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guerre under which, it is said, he figured
in India during his controversies with

Ballinasloe. Frederick Taylor. Con-
fessions of a horse-coper. L. 1861. He
also contributed to "The Field" (Lon-
don), under this signature.

Balloonist. Alfred Ford.

Ball's Bluff Prisoner, A. W. G.
Harris. Prison-life in the tobacco ware-
house at Richmond. By ... P. 1862.

Balscopo, Giovanni Battista. John
Trotter, Jr. Travels in Phrenologasto . . .
L. 1829.

Baltimore Trader, A. George Stan-
dish. Adventures of ... on the coast of
the Pacific. P. 187-.

Bal'tvhiddev, Rev. 3Iicah. John Gait.
The annals of the parish . . . Edinb.

Banls. Crash, Esq. George Dutton.
The present crisis ; or, the currency . . .
Rochester, N.Y., 1857.

Banker Poet, The. Charles Sprague.

Bantley, Doctor R. John Arbuthnot.



Critical remarks on Capt. Gulliver's
travels. By . . . Camb. 1735.

Bantry, Ign. U. — See "The Catholic
Bishop of Bantry."

Baptist, A. Bev. Henry Burgess, LL.D.
The Bible Translation Society of the Bap-
tists shown to be uncalled for and injuri-
ous :.. . By . . . L. 1840.

Baptistet. Alphonse Daudet. Lettres
sur Paris, in the " Petit Moniteur," 1865.

BaragTvaneth, Robin. John Jeffery.
The wooden horse for the rounder and
the horse without a head . . . Penzance.

Baragweneth, Barzillal. Mrs. Char-
lott Champion ( Willy ams) Pascoe. Wan
an' aell, a Cornish drawel, as zung, zold,
an spauken . . . Penzance, 1861.

Barbadoes Planter, A. John Ash-
ley. The sugar trade . . . By ... L.

Barbarc, Une. Marie Sophie Schmidt
Colhan. Lettres de . . . Paris, 18-.

Barbarossa. John Scott. The lost
principle ; or, sectional equilibrium , . .
Richmond, 1860.

Barber, A. Joseph Moser, The meal-
tub plot ; or, remarks on the powder tax.
By . . . L. 1795.

Barber, George. George Duckett Bar-
ber Beaumont, in his legal works.

Barber Poet, The. Jacques Jasmin.

Barbican, Geoffrey. Bichard Thom-
son. Chronicles of London Bridge. L.
1827. — See " Antiquary."

Barclay, Sydney. Mrs. Lydia Min-
turn Post. Grace Barclay's diary . . .
N.Y. 1867.

Bard. George Monck Berkeley. His
signature in the "World," 1788.

Bard, The. Edward Jerningham. The
British album, containing the poems of
Delia Crusca . . . The bard, etc. L. 1790.

Bard of Ayrshire, The. Robert

Bard of Hope, The. Thomas Camp-

Bard of Meniory, The. Samuel

Bard of OIney, The. William Cowper.

Bard of Rydal Mount, The. Wil-
liam Wordsworth.

Bard of the Forest, The. William
Wichenden. Prose and poetry. By . . .
L. 1852.

Bard, Samuel A. Dr. Ephraim George
Squier. Waikna; or, adventures on the
Mosquito shore. L. 1854.

Bards of Epworth, The. S. Wesley,
Sen., S. Wesley, Jun., C. Wesley, and M.
Wesley. The bards of Epworth; or,
poetic gems from the Wesley cabinet.
L. 1856.

Bareacres, Hon. Botlbol. John Bur-
ley Waring. Poems inspired by certain
pictures at the Art Treasures Exhibition,
Manchester, by Tennyson Longfellow
Smith, of Cripplegate Within . . . Illus-
trated . . . Manchester, 1857.

Barebone, Issachar. Ralphs (?).

The Protester ... By . . . L. 1753.

Barebones, Caustic. Thomas Bridges.
The first volume of a new translation of
Homer's Iliad, adapted to the capacity of
honest English roast beef and pudding
eaters. By ... a broken apothecary . . .
L. 1762.

Barnacle. A. 0. Barnes.

Barnacle, Capt. Charles M. New-
ell. Leaves from an old log. Pehe Nu-e,
the Tiger Whale of the Pacific. B. 1877.

Barnaval, Louis. Charles De Kay.
Poems. [Edited (or probably written)
by Charles De Kay.]

Barnes. Greville Fennell. The rail
and the rod ; or, the tourist-angler's guide
to waters and quarters thirty miles around
London ... L. 1867.

Barnivelt, Esdras, Apoth. Alexan-
der Pope. A key to the lock . . . By . . •
L. 1718.

Barnwell. Robert Barnwell Roosevelt.
Game fish of the northern states of
American and British provinces, N.Y.

Barrett, Lawrence. Larry Branni-
gan. A nom de theatre.

Barrett, Mary. Mary O. Nutting.
The story of William the Silent and the
Netherland war, etc. 1555-1584. By . . .
B. 1869.

Barrett, Walter, Clerk. Joseph A.
Scoville. The old merchants of New
York city, N.Y. 1861-64.

Barrington, F. Clinton. Julius War-
ren Lewis.

Barrister, A. Sir James Mackintosh, in
Beloe's " Sexagenarian," II., 106. 2d ed.
L. 1818.

Barrister, A. Henry Jeremy. An
analytical digest of the reports of cases
decided in the courts of common law . . .
L. 1818.

Barrister, A. James Maitland Hog.
Brief view of British colonial slaver'y
Edinb. 1827.

Barrister, A. Richard Power. A
comparative state of the two rejected
money bills in 1692 and 1769 . . . Dub-
lin, 1770.

Barrister, A. Frederick Lawrence.
Culverwell v. Sidebottom . . . By . . .
L. 1857.

Barrister, A. Sir James Fitzjamei>
Stephen. Essays. By . . . L. 1862.




Barrister, A. Charles Clark, Esq.
A few words on the subject of Canada.
By . . . L. 1837.

Barrister, A. Right Hon. Sir John
Barnard Bijles. Free trade and its so-
failed sopiiisms . . . examined by . . .
L. 1850.

Barrister, A. Edward Reijnolds. A
liiiide to the law : for general nse. By . . .
L. 1865.

Barrister, A. John Macgregor. " Go
out quickly" (Luke 14:21). By...
L. 1855.

Barrister, A. Richard Harris. Hints
on Advocacy . . . By ... L. 1879.

Barrister, A. James Sedgwick, Esq.
Hints to the public and the legislature
on the nature and eifects of Evangelical
preaching. By ... L. 1808-

Barrister, A. Barron Field. Hints
to witnesses in courts of justice. By . . .
L. 1815.

Barrister, A. Isaac Espinasse. A
letter from Catiline to the surviving
members of the constitutional and other
societies of the year 1794 ... L. 1810.

Barrister, A. William Johnson. Let-
ter to Joshua Spencer, Esq., occasioned
by his thoughts on an union [between
Great Britain and Ireland], By . . .
DubUn, 1798.

Barrister, A. Henry H. Joy. Letter
to . . . Lord Lyndhurst on the appoint-
ment of sheriffs in Ireland . . . By . . .
L. 1838.

Barrister, A. Sir John Taylor Cole-
ridge. Notes on the Reform Bill . . . L. 1831.

Barrister, A Sir John Joseph Dil-
lon. The question as to the admission
of Catholics to Parliament, considered . . .
L. 1801.

Barrister, A. Richard Fenton. A
tour in quest of genealogy ... L. 1811.

Barrister, A. Forbes. A trip to

Mexico ; or, recollections of a ten-months'
ramble in 1849-50 ... L. 1851.

Barrister, Another. Reader Wain-
wright. Letters to a Protestant divine in
defence of Unitarianism. By . . . etc.
L. 1824.

Barrister at IJaw, A. Sir John Eard-
ley Eardley Wilmot. An abridgment of
Blackstone's commentaries on the laws
of England ... L. 1822.

Barrister at Law, A. Sir Benjamin
Hobhouse. A treatise on heresy ... By
. . . L. 1793.

Barrister-at-IJaw of the Inner-
Temple, A. Edmund Bott. A collec-
tion of decisions of the Court of King's
Bench upon the poor laws . . . By . . .
L. 1771.

Barrister of Lincoln's Inn, A. /.'.

Boodle. The Gospels collated . . . L. 1»1;J.

Barrister of the Inner Temple, A.

Leonard Mac-Nally. Acts passed in Par-
liament. L. 1786.

Barrister of the Inner Temple, A.

George Spence, Esq., Q.C. The Code
Napoleon ; or, the French civil code,
literally translated, by . . . L. 1827.

Barrister of the Inner Temple, A.
Thomas Edlyne Tomlins. A familiar,
plain, and easy explanation of the Law of
Wills ... L. 1785.

Barrister, A Retired. C. Ambler.
A review of the proceedings and argu-
ments in a cause in Chancery between
James Fox, Esq., and II. Mackreth, Esq.
... L. 1792.

Barrow, Rev. S. Sir Richard Phil-
lips. The poor child's library. Ques-
tions on the New Testament. Sermons
for schools. L. 1812.

Barrow-Knight, A. Rev. Stuieville
Isaacson. Barrow-digging by a Barrow-
knight, in six fyttes. L. 1844-45.

Barrowcliffe, A. J. Albert Julius
Matt. Amberhill. L. 1856.

Bartevllle, Alexis. Edmond de
Manne. Chansons. Paris, 1835.

Bartholomew^-Lane Man, A. Alex-
ander Chalmers. Strictures on improve-
ments proposed near the Bank, "Gent.
Mag.," December, 1802. p. 1110.

Barton, Fanny M. Airs. M. F. Butts.
Three girls. B. 18-.

Barton, J. A. G. Shoshee Chunder
Dutt. Historical Studies. L. 1879.

Bashful Irishman, A. William Fred-
erick Deacon. The exile of Erin ; or, the
sorrows of . . . L. 1835.

Bashibazouk. William Harding, in
his contributions to the " Clipper " (N. Y. ).

Bashi-Bazouk, Our own. William
Makepeace Thackeray. Letters from the
East by . . . " Punch," 1854.

Basil. Richard Walker. The legend
of Cosmo ... By . . . L. 1860.

Basilicas. Edmund Lenthal Swift.
The ecclesiastical supremacy of the
Crown proved to be the common law of
England . . . L. 1814.

Basilicas. Rev. Lewis Way. Thoughts
on the scriptural expectations of the
Christian Church ... L. 181-.

Bast^. Pierre Eugene Grang€. Les
enfants d'Adam et d'Eve. Paris, 1840.

Bates, President. L. J. Bates, ex-
president of Detroit Bicycle Club, an
editorial wi'iter of the "Detroit Post and

Bathoniensis. Jonas Dennis, B.C.L.
A challenge to the Pope . . . Bath, 1830.




Batkins, JeflPerson Scattering. Jo-
seph Stevens Jones. Plays, N.Y. 1857;
Life of Jefferson S. Batkins, member
from Cranberry Centre, B. 1871.

Bavius. Dr. John Martyn. Memoirs
of the Society of Grub-Street. L. 1737.

These memoirs commenced on Thursday, Jan.
8, 1730, were continued once a week, and attained
their 138th (and last) number on Aug. 24, 1732.
To this publication we owe the " Gentleman's
Magazine " ; for Cave projected an improvement
on it to be published once a month. The signa-
ture of " Bavius " belongs to Dr. John Martyn,
and that of " Msevius" to Dr. Richard Russell ;
and those papers signed " A " are by Alexander
Pope. But iu Carruthers' " Life of Pope " (1857)
it is conjectured that Pope had free admission to
the journal under any guise, and that some
signed " M " and " B " are by him, and also that
there were other contributors. — Hat.kett and

Bayard. Franklin J. Ottarson. New
York editor.

Bayard of India, The. Sir Charles

Bayard, Tlie Polish. Prince Joseph

Bayle, Mr. Rev. Henry Penneck, M.A.
Apostolical Succession, everything else
and a few things beside . . . Penzance,

Bayley, Alphabet. Frederic W. N.
Bay ley. The new tale of a tub: an ad-
venture in verse. N.Y. 1869.

Beadle. John Sanson Beadle. Wes-
tern wilds, and the men who redeem
them. Cin. 1877.

Beakitorius. Benjamin Disraeli, Earl
of Beaconsfield. — See " Gladiolus."

Beardless Yankee, The. Dana
Boardman Clark.

Beaseley. Samuel Beazley. The roue,
L. 1828 ; The Oxonians : a glance at so-
ciety, L. 1830.

Beatrice. Anne Manning. An En-
glish girl's account of a Moravian settle-
ment in the Black Forest. L. 1858.

Beauchamp, Philip. Jeremy Ben-
tham. Analysis of the influence of natu-
ral religion on the temporal happiness of
mankind ... L. 1822.

Beauchamp, Shelsley. T. Waldron
Bradley. Grantley Grange : benedicts
and bachelors. L. 1874.

Beaufort, John, LL.D. John Thel-
icall. The daughter of adoption : a tale
of modern times. L. 1801.

Beaujolais. Hans Busk. Maiden-hours
and maiden-wiles. Designed by ... L. 1869.

Beaumont, Averil. Mrs. Margaret
Hunt. Magdalen Wynyard; or, the provo-
cations of a Pre-Raphaelite . . . L. 1872.

Beaumont, George. George Duckett
Barber Beaumont, in his legal works.

Beaumont, Sir Harry. Bev. Joseph

Spence. Moralities . . . L. 1753, previ-
ously printed in the "Museum"; and
Crito; or, a dialogue on beauty, L.
1752. — Under this pseudonym he also
published a letter from F. Attiret, a
French missionary, containing " A par-
ticular account of the Emperor of China's
gardens." L. 1752.

Beautiful and Unfortunate Young
Lady, A. Rev. Thomas Sedgwick Whal-
ley. The fatal kiss : a poem ... L.

Beauty, A. Mrs. Edwin James. Wan-
derings of . . . N.Y. 1873.

Beaver, Barrington, Esq. William
H. G. Kingston. Adventures of Dick
Onslow among the Redskins . . . L. 1863.

Beccaria Anglicus. Rev. Richard
Wright. Letters on capital punishments
... L. 1807.

Bede, Adam. Robert Evans.

"Adam Bede himself was the authoress* own
father, Mr. Robert Evans . . . His brother Sam-
uel [was] the Seth of the novel . . . Elizabeth
Tomiinson [was] Dinah Morris. A poor girl,
Mary Voce, was Hetty." "The [London] Sun-
day Magazine."

Bede, Cuthbert, B.A. Rev. Edward
Bradley. The adventiires of Mr. Ver-
dant Green, an Oxford freshman. L.

Bede, Seth. Samuel Evans. Seth
Bede "the Methody " : his life and labours ;
chiefly written by himself. L. 1859.

Bedott, Widow Priscilla P. Mrs.
Frances Miriam {Berry) Whitcher. Widow
Bedott papers. N.Y. 1867.

Bee, Hookanit, Esq. S. B. Wigram.
Flotsam and jetsam : a cargo of Christ-
mas rhyme. L. 1853.

Bee, Jon. John Badcock. The dra-
matic works of Samuel Foote. With re-
marks on each play, and an essay on the
life, genius, and writings of the author
by . . . L. 1830.

Bee Hunter, The. Col. Thomas Bangs
Thorpe. Mysteries of the backwoods . . .
P. 1846.

Bee-master, "The Times." John
Camming, D.D. Bee-keeping. L. 1864.

Beef Eater, A. George Vasey. Illus-
trations of eating ... L. 1847.

Beefeater, Domestic Chaplain to
Fill Potts. Rev. John Allan. The Len-
tiad ; or, Peter the Pope, and his pioneers
the Puseymen pummelled and pounded
with a Hudibrastic cudgel ... L. 1853.

Beelzebub. H. Newton Goodrich.
"I too"... L. 1856.

Beggar Boy, A. James Dawson Burn
The autobiography of . . . L. 1855.

Belani, H. E. R. Karl Ludwig Hab-
erlin. Der Heimathlose. 1835.



Belarius of Cymbeline. Estwiclc
Evans. The first of a series of a work
in six numbers, in favor of the consti-
tutionality of a national bank. W.

Belkine, Ivan. Alexandre Sergei€-
vitch Pouchkine [French spelling of his
name]. Boris Godounow: a dramatic
poem. St. Petersburg, 1831.

Bell, Acton. Anne Bronte. The ten-
ant of Wildfell Hall. L. 1848.

Bell, Currer. Mrs. Charlotte (Bronte)
Nicholls. Jane Eyre : an autobiography.
L. 1847.

When the Bronte sisters published their vol-
ume of poetry in 1846, under their respective
pseudonyms, numerous parties made the mistake
of thinking that they were three brothers.
Among others was Miss Martineau, who ad-
dressed a letter to Charlotte Bronte, — " Currer
Bell, Esq."

"Averse to publicity, we veiled our own
names under those of Currer, Ellis, and Acton
Bell; the ambiguous choice being dictated by a
sort of conscientious scruple of assuming Chris-
tian names positively masculine, while we did
not declare ourselves women, because — without
at the time suspecting that our mode of writing
and thinking was not what is called ' feminine,'
— we had a vague impression that authoresses
are liable to be looked on with prejudice." —
Gaskell, Life of Bronti (1858), p. 240.

Bell, Ellis. Emily Jane Bronte. Po-
ems. L. 1846.

Bell, 3Irs. Martin. Mrs. Bell Martin.
Julia Howard. N.Y. 1850.

Bell, Solomon. William Joseph Snel-
ling. Tales of travel in the north of Eu-
rope ; Tales of travel west of the Missis-
sippi. B. 18.30-31.

Belles of Mauchline, The.

"In Mauchline there dwells six proper young

Miss Miller is fine. Miss Markland's divine,
Miss Smith she has wit, and Miss Betty is braw :
There's beauty and fortune to get wi' Miss Mor-
But Armour's the jewel for me o' them a'."

Robert Burns.

Belphegor. William Coombe. The
Diabo-lady ; or, a match in hell : a poem
... L. 1777.

Belzebub. Rev. Samuel Bourn. A
sure guide to hell . . . 1787.

Ben, Uncle. Walter Cavendish Crof-
ton. Brief sketch of the life of Charles
Baron Metcalfe . . . Kingston, 1846.

Ben, Uncle. Mrs. Rhoda E. Water-
man White. Portraits of my married
friends; or, peeps into Hymen's king-
dom. By . . . N.Y. 1858.

Benauly. A pseudonym adopted by
the three brothers, Austin, Benjamin
Vaughan, and Lyman Abbott, in two nov-

els, "Conecut Corners" and "Matthew

The pseudonym is composed of the first syl-
lable of the names of the three brothers.

Ben David. John Jones, LL.D. Three
letters, addressed to the editor of the
" Quarterly Review "... L. 1825.

Ben-Ezra, Juan Josafat. Emanuel
Lacunza. The coming of Messiah in
glory and majesty ... L. 1827.

Ben-Saddi, Nathan. Robert Dodsley.
The chronicle of the kings of England,
from AVilliam the Conqueror to 1795 . . .
Worcester, Mass. 1795.

Ben Uziiir, Salem. Richard Hengist
Home. Sithron, the Star-Stricken. Trans-
lated (Ala bereket Allah) from an
ancient Arabic manuscript, by . . . L.

Ben Yamen. Benjamin Peirce. Ben
Yamen's song of geometry . . . Clover-
den, 1854.

Bendbow, Hesper. George W. Archer.
More than she could bear: story of the
Gachupin war in Texas. P. 1871.

Benedict. Edward Walter Dawson.
Benedict's wanderings in Ireland, Scot-
land, Italy, and Sicily . . . New Haven,
Ct. 1873.

Benedict. Joseph Reed. Letters [in
defence of Mr. Garrick] printed origi-
nally in the "Morning Chronicle," and
afterwards added to Kenrick's " Love in
the Suds." 5th ed. L. 177-

Benedict, Mrs. Hester. Mrs. T. P.
Dickinson. Vesta. P. 1872.

Beneficed Clergyman of the Estab-
lished Church, A. Rev. Harris Ham-
ilton. The doctrines of the Church of
England neither Calvinistic nor Armin-
ian . . . L. 1819.

Benengeli, Cid Hamet. Thomas
Babington Macaulay. Fragments of an
ancient romance. Leicester, 1826; L.

Benevolus. William Duncombe. —
See "Philopropos."

Benevolus, Hilaris & Co. John
Britton. The pleasures of human life ;
in a dozen dissertations on male, female,
and neuter pleasures ... L. 1807.

Bengal Civilian, A. William Ed-
wards. Reminiscences of . . . L. 1866.

Bengalensis. Major John Scott Waring.

Benjamin, Saint. Richard Grant
White. The new gospel of peace. N.Y.

Benjamin the Florentine. Benja-
min Peirce. Ben Yamen's song of ge-
ometry . . . Cloverden, 1854.

Benjamins, BIr. Charles B. Hart.
Lothaw. 18-,




Bennet, H., M.A. John Pinkerton,
Esq. The treasury of wit . . . L. 1787.

Bennet, Silvia. Olivia Levison.

Benning, How^e. Mrs. Mary H.
Henry. Essie's journey and what she
found in it. N.Y. 1871.

Benoni, Lorenzo. Giovanni Domen-
ico Ruffini. Lorenzo Benoni; or, pas-
sages in the life of an Italian. Edinb.

Benson, Carl. Charles Astor Bristed.
A letter to Dr. Henry HaLford Jones
[Josiah Gilbert Holland] (editor of
the " Wintertown Democrat" ["Spring-
field Republican "] ) concerning his habit
of giving advice to everybody, and his
qualifications for the task, by . . . N.Y.

Benson, Edgeworth. John Scott.
Visit to Paris. Articles in the " London
Magazine," of which he was editor, 1815.

Bentley, Walter. (A now, de thea-
tre.) Begg, fourth son of the Rev. Dr.
Begg, of Edinborough.

Bentzon, Therese. Marie Th^rese
Blanc. Georgette. Paris, 1880; also as
a regular contributor to "Revue des
Deux Mondes."

Bereaved Husband, A. John Moch-
ett Cramp. A portraiture from life . . .
Halifax, 1862.

Berenger, Paul. Jacques Albin Simon
Collin de Plancy. Voyage de . . . dans
Paris, apres quarante-cinq ans d'absence
. . . Paris, 1818.

Berg, O. F. OttoTcar Franz Ehersherg.
Eine resolute Person. Berlin. 185-.

Berg, Wilhelm. Lina ( Weller) Schnei-
der. Geschichte der niederlandischen
Literatur. 1870-72.

Berger, Elizabeth. Elizabeth S.
Shejjjjurd. Charles Auchester. L. 187-

" Elizabeth Sheppard (E. Berger) wrote three
novels, viz., 'Charles Auchester,' 'Counter-
parts,' and ' Rumor.' Beethoven figures in ' Ru-
mor' under the uanie of Rodomant, Porphyro
represents Napoleou III., and Diamond Albany
is intended for Disraeli. In 'Charles Auches-
ter ' Mendelssohn's sister Fanny is Cecilia. The
other chief characters in the book were given
correctly in ' Transcript ' of April 28, 1884, the
mistake being in not designating which belonged
to ' Charles Auchester' and which to ' Rumor.'
In the ' Atlantic Monthly,' June, 1862, will be
found an article of some length upon Miss Shep-
pard and her works."

Berger, Ike L. Thomas W. Eichel-

Berintho. Robert Roberthin, in his po-
ems contributed to H. Albert's "Arion."

Berkeley, Everard. Tn/on Ed-
wards, S. T.D. The world's laconics. 1852.

Berkeley Men. Edwin Williams and
Charles Edwards Lester. Napoleon dy-
nasty. N.Y. 1862.

Berkley, Mrs. Helen. Mrs. Anna
Cora (Ogden Mowatt) Ritchie. The for-
tune hunter : a novel. P. 1854.

Berkshire Farmer, A. John Osborne
Sargent. Chapters for the times. By . . .
Lee, Berkshire Co., Mass. 1884.

Berliner. Rev, Dr. Joseph Parrish
Thompson, from the time of his residence
in Berlin, 1873.

Bernadille. Francois Victor Fournel,
in "Le Fran9ais."

Bernard, Charles de. Charles Ber-
nard Du Grail de la Villette. A fatal
passion ; or, Gerf aut. N.Y. 1874.

Bernard, H. H., Ph.D. Rev. George
Skinner. Cambridge free thoughts and
letters on bibliolatry. L. 1862.

Bernadino. Whomas B. Chrystal, in
his contributions to the "Hackensack

Bernardo. Joseph Haslewood, in Dib-
din's "Bibliomania."

Bernd von Guseck. Karl Ghistav von
Berneck. Der schlimmste Feind. 1870.

Bernhard, Karl. Karl Saint-Aubin.
ffiuvres completes. Leipsic, 1840-47.

Bertall. Charles Albert d^Arnoux. La
vigne : voyage autour des vins de France.
Paris, 1878.

Bertaudiere. Louis Alexis Chame^
rovzow. Chronicles of the Bastile. L.

Berthold, Ernst. 3Irs. Therese
Albertina Louise (von Jakob) Robinson,
who, in 1822, translated Scott's " Old Mor-
tality " and " Black Dwarf " into German
under this nom de plume.

Berton, P. M. Edgar Pemberton.
Charles Lysaght. L. 18-.

Bertram. Walter Colton, who, soon
after graduating at Yale College, wrote
a number of articles in prose and verse
with this signature in various journals.

Berwick. James Redpath, correspond-
ent and one of the editors of the " Trib-
une" (N.Y.).

Berwick, E. Li. A., Esq. James Rey-
nolds. The dwarf; or, mind and matter :
a novel. L. 1855.

Berwick, Miss Mary. Miss Adelaide
AnneProc.ter. Legends and Lyrics. L. 1858.

Beschter, Rev. John. Rev. Anthony
Kohlman, S. J. The blessed reformation
... P. 1818.

Besieged Resident. Henry Du Pre
Labouchere. Diary of the besieged resi-
dent in Paris. L. 1872.

Besson, Charles. Achille Etienne
Fillias, his signature in the " Science,"
etc., of Paris.

Beta. Edward Barnard Bassett. The
model town.. . Gamb. 1869.




Beta, H. Heinnch Bettziech. Die
Bewirtschaftung des Wassers uud die
Ernten daraus . . . Leipsic, 1868.

Betterton, Mr. Thomas. William
Oldi/s. The history of the English stage.
L. 1741.

Bettina. Elisabeth (Brentano) von
Arntm. Correspondence of Goethe with
a child. Berlin, 1835.

Betty. Elizabeth O'Neil. Opposition
mornings, with Betty's remarks ... L.

Beulah. 3fiss Fanny D. Bates. My
Sister Kitty. B. 1881.

Beverley. Mrs. S. B. Hughes Cox,
who contributed to the papers of Vicks-
burg and Shreveport, Miss., among other
articles, several appeals to the Southern
people upon subjects pertaining to the
Civil War, under this nom de plume.

Beverly, Elise. Miss Eliza Spencer.
Mary Ashljurton : a tale of Maryland
life ... in " The Land we Love," 1867-

Biascioli. Nicola Giuseppe Biagioli.
Trattato della poesia Italiana. Paris,

Bible Student, A. Thomas Foster
Barham. Colonel Gardiner : a Christian
drama ... L. 1823.

Bible Student, A. Rev. John Hijde.
Our Eternal Homes ... L. 1864.

Biblicus. Alexander Tilloch, LL.D.
Dissertations on the Sealed Book . . .
Arbroath, 1819. These letters originally
appeared in the "Star" (L.) under the
above signature.

Biblicus. Rev. William Thorn. The
history of tithes. Patriarchal, Leviti-
cal, Catholic, and Protestant ... L.

Bibliomaniac, A. Almon W. Gris-
iro'd. The library of . . . N.Y. 1880.

Bibliophile. Samuel Austin AUibone,
in his contributions to " Norton's Lit-
erary Gazette" (N.Y.).

Bibliophile, Un. Pierre Deschamps.
Dijtionnaire de ge'ographie, ancienne et
mo K-rne . . . Paris, 1870.

Bibliophile Jacob, Le. Paul La-
rro'ix, in his " Bibliographic Molier-
esque " (2d ed., Paris, 1875), and
many other works. The dedication
of the above is signed "P. L. Jacob,

Mons. Lacroix took his pseudonyin from Ja-
cob de Saint-Oharles, a Jesuitical savant of the
reign of Louis XIII. and Louis XIV. This
writer was called " Le Pfere Jacob," and was the
author of " Trait6 des plus belles bibliothfeques "

Bickerstaff, Isaac, Esq,, Astrolo-
ger. Sir Richard Steele, as editor of the

" Tatler," 1709-11. See "John Bright-

Bickerstaif, Isaac, Esq., Student in

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