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Ed'wards, John. Autoiycus. An
American bicycle writer.

EdAvards, Joseph. Agrihler. An
English dialect poet of to-day.

EdTvrards, Mrs. Li. L. E. An Eng-
lish religious writer.

Edw^ards, Mrs. Matilda Caroline
(SmUey). Matilda. An American
"Southland" poet; b. at Grape Hill,
Nelson Co., Va. ; married Rev. A. S. Ed-
wards, of Washington City. During the
late war she lived at Richmond ; but
after its close, she opened a girls' school
at Grape Hill, but the country was so
poor that it did not succeed.




Edwards, Thomas, 1699-1757. T.
E. ; Another Gentleman of Lincoln's Inn ;
The Other Gentleman of Lincoln's Inn.
An English critic, poetical writer, and
Shakespeare scholar ; b. at or near Lon-
don; the earlier part of his life was
spent in that city and at Pitzhanger ; but
he resided at Turrick, in the parish of
Ellesborough, Bucks., 1739-57.

Edwards, Thomas A. Ollapod. An
Australian bicycle journalist, of Mel-
bourne, Aus.

Edwards, Tryon, D.D., 1809-. Ev-
erard Berkeley. An American theologian
and miscellaneous writer ; b. at Hartford,
Conn. ; Yale Coll., 1828 ; studied law in
New York City ; then theology at Prince-
ton ; Pastor at New London, Conn., 1844-
57; Hagerstown, Md., 1866-73; Phila-
delphia, 1874-79; Gouverneur, N.Y.,

Edw^ards, William. A Bengal Civ-
ilian. An English colonial writer.

Egan, John. Junius Hibernicus. An
Irish journalist.

Egan, Pierce, 1773-1849. An Actor ;
An Amateur. An English author; the
veteran historian of the ring and sport-
ing journalist; d. in London.

Egar, Rev. John H. The Rector.
An American clergyman ; in 1882, of
Rome, N.Y,

Egelshem, Wells, -1786. Winhey.
An English printer and humorous poet,
of London; having from nature a re-
markable squint, he assumed the name
of " Winkey."

Egerton, Mary Margaret, the Coun-
tess of Wilton. A Ladij of Rank. — See
" Wilton, The Countess of."

Eggleston, Edward, D.D. Leisurely
Saunter er ; Zoraster Higgins; Penholder.
A Methodist clergyman and literary
worker ; b. at Vevay, Ind. ; joined the
Meth. ministry in his 19th year, and
preached ten years in Minnesota; in
1870 removed to New York City, and
became editor of the "Independent"
and the " Hearth and Home."

Eggleston, George Cary, 1839-. A
Rebel. An American author, brother of
the preceding; b. in Vevay, Ind. In
1875 he joined the editorial staff of the
New York "Evening Post," and in 1876
became its literary editor. In 1878 re-
sided in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Egmont, John, Earl of, 1711-70.
J., E — I of Eg — t. An English noble-
man ; held several public offices, and was
the author of political tracts.

Eichelberger, Thomas W. Ike L.

Elder, Mrs. Susan (Blanchard).

Hermine. An American "Southland"
writer; b. at an extreme Western mili-
tary station, where her childhood was
passed ; educ. in New Orleans, and mar-
ried Charles D. Elder, of that city ; re-
sided at Thibodeaux, La.

Elibank, Patrick Murray, 5th Lord.
A Peer of Scotland. A Scottish noble-

Eliot, Francis Perceval, 1755-1818.
Falkland. An English writer on finance ;
one of the Commissioners for auditing
Public Accounts ; d. in London.

Eliot, Samnel Atkins, A.M., 1798-
1862. A Member of the Corporation. An
American merchant; b. in Boston j
Harv. Univ., 1817; M.C., 1850-51;
IMayor of Boston, 1837-39 ; d. in Cam-
bridge, Mass.

Elizabeth. Carmen Sylva. A Euro-
pean poet ; Queen Consort of Charles I.^
King of Roumania.

Ellaby, Rev. James, and Another.
Two Clerqymen. An English clergyman.
— See " Thelwall, Rev. A. S."

EUenborough, Jane Elizabeth
(Digby), 1807-81. lanthe. An English
lady ; the wife of an Arab chief, who
was her 4th husband ; d. at Damas-

Ellenwfood, Henry S. Cape Cod
Bard ; Peter Pindar, Jr. ; X. An Amer-
ican writer; contributor to the "New
England Galaxy," in the earlier part of
the century.

EUice, Rt. Hon. Edward, 1787-. Mer-
cator. An English gentleman; b. in
London ; M.P., 1818-26, and from 1830.

Elliot, Mrs. Frances (Minto). An
Idle Woman. An English lady.

Elliot, John Lettsom. An Aristocrat ;
A Conservative ; A Protectionist.

Elliott, Charles Wyllys, 1817-. Mr.
Tliom White. An American miscellane-
ous writer; a descendant of John Eliot;
was a landscape gardener at Cincinnati,
1840-48; then in New York City, he de-
voted himself chiefly to literary and phil-
anthropic labors ; in 1875 et seq. he re-
sided in Cambridge, Mass.

Elliott, Miss Charlotte, 1789-1871.
C. E.; A Lady. An English hymn-
writer ; at one time resided at Torquay,
and afterwards at Brighton; d. at Tor-

EUiott, Ebenezer, 1781-1849. The
Corn-law Rhymer. An English poet ; b.
at Masborough, in Yorkshire; labored
many years in an iron-foundry ; in 1821
he settled in business at Sheffield; but
in 1841, retired with a competency, and




passed the remainder of liis life at a villa
near Barnsley, where he died. .

Elliott, J. J. Vidette. An American
journalist, of New Orleans.

EUiott, Miss Lillie (Peck), -1878.
Euth Elliott. An English writer ; daugh-
ter of Rev. James B. Peck, of Chelms-
ford, England.

EUiott, WUliam, 1788-1863. Agri-
cola; An American; Piscator ; Venator.
An American politician ; b. at Beaufort,
S.C. ; Harv. Univ., 1809; devoted him-
self to the care of his estates; was op-
posed to secession, and wrote against it ;
d. in his native town.

Ellis, Arthur. A. E.; A Layman.
An English writer.

Ellis, Brabazon. A Churchman. An
English writer.

Ellis, Charles Mayo, Esq., 1818-78.
Lihertas. An American lawyer; b. in
Boston ; Harv. Univ., 1839 ; admitted to
the Suffolk bar, and practised his profes-
sion in Boston ; d. in Brookline, Mass.

Ellis, George, 1745-1815. Sir Greg-
ory Gander; A Member of Parliament.
An English literary antiquary; was a
contributor to the " RoUiad " and the
"Probationarj' Odes," and editor of
" Early English Poets " and " Early Eng-
lish Romances."

Ellis, Rev. John, D.D. A Member of
Brazen-Nose College, Oxford. An English
clergyman; Vicar of St. Catharine's,

Ellis, Jonathan. J. E. An Ameri-
can writer.

Ellis, Rev. Kobert Stevenson, M.A.
Anglicanus. An English clergyman, of
St. Peter's Coll., Cambridge; in 1834
appointed Chaplain to the British Lega-.
tion at Copenhagen.

Ellis, Thomas T., M.D. An Army
Surgeon. An American physician ;
served in the late Civil War ; Post Sur-
geon at New York City, and Acting Med-
ical Director at White House, Va.

Ellison, Henry. A Bornnatural. An
English poet, of Christ Church, Oxford.

Ellison, Rev. John. A Certain North-
ern Vicar. An English clergyman;
curate of Wellingborough.

Ellison, Patrick. Vindex. An Amer-
ican political writer.

Ellsworth, Mrs. . Mrs. L. L.

Worth. An American novelist.

EllsT\'-orth, O. Timothy Thistle. An
American publisher, of Boston.

Elrin^ton, Rt. Rev. Thomas, D.D.,
about l'760-1835. 5. N. An Irish
m2*heraatician; b. near Dublin; Fellow
of the Univ. of Dublin, 1781 ; Provost

of the Univ., 1811-20 ; Bishop of Limer-
ick, 1820-22, and of Leighlin and Ferns.,

Elsum, John. J. E., Esq. An Eng-
lish artist and poet.

Elton, Sir Arthur Hallam, Bart.^
1818-. An English Landowner. An
English poet and politician, of Clevedon
Court, Somerset; M.P. for Bath, 1857-

Ely, Miss . Shirley I'Ceeldar. An

English poet,

Embury, Mrs. Emma Catharine
(Manley), 1806-63. lanthe. An Ameri-
can poet and prose writer ; daughter of
James R. Manley, M.D., of New York
City ; in 1828 married Mr. Daniel Em-
bury, of Brooklyn.

Emerson, George Barrell, LL.D.,
1797-1881. An Old Teacher. An emi-
nent American educator; b. in Kenne-
bunk. Me.; Harv. Univ., 1817; for 40
years a teacher in Boston, Mass., where
he died.

Emerson, George Samuel, -1848.
G. S. E. An American scholar; Harv»
Univ., 1845.

Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 1803-82,.
R. W. E. An eminent American essay-
ist; b. in Boston; Harv. Univ., 1821;.
passed his life chiefly in Concord, Mass.,
where he died.

Emery, Mrs. Sarah Anna (Smith).
A Nonagenarian. An American lady, of
Newburyport, Mass.

Enaiilt, LiOuis, 1824-. Louis de Ver-
non. A French miscellaneous writer,,
traveller, and journalist; b. at Isigny
(Calvados); studied law, and was called
to the bar in Paris ; in 1851 engaged in
literary pursuits.

Endean, James Russell, 1826-76.
Councillor Dreenan. An English pub-
lisher, of London ; b. at Camborne, and
educ. at Truro, Cornwall.

Engel, Louis. L. E. An English
musical critic.

Englefield, Sir Henry Charles,
F.R.S., F.S.A., about 1752-1822. M. E.
An English antiquary and astronomer;
b. in Engleiield, and d. in London.

Englehardt, Frederick J. Drah-
legne; Gray Eagle. An American jour-
nalist, of New York City.

Engleheart, N. B. An Amateur.
An English writer.

English, Mrs. Frances Mary, 1783-
1858. A Descendant of the Plantagenet.
An English lady ; widow of John Eng-
lish, Esq., Bath ; d. in London.

English, George Bethune, A.M.,.
1789-1828. An American in the Service




of the Viceroy. An American writer, of
Boston, Mass.; Harv. Univ., 1807; was
the son of Tliomas Englisli, Boston.

Ensor, George, Esq., 1769-1843.
Christian Emanuel, Esq. An Irish writer ;
b. in Dublin, and d. at Ardress, Co.

Ensworth, Mrs. Kate. Kathleen.
An American writer, of the West.

Entofl, Henry. Val Versatile. An
American journalist.

Epps, John, M.D. Medicus. A
Scottish physician and phrenologist.

Erck, John Caillard, LL.D. J. C. E.
An Irish lawyer.

Ericsson, Prof. Olaf A. 0. A. E.
An American author, of Richmond, Va.
His work, it is said, " may appropriately
be called ' Modern Canterbury Tales in
Prose.' "

Ermatinger, Edward. A British
Canadian. A Canadian journalist; was
for 10 years in the service of the Hudson
Bay Company, and traversed the terri-
tory from the Atlantic to the Pacific
several times.

Erskine, Sir David. D. E. A Scot-
tish advocate.

Erskine, Eev. Ebenezer, A.M., 1680-
1754. A Learned, Faithftd, Zealous, and
Reverend Minister of the Church of Scot-
land. A Scottish divine; b. in the Prison
of the Bass ; first minister of Portmoak,
Co. of Fife ; afterwards one of the minis-
ters of Stirling.

Erskine, John, D.D., 1721-1803. A
Freeholder ; A Friend in the Countrt/. An
eminent divine of the Church of Scot-
land ; minister of New Greyf riars, Edin-

Erskine, Rev. Ralph, 1685-1752. A
Minister of the Gospel in the Church of
Scotland. An esteemed Scottish Dis-
senter ; b. in Northumberland ; Minister
at Dunfermline, in Eifeshire.

Erskine, Thomas Erskine, Baron,
1750-1823. E.; Alexander, the Copper-
smith, LL.D. A Scottisli peer, lawyer,
orator, and wit ; Lord Chancellor, 1806-
7; d. at Almondell, near Edinburgh.

Escoffier, Blarie Henri Amedee, and
Others, 1837-. Thomas Grimm. A French
journalist and romance writer; b. at Serig-
non (Vaucluse) ; commenced his literary
career at Paris in 1857.

Esdaile, David, D.D. D. E. ; A Rural
D.D. A Scottish minister, of Rescobie.

Essington, Rev. Robert William,
M.A. An Etonian ; A Kingsman ; Robert
Nolands. An English clergyman ; King's
■Coll., Cambridge, 1841 ; Vicar of Shen-
■stone, Lichfield, 1848-83 et seq.

Estabrooks, Henry U. A Yankee

Estourbet, Hippolyte Regnier d'.

Eugene de Palman. A French histo-

Estwick, Samuel, LL.D. A West
Indian. An English clergyman.

Etches, John. Argonaut. An Eng-
lish writer.

Etough, Rev. Henry. A Young Gertr
tleman of Cambridge. An English clergy-
man ; Rector of Therfield, Hertfordshire.

Ettingsall, Thomas. Geoffrey Grey-
drake. An Irish writer on angling.

Eusden, Rev. La^vrence, -1730. Leo
the Second. An English poet; b. at
Spotsworth, Yorkshire ; educ. at Trin.
Coll., Cambridge ; took orders, and be-
came chaplain to Richard, Lord Wil-
loughby de Broke ; d. at Coningsby,

Eustace, John Skey, 1760-1805. An
American Officer in the Service of France.
An American officer of the Revolution ;
after the war he resided some time in
Georgia ; in 1794 he visited France, and,
entering the army, became Major-Gen-
eral ; he returned to the United States
in 1800, and, settling in Orange Co.,
N.y., devoted himself to literary pur-
suits till his death, at Newburgh.

Eustaphieve, Alexis. A Russian.
A Russian gentleman, long resident in
the United States.

Evans, [of Bradbury «Sb Evans].

Pater. English publisher, of London.

Evans, Arthur Benoni, D.D. 1781-
1855. Barnaby Fungus, Esq.; An Old
Hand on Board. An English clergyman,
poet, and miscellaneous writer; b. at
Conipton-Beauchamp ; head master of
the Free Grammar School, Bosworth,
Leicestershire, 1829-55 ; and d. there.

Evans, Caleb, D.D., 1737-91. Ameri-
canus ; A Lover of Truth and the British
Constitution. An English Bapt. minis
ter; b. in Bristol; was for many years
President of the Baptist Academy, and
Pastor of the Prot. Dissenters in that
city ; d. at Downend, near Bristol.

Evans, Gen. Sir De Lacy, D.C.L.,
G.C.B., 1787-1870. Officer serving as
Quarter-Master General. An Irish sol-
dier; b. at Moig; entered the army in
1807, and, in 1846, rose to be Major-Gen-
eral ; M.P., 1831, 1833-34, and 1846-65.

Evaus, Elizabeth. Dinah Morris.
An English Meth. preacher, at Wirks-

Evans, EstTrick. Belarius of Cym-
beline. An American writer.

Evans, Rev. Evan, 1730-88. Ad-




vena. A Welsh divine and poet ; b. in Car-
diganshire ; educ. at Jesus Coll., Oxford ;
took orders, and officiated as curate in
several places ; d. in his native place.

Evans, Frederick White, 1808-. A
F)-iend of Youth and Children. An A-
merican Shaker; b. in Leominster, Eng-
land; came to the U.S. in 1820; was a
hatter, but occupied his leisure hours in
study; became a socialist; but finally
joined the Shakers, and became a pre-
siding elder at Mt. Lebanon, N.Y.

Evans, Rev. John, M.A. Observator.
An English clergyman ; Christ Church,
Oxford, 1816 ; Vicar of Whixhall, Whit-
church, Salop, 1844-83 et seq.

Evans, Eev. Jonathan, 1749-1809.
Coventry. An English Cong, minister
and hymn-writer ; b. at Coventry ; was
■engaged in secular pursuits, but seized
every opportunity to preach the Gospel.

Evans, Leo C Grin. An American
journalist, of New York City.

Evans, Morgan. Morgan de Pem-
broke. An English poet.

Evans, Oliver, 1755-1819. Native
Born Citizen of the U.S. An American
inventor; b. at Newport, R.I. ; resided
chiefly in Philadelphia ; d. in New York

Evans, Robert. Adam Bede. The
father of " George Eliot " ; steward to
Sir Roger Newdigate and other landed
proprietors. The original of "Adam
Bede " in his daughter's novel. — See
"Littell," No. 2072.

Evaas, Samuel. Seth Bede. An
English writer ; uncle of " George Eliot,"
a carpenter and undertaker ; follower of
Wesley, and class-leader and preacher
among the Methodists. The original of
" Seth Bede " in his niece's novel. —
See " Littell," No. 2072.

Evans, Thomas. Tacitus. An Ameri-
can political writer.

Evans, Sir William David, Knt.,
-1821. Publicola. A British colonial
lawyer; Recorder of Bombay, and after-
wards Stipendiary Magistrate of Man-

Evanson, Rev. Edward, 1731-1805.
A Member of the Church of England.
An English clergyman ; Vicar of South
Minns in 1768, and Rector of Tewkes-
bury in 1770. In 1778 he became a
school-master, and was soon after re-
garded as an infidel.

Evarts, Jeremiah, A.M., 1781-1831.
William Penn. An American journalist

and philanthropist ; b. in Sunderland,
Vt.; Yale Coll., 1802 j admitted to the
bar, 1806, and practised at New Haven
about 4 years ; was Corresponding Sec-
retary of the A.B.C.F.M., 1821-31 ; d.
in Charleston, S.C.

Evelyn, John, F.R.S., 1620-1705 or 6.
J. E. An English philosopher and pa-
triot, particularly skilled in natural his-
tory; b. at Wotton, Co. of Surrey; re-
sided at Say's Court, near Deptford, and
d. there (?).

Everett, Alexander Hill, LL.D.,
1790-1847. An American; A Citizen of
the United States ; Un Ciudadano de los
Estados Unidos. An American diploma-
tist ; b. in Boston ; Harv. Univ., 1806 ;
Commissioner to China, 1846-47 ; d. in
Canton, China.

Everett, David, 1769-1813. An
American; Junius Americanus. An
American journalist ; b. in Princeton,
Mass.; Dartmouth Coll., 1795; was en-
gaged in journalism in ]3oston till 1813,
he removed to Marietta, O., where he d.
the same year.

Everist, Miss M. L. Emma. An
American writer, of the West.

Evers, . A Gentleman, late an

Officer in the Service of the Hon. E. I.

Ewbank, Thomas, 1792-1870. Hab.
Westman, K.O. An American inventor;
b. at Barnard Castle, Durham, England ;
came to this country in 1820, and settled
in New York City.

Ewer, John. A Lover of Truth and
Decency. An English divine ; Bishop of
Llandaff, 1761-69.

Ewing, Mrs. Juliana Horatia, -1885.
Mrs. Overtheway. An English writer of
children's stories.

Ewing, Robert W., -1834 or 35.
Jacques. An American dramatic critic ;
a merchant of Philadelphia; d. at Mo-
bile, Alabama, in the fall of 1834 or

Eyma, Louis Xavier, 1816-76. Amey.
A French litte'rateur, of Paris ; b. at Saint
Pierre (Martinique); d. at Paris.

Eymard, Paul. Isabine de Mira. A
French writer.

Eyre, Francis, Esq., 1732-1804. A
Gentleman; The Gentleman icho is partic-
ularly addressed, Sj-c. ; A Sincere Friend
of Mankind. An English Catholic, of
Warkworth Castle, Co. Northampton ; d.
in London.

Eytinge, Margaret. Madge Elliot.





Fabens, Joseph Warren. Resident
vf San Domingo ; A Settler in Santo Do-
mingo. An American adventurer ; secre-
tary of emigration to William Walker,
the filibuster.

Faber, Frederick William, D.D.,
1814-63. A Parish Priest. An English
poet and clergyman; b. at Calrerley,
Yorks. ; educ. at Harrow School and Ox-
ford; B.A., 1836; in 1846 he became a
Roman Catholic ; and in 1849 established
at London a brotherhood of "Oratorians,"
or "Priests of the Congregation of St.
Philip Neri," which in 1854 was removed
to Brompton, where he died.

Fairbairn, Sir Thomas, 2d Bart.,
1823-. Amicus. An English civilian;
b. in Manchester ; resided a long time in
Italy ; is a magistrate and dep.-lieut. for
Lancashire and Hampshire ; and in 1870
was High Sheriff of the latter county;
country residence, Brambridge House,

Fairbanks, Mrs. A. W. Mj/ra. An
EngUsh writer.

Fairbanks, Charles Bullard, 1827-
69. Aguecheeh. An American writer, of

Fairholt, Frederick William, Esq.,
F.S.A., 1814-66. A Liieranj Antiquary ;
An Archceologist. An English artist; b.
in London ; won for himself an eminent
position as an antiquarian draftsman ; d.
at Brompton.

Fairs, John. John Hare. An English
actor, of London ; first appearance in 1865.

Falconer, R. W. R. W. F. An
English botanist.

Falconer, Thomas, 1736-92. A Lay-
man. A learned English writer; a native
and resident of Chester.

Falconer, William, M.D., F.R.S.,
1743-1824. A Layman. An English
physician, of Bath.

Falkner, Mrs. Rhoda Ann (Paige),
1826-63. R. A. P. A Canadian poet;
b. at Hackney, near London; removed
to Canada when six years old.

Falkonberg, B. E. B. Solymos. A
Hungarian civil engineer, who was ap-
pointed, in 1875, a member of an ex-
ploring party sent from the Upper Nile
to Darfour.

Falmouth, Mary Frances Elizabeth
Boscawen, Viscountess, 1822-. M. F.
E. F. An English lady; b. in Westmin-
ster; in 1845 married Evelyn Boscawen,
6th Viscount Falmouth.

Fane, Hon. Julian Charles Henry,

1827-70. Neville Temple. An English
" poet, musician, linguist, diplomatist,
eloquent speaker, wit, mimic, and de-
lightful talker"; b. in London.

Fanning, Nathaniel, -1805. An
American Navy Officer. An American
Avriter; lieutenant, 1804.

Fargus, Frederick J., -1885. Hugh
Conway. An English writer; b. in Bris-
tol ; in 1884 removed to London.

Faris, William S. Harvey Howard.

Farley, Mrs. Helen H. Ernest Git-

Farneworth, Rev. EUis, -1762. Philo-
pyrphagus Ashhuriensis. An English trans-
lator; b. at Bonteshall, in Derbyshire;
Eector of Carsington, in that county,
1762-3; and d. there.

Farnie, Henry. A Keen Hand. A
Scottish sporting writer, etc.

Farquhar, Miss Maria. A Lady.
An English art biographer.

Farrar, Mrs. Eliza Ware (Rotch),
1791-1870. A Lady. An American
writer; b. in Flanders, Europe; in 1828
married Prof. John Farrar, of Harv.
Univ.; and d. in Springfield, Mass.

Farrar, Frederic William, D.D.,
F.R.S., 1831-. F. T. L. Hope. An Eng-
lish clergyman ; b. in Bombay ; educ. in
London and Cambridge ; Chaplain to the
Queen from 1873.

Farrar, Timothy, LL.D., 1788-1874.
A Member of the New Ejigland Hist. Gen.
Societi/. An American jurist; b. at New
Ipswich, N.H. ; Dartmouth Coll., 1807 ;
Judge of the New Hampshire Court of
Common Pleas, 1824-.S3; d. at Mount
Bowdoin, Boston.

Farren, Mrs. . A Lady. An

American novelist.

Farrer, Henrietta Louisa. H. L. F.
— See "Lear, Mrs. H. L. (F.)."

Fast, Edward G. Ben Horst. An
American dramatist and miscellaneous

Faulder, John, 1801-63. A Member.
An English Friend, of Bristol.

Fauquier, Francis. F. F. An Eng-
lish writer on finance.

Fauvel, Guillaume Amed€e, 1808-
41. jSdouard Rcville. A French lawyer,
of Normandy.

Favell, . F. An English student

at Cambridge Univ.

Faivcett, C. The Late Recorder of




Fawcett, Edgar. E. F.; Karl
Drury. An American novelist, of New
York City ; editor of the " Family Star
Paper"; and contributor, both as poet
and novelist, to many of the leading
periodicals of the day.

Fa-wcett, Rev. Joseph, -1804. Sir
Simon Sivan, Bart. An English Dissent-
ing clergyman ; lecturer at the Old
Jewry Meeting, London ; afterwards a
farmer; d. in Essex.

Fawkes, Francis, 1721-77. A Gen-
tleman of Cambridge. An English clergy-
man, poet, and classical scholar ; b. in

Fay, Joseph Dewey, M.A., 1780-
1825. Howard. An American lawyer;
b. in Bennington, Vt.; Williams Coll.,
1798 ; studied law, and settled in New
York City, where he died.

Fay, Theodore Sedgwick, 1807-.
F. Sedley ; One of the Editors of the N.Y.
"' Mirror " ; A Quiet Man. An American
journalist and miscellaneous writer; b.
in New York City ; Minister to Switzer-
land, 1857-61.

Fechner, Gustav Theodor, 1801-.
Dr. Mises. A German writer on physics
and philosophy ; b. at Gross-Garchen,
near Moskau ; studied the natural sci-
ences at Leipsic; became in 1834 Prof,
of Physics, but afterwards exchanged to
the chair of Natural Philosophy and

Feist, Charles, 1795-. An East
Anglian. An English poet.

Feist, Henry Mort. Augur; Hot-
spur. An English sporting writer of

Felix, Elizabeth Rachel, 1820-58.
Mile Rachel. A famous French actress,
a Jewess.

Fell, Edward, Jr., 1804-35. E. F.,
Jr. An English author ; was well versed
in heraldic matters ; d. at High Holborn.

Fell, Rev. John, 1735-97. Phileleu-
theros. An English Dissenting minister ;
b. in Cumberland; tutor in the academy
at Homerton, near Hackney.

FelloTves, George W. Romeo.

FeUowes, Rev. Robert, LL.D., 1770-
1847. Philalethes, M.A., Oxon.; The
Spirit of Hampden. An English journal-
ist ; b. in Norfolk ; educ. at Oxford, and
in 1795 took orders; d. in London.

Fellows, John, - about 1770. Phi-
lanthropos. A Methodist poet and hymn-
writer; most of his works date from

Fenety, George E. A Bluenose. A
New Brunswick journalist; in 1839 es-
tablished the " Commercial News " at

St. John, the first tri-weekly or penny
newspaper started in the Maritime Prov-
inces, which he continued till 1863, when
he was appointed Queen's printer for
New Bi'unswick.

Fenn, Lady Eleanor (Frere), 1743-
1813. Mrs. Lovechild ; Solomon Love-
child. An English lady and writer for
the young; widow of Sir John Fenn;
d. at Dereham, Norfolk.

Fennell, Greville. Greville F., of
Barnes. An English writer of guide-
books, of London.

Fennell, James, Esq. Nemo Nobody.
An American writer.

Fenton, Richard, Esq., F.R.S., -1821.
A Barrister. A Welsh lawyer; in the
early part of his life he spent much of
his time in London, during which period
he associated with Goldsmith, Glover,
Garrick, and many wits of that age. He
d. at Glynamel, near Fishguard, Pem-

Fenwick, John Ralph, M.D. Ralph
Bigod. An English physician, of Dur-

Fenwick, Rev. Thomas. Blue Bon-
net; Hijdrophilus. A Canadian Presbyt.
clergyman, of Metis, Lower Canada.

Ferguson, Adam, LL.D., 1724-1816,
A Gentleman in the Country. A Scottish
historian ; b. in the parish of Logierait,
Perthshire; Professor in the Univ. of
Edinburgh, 1759-84; d. at St. Andrews.

Ferguson, C. C. F — n; C. F-r-n.

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