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member of the Academy of Brussels.

De Ijolme, John Louis, 1745-1807.
One icho is not a Doctor of the Sorhonne.
A Swiss lawyer, who resided for some
years in England ; d. in Switzerland.

De Milly, Mrs. Augusta. Ethel Dean.
An American writer; b. in New York
City ; has passed the greater part of her
life in Florida ; in 1808 she resided in
Jacksonville, Fla.

Demnte, HersnatiiE Christoplj (iott-
fried, 1760-1822. Karl Stille. A Ger-
man poet and theologian ; b. at Miil-
hausen ; became the chief director of
the ecclesiastical and educational de-
partment of the Duchy of Altenburg ;
and wrote tales, novels, and religious
songs ; d. at Altenburg.

Demoliere, Hippolyte Jules, 1802-
78. Mole'ri. A popular French writer ;
author of dramas, romances, guide-books,
and botanical works ; d. in Paris.

De Morgan, S. C. D. An English

Denham, Ed-ward. E. D. ; Delta ;
Epsilon ; A Student of History. An
American author and journalist, of
New Bedford, Mass.

Denham, Michael Aislabie, -1859.
M. A. D.; Archceus; Autolycus. An Eng-
lish literary antiquary ; b. near Bowes, in
Yorkshire ; engaged in business at Hull
during the early part of his life, but
ultimately settled at Piersebridge, on
the Tees; d. at Piersebridge.

Denison, Charles Wheeler, 1809-.
An Ex-Consul ; Major Penniinan. An
American poet and journalist ; b. in
New London, Conn. ; was for a time an
editor in London, and also United States
Consul in British Guiana.

Denison, Eliza Freeman. Christie
Crust. An American writer.

Denison, Lieut.-Col. George T., Jr.,
LL.B., 1839-. Junius, Jr.; A Native
Canadian. A Canadian volunteer offi-
cer ; b. at Bellevue. Toronto ; gradu-
ated at Trin. Coll. ; and LL.B. in To-
ronto in 1861 ; served as an officer of
the Volunteer Cavalry from 1854.

Denison, Mrs. Mary (Andrews),
1826-. M. A. D. ; Clara Vance. An
American miscellaneous writer; wife of
Charles Wheeler Denison; b. in Cam-
bridge, Mass.

Dennant, Edward. E. D. An Eng-
lish religious writer, of Ipswich.

Denne, Rev. Samuel, M.A., F.S.A.,
1730-99. W. D.;Rusticus. An English
clergyman; b. at the Deanery in West-
minster; Vicar of Darent, and of Wil-
mington, near Dartford, Kent ; d. at

Dennie, Joseph, 1768-1812. The
American Addison; The Lay Preacher;
Oliver Oldschool. An eminent American
journalist; b. in Boston; Harv. Univ.,
1790 ; studied law, but never practised ;
in 1795 removed to Walpole, N.H., and
\vrote for the " Farmer's AVeekly Mu-
seum " ; in 1797 he went to Philadel-
phia ; and in 1800, with Asbury Dick-
ins, commenced the publication of the
" Portfolio," and continued his connec-
tion with it till his death ; d. at Phila-

Dennis, Rev. James Blatch Piggot,
B.A.,F.G.S., 1816-61. Lucius. An Eng-
lish clergyman, microscopist, and orni-
thologist; resided at Bury St. Edmimds,
Co. of Suffolk, 1849-61, and d. there.

Dennis, JeflSrey. The Merchant Sea-
man's Friend. An English writer, of

Dennis, John, 1657-1734. Sir An-
drew Artlove. An English poet, critic,
and political writer ; b. in London ;
Caius Coll. and Trin. Hall, Cambridge ;
obtained considerable notoriety by his

Dennis, Rev. Jonas, .B.C.L., 1775-
1846. Bathoniensis. An English cler-
gyman ; b. at Exeter ; Exeter Coll.,
Oxford, 1800 ; Prebendary of Carswell,
in the castle of Exeter, 1799-1846; d.
at Polsloe-park, Devon.

Dennistoun, James, Esq., 1803-55.




A Conservative. A Scottisli biographer
and writer on art ; b. in Dumbarton-
shire ; educ. at the Coll. of Glasgow ;
studied law at Edinburgh, but devoted
himself to the fine arts and literature.

Denny, John Thomas. A Free
Lance ; Hart Leigh ; Silverstar ; Brent
Winwood. An English dramatist and

Dennys, Nicholas Belfield, Ph.D.,
F.R.G.S., etc. N. B. D. An English
civilian ; entered the civil department
•of the navy in 1855 ; student interpreter
in China, 1863-65; edited the Plong Kong
"" China Mail," 1866-76 ; assistant pro-
tector of emigrants, 1877, at Singapore;
J. P. for Straits Settlements, 1877 ; sec-
retary^, hbrarian, and curator of the Raf-
fles Public Library and Museum, 1877.

Denslow, Martin Van Buren.
Maurice 0' Quill. An American biogra-

Dent, Charles. C. D. An English

De Peyster, Arent Schuyler, 1736-
1832. An Officer. An American loyal-
ist ; a Canadian by birth ; served in vari-
ous parts of North America ; commanded
British forces at Detroit, 1776-85; after-
wards Colonel of the Volunteers of Scot-

De Peyster, John Watts, 182 1-.
Anchor ; A Layman. An American his-
torical writer ; b. in New York City ;
principal contributor to the " Eclaireur,"
a military journal, 1853-54, and its edi-
tor, 1851-58 ; in 1872 resident at Rose
Hill, Tivoli, N.Y.

De Pay, Henry Walter, 1820-76.
An Indian Agent. An American journal-
ist ; b. at Pompey Hill, N.Y. ; studied
law and came to the bar, but preferred
journalism, and settled in Indianapolis;
d. in New York City.

De Quincey, Thomas, 1785-1859.
An English Opium Eater ; X. Y. Z. An
English essayist; b. at Greenhay, near
Manchester; passed the latter part of
his life at Lasswade, 12 miles from Edin-

Derby, EdAvard Henry Smith-Stan-
ley, Earl of, 1826-. Lord De Terrier.
An eminent English statesman; suc-
ceeded his father, the 14th Earl, in 1869;
Secretary of State for Eoreign Affairs,
1866-68, and again in 1874.

Derby, Elias Hasket, 1803-80. E.
H. D. ; A Citizen of Boston ; Massachusetts ;
A Railroad Director. An American law-
yer ; b. in Salem, Mass. ; Harv. Univ.,
1824 ; practised his profession in Bos-

Derby, Mrs. Emily Jones. Emily
Melville. An American actress.

Derby, George Horatio, 1824-61.
John Pimnix; John P. Squibob. An Amer-
ican humorist ; b. in Norfolk County,
Mass.; West Point, 1846; Capt. U. S-
Topog. Engineers; brevetted at Cerro
Gordo ; afterwards stationed in Cali-
fornia, where he produced his " Plioe-
nixiana " ; d. in New York City.

Derby, John Barton, 1793-1867. A
Recluse. An American lawyer and poli-
tician; b. in Salem, Mass.; Bowdoin
Coll., 1811 ; was the father of Lieut.
George Derby ("John Phcenix"); held
an office in the Boston Custom House
for some time; d. in Boston.

Derenzy, M. G. A Widowed Wife.
An English lady.

Derham, WiUiam, D.D., F.R.S.,
1657-1735. W. D., M.A. An English
divine and philosopher; b. near Wor-
cester; Canon of Windsor.

Dering, Heneage. H. D., Bipen-
sis. An English clergyman; Dean of

Derrick, Samuel, 1724-69. Mr.
Wilkes. An Irish dramatist ; Master of
the Ceremonies at Bath.

Desaussure, Henry William, 1764-
1839. A Federal Rej)ublican. An Amer-
ican jurist; appointed by Washington
Director of the U. S. Mint; practised
law in Charleston, S. C, and became
Chancellor of South Carolina, 1808-37 ;
d. at Charleston.

Deschamps, Emile, 1791-1871. Le
jeune moraliste. A French poet, dram-
atist, essayist, and novelist ; b. at
Bourges, and educ. at Paris, where he
continued to reside ; d. at Versailles.

Deschamps, Pierre Charles Ernest,
1821-. Un Bibliophile ; Poche. A learned
French bibliographer, of Paris ; b. at
Magny-en-Vexin (Seine et Oise); was,
1845-51, editor of the " Gazette musi-

Desloges, Li. Re'naud. A French
libraire-e'diteur at Paris.

Desnoyens, Edmond, 1814-. De
Bieville. A French " vaudevilliste," of

Deuchar, Alexander. A Genealogist.
A Scottish writer.

De Vere, Albert. Winning Hazard.
An English writer on billiards.

Devereux, Penelope. Stella.

Devlin, J. Dacres. Alfred Kent, An
English poet and local historian; a shoe-

Devonshire, Charles, 1783-1851. A
3Iechanic. An English dramatist ; b. in




Falmouth, England, and d. in Indiana,

Devonshire, William Cavendish,

1st Duke of, 1640-1707. Duke of

D . An English peer, poet, and


Devrey, Orville, D.D., 1794-1882.
D. ; An English Traveller. An American
clergyman; b. in ShefBeld, Mass.; Wil-
liams Coll., 1814; from 1862 a resident
of Sheffield, Mass., where he died.

Dew^hurst, Jane. J. D. An English

De Wint, Mrs. C. A. C. A. D. An
American poet.

Dexter, Franklin, LL.D., 1793-1857.
Hancock. An American lawyer; b. at
Charlestown, Mass. ; Harv. Univ., 1812 ;
admitted to the Suffolk bar, and prac-
tised in Boston with eminent success.
D. at Beverly, Mass.

Dexter, John Haven, 1791-1876.
Philagathus. An American merchant;
b. in Marlboro, Mass. ; was in business
in Boston till 1833, when he employed
his leisure in collecting facts concerning
persons and places in Boston, where he

Dexter, Samuel, Sr., LL.D., 1761-
1816. Philotheorus ; A Junior Sophister.
An American jurist and statesman; b.
in Boston ; Harv. Univ., 1781 ; admitted
to the bar, 1784, and after practising a
few years in several country towns,
removed to Boston ; d. while on a jour-
ney to Athens, N.Y.

Dibdin, Thomas, 1771-1841. T.
Merchant. An English dramatist and
song-writer, of London ; d. at Penton-

Thomas Frognall, D.D.,
T. F. D.; Ly Sander; A
Member of the Roxburghe Club; Mercurius
Rusticus ; A Pastor ; Rosicrucius ; Regi-
nald Wolfe, Esq. An English bibliogra-
pher ; b. in Calcutta ; educ. at Oxford ;
studied law, but afterwards took orders,
and was rector of St. Mary's, Bryanstone-
square, 1824-47.

Dick, John. A Felloiu of the Society
of Antiquaries of Scotland. A Scottish

Dick, William Brisbane, 1828-.
Joshua Jedediah Jinks ; Leger D. Mayne ;
Trumps. An American writer and pub-
lisher, of New York City.

Dickens, Charles (HuflFam), 1812-70.
Boz ; Godfrey Sparks ; Timothy Sparks ;
A Subscriber ; Tibbs ; The Uncommercial
Traveller ; Your Constant Reader ; W. P.
An English novelist; b. at Landport,
Hants. ; was for some years a reporter



, for the London press, but in 1837 was
known as a popular writer.

Dickenson, . Quip. An English-
writer, of London, where he became very
profligate, but was suddenly converted,,
and went out as a Wesleyan missionary
to a savage tribe, by whom he was slain.

Dicker, Thomas. The Catholic Bish-
op of Bantry ; A Man of Business. An-
English satirical writer, of Lewes.

Dickinson, Eev. Charles Albert,
1849-. Eleven Sophomores. An Ameri-
can clergyman ; b. at Westminster, Vt. ;.
Harv. Univ., 187G; Pastor of the Second
Parish Church, Portland, Me., 1879.

Dickinson, Charles M. A Village

Dickinson, John, LL.D., 1732-1808.
D.; Anticipation; Fabius ; A Gentlemart-
in Philadelphia; A North American; A
Pennsylvania. Farmer. An Americaa
statesman ; b. in Maryland ; studied law
in Philadelphia and in London; M.C.,
1776-77 and 1779-80; d. at Wilmington.

Dickinson, Rev. Moses, 1696-1778..
An Aged Minister. An American Cong,
minister; b. in Hatfield, Mass.; Yale
Coll., 1717; Pastor at Norwalk, Conn.,.
1727-78; d. at Plymouth, Conn.

Dickinson, Mrs. T. P. Hester A.^
Benedict. An American writer.

Dickinson, W. L. W. L. D. An
English writer of to-day.

Dickson, Miss . Dolores. An-

English musical writer.

Dickson, Samuel, M.D. A London
Physician; A Physician. An English

Didier, Eugene Lemoine. Lemoine.
An American writer.

Diekenga, I. E. Don. An American

Digges, Leonard, 1588-1635. L. D.
An English poet and orator; son of
Thomas, and brother of Sir Dudley.

Dilg, William. Henricus vom See.
An American poet, of Milwaukee, Wis.

Dill, J. M. Moralisto, Poet " Lariat "
of Carthage. An American poet.

Dill, Rev. James Reid. J. B. D.
An English religious writer.

Dillon, Sir John Joseph, Knt., -1837.
A Barrister ; II iberno-Anglus ; Publicum
Severus. An English lawyer, of Lin-
coln's Inn, 1801 ; d. at Ipswich.

Dillon, John Talbot. An English
Traveller in Spain. An English writer;
Knight and Baron, etc., of the Sacred
Roman Empire.

Dillon, Robert Crawford, D.D.,
1796-1847. The Chaplain to the Mayor-
alty. An English clergyman; b. in the-




rectory-house of St. Margaret's, Loth-
bury; St. Edmund's Hall, Oxford, 1817;
held an independent service in London,
1845-48 ; d. at Spitalfields.

Dinge, Antoine, 1759-1832. Joseph
Ripault Desorineaux. A French scholar
and historian.

Dingle, Edward, 1814-. E. D~e.
An English religious ^vriter; b. in Cal-
lington; resided there, 1833-52; and at
Tavistock, 1852-79 et seq.

Dinnies, Mrs. Anne Peyi-e (Shack-
elford). Moina. An American " South-
land" poet; b. at Georgetown, S.C. ;
educ. at Charleston ; married, at the
early age of fourteen, Mr. J. C. Dinnies,
of St. Louis, Mo.; and 1846-68 et seq.
resided in New Orleans.

Dinsmoor, Robert, 1759-1836. The
Mustic Bard. An American poet; b. at
Windham, N.H. ; served in the Revolu-
tionary War; then became a farmer in
his native town.

Dircks, Henry, LL.D., 1806-. E. D.
An English engineer and miscellaneous
writer; b. at Liverpool; was a consulting
engineer, 1842-58; afterwards travelled
extensively on the Continent.

Disney, Jolin, D.D., 1746-1816. Anti-
Draco. An English minister ; b. at Lin-
coln, and educ. at Cambridge ; was for
some years minister of the Unit. Chapel,
in Essex Street, London.

Disosway, E. Leal. An American
writer for the young.

Disraeli, Benjamin. Beahitorius ;
Runnymede. — See Beaconsfield, Earl

D'Israeli, Isaac, Esq., D.C.L., 1766-
1848. /. D'l.; Euterpe; Messrs. Tag,
Rag, and Bobtail. An English man of
letters ; b. at Enfield, near London ; de-
voted his life to literary pursuits, and
d. at Bradenham House, Buckingham-

Disturnell, John, 1801-77. J. D.
An American printer and bookseller, of
New York City ; b. at Lansingburg, and
d. in New York City.

Ditcher, Selina. /S. D. An English

Diver, Jenny. Mrs. Jane Jones. An
American writer.

Dix, John. Chirurgus; J. D., Chi-
rurgus. An English surgeon, of Bristol ;
d. in America.

Dix, John Ross. J. D. ; J. D. R. ;
A Cosmopolitan ; A Looher-On ; A Middle-
Aged-Man. An American artist and

Dix, William Giles, A.M. W. G. D.
An American poet ; Harv. Univ., 1845.

Harry Sackett. An



Dixon, Mrs. . Emma Leslie. An

American author.
Dixon, Andre'CTr,

American writer.

Dixon, Edward Henry, M.D. Scal-
pel. An American surgeon, of New

Dixon, Henry Hall. The Druid.
An English sporting writer of to-day.

Dixon, Rev. Henry John, M.A.
Clergyman. An English divine ;
Mary's Hall, Oxford, 1840; Vicar
Yarnscombe, Barnstaple, 1872-80

Dixon, James Henry, LL.D., 1803-
76. Stephen Jackson, Esq., of The FlattSy
Malham Moor. An English literary an-
tiquary, of Skipton.

Dixon, Samuel H. Dio Rivers. An
American journalist, of Texas.

Dixon, Thomas. A Working Man.
An English laborer, of Sunderland.

Dixon, William Hepworth, 1821-
79. Onslow Yorke. An English critic,
historian, and traveller, of London ; b.
in Yorkshire; editor of the London
" Athenaeum," 1853-69.

Doane, George Washington, D.D.,
LL.D., 1799-1859. The Rector and Bishop
of the Diocese. An American Epis. cler-
gyman; b. at Trenton, N.J. ; Union
Coll., 1818 ; Bishop of New Jersey, 1832-
59 ; d. at Burlington, N.J.

Doane, Rev. William Croswell,
M.A., 1832-. His Son. An American
clergyman ; second son of Bishop G. W.
Doane ; is a pleasing poet ; has written
his father's memoir, and edited his poeti-
cal works, sermons, and miscellaneous
writings ; Bishop of Albany from 1869.

Dobell, Sydney Thompson, 1824-74.
Syd}iey Yendys. An English poet ; b.
at Peckham Rye ; in 1868 et seq., resided
on the Cotswold Hills, near Gloucester.

Dodd, George. G. D. An English

Dodd, Rev. Philip Stanhope, M.A.»
1775-1852. A Member of the University
of Cambridge. An English clergyman;
nephew of the famous Dr. William
Dodd ; b. in Cowley, Middlesex ; Magda-
len Coll., Cambridge, 1796 ; rector of
Penshurst, Kent, 1819-52.

Dodd, WiUiam, LL.D., 1729-77. A
Gentleman of One of the Inns of Court ; A
Minister of the Church of England. An
English clergyman ; b. at Bourne, Lin-
colnshire, and educ. at Clare Hall, Cam-
bridge. He was ordained in 1753, and
distinguished as one of the most eloquent
preachers in London. In 1777 he forged
the name of his former pupil. Lord Ches-




terfield, to a bond for £4200, and for
that crime was executed at Tyburn.

Doddridge, Pliilip, D.I)., 1702-51.
A. Minister in the Country. An eminent
English Dissenting clergyman ; b. in
liOndon; Minister at Northampton,
1829-51 ; d. at Lisbon.

Dodge, Miss Slary Abigail, 1830-.
Gail Hamilton. An American writer; b.
at Hamilton, Mass. ; has been a teacher,
but is now an author and journalist;
since 1876 has lived chiefly at Washing-

Dodge, Mrs. Mary (Mapes).
M. M. D. An American journalist;
daughter of Prof. Mapes ; editor of the
■" Saint Nicholas " ; earlier name, Mary
E. Dodge.

Dodge, Nathaniel Shatswell, 1810-
74. John Carver, Esq. An American
educator ; b. in Haverhill, Mass. ; stud-
ied at Dartmouth Coll., but did not
graduate ; and spent one year (1833-
34) at the Andover Theol. Sem. ; was
afterwards a teacher at Pittsfield, Mass. ;
in London, England, 1851-61 ; quarter-
master in the late war, 1862-66 ; d. in

Dodge, Ossian E. Ivan Ort. An
American musician ; in 1870 Secretary
of the St. Paul (Minn.) Chamber of

Dodgson, Rev. Charles LiUtTvidge,
M.A. Lewis Carroll. An English cler-
gyman and miscellaneous writer ; Christ
Church Coll., Oxford, 1854 ; Mathemati-
cal Lecturer of his college.

Dodington, George Bubb, Lord Mel-
combe, 1691-1762. B**bD**n. An Eng-
lish statesman.

Dodsley, Robert, 1703-64. An An-
cient Brahmin ; A Footman ; Nathan Ben
Saddi ; Behhazzar Kapha, the Jew. An
English author and bookseller, of Lon-
don ; b. in ]\Iansfleld, Notts. ; he pur-
chased of Johnson, in 1738, " London "
(Johnson's first original composition),
for ten guineas, and in 1749 gave him
fifteen guineas for " The Vanity of
Human Wishes."

Dodson, Michael, M.A., 1732-99. A
Lapnan. An English lawyer ; b. at
Marlborough, in Wiltshire ; practised
many years in London, where he died.

DodweU, Henry, D.D., 1641-1711.
A Very Learned Man of the Church of
England. An Irish clergyman; b. in
Dublin ; and educ. at Trin. Coll., in that
«ity ; in 1674 he removed to London ;
and in 1788 was chosen Camden Pro-
fessor at Oxford ; but lost his place in
1691, because he would not take the

oaths of allegiance to William and

DodweU, Rev. WiUiam, 1709-85.
A Country Clergyman. An English
clergyman ; b. at Shottesbrooke, in
Berkshire ; Archdeacon of Berks.

Doe, Charles Henry, 1838-. Samuel
Blotter. An American journalist, of
Worcester, Mass.

Dollinger, Johann Joseph Ignaz
von, 1799-. Janus. A German theo-
logian ; b. at Bamberg, in Bavaria ; is
a leader of the " Old Catholics " ; Rec-
tor of the Univ. of Munich from 1871.

Doherty, Hugh. H. D., Esq. An
English dramatist ; late of the 23d Light

Doherty, John. Thunderbolt. An
English highwayman.

Doherty, Robert Remington. Rem-
ington Yonge. An English miscellaneous

Dole, Nathan HaskeU, 1852-. N.
H. D. ; The Cerberus. An American
journalist; b. in Chelsea, Mass.; Harv.
Univ., 1874; is now (1885) Art, Dram-
atic, and Literary editor of the " Phila-
delphia Press."

Domett, Alfred, about 1815-. War-
ing. An English poet, of a Dorsetshire
family ; studied at Cambridge ; called to
the bar, 1841, but never practised; in
1880 was still living in London.

Domett, Henry \V. Delta. An
American journalist.

Domville, SirWmiam,2d Bart., 1774-
1860. A Layman. An English civilian;
b. in London, and succeeded his father
in 1833 ; Lord Mayor of London, 1813-
14; d. at Southfield-lodge, Eastbourne.

Donald, George, 1801-52. The Glas-
gow Unfortunate. A Scottish cotton-spin-
ner, who gained some celebrity as a
poet ; lived and d. at Glasgow.

Donaldson, J. A Sergeant of the **
Regiment of Infantry. A British soldier.

Donaldson, John William, D.D.,
1812-61. J. W. D.; Phileleutheros Angli-
camis. An English biblical critic and
philologist; b. in London; educ. at the
London Univ.; Trin. Coll., Cambridge,
1834; master of King Edward's School
at Bury St. Edmunds, 1841-52; d. in

Donaldson, Joseph, 179 -1830. A
Soldier. A Scottish writer; b. in Glas-
gow ; went to Paris in 1830 ; took an
active part in the Revolution of July;
and died of disease and fatigue.

Donaldson, William. Somebody.
An English writer.

Dondey, Augusta Marie (called




"Theophile" Dondey). Philotee 0' Ned-
dy.' A French poet, of Paris.

Dondey-Dupre, TheophUe, fils.
Vitreuil O'Neddfj. A French writer.

Donnelly, Thomas P. Bookworm ;
Eugene Pomerojj. An American journal-
ist and publisher, of New York City.

Doris, Charles. Le Baron B*** ;
One li'lio has never quitted Mm for 16 years.
A French friend of Napoleon.

Dorman, William H. IV. H. D.
An English writer.

Dormer, John. Philopones. An Eng-
lish writer, of the Society of Jesus.

Dorr, Benjamin, D.U., 1796-1869.
J5. D. An American clergyman; b. in
Salisbury, Mass.; Dart. Coll., 1817;
Eector of Old Christ Church, Phila-
delphia, 1837-69; d. at Germantown,

Dorr, David F. A Quadroon. An
American colored man.

Dorr, Mrs. Julia Caroline (Ripley),
1825-. Caroline Thomas. An American
poet and prose writer; b. at Charleston,
S.C. ; in 1847 married Seneca M. Dorr,
then of New York, but for the last 20
years a resident of Vermont. In 1880
the family resided at "The Maples,"
near the city of Eutland.

Dorr, Thomas Wilson, A.M., 1805-
54. Aristides. An American politician ;
b. in Providence, R.I. ; Harv. Univ.,
1823 ; became a lawyer in his native
•city, 1827 ; was a leader of the Suffrage
Party of Rhode Island in 1841 ; d. in

Dorset, Charles Sackville, Duke of,

1711-69. D. of D . An English

peer ; author of a number of prose and
poetical compositions.

Dorsey, Mrs. Sarah Anne (Ellis),
1829-79. Filia Ecclesia. An American
" Southland " writer ; b. on her father's
plantation, just below Natchez; in 1853
married Samuel W. Dorsey, of Tensas
Parish, La. ; from 1875 resided at Beau-
voir, on the Gulf Shore, and at her death
left her estate to Jefferson Davis.

Douay, Edmond. E. D. A French

Douhleday, Thomas, 1790-1870. A
North Country Angler. An English poet
and miscellaneous writer, of Newcastle ;
the associate editor of a little volume of
verse published in 1818 ; afterwards rose
to eminence as a writer on political,
social, and financial subjects.

Douce, Francis, F.A.S., 1762-1834.
The Porson of Old English and French
Literature; Prospero. An eminent Eng-
lish literary antiquary, of London ; for a

time keeper of the Mss. in the British
Museum ; d. in London.

Doudney, Rev. David Alfred.
Alfred; Old Jonathan. An English cler-
gyman; P.C. of St. Luke, Bedminster,
Bristol, 1859-83 et seq. ; editor of the
" Gospel Magazine " and " Old Jona-
than," both monthly.

Doughty, G. G. D. An old Eng-
lish writer.

Douglas, Lieut. — — . An Officer, An
English translator.

Douglas, A. Liivien, and Two Others.
X, y, Z, Club. — See "Saxe, John God-
frey," and " Pettes, George W."

Douglas, D. A Gentleman of Lincoln's
Inn. An English lawyer.

Douglas, Rev. James John, B.D.
J. J. B. A Scottish clergyman; incum-
bent of St. Marj^ liirriemuir, Dio. St.
Andrews, 1851-83 et seq.

Douglas, John, D.D., 1721-1807.
Leonard Rae ; An Honest Man. A Scot-
tish clergyman; b. at Pittaween, Fife-
shire; B.A., Oxford, 1741; Bishop of
Salisbury, 1791-1807, where he died.

Douglas, Rev. Niel. Britannicus. A
Scottish minister at Cupar, near Fife.

Douglas, Mrs. R. A Lady. An Amer-
ican writer.

Douglas, Robert. 1820-44. Sholto ;
A Medical Student. A Scottish surgeon,
in the Royal Navy ; b. in Glasgow ; d. on
board the coasting packet, H. M. Steamer

Douglass, Frederick, 1817-. Bailey.
Ad American orator and journalist; b.
at Tuckahoe, Maryland ; after many
years of slavery, he escaped to the
North ; Marshal of the District of Col-
umbia from 1877.

Douglass, William, -1752. W. D.;
William Nadir, S.X.Q.; Sawney. An
American physician ; b. in Scotland ; set-
tled in Boston about the year 1716; was
opposed to inoculation, and the public
measures of the colonial government ; d.
in Boston.

Dove, John. Philanthropos. An Eng-
lish Friend ; a tailor of London.

Dover, Thomas. A Gentleman of
Trinity College, Cambridge. An early
English writer.

Dover, William. A Weil-Wisher to
all Mankind. An English Friend, of

Dow, Lorenzo, 1777-1834. Cosmo-
polite; Lorenzo. An eccentric American
Meth. preacher; b. at Coventry, Conn.;
d. at Georgetown, D.C.

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