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Philadelphia; a writer on commerce,
statistics, etc.

Armstrong, Miss Frances Char-
lotte. F. C. A. An English writer of
stories for the young; residing, 1878, at
the Royal Terrace, Weymouth.

Armstrong, John, M.D., 1709-79.
Launc.elot Temple, Esq.; A Free -Thinker.
A Scottish poet and physician ; b. at
Castleton, in Roxburghshire ; iu 1735
settled in London as a physician; but
was a physician in the army, 1760-63,
where his half-pay supported him.

Armstrong, Gen. John, 1758-1843.
An Old Soldier. An American general;
b. at Carlisle, Pa. ; entered the army
when he was only eighteen years old ;
U. S. Senator, 1801-4; Minister to
France, 1804-10; Brigadier-General,
1812 ; U.S. Secretary of War, 1813. He
d. at Red Hook, Dutchess Co., N.Y.

Armstrong, Rev. John, 1771-1797.
Albert. A Scottish poet; b. at Leith,
near Edinb., and educ. at the Univ. of
that city. In 1790 he removed to Lon-
don, and devoted himself to literary
pursuits; d. at his father's house in

Armstrong, Miss Katherine. Kate




De Courcy. An American contributor
to periodicals.

Armstrong, Rev. Skeffington, B.A.
A Clergijman. An English (1) clergy-
man; Trin. Coll., Dublin, 1845; rector of
Bessingham, Hanworth, 1872-83 et seq.

Armstrong, William. A Reformed
Stock Gambler. An American writer, of
New York City.

Arnall, WiUiam, 1715-1741. Sir
Francis Walsingham; Solomon Abrabanel;
A Member of the House of Commons. An
English journalist; a zealous supporter
of the administration of Sir Eobert Wal-
pole, and was the editor of the "True
Briton." " He boasted to have received
in four years, out of the treasury, the
sum of ten thousand nine hundred and
ninety-seven pounds six shillings and
eight pence for abusing every one op-
posed to Walpole. Still he died in debt,
in 1741, aged twenty-six."

Arndt, Ernst Moritz, 1769-1860.
E. M. A. An eminent German patriot,
poet, and miscellaneous %vriter; b. in the
island of Rugen, in the Baltic. He was
a strong opponent of Napoleon, and by
pamphlets, poems, and songs he sought
to communicate his own love of liberty
to his countrymen. He was professor of
history at Bonn, 1818-19 and 1840-41,
and rector of the Univ. from 1841. With
rare freshness and vigor he continued to
lecture and write, and on his 90th birth-
day received from all parts of Germany
good wishes and love-tokens. About a
month later he died.

Arnee, Frank, 1767-1858. A Mem-
ber of the Societjj. An English Friend
and minister, of Bristol.

Arnim, Elisabeth (Brentano) von,
1785-1859. Bettina. A German lady;
wife of L. A. (J.) von Arnim, and friond
of Goethe ; b. at Frankfort-on-the-Main ;
removed with her husband to Berlin,
and became the star of fashion, as well
as the literary star, in the brilliant circles
of that city. After the death of her
husband, in 1831, she devoted herself to
charity and literature at Berlin, and d.

Arnold, Alexander S. A Sunday
School Superintendent. An English

Arnold, Edwin, 1832-. E. A. An
English poet; son of Robert Coles
Arnold, and brother of Arthur ; gradu-
ated at Univ. Coll., Oxford, with honors,
in 1854, and was then elected Second
Master in the English division of King
Edward the Sixth's School in Birming-
ham, and subsequently appointed Prin-

cipal of the Government Sanscrit Col-
lege at Poonah, in the Bombay Presi-
denc}'^, and Fellow of the Univ. of Bom-
bay, which offices he held during the
mutiny, and resigned in 1861. Since
1861 he has been on the editorial staff of
the "Daily Telegraph," London. Mr.
Arnold married the daughter of the late
Rev. W. H. Channing, our countryman.

Arnold, Rev. Frederick, 1833-.
F. A. An English journalist and mis-
cellaneous writer, of London ; b. at Chel-
tenham ; Ch. Ch., Oxford, 1858.

Arnold, George, 1834-65. Allen Gra-
ham e; George Garrulous; McArone. An
American poet and journalist; d. at
Strawberry Farms, N.J., in 1865. He
served with honor in the Union army
during the late Civil War. " Some of
his poems are of remarkable sweetness."

Arnold, George W. Joe Strickland.

Arnold, Henry Thomas. Henry T.
Arden. An English dramatist.

Arnold, M.E. M.E.A. An English

Arnold, Matthew, LL.D., 1822-. A. ;
M. A.; Arminius von Thundertentronckh.
An eminent English author, the eldest
son of Dr. Thomas Arnold, Head-Master
of Rugby School ; b. at Laleham, near
Staines ; Balliol Coll., Oxford, 1844; but
in 1845, Fellow of Oriel Coll. ; was pri-
vate secretary to Lord Lansdowne, 1847-
51 ; Lay Inspector of Schools, 1851-79
et seq. ; Prof, of Poetry at Oxford, 1857-
67 ; has within a few years visited this
country, and given very valuable and
interesting lectures.

Arnold, Rev. Thomas Kerchever,
M.A., 1800-53. T. K. A. An English
classical scholar ; b. at Stamford ; Trin.
Coll., Cambridge, 1821 ; Rector of Lyn-
don, Rutlandshire, 1830-53. In 1838 he
published the first of a numerous list of
introductory and other books for the
study of the Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Ger-
man, French, and Italian languages,
which have been extensively used in
England and this country. He d. at his
rectory, at Lyndon.

Arnold, William Delafield, 1828-59.
Punfabee. An English novelist, brother
of Matthew Arnold ; an officer in the
British army in India ; afterwards di-
rector of public instruction in the Pun-
jab ; d. at Gibraltar, on his passage home
from India.

Arnot, Hugo, 1749-86. A Citizen,-
Eugene. A Scottish historian ; b. at
Leith; his name was Pollock, but he
adopted that of Arnot on succeeding to
the maternal estate of Balcormi in Fife-




ehire ; member of the Faculty of Advo-
cates in Edinburgh, 1752.

Arnot, Rev. William. John Bumjan,
Junior. An eminent minister of the Free
Church in Scotland ; pastor of St Peter's
in Glasgow.

Arnould, Arthur, 1833-. A. Matthey.
A French journalist and litterateur ; b. at
Dieuze (Meurthe) ; has made himself
favorably known by his contributions
to various literary and political jour-

Arnoux, Charles Albert d', 1820-.
Bertall. A French artist and litterateur ; b.
in Paris. His works, disseminated every-
where, and of which the first date from
1843, have appeared under the pseud, of
" Bertall," a sort of anagram of Albert,
which was suggested to him by Balzac,
the kind protector of his de'huts.

Arriazza, Don Juan Bautista de,
1770-1837. D. J. B. de A. A Spanish
poet ; b. and d. in Madrid. He took an
active part in politics, advocating an ab-
solute monarchy, and thus gained the
favor of Ferdinand VII.

Arrington, Alfred W., 1810-67.
Clmrles Summerjield. An American law-
yer, statesman, and litterateur ; b. in Ire-
dell Co., N.C.; became a Methodist
preacher, and was an itinerant in ilis-
souri, 1832-33, where his remarkable
mental powers, and his glowing, fiery
eloquence everywhere drew crowds to
hear him. He then studied law. In
1857, he went to Chicago, where he was
remarkably successful in his profession,
and drew much attention by his contri-
butions to the " Democratic Review "
and the " Southern Literary Messenger."
D. in Chicago.

Arrom, Cecilia (Bohl de Faber),
1797-1877. Fernan Caballero. A Span-
ish novelist ; b. at Morges, in Switzer-
land; in 1813 followed her father to
Spain ; married the Marquis von Arco-
Hermoso, and after his death in 1835,
the Advocate Arrom, in Seville, where
she afterwards lived and died.

Arrowsmith, R. G. Juvenis. An
English writer.

Arthington, 3Iaria, -1863. A
Member. An English Friend, of

Arthur, Timothy Shay, 1809-85.
Uncle Herbert; Mrs. John Smith. An
American author ; b. near Newburg, Or-
ange Co., N.Y. ; has resided in Philadel-
phia since 1841, devoted to literary

Arundell, Rev. Francis Vyvyan
Jago, M.A., 1780-1846. The Rector.

An English traveller and antiquary; b.
at Launceston ; Rector of Landulph,
Cornwall, 1804-47, where he died.

Arundell, William Arundell Har-
ris, 1794-1865. Harris Arundell. An
English poet ; b. at Kenegie, near Pen-
zance, Cornwall ; assumed the name of
Arundell in 1822; sheriff of Cornwall^
1817 ; d. at Lifton, Devon.

Ascher, Isidore G., 1835-. Isidore,
A Canadian poet; b. in Glasgow, Scot. ;
came to Canada in 1843, and educ. at
Montreal, and became a lawyer. Since
1864 he has resided in England, contrib-
uting regularly to one or two leading
London magazines.

Ash, Edward, M.D. A Member of
the Society ; One of its Members ; A Prot-
estant Nonconformist. An English Friend
and physician, of Bristol.

Ashe, Thomas, -1835. T. A.; T. A.,
Gent. ; Captain Light Dragoons. An Eng-
lish writer (the well-known Captain);
author of several works ; was in Oxford
a few weeks before his death, in a very
distressed state, and received alms from
the Anti-Mendicity Society. He d. in
Bath, at an advanced age.

Ashhurst, William Henry, Esq.,
-1855. John Search. An English writer ;
a solicitor of the Old Jewry, who had at
one time a large proportion of business
in bankruptcy; d. at Wimbledon Park,
county of Surrey.

Ashley, Florence Emily. F. E. A.
An English poet.

Ashby, Rev. George, 1724-1808. T.F.,
Taylor's Friend. An English divine and
antiquary ; St. John's Coll., Cambridge ;
an able contributor to several important
works ; d. in the parsonage house at Lyt-
chet, Maltravers, Co. Dorset.

Ashley, John, LL.D. A Wykehamist.
An English writer.

Ashley, John. A Barbadoes Planter.
A West Indian gentleman ; mwnber of
the Council of Barbadoes.

Ashley, Rev. John Marks, S.C.L.,
LL.B. J. M. A. An English Epis. di-
vine, and voluminous writer ; Caius Coll.,
Cambridge, 1856; Vicar of Feuston, Ot-
ley, 1873-83 et seq.

Ashton, John. A Man of Busi-
ness. An English writer, of Man-
chester (?).

Ashton, Thomas, D.D., 1716-1775.
A Lute Fellow of King's College, Cam-
bridge. An English clergyman, of Eton
and Cambridge ; b. at Lancaster ;
preacher at Lincoln's Inn, 1762-64.

Ashworth, T. M. Ouno. An Ameri-
can writer.




Aspinall, W. B. An Invalid. An
English writer.

Aspinwall, James. An Old Stager.
An English writer.

Aspland, Rev. Robert, R.A., 1782-
1845. The Editor of the "Monthly Re-
pository." An English Unitarian minis-
ter; b. at Wicken, Co. of Cambridge;
was for 40 years pastor of the Gravel-
Pit Chapel, Hackney, London.

Asplin, Rev. William, M.A. W. 31. ;
A Master of Arts of the University of Ox-
ford; Philalethes Busticics; A Presbyter of
the Church of England ; A True Son of the
Church of England. An English clergy-
man, Vicar of Banbury.

Assheton-Craven, Eev. Charles
Audley, M.A. A Gentleman. An Eng-
lish clergyman ; Ass't Chaplain to the
Forces, Chatham.

Assolant, Jean Baptiste Alfred,
1827-. Alcofribas, le Magicien; Lord
Claudius Hastings Cumhermere, A French
feuillitonist ; b. at Aubusson Creuse;
was professor in the Normal School for
eeveral years ; visited the United States,
and, on Ms return to France, contributed
to the "Revue des Deux Mondes" an
article on " Walker and the Americans."
He also published " Scenes de la Vie des

Astell, Mrs. Mary, 1668(?)-1731. A
Daughter of the Church of England; A
Lover of her Sex ; William Wotton, D.D.
An English writer of considerable note
in her day.

Astley, Francis Dukinfield, Esq.
An Admirer of the Fine Arts. An Eng-
lish poet, of Dukinfield Hall, Cheshire.

Aston, Anthony. Matthew Medley;
Tony Aston. An English " gentleman,
lawyer, poet, actor, soldier, exciseman,
and publican " of first half of the 18th
century. He was bred an attorney, but
left the law for the stage. He played
in all the theatres in London, but never
long in any of them. In 1735 he peti-
tioned the House of Commons to be
heard against the bill then pending for
regulating the stage, and was permitted
to deliver a ludicrous speech, which was
afterwards published in folio, 1735. He
is thought to have been living in 1749,
and travelling in some part of the king-

Aston, C Penrhyn. One of them-
selves. An English workingman.

Aston, Joseph. Editor of the " Man-
chester Herald." An English journalist
and dramatist.

Aston, the Hon. W. Timothy Touch-
atone. An English scholar ; one of the

editors of the "Trifler"; at Westminster
school in 1788; afterwards a student of
Christ Church, Oxford.

Atcherley, James. A Drapier. An
English teacher. Master of Shrewsbury

Atcheson, Eev. Alfred S. A. S. A.
An English clergyman; rector of
Teigh, Rutlandshire.

Atcheson, Thomas. Broad Church.
An American writer, of Louisville, Ken-

Atkins, Mrs. Anna. A. A. An Eng-
lish novelist.

Atkinson, D. H. Jeremiah Odman;
An Old Leeds Cropper. An English

Atkinson, Edward. E.A.; A Cot-
ton Manufacturer. An American gentle-
man ; president of the Boston Manufac-
turers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company,

Atkinson, G. W. One of the Raiders.
An American writer.

Atkinson, George Francklin. Our
Special Correspondent. An English
writer in India; Captain Bengal Engi-

Atkinson, Jane. Jenny Wren. An
English author.

Atkinson, Sir Jasper, Knt., 1790-
1856. /. A. An eminent English finan-
cier; was Provost of the Royal Mint,
1804-51, when a change in its manage-
ment caused his retirement; he d. at his
country residence at North Frith, Tun-
bridge Wells, Kent.

Atkinson, John. /. A. An English
financier; father (1) of the preceding;
and, like him, an official of the Royal

Atkinson, WUliam, M.A. The En-
quirer ; The Inquirer. An English politi-
cal writer, of Bradford.

Atterbury, Francis, 1662-1732. A.
Member of the Lower House of Convoca-
tion. An English clergyman ; b. near
Newport-Pagnell ; Bishop of Rochester,
1713-23; d. in Paris.

Atteridge, AndrcAV Billiard. A. H.
A. An English writer.

Atthill, Rev. Lombe. L. A. An
Irish clergyman; Domestic Chaplain to
the Earl of Bantry, and clerk in orders
at Trinity Church, Hull, Yorkshire.

Attwell, Henry. H. A. An Eng-
lish writer of educational works.

Attwood, J. S. J. S. A. An Eng-
lish writer.

At-wood, A. Watson. Wattle Rush-

Aubert, Albert. Desir€ Hazard. A




French writer who, together with Octave
Feuillet and Paul Bocage, under this
pseudonym, in 1845, published "Le
Grand Viellard " in " Le National."

Aubry, Philippe Charles, 1744-
1812. P. C. A****. A French poet
and translator; b. at Versailles; for a
time held a situation in the Ministry of
Marine at Paris ; but in 1798 returned to
Versailles, and was a teacher of lan-
guages till his death.

Audin, J. M. V., 1793-1851. Richard.
A French historian and biographer; b.
at Lyons ; removed to Paris ; he d. sud-
denly in his carriage between Marseilles
and Avignon.

Audran, Prosper Gabriel, 1744-
1819. P. G. A. A French lawyer ; b.
in Paris ; Professor of Hebrew in the
University of Paris from 1799; d. in

Auersperg, Anton Alexander,
Count von, 1806-1876. Anastasius
Griin. A popular German poet ; b. at
Laybach; in 1831 he retired to his fam-
ily estate, and occupied himself exclu-
sively with agriculture and literary

Auger, Louis Simon, 1772-1829.
L, S. A. An eminent French critic and
journalist ; b. in Paris ; after filling vari-
ous important positions, he was, in 1827,
made perpetual secretary of the French
Academy. He was accidentally drowned
in the river Seine.

Aulnay, Liouise d'. Julie Gouraud.
A French writer.

AurevUIy, L6on IJouis Frederic,
dit Jules, Barbey d,' 1809-, Old Noll
A French litterateur; b. at Saint-Sauveur-
le-Vicomte, Manche ; from 1851 a jour-
nalist at Paris.

Austen, Jane, 1775-1817. A Lady.
An English novelist ; b. at Steventon,
Hampshire, where her father was rector
for more than 40 years. Miss Austen
resided at Chawton while publishing her
novels, but d. at Winchester, to which
city she was removed for her health.

Austin, Benjamin, 1752-1820. Hones-
tus; Old South. An American political
writer ; b. in Boston ; was a merchant
and an earnest political writer of Boston.

Austin, Miss Eliza Ho-ward, -1849.
Miss Betty Austin. An English colonial
lady ; for many years proprietor of the
Clarence Hotel, at Bridgetown, Barba-
does, where she died.

Austin, George Lowell, M.D., 1849-.
Barry Lyndon. An American miscella-
neous writer, of Cambridge and Boston ;
b. in Lawrence, Mass. ; spent three years

at Harv. Univ., 1868-71; in 1875, studied
medicine, and adopted it as his profes-
sion; has, however, devoted much time
to literary labor.

Austin, Harry. An Officer. An Eng-
lish writer.

Austin, Ivers James, M.A. 1808-,
A Member of the Boston Bar. An Ameri-
can lawyer ; b. in Boston ; "West Point,
1828; Honorary A.B. at Harv. Univ. in
1831; A.M. in 1852; practised his pro-
fession in his native city, 1831-71.

Austin, James Trecothick, LL.D.,
1784-1870. A Citizen of 3Iassachusetts.
An American lawyer; b. in Boston;
Harv. Univ. 1802 ; editor of the " Emer-
ald" ; County Attorney for Suffolk, 1812-
32; Attorney-General of Massachusetts,
1832-43 ; a fine political and miscellane-
ous writer ; d. in Boston.

Austin, Le'ivis. Augustin Lewis ;
Frederic Daly. An English author;
private secretary of Mr. Henry Irving,
the celebrated actor.

Austin, Mary Therese, 1849-. Betsy
B. An American writer; b. at Green-
bay, Wis. ; since 1876, dramatic critic
of the "San Francisco Argonaut."

Austin, William. A Presbyter of the
Church of England. An English clergy-

Austin, Rev. Wiltshire Stanton, Jr.
V. Dayrell. An English Epis. divine
and litterateur; Exeter Coll., Oxford;
Rector of AUhallows, Lombard Street,

Avellaneda, Gertrudis Gomez de.
1816-1873. Peregrina. A distinguished
Spanish poet; b. at Puerto Principe in
tlie island of Cuba ; in 1840 settled in
Madrid. In 1846 she married the Dep-
uty, Pedro Sabadon ; became a widow
in a few months ; in 1854 again married,
the Deputy Masieu, whom she lost in
1860, when she removed to Seville,
where she died.

Avery, Jane Greenough. A. Jane
Greenough. An American writer for the

Avery, Samuel P. Spavery. An
American artist and humorous writer of
New York City.

Avril, Baron Adolphe d'. Cyrille.
A French writer.

Axon, William Ed-ward Armitage.
W. E. A. A.; The Author; Dudley Armi-
tage. An eminent English bibliographer,
of Manchester ; a constant correspondent
of " Notes and Queries."

Aynge, G. A. G. A. A. An Ameri-
can poet.

Ayrton, William, Esq., F.R.S.,F.S A .,




1777-1858. A Friend uf the Family. An
English musical and literary critic, of
the London " Morning Chronicle," 1813-
26; and in the "Examiner," 1837-61;
was editor of the " Harmonicon," 1823-
33; wrote the musical articles in the
"Penny Cyclopaedia," 1833-44; d. in

Ayscough, George Edward, Esq.,
-1779. An Officer in the Guards. An
English lieutenant and writer who, after
a few years' service, was compelled by
ill health to relinquish his profession;
travelled in Italy, but without benefit.

Ayscough, Samuel, 1745-1804. S. A.;
Vicar of Cudham. An English clergy-

man and bibliographer; for about 20
years assistant librarian in the British
Museum, where he d. ; he was b. in Not-
tingham, and was Vicar of Cudham,
Kent, 1803-4.

Aytoun, William Edmonstoune,
1813-65. W. E. A.; Ane of that Ilk;
Augustus Dunshunner ; A Layman of the
Church; T. Percy Jones. An eminent
Scottish poet and essayist ; b. and educ.
at Edinburgh ; Prof, in the Univ. of Ed-
inburgh, 1845-65 ; for many years, from
1839, a contributor to " Blackwood's Mag-
azine " ; d. at Blackhills, Elgin.

Aytoun, W. E., and Martin, Theo-
dore. Bon Gaultier,


Baarnhielm, Miss E. W. — See
"Barnes, Miss E. W." Her father
was a Swede, who, when he came to
this country, changed his name to

Babb, C. E. Uncle Jesse. An Amer-
ican writer.

Babbage, Charles, 1792-1871. A
Philosopher. An eminent English math-
ematician ; b. at Teignmouth, in Devon-
shire; Trim Coll., Cambridge, 1814;
Prof, in the Univ. of Camb., 1828-39.
During his latter years he resided in
London, and d. in that city.

Babeuf, Frangois-Noel, 1764-1797.
Caius Gracchus. A French political
writer and conspirator ; b. at Saint-Queu-
tin ; at Paris he became one of the most
violent Revolutionists, and with another
teing condemned to death for a conspir-
acy against The Directory, he poignarded
himself, and was borne dying to the scaf-

Babington, Charles Cardale, M.A.,
F.R.S., etc., 1808-. C. 0. B. An emi-
nent English botanist; b. at Ludlow;
St. John's Coll., Cambridge, 1830 ; Prof,
of Botany in his alma muter.

Babington, Mrs. E. E. B. An Eng-
lish editor of C. Elliott's poems.

Babou, Hippolyte, 1824-1878. Ca-
mille Lorrain ; Jean Sans-Peur. A French
journalist; b. at Peyriac (Aude) ; wrote
for the principal French journals, and
was one of the most active editors of the
" Athenasum f ranyaise " and of the " Re-
vue fran9aise " ; d. in Paris.

Babron, J. E. J. E. B. An English
editor of Lamb's '' Eliana." etc.

Babson, Joseph E., ab. 1831-75.

Tom Folio. An American litterateur; b.
at Newburyport, Mass. ; for many years
a resident of Melrose, Mass. ; and it was
his custom to visit Boston twice a week
to put himself au courunt with the liter-
ary news, and to indulge in pleasant
talks in the publishing houses and in the
"Transcript" office, of which paper he
was a frequent correspondent.

Bacchus, Miss Lizzie W. Latienne.
An American poet; b. at Wilmington,
N.C.; a teacher at Eufaula, Ala., in

Bache, Benjamin Franklin. The
Editor of the " Aurora." An American
journalist; b. in Philadelphia; was car-
ried when a boy to Paris, and placed in
the printing-office of the well-known
printer, Didot ; on his return, in 1785, he
studied in the Philadelphia Coll., and in
1790 commenced the " General Adver-
tiser," afterwards called the "Aurora,"
which long exerted considerable political

Bache, Richard, 1794-1836. An
Officer of the U. S. Army, An American ;
b. in Philadelphia ; Univ. of Penn., 1812 ;
Captain of Ordnance, 1819-36; d. at
Washington, D.C.

Backhouse, James. J. B. An Eng-
lish Friend, of Yorke; a missionary in
1839 et seq. to Australia and South Af-

Backhouse, Rev. Julius Brockman.
One of the Sons of the Clergy. An Eng-
lish clerg3'man.

Backus, Rev. Isaac, 1724-1806. A
Countryman. An American Baptist min-
ister, of Massachusetts; b. at Norwich,
Conn. ; Honorary A.M. at Brown Univ.,




of which he was a trustee for more than
30 years, 1765-99.

Bacon, Ezekiel, LL.D., 1770-1870.
E. B.; A Graduate o/1794. An eminent
American lawyer and statesman ; b. in
Boston; Yale Coll., 1794; from 1815, a
resident of Utica, N.Y., and for some
years the oldest living graduate of Yale
Coll. ; d. at Utica.

Bacon, Miss Julia. Mollie Myrtle.
An American writer of prose and verse ;
b. at Macon, Ga. ; in 1871 a resident of
Howard, Taylor Co., Ga.

Bacon, Phanuel, D.D., 1700-83.
The Friar. An English clergyman ; of
Magdalen Coll., Oxford ; Vicar of Bram-
ber, Sussex, and Eector of Balden, Ox-
fordshire, where he died.

Bacon, Eev. Thomas. An American
Pastor. An American Epis. clergyman,
of St. Peter's, Md.

Badcock, John. John Bee, Esq.
An English journalist, of London ; " Ed-
itor of the 'Fancy,' 'Eancy Gazette,'
' Living Picture of London,' and the like
of that."

Badcock, Rev. John. J. B. An
English Epis. divine; with two others
left England, in 1850, to found a Chris-
tian Mission in Terra del Fuego, where
they starved to death (1).

Badcock, Rev. Samuel, 1750-88.
Cam. ; Justinophilus. An English clergy-
man ; b. at South Moulton, Devon. ; in
1787 he joined the Church of England,
and became Curate of Broad Clyst ;
contributor to the "London Review,"
"London Magazine," etc., and espe-
cially to the " Monthly Review " ; d.
in London.

Badeaii, Adam. The Vagabond. An
American officer and author ; b. in New
York City ; Consul-General at London,
1874 et seq., more recently at Havana,
Cuba ; resigned in 1884.

Badgley, Jonathan. Uncle Jona-
than. An American author of educa-
tional works.

Badham, Charles, M.D., -1845. An
Amateur. An English physician and
poet; b. in London; educ. at Edinburgh
and Oxford ; Prof, of Med. in the Univ.
of Glasgow, 1827-45 ; d. in London ; he
was a contributor to " Blackwood's Mag-

Badia y Lieblich, Domingo, 1766-
1818. All Bei], El Abassi. A

Spanish adventurer ; b. in Biscay ;
received the best education Europe
could afford ; passed througli many
strange adventiires in a professed at-
tempt to found a colony of Europeans

between Algiers and Morocco ; d. on his
way to Mecca.

Badin, Rev. Stephen Theodore,

1768-1853. A French Clergyman. An
R. C. divine; b. at Orleans, France;

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