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family of his friend, Mr. Oilman, of
Highgate Grove, and he received a pen-
sion of ^100 a year. D. at Highgate.

Coles, Charles Barwell. Major
A*****. An English writer.

Coles, Mrs. Clara. Clara. An Ameri-
■can poet, of Nashville, Tenn.

Coles, Jobn. Civis. An English
lawyer (?).

Colet, John Annesley. An Old Mem-
ber of the Society. An English writer;
grand-nephew of John Wesley.

Colla*d, John,. 1769-1810. John
Dralloc. An English writer.

Colliber, Samuel. S. C. An Eng-
lish religious writer, of the earlier part
of the 18th century.

Collier, Frank. Frank Leslie. An
American publisher, of New York City.

Collier, John. Tim Bobbin; Falcon
Feather; Muscipula, Sen.; Tummus a
Williams. An English comic draughts-
man ; b. near Warrington ; is best re-
membered for his little books in the Lan-
cashire dialect. He lived to the age of
80 years.

CoUier, John Payne, 1789-1883.
J. P. C; Amicus Curiae. An eminent
English Shakespearian scholar; b. in
London ; early turned to journalism, and
80on after struck Into the line of anti-
quarian lore; became librarian to the
Duke of Devonshire ; " it is impossible to
enumerate half the volumes either writ-
ten or edited by Mr. Collier in connexion
with Shakespeare and the Elizabethan
drama " ; d. at Maidenhead, Co. of
Berks., on the Thames, not far from

Collier, William, 1770-1850. A Mem-
ber of the Societij of Friends. An English
Friend, of Woodside, Plymouth.

Collier, William Bengo, D.D. An
Evangelical Preacher. An English writer.

Collin de Plancy, Jacques Albin
Simon, 1793-. Paul Be'renger ; Brinda-
mour ; Byron and Moore; Croquelardon ;
Ensamada : Ghmanville ; Ilormisdas Peath ;
Mullner ; le frerc .Taraucs N dense ; baron

Nilense ; Neveu de mon Onclt ; Saint- Albin ;
Videbimus. A French writer ; b. at Plan-
cy; went to Paris in 1812, and worked
from that time for various publishers,
but for a while started on his own ac-
count as a printer and publisher; and
failing in Paris, carried on his business
for some j'ears in Belgium, returning to
France in 1837.

Colling, Elizabeth. Eta Mawr. An
English hymn-writer.

Collingridge, Augustus. A Naval
Officer. An English writer.

Collins, Anthony, Esq., 167G-1729.
A C , Esq. An English free-
thinker; b. at Heston, near Hounslow,
in Middlesex ; educ. at Eton and King's
Colls., Cambridge ; devoted himself to
a literary life at London.

Collins, C. J. Priam. An English

CoUins, Francis, 1801-34. Editor of
the " Canadian Freeman." ]A Canadian
journalist, of York; b. in Ireland; d. in

Collins, George C. An Irish Adopted
Citizen. An American political writer,
of Baltimore (I).

Collins, ]\'iiss J. Gooseberry Greene.
An American writer, of Mount Liberty, O.

Collins, J. Ij. Jonquil. An American

Collins, James. A Revolutionary Sol-
dier. An American writer, of Louisi-
ana (?).

Collins, Mortimer, 1827-76. Eobert
Turner Cotton. An English poet; b. at
Plymouth. He early became a writer,
and published several novels; but has
especially made himself by his collec-
tions of light and pleasing verses, as
"Summer Songs," 1860; "Idyls and
Rhymes," 1863; etc.

CoUs, John. P**** pm*m^ Esq.,
F.G.H. An English satirical poet,
of Norwich.

CoUyer, Mrs. Mary aiitchell, -1763.
Felicia. An English poet, wife of Joseph
Collyer, Esq., Senior Associate Engraver
of the Royal Academy.

Colman, George, and another, 1733-
94. Mr. Town. An English poet and
dramatist, of London; with Bonnel
Thornton, editor of the "Connoisseur";
b. at Florence, Italy ; educ. at Westmin-
ster and Oxford; studied law at Lin-
coln's, but deserted law for journalism,
poetry, and the drama ; d. in London.

Colman, George, the Younger, 1762-
1836. Arthur Griffinhoof, of Turnham
Green. An English dramatist, son of
the preceding; educ. at Westminster,




Oxford, and Aberdeen ; he was the au-
thor of numerous dramas, more marked
for wit than decorum ; d. in London.

Colman, Mrs. Julia. Aunt Julia.
An American writer on ornithology.

Colquhoun, Jolin Campbell, 1793-
1874. A Freeholder and Landholder of
Scotland. A Scottish statesman ; b. in
Edinburgh; educ. at the High School,
and at Oriel Coll., Oxford; M.P., 1832,
1837, 1842-47, when he retired, from ill-

Colqulioun, Patrick, Esq., LL.D.,
1745-lb20. A Magistrate. A Scottish
writer ; b. in the borough of Dunbarton ;
spent in Virginia 1761-66, when he set-
tled in Glasgow ; in 1789 he removed to
London, and was one of the Magistrates
of the Police Office from 1792" till his
death in that city.

Colquhoiin, Sir Patrick MacCliam-
baich de, 1815—. Honorary Secretary of
the " Leander Club." An English law-
yer ; educ. at Cambridge ; called to the
bar at the Inner Temple, 1838; Chief
Justice of the Ionian Islands, 1861-

Coltman, Eliza. E C . . An

English Friend, of Spa, near Leicester.

Colton, Eev. Caleb Charles, about
1780-1832. a C. C; Lacon; 0. P. Q.
An eccentric English poet, journalist,
etc. ; educ. at Eton and King's Colls.,
Cambridge ; after holding two paro-
chial charges, in 1828 he lost the sec-
ond; for two years then travelled in
America; then removed to Paris, where
he became a gamester, and was so suc-
cessful that in a year or two years he
acquired £25,000, but soon lost it all,
and became a beggar, and finally blew
out his brains to avoid a painful surgi-
cal operation ; d. at Fontainebleau.

Colton, Eev. Calvin, 1789-1857. An
American Gentleman; An American in
London; Junius; A Northern Man; A
Protestant. An American clergyman
and miscellaneous writer ; b. at Long-
meadow, Mass.; Yale Coll., 1812; An-
dover Theol. Sem., 1815; devoted much
time to literary pursuits ; was for a few
years Professor of Political Economy at
Trin. Coll., Hartford, till his death ; d.
at Savannah, Ga.

Colton, Robert. Sylvanus. An Eng-
lish traveller and writer.

Colton, Eev. Walter, 1797-1851.
Bertram. An American clergyman and
journalist; b. in Eutland, Vt. ; Yale
Coll., 1822 ; Andover Theol. Sem., 1825 ;
chaplain in the U. S. Navy, 1831-51 ; d.
at Philadelphia.

Colvill, Eev. Robert, -1788. i?. C.
A Scottish writer ; Minister at Dysart.

Colwell, Stephen, 1800-71. A Friend
in the North ; A Layman ; William Penn ;
Jonathan B. Wise. An American mer-
chant, political economist, and philan-
thropist ; b. in Brooke Co., Va. ; Jeffer-
son Coll., Penn., 1819 ; studied law, and
admitted to the bar, 1821; and practised
his profession for some time in Pittsburg,
Penn. ; but was for many years a mer-
chant in Philadelphia, where he died.

Comber, Eev. Thomas, B.A., 1765-.
Philippus Philaretes, A.C.G. An English
Epis. divine ; b. in Yorkshire ; Eector of
Oswald-kirk from 1813.

Comins, Lizzie B. Laura Caxton.
An American novelist.

Commerson, Joseph Jacques, 1802-
79. Joseph Citrouillard. A French comic
journalist, of Paris ; in 1839 founder of
the "Tam-Tam"; later, the "Tinta-

Compton, Theodore. One of them-
selves. An English Friend, of Stoke
Newington, near London ; now of .

Comstock, Mrs. Elizabeth A., 1817-
60. Elizabeth Emmet. An American poet
and prose writer ; b. in New York City ;
the wife of Joseph E. Comstock ; her
literary productions were published in
various New York magazines and pa-

Comyn, Eev. Henry, 1775-1851. A
Clergyman of the Church of England. An
English Epis. divine ; Vicar of Sancreed,
1837-51 ; d. there.

Conant, Samuel Stillman, 1831-.
S. S. C. An American journalist ; b.
in Waterville, Me. ; besides a classical
education at home, he studied several
years at German Univs. ; on his return
from Europe, he became connected with
the press of New York City, and devoted
himself to the profession of a journalist.

Conder, Eev. Eustace R., M.A. E.
R. C. An English Dissenter.

Congdon, Charles Tabor. A Jour-
nalist. An American journalist, of New
Bedford, Mass.

Congdon, James B., 1802-80. A
Citizen; Honey Terry, Esq.; A Practical
Banker. An American writer ; b. in
New Bedford, Mass. ; cashier of the
National Bank of that city, 1825-58,
and city treasurer and collector, 1859-
79 ; d. in New Bedford.

Congnet, I'abbe Louis Henri, 1795-
1870. L'ahb^ Stanislas Pascal. A French
grammarian; honorary canon at Soissons

Conkling, Miss Margaret C. Henry




Lunettes. An American lady; sister of
Koscos Conkling.

Connell, Mrs. M. E. Olive Wayne.
An American lady.

Connelly, Daniel. Sapidan. An
American journalist, of Buffalo, N.Y. (1).

Connelly, Eev. Pierce, A.M., 1804-.
Pascal the Younger. An American Epis.
divine ; Univ. of Penn., 1821 ; Rector of
Trinity Church, at Natchez, Tenn., for a
time; then joined the Eoman Catholics;
but afterwards returned to the Prot. Epis.
Church, and became Domestic Chaplain
to the Earl of Shrewsbury, at Alton

Conner, Mrs. E. A. Eliza Archard.
An American writer, of New York

Connolly, Charles M. Uncle Schnei-
der; Nic Slater.

Connolly, James H. J. H. C. An
American journalist, of New York
City (?). ,

Connor, Piev. Rowland, 1842-. R.
C; E. W. L. An American writer; b.
in New York City ; at one time an editor
of the "Nation" (N.Y.), and contributor
to the "Tribune"; "International Ee-
view," from 1880 to 1885 et seq.; minister
at East Saginaw, Mich.

Constable, John. CleropMlus; Alethes.
An English writer, of the 18th century.

Constable, Blichael. M. C. ; A Brit-
ish Soldier. An Irish poet.

Conte, Xavier. H.Axtern. A French

Converse, Charles Crozat, 1834-.
Karl Beden ; C. O. Nevers ; E. C. Bevons.
An American musician and lawyer; b.
in Warren, Mass.; studied music at
Leipzic in 1857, and law at Albany, N.Y.,
in 1861.

Conway, Gen. Henry Seymour,
1720-95. A General Officer. An English
soldier and statesman; Secretary of
State, 1765-68.

Conway, Moncure Daniel, 1832-.
M. D. C; A Native of Virginia. An
American writer ; b. in Stafford Co., Va. ;
Dickinson Coll., Carlisle, Penn. ; was for
a time a Methodist itinerant ; then stud-
ied theology at the Harvard Divinity
School, and returned to his native State
hoping to be able to preach his new
views, but was met by a mob of gentle-
men who ordered him to leave the State.
Afterwards he was the minister of the
Unit, societies at Washington and Cin-
cinnati, 1854-56. He was settled as pas-
tor of the South Place Chapel, London,
in 1864, and remained there till the last

Conw^ell, Col. Russell H. Russell.
An American lawyer and writer.

Cook, Dutton, 1832-83. D. C. An
English dramatic critic; b. in Grantham,
Lines.; educ. at King's Coll., London,
and studied law, but turned his attention
to art and literature ; ass't editor of the
" Cornhill Magazine," 1868-71, and dra-
matic critic to the "Pall Mall Gazette,"
1867-75, and the same to the "World"
newspaper, 1875-83; d. in London.

Cook, Ebenezer. E. C, Gent. An
American satirical writer, of Mary-
land (■?), early in the 18th century.

Cook, Joel. J. C An American
author; Special Correspondent of the
" Philadelphia Press " with the Army of
the Potomac.

Cook, Mrs. Mary Lionise (Redd).
Mary Lennox. An American "South-
land " poet and prose writer, of Georgia,
where she was b., and at an early age
married Mr. James C. Cook, a planter.
In 1871 their residence had been for a
number of years at Columbus.

Cook, Millicent Whiteside. A Lady.
An English writer.

Cook, Theodore P. Mat MacArone.

Cooke, — » — . A Protestant. An Eng-
lish political writer.

Cooke, Charles Wallwyn Rad-
cliffe. Angelina Gushington. An Eng-
lish writer.

Cooke, Mrs. Helen M. Lottie Lin-
wood. An American writer.

Cooke, John. A Devonshire Dog-
Trot. An English author, of Exeter.

Cooke, John, M.D. J. C., M.D. An
English physician; practised at New-
bury, in Berkshire.

Cooke, John Esten, 1830-. Anas
TodJciU ; C. Effingham, Esq. ; Col. Surry,
oj" Eagle's Nest; A Gentleman; A Virgin-
ian. An American author of distinction ;
b. at Winchester, Va. ; studied law, but
has devoted liis life chiefly to literature ;
now resides at "The Briars," near
Boyce, Va.

Cooke, Thomas, 1702(?)-56. Atti-
cus ; Scriblerus Quartus. An English
poet; b. in Braintree, Essex; satirized
by Pope in the " Dunciad."

Coole, Benjamin, -1717. Eclea-Nohj-
moni ; A Father ; A Gentleman in the City.
An English Friend, of Wiltsliire, after-
wards of Bristol.

Cooley, Adelaide J. Ad die. An
American writer.

Coolidge, Sarah E. Kate Willis. An
American writer.

Coombe, William, Esq., 1741-1823.
The Honourable Mr. ; P. Q.; Bel-




phegor ; Walter Boijd, Esq. ; Count
Coombe ; A Country Gentleman ; Dr. Dodd
and Chace Price; Dr. Syntax; An Ital-
ian Nun ; The Late Rev. Laurejice Sterne;
The Late Lord Lyttelton ; A Plain Man ;
A Retired Officer ; Johannes Scrlhlerus ;
Valerius; Yorick and Eliza; A Young
Lady. An English humorous and satiri-
cal writer ; resided abroad for many
years, and was called " Count Coombe."

Coon, Spencer Wallace. l^ie

Cooney, Robert, D.D., about 1800-.
A Wesleyan Methodist Minister. A Cana-
dian clergyman j b. in Ireland ; a con-
vert from the Catholic Church ; has
written extensively for the secular and
religious press in Canada, where he has
exercised his ministry.

Cooper, Sir Astley Paston, Bart.,
1768-1841. Sir A. C. An eminent
English surgeon ; b. at Brooke, Korfolk ;
commenced his medical career under Mr.
Turner, an apothecary at Yarmouth, in
1782 ; in 1784 went to London to attend
the hospitals, and in 1787 removed to
Edinburgh, but soon returned to Lon-
don, where he practised till the year
1822, when his income was po less than
£21,000, the largest sum ever known to
be realized by a medical practitioner.
After a short period of retirement in the
country, however, he returned to London
to resume his professional avocations.
D. in London.

Cooper, Charles Purton, Esq., LL.D.,
-1873. C. P. C. An eminent English
lawyer ; oduc. at Oxford. After a suc-
cessful career as a lawyer his business
fell off, and some years before his death
he was compelled to retire to Boulogne,
where he died.

Cooper, Edward. An English Con-
naught Ranger.

Cooper, James Fenimore, 1789-1851.
An American; Cornelius Littlepage ; A
Travelling Bachelor. A celebrated Amer-
ican novelist ; b. at Burlington, N".J. ;
epent three years (1802-5) in Yale Coll.;
then entered the U. S. Navy, — first as a
common sailor, then as a midshipman,
from which position he rose to be lieu-
tenant; in 1811 he left the navy, and
settled at Mamaroneck, Westchester Co.,
N.Y., and devoted the rest of his life
chiefly to literary labor and travel ; d. at
Cooperstown, N.Y.

Cooper, John GUbert, 1723-69. Ar-
istippus ; Philaretes. An English writer
devoted to classical literature; educ. at
Trin. Coll., Cambridge.

Cooper, Mrs. Maria Susanna

(Bransby), -1807. Mrs. C. An Eng-
lish writer, relict of the Rev. Dr. Samuel
Cooper, of Great Yarmouth; d. at Fer-
ney-hill, Co. Gloucester ; author of many

Cooper, Myles, D.D., LL.D., about
1735-85. A North American. An Amer-
ican P. E. divine; President of King's
(now Columbia) Coll., New York City,

Cooper, Eev. Samuel, S.T.P., 1740-
1800. Dr. C. ; No Bigot to, nor against,
the Church of England ; No 2'ithe Gatherer.
An English clergyman; curate of Great
Yarmouth; and Rector of Morley and'
Yelverton, Norfolk, 1765-1800; d. at
Great Yarmouth.

Cooper, Miss Susan Fenimore, about
1815-. A Lady. An American miscel-
laneous writer, daughter of James Feni-
more Cooper.

Cooper, Thomas, LL.D., 1759-1849.
A Gentleman in America ; A Native of the
South ; A Nullifier. An English Ameri-
can ; b. in London ; President of Colum-
bia Coll., S.C, 1820-34, where he died.

Cooper, Thomas, 1805-. Adam Horn'
book. An English Radical, called the
" Chartist " ; b. at Leicester ; taught the
trade of a shoemaker at Gainsborough,
Leics. ; diligently applying himself to
study, he became a schoolmaster at
twenty; he became the leader of the
Leicester Chartists in 1841 ; in 1848 he
became an active political and historical
lecturer in London ; at first a Skeptic, in
1856 he became a Christian believer; and
from 1858 he has travelled through Eng-
land and Scotland, preaching and lectur-
ing on the " Evidences of Christianity."

Cooper, Rev. W. A Certain Unknown
Vicar. An English clergyman; Rector
of Kirkby Wiske.

Cooper, Rev. William, A.M., 1694-
1743. A Minister of Boston. An Amer-
ican clergyman; Harv. Univ., 1712; set-
tled in Boston, Mass.

Cooper, WUliam, Esq. Vanderdechen.
An English yachtsman, of London; a fa-
mous reporter of regattas.

Cope, Robert U. Arrelsee. An Amer-
ican writer.

Copeland, W. C. Cope. An Amer-
ican journalist, of Brooklyn, N.Y.

Copland, Alexander. A Protestant
Layman. An English advocate.

Copithorne, R. A Sufferer. An Eng-
lish writer, of the earlier part of the 18th

Copleston, Edward, D.D., 1776-1849.
One of his Constituents. An eminent Eng-
lish prelate ; b. at Offwell, Devon ; Cor-




pus Christi Coll., Oxford, 1794; Bishop
of Llandaff, and Dean of St. Paul's, 1827-
49 ; d. at Hardwick House, near Chep-
stow, Co. of Monmouth.

Copleston, Eev. John Gay, M.A. A
Sojourner. An English clergyman ; Oriel
Coll., Oxford, 1824 ; Rector of Offwell,
Horniton, 1841-83 et seq.

Coram, Robert. Brutus. An Amer-
ican politician, of Delaware.

Corbett, Thomas. T. C. An Eng-
lish author, early in the 18th century.

Corcoran, Dennis, -1858. The Re-
porter of the New Orleans " Picaijune."
An American journalist, of New Or-
leans ; b. in Ireland ; came to this coun-
try in 1834; after being on the staff of
the " Picayune," he helped found the
"New Orleans Delta," and was its pro-
prietor and editor till 1858, when he es-
tablished the "Sunday Magazine," which
continued about one year ; killed by the
explosion of the steamer " Pennsylva-

CordeU, Rev. Charles. C C; C. A.
D. A. An English Catholic priest ; mis-
sionary at Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Corder, Susanna, 1788-1864. A Total
Abstainer. An English Eriend, of Stoke-
Newington, near London ; last of Chelms-
ford, Essex, where she died.

Corey, John, about -1721. J. G. An
English dramatist; b. at Barnstaple, Dev-
onshire ; became a player, and followed
that profession for 20 years, to the time
of his death.

Corfield, Frederick. j?********
C**-*"****. An English miscellaneous

Corkling, Mary Anne (Yates). M.
Yates. An English writer, of the day.

Corlett, John. Vigilant; Wizard.
An English sporting journalist, of Lon-

Cormack, John Rose, M.D. J. R. C.
A Scottish physician ; at one time, of
the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh.

Cormenin, Liouis Marie (de la
Haye), Vicomte de, 1788-1868. Timon.
A French political writer ; b. in Paris ;
studied law and was chosen advocate.
While chiefly devoted to a political and
business life, he exhibited an excellent
taste for poetry, and some of his early
verses appeared in the French journals.

Cornell, Rev. J. H. A Priest of the
Congregation of the Holy Redeemer. An
American Roman Catholic priest, of
Maryland (?).

Corner, George Richard, Esq.,
r.S.A., 1801-63. G. R. C. An English
attorney and antiquary ; b. in the parish

of Christ Church, Blackfriar's Road ; and
educ. at Gordon House, Kentish Town;
Vestry Clerk of tlie parish of St. Olave,
Southwark, from 1835; d. at Camberwell.

Cornu, Mme Hortense (Liacroix).
Se'bastien Albin. A French author; sister
of the architect, Eugene Lacroix, and
god-daughter of Queen Hortense; mar-
ried, in 1834, M. Se'bastien Mclchior
Cornu, a distinguished painter. Besides
her translations from the German, etc.,
Mme Cornu, under this pseudonym, fur-
nished articles to the " Revue du Nord,"
of Metz; she also wrote for other peri-
odicals, etc.

Cornwall, Ebenezer. E. C. An
Englisli religious writer.

Cornwallis, Caroline Frances, 1786-
1858. A Pariah; Thomas Brown, redivi-
vus. An English writer, of London,

Corvo de Camoes, Joao de An-
drade, 1824-. Andrade. A Portuguese
poet and professor; b. at Torres Novas;
Prof, at Lisbon.

Cory, Charles B. Owen Nox. An
American writer.

Cosel, Charlotte von, 1818-. Adel-
heid von Aner. A German poet; b. in
Berlin ; since 1848 has resided at
Schwedt-on-the-Oder, and in 1856 began
to make literature her profession.

Cotes, Humphrey. N. C. M. S. C.
An English political writer.

Cotterel, Sir Charles. Poliarchus.
An English translator; Master of Re-
quests to Charles 11.

Cotton, Henry, D.D., 1790-1879.
Catholicus. An eminent English clergy-
man; Christ Church, Oxford, 1810; sub-
librarian of the Bodleian Library, 1814-
22 ; Archdeacon of Cashel, 1824-72.

Cotton, William Charles, M.A,
W. C. C. An English translator;
Christ Church, Oxford; B.A., 1836;
M.A., 1838.

Couch, Jonathan, 1789-1870. Ipol-
perroc ; Video. An English naturalist;
b. and d. at Polperro, Cornwall ; F.L.S.,

Coues, Samuel EUiott, -1867. El-
liott. An American philanthropist; b. at
Portsmouth, N.H. ; was educ. for mer-
cantile pursuits, but was a lover of books,
and took an active part in promoting
public education, and a strong advocate
of peace principles. In 1853 Mr. Coues
received an appointment in the Patent
Office at Washington ; but his health
failing, he returned to Portsmouth in
1866, and d. there.

Coulson, H. B., 1850-. H. B. Con-
way. An English actor ; educ. at Rossall




School and the Univ. of Berlin; made
his first appearance on the stage in Lon-
don in 1872, where he has since re-

Courtarey, Eev. John. J. C; A
■Clergijman. An English writer.

Courtauld, S. S. C. An English

Courtenay, Rt. Hon. Thomas Pere-
grine, 1782-1841. Decius. An English
civilian; M.P. for Totnes, 1810-31;
Vice-Pres. of the Board of Trade, 1828-
30. He was drowned while bathing at

Courtier, Peter Ii. Onesimus. An
English poet and biographer, of London ;
for some years an assistant at Riving-
tons'. Booksellers, Paternoster Row.

Courtland, Mrs. Grace. Gypsy. An
English writer ; a clairvoyant.

Courtney, William Prideaux, 1845-.
P. W. Trenpolpen, An English anti-
quary ; 5th son of John Sampson Court-
ney; b. in Penzance; one of the authors
of " Bibliotheca Cornubiensis," 1874

Cousin, Charles. Charles C. ; Charles
(7***. A French novelist of the

Cousin d'Avalon, Charles Yves,
17G9-1840. M. C'**. A French com-
piler; b. at Avalon (Yonne) ; in 1789
and soon after sought his living in liter-
ary labor.

Coventry, Henry, -1752. H. C, Esq. ;
Phiipmon. An English writer, of Mag-
dalen Coll., Cambridge. He took orders,
and became vicar of Edgware, Middle-
sex; one of the authors of the "Athenian

Cowan, Charles. The Head of a
Family, etc. A Scottish physician.

Covt^ard, William, M.D., 1656-1725.
W. C, M.D., CM., L.C.; A Doctor of
Physick. An English physician and
poet; educ. at Hart Hall and Wadham
Coll., Oxford. He is best known by his
" Second Thoughts concerning the Hu-
man Soul," by Estibius Psychalettres,
1702. This Avork was burnt by the com-
mon hangman in 1704.

Coward, William C W. C. C. An
English political writer.

Cow^en, Mrs. Samuella (Mardis),
1842-. Le Clerc. An American " South-
land" poet and prose writer, of New

Cowles, T. Z. C. Buttons. An Ameri-
■can writer (?).

CoTvley, Charles. Historicus; A
Lawyer. An American lawyer, of Lowell,

Cowley, Mrs. Hannah Parkhouse,

1743-1809. Anna Matilda. An English
poet and dramatist ; d. at Tiverton.

Cowley, Wmiam. W. G. An Eng-
lish poet.

Cowper, A. Timothy Scribble. An
English poet.

Cowper, WiUiam, 1731-1800. The
Bard of Olney. An eminent English
poet ; b. at Berkhampstead, Herts. ; d.
at Dereham, Norfolk.

Cowtan, Robert. A " Man of Kent " ;
Beginald Fltz-Roy Stanley, M.A. An
English author, of the British Museum.

Cox, Daniel, M.D. A Physician in
Town. An English physician, of Lon-

Cox, Irvine E. B. I. E. B. C. An
English writer on angling, etc.

Cox, Sir Richard, 1650-1733. A Lay
Hand. A British jurist ; Lord Chancel-
lor of Lreland in 1763.

Cox, Mrs. S. B. (Hughes). Beverley.
An American " Southland " writer, of
New Orleans; b. in Warren Co., Miss.;
at an early age married Mr. Cox, and
has devoted much time to literary, work.

Cox, Rev, Samuel. Carpus. An
English writer.

Cox, Rev. Thomas. An Impartial
Hand. An English clergyman, of Broom-
field, Essex, early in the 18th century.

Cox, Mrs. Wight. A Lady. An
English writer of the last century.

Cox, William, -1851. An Amateur.
An English artist and writer; came to the
United States early in life as a printer;

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