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came to Baltimore, 1792 ; ordained by
Dr. Carroll in 1793; d. in Cincinnati.

Bagby, Dr. George W., 1828-1883.
Moses Adams ; Mozis Addums. An Amer-
ican humorous writer, of Richmond, Va.,
where he died.

Bagehot, Walter, M.A., 1826-77.
W. B. An English economist ; b. in
Langport, Somersetshire ; for a time
Examiner in the Univ. of London; con-
tributor of essays and reviews to the
periodical press, and editor of the
"Economist " ; d. in his native town.

Bagg, Lyman Hotchjiiss, 1846-.
A Yale Graduate of '69; Karl Kron;
El Atchby ; A Massachusetts Yankee ;
N. S. G. An American author and
journalist, of New York City ; college
chronicler for the New York " World,"
1876-82 ; b. in West Springfield, Mass.

Bagley, Miss Sarah G. 8. G. B.
An American writer, of Meredith (now
Laconia), N.H. ; contributed to the
"Lowell Offering."

Bagnold, Miss E. S. H. E. S. E. B.
An English author.

Bagot, A. G. Bagatelle. An English
sporting writer, in the " Country Gentle-
man and Sporting Gazette" in 1881.

Bagot, Very Rev. Daniel, D.D.
D. B. An eminent Irish (?) Episcopal
divine; Trin. Coll., Dublin, 1827; Dean
of Dromore, Ireland, 1850-75 ; in 1880,
resident at St. James Road, Surbiton,

Bagot, Lewis, D.D., 1740-1802.
Bishop B^^***. An eminent English
clergyman ; educ. at Westminster
School and at Christ Church, Oxford;
successively Bishop of Bristol, Norwich,
and St. Asaph, 1782-1802; d. at his
house in Oxford Street.

Bagshawe, Francis Uoyd. A
Priest. An English Roman Catholic

Baikie, William Balfour, M.D.
W. B. B. An English naturalist and

Bailey, Ven. Benjamin, D.D., 1791-
1853. An Undergraduate of the Univ. of
Oxford; Vetus. An English Episcopal
divine ; archdeacon of Colombo ; for
forty years a missionary at Travan-
core, India ; d. in London.

Bailey, Ebenezer, -1839. Grins and
Gripes. An American educator; Yale
Coll., 1817 ; for many years an emi-




nent teacher in Boston ; d. at Lynn,

BaUey, Rev. Henry, D.D., 1815-.
H. B. An English Episcopal divine ; b.
at North Leverton, Notts; St. John's
Coll., Cambridge, 1839; Vicar of W.
Tarring lo. Durrington, 1878-80 et seq.

Bailey, Isaac H. Yarmouth.

Bailey, James Montgomery, 1841-.
Danburij News Man. An American jour-
nalist and humorous writer, of Dan-
bury, Conn. ; b. in Albany, N.Y.

Bailey, Peter, -1823. Giorgione di
Castel Chiuso. An English poet and
journalist ; editor of the " Museum,"

Bailey, Samuel, 1791-1870. An
Egyptian Kafir ; A Yorkshire Freeholder ;
A Y lunger Brother. An eminent English
philosopher and litterateur; b. at Shef-
field; the "Bentham of Hallamshirc,"
as he was called; devoted the greater
part of his life to his literary pursuits ;
he d. suddenly, and left £ 90,000 to his
native town.

Bailey, Thomas. An Old Trades-
man. An English writer, of Basford,
near Nottingham.

Bailey, Mrs. Una Iiocke. Una
Locke. An American wi'iter.

BaiUie, Mrs. E. C. C. E. C. C. B.
An English poet and prose writer.

Baillie, Hugh. A Doctor of Laws.
An English jurist; at one time Judge of
the Court of Admiralty.

Baillie, Miss Joanna, 1764-1851.

J B . An eminent Scottish

writer ; b. at the Manse of Bothwell, in
the upper dale of the Clyde; for the
principal part of her life a resident of
Hampstead, near London, where she died.

Baillie, Matthew, M.D., 17G1-1823.
Dr. B — e. An eminent Scottish physi-
cian; brother of Joanna Baillie; b. in
the Manse of Tholy, near Hamilton,
Scotland; Balliol Coll., Oxford; prac-
tised his profession in London ; d. at his
seat at Duntisbourne, near Cirencester.

Bailliere, Jean Baptists Emile,
1831-. J. B. E. B. A French journal-
ist ; b. in Paris ; contributor to the
" Chronique " of the " Journal de la

Bailly, Mme Emma Berenger.
Claire de Chandeneux. A French nove-
list ; a prolific writer of romances suita-
ble for the young.

Bainbridge, Mrs. Harriette (Smith).
Cecil Laker. An English (1 ) poet.

Baird, George D. Mercury. An
American bicycle journalist and writer,
of New York City.

Baii'd, Henry. Nathan Hogg. An
English philologist and dialect poet.

Baird, Thomas H., 1787-1866. Me-
thes. An eminent American jurist; b.
in "Washington, Penn. ; after more than
30 years of active life as a judge and
lawyer, he returned to his farm near
Monongahela City, Washington Co.,
Penn.; d. in Alleghany City, Penn.

Baker, Frank Leslie. Grip Fast.
An American journalist.

Baker, Mrs. Delphine P. Delphine.
An American philanthropist, the chief
object of whose life for j^ears was to pro-
vide a home for the men disabled in the
late war.

Baker, Mrs. Harriette New^eU
(Woods). Aunt Hattie; Mrs. Madeline
Leslie. An American writer of books
for children.

Baker, Henry. A Gentleman late of
the Inner Temple. An English writer;
son of Henry Baker.

Baker, Henry, 1703-74. Henry Stone-
castle. An English poet and naturalist ;
b. in London ; devoted his life chiefly to
teaching the deaf and dumb ; d. in Lon-

Baker, Rev. Sir Henry Williams,
3d Bart., 1821-77. H. W. B. An Eng-
lish Epis. divine ; Vicar of Monkland,
near Leominster, Hertfordshire, 1861-77.

Baker, James Ijoring. Profit and
Loss. An American economical writer,
of Boston.

Baker, Leonard. Maistre Drekab.
An English humorous writer.

Baker, Samuel. A Seaman's Friend.
An English writer; member of the
Board of Trade, and Hon. Sec. to the
Committee of Inquiry into the Merchant
Seamen's Friends.

Baker, Mrs. Sarah S. (TuthUl).
Aunt Friendly. An American writer of
books for the young ; a daughter of Mrs.
Louisa C. Tuthill, late of Princeton,
N.J. ; now (1885) residing in Sweden.

Baker, T. M. T. M. B. An Ameri-
can novelist.

Baker, Thomas, 1656-1740. A Gen-
tleman. A learned English antiquary ;
b. at Crook, in the parish of Lancaster,
in the bishoprick of Durham ; Fellow of
St. John's Coll., Cambridge, 1679, but
in 1717 was deprived of his fellowship,
and afterwards was wont to add to his
signature Socius Ejectus ; he resided at
his college till his death, devoted to
studies in history, biography, and an-

Baker, Thomas. Pikestaff. An Eng-
lish barrister-at-law.




Baker, Rev. Thomas Bagnall. T.

B. B. An English Epis. clergyman;
Minister of Woburn Chapel, St, Pan-

Baker, William, 1742-1785. The
Rationalist. A learned English printer,
of London ; son of a sclioolmaster at
Reading, where he died.

Baker, William Deal, A.M., 1812-76.
Hjiton Hosmot. An American lawyer and
editor; Univ. of Penn., 1830; Member
of the Const. Conv. in 1873 ; b. and d. in

Baker, William E. S. An Eye-
Witness. An American writer.

Baker, Rev. William Munford,
1825-1883. George F. Harrington. An
American Presbyt. clergyman, of New-
buryport, Mass., 1873 et seq,

BakCTeell, T. A Wearer. An Eng-
lish weaver, of Cheadle, Staffordshire ;
"the Moorland Bard."

Balch, William Ralston. C. G. C.
An American journalist and compiler.

Baldwin, Henry. H. B. An Eng-
lish printer, and publisher of "St. James's
Chronicle," London, 1761.

Baldwin, John Lioraine. A Glow-
worm. An English whist player, and
editor, of London (?).

Baldwyn, Rev. Edward. Trim. An
English Epis. divine ; educ. at Jesus Coll.,
Oxford ; resident first in Yorkshire, then
at Ludlow, Shropshire.

Baleson, J. E. J. E. B. An Ameri-
can editor and compiler, of Chelsea, Mass.

Balguy, Rev. John, 168G-1748. A
Clergyman; A Countrij Clergyman ; Sil-
vius. An English clergyman ; b. at Shef-
field, in Yorkshire ; Vicar of North-Aller-
ton, Yorks, 1729-48 ; d. at Ilarrowgate.

Ball, Edward. Edward Fitzhall. An
English dramatist.

Ball, Henry WiUiam. H.W.B. An
English author.

Ball, John. Lucifer. An English

BaU, Rev. Timothy Horton. Y.N.L.
An American Bapt. minister ; b. at Aga-
wam, Hampden Co., Mass. ; graduated at
Franklin Coll., Ala.; studied theology at
Newton (Mass.) Sem., 1861-63; minister
for some years at Crown Point, Ind.

Ballance, John. His Father. An
English writer, father of Mr. John des
Carrieres Ballance, of Queen's Coll.,

Ballantyne, Mrs. . A Lady. An

English poet and naturalist.

Ballantyne, James, 1772-1833. Al-
diborontiphoscophornio. A Scottish jour-
nalist and publisher, of Edinburgh; b. in

Kelso ; a schoolfellow and friend of Sir
Walter Scott ; d. in Edinburgh.

Ballantyne, James R., LL.D. J.R.B.
An English Orientalist ; in 1850, Princi-
pal of the Benares Coll. ; from 1862,
Librarian of the India Office, London.

Ballantyne, John, 1774-1821. Rig-
dum-Funnidos. A Scottish printer and
publisher, of Edinburgh, brother of
James, like him the friend of Scott
and publislier of his works.

Ballantyne, Rev. John. A Minister
of the Church of Scotland. A Scottish
clergyman of the early part of the 18th

Ballantyne, Rev. John, 1778-1830.
A Dissenter. A Scottish clergyman j
minister of Stonehaven, Kincardineshire,

Ballantyne, Robert Michael. One
of themselves; Ensign Sopht ; Comus ;
Fialph Rover. A popular Scottish author
of fiction and adventure for the young.

Ballard, Anna. Annibale. An
American writer and musician.

BaUard, Rev. Edward, D.D., 1805-
70. Sabijio. An American P. E. cler-
gyman ; b. at Hopkinton, N.II. ; Rector
of St. Paul's Church, Brunswick, Me.,
whore he died.

Ballard, Ed-u'ard George, Esq.,
1791-1860. E. G. B.; T. An English
antiquary and student of Ecclesiastical
history; b. in Salisbury; from 1817 he
devoted himself entirely to literary pur-
suits; d. at Compton-terrace, Islington.

Ballard, J. A Protestant Churchman,
An English author.

Ballard, Mrs. Julia P. Kruna.
An American writer for the young.

Ballou, Rev. Adin. A. B. An
American minister; pastor at Mendon,
Mass., 1831-42 ; afterwards at Milf ord,
where he became the founder of the
Hopedale (Mass.) Community.

Ballou, Ellis. Philo. An American

Ballou, Maturin Murray, 1822-.
A Traveller in the Tropics. An Ameri-
can author and journalist; son of Rev.
Dr. Hosea Ballou; b. in Boston; editor
and proprietor of " Ballou's Pictorial "
and the "Flag of our Union."

Ballo^v, Henry. H. B. An English
writer on law early in the 18th century.

Balsamo, Giuseppe, 1743-95. Comte
di Alessandro Cagliostro. A Sicilian im-
postor ; b. at Palermo, Sicily ; assumed
the title of Count ; travelled in many
countries under various names ; pro-
fessed alchemy and free-masonry ; prac-
tised medicine and sorcery, and raised




money by various forms of imposture ;
lie d. at Rome in prison.

Baltimore, Frederick Calvert, 7th

Lord. Bight Hon. Lord B — e. An Eng-
lisii nobleman; a poet, etc. ; in 1751 he
became the proprietor of Maryland ;
about 1767 he became a resident of
Naples, and d. there.

Balzac, Honore de, 1799-1850.
Henri B*** ; Horace de Saint Auhin ;
Lord R'Hoone. An eminent French nov-
elist; b. at Tours; after struggling for
ten years at Paris with poverty and star-
vation, he at last obtained appreciation,
and with appreciation what ought to
have been wealth. But he spent his
gains as freely as he made tliem. At
length he married a wealtlij' Russian
lady; but just at the culmination of his
fame, and at the beginning, as it seemed,
of the rest and satisfaction to which he
had always looked forward, he died.

Bampfield, Rev. Robert LeTvis,
1819-. R. L. B. An English clergy-
man; Trin. Coll., Oxford, 1842; Vicar
of West Anstey, Devon, 1868-83 et seq.

Bangs, J. K. J. K. B. An Ameri-
can journalist, of New York.

Banim, John, 1798-1842. A Trav-
eller. An Irish novelist ; b. at Kilkenny ;
at 18 years of age was editor of the
"Leinster Journal"; at 18 produced a
successful play ; at 20 was married, pro-
ceeded to London, and became editor of
the "Literary Register." Though the
author of the " O'Hara Tales " was ex-
ceedingly popular, he found literature
a precarious subsistence, and in 1832 he
was reduced to such distress at Bou-
logne that a public subscription was
raised for his relief, which enabled him
to return to Kilkenny in the summer of
1835. In 1837 a pension of £ 150 a year
was granted to him by Government,
which was afterwards increased by the
addition of £40 a year for the education
of his only child, a daughter. He d. at
Windgap Cottage, near Kilkenny.

Banim, Michael, 1796-1874. Ahel
O'Hara. An Irish novelist ; brother of
the preceding; b. at I\jlkenny; aided
his brother in the composition of the
"O'Hara Tales," etc., etc. For many
years he filled the office of Postmaster
in his native town, and was at one time
its Mayor. Fortunately, the Royal
Literary Fund came to the aid of narrow
means, and after his decease a pension
was given to his widow by Mr. Disraeli.
He d. at Kilkenny.

Bank of England, The. The Old
Lady in Threadneedle Street.

Banks, John, 1709-51. An English
Ojficer. English writer, of Sunning,
Berks. ; was successively a weaver, a
bookseller, a book-binder, and an author,
chiefly at London. From 1742 he was
chiefly occupied as both writer and
editor for the " Old England " and
"Westminster Journals."

Banks, Joseph. Uncle Joseph. An
English humorous writer.

Banks, Percival Weldon, M.A.,
1806-50. Morgan Battler. An Irish
lawyer and journalist, of London;
called to the bar at Gray's Inn in 1835 ;
d. in London.

Banks, Thomas Christopher, 1765-
1854. T. C. B.; An Unfortunate Noble-
man. An English lawyer and genealo-
gist ; he practised for some years, 1813-
20, at Lyon's Inn, and afterwards at an
ofljce which he called the Dormant
Peerage OtRce, in John St., Pall Mall,
London ; d. at Greenwich.

Bannautine, James. Joe Miller. An
English writer; at one time resident in
Honduras; author of several papers in
the " Monthly Magazine."

Bannatine, Rev. James, xl Minis-
ter of the Church of Scotland. A Scottish
minister, of Edinburgh.

Banning, Edmund P. Goldlace.
An American naval oflicer; appointed
2d Lieutenant in the Marine Corps in
1864 ; resigned in 1870.

Bannister, John William. 1794-
1829. A Settler. An English jurist ; b.
in Steyning, Sussex; served in the Royal
Navy till the end of the American war.
In 1819 he settled in Upper Canada;
later he returned to England, studied
law, was called to the bar at the Middle
Temple in 1826. He was Chief Justice
at Sierra Leone, 1828-29, when he d.

Banville, Th§odore Faullaln de,
1823-. Bracquemond. A French poet ;
b. at Moulins (Allier) ; in early life went
to Paris, and there engaged in literary

Barach, Moritz, 1818-. Br. Mdrzroth.
A German poet and prose writer; b. at
Vienna; studied there; and from 1834
has devoted himself exclusively to a
literary career with great and marked

Barbauld, Mrs. Anna Letitia (Ai-
kin), 1743-1825. A. L. B. ; A Volun-
teer. An eminent English female writer ;
b. at Ivibworth, Leicester ; in 1774 she
married Rev. Rochemont Barbauld, who,
in 1802, became pastor of a congrega-
tion, and a resident of Stoke-Newington,




but d. in 1808, when Mrs. Barbauld de-
voted herself chiefly to literary pursuits ;
d. at Stoke-Newington.

Barber, Harriet Boomer. Faith
Templeion. An American novelist.

Barber, John. The Alderman. An
English character; city-printer, common
■councilman, alderman, and lord-mayor
of London, during the earlier part of the
last century.

Barber, Joseph. Disbanded Volun-
teer. An American humorist, who says
of himself, " My life, as the kentry is
aware, lies been full of wunderful vissis-
sytoods from the time I was Disbanded
arter the Mexican war, to the present
crysis. First I made my pile in the airly
days of Californy . . , then I pardizzipa-
ted in the revolushionary movements in
Payris; arterwards I figgered around a
•wile in London ; next I visited Constan-
tinopul . . . subsekwently I emmygrated
to Australy . . . later I tuck up my abode
in New York . . . still later I went on an
■eggscursion to Springfield, Illanoy ; and
finally brort up at Washington, where I
hang out at present."

Barber, W. R. Chincapin. An Amer-
ican journalist, of New York City.

Barber-Beaumont, John Thomas.
Esq., r.S.A., F.G.S., 1774-1841. A Mag-
istrate for Middlesex. An English gen-
tleman; founder, and for many j'ears
managing director of the County Eire
Office and Provident Life Office, and
Magistrate for Middlesex ; b. in the par-
ish of St. Marylebone, and d. at his offi-
cial residence in Regent Street, London.

Barbier, Abbe Louis Stanilas Hip-
polyte, 1808-64. Un Solitaire. A French
ecclesiastic and biographer; b. at Or-
leans; went to Paris, and devoted him-
self to literature ; d. in that city.

Barbour, John Gordon. Caledo-
nius ; Cincinnutus. A Scottish writer, of
the earlier part of the century.

Barclay, Anthony, Esq. Grceculus.
An English civilian ; at one time British
Consul at New York City ; for 50 years
never failed to spend some portion of
«ach year at Savannah, Ga.

Barclay, Hugh, LL.D. An Elder of
the Church of Scotland ; Nestor. A Scot-
tish writer ; sheriff-substitute, Perth.

Barclay, John, M.D., 1756 or 60-
1826. Jonathan Dawpluclcer, Esq. A
Scottish physician ; Lecturer on Anat-
omy ; Fellow of the Roy. Coll. of Phy-
sicians and of the Roy. Soc. of Edin-

Barclay, John, 1797-. A Lover of
that People. An English Friend or Qua-

ker ; b. in Clapham, Surrey ; in 1820 he
removed to Poole, in Dorsetshire ; after-
wards to Alton, Croydon; and last to

Barclay, Robert, 1648-90. R. B.,
a Servant of the Church of Christ. An
eminent Scottish Friend ; b. at Gordons-
town, in the Shire of Murray; was dis-
tinguished for his religious writings; d.
at his house of Springhall, and interred
in the family's burying-place.

Barclay, Robert, 1779-1854. Aller-
di/ce. A British pedestrian, the first who
walked 1000 miles in 1000 hours.

Bardvvell, William. An Architect.
An English architect, of London (?).

Bardvvood, Rev. James. John Bun-
yan. An English minister of the Gospel,
of the last century.

Barere de Vieuzac, Bertrand, 1755-
1841. The Anacreon of the Guillotine. A
French Jacobin demagogue. The flowery
style with which he adorned the meas-
ures of a merciless proscription procured
him this designation.

Barham, Francis, 1808-71. A; Al-
ist. An eminent English poet and
scholar ; b. at Leskinnick, Penzance,
and d. at Bath.

Barham, George. Tom Tally. An
English poet.

Barham, Rev. Richard Harris,
1788-1845. Tliomas Ingoldsby ; H. Pep-
percorn, M.D. ; Peter Peppercorn. A cel-
ebrated English humorist ; b. at Canter-
bury ; held a country curacy, 1813-21 ;
Minor Canon of St. Paul's, London,
1821-45. In 1826 he first contributed to
" Blackwood's Magazine " ; and in 1837
began to furnish the "Ingoldsby Le-
gends " to " Bentley's.*' He also wrote
for the "Edinburgh Review" and the
London " Literary Gazette." D. in Lon-

Barham, Thomas Foster, M.B.,
1766-1844. EAAXI2T02; A Bible Stu-
dent. An English poet and dramatist of

Barinetti, Charles. An Italian.

Baring, Charles, Esq., 1743-1829.
.T. Smith, Gentleman. An eminent Eng-
lish merchant, of a Devonshire family ;
devoted the latter part of his life to lit-
erary pursuits ; d. at Exmouth.

Barker, Lady Catherine, 1815-. A
Plain ]Vo7nan. An English lady, daughter
of the 1st Earl of Ducie ; in 1841, mar-
ried John Raymond Barker, Esq.

Barker, Edmund Henry, Esq.
1788-1839. Aristarchus Anti-Blomfield-
ianus. An English philologist ; b. at
HoUym vicarage, Yorksliire; Trin. Coll.,




Cambridge, 1807, but did not graduate ;
for 20 years a contributor to the " Lon-
don Classical Journal " ; d. in London.

Barker, Rev. Edward Waller. E.
W. B. An English Epis. divine ; Vicar
of Legsby, Market Easen, 1882-83 et seq.

Barker, Jacob, 1779-1871. Investiga-
tor. An American financier ; b. at Swan
Island, Kennebec Co., Me. ; went to New
York City when he was 16 ; in 1834 re-
moved to New Orleans ; d. at Philadel-

Barker, Joseph. J. B. An English
Eadical (?), of Newcastle.

Barker, ]\Irs. li. J, A Former Resi-
dent of Slave States. An American au-

Barker, Matthew Henry, 1790-1846.
Old Sailor; Father Ambrose; The Wan-
derer. An English writer; b. at Dept-
ford ; spent some years in the Royal
Navy ; was editor of the " Demerara
Gazette," 1815-23, and of the " Notting-
ham Mercury," 1828-41. He made hun-
dreds of communications, in prose and
verse, to the " Literary Gazette," " Bent-
ley's Miscellany," various annuals, and,
near the close of his life, to the " Picto-
rial Times " and " United Service Ga-

Barker, Samuel. S. B. An English
writer of the earlier part of the last cen-
turj^ of Lyndon.

Barker, Rev. Thomas, M.A. T. B.
An English clergyman; Queen's Coll.,
Oxford, 1848; Vicar of Revesby, Bos-
ton, 1807-83 et seq. ; and Rector of Wilks-
by 10. Claxby, Pluckacre, 1874—83 et seq.

Barker, William Gideon Michael
Jones, 1817-55. The Wensleydale Poet.
An English poet ; d. at Leeds,

Barkly, A. I>I. A. M. B. An Eng-
lish botanist.

Barlow^, Rev. David Hatch, A.M.,
-1864, Mountain Bard. An American
Unit, minister, of Brooklyn, N.Y,

Barlow, Mrs. Emma, 1854-83. Leila.
An American writer.

Barlow, Henry Clark. H. C. B.
An English litte'rateur, the "Dantopho-
list " ; resident, in 1866, of Newington,
Butts-Surrey; representative from Eng-
land at the Sixth Centenary Festival
of Dante, in Florence and Ravenna,
Italy, 1864-65.

Barlow, James. Thomas Moon, Esq.
An American poet.

Barlow, 3Iaria A. Leslie Raynor.

Barlow, Samuel Ij. M. ^S*. L. M. B.
An English author and editor.

Barnard, ReA\ Charles Francis.
Seih Pringle. An American Unitarian

minister ; for many years minister of the
Warren-Street Chapel, and from 1869,
of the Harvard (Charlestown) Chapel,

Barnard, Charles Francis, Jr.
Jane Kingsford ; Maria Gilman. An
American miscellaneous writer, of Bos-

Barnard, Mrs. Charlotte A., -1869.
Claribel. An English composer and
lyric poetess ; wife of Rev. C. C. Bar-
nard, rector of Brocklesby, Ulceby,

Barnard, Frederick Augustus
Porter, D.D., LL.D., 1809-. A Refugee.
An eminent American scholar and
educator; b. in Sheffield, Mass.; Yale
Coll., 1828 ; President of Columbia Coll.,
New York City, 1864-83 et seq.

Barnes, Alfred (?) C. Barnacle. An
American writer, publisher, of New
York City (?).

Barnes, Miss E. W. E. W. B. An
American writer of prose and verse in
annuals and magazines; resident of
Portsmouth, N.Y.

Barnes, Rev, Richard William.
Alazon. An English Epis. divine ;
Queen's Coll., Oxford, 1834; Vicar of
Probus, Cornwall, 1849-83 et seq.; Pre-
bendary of Exeter, 1853-83 et seq.

Barnes, Thomas, 1785-1841. Strada.
An English journalist; Pembroke Coll.,
Camb., 1808; editor of the London
"Times," 1830-41; d. at his house in
Soho-Square, London.

Barnett, George. Guij Roslijn.

Barnum, Augustine. Fax. An
American editor, of New York City.

Barnwell, Miss Annie M. Leroy.
An American "Southland writer"; b. at
Beaufort, S.C., in 1872 ; was a teacher
in Waynesboro, Burke Co., Ga.

Barr, Rev. James. Aliquis. An
English writer.

Barrett, Charlotte. Her Niece. An
English lady, niece of Madam D'Arblay,

Barrett, Eaton Stannard, about
1785-1820. Cervantes Hogg; Polypus.
An Irish writer of satire and fiction ; a
student of the Middle Temple; d, in
Glamorganshire, Wales.

Barrett, Jonathan, 1791-1860. X B.
An English Friend, of Croydon, Surrey ;
d. at Hastings, Sussex,

Barrett, Richard. R. B. An Irish
clergyman (1).

Barrett, Thomas Squire. T. S. B.
An English metaphysician, of London.

Barrington, John Shute, 1st Vis-
count, 1678-1734. A Layman. An Eng-
lish nobleman ; son of Benjamin Shute,




of London; in 1723, retired from public
life, and devoted himself to theological

Barron, Alfred. Q. An American
editor and writer, of the Oneida Com-
munity, N.Y. (1).

Barrow, Mrs. Fanny. Aunt Fanni/.
An American writer of hooks for chil-

Barrow, John. A Private of the S8th
Artists, etc.

Barrow, John, F.R.S. J. B. An
English writer ; son of Sir John Barrow,

Barrow^by, Dr. . Dod Pierce;


Barrow^s, Charles Henry, 1853-.
Eleven Sophomores. An American law-
yer ; b. in Springfield, Mass. ; Harv.
Univ., 1876; settled in his native town;
Ass. Attor.-Gen. of Massachusetts, 1881-.

Barry, Joseph. Josephus, Jr. An
American annalist.

Barry, WiUiain Whittaker. An
Englishman. An English barrister, of
Lincoln's Inn.

Barstow, Amos C. A. C B. An
American manufacturer ; head of the
firm, A. C. Barstow & Co., stove-fomid-
ers of Providence, R.I. ; travelled in
Europe in 1873, and wrote letters to the

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