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Academy from 1793.

Brown, Robert Lundin. A Friend.
A Scottish teacher, early in the 18th

Brown, Samuel, M.D., 1817-56.
Alumni of the Univ. of Edinburgh. A
Scottish poet, chemist, and essayist;
b. at Haddington; educ. at the Univ.
of Edinburgh ; devoted himself chiefly
to chemistry ; d. at Edinburgh.

Brow^n, Samuel. Criio. An Eng-
lish journalist; writer for the London
" Insurance Magazine."

Brown, Theron. Park Ludlow. An
American C?) novelist.

Brow^n. Col. T. Allston. Young
Rapid. An American journalist.

Brown, Thomas, 1770-1851. An Old
Traveller. An English merchant, at St.
Petersburg ; d. at Edinburgh.

Brown, Thomas Crowther. A Lay-
man. An English religious writer ; a
Friend, or Quaker, of Cirencester.

Brow^n, William. W. B., Gent. A
Scottish poet, early in the 18th century.

Brown, WHliam, 1769-1846. Ahie-
zer. An English Friend, of Houghton,
near Huntingdon.

Brown, William. W. B. A Scottish
surgeon and biographer, of Edinburgh.

Brown, William. A Layman. An
American (■?) political writer.

Brown, William Linn. A Fisher in
Small Streams. An English miscella-
neous writer.

Browne, Albert Gallatin, Jr., A.M.
A. G. B., Jr. An American writer ;
Harv. Univ., 1853; Ph.D., Heidelberg,

Browne, Eev. Arthur. A Son of the
Church of England. An English clergy-
man ; Vicar of Marham, Downham Mar-
ket, Suffolk.

Brow^ne, Charles Farrar, 1834-67.
Artemus Ward; Mrs. Betsy Jane Ward.
An American humorist; b. at Watei'ford,
Me. ; became first a printer, then wrote
and lectured under the pseud, of " Arte-
mus Ward"; d. at Southampton, Eng-

Browne, Charles Thomas, 1825-68.
Alexandre de Comyn. An English poet ;
b. at Wellington, Somersetshire ; educ.
at Trin. Coll., Dublin ; first published a
poem in " Blackwood's Magazine."

Browne, Hablot Knight, about
1815-82. Fhiz. An English artist and
comic, designer ; educ. at a private
bcliool, and at an early age began to

draw caricatures with great spirit; in
1825 he became the illustrator of " Pick-
wick," and his success at once estab-
lished his reputation as one of the first
artists of the day.

Browne, Lady Hester Georgiana,
1837-. Bluebell. An Irish lady, daugh-
ter of the 2d Marquis of Sligo.

Browne, James, LL.D., 1793-1841.
An Old Dissector. An eminent Scottish
writer ; b. at Coupar-Angus ; educ. at
Edinburgh and St. Andrews; in 1826
became a member of the Faculty of
Advocates ; editor of the " Caledonian
Mercury," 1828, and in 1830 sub-editor
of the " Encyclopedia Britannica ; d. at

Browne, Peter, -1735. Peter, Lord
Bishop of Cork and Rosse. An Irish cler-
gyman; was at first Provost of Trin.
Coll., Dublin, and afterwards Bishop of

Browne, Thomas. The Comet Liter-
ary and Patriotic Club. An Irish writer.

Browne, William, 1807-. W. B.,
Fowey. An English geologist, of Corn-

Brow^ne, William Hand. Anobium
Pertinax. An American bibliographer ;
librarian of Johns Hopkins Univ., Balti-

Brow^nell, Henry How^ard, M.A.,
1820-72. A Volunteer in the U. S. Ser-
vice. An American poet ; b. in East
Hartford, Conn. ; Trin. Coll., Hartford,
1841; studied law, but devoted himself
to literature ; friend and secretary of
Admiral Farragut ; d. in his native

Brow^nhill, Frederick Robson,
1821-64. Frederick Robson. An Eng-
lish comic actor ; b. at Margate ; d. in

Brow^ning, Mrs. Elizabeth (Bar-
rett), 1809-61. E. B. B. An eminent
English poet ; b. in London ; in 1846
married Kobert Browning ; resided with
him in Italy ; d. in Florence.

Bro^'^ning, Robert, 1812-. Dervish
Seriusce Ferishtah. An eminent English
poet ; b. at Camberwell ; educ. at the
London Univ. ; began his literary career
in 1835; in 1846 married Elizabeth Bar-
rett, and afterwards resided in Florence,

Brownlee, Thomas. The Laird of
Torfoot, an Officer in the Presbyterian
Armi/. A Scottish writer.

Bro^^'nlow^, William Gannaw^ay,
1805-77. Parson Brownlow. An Ameri-
can Methodist minister and politician ;
b. in Virginia; editor of the "Knoxville




Whig" about 1837; Governor of Ten-
nessee, 1865 and 1867; U.S. Senator,

Bruce, Capt. Alexander. Don A. B.
A writer of the earlier part of the 18th

Bruce, Rev. Archibald, 1746-1816.
Calvianus Presbyter; Calvinus Minor; A
Reverend Divine ; Scoto-Britannus. An
eminent Scottish Secession minister; b.
at Broomhall, near Denny, Stirlingshire ;
minister at Whitburn.

Bruce, Benjamin. Neptunus.

Bruce, D. A Native of Scotland;
The Scots-Irishman.

Bruce, Leslie C. (1). Mercury. An
American publisher, of New York City.

Bruce, Peter Henry, Esq., 1692-
1757. A Military Officer. An English
traveller; b. in Westphalia; devoted
himself to a military life in the service
of Prussia, Russia, and Great Britain.

Bruce, Col. Sanders D. Occasional.
An American publisher, of New York
City ; partner of Leslie C. Bruce ; editor
of the New York "Turf, Field, and

Bruce, William, D.D. W. B. An
English classical scholar; senior minis-
ter of the first Presbyterian congrega-
tion, Belfast.

Bruckner, Rev. John. 1726-1804.
J. Cassander. A Lutheran divine ; b. on
the island of Cadsand, near Belgium ;
studied at Franeker and Leyden ;
preacher at Norwich, England, 1753-
1804 ; from 1766 he was also minister of
the Dutch church while any members
were living.

Bruen, Rev. Mathias, A.M., 1793-
1829. An American. An American
Presbyt. minister; b. at Newark, N.J. ;
Columbia Coll., 1812 ; licensed to preach
in 1816 ; after travelling in Europe, he
was a missionary and minister in New
York City, 1822-29, and d. there.

Brummel, George Bryan, 1778-
1840. Beau Brummel. An English

Brunet, Pierre Gustave, 1807-.
Dom Calalogus ; Philomneste, Junior. A
French bibliographer; b. at Bordeaux,
where he has been for a long time assist-
ant to the Mayor, meanwhile very indus-
trious in his bibliographical and editorial

Bryan, George S., Esq. G. 8. B.
An American jurist; b. in Pennsylvania; '
received a liberal education, and settled
in Charleston, S.C. ; in 1866 appointed
United States Judge for that district.

Bryant, Lemuel, 1794-1883. Ned

Myers. An American sailor ; d. at Port-
land, Me. He was in the war bf 1812,
wounded, shipwrecked, and taken pris-
oner on Lake Ontario and confined 'in
Dartmoor Prison.

Bryant, William Cullen, LL.D.,
1794-1878. Francis Herbert, Esq.; A
Traveller; A Youth of Thirteen. An
eminent American poet ; b. at Cumming-
ton, Mass. ; entered Williams Coll. in
1810, but withdrew in 1812, and com-
menced the study of law, and was
admitted to the bar in 1815; practised
his profession at Great Barrington,
Mass., till 1825, when he removed to
New York City, and commenced his
career as a journalist, which he contin-
ued till his death ; d. in New York Citv.

Bryce, James, D.D., 1785-1866. 'A
Parishioner of St. George's Parish, Edin-
burgh. A Scottish clergyman ; b. at Ab-
erdeen; educ. there and in Edinburgh;
Chaplain at Calcutta, 1814-35; d. in

Brydges, Sir Samuel Egerton,
Bart., 1762-1837. N. S.; S. E. B. ; Sir
Cosmo Gordon; Wilfred Woodfall. An
English miscellaneous writer ; b. at
Wootton; Queen's Coll., Cambridge,
1782 ; called to the bar at the Middle
Temple in 1787 ; M.P., 1812-18 ; removed
to the continent and resided there, 1818-
37; d. at Campagne Gros Jean, near

Bubier, Rev. George Burden, 182 3-.
B. An English Cong, minister and
hymn - vvriter ; was educ. for the ministry
at Homerton Coll., and entered upon his
duties as a pastor at Orsett, Essex, in
1844. In 1864 he became Professor of
Theology and Philosophy in Spring Hill
(Congregational) College at Birmingham.

Buccleugh, The Duke of, "1746-
1812. D. A Scottish peer; succeeded
his grandfather in 1751, and the 4th
Duke of Queensbury in 1810.

Buchan, Right Hon. David Stewart
Erskine, llth^Earl of, 1742-1829. Al-
banicus. An eminent and eccentric
Scottish nobleman ; d. at Dryburgh
Abbey, Roxburghshire.

Buchan, George. A Passenger in the
Ship. A Scottish writer, of Kelloe, Ber-

Buchan, Miss 3Iargaret. Avnt 31ar-
garet. An American writer for the
young in "St. Nicholas"; in 1883 be-
came principal of Wolfe Hall, a young
ladies' school at Denver, Col.

Buchanan, Robert, 1841-. Caliban ;
Thomas Maitland. An eminent Scottish
poet; educ. at Glasgow; commenced his



literary career in 1860 ; at the corumence-
raent of 1869 he gave in London a series
of " Headings " of selections from his
poetical works.

Buchanan, W. B. W. B. B. An
American poet, of Ellendale, Va., in 1852.

Buck, Henry. Hotspur. An English
journalist, of London.

Buck, James Smith. The Prophet
James. An American writer, of Mil-
waukee, Wis.

Buck, Mrs. Laura A. Katherine
Williams. An American novelist.

Bucke, Charles, 1781-1846. C. B.
An English miscellaneous writer; b. at
Worlington, Suffolk ; for more than 40
years he prosecuted his literary labors
in the midst of great poverty; d. at
Pultency-terrace, Isliiitrton.

Buckingham, James Silk, 1786-
1855. A Proprietor of India Stock. An
English author and traveller ; b. at
Flushing, near Falmouth; passed Lis
early life at sea, but afterwards adopted
the profession of literature. In 1815 he
went to India, and established a news-
paper, but, attacking the India govern-
ment, he M-as summarily expelled, and
his journal suppressed. He went to
India a second tim.e, when the restric-
tions on the press had been removed ;
and, on his way to and from that coun-
try, visited various other countries, and
published narratives of his travels. At
a later period he made other tours, and
published accounts of them. In 1825 he
established, in London, " The Oriental
Herald." He was M.P. for Sheffield,
1832-37. He was the founder of the
London "Athenffium," which was the
"Asineum" of Bulwer's "Paul Clif-
ford." D. in London.

Buckingham, Joseph H. J. H. B.
An American journalist, of Boston ; the
son of the following; was an efficient
assistant of his father in the editorial
department of the " Boston Courier " for
almost 20 years. While connected Mith
that paper he made two voyages to Eu-
rope, and furnished letters from England
and France. He was on board the ill-
fated ship " Poland," when it was burnt
at sea in 1840, and was the last passenger
to leave its flaming deck.

Buckingham, Joseph Tinker, 1779-
1861. J. T. B.; Cohweb; Moth; Per-
tinax Period Sf Co. An American joiir-
nalist ; b. at Windham, Conn. ; at the
age of 16, he entered a printing-office at
Walpole, N.H., and a few months later
became a printer at Greenfield, Mass. ;
and in 1800 removed to Boston, where

he distinguished himself as an editor and
publisher, till 1848, a period of nearly
half a century. D. at Cambridge, Mass.

Buckingham, Leicester Silk, 1825-
67. Matthews Sj- Co. An English drama-
tist ; son of James Silk Buckingham ; b.
at Cornwall Terrace, Regent's Park,
London, and d. at Margate. He wrote,
translated, and adapted a large number
of farces, burlesques, and comic dramas,
for the English stage, from 1854 to 1866.

Buckinghamshire, John Sheffield,
Duke of, 1649-1721. An English noble-
man and poet.

Buckland, Francis Trevelyan,
M.A., 1826-80. A Fisherman and Zool-
ogist; Irondequoit. An eminent English
surgeon and naturalist; educ. at Win-
chester and Christ Church, Oxford;
served in the Life Guards as assistant
surgeon, 1854-63; in 1866, with Mr. W.
Pfennell, projected and started "Land
and Water," and aided in its conduct till
the very day before his death ; d. at his
residence in Albany Street, Regent's
Park, London.

Buckley, Rev. Theodore William
Alois, M.A., 1825-56. Horace Fitzjersey ;
Tom Haukins. An English litterateur;
sent to Oxford, but wasted his opportuni-
ties there ; then repaired to London, and
became a "bookseller's hack" and a
journalist, and wrote or edited a large
number of books, and contributed a vast
amount of matter to periodicals. D. in

Budd, G. H. G. H. B. An English

Budd, Rev. James. J. B. An Eng-
lish clergyman, of West Horsley.

Budge, Rev. Edward, B.A., 1800-
65. E. B. An English Epis. divine ;
Christ Church, Oxford, 1824; Rector of
Bratton-Clovelly, Okehampton, Devon-
shire, 1846-65.

Budge, Jane, 1882-. A Lady. An
English educational writer; b. at Cam-
borne, Cornwall.

Budge, John, 1787-1864. J. B. An
English Friend, or Quaker, of Camborne,
Cornwall ; a minister.

Budgell, Eustace, 1685-1736. X.
An English writer ; friend of Addison ;
b. at St. Thomas, near Exeter; lost
»e20,000 in 1720, in the famous South
Sea scheme; drowned himself in the
river Thames.

Budgen, Miss It. M. Acheta ; Acheta
Bomestica. An English writer on insect

Bud-worth, Joseph. A Rambler. An
English poet and officer.




Biirstenbinder, Elisabeth, 1838-.
Ernst Werner. A German novelist; b.
at Berlin, Avliere she has always lived in
the house of her mother.

Bulkeley, Sir Richard, Bart. A
Gentleman of the Unicersitj/ of Cambridge.
An English writer, of the first part of
the 18th centurj'.

Bullar, Joseph, M.D. A Physician.
An English physician.

Bollard, Henry Adams, A.M., 1788-
1851. An Officer under that General. An
■eminent American jurist; b. in Groton,
Mass. ; Harv. Univ., 1807 ; studied and
practised law in Philadelphia for a time ;
joined General Toledo in an expedition
to New Mexico ; after its defeat in 1812,
escaped to Natchitoches, where he
opened a law-ofBce; served as an M.C.,

a, judge, and a professor of law, in Lou-
isiana, from 1831 till his death in New
Orleans, to which city he removed in

Bullen, William. Hibernicus ; An
Irish Catholic. An Irish lawyer (?).

BuUer, Sir Francis, Bart., 1746-1800.
A Learned Judge. An English jurist;

b. at Morval or Crediton ; called to the
bar at the Inner Temple, 1772 ; 1778-
"94, of the Court of King's Bench ; and of
Common Pleas, 1794-1800; d. in Bed-
ford Square, London.

BuUock, C. C. B. An English edi-

Bulwer, Sir Edward Liytton. E.
L. B. — See " Lytton, Lord."

Bunbury, Henry, Esq. Geoffrey
Gambado. An English humorous artist
i("the Hogartli of liis day"), of London.

Bunbury, Henry Charles. Lieut.
C!ol. B**** ; One ivho has served under
Sir Charles Napier. An English officer,
and a writer on whist.

Bunbury, Sir Henry Edward, Tth
Bart., 177S-1860. E. H. B. An Eng-
lish soldier and writer; b. in London;
served in the armv, 1794-1809; Under
Secretary of State for War, 1809-16;
M.P. for Suffolk, 1830-30 ; passed in re-
tirement and literary work, 1836-60; d.
at his seat, Barton Hall, Bury St. Ed-

Bunce, Cyprian Rondeau. A Citi-
zen. An Englisla writer, of Canterbury.

Bunce, Oliver Bell. B.; Bachelor
Bluff; Censor. An American journal-
ist, editor of " Appleton's Journal."

Bundy, J. M. A Member of the Bock
•County Bar. An American lawyer, of

Bunn, Alfred, -1860. Conrad. An
English dramatist and theatrical mana-

ger. In 1852, appeared at Niblo's Sa-
loon, New York City, in a literary and
dramatic entertainment. D. at Boulogne-

Bunner, H. C. Me ; V. Hugo Dusen-
bury ; A. H. Oakes. An American jour-
nalist, editor of N.Y. " Puck."

Burckett, Miss Florence. Edith Lee.
An American novelist.

Burdett, Constance. An Old Cormo-
rant. A Scottish (?) writer.

Burdette, Robert J., 1844-. Bur-
lington Hawkeye-Man. An American
journalist ; b. at Greensborough, Penn. ;
in 1852 his parents removed to Peoria,
III. ; served in the late Civil War, 1862-
65 ; in 1870 became editor of the Peoria
"Transcript," and afterwards of the
Peoria "Eeview"; in 1874 he took
charge of the "Burlington (la.) Hawk-
eye," with which his name has ever
since been associated, and to which he
has imparted a world-wide reputation.

Burdlck, Miss H. H. Alice Irving
Abbott. An American \vriter.

Burdon, Thomas. The Governor of
White Cross Street Prison. An English
Attorney-at-law, of London.

Burdon, William, M.A., 1764-1818.
A Member of the University of Cambridge.
An English writer; b. at Neweastle-
upon-Tyne , Emmanuel Coll., Cambridge,
1782 ; as a coal-owner he resided a part
of the year at Hartford, near Morpeth,
and the I'emainder in London, where he

Burge, William, Esq., D.C.L., F.R.S.,
F.S.A., 1786-1849. W. B. An English
lawj'er; called to the bar at the Inner
Temple, 1808, and nominated a Queen's
Counsel, 1834 ; Local Bankruptcy Judge
in the Leeds District from 1846; d. in

Burges, Kev. George. B. D., 1764-
1853. Cato. An eminent English cler-
gyman and voluminous writer ; rector
of Halvergate, and vicar of Moulton,
both in Norfolk ; died at Whittlesea,

Surges, Sir James Bland. Alfred.
— See " Lamb, Sir J. B. B."

Burges, Tristram, LL.D., 1770-1853.
A Farmer; A Ploughman; One of the
People. An American statesman; b. in
Eochester, Mass. ; Brown Univ., 1796 ;
became a leader of the Rhode Island
bar, practising at Providence ; M.C.,
1825-35. " He used sarcasm with great
effect in debate, especially in his famous
dispute with John Randolph." D. in




Burgess, Henry, LL.D., Ph.D., 1808-.
A Baptist. An eminent Scottish divine ;
b. in Glasgow; educ. at Stepney; entered
the Church of England, 1850; P.O. of
Clifton Keynes, Bucks., 1854-61 ; Vicar
of St. Andrew, Whittlesey, Cambs., 1861-
83 etseq. ; 'editor of the " Classical Jour-
nal,"" 1854-68, and for some years of the
"Journal of Sacred Literature."

Burgess, James. J. B. An English

Burgess, Thomas, D.D., 1756-1837.
T., St. D. ; Cornelius Scriblerus Nothus ;
Philopatris ; Scriblerus Secundus. An
eminent English prelate ; b. at Odiham,
Hampshire ; Bishop of St. David's, 1803-
25, of Salisbury, 1825-37 ; d. at South-

Burgess, W. H. A Governor. An
English writer, of Bethlehem Hospital,

Burgh, James, 1714-75. J. B. ; Mr.
Vander Neck. A Scottish teacher; b. ai
Madderty, Perthshire; kept a school at
Stoke-Newington (removed to Newing-
ton Green in 1750), Middlesex, 1747-71,
then resided at Islington till his death.

Burgh, WiUiam, LL.D., 1741-1808.
An Humble Expectant of the Promise. An
Irish writer on theology; educ. at Trin.
Coll., Dublin; was a member of the
English parliament, where he took an
active part in the debates on the Ameri-
can War and the French Revolution.

Burgoyne, Gen. John, 1730-92. Sir
Jack Braq. An English general in the
Revolutionary War ; Oct. 17, 1777, sur-
rendered his army to Gen. Gates at Sara-

Burk, Ed-ward. An Eye-Witness.
An English poet.

Burke, ^danus, 1743-1802. Cas-
sius; An Obscure Individual. An Amer-
ican jurist ; b. at Galway, Ireland ; came
to South Carolina, and served in the
Revolutionary War; M.C., 1789-91;
Chancellor of South Cai'olina; d. in
Charleston. " He was witty, accom-
plished, upright, and eccentric."

Burke, Andrew. An Old Resident.
An American publisher, of Buffalo, N.Y.

Burke, Edmund, 1730-97. E. B.;
A Gentleman in the English House of Com-
mons ; Our Sijmposiast ; Second Childhood.
A celebrated British statesman; b. in
Dublin ; M.P., 1766-94 ; the king wished
to make him a peer imder the title of
Lord Beaconsfield, but the sudden death
of his son so distressed him that he
would not accept the merited honor ; d.
in London.

Burke, Hon. Edmund, 1809-82.

Bundelcund. An American statesman;
b. at Westminster, Vt. ; after being ad-
mitted to the bar, he removed to New
Hampshire, and was so successful as a
lawyer and as an editor, that he was
elected to Congress for three terms of
service, 1839-45; was Commissioner of
Patents, 1845-47 ; in 1850, he returned
to Newport, which had been his princi-
pal place of residence in New Hamp-
shire, resumed the practice of his pro-
fession, and engaged to a considerable
extent in literary pursuits. In his lat-
est years, his greatest happiness was in
the reading of literary works, and in col-
lecting rare works for his library.

Burke, Harry. H. B. An English
religious writer, of London.

Burke, John. Sennoia Rubeh. An
American poet.

Burke, Michael Honan. Our own
Correspondent. An English journalist.

Burke, Richard. Valens. An Eng-
lish journalist ; brother of Edmund
Burke ; wrote in the " London Evening
Post." He was the principal contribu-
tor, occasionally assisted by his brothers
William and Edmimd.

Burleigh, Cecil, 1850-. Albert J.
Booth ; Caleb Burt ; Capt. Will Daijton ;
No Name. An American poet and jour-
nalist, of New York City ; son of Wil-
liam Henry; b. in Syracuse, N.Y. ; educ.
at Brooklyn, in 1880 et seg. ; was on the
staff of the "New York Witness."

Burleigh, Mrs. Celia M. (Kellum
Burr), about 1825-75. Celia; Mrs. John
Smith. An American poet and journal-
ist ; b. at Cazenovia, N.Y. ; became a
school-teacher; in 1844 married Mr. C.
B. Kellum, of Albany; removed with
him to Cincinnati, was divorced from
him, and in 1851 married Charles Chaun-
cey Burr ; was divorced from him, and
married Mr. Burleigh in 1865 ; d. at
Syracuse, N.Y.

Burleigh, Francis Julius Le
Moyne, 1845-. Donatello. An American
journalist; son of W. H. Burleigh; b.
in Hartford, Conn. ; served in the late
Civil War; and in 1867 went into jour-
nalism, and has been on the staff of sev-
eral New York papers ; in 1880 et seq.,
on the " Witness."

Burleigh, Harriet E. Minnie Mun-

Burleigh, WHliam Henry, 1812-71.
Burleigh. An American journalist and
reformer; b. in Woodstock, Conn.; re-
moving to Pittsburgh, Penn., in 1837, he
published the " Christian Witness," then
the " Temperance Banner " ; in 184-3 he




removed to Hartford, Conn., and in 1849
to Syracuse, N.Y., and still later to
Albany, in all these places acting as
journalist or lecturer. He was Harbor
Master of New York City for some years
till 1871, residing at Brooklyn, N.Y.,
where be died.

Burn, Andrew, -1814. An Eye-
Witness ; A Marine Officer. A Scot-
tish writer ; Maj.-Gen. in the East
India service ; d. at Exeter, Eng-

Burn, David. Scotus. A Canadian
lawyer; Deputy Eegister of the Co. of
Wentworth, Upper Canada.

Burn, James Dawson. A Beggar-
Boy. An English working man ; spent
three years among the working classes
in this country during the recent Civil

Burn, John Ilderton, Esq., 1774-
1848. J. I. B. An English lawyer, of
London ; for some years honorary solici-
tor to the Literary Eund Society ; d. in

Burn, Richard. A Manchester Man.
An English writer on trade, commerce,
etc., of Manchester.

Burn, Robert Scott. M. S. A.
and M. B. A. S. A Scottish architect,

Burnaby, Edwyn Sherard. E. S. B.
An English novelist ; entered the British
Army in 1846; Lieut.-Col. of the Grena-
dier Guards, 1857 ; served in the East-
ern campaign of 1854, including the
battle of Inkerman and the siege of

Burnand, Francis Cowley, 1836-.
Cecil Colvin; Amateur Dramatic Club.
An English dramatist ; educ. at Eton
and Trin Coll., Cambridge ; called to the
bar in 1862 ; is the author of about 100
dramatic pieces ; has been long on the
staS of " Pimch," and in 1880 suc-
ceeded Tom Taylor as its ed-

BurneU, Arthur Coke, -1882.
A. C. B. An eminent English Sanscrit
scholar; was employed in the south of
Lidia ; weakened by overwork in 1879 ;
he returned to England for medical
advice, and again in 1880 was compelled
to leave India ; spent some time in Italy
for his health and for study ; d. in Eng-

Burnet, Thomas, D.D., -1750. A
Divine of the Church of England. An
English clergyman ; rector of West
Kingston and Prebendary of Sarum ;
educ. at New College, Oxford.

Burnet, Sir Thonias, -1753. Sir

Iliad Doggrel; B. Powel, the Puppet-Show
Man. An eminent English lawyer; son
of Bp. Burnet, a Justice of the Court of
Common Pleas, 1741-5-3.

Burnett, . A Member of the Ed-
inburgh Photographic Society. A Scottish
photographer, of Edinburgh.

Burnett, Mrs. Frances (Hodgson).
Vagabondia. An American novelist ; b.
at Manchester, England ; came to this
country with her mother and brothers
and sisters about 1866 ; resided at New
Market and Knoxville, Tenn., till in 1872
she was married to Dr. Swan M. Burnett,
of New Orleans.

Burnett, George. G. B. A Scottish
author ; Lyon king-at-arms.

Burney, Edward. E. B. An Eng-
lish admiral ; half-brother of Miss Fanny
Burney, Madame D'Arblay.

Burnham, Benjamin Franklin,
1830-. A men der. An American law-
yer ; b. in Groton, Vt. ; Wesleyan
Univ., 1853 ; practised his profession in
Cliicago, 1857-60 ; in Newberry, Vt.,
1862 ; served in the late Civil War,
1863-65 ; a lawyer in Boston, 1867-85

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