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1849. Idler. An Irish novelist and
miscellaneous writer ; daughter of Mr.
Edmund Power, of Curragheen, Co.
Waterford; when only 15 she married
M. St. Leger Farmer, Esq., of Poplar
Hall, Co. liildare, and 14 years after, the
Earl of Blessington; for many years
was a contributor to literature ; d. at

Bleuman, Jonathan. A Student of
the Temple. An English writer, of Christ
Church, Oxford, 1706.

Blewitt, John Octavian, 1810-84.
Brother Peregrine. An English littera-
teur; b. in London; edited for 29 years
the "newspaper side" of the "Garden-
ers' Chronicle," and contributed numer-
ous articles to "Eraser's Magazine" and
" St. Paul's Magazine " ; Secretary of
the Royal Literary Fund, 1839-84 ; d. at
Elgin Crescent.

Bleyer, Julius. Coesar. An Ameri-
can journalist, of Milwaukee, Wis.

Blind, Mathilde. Claude Lake. An
English poet.

Blinn, Mrs. Henry G. Aunt Yew-
rownckie. An American writer.

Bliss, E. M. E. M. B. An Ameri-
can writer.

Bliss, Florence. Cousin Florrie. An
American writer.

Bliss, George New^man, LL.B.,^
1837-. Ulysses. An American lawyer
and journalist; b. at Tiverton, R.I.;,




Union Coll., 1860; and at the Albany
Law School, 1861 ; Trial Justice at East
Providence, R.I., 1872-80 et seq.

Bliss, Henry, Q.C. Nicholas Thim-
ing Moile. An English barrister-at-law ;
b. in New Brunswick ; of Lincoln's Inn ;
for many years English agent for Kova
Scotia ; 1867 et seq. resident in Lon-

Bliss, John Homer, 1832-. Xijlo.
An American printer and genealogist;
b. at Oswego, N.Y. ; resided in Conn.,
1836-54; in 1879 removed to Boston,

Bliss, Judah Lee, M.D., 1803-. 0.
F. and A. K.; Curtus Gallus; Democri-
tus, junior; An Old Fogy. An eccentric
American author; b. in North "Wilbra-
ham, Mass.; Yale Coll., 1822; was a
merchant in Canada, and New York
City, till 1830 ; was then a teacher in
or near Natchez, Miss.

Bliss, Rev. Seth, 1793-1879. The
Secretary of the Boston Society. An Amer-
ican Cong, minister ; b. in Springfield,
Mass; Yale Div. School, 1825; pastor at
Jewett City, Conn., 1825-32; Secretary
of the American Tract Society at Bos-
ton, 1833-57 ; and of the Society of the
same name at New York City, 1857-79,
residing at various places.

Blocquel, Simon, 1780-1863. Bin-
mon. A Erench author and lithographer;
b. at Douai ; d. at Lille, where he was a
publisher and bookseller.

Bloede, Victor Gertrude. Stuart
Sterne. An American poetess.

Blomfield, Charles James, D.D.
1786-1857. One of the Working Clergy.
An eminent English clergyman ; b. at
Bury St., Edmund's ; Trin. Coll., Cam-
bridge, 1808 ; Lord Bishop of London,
1828-57 ; d. at the palace, Eulham.

Blomfield, H. H. B. An English

Bloodgood, Simeon DeWitt, 1799-
1866. The Sexagenary . An American
merchant and politician ; b. in Utica,
N.Y. ; Union Coll., 1818 ; first resided in
Albany, then in New York City, devot-
ing much of his time to literary pur-
suits ; d. in New York City.

Bloom, Eev. John Hague, B.A.,
Cicerone. An English clergyman ; Caius
Coll., Cambridge, 1827 ; Vicar of Cas-
tleacre, Brandon, Norfolk, 1835-70 et

Bloomfield, J. K. ./. A'. B. An
American writer for the young.

Bloomfield, Robert, 1766-1823.
E. B. ; The Farmer's Boy. An English
poet ; b. at Ilonington, Suffolk ; was

brought up as a farmer's boy ; then re-
moved to London, and worked as a shoe-
maker till 1800. Of his " Farmer's Boy "
26,000 copies were sold ; d. in poverty at
Sheft'ord, in Bedfordshire.

Blouet, Paul. Max O'Rell. A French
writer ; French master at Westminster
School, and editor of Clarendon volumes
on " French Oratory."

Blount, Miss Annie R. Jenny Wood-
hine. An American "Southland" poetess;.
b. in Eichmond Co., Va. ; graduated at
the Madison Female Coll., Ga. ; in 1869'
et seq. she resided at Augusta, Ga.

Blower, iliss Elizabeth, 1763-. E.
B. An English novelist; b. at Worces-
ter; early engaged in literary work for
the benefit of her family.

Blox, Eev. John E. Philalethes. An
American writer.

Blum, Liodoiska von, 1842-. Ernst
von Waldou-. A German author ; b. at
the Castle Caczevice in Poland; daughter
of a Prussian officer; until that time-
living in Berlin ; in 1869 she settled in

Blundell, Henry. H. B. An Eng-
lish art amateur and collector, of Ince^
near Liverpool.

Blundell, John. A Gentleman, Na-
tire Thereof. An English antiquary, of
Tiverton, early in the 18th century.

Blunt, Arthur Cecil. Arthur Cecil.
An English actor; b. ' near London;,
made his de'but in that city in 1869, where
he has since constantly distinguished

Blunt, George William, 1822-78-
G. W. B. An American hydrographer ;.
b. at Newburyport, IMass. ; Harbor Com-
missioner at New York City from 1867 ;
d. in New York City.

Blunt, Joseph, 1792-1860. Marcus.
An American lawyer and politician;
b. at Newburyport, Mass. ; brother of
the preceding ; editor of the " American
Annual Eegister," N.Y., 1827-35.

Blunt, Wilfrid Scawen, Esq., 1840-.
W. S. B. An English diplomatist and
traveller, of Crabbet, Sussex ; Secretary
of Legation at Berne, 1869-70.

Boaden, James, 1762-1839. Edward
Sydenham. An English author; b. at
Whitehaven; devoted himself to litera-
ture ; d. in London.

Boardman, James. A Citizen of the
World. An English writer.

Boase, Eev. George Clement, 1810—
80. G. C. B.; A Brother; Britannicus.
An English bibliographer ; cashier of
the bank, Dundee ; after his retirement
from business he became the pastor of




the Catholic Apostolic church at Brigh-
ton; d. at Fairlie House, Bridge of

Boase, Henry, 1763-1827. A Free-
holder; Britannicus; One of his Constitu-
ents. An English financier; father of
the preceding ; b. at Madron ; d. at Pen-
zance, Cornwall.

Boase, John Josias Arthur, 1801-.
Johannes Buritonensis. An English anti-
quary ; son of the preceding ; b. in Lon-
don; Librarian of the Geological Soci-
ety of Cornwall.

Boase, WUliam Millett, M.D., 1802-
Delta; Gregory Hopeful; A Waji faring
Man. An English physician and anti-
quary, of Cornwall ; b. at Penzance ;
Univ. of Edinburgh, 1823.

Boaz, Mrs. Eliza. His Widow. An
Englisli lady ; widow of the Rev. Thomas
Boaz, LL.D., of Calcutta.

Boaz, H. H. B. An English poet.

Bobo, William M. A South Caroli-

Bock, Cornelius Peter, 1804-70.
Christodor. A German archaeologist ;
Hon. Prof, at Freiburg, about 11 years
before his death.

Bockett, EUas. 1695-1735. E. B. ;
Alexander Blunt; Damon; A Friend ; A
Gentleman ; John /Scavenger, M.D. ; The
Translator of the Pattern of Modest ij. An
English Eriend ; a distiller of George-
yard, Lombard Street, London ; b. and d.
in that city.

Bocock, Willis H. Cigarette ; Ercel-
■doune. An American poet, of the Univ.
of Virginia ; contributed to Richmond

Bogardus, Adam H. The Champion
Wing Shot of America. An American .
sharpshooter; Captain to the American
Rifle Team.

Bogart, Miss Elizabeth. Adelaide ;
Estelle. An American poetess; daughter
of the Rev. David Schujder ]3ogart; b.
in New York City, where she has chiefly

Bogart, William H. Sentinel. An
American journalist, of Ivew York City.

Bold, Captain G. An Amateur; A
Naval Officer. An English writer.

Boissiere, Jean Baptiste Prndence,
1806-. R. P. Sierebois. A French
grammarian ; b. at Valogne (Manche) ;
was engaged in teaching in France and
England till 1856, but since that time in
philological and lexicographal works.

Boissieu, Arthur de. Jean Lavigne.
A French journalist; contributed to
-' Figaro " and the " Gazette de France."

Boitel, Leonard, 1806-55. Le'on, A

French litterateur and journalist, of

Bolde, Rev. Samuel, 1674-1737. A
Clergyman in the Country. An English
clergyman ; Vicar of Shapwicke, Dorset-
shire, 1674 ; Rector of Steeple, in the
same county, 1682.

Boles, W. Alexander the Coppersmith.
An Irish writer.

Bolingbroke, Henry St. John, Vis-
count, 1678-1751. Humphrey Oldcastle ;

A Late Noble Writer ; Lord B ; Lord

B — he. An eminent English statesman ;
b. at Battersea, in Surrey ; was distin-
guished for his talents, brilliancy of con-
versation, fascinating manners, and great
personal beauty ; was a rival of Sir Rob-
ert Walpole through life ; d. at Batter-

Bollan, William. Timoleon. An
English political writer; agent of the
Massachusetts colony in Great Britain,

Bolland, Sir William, Knt., M.A.,
1773-1840. Hortensius. An English lit-
erary antiquary ; Trin. Coll., Cambridge,
1795 ; d. at his residence, Hyde Park
Terrace, London.

Belles, John Augustus, LL.D., 1809-
78. A Member of the Boston Bar. An
American lawyer; b. at Eastford,
Conn.; Brown Univ., 1829; admitted to
the Boston Bar, 1833 ; Mass. Secretary
of State, 1843; Judge Advocate on the
staff of Gen. John A. Dix, 1862-65;
Brev. Brig.-Gen., 1805; d. at Washing-
ton, D.C.

Bolton, John. One of the Crew. An
American seaman; carpenter on board
the ship Omartel, which was lost on the
voyage from London to New York City
in 1860.

Bolton, Miss R. One of her Sisters.
An English lady ; granddaughter of
Rev. William Jay.

Bolton, Rev. Robert, A.M., 1814-77.
R. B. An English American clergy-
man, brother of the preceding ; b. at
Bath, Somerset Co., England; came to
this country in 1836 ; after being en-
gaged in farming and teaching for some
years, in 1868 he was ordained to the
Episcopal ministry, and took charge of
St. John's Church, Lewisboro, N.Y. ; d,
in Pelham, N.Y.

Bonaparte, Prince L/ouis Lucien,
1813-. L. L. B. An English philolo-
gist ; b. at Thorngrove, county of Wor-
cester ; in 1852 he was appointed Senator
under the French Empire ; is deeply in-
terested in philological researches and




Bonar, Rev. AndrcAv. A Resident.
A Scottish clergyman.

Bonavino, Christoforo, 1821-. An-
sonio Franchi. An Italian philosopher;
b. at Pegli, near Genoa. He was a priest
in his youth, but renounced that profes-
sion. About 1854, he founded at Turin
a journal called " La Ragione."

Boniface, Joseph Xavier, 1797-
1865. X. B. Saintine. A French litte'ra-
tear and dramatic author, of Paris ; b. in
Paris ; about 1823 he devoted himself to
dramatic composition, and produced
more than 200 dramas. His " Picciola "
(1836), a work of different kind, was pe-
culiarly successful, it having been re-
printed more than twenty times, and
translated into all languages. This work,
in 1837, procured for him the cross of
honor and the Montyon prize of 3000
francs. D. in Paris.

Bonnet, Am6dee, about 1795-1858.
Bonnet de Lj/on. A French physician;
b. at Amberieux ( Ain) ; from about 1840
a professor at the Medical School of Ly-
ons, where he was also an editor.

Bonnet, I. E. Un Citoijen des JEtats-
■Unis. A French writer.

Bonnye, J. H. Michel Carlin. An
English physician, of Preston.

Boodle, E. ^4 Barrister of Lincoln's
Inn. An English writer.

Boosey, Thomas. An Old Angler
<and Bibliopolist. An English publisher
and miscellaneous writer, of London.

Booth, Mrs. Eliza M. J. (GoUan)
von. Rita. A Scottish writer ; b. at
GoUanfield, Inverness ; spent the greater
part of her early life in Australia ; is a
contributor to " Temple Bar" and other
London magazines.

Booth, M. Touchstone. An English
writer on geographv.

Booth, M.1[. M. I. B. An English

Booth, Miss Mary. — See "Wright,
Mrs. Mary (Booth)."

Boott, William. A Bosionian. An
American musical critic.

Borel d'Hauterive, Pierre, 1809-59.
Pctrus, or Peter Borel. A French writer
■of romance ; b. at Lyons ; early went to
Paris ; first worked as an architect, then
wrote for the literary journals; for a
long time, however, he abandoned litera-
ture, and was inspector of colonization
at Mostaganem, in Algeria, and d. there.

Borlase, William Copeland, JM.A.,
F.S.A., 1848-. B. An English anti-
quary ; b. at Castle Horneck ; Trin. Coll.,
Oxford, 1870; Pres. of the Rov. Instit.
of Cornwall, 1877.

Borrow, George, 1803-81. Lavengro.
An English traveller and miscellaneous
writer ; b. at East Dereham, near Nor-
wich, Norfolk ; Univ. of Edinburgh.

BorthAvick, John. A Scottish Bar-

Bosanquet, James Whalman, 1803-
78. A Layman. An English chronolo-
gist; son of Samuel Bosanquet, Esq., of
Dingeston Court, County Monmouth ;
educ. at Westminster; and is a banker
in London ; resident at Claysmore, Mid-

Boston, . A Friend of the Seces-
sion. A Scottish writer, of Falkirk.

Boswcll, Sir Alexander, Bart., 1775-
1822. Simon Grai/. A Scottish antiquary
and song writer, of Edinburgh ; a friend
of Sir Walter Scott. He spent much
time writing for the journals of the day;
and having in one of these communica-
tions imputed cowardice to Mr. James
Stuart, a leading Whig of Edinburgh, he
was challenged by him to a duel, in
which he was mortally wounded.

Boswell, James, 1740-95. Bozzy. A
famous Scottish biographer; father of
the preceding ; b. at Edinburgh ; educ.
at Edinburgh and Glasgow; in 1773, set-
tled in London, and d. there.

Boswell, John Whitley. Doctor
Hastier, M.R.S P.Q. An Irish antiquary.

Bos"\vell, Thomas Alexander. An
Exile; A Pedestrian. An English writer.

Bos worth, John. John, of Manches-
ter. An English editor.

BosAVorth, Rev. Joseph, D.D., LL.D.,
F.R.S., F.A.S., 1788-1876. A Vicar of
the Church of England. An eminent Eng-
lish Anglo-Saxon scholar ; b. in Derby-
shire; educ. at Aberdeen, Cambridge,
and Leyden ; Professor of Anglo-Saxon
at Oxford, 1858-76, where he died.

Botsford, Charles H. Comiuall. An
American journalist, of New York City,

Bott, Edmund. A Barrister at Law
of the Inner Temple. An English lawyer.

Bott, Rev. Thomas, 1688-1754. Phil-
anthropus. An English clergyman of
the Established Church.

Botta, Mrs. Anne Charlotte
(Lynch). A Recluse. An American
poetess; b. at Bennington, Yt. ; removed
to New York City about 1841, where her
house became the resort of persons con-
nected Avith art and literature ; in 1855,
married Prof. Y. Botta.

Bottrell, WUliam, 1816-81. An Old
Celt. An English literary antiquary; b.
at Raf tra, Cornwall ; after travelling in
Spain, Canada, and Australia, he finally
came back to his native country to lead




the life of a recluse at Hawke's Point,
Lelant. D. at St. Ives.

Botts, Randolph. Spikes. An Amer-
ican writer, of Albany.

Boucher de Crevecoeur de Perthes,
Jacques, 1788-1868. 31. Ghristophe,
vigneron. A French archseologist and
miscellaneous writer; b. at Rethel (Ar-
dennes) ; was emploj^ed by Napoleon in
various foreign missions ; is regarded as
the father of the science of " archaeol-
ogy"; d. at Abbeville.

Boudreaux, F. J. A Father of the
Society of Jesus. An American Jesuit.

Boue de VUliers, Amable Iiouis,
1834-. Le Capitaine Lancelot; Le Doc-
teur Hoiige; Raj/inond de Ferrieres ; Guy
de Vernon; Mirliter ; Jacques Artevelte.
A French journalist and romancer; b. at
Villiers-le-Bel (Seine-et-Oise) ; edited
and wrote for jom-nals in Paris and the
provinces, under various pseudonyms,
and published several novels.

Bonlay-Paty, Evariste Cyprien
Felix, 1804-64. Elie Marialcer. A
French poet; b. at Donges (lUe-et-
Vilaine). Having studied law, his lit-
erary tastes led him to Paris, where he
was appointed librarian of the Palais-
Eoyal, as successor of Alexander Du-
mas. He acquired manj' honors by his
literary efforts. D. at Paris.

Bouligny, Mrs. M. E. Parker. A
Lady. An American writer.

Boulton, Mrs. Anne. Christine Sev-
erne. An English writer.

Bourdlllon, Eev. Francis, M.A.
F. B. An English Epis. divine ; Em-
manuel Coll., Cambridge, 1845 ; Vicar of
Old Warden, Biggleswade, 1880-83 et seq.

Bourn, Eev. Samuel. Belzebub. An
English minister, of Norwich ; an assist-
ant to John Taylor. He was the founder
of a sect of Universalists, called after
him, Bourneans.

. A Resident in the

13 years. An English

Bourne, Miss
West Indies for

Bourne, Eev

George. A Citizen of
Virginia ; A Virginian Presbyter. An
American clergyman and writer.

Bourne, Henry Richard Fox.
H. R. F. B. An English biographer.

Bourne, John George Hamilton,
1803-45. J. G. H. B. An eminent Eng-
lish jurist ; Chief Justice of Newfound-
land, 1837-45.

This is according to the " Gent. Mag.," March,
1846; the list of Oxford graduates has it John
Gervase Hutchinson.

Bourne, Stephen. A Late Stipendi-
ary Magistrate in Jamaica.

Bousell, John. Aminidab Shoe. An
English Friend ; for more than 20 years
a leather-cutter of Norwich ; was a per-
son of strange opinions.

BoTvden, James. A Member of the
Society of Friends. An English Friend,,
of London; many years Eecording Clerk.

Bowden, John, D.D., 1751-1817. A
Churchman. An eminent American P. E.
clergyman; b. in Ireland; graduated at
Columbia Coll. (then King's) in 1772 j
professor in Columbia Coll., New York
City, 1802-17 ; d. at Ballston Spa.

Bowden, John WiUiam, M.A., 1798-
1844. A (alpha). An English poet and
prose writer ; b. in London ; Trin. Coll.,
Oxford, 1820 ; Commissioner of Stamps,

Bowditch, Nathaniel Ingersoll,
A.M., 1805-61. Gleaner. An eminent
American conveyancer, of Boston ; b. in
Salem, Mass.; Harv. Univ., 1822; ad-
mitted to the Suffolk bar, 1825; in 1858,
retired from business, and took up his resi-
dence in Brookline, Mass., where he died.

Bowdler, Miss Henrietta, 1743-84,
A Lady lately deceased. An English
poet and prose writer; daughter of
Thomas Bowdler, Esq., of Ashley, Co.
Somerset ; d. at Bath.

Bowdler, Thomas, Esq., F.E.S.,
F.S.A., 1754-1825. T. B.; A Friend to-
Both. An English litterateur; editor of
the "Family Shakespeare"; d. at his
residence, the Ehyddings, Swansea.

Bowdoin, James, LL.D., 1727-90.
A Citizen of Massachusetts. An eminent
American statesman ; b. in Boston ;
Harv. Univ., 1745 ; devoted his life to
literary and scientific research ; was
Governor of Massachusetts in 1785-86 ;
d. in Boston.

Bowen, C. E. C. E. B. An English
writer for the young.

Bowen, Be v. C. J. C. J. B. An
English Catholic priest.

Bowen, Francis, LL.D., 1811-. F. B
An American metaphysician ; b. in
Charlestown, Mass. ; Harv. Univ., 1833 j
professor there, 1853-85 ct seq.

Bow^en, Sir George Ferguson,
D.C.L., G.C.M.G., 1821-. G. F. B. An
eminent Irish statesman ; Brasenose
Coll., Oxford, 1844; admitted to the bar
at Lincoln's Inn, 1844; Governor of Vic-
toria from 1873.

Bowen-Graves, Mrs. . Stella,

An English poet.

Bow^es, James Stuart, Esq., 1789-
1864. Alfred Dubois. An English jour-
nalist; for 40 years editor of "Galig-
nani's Messenger." D. in Paris.




Bowes, Rev. Nicholas, M.A., -1755.
Constant Rock-man. An American Cong,
minister; Harv. Univ., 1725; pastor at
Bedford, Mass.

Bo-wles, Thomas Gibson. John,
■Junior. An English ("?) journalist; edi-
tor of "Vanity Fair."

BoT\rles, Eev. William Lisle, M.A.,
1762-1850. The Late Dr. Archibald
Macleod. An Englisli clergyman and
man of letters; b. at King's Sutton;
•Canon Residentiary of Salisbury, and
Rector of Dumbleton, Gloucestershire.
D. at his residence in the Close, Salis-

Bowring, Sir John, LL.D., 1702-
1872. Tydus-Pcoh-Pooh; W. ; X. An
English translator ; b. at Exeter; served
his Government ten years in China, as
Plenipotentiarj- and Chief Superintend-
ent of Trade; he, himself, estimated the
number of languages which he knew, at
two hundred, of which he spoke one hun-
dred ; d. at Mount Radford, near Exeter.

Bowser, Miss Lucinda. Lxicinda B.
An English writer.

Boyce, G. W. A Cape Correspond-
€nt. An English poet.

Boyce, Rev. John. Paul Pepper-
grass. An American R. C. priest and
novelist; b. in Ireland; educ. at May-
nooth; pastor and assistant pastor at
Worcester, Mass., from 1847.

Boyce, Rev. John Coxe, M.A. J.
G. B. An English Epis. divine ; Chap-
lain of the West Riding Lunatic Asy-
lum, 18G9-80 et seq.

Boyce, Rev. William Birmington.
W. B. B. An English writer; a Wes-
ieyan missionary.

Boyd, Rev. Andrew^ Kennedy
Hutchison, D.D., 1825-. A Countrxj
Parson. An eminent Scottish essayist;
b. in Auchinleck, in Ayrshire ; educ. at
King's Coll., London, and at the Univ.
of Glasgow; minister at the Univ., City
of St. Andrews, 1875 et seq.

Boyd, S. S. Jurisconsult. An Amer-
ican lawyer.

Boyer, Louis, 1810-1866. La Roque.
A Erencli dramatic author ; b. in Paris ;
in 1848, with two otliers, he founded
" Le Lampion, ou Eclaireur politique " ;
in 1851-54, was first inspector, then cen-
sor, of the theatres, and was manager of
the "Vaudeville" Theatre, 1854-56; d.
in Paris.

Boykin, Edward M. An Officer of
the Bear-Guard. An American oflBcer.

Boyle, Hon. Eleanor Vere (Gor-
don), 1825- E. V. B. A Scottish art-
ist ; b. at Auchlunies, Kincardineshire ;

chiefly self-educated ; in 1845 was mar-
ried to the Hon. and Rev. Richard Boyle ;
and since 1851 has been mucli devoted to
artistic pursuits.

Boyle, John, Earl of Cork and Orrery,
1706-62. G. K.; Goliah English; Regi-
nald Fitzicorm ; Michael Krawbridge ;
Moses Orthodox; Thomas Vainall. An
eminent British peer and author.

Boyne, WUliam, F.S.A. B. W. An
English numismatist ; Hon. member of
the Literary and Philosophical Society
of Leeds.

Boynton, Charles Brandon, D.D.,
1806-83. A Looker-on from America.
An American minister, who served as
pastor of the Vine Street Cong. Church
in Cincinnati twenty-five years ; he also
preached in Eastern churches, and served
two terms as Chaplain of the House of
Representatives in Washington, begin-
ning in 1865 ; he was a native of Pitts-
field, Mass., and graduated at Williams
Coll. in 1827 ; d. in Cincinnati.

Boynton, Harry Free. Harry B.
Free. An American journalist, of New
York City.

Boyrie, Arthur. Aristophanes. An
American dramatist.

Boyse, Samuel, 1708-49. Alcoius; Y.
An English poet, idle and improvident,
befriended by Dr. Johnson, and employed
by Mr. Cave of the " Gent. Mag."

Brackenridge, Hugh Henry, 1748-
1816. Democritus ; A Gentleman of Mary-
land. An American jurist; b. in Scot-
land ; was brought to this country when
a child ; graduated at New Jersey Coll.,
1771 ; removed to Pittsburg in 1781 ;
judge of the Supreme Court of Penn-
sylvania, 1799-1816 ; wrote one humor-
ous and satirical novel, and many es-
says and fugitive verses; d. at Carlisle,

Brackenridge, Henry M., Esq., 1786-
1871.. A Friend of Truth and Sound Pol-
icy. An American statesman ; b. at Pitts-
burgh, Penn. ; admitted to the bar, 1806 ;
M.C., 1841 ; d. in his native city.

Bradbury, Edward. Strephon. An
English writer ('?).

Bradbury, Irene. Irene Lunt.

Bradbury, Stephen Henry. Quallon.
At English editor, of Nottingham.

Bradbury, Rev. Thomas, 1677-1759.
T. B. An English Dissenting minister,
of London, celebrated for his facetious-

Braddon, Henry. Gilbert Forrester ;
A Member of the Burton Hunt. An Eng-
lish sporting writer in the old London
" Sporting Magazine."




Braddon, Miss Mary Elizabeth. —

See "Maxwell, Mrs. M. E. (B)."

Bradford, Aldeii, LL.D., 170-5-1843.
A Citizen of Boston. An American au-
thor; b. in Duxbury, Mass.; Harv. Univ.,
1786; tutor there, 1791-9-3; minister of
Pownalborougli (now Wiscasset), Me.,
1793-1801, then removed to Boston ; Sec-
retary of State of Massachusetts, 1812-
24; engaged in literary work, 1824-43;
d. in Boston.

Bradford, Rev. Claudius. The Whip.
An American Unit, minister and social

Bradford, Capt. Gamaliel, A.M.,
1763-1824. An Officer of this Establish-
ment at Charlestown. An American sea-
man ; b. in Duxbury, Mass. ; served in
the Revolutionary War, 1776-83 ; fol-
lowed the sea, 1783-1808; was warden
of the Charlestown (Mass. ) State Prison,

Bradford, Gamaliel, M.D., 1795-
1839. A Gentleman of Massachusetts.
An American physician ; b. in Boston ;
Harv. Univ., 1814 ; Superintendent of
the Massachusetts General Hospital,

Bradford, Samuel F. Timothy
Tickletoby. An American printer, book-
seller, and stationer, of Philadelphia,
son of Thomas Bradford.

Bradlaugh, Charles, 1833-. Icono-
clast. An English Radical; b. in Lon-
don ; was successively an errand-boy in
a solicitor's office, a wharf-clerk and cash-
ier to a fii-m of coal merchants, and a
Sunday-school teacher in a Church of
England school ; about 1849 he adopted
radical views, and became a public lec-
turer and pamphleteer; in 1858 he became
editor of the "Investigator," and after-
wards projected the "National Reformer,"
of which he became the editor; chosen
M.P. for Northampton in 1880, and again,
in 1881, but has not been permitted to
take his seat; resident in St. John's Wood,

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