., T. Thomas Walters.

" He was the author of numerous letters, un-
der anonymous signatures, in various magazines
and public journals, for the space of half a cen-
tury; more particularly as 'T. W.,' in the pages
of Sylvanus Urban." — In the " Gent. Mag."

W., T. Thomas Warton. "Student"
(The) ; or, the " Oxford and Cambridge
Monthly Miscellany." 1750-51.

" Its principal writers were Mr. Eonnell
Thornton and Mr. Coleman. Dr. Johnson con-
tributed to it • The Life of Dr. Francis Cheynel,'
which is subscribed with the initials, 8. J — n.
The opening number has some lines by Pope.
Other authors (as Christopher Smart and Som-
erville) give their names . . . The articles signed




le, by

— "Notes and QnerieB," 2d Ser., Vol. IV., p.

W., T. Thurlow Weed.

W., T. Thomas Wilson. A descrip-
tive catalogue of the prints of Rem-
brandt, by an amateur. L. 1836.

W., T. T. Wilkins. An elegy on the
death of A. M. Toplady. By . . . L.

W., T. Thomas Williams. An his-
toric defence of experimental religion . . .
L. 1795.

W., T. Bev. Thomas Webster. On
honouring God. A sermon . . . Thames
Ditton, 1835.

W., T. D. Theodore Dwight Weld. In
memory. A. G. Weld ... B. 1880.

W.,T. H. Thomas H. Wi/nne. [Byrd's]
History of the dividing line, and other
tracts, etc. Edited by . . . L. 1866.

W. W. Thady Fitzpatrich. — See " E.,

W., W. William West. Fifty years'
recollections of an old bookseller. Cork,

W., W. William Whewell. English
hexameter translations from Schiller,
Goethe, etc. By . . . L. 1847.

W., W. W. Wileman. The Lord's
controversy with England. L. 1880.

W., W. William Winstanley. The new
lielp to discourse . . . 5th ed. L. 1702.

W., W. William Walker Wilkins.
[Quarles's] Emblems . . . With a sketch
of the life and the times of the author,
by . . , L. 1858.

W., W. A. William A. Wallace. The
Great Eastern's log ... L. 1860.

W., W. B. William Burt Whitmarsh.
Lvra Biblica; or, Scriptural lyrics on
tlie New Testament. By . . . L. 1873.

W., W. C. Rev. William Chalmers
Whiicomb. The early saved . . . Com-
piled by . . . B. 1861.

W., W. C. B. William Charles Bona-
parte Wyse. Sonnet : a T. Aubanel.
By . . . Plymouth, 1877.

W., W. C. T. W. C. T. Wilkinson.
The Islanders and their crowns : an alle-
gory. By . . . L. 1874.

W., W. E. W. E. Walker. Propor-
tional parallel lines . . . By . . . L. 1849,

W., W. F. William Francis Wilkinson.
The articles of the Church of England
... By . . . L. 1847.

W., W. G. William George Ward.
A few words in support of No. 90 of the
" Tracts for the Times "... Oxf. 1841.

W., W. H. Walter Henry Watts, a
gentleman connected with the fine arts,
and a member of the London press.

W., W. H. W. H. Wyman. The
Bacon-Shakespeare literature. By . . .
in the Madison (Wis.) "State Journal,"
April 24, 1882.

W., W. H. William Henri/ Whitmore.
The Norton family ... B. 1859.

W., W. H. J. William Henry James
Weale. Flores ecclesiae : the saints of
the Catholic Church . . . with the flowers
dedicated to them. L. 1849.

W., W. J. D. Rev. W. J. D. Waddi-
love. Report of the late Bishop of Que-
bec's Upper Canadian Mission Fund. To
October 31st, 1838. Hexham, 1838.

W., W. li. William Locock Webb.
The public telegraph companies (with
chart). By . . . L. 1868.

W., W. W. W. W. Wright. A nar-
rative of facts; with several reflexions
relative to the erecting two meeting-
houses at Belford . . . n.p. 1777.

W., Z. li. Zebulon L. White, in his
contributions to the "Tribune" (N.Y.),

\y******^ Ij*5ie***. Horace Walpole,
in Beloe's " Sexagenarian," Vol. I.,
Chap. 42, p. 265.

W*******, J. B. James Brydges Will-
yams. Compendious treatise of modern
education ... by the late Joel McCringer,
D.D. . . . with colored designs, delineated
by . . . L. 1804.

W****s [i.e. Willibald Alexis]. Qeorg
Wilhelm Heinrich Haering. Walladmor,
Frei nach dem englischen von . . .

W*****ck8. — Willcocks. Observa-
tions on the conduct of Messrs. . . . and
D****n [Dawson], late bankers of the
city of Dublin, towards Mr. R**d B*«r
[Brewer], their cashier. Dublin, 1755.

W»**ie, R. Bobert Walpole. A let-
ter .. . directed to the E[arl] of Sun-
[derlan]d [respecting the report of the
Committee of Secrecy]. L. 1715.

W***m, Sir. Sir William Waller.
Plot or no plot ; or . . . and his spy
foil'd. L. (?) 1679(?).

W****n, Lord. Lond Wharton. A
letter of thanks from my ... to the Lord
Bishop of S. Asaph [W. Fleetwood] in
the name of the Kit-Kat Club, [By J.
Swift]. L. 1712.

W-****8. John Wilkes. W****s feast ;
or, Dryden Travesti, etc. L. 1774.

W , Mrs. Mrs. Mary ( Wollstone-

craft) Godwin, in Beloe's "Sexagena-
ria"n," L, 347. 2d ed. L. 1818.

W , H M . Helen Maria

Williams, in Beloe's " Sexagenarian," I.,
356. 2d ed. L. 1818.

W , J , Esq. Juha Wilkes,




Ssq, Bebellion : a poem, addressed to
. . . late L — d M — r [Lord Mayor] of the
city of L— n [London]. L. 1775.

W — 's, Mr. William Warburton, D.D.
An answer to certain passages in . . .
preface to his edition of Shakspear . . .
L. 1748.

W , G . George WoUaston,

Esq. The life and history of a pilgrim.
Dublin, 1753.

\V , M . John M. Whitelaw.

Houi-s of fjuiet thought ... L. 1865.

W , R. E. E. B. E. Egerton War-

harton. Hunting songs, ballads, etc.
Chester, 1831.

W — b — r, A., M.A. Alexander Web-
ster, D.D. Haman's deserv'd end: a
sermon . . . By ... L. 1740.

W — dw — d, Hal. Henry Woodward.
Faddle found out; or, the draining of
Hal W[oo]dw[ar]d's coffee-pot. Dub-
lin, 1748.

W — le, Hon. H — ce. Horace Walpule.
The genuine copy of a letter found Nov.
5, 1782, near Strawberry Hill. Twicken-
ham. Addressed to . . . L. 1783.

Horace Walpole, respecting Thomas Chatter-

W— p— le, R , Esq. Sir Robert

Walpole. The speech of ... at his elec-
tion at Lynn-Eegis . . . August 31, 1713.
L. 1713.

W— Ip— le, Sir R— t. Sir Eobert
Walpole. A short history of a ten years'
negociation between a Prime Minister
and a private gentleman . . . and Mr. W.
L. 1738.

W — m, Sir W — m. Sir William
Wyndham (?). A letter to . . . By a
modern Tory. L. 1736.

W— n, Mr. Rt. Hon. Thomas Win-
nington. An apology for the conduct of
a late second-rate minister . . . from . . .
1729 . . . till . . . his death in 1746.
Written by himself and found among his
papers. L. 1747.

W — n, Alice. Alice Winn, afterwards
Mrs. Bartrum, wife of the pawnbroker
of Princes Street, Coventry Street. See
Lamb's " Elia," " Dream children."

W — n, M — s. Marquis of Wharton.
A short character of the late . . . Ex-
tracted from an Irish manuscript, by the
author of the " Tale of a tub " [Jona-
than Swift]. L. 1711.

W — n, W — ni. William Warburton,
Bishop of Gloucester. A proclamation :
a poem, A satire upon ... L. 1750.

W— r, Sally. Sully Winter.— ^e&
Lamb's " Elia, " The praise of chimney

W— te— d, Rev. Mr. G . Rev.

George Whitefield. A letter of consola-
tion to the Rev. Mr. Romaine . . . By

L. 1759.

W— tt— n, William. William Wotton.
A tale of a tub . . . with notes by . . •
L. 1724.

Wade. Charles Asbury Stevens. Off
the geysers ... B. 1872.

Waggle, Sam. Mrs. Matilda A. Bai-
ley. — See " Forlorn Hope."

Wagoner, Hank. L. E. Mosher, in
his contributions to the " Graphic "
(N.Y.), etc.

Wagstaff, Lancelot, Esq. William
Makepeace Thackeray. " The partie fine,"
in the " New Monthly Magazine:" 1844-

WagstaflF, Simon, Esq. Jonathan
Swift, D.D. A complete collection of
genteel and ingenious conversation . . .
L. 1738.

Wagstaflf, Theophile. William Make-
peace Thackerai). Flore et Zephyr. Bal-
let .. . L. 1836.

Wagstaflf, Walter, Esq. William
Oldisworth Annotations on the Tat-
tler... L. 1710.

Wagstaffe, JeoflCry, Esq. John Jeph-
son, John Courfenay, — Burroughs, etc.
Select essays from the Batchelor; or,
speculations of . . . Dublin, 1772.

Wagstafife, John, Esq., of Wilbye
grange. Charles Mackay. The gouty
philosopher ; or, the opinions, whims,
and eccentricities of . . . L. 1862.

Wagstafife, Launcelot, Jr. Dr.
Charles Mackay. The gouty philoso-
pher. L. 1872.

Waking, Elizabeth. Miss Sue Harry
Clagett, of Keokuk (Iowa), in her contri-
butions to various periodicals.

Wallbridge, Arthur. Arthur Wall-
bridge Lunn. Bizarre fables ... L.

Waldau, Max. Richard Georg Spil-
ler von Hauenschild. Ein Elfenmaerchen.
Heidelberg, 1847.

Waldbriihl, Wilhelm von. Floren-
tin von Zaccalmaqlio. Kinderkomodien,

Waldmiiller, Robert. Edouard

Charles Duboc, in his translation of
" Enoch Arden " etc.

Waldo w, Ernst von. Lodoiska von
Blum. Die Hexe von Wrostava. 1880.

Wales, Pel eg. William A. Croffut.

Walford, Flora. Bessie G. Walford.
Sketches from Flemish life. L. 1843.

Walker, Henry (1). ./ohn Taylor,
the water-poet. An answer to a foolish
pamphlet entitled "A Swarme of Sec-
taries and Scliisnialicks." L. 1641.




Walker, Patricius. William Ailing-
ham. Rambles by . . . L. 1873. [His
signature in " Eraser's Magazine " from

Walker in the Pines, The. Gen-
eral Henry Hastings Sibley, in his
contributions to various sporting pa-

This pseudonym is a tranelation of " Wa-ze-
o-man-nee," a name given to Gen. Sibley by the
Sioux Indians, and by which he is generally
known among them.

Walking Gentleman, A. Thomas
Colley Grattan. High-ways and bye-
wavs; or, tales of the roadside ... L.

Wall Street Bear, A. Samuel
Young. A ... in Europe . . . N.Y.

Wallah, A Competition. George Otto
Trpvelyan. Letters from . . . "Macmil-
lan's Magazine," 1863-64 ; signed J.
Broughton. Reprinted as " The Com-
petition Wallah." L. 1864.

Wallner, Franz. Franz Leidesdorf.
Riickblicke . . . Berlin, 1864.

Walneerg. Thomas Knox. Rhymed
convictions ; in songs ... L. & Edinb.

Walsingham. Will Stuart.

Walsingham, C. Mrs. F. Howell.

Walsingham, Francis, of the Inner
Temple, Esq. William Arnall. The
free Briton extraordinary ... L.

Walter, Uncle. Walter T. Sleeper.
Walks and talks ... B. 187-.

Walter, Emile, a Avorker. Alexati-
der Delmar. What is free trade? N.Y.

Walter, Judith. Mme. Judith (Gau-
tier) Mendes. Le livre de Jade. Paris,

Walton. Henry Thorpe.

Wanderer. E. H. d'Avigdon. Eair
Dianas. 188-.

Wanderer, A. Philip Thicknesse,
Esq., in the "Gent. Mag.," 1791, and
" St. James Chronicle."

Wanderer, A. /. Peirce. The Nar-
raganset chief; or, the adventures of . . .
N.Y. 1832.

Wanderer, A. Carroll Ryan. The
songs of . . . Ottawa, 1867.

Wanderer, A. R. M. Beverley.
Thoughts in the night : a poem written
in Auvergne. By ... L. 1852.

Wanderer, A. A. Moberley. Varie-
ties [in prose and verse]. By ... L.

Wanderer in Egypt, H. Henry T.
Wave. Palm loaves from the Nile;

being a portion of the diary of . . .
Shrewsbury, 1865.

Wanderer, The. John Keast Lord.
At home in the wilderness ... L.

Wanderer, The. Matthew Henry

Wanderer, The. George Watterston.
The wanderer in Washington. W. 1827.

Wandering Bard, The. Nathan.
Withy. The present case of . . . (epi-
taph on the Wandering Bard, wrote by
himself) [in verse]. L. (1) 1790 (1).

Wandering Minstrel, The. Fred-
erick Wilson, in his contributions to the
"Republican" (St. Louis, Mo.). P.

Wandering Patentee, The. Tale
Wilkinson. Tlie Wandering Patentee ;
or, a history of the Yorkshire theatres
. . . York, 1795.

War-horse, The. Alderman Purdy ("? ).
War-horsiana ; or, an authentic report
of . . . sayings and doings of the war-
horse and his ponies from the year 1847
to the present time . . . N.Y. 1851.

Warbler, Forest. M. B. McCormick.
The Duke's chase ; or, the diamond ring
vs. the gold ring . . . Cin. 1871.

Warburtonian, A. Richard Hurd,
Bishop of Worcester. Tracts of War-
burton and ... L. 1789.

Ward, Artemus. Charles Farrar
Browne. Artemus Ward in London : a
new comic book. N.Y. 1867.

Ward, Mrs. Betsey Jane. Charles
Farrar Browne. Hur book of Goaks.
N.Y. 1866.

Ward, Mrs. -Harriette Oxnard.
Mrs. Clara Jessup Moore. The young
lady's friend. By a lady. P. 1880.

This book was written and first published by
itrs. Farrar, of Cambridge, Mass.

Ward, Ireland. Irene Widdemer.
Daisy Brentwell. N.Y. 1876.

Ward, Marion. Mrs. Harriet Marion
( Ward) Stephens. One of the signa-
tures to her contributions to literature.

Warhawk. William Palmer. Eng-
lish correspondent.

Waring. Alfred Domett. " Brown-
ing immortalized Domett many years
ago, imder the name of ' Waring,' in one
of his early dramatic poems : —
" ' What's become of Waring
Since be gave us all the slip —
Chose land, travel, or seafaring,
Boots and chest, or staff and scrip,
Rather than pace up and down
Any longer London town ? ' "

Warmley, Ernest, M.A. James B.

Warneford, Lieut. Robert. Wil-




Ham Bussell. The phantom cruiser . . .
L. 1865. See " Waters."

Warner, Warren, Esq., of the Inner
Temple. Probably Samuel Warren, in
" The experiences of a barrister." N.Y.
1852. "•

Originally published in " Blackwood's Maga-

Warren. James Cheetham. An anti-
dote to Jolin Wood's poison. N.Y.

Warren. Esther. Miss Esther Robin-
sun, in tlie New York "Independent."

Warriugtoii. William Stevens Robin-
son. His signature in the "Springfield
(Mass.) Kepublican," 1856-76; in the
"N.Y. Tribune," 1857-60; and in the
" Boston News," 1875-76; and to an ar-
ticle in tlie "Atlantic Monthly" for De-
cember, 1871, on "General Butler's cam-
paign in Massachusetts."

Warton, John, Dr. Rev. William
Wood. Death-bed scenes, etc. L. 1830.

War-wick. C. J. McDonough.

Warwick. Frank B. Ottarson.

Warwick, Eden. George S. Jabet,
of Birmingham. The poet's pleasaunce ;
or, garden of all sorts of pleasant flowers,
which our pleasant poets have, in past
time, for pastime, planted. L. 1847.

Wash. Charles Asbury Stevens. Left
on Labrador ... B. 1872.

Washingtonian, A. John Lovett.
Washington's birthday : an historical
poem, with notes and an appendix. By
. . . Albany, 1812.'

Wastle, William. John Gibson Lock-
hurt, in several contributions to "Black-
wood's Magazine."

Watcher, A. Mrs. Worsley. The house
of Joseph in England. By... L. 1881.

Water Drinker, A. Basil Montagu,
Esq. Inquiries as to tlie effects of fer-
mented liquors, by . . . L. 1814.

Water Drinker, A. William Dun-
lap. Memoirs of a . . . N.Y. 1837.

Water-poet, The. John Taylor.

Waters. William Russell. The game

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