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Dowdall, John. John at Stiles. An
English Shakespearian.




Dowling, J. Li. J. L. D. An Eng-
lish writer of to-day.

Downer, Silas, A.M., -1785. A Son
of Liberty. An American patriot ; Harv.
Univ., 1747.

Downey, Jolin, 1770-1827. Siinon
the Wagoner. An American educator;
b. at Germantown, Penn. ; in 1795 opened
a Latin and grammar school at Harris-
burg, Penn.; and afterwards held im-
portant civil offices in that city, and d.

Downing, Mrs. Fanny (Murdaugh).
Viola. An American "Southland" writ-
er ; b. at Portsmouth, Va. ; in 1851, mar-
ried Charles "W. Downing, Esq., of Flor-
ida; in 1869 she resided in Charlotte,

Downing, Frank Li. The Editor of
"Bell's Life in London."

Downs, Major . Marcus Sper-
maceti, the Elder. An English compiler ;
d. on board the Bewick packet, on his
passage to London.

Dow^son, Emerson. E. D. An Eng-
lish writer.

Dowson, Susanna. S****** jD*****.
An English poet.

Dowty, A. A. Young and Happij
Husband; Philander Smiff, O. P. Q.
An English journalist, in the London
" Figaro."

Doyle, Hannah. H. D. An
English Friend, of Crimplesham, Nor-

Doyle, Jefferson E. P., 1837-. Major
Jep Joshjn; Modoc; Vidette. An Amer-
ican journalist, of New York City and of

Doyle, J. Dixie. Dixie. An Amer-
ican journalist, of Washington, D.C.

Doyle, Et. Rev. James Warren,
D.D., 1786-1834. J. K. L.; An Irish
Catholic. An tish R. C. prelate ; b. near
New Ross, Co. Wexford ; educ. in Portu-
gal ; Bishop of Kildai'e and Leighlin,
1819-34 ; d. in Carlow.

Doyle, John, 1797-1868. HB. An
Irish caricaturist ; b. in Dublin ; his
works from 1829 to 1840 aroused a de-
gree of interest in England, which more
than approached the proportions of a
furore; d. at his residence in Clifton

Doyle, Richard, 1826-. Dick Kitcat.
An English artist; son of the preceding;
b. in London; first attracted attention
by his designs for " Punch " ; but in 1850
he severed his connection with that
journal on account of its incessant at-
tacks on the Roman Catholics.

Doyle, Thomas, about 1799-1879.

Father Thomas. An eminent R. C. priest,
of London.

D'Oyly, Sir Charles, 7th Bart., 1781-
1845. A Civilian, an Officer in the Ben-
gal Establishment. An English gentle-
man, of Shottisham ; early in life entered
the East India Service, and remained in
India for 40 years; d. at Adenza, near

D'Oyly, Thomas. Viator. An Eng-
lish poet and prose writer.

Drake, Daniel, M.D., 1785-1852. The
People's Friend. An American physician ;
b. in Plainfield, N.J. ; a resident of Cin-
cinnati, and d. there.

Drake, JosephRodman, and Another,
1795-1820. Croaker ^^ Co. An American
poet ; b. in New York City ; studied at
Columbia Coll., but did not graduate ;
resided and died in iiis native citj'.

Drake, Samuel Adams, 1833-. S.A.
D. An American journalist ; son of
Samuel Gardner Drake ; b. in ' Boston ;
was a newspaper editor and correspond-
ent at the West from 1858 ; returned to
Massachusetts in 1871 ; resides at Mel-

Drake, Samuel Gardner, 1798-1875.
S. G. D. ; The Editor of that Periodical.
An American literary antiquary; b. in
Pittsfield, N.H. ; kept an Antiquarian
Bookstore in Boston from 1828.

Drake, Swaine. The Clerk of the
"California.'" An English writer.

Draper, Mrs. Elizabeth. Eliza. An
English lady ; correspondent of Laurence

Draper, Sir William, K.B., 1721-87.
Modestus ; A Traveller. An English offi-
cer and statesman ; Lieut.-Gov. of Min-
orca, 1779 et seq.

Drayton, William Henry, 1742-79.
A Carolinian ; Freeman. An American
patriot and statesman ; b. at Dayton
Hall, on Ashley River, S.C. ; educ. in
England; in 1775 President of the Pro-
vincial Congress ; and M.C., 1778-90 ;
d. in Philadelphia.

Drennan, WUliam, M.D., 1754-1820.
Orellana. An Ii'ish physician ; b. at Bel-
fast; M.A. at Glasgow Coll. in 1771;
studied medicine, and began to prac-
tise at Belfast; tut soon removed to
Newiy, and then to Dublin; but in
1807 returned to Belfast.

Drew^, Benjamin. Dr. E. Goethe
Digg. An American writer ["an old
'Boston Post' joker"]; visited Canada,
and wrote an interesting book about fug-
itive slaves there.

Drew, Jacob Halls, 1793-1875. His
Eldest Son. An English publisher; b. at




St. Austell ; removed to Bodmin in 1859 ;
and to Bath in 1865.

Drew (afterwards Blckersteth),
Blona. 31. B. A British poet.

Drew, Pierce William. P. W. An
Irisli (?) antiquary.

Drew^e, Edw^ard. An Officer of the
British Arm;!. An English writer; Major
of the 35th Regt. Foot.

Drew^e, Patrick. A Lover of the
Church of England.

Driggs, George W. G. W. D.; A
Non-Commissioned Officer. An Ameri-
can officer, in the 8th Wisconsin Vol-

Drinker, Anna. Edith May. An
American poet ; a native of Pennsylvania,

Allibone has the name Drinker; others,

Drinker, John. A Tradesman, An
English writer.

Driver, Thomas. Uncle Tom's Neph-
ew. An American writer.

Droliojovrska, Countess Antoinette
Josephine Fran§oise Anne (Symon
de Liatreiche), 1822-. Chevalier A. de
Doncoiut. A French writer ; b. at St.
Chily (Lozcre); in 1847 married Count
Felix de Drohojowski, an Austrian offi-

Drummond, Mrs. . Mrs. D — m-

m — d. A Scottish poet.

Drummond, Henry, Esq., 1786-1860.
3. D. ; One of his Constituents. An Eng-
lish gentleman; son of Henry Drum-
mond, Esq., of the Grange, Hants ; was
founder (1825) of the chair of Political
Economy in the Univ. of Oxford; M.P.
for West Surrey, 1847-1859; d. at Al-
bury Park, Guildford.

Drummond, Robert Hay, D.D.,
1711-76. Robert, Lord. Bishop of Sariim.
An English prelate ; b. in London ; Christ
Church, Oxford; Bishop of Salisbury,
1761 ; Archbishop of York, 1761-76.

DruTnmond, Rev. Spencer Rodney,
M.A. ^S*. B. D. An English clergyman ;
Christ Church, Oxford, 1813; in 1880,
resident at St. George's Place, Brighton.

Drummond, Sir William, -1828.
Another Considerable Personage. A Scot-
tish author, and a profound and elegant
scholar, of Logie Almond, North Briton ;
d. at Rome.

Drummond, William Abernethy.
W. A. D. A Scottish bishop.

Drury, Henry Joseph Thomas,
M.A., F.R.S., F.S.A., 1779-1841. Detector.
An English clergyman; King's Coll., Cam-
bridge, 1801 ; Rector of Fingest, Bucks.,
1820-41; and lower master of Harrow
School ; d. at Harrow-on-the-Hill.

Dry den, John, 1631-1700. 3fr. D—n .
A celebrated English poet.

Drysdale, WiUiam. W. D. An

American journalist, of New York City.

Duane, William, 1760-1835. Anti-
Monopolji ; Camillus ; Jasper Dwight, An
American politician and journalist; b.
near Lake Champlain, N.Y. ; educ. in
Ireland; editor of the Philadelphia
"Aurora," 1795-1822; d. in Philadel-

Duane, William, 1808-. W. D. An
American lawyer; b. in Philadelphia;,
grandson of the preceding.

Duboc, Karl Edward, 1822-. Rob-
ert Waldmuller. A German author; b.
at Hamburg; was for some years en-
gaged in commerce, but in 1856 devoted
himself entirely to literature ; in 1859 he
settled at Dresden.

Du Bois, Edward, Esq., 1775-1850.
A Knight Errant ; Count Reginald de St,
Leon ; Old Knich. An English lawyer
and litterateur ; called to the bar at the
Inner Temple in 1809 ; editor, for a time,
of the "Monthly Mirror"; was for many
years Deputy Judge of the Court of Re-
quests in Holborn ; d. in London.

Du Bose, Mrs. Catherine A. (Rich-
ards), 1828-. Leila Cameron. An Amer-
ican "Southland" writer; b. in a vil-
lage in Oxfordshire, England ; her family
came to the United States and settled in
Georgia; then removed to South Caro-
lina; in 1848, she married Charles W.
Du I3ose, a lawyer of Sparta, Ga., where
in 1867 she resided.

Dubourg, Felix. Aitguste Neuville.
A French dramatic artist, first in the
provinces, later in the Theatre des Vari-
etes ; b. in Champagne.

Dubuison, Paul Ulrich, 1746-94.
***, Ame'ricain. A French dramatist
and ardent revolutionary; b. at Laval;
beheaded at Paris.

Duche, Jacob, D.D., 1737-98. Ta7noc
Caspipina ; A Gentleman of Foreign Ex-
traction ; A Gentleman who resided Some
Time in Philadelphia. An American cler-
gyman ; educ. at the Univ. of Penn., and
at Cambridge, Eng. ; his loyalty became
suspected, and he fled to England in
1777, but returned in 1790; d. in Phila-

Duchesne, Henri Gabriel, 1739-
1822. /)****. A French naturalist ; b.
in Paris; keeper of the archives of the
clergy before the Revolution ; and from
1807 counsellor at the Court of Ac-

Duck, Rev. Stephen, -1756. S—n
D — 1-. An English uneducated poet;




originally a thresher, but became a
clergyman of the Church of England;
drowned in the Thames.

Ducket, George, and Another. Sir
Iliad Dogqrel.

Duckett, Waiiam, 1805-63. Henri
Page. A French writer; the son of an
English teacher in Paris ; in 1848 he be-
came a journalist.

Du Couret, Louis. Hadji Ahd-el-
Hnmid Berj. A Trench traveller; ex-
lieutenant of the Emirs of Mecca, of
Yemen, and of the king of Persia.

Dudevant, Mme Amandine liucile
Aurore (Dupin du Franceuil), 1804-
76. Blaise Bonin ; George Sand; Un
Voyageur. A celebrated Erench nov-
elist ; b. in Paris ; in 1822 married the
Baron Casimir Dudevant, but soon sepa-
rated from him; devoted her life at
Paris to literary pursuits ; and d. there.

Dudley, Rev. Sir Henry Bate, Bart.,
LL.D., 1745-1824. A Gentleman. An
English " tutor, litterateur, play-writer,
topographer, farmer, agriculturist, land-
drainer, magistrate, sportsman, pugilist,
diner-out, clergyman, baronet, and canon
of a cathedral; also an orator, and the
founder of two London newspapers."

Dudley, Paul, 1675-1751. A Gentle-
man. An American jurist ; Harv. Coll.,
1690 ; Chief Justice of Massachusetts.

Duer, "William Alexander, LL.D.,
1780-1858. An Old Neiv Yorker. An
eminent American lawyer ; brother of
John Duer, LL.D. ; b. in Dutchess Co.,
N.Y.; admitted to the bar, 1802; in
1818 removed to Albany ; afterwards
to New York City ; was President of
Columbia Coll., 1829-42 ; and d. in that

Duff, AndreTV Halliday. Andreio

Duff, Miss Henriette A., -1879. H.
A. D. An English poet and prose
writer, of London ; daughter of Admi-
ral Duff ; d. at Brighton.

Duff, Mile Nina. Miss Nina. A
French writer; sister of Mme la Com-
tesse A. d'Adhemar.

Duff, William, M.A. An Impartial
Hand. A Scottish writer ; Professor of
Philosophy at Aberdeen.

Duffek, Nikolaus, 1833-. Julius
Rosen. A Bohemian dramatist ; b. at
Prague ; studied at the Univ. there
philosophy and jurisprudence ; entered
the public service, and was Police Com-
missioner for some time, till in 1867 he
was suspended as being friendly to Prus-
sia; he was afterwards restored, and then
resigned in order to devote himself en-

tirely to literature ; he now (1882) re-
sides at Vienna.

Duffell, Miss Annie. Christine Mc-
Kenzie. An American novelist.

Dufferin, Helen Selina (Sheridan),
Baroness (afterwards Countess of Gif-
ford), 1807-67. Hon. Impulsia Gush-
ington. An Irish writer; author of the
" Irish Emigrant's Lament " ; grand-
daughter of Richard Brinsley Sheridan.

DuflSeld, Rev. Matthew DaTvson,
F.S.A., 1792-1866. Bichmondiensis. An
English clergyman ; b. at Middleham,
Yorkshire ; Canon and Chaplain of the
Collegiate Church of Middleham, 1843-
66 ; d. at Stebbing Vicarage, Essex (to
which he was instituted in 1842).

Duffleld, Rev. Samuel W. Anselmus.
An American minister, of Bloomfield,

Dufiy, J. W. J. W. D. An English
translator of to-day.

Duganne, Augustine Joseph Hick-
ey, 1823-84. Motley Manners. An Amer-
ican poet and novelist; b. in Boston;
wrote 20 or 30 novellettes, and was a fre-
quent contributor to periodical litera-
ture; d. in New York City.

Duigenan, Patrick, LL.D., 1735-
1816. A Layman ; Theophilus. An Irish
civilian and lawyer ; M.P. for Armagh ;
d. in London.

Duke, Alfred. Broomstraw ; Hewletts.
An American jom-nalist, of Richmond,

Duke, Seymour R. A Southerner.
An American novelist.

Dulany, Daniel, 1721-97. Antilore.
An American lawyer and loyalist, of An-
napolis, Md. ; survived the Revolution
many years.

Dulaure, Jacques Antoine. J. A.
£)**-^^ j^ French historian.

Dumas, Alexandre, 1803-70. Davy.
A French novelist and dramatist ; b. al
Villiers-Cotterets (Aisne); resided at
Paris, devoted to his literary work; d.
at Puys, near Dieppe.

Dunbar, George, M.A., F.R.S.C.
1774-1851. G. D.; A Non-Intrusionist
A Scottish classical scholar ; b. at Cold
ingham, Berwickshire ; Professor of
Greek in the Univ. of Edinburgh, 1805-
51 ; d. in Edinburgh.

Dunbar, Margaret Juliana Maria.
31. .J. M. D. A Scottish writer (?).

Duncan, Mrs. Florence I. F. I. D.
An American writer, of Philadelphia.

Duncan, Rev. George J. C. His
Son. A Scottish minister; son of Henry
Duncan, D.D.

Duncan, James, -1811. An Odd Fel-




loiv. A Scottish writer ; a Lookseller, of

Duncan, John, D.D., 1720-180«.
J**n D****n ; John Brighte ; Bichard
Brisk ; An Old Parochial Clergyman ;
Tyro-Phileleutherus. An English divine ;
Rector of South Warmborough, Hants. ;
d. at Bath.

Duncan, W. W. D. A Scottish

Duncan, William James. W. J. D.
A Scottish financial writer, of Glasgow.

Dunckley, Henry, M.A. Verax. An
English author and journalist ; editor of
the " Manchester Examiner and Times."

Duncombe, Rev. John, 1730-86.
Another Gentleman of Cambridge ; Crito ;
Rusticus. An English clergyman ; Vicar
of Heme ; a contributor to the " Gent.
Mag." for 20 years, under the signature
of " Crito."

Duncombe, William, 1689-1769.
Benevolus ; Philopropos. An English
translator and miscellaneous writer ; b.
in London ; devoted his life cMefly to
literary pursuits in that city; and d.

Dundas, J. Hamilton. /. H. D. A
Scottish poet.

Dundas, Wedderburn. W. D. A
Scottish poet.

Dundonald, Thomas Cochrane,
10th Earl of, 1775-1860. A Seaman.
An English admiral, commander-in-chief
of the North American and West India
Station, 1848-51 ; M.P. for Westminster,

Dunham, Mrs. Emma B. (Sargent).
Leoline. An American writer.

Dunham, Robert Carr. C — s D — s;
Bellamy Brownjohn. An English writer.

Dunlap, M. Li. Bural. An Ameri-
can journalist, of New York City.

Dunlap, WUliam, 1766-1839. A
Water Drinker. An American painter
and dramatic author, of New York City;
b. at Perth Amboy, N.Y. ; founder of the
N.Y. Academy of Design.

Dunlop, Rev. Alexander. Civis ; A
Layman ; A Country Minister. A Scot-
tish religious writer.

Dunlop, Madeline Wallace and
Rosalind. Two Sisters. English writ-
ers ; daughters of an Indian official, and
b. in India.

Dunlop, William, M.D., 1795-1848.
A Backwoodsman; Colin Ballantyne. A
Scottish and Canadian litte'rateur ; b. at
Greenock, Scotland ; came to Canada in
1826 ; d. at Lachine, near Montreal.

Dunn, Caleb, 1834-. Solon Shingle.
An American writer {?).

Dunning, Mrs. A. K. Nellie Grahame,
An American writer.

Dunning, M. O. B. 3far^ Larimer.

An American writer (?).

Dunning, Miss Susan C. Shirley
Dare. — See " Power, Mrs. Susan C.

Dunster, Rev. Charles, M.A., -1816.
A Country Clergyman. An EngKsh cler-
gyman ; an elegant scholar and ingen-
ious poet; Trin. Coll., Oxford, 1771;
Rector of Petworth, 1783-1816, and
Rural Dean of Western Sussex.

Dunton, John, 1659-1733. A Book-
seller ; His Grace, John, Duke of ... ; A
Member of the Athenian Society; Phllaret,
a Member of Athens. An English book-
seller; turned author; in 1685 visited
New England, and resided 8 months in

Du Parquet, Mme . Mme de Cha-


DupetiMMere, Frederic, 1785-1827.
M. Frederic. A French dramatic author ;
b. in Paris.

Duplany, Claude Marius, 1850-.
Claude Marius. A French actor.

Duplessis-Kergomard, Jules de
Morlaix. Gustave de Penmarck. A
French poet.

Duppa, Richard, B.C.L., 1767-1831.
R. D. ; Member of the Univ. of Camb.
An English lawyer and misceiianeous
writer ; d. in London.

Durand, Mme Alice Marie Cfeleste
(Fleury), 1842-. Henry Greville. A
French novelist; b. in Paris; passed
some years, till 1872, at St. Petersburg,
when she returned to her native city.

Durand, J. P. J. P. Philips, docteur.
A French physicist, of Paris.

Durfee, Job, LL.D., 1790-1847.
Theoptes. An American jurist ; b. at
Tiverton, R.I. ; Brown Univ., 1813 ; ad-
mitted to the bar, 1814; M.C., 1821-25;
Associate Justice and Chief Justice of
the Supreme Court of Rhode Island,
1835-47 ; d. at Tiverton.

D'Urfey, Thomas, -1723. Mr.
D'Uffey; Poet Stutter. An English
poet, song-writer, and dramatist; b. in

Durgin, Miss . Elizabeth Conover.

Durivage, Francis Alexander,
1814-81. The Old 'Un. An American
miscellaneous writer; d. in New York

Durward, Bernard Isaac. Porte
Crayon. An American poet and artist;
adopted the nom de plume of "Porte
Crayon," not knowing that it had already
been appropriated by another writer.




lie began contributing to the press
ubout the time Gen. Strother's "Vir-
ginia Illustrated" first appeared in
" Harper's," and published a collective
edition of his poems in 1872 under the
title " Wild Elowers of Wisconsin."

Du Solle, John S. Knickerbocker.
An American journalist, of Philadelphia.

Dutens, Rev. Louis, 1730-1812.
Louis; Duchillon. An English writer;
b. in Tours, France ; took orders in the
Church of England, and became rector
of Elsdon, Northumberland ; d. in Lon-

Dutt, Shoshee Chunder. J. A. G.
Barton. A Hindoo writer of to-day, of

Dutton, Anne. A. D. An English
writer of the early part of the 18th cen-

Dutton, George. Bank Crash, Esq.
An American \vriter on finance.

Du Vallon, Berquin. Un Ohservateur
resident sur les lieux. A French resident
in Louisiana early in the century.

Duveyrier, Anne Honore Joseph,
1787-1865. Mdesville. A French dram-
atist ; b. in Paris ; studied law, but pre-
ferred to work for the theatre.

Duyckinck, Evert Augustus, A.M.,
1816-78. Felix Merry. An American
editor and essayist; b. in New York

City ; Columbia Coll., 18-35 ; admitted
to the bar, 1837, but devoted himself to
literary pursuits ; d. in his native city.

Dwight, Timothy, D.D., LL.D., 1762-
1817. An Inhabitant of New England. An
American divine ; b. at Northampton,
Mass.; Yale Coll., 1769; President of
his alma mater, 1795-1817 ; d. at Phila-

Dyer, Mrs. Cornelia C. (Joy). One
of them. An American writer.

Dyer, Hon. Eliphalet, LL.D., 1721-
1807. E. D. An American lawyer and
politician ; b. at Windham, Conn. ; Yale
Coll., 1740; chief justice of Connecticut,

Dyer, Eev. George, 1755-1841. G. D.
An English classical scholar and anti-
quary; b. in London, and from 1792 a
resident in that city ; a friend of Charles
Lamb ; d. in London.

Dyson, Rev. Charles, 1787-1860. D.
An English scholar ; for a short time
Professor of Anglo-Saxon, Oxford ; suc-
cessively incumbent of Nunburnholme in
Yorkshire, Nasing in Essex, and finally
of Dogmersfield in Hampshire, where he

Dyson, Mrs. Charles. C D. An
English writer; wife of the preceding.

Dyson, Timothy J. Quiver. An
American journalist, of Brooklyn, N.Y.


Eagles, Rev. John, M.A., 1784-1855.
Lleiuellin Penrose ; The Sketcher ; Theman-
inthemoon; Vive valeque. An English
clergyman ; was for five years curate of
Rev. Sydney Smith at Halburton; and
resided at Bristol, his native place, 1841-
65, without pastoral charge, devoted to
artistic and literary pursuits.

Earbery, Matthias, A.B. M. E.;
Anonymous Londinensis ; Philalethes. An
old English writer of the first part of
the 18th century.

Early, Miss M. A. Cousin May
Carleton. — See " Fleming, Mrs. M. A.

Easby, J. A Citizen of the World.
An English writer, of Manchester.

Eastlake, Lady Elizabeth (Rigby),
1816-. A Lady. An English writer; b.
in Norwich ; widow of Sir Charles Locke

Eastwick, Edward Backhouse,
C.B., F.R.S., 1814-83, An Ex-Political.
An English orientalist; b. in London;

M.A., Oxford; called to the bar, 1840;
M.P. for Penryn and Falmouth, 1868-74.

Eaton, Asa, D.D., 1778-1858. The
Rector. An American clergyman ; b. at
Plaistow, ISl.H.; Harv. Univ., 1803 ; Rec-
tor of Christ Church, Boston, 1805-37 ;
Instructor at Burlington, N.J., 1837-41 ;
Rector at Bridgewater, Mass., 1841-58,
residing in Boston.

Eaton, Mrs. Charlotte Ann (Wal-
die), -1859. An Englishwoman. A
Scottish writer ; second daughter of
George Waldie, Esq., Hendersyde-park,
Roxburghshire, and wife of Stephen
Eaton, Esq. , of Ketton-hall, Rutland ; d.
in Hanover-square, London,

Eaton, Edward Byrom. Sosiosch.
An American writer.

Eaton, George B. Jacobstaff. An
American editor, of New York City.

Eaton, WiUiam, 1764-1811. W. E.
An American soldier ; b. at Woodstock,
Conn.; Dartmouth Coll., 1790; United
States Consul at Timis, 1798-1803; Navy




Agent for the Barbary States, 1804-5 ; d.
at Bi'imfield, Mass.

Eber, General . Un Flaneur. A

Hungarian officer.

Ebersberg, Ottokar Franz, 1833-.
0. F. Berg. A German dramatist; b.
at Vienna; in 1859 founded the satirical
sheet "Tritsch-Tratsch"; and in 1862
joined the illustrated " Kikeriki."

Ebhardt, G. Justus.

Ebhardt, Olga. lime Louise d'Alq.

Ebrard, Jobann Heinrich August,
1818-. Christian Deutsch ; ScUiemann
der jiingere. A German theologian ; b.
at Erlangen, and educ. there and at Ber-
lin. Since 1875 has been pastor of the
French Reformed congregation in his
native town.

Eccarius, Johann Georg, 1818-. A
Working Man. A German-English
tailor and labor reformer, of London.
In 1867 elected General Secretary of the
International Working Men's Association.

Eccles, Ambrose, -1809. The Editor.
An Irish Shakespearian ; educ. at Trin.
Coll., Dublin; travelled on the Conti-
nent, going from France to Italy, where
he studied the language with great suc-
cess. On his return he devoted himself
chiefly to literary pursuits, the fruits of
which appeared in his illustrated editions
of Shakespeare's plays.

Edain, Hippolyte. Hippolyte Niade.
A French novelist.

Eddy, Caleb, 1788-1859. T7ie Agent
of the Corporation. An American mer-
chant, long a resident of Boston ; early
in life of the firm of Bemis & Eddy,
merchants on Long Wharf. He was
superintendent of the Middlesex Canal
many years, a member of the Board of
Aldermen, 1823 and 1824, and Demo-
cratic candidate for Mayor in 1828 and
1838. D. at Cbicopee, Mass.

Eddy, Daniel Clarke, S.T.D. Rupert
Van West. An eminent American Bap-
tist clergyman ; b. in Salem, Mass. ;
Minister of the First Baptist Church in
Brooklyn, N.Y., 1881-84 et seq.

Eddy, Thomas, 1758-1827. One of
the Inspectors of the Prison. An Ameri-
can Friend ; b. in Philadelphia ; a mer-
chant and insurance broker in New York
City, where he died.

Eden, , 1844-. William Herbert.

An English actor.

Eden, Hon. Eleanor, 1826-78. L. E.
An English artist, daughter of 3d Baron

Eden, Sir Frederick Morton, Bart.,
about 1766-1809. Vindex. An English
diplomatist and writer on political econ-

omy; ambassador to Berlin, Vienna,
and Madrid, 1792-96, and at the time of
his death Chairman of the Directors of
the Globe Insurance Company, Pall
Mall, in whose house he died.

Eden, Lizzie Selina. A Lady. An
English writer.

Edgcumbe, Richard, 2d Earl of
Mount Edgcumbe, D.C.L., F.K.S., F.S.A.,
1764-1839. An Old Amateur. An Eng-
lish nobleman ; M.P. for the borough of
Fowey, 1786-95, when he succeeded his
father as Earl and member of the House
of Lords. At the time of his death, at
his residence on Richmond Hill, he was
a Privy Councillor, Lord Lieutenant,
Vice-Admiral, and Custos Rotulorum of
the Co. of Cornwall, High Steward of
Plympton, etc.

Edmonds, Richard, Jun., 1801-. Ep-
silon ; E., Redruth. An English antiquary
and hymn-writer; b. at Penzance, Corn-
wall ; admitted to the bar, 1823 ; prac-
tised at Plymouth, 1861.

Edmonds, S. Emma E. Nurse and
Spii. An American writer.

Edmonds, Thomas RoTve, B.A.,
1803-. Junius. An English writer on
vital statistics ; brother of Richard ;
b. at Penzance ; resident in London,
1879 et seq.

Edwards, Rev. . A Country

Parson. An English poet, of Aldwinkle,

Edwards, Rev. Edward. The Arch-
deacon. An English clergyman; Arch-
deacon of Brecon, Wales.

Edwards, George, F.R.S., F.A.S.,
1694-1773. A Naturalist. An English
naturalist; b. in Essex; after travelling
for several years, returned to his native
country, and was librarian to the Royal
College of Physicians.

Edw^ards, James, Esq., 1756-1816.
Rinaldo. A London bookseller and bib-
liographer; sold his valuable library in

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