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Wylde, Hazel. Miss Ella A. Hotch-
I'iss, in her contributions to the "House-
hold" (Brattleboro, Vt.), etc.

Wyseman, Demetrius, Gent. Duke
Willis. The quality papers ; edited by
. . . L. 1828.

Wythe. Theodore Dwight Weld. The
power of Congress over the District of
Columbia. N.Y. 1838.


X. Eustace Budgell. "All the papers
marked with an X [in the ' Spectator ']
were written by him, and the whole
eighth volume is attributed to Addison
and himself, without the assistance of
Steele." — See Chalmers, Vol. 7.

X. Henry S. Ellenwood, who contrib-
uted articles of a serious tone to the
"New England Galaxy " over this signa-

X. Sir John Bowring. Anglo-Turkish
war: Egypt and Syria. L. 1841.

X. Rev. Robert Stephen Hawker, M.A.
A legend of Cornwall, in Sharpe's
" London Magazine," 1846.

X. William Ware. Sketch of a peti-
tion proper to be presented to the legis-
lature of the United Kingdom ... by the
friends of peace and justice in Ireland.
By X., author of " Letters on Slavery,"
under that signature, etc. L. 1832.

X, author of Nothing. Major —
Ranken. The experiment: a farce in
one act . . . Quebec, 1854.

X. A. P. John Peace. A descant
upon railroads. L. 1842.

X. H. Mrs. Brewster Macpherson.
Gifts for men . . . Edinb. 1870.

XX. John Canton. "The year's length,"
in the "Gent. Mag.," June, 1752, p. 265.

X. X. X. Bryan Waller Procter, in
the London "Literary Gazette."

X. Y. John Rickman. Eight letters
concerning the pavement of the Metrop-
olis and the adjoining turnpike road.
L. 1817.

X. Y. Z. Thomas De Quincey, in the
" London Magazine," 1785-1859.

X. Y. Z. Bryan Waller Procter, in the
London " Literary Gazette."

X. Y. Z. William Purton, M.A.
Gradus ad Homerum ; or, the A. B. C. D.
of Homer . . . Oxf. 1862.

X. Y. Z. Club. Johji Godfrey Saxe,
A. Livien Douglas, and George W. Pettes.
Euchre ; or, the game of life. 18-.

X. Z. Rev. John Sylvester John Gardi-
ner. Remarks on the Jacobiniad, first
published in the " Federal Orrery," Bos-
ton, 1794 or 95, and afterwards repub-
lished in a 12° volume in Boston, 1795-
98, embellished with caricatiire likenesses



of many of those against whom its satire
was directed. This book is in the Boston
Athenjeum Library.
X***» Le Chev., O-A.S.D.S-M.S.

Le. Comte Javier de Maistre. Voyage
autour de ma chambre. Par . . . Ham-
burg, 1796.

" O.A.8.D.8.M.S." = Ancien offlcier au ser-
vice de S. M. Sarde.

Xariffa. Mrs. Mary Ashly ( Van Voor-

his) Townsend, Xariffa's poems. P. 1870.

Xenette. Miss Pamela S. Vining,

known to the literary world by this pen-
name, has contributed to Wellman's
"Literary Miscellany" (Detroit), has
written for New York magazines, and
for the " Ladies' Repository " (Cin.).

Xo Ho. Horace Walpolc, Earl of Or-
ford. A letter from ... a Chinese
philosopher at London, to his friend
Lien Chi at Peking. L. 1757.

Xylo. John Homer Bliss, in the
" Printer's Miscellany," St. John's, N.B.,


Y. — See "Alcaeus."

Y. E. V. Kenealy. E, W. Montagu :
an autobiography. Edited [or rather
written] by . . . L. 1869.

Y., A. Arthur Young, Esq. Letters to
the yeomanry . . L. 1797.

Y., E. Edward Yardley (?). A let-
ter to a friend [giving some account of
the life and works of C. Hayes] : by . . .
L. 1761.

Y., E. A. G. Mrs. E. A. G. Young.
Last leaves from the journal of Julian
Charles Young. Edited by , . . L. 1875.

Y., E. J. Edward James Young.
George Harris. B. 1875.

Y, J. John Yardley (?). [Rickli's]
The Swiss peasant. Trans, by . . . L.

Y. J. O. Mrs. Sarah S. Black. Ram-
bling chats and chatty rambles. N.Y.

Y. M. William Pengelly. "The late
W. J. Henwood, F.R.S.," in "Nature."

Y., M. J. Mrs. Maud J. (Fuller)
Young. The legend of Sour Lake.
Houston, 186-.

Y. N. John Fry. Pieces of ancient
poetry . . . Edited by . . • Bristol,

Y. N. li. i?ei'. Timothy Horton Ball.
The Lake of the Red Cedars; or, will it
live ? Thirty years in Lake . . . By . . .
Crown Point, Indiana, 1880.

Y., R. Robert Young. Rabbinical
vocabulary ... By . . . Edinb. 1853.

Y, W. William Yates. The Hitopa-
desa; or. Salutary instruction, etc.
Edited by . . . 1841.

Y. Z. One of the pseudonyms attrib-
uted to Junius (q.v.).

The letter thus signed was contributed to the
" Public Advertiser," and was dated Dec. 6,
1767. It contained a copy of Burke'e speech

against the Ministry, hat the printer was afraid

to insert the same.

Y****, A., Esq. Arthur Young, Esq.
Reflections on the present state of affairs
at home and abroad. By ... L. 1759.

Yankee, A. Richard Grant White.
American correspondence in the " Spec-
tator" (L. 1863-67).

Yankee, A. William H. Thoms. The
bushranger : a Yankee's adventures
during his second visit to Australia. B.

Yankee, A. John Kearsley Mitchell,

M.D. Saint Helena : a poem, by-

P. 1821.

Yankee, A. Joseph Holt Ingraham.
The South-west . . . N.Y. 1835.

Yankee, A. Asa Greene. A Yankee
among the Nullifiers. N.Y. 1835.

Yankee, A. Henry Duvid Thore.au.
A Yankee in Canada ... B. 1866.

Yankee Conscript, The. George
Adams Fisher. The Y. C. ; or, eighteen
months in Dixie, 1861-62. P. 1864.

Yankee Farmer, A. John Lowell,
LL.D. Peace without dishonour — war
without hope ... B. 1807.

Yankee Ned. George Edward Clark.
Seven years of a sailor's life ... B.

Yankee Oflficer, A. Henry L. Esta-
brooks. Adrift in Dixie ; or . . . among
the Rebels, 1865. N.Y. 1866.

Yankee Prisoner, A. John James
Geer. Beyond the lines . . . loose in
Dixie, 1862-63. P. 1864.

Yanko-Sequor. Martin Regul Pilon.
The Yanko-Sequor : disquisitions upon
several things in America . . . N.Y.

Yarmouth. Isaac H, Bailey.

Yates, M. Mary Anne Yates Cork-
ling. Bread reform league. Wheat-
meal bread. L. 1882.




Y-ll-wpl-sh, Ch — s, Esq. William
Makepeace T/tackerai/ to Sir Edward
Lytton Bulwer. Bart. . . . " Eraser's
Magazine," January, 1840.

Yellowplush, Charles, Esq. Wil-
liam Makepeace Tliackeraij. The Yellow-
plush correspondence, in " Eraser's Mag-
azine," 1837-38.

Yelmarb, H. E. H. E. Bramley.
Phrenological stump orations, etc. [with
a preface signed . . .]. L. 1868.

Yenda, Mlt. Timothij Adney.

Yendys, Sydney. S//dneij Thompson
Dobell. The Roman: a dramatic poem.
L. 1850.

Yeoman, A. Sir William Cusack
Smith, Bart. A letter to the Right
Honourable William Wickham ... 3d
ed. Dublui, 1803.

YeTirrownckie, Aunt. Mrs. Henry
G. Blinn. Eyes and ears ; or, how I see
and hear. P. 1877.

Ylloss. Samuel Solly, Esq., who was
an occasional contributor to the " Gent.
Mag.," on subjects of currency particu-
larly, under this signature.

Yonge, A. de. Miss A. Watson. Joy,
and other poems. L. 18-.

Yonge, Remington. Bohert Remington
Doherty. Miscellaneous writer. 1847.

Yorick. Piero Francesco Leopoldo Fer-
rigni, who, as a spirited Feuilletonist under
the pseud, of "Yorick," borrowed from
Shakespeare's " Hamlet." became a fa-
vorite with the Tuscan public.

Yorick. Bowley Lascelles, Esq. Let-
ters of ... or, a good-humoured remon-
strance in favour of the Established
Church. By a very humble member
of it, in three parts . . . Dublin, 1817.

The letters in the Second Part appeared, the
first three of them in the " Dublin Evening
Post," and the remainder in " Freeman's Jour-
nal," under the signature of "Nuraa"; those in
Part III., in the "Correspondent" newspaper,
.January, 1817, under the signature of " Publi-
cola." The First Part, under the title of " Let-
ters of ' Publicola,' . . . was published in Dub-
lin, 1816. An article signed " Yorick," in the
" Gent. Mag." for March, 1835, was written by
Mr. Lascelles.

Yorick. Laurence Sterne. Letters
from Eliza [Mrs. Elizabeth Draper] to
... By William Coombe. L. 1775.

Yorick. James Warren Ward. Yor-
ick, and other poems. Cleveland, 1838.

Yorick, Mr. Laurence Sterne. A
sentimental journey through France
and Italy ... L. 1768.

Yorke, Oliver, Esq. Francis Syl-
vester Mahony, as editor of " Eraser's
Magazine' ' ; and still the assumed name
of its editor.

Yorke, Onslow. William Hepworth

Dixon. Secret history of "The Inter-
national " Working Men's Association.
L. 1871.

Yorke, Stephen. Miss LinskiU. Tales
of the North Riding. L. 1871.

Yorke, Zaida, and Una Locke.
Mrs. Una Locke Bailey, and another (?).
The Eourth of July in Kew England,
and the fifth of November in Old Eng-
land . . . N.Y. 1870.

Yorkel, Hans. A. Oakeii Hall. Bal-
lads. N.Y. 1880.

" I have a dim recollection of signing some
newspaper letters ' Hans Yorkel,' but those
were ephemeral." — Letter to A. R. Frey,
Sept. 29, 1884.

York's Tall Son. William Trotter
Porter. An appellation playfully ap-
plied to him by his friends.

Yorkshire Clergyman, A. Rev.
Francis Orpen Morris, B.A. Arch-
deacon Wilberforce on supremacy. By
... L. 1854.

Yorkshire Freeholder, A. Samuel
Bailey. A discussion of parliamentary
reform. L. 1831.

Young American, A. Isaac F.
Coffin. Journal of a residence in
Chili . . . 1817-18-19. B. 1823.

Young American, A. Alexander
Slidell, U.S.N. (Slidell-Mackenzie, after
1837), in "A Year in Spain" (L. 1836),

Young and Happy Husband, A.
A. A. Doii-ty. Connubial bliss. L. 18-.

Young Artist, A. A. B. Cochrane.
A young artist(L. Holme)'s life. L.

Young Clergyman, A. Joseph Butler,
Bishop of Durham. A letter of thanks
... to the Rev. Dr. Hare ... L. 1719.

Young English Positivist, A. John
Morley, in Robert Buchanan's " Master-
spirits." L. 1873.

Young Englishman of Rank, A.
William Wirt (?). The Britisli spy; or,
letters of . . . written during a tour
through the United States. Newbury-
port, Mass., 1804.

Young Gentleman, A. Benjamin
Church, M.D. The choice : a poem after
the manner of Mr. Pomfret ... B. 1757.

Young Gentleman, A. Thomas
Dawes. The law given at Sinai : a
poem ... B. 1777.

Young Gentleman, A. Thomas
Green. The micthodion ; or, a poetical
olio ... L. 1788.

Young Gentleman, A. Richard
Valpy, D.D., F.A.S. Poetical blos-
soms . . . By ... of the Royal Gram-
mar School, Guildford. L. 1772.




Young Gentleman, A. Thomas
Rodd, Senior. The Theriad : an heroic-
comic poem . . . by . . . L. 1790.

Young Gentleman, A. Fortescue
Hitchins. Vision of memory, and other
poems. By . . . Plymouth, 1803.

Young Gentleman of Cambridge,
A. Rev. Henry Etough, of Therfleld,
Hertfordshire. A letter to [Henry
Dodwell] the author of Christianity
not founded on Argument. L. 1742.

Young Gentleman of New York, A.
.John Blair Linn, D.D. Miscellaneous
works, prose and poetical, by . . . N.Y.

Young Gentleman of Seventeen, A.

A. Pitman. Eugenio ; or, the man of sor-
row ... L. 1780.

Young Gentleman of Sixteen, A.

B. Allen. Modern chastity; or, the
agreeable rape : a poem ; by ... in vin-
dication of the Eight Hon. Lord B — e
[i.e. Frederick Calvert, Lord Baltimore].
L. 17G8.

Young Gentleman of Truro School,
A. Richard Polwhele. The fate of Lewel-
lyn ; or, the druid's sacrifice ... L. 1778.

Young Gentleman of Winchester
School, A. Robert Lowih, afterwards
bishop of London. The genealogy of
Christ ; as it is represented in the east
window in the college chappel at Win-
chester : a poem. L. 1729.

Young Gentlewoman, Mrs. A. W.,
A. Mrs. Anna Weamijs. A continua-
tion of Sir Philip Sydney's Arcadia . . .
L. 1G51.

Young Greek Lady, A. Pauline Ade-
laide Alexandre Panam. Memoirs of . . .
L. 1823.

Young Lady, A. Helen Maria Wil-
liams. Edwin and Eltruda : a legendary
tale. L. 1782.

Young Liady, A. Mary Julia Young.
Horatio and Amanda: a poem. By. . .
L. 1777.

Young Lady, A. Gertrude Wyatt.
Miscellaneous poems. By ... L. 1829.

Young Lady, A. Miss J. Harveij.
A sentimental tour through Newcastle.
By . . . Newcastle, 1794.

Young Lady, A. William Coomhe,
Esq. "A series of letters from ... on
a visit in London, to a sick mother in
the country," contributed to Ackerman's
"Literary Repository."

Youug Lady, lately deceased, A.
Miss Elizabeth Smith. Fragments in
prose and verse. Bath, 1808.

Young Blan, A. Heniy Rcvell Rei/-
nulds. An address to the ladies, n.p.

Young Nobleman, A. Lord Georgf
Lyttelton. Poems by . . . of distinguished
abilities, lately deceased ... in a letter
from an American traveller, dated from
the ruinous portico of St. Paul's, in the
year 2199, to a friend settled in Boston,
the metropolis of the Western Empire
... 2d ed. L. 1780.

Young Man of Massachusetts, A.
Benjamin Waterhouse, 31. D. Journal of
. . . captured at sea by the British, May,
1813. B. 1816.

Young Painter, A. John Russell.
Letters from . . . abroad to his friends in
England. L. 1750.

Young Peer of the Highest Rank,
just returned from his travels, A.
Francis Russell, 5th Duke of Bedford.
A descriptive tour through the interior
parts of Germany and France ... L.

Young Pilgrim, A. Mrs. Anne (Hind-
ley) Woods. Life in the tent ; or, travels
in the desert and Syria, in 1850 ... L.
and Ashton-under-Lyne.

Young Rapid. Col. T. Allston

Young Roscius. William H. W.

Young Scots Gentleman, A. Adam
Thomson. The disappointed gallant . . .
Edinb. 1738.

Young Southern Lady, A. Mrs.
Emma (Moffett) Wynne. Cragfont.
N.Y. 1867.

Young 'Un. George P. Burnham.
Stray subjects arrested and bound over,
being the fugitive offspring of the "Old
'Un " [F. A. Durivage] and the Young
'Un, etc. B. 1848.

Young Woman, A. Susannah Har-
rison. Songs in the night, by . . . Bur-
lington, N.J., 1788.

Younger Brother, A. Samuel Bailey,
Esq. The right of primogeniture exam-
ined, in a letter to a friend. By ... L.

Younger Son, A. Edward Juhn Tre-
lawny. The adventures of a younger
son. L. 1831.

Youngest member. The. Annie T.
Slosson. The China-hunter's club . . .
N.Y. 1878.

Your Constant Reader. Charles
Dickens, in the " Daily News," January,
1846. — See " Subscriber, A."

Your Real Friend. One of the
pseudonyms attributed to Junius (q-i'.).

The letter thus signed is dated May 6, 1709,
and censures the Marquis of Grauby.

Youth of Thirteen, A. William




CuUen Bryant. The embargo; or,
sketches of the times : a eatire, by . . .
B. 1808.

Yrubslips, F. Francis Spilsbury. The
art of etching and aqua tinting . . . By
... L. 1794.


Z. H. Wilberforce. — See " a " (under

Z. Samuel Adams, in the "Boston
Gazette," Oct. 11, 1773.

Z. George Horne, Bishop of Nor-
wich. His signature to papers in the
"011a Podrida," a periodical work, at

Z. John Gibson Lockkart, in "Black-
wood's Magazine."

Z. Bev. Joseph Warton, in his con-
tributions to the "Adventurer." L.

Z. Hannah More. The lady and the
pye . . . and the plum-cakes. L. 1800.

Z. Col. G. W. Prosser. A letter . . .
on the Royal Military College at Sand-
hurst. L. 1848.

Z. Samuel Edmund Sewall, LL.B.
Remarks on slavery in the United States
... B. 1827.

Z., A. William Lucas. A five weeks'
tour to Paris, Versailles, Marli, etc. By
... L. 1765.

Z., A. Rev. John Clayton. Four let-
ters occasioned by two pamphlets . . .
L. 1805.

Z., A. Benjamin Gale, M.D. The
present state of the Colony of Connecti-
cut considered . . . New London, 1755.

Z , Mrs. B. M. Mrs. Bettie M.

Zimmerman. " It was in 1863, that the
' Southern Illustrated News' (Richmond,
Va.) contained creditable jjoems by 'Mrs.

B. M. Z ,' and in 1864, the ' Southern

Field and Fireside' (Augusta, Ga.) pub-
lished some poems by the same pen."

Z., E. S. Hon. Elizabeth Susan Law,
afterwards Lady Colchester. Miscellane-
ous poems . . . By ... L. 1832.

Z., J. V. Joseph Veazie. Asphalt . . .
B. 1875.

Z., T. Q., Esq. Major .John Scott,
afterwards Waring. An epistle from
Oberea, Queen of Otaheite, to .Joseph
Banks, Esq. Translated by . . . profes-
sor of the Otaheite language in Dublin,
and of all the languages of the undis-
covered islands in the South Sea ... L.

Zadig. Hon. Chief Justice J. H. H<f-
garty, in his contributions to various Ca-
nadian periodicals.

Zadklel. William Lilly. Astrology,
and a grammar of astrology. L. 1832.

ZadMel. Lieut. Bichard .James Mor-
rison. An essay on love and matrimony.
L. 1851.

Zadkiel, Tao Sze. Lieut. Bichard
James Morrison. Zadkiel's almanack for
1851, etc. L. 1851.

Zadklel, the Seer. Lieut. Richard
.Tames Morrison. The horoscope . . .
Edited by . . . L. 1834 and 1841.

Zaphaniel. George Alexander Stev-
ens. The dramatic history of Master
Edward, Miss Ann, Mrs. Llwhuddwhydd,
and others. The extraordinaries of these
times. Collected from Z.'s original pa-
pers, etc. L. 1743.

Zara. Miss Ponsonby, " Zara's look
serene," in Anna Seward's " Llangollen

Zarah. Sarah, Duchess of Marlbour-
ough. The secret history of Queen
Zarah and the Zarazians : being a look-
ing glass for ... in the kingdom of Al-
bigion . . . Albigion [L.] . By Mrs. De
la Riviere Manley (1).

Zell. Mrs. H. Brien. Social influ-
ence; or, take care of the boys. P. 1865.

Zell, Ira. Robert Barnwell Roosei^elt.

Zeno. Thomas M'Grugar. Letters
. . . addressed to the citizens of Edin-
burgh, on Parliamentary representation
. . . Edinb. 1783.

Zeokinizul. Louis XV., King of
France. The amours of . . . king of thc-
Kofirans. Translated from the Arabic
of the famous traveller Krinelbol. Witii
a key. [From the French of Claude
Prosper .Jolyot de Crebillion.] L. 1749.

Zepa. p. Hulburt, M.D. An eye-
opener. " Citateur, par Pigault "...
B. 1871.

Zero. Allan Ramsay. A succinct
review of the American contest ... L.

Zeta. John T^ovell, in his contributions
to the "Graphic" (L.).

Zeta,. .Tames Anthony Froude. Shad-
ows of the clouds [tales]. By ... L.

Zianit/.ka.'K. Th. Kathinka (Halein)
Ziiz. Schiller's Laura, etc. Mainz, 1855

Zigzag, air., the Elder. John Wyke




ham Archer. The recreations of . . . L.

Zinn, Serjeant. James Edwin Wil-
son. A throw for the throne ; or, the
prince unmasked. L. 1872.

Zion. John Ward. The standard of
Zion . . . Birmingham, 1831.

Ziska. Amos Jay Cummings, in the
New York " Sun."

Zulano. Jerome Alfred Barle, who,
under this pseudonym, for four years
contributed to the San Francisco " Argo-
naut " feuilleton, with the title " Echoes
from Everywhere " ; also sketches and

ZZ— , J . Rev. John Butler. The

genuine will of a clergyman lately de-
ceas'd ... L. 1760.


******. William Maginn. Letter from
. . . inclosing hymn to Christopher North,
Esq. [with the hymn], in " Blackwood's
Magazine," Vol. IX., pp. 59-64.

A., C. C. Rev. a a Adams.

"A," "H," "B," "M," "F," "N,"
and "E." Letters from the Irish High-
lands. L. 1825.

The letters signed "H" were written by
Henry Blake, Esq., of Renvyle; the others by
Mrs. Blake and her sisters.

A., H. and R. Harriet and Rose Ac-
ton. Poems. L. 1846.

A., J. Dr. John Aiken, in " Gent.
Mag."; Nichols' "Literary Anecdotes,
18th Century," IX., 384.

A. R. Richard Allen (?). The for-
tune hunter's guide, etc. By . . . 1840 (?).

A. S. Rev. Thomas Russell.

In Allibone's "Critical Dictionary of English
Literature," Vol. 11., under Joseph Ititson, on
p. 1812, about one-third down on first column, I

" The controversy was carried on by different
parties in London ' Gent. Mag.,' 1782, etc. ('A. S.'
stands for Hev. Thomas Russell)."

A. W., Farmer. Free tlioughts on
the proceedings of the Continental
Congress held at Philadelphia, Sep-
tember 5th, 1774, etc. By . . . n.p.,

Said by Mr. John Russell Bartlett to be the
joint production of Br. Seabury, afterwards
Bishop of Connecticut, and Mr. Isaac Wilkins,
a West-Chester farmer.

A., W. G. G. W. Allen. Two ghost
tales: poems. Nottingham, 1870.

Absentee, An. Rev. Edward Mangin.
Utopia found : being an apology for
Irish absentees , . . by . . . Bath,

Achates. Thomas Pincknej/. Eeflec-
tions occasioned by the late disturban-
ces [bv negroes] in South Carolina. Bv
. . . Charleston, 1822.

Acorn. James Oakes.

In the Boston "Sunday Herald" for Dec. 7,
1884, is an article called " Passing Away," whiCa

gives an account of " The Place where the ' Sfar-
let Letter ' was written." In this article a bit of
information is given about James Oakes. He
was something of a literary man, a good theatri-
cal critic, and wrote for the Boston " Post" and
New York papers over the signature of
" Acorn." He was a friend of Edwin For-

Agricola. Rev. Percival Stockdale.

In the summer of 1779, Sev. Percival Stock-
dale wrote several political letters with the sig-
nature " Agricola." They were published by
Mr. H. S. Woodfall in the " Public Advertiser."

"Literary Anecdotes of 18th Century,"
Nichols, Vol. VIII., p. 25, note at foot. The
opening of the note is on p. 18, and is signed on
p. 29 as " J. P." The next sentence says written
by Jane Porter,

Albens, le vicomte d'. Mme Urhain

Rattazzi. Articles in the journal " Le
Pays," notably parisiennes " Lettres," and
among other novels, " Le quartrieme
larron," published in 1862.

Alceste. Louis Am€d€e Eugene Achard.
Lettres parisiennes, the first of which
appeared in " L'Assemblee Nationale,"
April 14, 1849, and several of the follow-
ing appeared signed " Alceste."

Allen, Grant. Charles Grant Blair-
jindie Allen. Physiological assthctics.
L. 1877.

Alphonso. John Nichols.

In August, 1778, John Nichols became asso-
ciated with David Henry in the management of
the" Gent. Mag.," and from that time not a single
month elapsed in which he did not write several
articles in that miscellany, some with his own
name or his initials, and some anonymously.
A note to the above says, under these signature's,
"Alphonso" = John Nichols; "Eugenio" =
John Nichols; "M. Green " = J^o7t« Nichols;
" A London Antiquary " = John Nichols ;
"J. N." = John Nichols. — "Literary i-\uec-
dotes of 18th Century," Nichols, Vol. VI.. p.
628 and note.

Amateur, An. Hon. E. S. Abbot,
afterwards Baroness Colchester. Views
in London [in verse], sketclied from a
window in the "Palais de la Ve'rito'," cte.
Chiswick, 1833.

Anxeilcan, An. Henry Pickering
Poems by . . . B. 1830.



Ancient Brahmin, An. Philip Dor-
mer Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield,
The oeconomy of human life. Translated
from an Indian manuscript, written by
... To which is prefixed an account of
the manner in which the said manuscript
was discover'd. In a letter from an
English gentleman now residing in

China, to the Earl of . L.

1701. See "Notes and Queries," Vol.
X., pp. 8, 74, and 318.

Angelo, Master Michael. Oliver
Goldsmith (?). The drawing school for
little masters and misses . . . By . . .
L. 1777.

Goldsmith is believed to have written the
" History of Ijittle Goody Two Shoes . . . From
the original Ms. in the Vatican at Rome, the
cuts by "Michael Angelo." L.

Angeloni, Battista, a Jesuit. John
Shebbeare, M.D.

Indeed that gentleman, whatever objections
were made to him, had knowledge and abilities
much above the class of ordinary writers, and
deserves to be remembered as a respectable name
in literature, were it only for his admirable
" Letters on the English Nation," under the
name of " Battista Angeloni, a Jesuit." This
was John Shebbeare, in 17-35. — Boswell's
"Life of Johnson," edition of London (Bell),
1876, Vol. Vin., p. 90, year 1781.

Anti-Janus. Dr. Phil Hergenroether.
An historico-theological criticism of
"The Pope and the Council," by "Ja-
nus." N.y. 1871.

Anti-Sejanus. James Scott.

Dr. James Scott wrote, in 1765, the letters
signed " Anti-Sejanus," which were published
in the " Public Advertiser," and were bo popular
that they raised the sale of the paper from 1500
to 3000 a day . . . There are likewise some
others signed " Philanglia," written by Dr.
Scott. — Nichols, " Literary Anecdotes of 18th
Century," Vol. IX., p. 725.

Antiquarian. Henry Phillips, Jr. A
review of an article on Continental
money, in " Harper's Magazine " for
March, 1863. n.p. 1863.

Armenian, An. Judge Robert Hellen.
Letters from ... in Ireland to his friends
at Trebisond ... L. 1757. Also as-
cribed to Edmund Sexton Peril, Esq.,
afterwards speaker of the Irish House of

Artist, An. John Bengo. Poetry,
miscellaneous and dramatic. By . . .
Edinb. 1707.

Ashleigh, Rose. Mrs. Rose Aldrich,
in contributions to the " Weekly "

Augustinus. William Maginn. Latin
prosody from England. To Christopher
North, Esq., dated St. Andrews, Sept. 13,
1821, in "Blackwood's Magazine," Vol.
X., pp. 383-388.

Autolycus. John Edwards, in his
contributions to the " Springfield Wheel-

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