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of life. L. 1857.

Waters, John. Henry Gary, whose
signature of "John Waters "was well
known to the readers of the "New York
American " and the " Knickerbocker

Waters, Thomas. William Bussell.
The recollections of a policeman. By . . .
an inspector of the London detective
corps. N.Y. 1853.

Watson, George. George Watson
Taylor. England preserved : an histori-
cal play, by . . . L. 1795.

Waugh, Mansie. David Macbeth

Moir. The life of . . . taylor in Dal-
keith . . . Edinb. 1828.

" Waugh," uot " Wauch," is according to
Brit. Mus. Catalogue.

Wave. Eugene Batchelder. A romance
of the sea-serpent, or the ichthyosaurus.
. . . Camb., Mass., 1849.

Waverley. A. J. Wilson, a London
tricycler; under this signature contrib-
utes monthlj' to the " Springfield Wheel-
men's Gazette."

He is a voluminous writer in the London cy-
cling press, chiefly over signature of "Faed,"
which he also used in " American Bicycle Jour-
nal " (B. ]879), and by which he is hest known.
He also signs "Axis," "Mem O'Random," and
" An Old File."

Waverley, Edw^ard Bradw^ardine,
Esq. John Wilson Croker. Two letters
on Scottish affairs from ... to Malachi
Malagrowther, Esq. [Sir Walter Scott].
L. 1826.

Wayb ridge, W. Elias Nason.

Wayfarer, A. Moses H. Sargent.
Traditions of Palestine ; or, scenes in the
Holy Land in the days of Christ. By . . .
B. 1863.

Wayfarer, A. Cuthbert G. Young. A
wayfarer's notes on the shores of the
Levant, and the valley of the Nile . . .
L. 1848.

Wayfaring Man, A. Clinton G. Gil-
roy. Inner life ; or, the joys of my
Father's house ... P. 1865.

Wayne, Gladys. Miss Julia Von
Valkenburg, in her contributions to the
" Household " (Brattleboro, Vt.).

Wayne, Olive. Mrs. Mary E. Connell.

Weathercock, Janus. Tliomas Grif-
fiths Wainewright, the "Janus Weather-
cock " of the " London Magazine."

Weaver, A. T. Bakewell. The moor-
land bard; or, poetical recollections of
... in the moorlands of Staffordshire.
Hanley, 1807.

Weaver Poet, The. William Thorn.

Webber, Frank. William H. Bush-
nell. Prairie fire : a novel. Chic. 184-.

Webfoot. W. D. Phelps. Fore and
aft ; or, letters from the life of an old
sailor. B. 1870.

Webster, Leland A. Robert 8. Ham-
ilton. Present status of the philosophy
of society . . . N.Y. 1866.

Wednesday's Club in Friday-street,
The. William Paterson. An enquiry
into the state of the union of Great Brit-
ain ... L. 1717.

Wehl, Feodor. Feodor Zu Wehlen.
Von Herzen zu Herzen. 1867.

Weiss, Lynde. Thomas Bangs Thorpe.
Lynde Weiss : an autobiography. P.




Welby, Horace. John Thuhs. Pre-
dictions realized in modern times ... L.

Welch Freeholder, A. David Jones.
A letter to the Right Eeverend Samuel
[Hcrsley], Lord Bishop of St. David's
... L. 1790.

Welch Member of Parliament, A.
C/iase Price. Dialogue in the shades, be-
tween Dr. Dodd and . . By William
Coombe. L. 1777.

Wells, Thornton. Thomas Williams.
Poems. L. 1869.

Well - wisher, A. Mary Maw. An
exhortation or warning to the inhabitants
of Woodbridge . . . n.p. 1778.

Well-wisher of the Good-old-Tray,
A. Rev. John Pollock. An answer to the
first part of Humble Pleadings ; or, a
vindication of the Church of Scotland . . .
Dumfreis, 1717.

Well-wisher to all Mankind, A,
William Dover. Useful miscellanies ; or,
serious reflections respecting men's duty
to God, and one towards another ... L.

Well-w^isher to both Governments,
A. Francis Makemie. A plain and
friendly perswasive to the inhabitants
of Virginia and Maryland ... L.

Well-w^isher to his Country, A.
— Beynolds. The hardships occa-
sioned by the oaths to the present gov-
ernment considered ... L. 1716.

W^ell-w^isher to Mankind, A. Rev.
Joseph Townsend. A dissertation on the
Poor Laws. L. 1786.

"Well-Wisher to the Good People
of Great Britain, A. Sir Mathew
Decker. Serious considerations on the
several high duties which the nation in
general, as well as trade in particular,
labours under, etc. By ... L.

Well-wisher to the Peace of Brit-
ain, A. Daniel Defoe. A modest vindi-
cation of the present ministry ... L.

Well-wisher to Trade, A. Alexan-
der Justice. A general treatise of monies
and exchanges ... L. 1707.

The dedication is signed "A. J."

Wells, Charles J. H. L. Howard.
Joseph and his brethren. 1824.

Wells, Thornton. Thomas Williams.
Poems. By . . . L. 1869.

"Welp, Treumund. Eduard Pelz.
Petersburger Skizzen. Leipzig, 1842.

"Welsh. Curate, A. Edward Davies.
Eliza Powell ; or, trials of sensibility . . .
n.p. 1796.

Welsh, W. William Baxter. The
land question. Whose is the land?
A dialogue. By . . , Glasgow (■?),

Wensleydale Poet, The. W. G. M.
J. Barker. Tlie three d;i\s of Wensley-
dale ... L. 1854.

Wentworth, May. 2Irs. Mary W.
Newman. Golden Gate series of fairy
tales. N.Y. 1867.

Werner, Ernst. Elisabeth Biirsten-
hinder. Um hohen Preis. Eoman. Leip-
sic, 1879.

Werner, Hans. Ange Henri Joseph
Castil Blase de Bury, in the " Revue des
Deux Mondes."

Werter, Max. Frank Smyth, of Rich-
mond, Va., in his contributions to the
" Capitol " ("Washington, D.C.), etc.

Wesleyan Methodist Missionary,
A. Rev. Robert Cooney, D.D. The
autobiography of . . . Montreal,

West, Marion. Mrs. G. S. Hoyt.
Sunday-school concert book ... B.

West, Wnia. Mary S. F. Slocum {!).
Lucy Gelding : a tale of land and sea . . .
Chic. 1862.

"West End, Sir Warwick. Sir Straf-
ford Northcote, in TroUope's " The Three

West India Merchant, A. William
Innes. Slave trade indispensable . . . L.

West India Proprietor, A. Matthew
Gregory Lewis. Journal of . . . L.
1834. '

West Indian, A. Samuel Estwick,
LL.D. Considerations on the negro
cause, commonly so called . . . By . . .
L. 1772.

West Indian, A. Richard Nishet.
Slavery not forbidden by Scripture . . .
P. 1773.

West- Yankee-Elf, A. L. A. Wood.
John Bull's scientific ( *? ) " man-machine " ;
or, American " common-sense " vs. Hux-
ley's paradoxical nonsense . . . Louis-
ville, 1871.

Westbrook, Raymond. William
Henry Bishop, who, in 1878, over this
signatiu-e published six " Open Letters
from New York" in the "Atlantic

Westchester Farmer, A. Samuel
Seabury, D.D. Letters of . . . 179-.
Also in a pamphlet advocating loyalty to
the Crown, 1775.

Western Memorabilia. William
Gowan, who " published many cataIogua3
of books on American history, which are




enlivened by his own notes, Avritten
under the pseudonym of ' W. M.' "

"Western Tourist, A. Elbert H.
Smith. Ma-ka-tai-me she-kai-kiah ; or,
Black Hawk and scenes in the AVest : a
national poem . . . N.Y. 1849.

Westman, Hab, K.O. Thomas Ew-
banlc. The spoon, with upwards of 100
illustrations. N.Y. 1844.

Wetherell, Misses. Susan and Anna
B. Warner.

Wetherell, Elizabeth. Miss Susan
Warner. The wide, wide world. N.Y.

Whtttttttd. George Whitefield. The
amorous humours and audacious adven-
tures of one ... by a Muggletonian.
[A satire in verse.] L. 1760 (■?).

Whachum. Albert Charles Wildman,
in the "Cornwall (Eng.) Gazette."

Whack, Paddy. John Fitzgibbon,
Earl of Clare. No union, but unite and
fall. By ... of Dyott Street, London
... L. 1799.

Wharton, Grace. Mrs. Katharine
{Byerley) Thomson, joint-author. The
wits and beaux of society ... L. 1860.

Wharton, Philip. John Cockburn
Thomson, joint-author. The wits and
beaux of society. L. 1860.

Whatshisname. E. C. Massey. The
green-eyed monster: a Christmas lesson.
L. 1854.

What-You-Call-Him, John. Mat-
thias Sijmson. The Caledonian almanak
... By . . . 1700.

Whats-you-call-him, Clerk to the
same. Patrick Anderson. The copie of
a Barons court, newly translated.
(Printed at Helicon, beside Parnassus,
and are to be sold in Caledonia.) n.d.

Wheaton, Campbell. 3Irs. Helen C.
Weeks. Six sinners; or, schooldays in
Bantam' Valley. N.Y. 1877.

Mrs. Weeks now signs her name to periodioala
"Helen Campbell."

Wheeler, Stern. Charles S. Wheeler,
editor of the " Pontiac Jacksonian," and
contributor to periodicals under this sig-
nature, published at Boston, in 1851, a
volume of poems entitled "The "Winnow-

Whetstone, Pete. Charles Fenton
Mercer Noland.

Whig, A. One of the signatures
attributed to Junius {q-v.).

The letter thus signed is dated April 9, 1771,
and relates to the privileges of Parliament.

Whig, A. John Butler, Bishop of
Hereford. An answer to the cocoa-tree
(a pamphlet so called), from ... L.

Whig, A. Major John Scott, after-
wards Waring. Seven letters to the
people of Great Britain. By ... L.

Whig of the Old School, A. Charles
Francis Adams. An appeal from the
new to the old Whigs ... B. 1835.

Whig of '76, A. Eobert Macomb. A
reply to the resolutions and address of a
meeting convened at Martlinsrs, in . . .
New York, Feb. 4, 1811 . . . nTy. 1811.

Whimsy, Sir Finical. Sir Richard
Worsleij. Memoirs of . . . and his lady
. . . L. 1782.

AVhimsical Man, A. Frederic Town-
send {'i). Fancies of .. . N.Y. 185-

Whip, The. Claudius Bradford, who
wrote four or five poetical articles with
this title for the " New England Galaxy "

Whipem, Benedick. Richard Har-
ris. New nobility : a novel ... L. 1867.

Whipple, Wade. George Stevens.
Revenge ; or, woman's love : a melo-
drama. L. 1857.

Whirlwind, Captain. Captain Ed-
loard Sterling, at one time principal
leader-writer for the London "Times."
Carlyle says of him : " An impetuous
man, full of real energy, and immensely
conscious of the same ; who transacted
everything, not with the minimum of
fuss and noise, but with the maximum :
a very ' Captain Whirlwind,' as one w^as
tempted to call him."

Whistlecraft, William and Robert,
of Stow Market, in Suffolk, Harness
and Collar Makers. Rt. Hon. John
Hoohham Frere. Prospectus and speci-
men of an intended national work . . .
L. 1818.

Whistler, The. Alexander Somerville.
His signatures in the newspapers. — See
" One who has whistled at the Plough."

White, Babington., . Mrs. Mary
Elizabeth (Braddon) Maxwell, in a novel
entitled "Circe" (L. 1867), which has
been described as being plagiarized from
Octave Feuillet's " Dalilah." Miss
Braddon has denied the authorship of
the work.

See the controversy in the "Pall Mall
Gazette," " London Review," " Globe,"
and "Belgravia" (September to Decem-
ber, 1867).

White, Blythe, Jr. Solon Robinson.
Green Mountain girls: a story of "Ver-
mont. N.Y. 1856.

White, Century. John White.

White, Charles Erskine, D.D.
Laughton Osborn. The dream of Alla-
Ad-Deen . . . N.Y. 1831.




White, James. Robert B. Seeley. Is
the Bible true ? Seven dialogues be-
tween J. W. and E. Owen, concerning
the " Essays and Eeviews." By ... L.

White, Li. C. Lucij C. Lillie. The
story of English literature for young
readers ... B. 1878.

White, Blatthew, Jr. William L.
Alden, in his contributions to various

White, Mr. Thorn. Charles Wyllys
Elliott. Wind and whirlwind : a novel.
N.Y. 1868.

White Mountain Pilgrim, The.
E. B. Rollins. A brief illustration of
the prophecies and promises of God's
Word . . .

White Republican, The. Hiram
Fuller. North and South ... L. 1863.

Whitecross, James William. Mi-
chael Pius de Wisniewski. Sketches and
characters ; or, the natural history of the
human intellect ... L. 1853.

Whitefeather, The Late Captain
Barabbas. Douglas William Jerrold.
The handbook of swindling. By . . .
Edited by John Jackdaw. L. 1839.

Whitehead, Grandfather. Thomas

Whitehook. Ediuard Kellogg. Re-
marks upon usury and its effects . . .
N.Y. 1841.

Whitewell, A. M. John Close. A
month in London ... L. 1844.

Whitney, Harry, Philomath. Pat-
rick Kennedy. Legends of Mount Lein-
ster ... L. 1856.

Why? One of the pseudonyms at-
tributed to Junius [q.v.).

The letter thus signed is dated Oct. 26, 1768,
and contains " a high eulogium on the Earl of
Rochford, pointing out his peculiar fituess for
conducting affairs with France."

Wiar, W. John Adey Repton, Esq.,
F.8.A. "It was quite in his boyish
days, that Mr. Repton first became a cor-
respondent of the " Gent. Mag." In the
number for June, 1795, is a view of the
roxmd-towered church of Witlingham,
in Norfolk. The signature is W.
Wiar, being the conjoint initials of
William Wilkins and John Adey Repton.

Wickham, Martha. Miss Cornelia
Huntington, of East Hampton, L.I. Sea
Spray. A Long Island village. N.Y.

Wickliflfe. John Stuart Mill, in his
letters contributed to the "Morning
Chronicle" (L. 1823), advocating the
free publication of all opinions con-
cerning religion.

Wickliffe. Rev. Samuel Gover Win-
chester. The people's right defended . . .
P. 1831.

Widow in Blue, The. Mrs. George
Clinton Smith, in Iier contributions to the

Widow of a Clergyman of the
Church of England, The. Mrs. Wal-
ter Birch. Job ; or, the Gospel preached
to the patriarchs ... L. 1838.

Widowed Wife, A. M. G. Derenzy.
A whisper to a newlj-^-married pair from
. . . Wellington, Salop, 1824.

Wife of an Emigrant Officer, The.
Mrs. Catharine (Parr) Traill. The back-
woods of Canada : being letters from . . .
L. 1838.

Wife of a Mormon Elder, The. Mrs.
Maria Ward. Female life among the
Mormons . . . N.Y. 1855.

Also attributed to Mrs. Benjamin G. Ferris.

Wilbur, Homer, A.M., pastor of
the first church in Jaalam, &c.
James Russell Lowell. — See "Biglow,

Wild Methodist, The. Isaac Abrams.
The truths come out at last. A true his-
tory of . . . or, odd man's experience,
written by himself. P. 1831.

Wildfire, Madge. Esther Graham,
from whom Sir Walter Scott drew that
character in the " Heart of Mid-Lothian."

WildfoAvler. Lewis Clements. Shoot-
ing adventures ... L. 1878.

Originally published in Bell's " Life in Lon-
don," under the signature of " Wildfowler," and
in the " Sporting Gazette," under that of " Suap-
shot." — See " Snapshot."

Wildgoose, Geoffry. Richard

Graves. The spiritual Quixote ; or, the
summer's ramble ... a comic romance.
L. 1773.

Wilding, Ernest. J. Fitzgerald Mol-

Wildrake. George Tattersall. Pic-
torial gallery of English race-horses, by
... L. 1844.

Wildwood, Will. Frederick Eugene
Pond, in his contributions to the " Turf,
Field, and Farm" (N.Y.).

Wilhelm. William A. Brewer, in his
contributions to various New York and
Boston periodicals.

Wilhelmi, Alexander Viktor. Al-
exander Viktor Zechmeister. Lustspiele.

Wilkes, Mr. Samuel Derrick. A
general view of the stage. L. 1769.

Wilkins, Caleb. George Skeppard.
What have the Whigs done 1 . . . New-
ark, Eng., 1838.

Wilkins, Peter. Cyrus Redding. A




letter from ... to Isaac Tomkins [/.c.
Lord Brougham]. L. 1839.

This was published in reference to " Thoughts
upon the aristocracy of England." By Isaac
Tomkins, Gent. [i.e. Lord Brougham]. L.1835.

Wilkins, Peter. Robert Paltock. The
life and adventures of Peter Wilkins, a
Cornish man, taken from his own mouth,
in his passage to England, from off Cape
Horn in America in the ship Hector.
tey R. S., a passenger in the Hector. L.

The dedication is signed " R. P.," the initials
of the author.

Will, Deep. William Pitt. A politi-
cal dictionary for the guinea-less pigs ;
or, a glossary of emphatical words made
use of by that jewel of a man ... in his
administration ... L. 1790 (?).

Will, Uncle, V.M. Rev. W. F.

Wm, Uncle. Prof. William Wells.

Wm- Will-be so. ' W. Hall. Sketch
of local history : being a chain of inci-
dents relating to the state of the Fens,
by . . . Lynn, 1812.

Willard, Oscar. 0. Carpenter.

Williani. William Ewart Gladstone.
William's workingman and his represen-
tative, etc. L. 1874.

William, de Worfat. Rev. Hutton Beet-
ham. A bran new wark, by . . . contain-
ing a true calendar of his thoughts con-
cerning good nebborhood ... L. 1879.

William, the Fourth. William Pitt,
afterwards Earl of Chatham. Speech of
... to both Houses of P . . . [Parliament]
L. 1757.

William, Ijord Archbishop of York.
Most Rev. William Markhavi. A sermon
preached before the Incorporated Soci-
ety for the Propagation of the Gospel in
Foreign Parts . . . February 21, 1777.
By . . . L. 1777.

William and Charles. William Pitt
and Charles James Fox. Whig and no
Whig. A political paradox. [A dia-
logue between . . .] L. 1789.

Williams, Barney. Barney O'Fla-
liert//. A nom de theatre.

Williams, Katherine. Mrs. Laura
A. Buck. Tiptoe. N.Y. 1871.

Williams, Tummus a. John Collier.
A view of the Lancashire dialect . . .
By . . . L. 1770.

Willis, Hal, Student-at-La^v. Charles
Robert Forrester, whose literary contribu-
tions were issued under this pseud, and
that of " Alfred Crowquill."

Willis, Julia A. Julia A. Kempshall.
What a jjoy ! problems concerning him.
P. 187-.

WlUis, Kate. Sarah E. Coolidge.
Ambition. B. 1856.

Willis, Uncle. Stephen Willis Tilton.
Songs for our darlings. B. 1873.

Wilson, Alf. John Alfred Wilson.
Adventures of . . . Toledo, 0.,

Wilson, J. Arbuthnot. Grant Allen.
His signature in "Belgravia" and in
"Longman's Magazine" to a series of
stories reprinted as "Strange stories."
L. 1884.

Wilson, James. Andrew Park. Silent
love : a poem . . . Paisley, 1845.

Wilson, Jasper, Esq. Dr. James
Currie. A letter . . . Addressed to
the R' H^nbie- William Pitt ... L.

Winchester, Arnold or Carroll.
Mrs. Caroline G. Curtis. From Madge
to Margaret. B. 1880.

Windle, Mary Jane. Mary Jane
McLane. Truth and fancy : tales
legendary, historic, and descriptive . . .
P. 1850.

Winkey. Wells Egelshe///.. Winkey's
whims. L. 1769.

Winuefred. Mart/ Frances Gibson.

Winter, Amalie von. Amalie {von
Saehach) von Gross. Pictures of German
life. 1838.

Winter, Frank. N. A. Trueblood, of
Philadelphia, as correspondent of various

Winterbotham. Mrs. Ann Sophia
( Winterbotham ) Stephens. Norton's Rest.
P. 1877.

WintertO"wn Democrat, The. The
Springfield Republican. — See " Benson,

Winthrop, Sophy. Mrs. Sophy ( Win-
throp) Weitzel. Miss Robert's fortune.
N.Y. 1875.

Winwood, Brent. John Thomas
Dennji, in his contributions to numer-
ous English provincial journals.

"I used the nom de plume ' Rett Winwood '
for a drama entitled 'The Dead Letter'; but,
finding that it was used by another author in
America, I changed it to ' Brent Winwood.' "
— Extract from a letter to A. R. Frey, Oct. 31,

Wise, Jonathan B. Stephen Colwell.
The relative position in our industry of
foreign commerce, domestic production,
and internal trade. P. 1850.

Wisewood, Solomon. Rev. Duncan
Boss, who contributed a series of valu-
able letters, entitled " Busy Body," to
the "Acadian Recorder" (Halifax, 1826-
27), under this signature.

Wishlt, Mr. Thomas Spence. A sup-
plement to the history of Robinson Cru«




soe. Being the history of Crusonia, or
Robinson Crusoe's island, down to the'
present time . . . Copied from a letter
sent by . . . Newcastle, 1782.

Witherne, Raven. Manj Parkinson.
Giles Witherne ; or, the reward of diso-
bedience : a village tale for the young,
founded on fact. [In verse.] L.

Wittitterly, John Altrayd. Miss
Elizabeth T. Came. Three months' rest
at Pau, in the winter and spring of 1859.
L. 1860.

Wizard. John Ctrlett, in the London
" Sportsman."

Wolfe, Reginalde. Esq. Thomas
Frognall Dibdin, D.D. Francis Quar-
les's : — Judgment and mercy for afflicted
souls; or, meditations, soliloquies, and
prayers, edited by . . . L. 1807.

Wolfram, IJeo. Ferdinand Prantner.
Wiener Federzeichnungen. 1871.

Woman, A. Frances ( Wright ) D 'Arus-
mont. England, the civilizer . . . By . . .
L. 1848.

Woman, A. Mrs. Mary Clemmer. "A
Woman's Letters from Washington," a
series of letters in the N.Y. " Independ-
ent," 1866.

Mrs. Sarah Morgan
A woman's poems. B.

Woman, A.

(Bryan) Piatt.
Woman, A.

(31ulock) Craik.
about women.

Mrs. Dinah Maria
A woman's thoughts
L. 1858.

Woman of Quality, A. James Ralph.
The other side of the question ; or, an at-
tempt to rescue the characters of the two
royal sisters, Q. M. and Q. Anne, out of

the hands of the D — s D of [i.e.

the Duchess Dowager of Marlborough]
. . . In a letter to Her Grace, by . . . L.

Wonder, Jak. Peter K. Ferguson.
Ugliness and its uses : a lecture deliv-
ered before the " Y. L. Circulating Li-
brary Association," by . . . N.Y.

Wonderful Quiz, A. James Russell
Lowell. Reader! walk up at once (it
will soon be too late), and buy at a per-
fectly ruinous rate : a fable for critics . . .
N.Y. 1848.

Wons, MaUli-w. William Snow. John
Bull all agog. [Song.] L. 1803.

Wood, Will. Jonathan Swift, D.D.
Petition to the people of Ireland : being
an excellent new song ... by William
Wood, iron monger and halfpenny
monger. 1725.

Woodbine, Jenny. Miss Annie R.
Blount, who, under this name, in 1859

received a one-hundred-dollar gold medal
for " The Sisters," in the " Newbern Ga-

Woodensconce, Papernose, Esq.
Robert Barnabas Broiigh. The wonder-
ful drama of Punch and Judy and
their little dog Toby ... By . . .
With illustrations by "The Owl." L.

WoodfaU, Wilfred, Esq. Sir Samuel
Egerton Brydges, Bart. My note-book ;
or, sketches from the gallery of St.
Stephen's: a satirical poem ... L.

Woodfern. Mary W. Stanley Gibson.

Woodville, Jennie. Jennie Latham
Stabler, in " Left to Herself " (P.

Worcester Speculator, The. Na-
than Fiske, D.D., in the "Massachusetts

Working Clergyman, A. Rev. Er-
sJcine Neale. The life-book of a labourer.
L. 1850.

Working Man, A. Alexander Somer-
ville. The autobiography of . . . L.

Working-Man, A. Andrew Stewart.
The clodpole ; or, the normal condition
of agricultural labourers. Dundee,

Working Man, A. John Overs. The
evenings of . . . L. 1844.

Working Man, A. John Lash Latey.
Letters to working people on the new
poor law ... L. 1841.

Working 31an, A. James Carter.
Memoirs of . . . L. 1845.

Working-Man, A. Thomas Dixon.
Time and tide by Weare and Tyne.
Twentj'-five letters to ... of Sxmderland,
on the laws of work. L. 1867. By John

Working Man, A. Johann Georg
Eccarius. A working man's refutation
of Stuart Mill. L. 1867.

World's Child, The. Warren Chase.
The life-line of the lone one; or, auto-
biography of . . . B. 1857.

Worth, Mrs. Ii. Ii. Mrs. Ellsworth.
Smith's saloon; or, the Grays and the
Grants. N.Y. 1871.

Worthy, Will. William Pultenei/,
Earl of Bath. Bob-Lynn [i.e. Sir E.
Walpole] against Franck-Lynn; or, a
full history of the controversies . . . oc-
casioned by the quarrel of Bob-Lynn
and . . . 1732.

Wotton, William, D.D. Mary As-
tell. Bart'lemy fair ; or, an enquiry after
wit, in which due respect is had to a
letter [by A. A. Cooper, Earl of Shaftes-



bury] concerning enthusiasm, to my lord
... By . . . L. 1709.

Would be Cromwell of America,
The. Samuel Adams. So called by the
Loyalist printer, James Eivington, 1776.

Wounded Officer, A. Capt. — Gib-
ney. My escape from the mutinies in
Oudh ... L. 1858.

Wraxall, Lascelles. Sir Frederick
Charles Lascelles Wraxall, Bart., a con-
tributor to the "Athenaeum" (L.), etc.
— See "Lascelles, Lady Caroline."

Wray, A. Lunar. Itev. Minot Judson
Savage (?).

Wraj^he, Hope. Miss Edith Haw-
trey. Talent in tatters. L. 1877.

Wren, Jenny Jane Atkinson. Facts
and fancies, in prose and verse. L.

Wright, Saul. T. T. Wilson. Surf :
a summer pilgrimage. N.Y. 1881.

Writer of a Glance behind the
Grilles, The. Mrs. William Pitt Byrne.
Flemish interiors. L. 1856.

Writer of the Parodies In the
Gentleman's Magazine. Thomas Ford.
" Confusion's masterpiece ; or, Paine's
labour's lost ... " Gent. Mag.," May,
1794, p. 456; June, 1821, p. 565.

Writer of these Tracts, The. Isaac

Williams. A few remarks on the charge
of the Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol,
on the subject of reserve in communicat-
ing religious knowledge, as taught in the
" Tracts for the Times," Nos. 80 and 87 ;
by . . . 1841.

Writer to the Signet, A. A. Ken-
ned//. The high price of food, butcher-
meat, meal, and bread-stuffs, etc., stated
and illustrated . . . Edinb. 1860.

Writewell, A. M. John Close. A
month in London ; or, the select adven-
tures of S. Dowell . . . Edited by . . .
L. 1844.

Wykehamist, A. J. Ashley. The
church of the period ; or, the Church of
England in my own time. By , , . a
" Priest " of 1824. L. 1871.

Wykehamist, A. G. J. Davies. Pa-
pers on preaching and public speaking.
By . . . L. 1861.

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