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Agassiz; succeeded his father in 1874 as
Curator of the Museum of Comp. Zool-
ogy, connected with Harv. Univ. at
Cambridge, Mass.

Agassiz, Mrs. Elizabeth (Cary). E




C. A. ; Actcea. An American lady ;
widow of Louis J. R. Agassiz ; for many
years a resident of Cambridge, Mass.

Agg, John, -1813.. J. A. An Eng-
lish poet and novelist.

Agnew, Rev. David Carnegie A. A
Free Church Minister. A Scottish


Agnew, Miss Emily C E. C. A.
An English writer on religious subjects,
and poet.

Agoult, Marie de Flavigny, Com-
tesse d', 1805-76. Daniel Stern. A French
author ; b. at Frankf ort-on-the-Main ;
married Comte d'Agoult in 1827 ; spent
a long time travelling in Switzerland,
Germany, and Italy, then settled in Paris,
where she died.

Aguilar, Miss Grace, 1816-47. G. A.
An English Jewish writer of religious
fiction; the daughter of Emanuel Agui-
lar, of Hackney; d. at Frankfort.

Ahlqvist, August Engelbrekt,
1826-. A. Oksaselta; Oksanen. A Fin-
nish poet and philologist ; b. at Kuopio ;
studied at Helsingf ors ; Professor of the
Finnish Language and Literature at
Helsingf ors. His Finnish name is Ok-

Ahmed Ibn Hemdem Kiaya. So-
hailes. A Turkish ^vriter ; translated by
J. P. Brown [and edited by E. E. Salis-
bury], N.Y. 1850.

Aigner, IJajos. Lajos Abaji. A Hun-
garian writer.

Aiken, Clementine Edith. C. E. A.
An English writer.

Aiken, Peter Freeland. The Grand-
son of B. Aiken. An English author ;
admitted a member of the Faculty of
Advocates in 1822.

Aikin, John, M.D., 1747-1822. J.A.;
Uncle John. An English physician and
miscellaneous writer ; b. at Kibworth,
Leicestershire ; settled in London in
1792 ; d. at Stoke-Newington.

Aikin, Ijucy, 1781-1864. Mari/ Go-
dolphin. An English miscellaneous
writer ; daughter of the preceding ; b. at
Warrington ; d. at Hampstead.

Ainley, . Ajax. An English


Ainslie, George Robert, 1776-1839.
A Fellow of the Antiquarian Society ; A
Fellow of the Antiquarian Societies of Lon-
don and Scotland. A Scottish nuniisma-
tologist ; b. in Edinb. ; appointed Gov-
ernor of Dominica in 1813, but soon after
retired, having been made lieutenant-
general ; d. in Edinb.

Ainslie, Philip Barrington. Philo-
Scotus. An English gentleman of " The

Mount," Guilford, Surrey; member of
the Surrey Archteological Society.

Ainslie, Robert, 1766-1838. A Father.
A Scottish author ; b. at Berrywell, near
Dunse ; Writer to the Signet, 1789"; a
friend of Robert Burns, and a contribu-
tor to the "Edinburgli Magazine," and
other pei-iodicals, for fortv years.

Ainslie, Whitelaw, M.D., M.R.A.S..
Caledonicus. A Scottisli physician of
the Medical Staff of Southern India.

Ainsworth, William Harrison,
1805-82. Cheviot Tichehourne ; W. Haras-
sing Painsworth. An English novelist;,
b. in Manchester ; in 1824, removed to-
London ; d. at St. Mary's Road, Reigate,.

Airy, George BiddeU, M.A., 1801-.
The Astrono7ner Roijal; G. B. A. An
eminent English astronomer ; b. at Aln-
wick ; from 1835 astronomer royal.

Aitken, Rev. Robert, 1800-73. A
Parish Priest. An English Epis^
divine ; Univ. of Edinburgh ; Vicar of
Pendeen, Penzance, Cornwall, 1849-73.

Alton, Rev. John, D.D. A Clergy-
man of the Old School; A Pedestrian. A
Scottish divine ; Minister of Dolphinton,.
Lanark County, Scotland.

Akenside, Mark, M.D., 1721-70. A
Siviss Gentleman. An eminent English
poet ; b. at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and d^
in London.

Akerman, John Yonge, 1806-73.
J. Y. A. ; Paul Pindar, Gent. An Eng-
lish numismatist and miscellaneous writer
of London.

Akers, Mrs. Elizabeth (Chase). —
See "Allen, Mrs. Elizabeth (Chase

Albee, John. J. A. An American
litterateur ; Harv. Univ, Div. School,.
1858; resides at "JafErey Cottage," on
Newcastle or Great Island, in the mouth
of the Piscataqua River, near Rye, N.H»

AlberdJngk-Thym, Josephus Al-
bertus, 1820-. Paul Forestier. A
Dutch poet and prose-writer ; b. at
Amsterdam ; devoted himself almost
entirely to art and literature. His
first poems appeared in 1844. From
1855 he has publislied " De dietsche-
Warande," a journal of art and lit-

Albert!, Sophie (Modinger), 1826-.
Sophie Verena. A German author; b.
in Potsdam ; married Robert xVlbcrti,
who died in 1870; and now (1882) lives-
in her native town.

Alby, Ernest Frangois Antoine^
1809-68. Anatole de France. A French
writer ; b. at Marseilles ; about 1837 h&




devoted himself to literary pursuits, at

Alcott, Miss Louisa May, 1833-.
Tribulation PeriivinHe. An American
Tniscellaneous writer ; b. at German-
town, Pa. ; for many years chiefly a
resident of Concord, Mass.; devoted to
literary pursuits.

Alcott, William Alexander, M.D.,
1798-1859. A Schoolmaster, An Ameri-
can author and lecturer; b. at Wolcott,
Conn. ; wrote and edited more than 100
volumes; d. at Auburndale, Mass.

Aldam, W. H. An Old Man, Sfc. An
English angler, and writer on angling.

Alden, Mrs. Isabella M. Pansy.

Alden, Eev. Joseph Warren. A
Puritan of the 19* h Century. An Ameri-
■can Cong, minister.

Alden, WiUiam L. Matthew White,
-Jr.; Metador. An American journalist,
■of New York.

Alderson, Sir EdA?rard Hall, Baron,
1787-1857. A Layman. An eminent
English jurist ; b. at Great Yarmouth ;
was Judge of the Court of Exchequer,
1834-57; d. in London.

Alderson, John, M.D., 1758-1829.
The President. An English physician ;
b. at Norwich ; practised his profession
at Hull for more than 40 years, and
died there.

Aldred, Rev. Ebenezer. Ebenezer;
A Unitarian Minister. An English min-

Aldrich, Mrs. Rose. Rose Ashleigh.
An American writer.

Aldrich, Thomas Bailey, 1836-.
T. B. A. An American poet ; b. in
Portsmouth, N.H.; in. 1885 editor of the
"Atlantic Monthly," Boston.

Aldridge, Ira, 1805-1867. The Afri-
■can jRoscius. An African actor; son of a
chief of Senegal, brought to New York
l)y an American missionary. The son
played " Othello," "Macbeth," and " Shy-
lock," with great success, in London, Ed-
inburgh, Liverpool, Dublin, etc., on the
Continent, and especially in Eussia.
Some account of his performance in
Russia, by Bayard Taylor, in " Atlantic
Monthly," January, 1865. D. at Lodz,

Alexander, Mrs. Cecil Frances. C.
F. A. An English poet and hymn-
writer; wife of the Rt. Rev. William
Alexander, D.D., Bishop of Derry and
Raphoe from 1867.

Alexander, Charles. Wesley Brad-
sharo. An English author.

Alexander, Miss Francesca. Fran-
cesco. An American author; a lady

artist, from Boston, now (1883) residing
in Florence.

Alexander, James Lynne. A Cana-
dian. A British American writer, of
Toronto (?).

Alexander, James Waddell, D.D.,
1804-59. CcBsariensis. An eminent
American Presbyt. divine, of the Pifth
Avenue Presbyt. Church, New York

Alexander, Dr. O. C. Bob Rapier.

Alexander, Patrick Proctor. Smel-
fungus. A Scottish autlior.

Alexander, Richard Dykes. A Lay-
man; Pacificator. An English Friend, or
Quaker, of Ipswich, Suffolk.

Alexander, Samuel, 1749-1824.
Aquila ; Verax. An English Friend,
or Quaker; b. at Needham Market,
Suffolk, where he also died.

Alexander, Rev. Samuel Davies,
D.D., 1819-. S. D. A. An American
Presbyt. divine ; b. at Princeton, N.J. ;
pastor in New York City, 1856-81 et

Alexander, W. W. A. An English

Alexander, William, 1768-1841.
Amicus. An English Friend, of Need-
ham Market, Suffolk ; for many years
a bookseller and publisher, of York,
where he died.

Aliieri, Count Vittorio Amadeo,
1749-1803. Count Asmodei. An Ital-
ian poet ; b. at Asti, in Piedmont ; d.
at Florence.

Alford, Mrs. Fanny. A Clergyman's
Wife. An English lady ; wife of Henry
Alford, Dean of Canterbury.

Alford, Very Rev. Henry, B.D., 1810-
71. The Dean of Canterbury ; H. A. An
English clergyman ; b. in London ; Trin.
Coll., Cambridge, 1832 ; Dean of Canter-
bury, 1857-71.

Alfred, H. J. Otter.

Alison, WiUiam Pulteney, M.D.,
1790-1859. Academicus. A Scottish
political economist, physician, and Pro-
fessor of the Practice of Medicine in the
Univ. of Edinb., and brother of the his-
torian ; b. and d. in Edinburgh.

Allan, Charles Stuart Hay, -1880.
Charles Edicard Stuart. A Scottish (1)

Allan, David, 1744-96. The Scottish
Hogarth. An eminent Scottish painter ;
b. at Alloa, on the Forth, 25 miles from
Edinburgh ; studied in Glasgow, and for
14 years in Italy ; practised his art in
London, 1777-80, and in Edinburgh the
remainder of his life, and d. near that




Allan, Eev. J. A. A Butterflij. A Ca-
nadian poet, in 1867, of Ardath, Wolfe

Allan, James MacGrigor. A Bach-
elor. An English miscellaneous writer.

Allan, Rev. John. A Special Re-

Allan, Rev. John. Beefeater, Domes-
tic Chaplain to Fill Pots. A Scottish nnin-
ister of the Union Church, Aberdeen.

Allan, Rev. John. Kn.-Oxonian. A
Scottish minister of Potterton, Belhel-
vie Co., Aberdeen.

Allan, John Hay, -1872. Sir Walter
Scott, Bart.; .Tohn Sohieski Stolberg Stu-
art. A Scottish poet ; brother of Charles
Stuart Hay (?).

Allan, Thomas, 1777-183.3. A Pri-
vate Gentleman. A Scottish banker in
Edinburgh ; b. and d. in that city.

Allardyce, Mrs. Elizabeth (Wins-
lovr). ALadij. A Scottish poet. — See
" Allderdyce, Mrs. Eliza (Winslow)."

Allderdyce, Mrs. Eliza (WinsloTr).
E. W. A. A Scottish poet. — See "Allar-
dyce, Mrs. Elizabeth (Winslow)."

Allen, . Timothy l^ouchstone.

An English scholar; one of the editors,
under this pseud., of tlie " Trifler," at
Westminster School, in 1788 ; afterwards
a student of Trin. Coll., Cambridge.

Allen, Rev. Benjamin, 1789-1829.
Osander. An American Epis. clergy-
man; b. at Hudson, N.Y. ; Rector of St.
Paul's Church, Philadelphia, 1821-29;
d. on board ship, on the return voyage
from Liverpool.

Allen, Charles. One who has served
under the Marquis of Dalhousie. A Brit-
ish civilian in the Bengal Civil Service.

Allen, Mrs. Elizabeth (Chase
Alters). 1832-. Florence Percy. An
American poet; b. in Strong, on Sandy
River, Maine ; passed her girlhood at
Earmington, in the same State; early
became devoted to literary pursuits. In
1866, she married Mr. E. M. Allen, and
since 1872 has resided with her husband
in Greenville, New Jersey.

Allen, G. W. W. Q. A. An English
poet of Nottingham.

Allen, Rev. George, 1792-1883. A
Freeman. An American clergyman; b.
in Worcester, Mass.; Yale Coll., 1813;
pastor at Shrewsbury, Mass., 1823-40 ;
chaplain at the Worcester Insane Asy-
lum, 1843-72 ; d. at Worcester.

Allen, Grant. J. Arbuthnot Wilson.
An English author and journalist of

Allen, John. Sccevola.

AUen, John, M.D., 1770-1843. A

Necessitarian. A Scottish philosopher;
b. at Redford, near Edinburgh ; contrib-
uted largely to the " Edinburgh Re-
view " ; was an inmate of Holland House
for more tlian forty years ; d. in London.

Allen, Rev. John. A Citizen o/3Ic!ri/~
land. An American writer of Balti-
more (■?).

Allen, Rev. John. A British Bos-
tonian. An American author.

Allen, John, 1771-1839. A Layman.
An English schoolmaster; b. at Truro,
in Cornwall ; for more than 30 years
conducted a private academy at Hack-
ney, and d. there.

Allen, Mrs. M. M. A. An English

Allen, Richard. R. A. An English
writer and printer at Nottingham.

Allen, Rev. Robert, M.A. A Master
of Arts of Trinity College, Cambridge. An
English clergyman ; Trin. Coll., Cam-
bridge, 1859; Vicar of Christ Church,.
Eastbourne, 1877-83 et seq.

Allen, Stephen Olerrill, 1819-. Al-
pha ; S. M. A. An American merchant
and banker; b. at Burton, N.H. ; in 1836
removed to Boston, Mass., where, in
1884, he was still engaged in business,
residing in Roxbury.

Allen, Rev. Thomas. An Impartial
Hand. An English country clergyman.

AUen, Rev. Wilkes, A.M., -1845.
A. An American Cong, minister, of
Chelmsford, Mass., from 1803; b. in
Sterling, Mass. ; Harv. Univ., 1801.

Allen, William. W.A. An English

Allibone, Samuel Austin, LL.D.,
18 16-. S. A. A.; Bibliophile; A Lay-
man. An eminent American bibliogra-
pher; since 1879, librarian of the Lenox
Library, New York City.

Allin, Miss Abby. Nilla. An
American poetess, of Pomfret, Connecti-
cut. — See " Carter, Mrs. Daniel A."

Allingham, WiUiam, about 1828-.
Patricius Walker. An Irish author; b.
at Ballyshannon ; editor of "Eraser's
Magazine," 1874-79. Mr. Allingham
was for several years in the Custom's
service, from which he retired about

Allsop, Robert. B. A. An English

Almon, John, 1738-1805. An Inde-
pendent Whig. An English bookseller,
author, and editor ; b. in Liverpool ;
early became at London the publisher of
political tracts, for which he was several
times prosecuted and punished ; he more
than once retired from business to his




pleasant villa at Boxmoor, but the want
of an active life and of its excitement
drew him again to London ; d. at Box-
moor, near Hemel Hempsted, Herts.

Alsop, Alfred. A Delver. An Eng-
lish missionary in Manchester.

Alsop, Richard, A.M., 1761-1815.
R. A, An American poet and journal-
ist ; b. at Middletown, Conn. ; was first
known to the public as the author of
satires on public characters and events
entitled the "Echo," the "Political
Greenhouse," etc. Alsop, Dwight, Hop-
kins, Trumbull, and others were called
"The Hartford Wits." He d. at Elat-
bush, L.I.

Alston, Alfred Henry. The Captain
of the " Cumberland." An English naval
officer and poet.

Alston, Joseph, 1778-1816. The
Mountaineer; A Southern Planter. An
American statesman; son-in-law of Aaron
Burr ; Governor of South Carolina in

Alting, Altoertus Samuel Carpen-
tier. Philalethes. A Dutch writer.

Amalia, Herzogin von Sachsen,
1794-1870. Amalie Eeiter. A German
dramatic poet ; b. at Dresden ; daughter
of Duke Maximilian, and sister of John,
king of Saxony.

Amat, Felix, 1750-1824. Don Maca-
rio Padua Melata. An eminent Spanish
ecclesiastic and writer; Archbishop of
Palmyra in 1803, and confessor to
Charles IV. in 1806.

Ambler, Charles. A Retired Barris-
ter. An English lawyer; practised for
nearly forty years in the Court of Chan-
cery; and was Attorney-General to the
queen when he died, in 1794, at Maiden-

Ames, Mrs. Eleanor, 1830-. Eleanor
Kirk. An American novelist.

Ames, Fisher, LL.D., 1758-1808. An
American, for merhj a Member of Congress ;
Brutus ; Camillus ; Falkland. An emi-
nent American orator and statesman ;
b. in Dedham, Mass.; Harv. Univ., 1774.
" He drew his eloquence," says Allibone,
" from the best source." " I will hazard
the assertion," was his o^vn expression,
"that no man ever did or ever will be-
come truly eloquent without being a
constant reader of the Bible, and an ad-
mirer of the purity and sublimity of its
language." He was an M.C. from Massa-
chusetts, 1789-97, when he returned to
his farm in Dedham, and d. there.

Ames, Nathan, -1865. Senor Alcjuno.
An American poet; Harv. Univ., 1848;
among other works, he was the author

of the " Bards of Lind," etc., consisting
of ten parodies of Longfellow and others,
purporting to be " expressly written for
the ' Greeting to America ' of Jenny

Ames, Nathaniel, -1835. An Old
Sailor ; N. A. An American sailor, and
writer of sea sketches ; the son of Fisher

Amhurst, Nicholas, 1706-42. Caleb
D'Anvers; A Student at Oxford; Phila-
lethes. An English journalist; was con-
nected with Bolingbroke and Pulteney
in the management of the " Craftsman."
Being expelled from St. John's Coll.,^
Oxford, he satirized his alma mater in hi»
"Oculus BritanniEe" and his "Terras

Amicus, C. B. C. C. B. C. A. An
English writer.

Amner, J. T. A Head Master under
the London School Board. An English,

Amory, Thomas, about 1691-1789.
An Antiquarian Doctor; A Lady; John
Buncle, Esq. An English humorous

Anbury, Thomas. An Officer. An
English traveller and writer; was an
officer in Burgoyne's army, and taken
prisoner by the Americans ; returned to
England soon after the surrender of

AnciUon, Charles, 1656-1715. A
Person of Honour. A French lawyer and
judge ; b. at Metz ; spent the greater
part of his life at Berlin, and d. there.

Anderdon, John Lavicount. J.L.A.;
A Layman. An English writer.

Anderdon, Rev. William Henry.
Owen Evans. An English R. C. clergy-
man, a convert from the Church of

Andersen, Carl Christian Thorval-
dus. Christian Adam. A Danish

Andersen, Mrs. Mary E. ^1 Looker-On-
Here in Vienna. An English (?) writer.

Anderson, . A Brother Fish

Dealer; The Originator of the Shetland
Fishery Company. A Scottish writer.

Anderson, Adam. A. A. An Irish
writer; member of the Royal Irish
Academy; d. 1867.

Anderson, Alexander. A Gent.; a
Scottish poet.

Andei'son, Alexander. Surface Man.
Asst. Librarian in the Univ. of Edinburgh.

Anderson, Andreas. A Native of
Denmark. A Danish traveller.

Anderson, Mrs. Galusha. Dorothy
Doe. An American writer ; wife of Ga-




lusha Anderson ; from 1878 Pres. of the
Univ. of Chicago.

Anderson, George. Cf/clos, a Mem-
ber of the Glasgow Skating Club. A Scot-
tish writer, of Glasgow.

Anderson, Henry. A Gentleman of
Lincoln's Inn. An early English writer.

Anderson, James, LL.D., 1739-1808.
.Agricola ; Alcibiades ; Aristides ; Candid
Enquirer ; Cimon ; E. Aberdeen ; A
Farmer; Germanicus ; Henry Plain; Im-
partial Hand; Mercator ; A Scot; Scoto-
Britannicus ; Senex ; Timothy Hairbrain.
An eminent Scottish author; b. at Her-
miston, near Edinburgh ; wrote for Eud-
diman's " Edinburgh Weekly Magazine,"
and published the "Bee," 1790-94. About
1797 he removed to London, and there
conducted a journal called " Eecreations
in Agriculture," etc.; 1799-1802, corre-
sponded with Washington.

Anderson, James, F.E.S.E. Obiter
Dictum. A Canadian farmer and jour-
nalist; editor of the "Farmer's Journal,"

Anderson, Rev. John, - ab. 1722. A
Countreyman. A Scottish Presbyt. min-
ister ; for 25 years a schoolmaster in
Edinburgh ; about the beginning of the
eighteenth century became the minister
at Dumbarton, and afterwards at Glas-

Anderson, John. Aednr-Nos-Seer
TNoh. A Scottish writer.

Anderson, Dr. IJlnnseus B. Elon-
Busticus. An American writer of Vir-

Anderson, Olive San Liouie, 1842-.
Sola. An American writer; b. at Lex-
ington, O.; a graduate of the Univ. of
Michigan of 1875; and Professor in
Santa Barbara Coll., California.

Anderson, Patrick. Whats-You-
Call-Him, Clerk to the Same. A Scot-
tish (?) poet; physician to Charles L

Andersson, Anna. — See " Wastberg,
Mme li. E."

Andre, Major John, 1751-80. A
Dreamer. An English officer ; b. in Lon-
don ; educ. at Geneva; joined the Brit-
ish army in America, and was executed
as a spy, Oct. 2, 1780, at Tappan, N.Y.

Andrews, Addison Fletcher, 1857-.
Aaron Pledger. An American journalist
■of New York City ; Dart. Coll., 1878.

Andrews, Eev. Elisha, 1768-1841.
Gimel. An American Baptist minister;
b. at Middletown, Conn. ; after leading a
faithful and laborious life as a minister
in other places, his last years were spent
in Hinsdale, N.H., where he died.

Andrews, Miss Fanny. Elzey Hay.

An American writer ; daughter of a law-
yer of Washington, Ga. ; Jaas written for
New York papers, " Godey's Lady's
Book," and " Scott's Magazine," Atlanta,
Ga. In 1870 she resided in her native

Andrews, Garnett. An Old Georgia
Lawyer. An American writer.

Andrew^s, Miles Peter, Esq., -1814.
Arley. An English dramatist ; b. in
London; M.P. for Bewdley, 1790-1814;
suddenly d. in London.

Andre^vs, Sidney, 1837-80. Dixon.
An American journalist; secretary of
the Massachusetts Board of Charities,

Andre-ws, Stephen Pearl, 1812-.
Pantarch. An American miscellaneous
MTiter; b. in Massachusetts; has been
a contributor to the London " Times "
and other journals.

Angas, George Fife. G. F. A.
A British writer on New Zealand and

Angove, Miss Emily, 1837-. Emily.
An English religious writer; b. at Eed-
ruth, Cornwall.

Angus, William, A.M. Promotion in
the Church. A Scottish educational writer,
of Glasgow.

Anley, Charlotte. C. A. An Eng-
lish writer.

Annet, Peter, -1778. A Certain Free
Enquirer ; Free Inquirer; Mencius Phila-
lethes; W. Stilton, Horologist. An Eng-
lish Deist ; was pilloried and imprisoned
for publishing the "Free Inquirer."

Anselmi, Teodoro. Leo Velleita. An
Italian miscellaneous writer.

Anstey, Christopher, 1724-1805. C.
A., Esq. ; Mr. Inkle ; A. Macsaroni ; Chris-
topher Twist-Wit, Esq., Bath Laureat. An
English humorous poet; b. at Trump-
ington, near Cambridge ; was a frequent
resident in the city of Bath; d. at the
house of a friend in Harnage, Wilts.

Anstey, John, 1796-1867. J. A.;
The Late J. J. S., Esq.; The Late John
Surrebutter, Esq. An English humorous
poet, son of the preceding; was a bar-
rister-at-law, of Lincoln's Inn, and a com-
missioner for auditing Public Accounts.

Anstruther, Capt., of Spencerfield.
The Man in the Moon.

Anthony, . A. An English poet.

Anthony, G. W. Gabriel Tinto.

Anthony, Liouisa. L. A. An Eng-
lish writer of history, etc.

Anthony, W. B. W. B. A. An Eng-
lish writer of educational works.

Anti-Theatre, supposed editor. Sir
John Falstaff.




Antrobus, Benjamin. B. A. An
early English religious writer.

Apes, William. A Native of the For-
est. An American Indian, and Indian
preacher of the Pequot tribe.

Apperley, Charles James, 1777-
1843. Nimrod. A popular English
writer on sporting subjects ; second son
of Thomas Apperley, Esq., of Wootton-
house, Gloucestershire ; d. in Upper Bel-
grave-place, London.

Appleton, Jesse, D.D., 1772-1819.
Leighton ; Owen. An American Cong,
minister; b. at New Ipswich, N.H.; Dart.
Coll. 1792; second Pres. of Bowd. Coll.,
1807-19; d. at Brunswick, Me.

Appleton, John Reed. J. E. A. An
English writer; a humorous poet of

Appleton, Nathan, LL.D. 1779-
1861. A Lai/man of Boston. An Ameri-
can statesman ; b. in New Ipswich, N.H. ;
M.C., 1831-33 and 1843-45; d. in Boston.

Appleton, Col. Nathan, A.M., 1843-.
N. A. An American author and finan-
cier ; b. in Boston ; Harv. Univ., 1863 ;
in 1866 purchased a cotton plantation in
Edisto Island, S.C., and, since that event,
calls himself a planter; at the North,
resident in Boston.

Appleyard, Eev. Ernest Silvanus,
M.A. E. S. A.; A Member of the
Church of England. An English cler-
gyman; Caius Coll., Cambridge, 1827.

Apthorp, Sarah Wentrvorth. — See
^' Morton, Mrs. Perez."

Arago, Etienne, 1803-. Jules Ferney.
A French poet and journalist ; b. at
Perpignan; brother of Eran^ois Arago;
became a chemist, at Paris, but soon
turned his attention entirely to litera-
ture ; he was engaged in the public
service from 1848 to 1867, when he re-
turned to his literary pursuits.

Araguy, Jean Raymond Eugene d',
1808-. William Snake. A French writer;
b. at Newark, N.J. ; was educated in Paris,
and devoted himself there to literary pur-

Arbuckle, James, 1700-34. Hiher-
nicus. An Irish or Scottish writer; said
by Watt to have been born in Glasgow,
by others to have been born in Ireland,
where he is supposed to have kept an

Arbuthnot, . A Farmer. An

English economist.

Arbuthnot, John, M.D., 1675-1734-
6-. J, A.; Doctor Bantley ; An Eminent
Lawyer of the Temple; Martinus Scrihlerus ;
P. P., A Parish Clerk ; Philonomus Eleu-
therus. A Scottish physician ; b. at Ar-

buthnot, near Montrose ; studied at Aber-
deen ; removed to London, and there " his
uncommon powers of wit and ripe schol-
arship introduced him to the society of
the principal literary characters of the

Archbold, John Flather. John
Flaiher. An eminent English writer
on law.

Archer, Edward, 1816-. E. A. An
English agriculturist.

Archer, Frederick. F. A. An
American writer, of New York City.

Archer, George W. Hesper Bendbow.
An American novelist.

Archer, John Wykeham, 1808-64.
Mr. Zigzag, the Elder. An English art-
ist and antiquary ; b. at Ncwcastle-on-
Tyne ; spent some years in that town,
but resided in London 1830-64; d. at

Argles, Mrs. Maggie. The Duchess.
An English novelist.

Argyle, Duke of, 1682-1769. The
D*** ofA****e. A Scottish nobleman,
— Archibald Campbt41, 3d Duke.

Armistead, Wilson. A Friend of
the Negro; Lorenzo Tiivar. An English
Friend and philanthropist, of Leeds,

Armroyd, George. A Citizen of the
United States. An American merchant,
in the first quarter of the century, of

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