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men's Gazette."

Azamat Batuk. Nicolas L€on Thuf-

"The pseudonym of 'Azamat Batuk' was
used by me for fancy sketches in the ' Pall Mall
Gazette ' (L.) ; the pseudonym of ' Rigolo ' was
used for the last seven or eight years in the
' Sun ' for my Monday Wall Street articles only,
and is being used still. I have occasionally uspd
some other pseudonyms, including that of ' John
Collins' in the 'Sun,' giving sketches of Wall
Street men (Vanderbilt, Gould, Woerishoffer,
and others), in the years 1877 and 78." — Letter
to A. R. Frey, Jan. 18, 1885.

B., C. K. Charles K. Bishop, in " Har-
per's Monthly."

B., E. B. Elizabeth (Barrett) Brown-
ing. " Victoria's tears," in the " Athe-
nseum " for July 8, 1837, p. 506.

B., O. B. Oliver Bell Bunce, in various

B., S. J. Mrs. Sallie J. {Hancock) Bat-

Barrett, Rev. J., D.D.S F.T.C.D.,
Professor of Hebrew in Trinity Col-
lege, Dublin. William Maginn. A
Hebrew dirge over Sir Daniel Donnelly.
By ... in "Blackwood's Magazine,"
Vol. VIL, pp. 197-199.

Beauchamp, Philip. George Grote.
Analysis of the influence of natural re-
ligion on the temporal condition of man-
kind. L. 1822.

The "British Museum Catalogue" thus as-
cribes this work to Mr. Grote, and not to Mr.

Beauvoir, Roger de. J^douard Roger
de Bully. L'ecolier de Cluny ; ou, le
sophismie, 1315. Paris, 1832.

Belle, Clara. Frank File, in various

Benedick. Joseph Reed.

" Joseph Seed wrote letters under the signa-
ture ' Benedick' (in defence of Mr. Garrick, on
the publication of Kendrick's ' Love in the
suds ')> printed originally in the ' Morning Chron-
icle.' " — Nichols, " Litez'ary Anecdotes of the
18th Century," IX., 118

Bernard, Camille. Mme Urbain

Bessie. Mrs. Kent. — See Clark's
"Recollections of Writers."

Bienaise, Jacques. Louis Labarre.
Un raois h, Paris ; ou, le fameux petit
tour en France du poete Marie-Amour
Janvier, recueille et mis en lumiere, par
. . . Liege, 1838.

Bigwig's Friend, The. Henry
George Herbert, Lord Porchester and 2d
Earl of Carnarvon. A letter to the
" Oxford Spy," from . . . 1818.

Birch, Rev. Busby, LiL.D., F.R.S.,
F.A.S., F.G.C, and M.S.E.A.M.C. \i.t.



Member of the Society for the Encour-
agement of Arts, Manufactures, and Com-
merce]. Bonnel Thornton. City Latin;
or, critical and political remarks on tlie
Latin inscription on laying the first stone
'of the intended new bridge at Black
Fryars... By... L. 1760.

"This sparkling, frisky squib from the pen
of Bonnel Thornton was let off more in merri-
ment than rancour. The witty author followed
up his whimsical strictures in another droll
pamphlet," for the title of which, see "A Dep-
uty." — See "Notes and Queries," July, 1S65,
pp. 41, 42.

Bluggen, Vander von. Charles
Knight. " The Boeotian order of architec-
ture," in Knight's " Quarterly Magazine,"

Boythorn. W. S. Landor, in Dick-
ens's "Bleak House."

Bridges, Sallie. Mrs. S. B. Stehbins,
of Philadelphia, in poems contributed to
various periodicals.

BroAvn, Edward, Esq. John Camp-
hell, LL.D. The travels and adventures
of . . . L. 1739.

Buller, Bob. William Maginn. A
Latin version of Will's [see W. Seward]
"Ullaloo," in "Blackwood's Magazine,"
Vol. VIL, p. 197.

C, Mrs. Maria {Little) Child, in her
contributions to literary journals.

C, C, C.A.D.A. [Carolus Cordell,
Catholicse Academicse Duacenge Alum-
nus]. Rev. Charles Cordell. The Divine
Office for the use of the laity. Newcas-
tle (?), 1763.

C, G. T. George Ticknor Curtis, in
" Harper's Weekly," Aug. 9, 1884, and
in other periodicals.

C, H., Esq. Henry Coventry. The
history of Pompey the Little. L.

C, M. A. Miss Mary Ann Cursham.
Emanuel Swedenborg ; and other poems.
L., n.d. Also poems in Colburn's " New-
Monthly," about 1834.

Calcraft, Jolin William. J. W.
Cole. A defence of the stage. L.

Campana. Right Hon. Frederick
Richard Chichester, Earl of Belfast, who,
under this signature, contributed to tlie
■"Northern Magazine" for February,
1852, an article headed " Twelfth-day at
Cannes," written in a style of lively rem-
iniscence and graceful sentiment,

Carlton, Carrie. 3Iary Booth.

Celeste. Mrs. George G. (Bowlin Jen-
kins) Brown.

Champlin, Virginia. Miss Grace
Virginia Lord.

" Many have read with pleasure the transla-
tions in different papers and magazines furnished

by " Virginia Champlin." They were the work
of a scholar, and, by the beauty of their compo-
sition, showed a familiarity with the original
that could only come from long years of study."

Chromo, Polly. Miss Lizzie F.
Schuster, in contributions to the " House-
hold" (Brattleboro, Vt.) et al.

Citizen of Massaclmsetts, A. Wil-
lard Phillips. An appeal to the good
sense of the Democrats and the public
spirit of the Federalists. By ... B.

Citizen of New York, A. Mathew
Adgate. A northern light ; or, new index
to the Bible . . . Troy"; 1800.

Citizen of South Carolina, A. Wil-
liam Smith. Candid examination of the
objections to the Treaty of Amity, Com-
merce, and Navigation between the Uni-
ted States and Great Britain . . . By
. . . N.Y. 1795.

Clergyman of the Episcopal
Church in England, A. Rev. William
Edward Heygate. — See " Layman of
Boston, A."

Clyde, Kate. Miss C. G. Tharin, in
contributions to the " Weekly " (N.Y.).

C — o. Rev. John Spicer, in " Gent.
Mag.," Vol. LIV., 825 ; Nichols' " Liter-
ary Anecdotes of 18th Century," IK.,

Crito. John Duncomhe,

" In the ' Gent. !Mag.,' John Duncombe's com>
municatious in biography, poetry, and criticism,
during the last 20 years of his life, were frequent
and valuable. Many of them were without a
name, but his miscellaneous contributions were
usually distinguished by the signature 'Crito';
and the ' Review of Books "... was nearly all
his own." — K'iCHOLS, "Literary Anecdotes of
the ISth Century," Vol. Vni., p. 277 at top.

Croolileg, W. William Tennant. The
Anster concert. Cupar, 1811.

Crossman, P. J. William Maginn, in
the "Literary Gazette," in 1819.

See "Noctes Ambrosianse," edited by Mack-
enzie, Vol. v., p. iv.

^^ O. v." = Wm. Maginn. — See same book,
Vol. v., p. v. This pseudonym was changed to
" Olinthus, Petre, D.D." = ]Vm. Maginn.^^See
same book. Vol. V., p. vii.

Curio. Mark Akenside.

" His stay at Northampton, however, was fer-
tile in a literary respect, for he published two of
his more remarkable works while there; his
' Epistle to Curio,' in November, 1744, and his
' Odes on Several Subjects.' Under the pseudo-
nym of ' Curio,' the former of these works was
avery spirited attack on Wm. Pulteney."

Custom-House Officer, A. William
Russell. Leaves from the journal of . . .
L. 1868.

D., A. £>r. Andrew Douglas. Notes
of a journey from Berne to England
through France, made in the year 1796.
Bv • . • (with supplement by ]^I. D ). L,



D., C. W. Charles W. Deans.

D., W. W. Derham. Artificial clock-
maker . . . 4tli ed. L. Vioi.

D'Anvers, Caleb. Nicholas Amhurst.

"In 1726, Dec. 5th, Nicholas Amhurst issued,
nnder the pseudonym of 'Caleb D'Anvers of
G-ray's Inn,' the lirst number of the famous
' Craftsman,' the most successful of all the jiolit-
ical journals of this aare." — Stephen, "Diet,
of Nat. Biog.," p. 362, col. 2.

" He was also, in all probability, author of a
poem, ' The Protestant Session ' . . . By a mem-
ber of the Constitutional Club of Oxford, 1719."
— Stephen, " Diet, of Nat. Biog.," p. 362, col. 1.

Dapiferus, Jacobus, Corcagiensis.
William Maginn. Adventus in Hiber-
niam, etc. " Blackwood's Magazine,"
Vol. IX., pp. 319-20.

Ascribed to Dr. Maginn as well as to Mr.

Debruel, Liouis. Louis Ame'de'e Eu-
gene Acharcl issued several vaudevilles
under this pseudonym.

Delta. David Macbeth Moir.

Under " A" he contributed 395 poems to
" Blackwood's." See a note in " Noctes Ara-
brosianse," J. Wilson; edited by R. Shelton
Mackenzie, pub. by W. J. Widdleton, N.T,
1875. Vol.n., p. 21.

Allibone says he contributed articles from
1817 (when the magazine was established) tiU
1851, the year of his death.

Denton, H. B. Edgar Taylor. Lord
Brougham's local courts' bill examined.
By . . . L. 1833.

Deputy, A. Bonnel Thornton. Plain
English in answer to city Latin ; or, crit-
ical and political remarks on the Latin
inscription on laying the first stone of
the intended new bridge at Black-Fry-
ars . . . By ... L. 1761.

Divine of the University of
Cambridge, A. George Smith, D.D.
An epistolary dissertation addressed to
the clergy of Middlesex . . . By ... L.

Dixon, Helena. Adeline E. Stori/, in
contributions to the "Weekly" (N.Y.).

Dowden, Richard. William Ma-
ginn. Letter from . . . Cork, 1820 ; and
A new song ... in lamentation for . . .
Sir Daniel Donnelly, Kt. C.I. [Champion
of Ireland] ; also, Speech delivered at
tlie Cork Institution, in " Blackwood's
Magazine," Vol. VII., pp. 200-205.

E., M. E. BIrs. Mary Ellen Edwards
Staples, whose first essay in wood-draw-
ing appeared on the title-page of the
" Illustrated Times," 1859.

Earle, Sidney. Mrs. Sallie J. (Han-
cock) Battey.

EarnshaTV, Catharine. Maria L.
Pool, in contributions to the " Weekly "

Edwards, Lieon. Alfred R. Calhoun,
in contributions to the " Weekly " (N.Y.).

Elbon, Barbara. Leonora B. Hoi-
sted. Bethesda.

Emerald Isle. Duncan D. Hepburn^
Stray rhymes. 1885 (?).

Eminent Hand, An. Alexander Pope.
The impertinent ; or, a visit to the Court.
A satire. Bj . . . L. 1733.

English Gentleman, An. Philip
Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chester-
field. — See " Ancient Brahmin, An."

English Officer, An. John Banks.
The liistory of Francis Eugene, Prince
of Savoy ... By . . . L. 1741.

European Traveller, The. Rev.
7'homas Brockicay (?). The E. T. in
America, contained in three letters to
his friend in London. Hartford, 1785.

Ex-Hussar, An. A. Heron, in the
"United Service Magazine," 1885.

Pairie, Fannj'-. Mrs. Mary T. Wag-
gamon, in contributions to the " Weekly "

Father, A. William Tighe, Esq. Ob-
servations on the Lord's Prayer, in the
form of a letter from ... to his son.
Dublin, 1816.

Federal Republican, A. — Rich-
ards. Politics of Connecticut. Hart-
ford, 1817.

Fielding, Henry. Samuel William
Henry Ireland. Fielding's proverbs. L.

Fine Arkansas Gentleman, The.
Albert Pike. The life-wake of . . . who
died before his time. W. 1859.

" This pamphlet commemorates a reception
given to Albert Pike by his friends, subse-
quent to a premature announcement of his
death which appeared in the Washington

Fisherman and Zoologist, A. Fran-
cis Treveli/an Buckland. The log-book of
... L. 1875.

Fitztravesty, Blaise, Esq. William
Maginn. " A midsummer night's dream,
in blank verse, by . . . In " Blackwood's
Magazine," Vol. X., pp. 557-562.

Flat Enlightened, A. — Deale.
Life in the West ; or, the curtain
drawn ... By . . . L. 1827.

This work afterwards appeared, with the
title, "Crockfords; or, life in the West," L.

Fledger, Aaron. Addison Fletcher
Andreics, in the New York journals.

Flora. 3Iiss Pai/ne, correspondent of
the " Herald" (Cleveland, O.).

Footman, A. Robert Dodsley. Servi-
tude : a poem . . . Written by . . . L.
about 1725.

Forager, Philip. William Maginn.
Ode to Marshal — , on his return. By
an Irish gentleman lately deceased. In



" Blackwood's Magazine," Vol. VII., pp.
687, 588.

Forester, Fleta. Mrs. S. G. Stone,
in her contributions to " St. Nicholas "
(N.Y.) et al.

Few. F. 0. Ward, leader-writer on
the " London Times."

Foxhall. Miss Molly Elliott Seawell,
in her contributions to the " Mail and
Express " (N.Y.).

Friend in the North, A. Stephen
Colwell. The South : a letter from
. . . With special reference to the
effects of disunion on slavery. P.

Friend to the West India Colonies
and their Inhabitants, A. James To-
hin (?). Cursory remarks upon the Rev-
erend Mr. Ramsaj-'s " Essay on tlie
treatment and conversion of African
slaves in the sugar colonies." By . . .
L. 1785.

Gentleman at Cambridge, A. Fran-
cis Bragge. Two odes of R. Rapin, imi-
tated in English Pindaricks. By ... L.

Gentleman Here, A. John Slack)/.
A journey through Scotland; in famil-
iar letters from ... to his friend abroad
... By . . . L. 1723.

Gentleman in the Country, A. Adam
Ftrguson, LL.D. Remarks on a pam-
phlet lately published by Dr. Price, in-
titled " Observations on the natui'e of
civil liberty ... In a letter from
... to a member of Parliament. L.

Gentleman of the Middle Temple,
A. Thomas Babington Macaulai/. Con-
versation between Mr. Abraham Cowley
and Mr. John Milton touching the great
Civil War, in Knight's " Quarterly Mag-
azine," 1824.

Gentleman, resident there, A.
Thomas Clio Rickman. Emigration to
America candidly considered. In a
series of letters from ... to his friend in
England. L. 1798.

George, Uncle. Frederick George
Pardon. Parlour pastimes, containing
charades, etc. L. 1857.

Graduate of 1794, A. Ezekiel Bacon,
LL.D. — See" B.,E."

Graham, Ennis. Mrs. Mary Louisa
Molesworth. "Carrots": just a little
boy . . . L. 1876.

Greatest Hypocrite in England,
The. John Wesley. Perfection : a po-
etical epistle, calmly addressed to . . .
L. 1778.

•' He, like our hypocrite brother.
Professes one thing, does another;

Thus all things where they're most profest
Are found to be regarded least."
— BuTLEB, upon P. Nye's "Thanksgiving

" This epistle seems to be aimed at the Rev.
John Wesley, in answer to his ' Calm Address.' "

H. E., Esq. Samuel William Henry

H., J. Rev. John Button, B.D. A
tour to the caves in the environs of
Ingleborougli and Settle ... L. 1781.

H. M. Sir Samuel Egerton Brydges.

"In 1832, Sir Egerton Brydges contributed
some letters to the " Times " newspaper, during
the discussion of our legislative constitution, oa
the Peerages, signed 'H. M.,' and dated Leip-
sic." — "Gent. Mag.," November, 1837, Vol..
VIII., N.S., Pt. 11.,!). 538.

H., M. W. M. W. Hallett.

Hastier, Doctor, M.R.S.P.Q. John
Whitley Boswell. 'ZvWeyo/j.iva of the
antiquities of Killmackumpshaugh, in
the County of Roscommon and Kingdom
of Ireland. Written by . . . Dublin,

Hincks, Rev. E., F.T.C.D. William
Maginn. Translation of Hebrew dirge
in "Blackwood's Magazine," Vol. VII.,
pp. 198, 199.

His Sister. Miss Angeline M. Cud-
worth. A memorial of Rev. Warren H.
Cudworth. By . . . B. 1885.

Holt, Wm. William Maginn. Re-
port of the " Speech delivered at the
Cork Institution," in " Blackwood's
Magazine," Vol. VII., pp. 202-205.

Irish Clergyman, An. Rev. Spenser
Knox. Pastoral annals. By ... L.

Irish Gentleman, lately deceased, '
An. William Maginn. An ode to Mrs.
Elanagan. By ... in "Blackwood's
Magazine," Vol. VI., pp. 628-630.

Ixion. Llewelyn H. Johnson,

J., R. Richard Jones.

[notes bt mk. a. e. fret.]

I have before me a book with the following
title, " Six Old Plays," on which Shakspeare
founded his " Measure for Measure," '• Comedy of
Errors," " Taming of the Shrew," " King John,"
" King Henry IV. and V.," and " King Lear."
Two VoJ.'i. bound in one. L. 1779. Sometimes
called "Nichols Steevens' edition." In it I find
several initials, and I have looked them up with
the following result. The first play is, —

" Ilistorye of Promus and Cassandra," by
Geo. "Whetstones. It opens with an address by
the author, and signed with his name. Then
follows " 'The Printer to the Reader," signed
" R. I." In Collier's " Shakspere Library,"
edited by Hazlitt, I find that this " R. I." =
Richard .Tones, who printed the edition of the
play in 1578. His whole name appears at the
close of the play in the above book.

The next play is "Mencecmi," a pleasant and
fine conceited comoedie, taken out of the most
excellent wittie poet, Plautus . . . written in
English by W. W. London, 1595. " W. W.,"
says Knight, in his introductory notice to tie



"Comedy of Errors" (on the authority of
Wood) was William Warner.

Born, probahly 1558; died, March 9 or 10,
1608-9. Allibone, under William Warner.

The next play is the " Krst and Second Part
of the Troublesome Reign of John, King of Eng-
land," etc., written by W. Sh. Imprinted by
Valentine Simmes for John Helme, 1611.

" W. Sh. " = William Slialcespeare, but I find
" On the title of the reprint of 1611, the book-
seller placed the initials W. Sh., ostensibly for
the purpose of creating a belief that the play was
Shakespeare's." — See " Shakespeare's Library,"
by Collier, edited by Hazlitt, Pt. 11., Vol. I.,
p. 222; edition London, 1S75.

Next comes the " Taming of a Shrew,"
printed by V. S. for Nicholas Ling.

" V. 8. " = Valentine Simmes (a printer),
who printed " King John."

Here ends all the initials that I find in the
" Six Old Plays, etc."; but I find a reference to
another initial.

" The Whole Contention between the two
Famous Houses, Lancaster and York. With
the Tragicall ende of the good Duke Humpfrey,
Richard, Duke of York, and King Henrie the
sixt. Divided into two Parts, and newly cor-
rected and enlarged. Written by William
Shakspeare, Gent. Printed at London, for
T. P."

This contains the "First Part of the Conten-
tion" as well as the " True Traafedie." " T. P."
was Thomas Pavier, the publisher of other

See " Shakspere's Library," Collier, edited by
Hazlitt, Pt. n., Vol. I., p. 386. L. 1875.

Jacobus, G. P. R. G. P. B.

James. — See " Painsworth, W. Haras-

Jacques. Robert W. Ewing, a severe
censor of the stage under this signature
during the years 1825 and '26.

Jennings, Thomas, Soda Water
Manufacturer. William Marjinn. Let-
ter from . . . Cork, 1820, and a dirge
over Sir Daniel Donnelly ; by ... in
"Blackwood's Magazine," Vol. VII., pp.
199, 200.

Johnny the Bear. John Ahemethj.

"Has anyone who knows Johnny the Bear
heard his name thus anagrammatised without a
smile? We may be sure he smiled and growled
at the same time when he first heard it himself."
— SouTHEX's " Doctor," ch. clsxix., p. 468.

Junius Redivivus. William Bridges
Adams. A tale of Tucuman, with di-
gressions, English and American [a po-
litical poem]. L. 1831. He also con-
tributed " On the Working Classes " to
Tait's " Edinburgh Magazine," 1834, pp.
79, 701.

Keen, Royal. F. F. Schroder, in his
contributions to various Western period-

Kettle, Rosa Mackenzie. Mart/
Jtosa Stuart Kettle. The Carding-Mill
Valley. L. 1882.

U., A. H. Alexander H. Laidlaw,
M.D., in contributions to Philadelphia
journals, 1854, etc.

Author of an English dictionary, in which
demote appears for the first time as opposite of

Laboring 3Ian, A. Thomas Robinson
Hazard. Pacts for the laboring man.
By . . . Newport, R.I., 1840.

Lady, A. Mrs. Hannah Glasse. The
art of cookery. L. 1747.

This is ascribed, not only to Dr. John EMI,
but also to the witty Dr. William King.

Lady, A. Mrs. — Salmon. Jeptha:
a dramatic poem, by . . . L. 1846.

Lady, A. Miss Mary Ann Cur sham.
Norman Abbey : a tale of Sherwood
Porest. L. 1832.

Lady, A. Miss Anna Jane Vardill.
Poems by . , . L. 1809.

Lady, A. Lady Charlotte Maria
( Campbell) Bury. Poems on several
occasions, by . . . Edinb. 1797.

Lady lately Deceased, A. Miss
Henrietta Bowdler. Poems and essays
by . . . 2d ed. Bath, 1786.

Lancelot, le Capitaine. Amable
Louis Bone' de Villiers. Les pompiers
peints par eux-memes. Paris, 1868.

Lang, S. Richard Henry Stoddard, in
his contributions to the " Aldine " (N.Y.).

Late Celebrated Genius Deceased,
A. Richard Griffiths. The posthumous
works of . . . L. 1770.

Late Eminent Divine of the
Church of England, A. Johri Lawson,
D.D. Occasional sermons. 2d ed.

Le Ros, Christian. W. J. Sorel.
Christmas Day, and how it was spent,
by . . . L. 1854.

Libera Clavis, Gul. [i.e. Pree Key,
i.e. Preke]. William Freke. An essay
towards an union between divinity and
morality. L. 1687.

Licius. Sir Francis Freeling, in Dib-
din's " Bibliophobia."

London, Thomas. Philip TTiicknesse,
in the " Gent. Mag.," 1748-49.

Lover of Peace and Good Govern-
ment, A. .Tames Stewart. Letter to the
Eev. Dr. Price, F.R.S., wherein his ob-
servations on the nature of civil liberty
. . . are candidly examined . . . By . . .
L. 1776.

M.A. of Balliol CoUege, Oxford,
An. A. D. Thomson. On mankind:
their origin and destiny. L. 1872.

McC, J. L. James Law McCance,
contributor to "Notes and Queries."

The following are what I have so far sent : —
6th Ser., VolT IX., p. 107, a paragraph under

name " J. L. McC," referring to F. Ford, an


6th Ser., Vol. IS., p. 389, undername "McC,"

referring to N. TuU, an artist.
6th Ser., Vol. X., p. 125, under name

" J. L. McC," a folk-lore note.



6th Ser., Vol. X., p. 295, under same Initials,
on an epitaph.

Also there are various — more than two dozen
— letters to the editor, answers to queries, etc.,
scattered through Vols. 24 to 28 of the " English
Mechanic and World of Science" ; these are
almost all on astronomical subjects, and are
signed " Mac." — Letter to Mr. A. R. Frey,
dated Jan. 26, 1SS5.

McFlimsey, Flora. 3Iiss Evelj/n
Kimball Johnson. Associate Editor of
the " Bar Harbor Tourist," at Mt.
Desert. 1885.

M., J., of T. John Moncrieff. Tip-
permalluch's receipts . . . written by that
wortliy and ingenious gentleman . . .
Leith, 1775.

M., Paul. Paul Mohiiis. Hundert
Charaden und Ratsel. 1875.

M., R. Prof. Robert Manning. The
rise and fall of the heresy of iconoclasts ;
or, image-breakers . . . Collected by . . .
L. 1731.

Macaroni, A. Mr. " Sun " Taylor.
Theatrical portraits epigrammatically
delineated. About 1775. See "Kotes
& Queries," 2d Ser., xii., 473; 3d Ser.,
i., 39.

BIalagroT?Fther, Blalachi. Sir Wal-
ter Scott.

In 1826, Sir "Walter Scott wrote " Three Let-
ters by Malachi Malagrowther," first published
in "Edinburgh Weekly Journal," and subse-
quently in a pamphlet by Blackwood. These
were on paper money, etc. In 1830, when the
Reform Ministry came in, Scott wrote a fourth
" Letter of Malachi Malagrowther."

See Allibone, " Diet, of Eng. Lit.," under
"Scott," 1826; "Noctes Ambrosianse," edited
by Mackenzie, N".Y. 1875, Vol. IE., pp. 194, 195,
note; "Life of Sir Walter Scott," R. Shelton
Mackenzie, B. 1871, p. 391, etc.

Marc, A. il/arc Antoine Bayle. Cau-
series litteraires, in " Le Messager de la

Glel, Mary, should be not Bake, M. E.,
but Bennett, Mary E. — See "B., M. E."

Melmoth, Courtney. Samuel Jack-
son Pratt.

"Samuel Jachson Pratt commenced his liter-
ary course veiy early in life under the name of
' Courtney Melmoth.' The first of his publica-
tions which attracted notice was the ' Tears of
Genius,' 1774, on the death of Goldsmith." —
Nichols, " Literary Anecdotes of 18th Century,"
IX., p. 722.

Member of that Institution, A.

Ezekiel Porter Belden, A.M. Sketches
of Yale College ... By . . . N.Y.

Member of the Church of England,
A. Rev. Ernest Silvanus Appleyard. Pro-
posals for Christian union. By ... L.

Member of the Massachusetts Bar,
A. John Pickering. National rights and
State rights ... By . . . B. 1841.

Member of the University of Cam-

bridge, A. Rev. Edward Valpy, B.D. (?).
Academic errors ; or, recollections of
youth. By . . . L. 1817.

Minister of the Church, The. Rev.
Henry C. Leonard. Discourse delivered
in Orono, Me., at the funeral of Mary
E. Crane, March 20, 1850. Bangor,

Minor, A. G. W. M. Reynolds (1).
Eodolph : a dramatic fragment, etc., by
... L. 1832.

Moggi-idge, Major Spencer, of the
Prince's Own. Captain Thomas Hamil-
ton C?), in "Blackwood's Magazine."

Mulligan, Olorty Macnamara. Wil-
liam Maginn. Irish melodies, in " Black-
wood's Magazine," Vol. X., pp. 613-622.

N., J. H. John Henry Newman.

" The ' Manual of Devotion in Greek and
Latin' by Lancelot Andrews, was translated by
J. H. N., in the ' Tracts for the Times.' " —
Stephen, "Diet, of National Biography,"
p. 405, col. 1.

N. S. Sir Samuel Egerton Brydges.

"N. S." in " Gent. Mag.," Vol. LVHI., p. 698,
and in " Gent. Mag.," Vol. LIX., p. 584, is Sir
Egerton Brydges. — " Literary Anecdotes of
18th Century," Vol. VIII., p. 560.

N. Y. John Fry. Pieces of ancient
poetry . . . [Edited by « N. Y."] Bris-
tol, 1814.

Native of Algiers, A. Peter Mar-
koe (1). The Algerine spy in Pennsylva-
nia ; or, letters written by ... on the af-
fairs of the United States of America . . .
P. 1787.

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