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An English writer.

Ferguson, Charles. Member of the
Facidty of Advocates. A Scottish lawyer,
of Kilkerran.

Ferguson, J. E. Jeff Josslyn. An
American journalist, of Washington,

Ferguson, James Frederick, Esq.,
1807-55. F. ^- J. F. F. A literary
antiquary; b. in Charleston, S.C. ; went
to Dublin in 1820; was employed there
in the Record Ofiice ; d. in Dublin.

Ferguson, John Clark. Alfred Lee.
An English poet.

Ferguson, Peter K. Jak Wonder.
An American humorist.

Ferguson, Samviel, 1815-. Mr. Mich-
ael Heffernan. An Irish lawyer and
poet ; b. in Belfast, Ireland; educ. at the
Univ. of Dublin ; and from 1838 prac-
tised his profession in Dublin.

Fermin, Philippe. A Person who
lived there Ten Years. A British colonial
writer of the last century.

Fernihough, John C. A Local
Artist. An English artist, of Liver-




Fernyhough, Thomas. The Survivor,
An English officer.

Ferrier. William W. Baconian. An
American Shakespeare scholar, of An-
gola, Indiana.

Ferrigni, Piero Francesco Leo-
pold.©, 1836-. Yorick. An Italian law-
yer, author, and journalist; b. at Livorno;
after the peace of Villafranca he became
private secretary to Garibaldi ; later,
lived in Florence.

Ferris, Mrs. Benjamin G. Wife of
a Mormon Elder. An American lady,
whose husband was Secretary of Utah

Fessenden, Thomas Green, 1771-
1837. Christopher Caustich ; Peter Pepper-
box ; Peter Periwinkle; A Practical Gar-
dener; Simon Spunkey. An American
journalist and satirical writer, of Boston;
b. at Walpole, N.H.; Dart. Coll., 1796;
in 1804 settled in Boston; and in 1822
commenced the publication of the " New
England Farmer " ; d. in Boston.

Fessenden, William. Peter Dobbins,
Esq., R.G., U.S.A. An American politi-

FeuiUet, Octave, 1812-. D^sir^ Haz-
ard. A French dramatist and novelist ;
b. at Saint Lo (Manche); has devoted
himself at Paris to literary pursuits.

FeuiUet de Conches, Baron Felix
S^bastien, 1798-. Un curieux septiia-
g€naire. A French writer ; b. in Paris ;
entered, in 1820, the Ministry of Foreign
Afiairs ; then was, under the 2d empire,
master of ceremonies, retiring in 1874.

Feval, Paul Henri Corentin, 1817-.
Sir Francis Trolopp. A popular French
novelist ; b. at Rennes ; devoted himself
at Paris to literature.

Fewell, Miss IJaura R. Parke Rich-
ards. An American " Southland " writer;
b. in Brents ville. Prince William Co., Va.,
and spent most of her life there ; when
she was sixteen her father died, and she
commenced teaching, and contributed to
"Scotts Magazine" and other journals.

Fibiger, Johannes Henrik Tauber,
1821-. Diodoros. A Danish poet ; b. at
Nykjobing ; studied theology ; and in
1874 became pastor at Valiensved, in

Field, Barron, Esq., 1787-1846. F. ;
B. F. ; A Barrister. An English jurist ;
called to the bar at the Middle Temple,
1814 ; at one time. Advocate Fiscal at
Ceylon; afterwards, Chief Justice of New
South Wales ; and finally, Chief Justice
of Gibraltar; after his retirement from
his judicial functions apd return to Eng-
land, he devoted considerable attention

to dramatic literature; d. at Meadfoot
House, Torquay.

Fiel<l, Charles Wier. Flood ^n Field ;-
Ilarri/ Iliinter. An American writer on
field sports; has contributed to the
"Forest and Stream" under the latter
pseudonym, and to the " Turf, Field, and
Farm" under the former; resides (1885)
in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Field, E. E. F. An English religious

Field, Mrs. E. B. Blanche. An Amer-
ican journalist.

Field, Edwin WUkins, 1804-71. E.
W. F.; A Solicitor. An English lawyer;,
b. in Warwick ; admitted to the bar, 1826;.
and practised law in London ; drowned in
the river Thames.

Field, Eev. John Edward, M.A. A
Graduate of Dame Europa's School. An
English clergyman ; C. of Burnham w»
Boveney, 1878-83 et seq.

Field, Joseph M., -1856. Everpointj
Straws; Old Straws. An American ac-
tor, writer, editor, and manager; b. in
England ; came to the United States at
an early age.

Field, (M.) Kate. Straws, Jr. An
American actress and journalist; daugh-
ter of the preceding ; in 1874, first ap-
pearance at Booth's Theatre, New York

Field, Matthew C, 1812-44. Phazma.
An American poet and prose writer;,
brother of Joseph M. ; b. in London;
contributor to Southern journals; d.
on the passage from Boston to Mo-

Field, Maunsell Bradhurst, A.M.,
1822-75. An Old Stager. An American
lawyer ; b. in New York City ; Yale
Coll., 1841 ; admitted to the New York
bar in 1848; Judge of the 2d District
Court in New York City, 1873-75; d. in
his native city.

Field, Richard M. Ager. An Amer-
ican writer; manager of the Boston

Field, Rev. William, 1767-1851. W.
F. An English local historian; b. in
London ; educ. for the ministry, and was
Pastor at Warwick for 52 years; d. at
Leamington, near Warwick.

Fielding, . Hamet the Moor. An

English poet ; son of the following.

Fielding, Henry., 1707-54. Sir Al-
exander Drawcansir, Knight; Habbakkuk
Hilding, Justice, Dealer, and Chapman ;
Joseph Andrews; John Trottplaid, Esq.;
Scriblerus Secundus ; A Lover of his Coun-
try. An eminent English novelist ; b. at
Sharpham Park, Somersetshire ; engaged




in literary pursuits in London ; and died
in Lisbon, Portugal.

Fielding, Miss Sarah, 1714-68. A
Lady. An English lady ; third sister of
Henry Fielding ; lived and died unmar-
ried at Bath.

File, Charles E., 1843-. C. F. ; Titus
A. Brick. An American journalist, of
New York City.

File, Charles E., P. McCann, and
William H. Muldoon, and Others. The
Man about Town.

Fillebrown, Edward. F.; E. F.
An American Shakespearian scholar, of
Brookline, Mass.

FiUeul, Mrs. Marianne (Girdle-
stone), 1828-. M. P. An English nov-
elist; b. in London; the wife of Eev.
Philip V. M. FiUeul, of Biddisham, Som-

FUlias, Achille Etienne, 1821-.
Charles Besson. A French author and

Filon, Pierre Blarie Augustin,
1841-. Pierre Sandrie. A French writer ;
b. at Paris ; was at first Professor of
Rhetoric at the Lyceum of Grenoble ;
was appointed tutor of the Prince Im-
perial in 1867 ; and in 1870 followed him
into exile.

Finch, Anne, Countess of Winchelsea,
-1720. A Lady. An English poet.

Finch, George. A Member of the
Reformed Catholic Church. An English
religious writer.

Finch, Richard. B. F. ; T. S

Y , Esq.; A Member of One of the

Religious Societies. An English Friend ;
a clock-maker, of White-Hart-Court,
Lombard-street, London.

Findlay, Mrs. Robert (Markland),
-1851. One of the " Belles of Mauchline."

For an account of the " Belles of Mauchline,"
Bee " Gent. Mag.," November, 1851, p. 657.

Findley, William, 1750-1821. A
Citizen. An American politician; b. in
Ireland; came to this country while
young; served in the Revolutionary
War; settled in Pennsylvania; M.C.,
1791-99 and 1803-17 ; d. at Unity Town-
ship, Greensburg, Penn.

Finerty, Hon. John F., 1846-.
J. F. F. An American journalist; b. in
Galway, Ireland ; came to this country,
1864; settled at Chicago, III.; M.C.,

Finlay, K. J. K. J. F.

Finley, IMiss Martha. Martha Far-
quharson. An American writer of chil-
dren's books ; b. in Chillicothe, O. ; in
1853 she went to New York City, and
there commenced her literary career.

For several years past (1881) she has
resided in Elkton, Cecil Co., Md.

Finn, Henry James ; James W.
Miller ; Moses Whitney, Jr. ; and
Oliver C. Wyman. Four of Us. Ameri-
can writers, of Boston.

Firebrace, Rev. John, B.A. A Cler-
gyman of the Church of England.

Fisher, Sidney George. Cecil. An
American writer.

Fisher, Eliza A. Mason. Ida Mason.
An American writer.

Fisher, Miss Frances C. Christian
Reid. An American novelist of the day.

Fisher, G. C. Horus.

Fisher, George Adams. A Yankee
Conscript. An American writer; a com-
pulsory soldier in the Rebel army.

Fisher, Joseph E., 1856-. Mohican.

Fisher, Rev. R. A Citizen of New
York ; Neckar. An American writer on

Fisher, Thomas, Esq., F.S.A., 1772-
1836. An Abolitionist; Antiqiiitatis Con-
servator. An English antiquary ; b. in
Rochester ; clerk at the India House,
1786-1816, and Searcher of Records,
1816-34, when he retired on a pension ;
d. at Stoke-Newington.

Fisk, Rev. Samuel, A.M., 1828-64.
Dunn Broivne. An American clergy-
man ; b. at Shelburne, Mass. ; Amherst
Coll., 1848; Pastor at Madison, Conn.,
1857-61 ; served with distinction in the
late Civil War, and was killed in the
battle of the Wilderness.

Fiske, Nathan, D.D., 1733-99. The
General Observer; A Neighbor; The
Worcester Speculator. An American
Cong, minister; b. in Weston, Mass.;
Harv. Univ., 1754; Pastor of the Third
Church in Brookfield, Mass., 1758-99.

Fiske, Stephen, 1840-. An Ameri-
can; Ariel; Seraph. An American
journalist; b. in New Brunswick, N.J.;
Eutger's Coll., 1861 ; editor of the New
York " Star," and editor of the dramatic
department of the New York " Spirit of
the Times."

Fitch, John. An Officer. An Ameri
can writer.

Fitton, S. M. S. M. F. An English

Fitz-Gerald, Lady Edward, -1831

Fitz-Gerald, Maurice. The Knight
of Kerry. An Irish writer on religion?

Fitzgerald, Percy Hetherington,
M.A., F.S.A., 1834-. Gilbert Dyce ; One
of the Boys. An Irish novelist; b. at
Fane Valley, Co. Louth ; educ. at Stony




hurst Coll., Lancashire, and at Trin.
Coll., Dublin, after wliich he was called
to the bar, and appointed a Crown Prose-
cutor on the North-Eastern Circuit.

Fitzgerald, Robert Allan. Quid.
An English sporting writer.

Fitzgibbon, Edward, 1803-57.
Ephemera. An English sportsman; ed-
itor of " Bell's Life in London."

Fitzpatrick, Thady. T. F. ; Anti-
theatricus ; Candidus; Ingenuus; A. Lover
of Truth; Philo-Tragicus ; Theatricus ;
W. W, An English journalist, of Lon-

Fitzpatrick, William John, LL.D.,
1830-. W. J. F. An Irish miscella-
neous writer; Professor of History and
Archeology in the Royal Hibernian
Academy from 1876.

Fitzwilliam, Richard Fitz-william,
7th Viscount. Atticus. An English

Flack, Capt. . A Hunter; The

Hanger. An English sporting writer; a
hunter in the Southern United States.

Flagg, Edmund, 181 5-. A Traveller.
An American lawyer and journalist; b.
in Wiscasset, Me.; Bowdoin Coll., 1835;
chief clerk of a commercial bureau in
the State Department at Washington
from 1854.

Flagg, Elizabeth E. E. E. F. ;
Bohert Bloomfield. An American reli-
gious writer.

Flagg, Mary. Emeff. An American
journalist, of Kew York City.

Flaherty, W. E. W. E. F. An Eng-
lish historian.

Flaniank, James. Trevelyan Turn-
ham, Esq. An English miscellaneous
writer ; b. in Exeter ; resident some
time at St. Austell, and many years at
Penzance, Cornwall.

Flatman, Thomas, 1633-72. T. F. ;
Montelion, Knight of the Oracle. An Eng-
lish author ; b. in London ; educ. at Ox-
ford; was skilled in law, painting, and

Fleet, William Henry. The Hon.
Francis Thistleton. A Canadian journal-
ist; editor of the "Montreal Transcript"
for some years.

Fleetwood, WUliam, D.D., 1656-
1723. S. T. ; Curate of Wilts. ; A Neigh-
bouring Minister. An English divine ; b.
in London ; successively Bishop of St.
Asaph and Ely.

Fleischner, I. N. Mt. Hood.

Fleming, Caleb, D.D., 1698-1779.
An Advocate of the Christian Revelation ;
Credens ; An English Catholic of the Met-
ropolitan Diocese ; Philalethes_ Londonien-

sis; Philaleutheros ; Philotheorus ; The Late
Master of the Temple; A Layman; A.
Lover of his Country ; A Parishioner of
the Doctor; A Protestant; A Protestant
Dissenter of Old England ; A Protestant
Dissenting Minister ; Rusticus ; A Suf-
ferer for Truth. An English Dissenter;
b. at Nottingham ; succeeded Dr. James
Foster at Pinner's Hall, London.

Fleming, Rev. Francis A., -1793.
Verax. An American Catholic clergy-
man ; a Jesuit father.

Fleming, John, about 1786-1832. A
British Settler. A Canadian merchant;
b. in Aberdeenshire, Scotland; was a
resident of Montreal for 29 years.

Fleming, Mrs. May Agnes (Early),
1840-79. Cousin May Carleton. An
American writer; b. at Portland, St.
John, New Brunswick; after her mar-
riage with Mr. Fleming, a civil engi-
neer, in 1865, resided and d. at Brook-
lyn, N.Y.

Fleming, Rev. Robert, -1716. F. T.
A Scottish divine ; Pastor of a Scotch
church, in Lothbury, London.

Fletcher, Rev. . The Vindicator

of Mr. Wesley's Minutes. An English
Meth. preacher, of Madeley, Co. Salop.

Fletcher, Miss A. One of the Com-
pany. An American lady; one of the
inmates of Fort Sumter.

Fletcher, A. Sheelah.

Fletcher, Mrs. E. E. F. An Eng-
lish writer.

Fletcher, Edw^ard Taylor. Korah;
Tabitha. A Canadian poet, ethnologist,
linguist, and translator; holds an appoint-
ment in the Surveyor's Branch of the
Crown Land Dept., Canada.

Fletcher, Julia Constance. Dudu;
George Fleming. An American novelist.

Fletcher, Mrs. Maria Jane (Jew^s-
bury), 1800-33. M. J. J. An English
poet and prose writer ; b. in Measham,
Warwickshire; in 1833, married Rev.
William Fletcher, missionary to India,
and d. almost immediately on her arrival
with him at Bombay.

Fletcher, Rev. WiUiam., F.R.A.S.
A Country Clergyman. An English writer ;
Rector of Foscott, Bucks.

Fletcher, WiUiam, Esq., -1845. A
Country Gentleman ; Junius Secundus. An
Irish gentleman of great literary taste,
of Merrion Square, Dublin.

Fleuriot, Mile Zenaide Marie Anne.
Anna Edianez. A French novelist ; b. at
Saint Brieuc.

Fleury-Husson, Jules, 1821-. Champ-
fleury. A French author and journalist ;
b. at Laon ; entered a publishing house




in Paris, and afterwards devoted himself
to literature.

FlindeU, Thomas, 1767-1824. An
Uneducated Man. An English journalist
and publisher; b. at Helford; d. at

Flint, Charles L/ouis, and Others.
Eminent Literary Men. American

Flint, Henry M., -1868. The Druid.
An American journalist and miscellane-
ous writer; d. in Camden, N.J.

Flint, Miss Sarah A. S. A. F. An
American writer for the young.

Flint, William. Henry Driiit. An
English writer on the management of

Flood, Henry, 1732-91. Syndercombe.
An Irish poet, orator, and politician;
Member of the Irish H. of C, 1759, and
in 1761 of the British H. of C ; d. at
Farmley, Co. Kilkenny.

Flor, Oscar Charles. O'Squarr. A
Belgian novelist, of Brussels.

Floyd, Mrs. Cornelia. Neil Forrest.
An American Avt-iter for the young.

Foley, Henrj^. II. F. ; A Lay Brother
of the Same Society ; A Member of the
Same Society. An English Jesuit.

Folger, William C F. An Ameri-
can writer, of Nantucket, Mass.

Follen, Mrs. Eliza Lee (Cabot),
1787-1860. A Lady. An American
author; b. in Boston; in 1828 married
Charles Follen ; d. in I3rookline, Mass.

Follett, Oran. 0. F. An American
Shakespeare scholar, of Sandusky, O.

FoUin, Alfred. Captain Tom Single-
ton. An American writer for the young.

Fonnereau, Thomas George. Esq.,
1789-1850. H. E. 0.; A Dutiful Son.
An English writer; d. at Watford,

Fontaney, A. Andrew O'Donnor. A
French writer; contributor to the "Ee-
vue des Deux Mondes," 1835.

Foot, li. A Unitarian. An English

Foote, John P. His Brother. An
American writer ; brother of Samuel E.

Forbes, . A Barrister. An Eng-
lish traveller.

Forbes, Alexander Penrose, D.C.L.,
1817-75. A. P. F. A Scottish clergy-
man ; Episcopal Bishop of Brechin,

Forbes, Duncan, 1685-1747. Philo-
Scotus. A Scottish jurist; b. at CuUo-
den, Co. Inverness ; Lord President of
the Court of Session.

Forbes, Kev. Granville Hamilton,

B.A. G, H. F. ; A Northamptonshire
Rector. An English clergyman; Down-
ing Coll., Cambridge, 1847 ; Rector of
Broughton St. Andrew, Kettering, 1849-
83 et seq.

Forbes, J. H. Arthur Locker. An
English novelist, of London.

Forbes, Jimes David, D.C.L., LL.D.,
1808-68. Glacier Forbes. A Scottish
naturalist ; b. at Colinton, near Edin-
burgh ; educ. at the Univ. of Edin-
burgh ; Principal of St. Salvator's and
St. Leonard's Coll., Saint Andrews,
1860-68; d. at Clifton.

Forbes, John Hay, Lord Medwyn,
1776-1854. A Layman. A Scottish
jurist; a judge of the Court of Session,
1825-52 ; d. at Edinburgh.

Forbes, Patrick, D.D., -1847, Patri-
cius Aberdonensis. A Scottish clergy-
man ; Minister of Old Machar Parish ;
Professor of Humanity in King's Coll.,
Aberdeen ; and d. in that city.

Forbes, Robert, Gent. B. F., Gent. ;
R F , Gent. A Scottish poet.

Forbes, Robert, D.D. Philo-Boske-
lynsis ; Ruling Elder of the Church of
Scotland. A Scottish clergyman; Bishop
of Caithness and Orkney.

Foi-bes, Seloftus D. Oliver Echo;
Sylvan Scribe. An American journalist.

Forbes, Mrs. Simelde. Jessie June.

Ford, Alfred. Balloonist.

Ford, Thomas, D.D., 174.3-1821.
Master Shallow. An eminent English
clergyman ; b. in Bristol ; Christ
Church, Oxford, M.A., 1765; Vicar of
Melton-Mowbray, 1773-1819 ; resided in
Bristol, 1819-21 ; and d. in that city.

Ford, Thomas. T. F. An English
printer, of London.

Ford, Tom. A Boston Supernumerary.
An American writer. ^

Forgues, Paul Emile (Daurand),
18 13-. Old Nick. A French philoso-
pher and journalist, of Paris.

Forney, John Weiss, 1817-81. Occa-
sional. An American politician and
journalist, of Philadelphia ; b. in Lan-
caster, Penn. ; Secretary of the U.S.
Senate, 1861-68; d. in Philadelphia.

Forrest, Frederick. Young D'Urfey.
An English writer, of the last century.

Forrester, Alfred Henry, 1805-72.
Alfred Crou-quill ; The Ghost of Harry the
Eighth's Fool. An English humorous
artist and author; b. in London; resided
and d. there.

Forrester, Andrew. The Female
Detective ; The Private Detective ; The
Detective; The City Detective. An Eng-
lish writer, of London.




Forrester, Charles Robert, 1803-50.
Alfred Crowquill; Hal Willis, Student-at-
Law. An English humorist ; brother of
Alfred Henry Forrester. The two, un-
der the pseudonym of "Alfred Crowquill,"

— Charles as author, and Alfred as ar-
tist and illustrator, — united their forces
for about 18 years, 1827-44, in their lit-
erary career, when Charles discontinued
his literary work, and Alfred became him-
self both author and artist.

Forshall, Rev. Josiah, M.A., F.R.S.,
1797-1863. A Fellow of the Ro>/al and
Antiquarian Societies. An English bibli-
cal scholar; grad. at Exeter Coll., 1818;
Asst. Keeper of the Mss. in the British
Museum, 1824 ; afterwards Keeper and
Secretary; d. at his residence, Woburn
Place, London.

Forster, Johann Georg Adam,
1754-94. J. G. A. F. A German nat-
iiralist ; b. in Dantzic, and Avent with his
father to England when he was about 12
years of age ; Professor of Natural His-
tory in the Univ. of Cassel, 1779 et seq.,
whence he removed to Wilna ; d. in

Forster, John. Philanthropos. An
English Friend, of Warrington, Lan-

Forster, John, 1812-76. J. F. An
English lawyer, author, and journalist;
b. at Newcastle ; educ. at the London
Univ., and called to the bar at the Inner
Temple ; devoted himself to literary
work in London.

Forster, Josiah, 1726-90. A Qua-
ker. An English Friend ; a linen draper,
of Paul's Church Yard, London ; d. at

Forster, Samuel. A Gent. An Eng-
lish writer, of the first part of the 18th

Forster, Thomas, M.D., F.L.S., 1789-
1860. F. ; Alumnus Cnntabrigiensis ; The
Hon. Foreign Secretary to the Annual
Friends' Society ; PhUockelidon ; A Physi-
i-nin ; Cn Phi/sicien Voyoiiear. An Eng-
lish astronomer, naturalist, and meteor-
ologist; b. in London.

Forster, Thomas Ignatius Maria.

— See "Forster, Thomas."

Forsyth, Ebenezer. E. F. ; A Stu-
dent. A Scottish Shakespearian writer
of to-day.

Forteguerri, Nicolo, 1674-1735. Ni-
colb Carteromaco. An Italian priest and
poet ; Bishop of Ancyra.

Fortis, Abbate Giovanni Battista,
1741-1803. Albert. An Italian poet,
naturalist, journalist, and biographer.

Fosberry, Rev. Thomas Vincent,

M.A. T.V.F. An English clergyman
Trin. Coll., Dublin, 1830; Vicar of St.
Giles, Reading, 1857-70 et seq.

Foscolo, Niccol6 Ugo, 1777-1827.
Dedimo Chierico ; Jacopo Ortis. An
eminent Italian poet and miscellaneous
writer; b. in the Island of Zante; re-
sided in England, 1816-27 ; d. at Turn-
ham Green, near London.

Fosdick, Charles A. Harry Castle-
mon. An American novelist.

Foss, Edward, F.S.A., 1787-1870.
John Gifford. An English lawyer and
biographer ; b. in London ; was a Magis-
trate for Kent and Surrey, and Dep.
Lieut, for Kent.

Foster, Arnold. One who knows.
An English writer.

Foster, Catharine. G. F. An Eng-
lish poet and hymn-writer.

Foster, Charles J. Privateer. An
American journalist and sporting writer^
of New York City.

Foster, Clement le Neve, 1841-.
Ossola. An English geologist and
mining engineer; H. M. Inspector of
Mines for Cornwall, etc., from 1873-.

Foster, George G. An Experienced
Carver. An American author and pub-
lisher, of New York City.

Foster, Mrs. Hannah (Webster).
A Lady of Massachusetts. An American
novelist; daughter of Grant Webster, of
Boston, and wife of Rev. Dr. John Fos-
ter, of Brighton ; wrote the first Ameri-
can novel.

Foster, Mrs. I. H. Faye Huntington.
An American novelist.

Foster, James. An Ohio Volunteer.
An American soldier ; present at Hull's
surrender in 1812.

Foster, Rev. John, 1770-1843. A
Quiet Looker-on. An eminent English
essayist; passed the last 18 or 20 years
of his life at Stapleton, near Bristol, in
literary pursuits.

Foster, Miss Mary A., 1823-. 3fary
Neville. An English-American poet and
prose writer; b. near Oxford, England;
came to this country and settled at Col-
umbus, Ohio.

Foster, Mrs. Olive (Leonard), 1819-
81. 0. L. F. An American poet and
hymn-writer, of Raynham, Mass.; in
1847 married Theodore Foster.

Foster, Theodore. Charles Summer-
field. An American author and jour-
nalist ; husband of the preceding.

Foster, Thomas, M.D. Julius Juni-
per; Philostratus. An English writer;
Poet Laureat to the Royal College of




Foster William, 1772-1863. Fianh-
lin. An American merchant ; b. in Bos-
ton ; spent some years at Cadiz, in Spain ;
was in business at Bordeaux, France, for
several years, till 1807, when he settled
in Boston.

Foster, Williaiu C. Timothy Specta-
cles. An American poet.

Foucaux, Charlotte, 1812-. Marie
Summer. A French author ; b. at Paris ;
wife of the orientalist, Edouard Foucaux ;
engaged early in literary criticism ; but
since her marriage, has turned her atten-
tion chiefly to Indian studies.

FouUlie, Alfred Jules Emile, 1838-.
G. Bruno. A French writer ; b. at Poueze
(Maine-et-Loire); in 1872 he was called
to Paris to the Higher Normal School;
but ill-health soon compelled him to re-
tire, and he was admitted to the Retreat
in 1879.

Fould, Mme Willielmine Josephine
Simonin, 1836-. Gustave Mailer ; Valerie.
A French actress, sculptor, and writer ;
b. in Paris.

Fournel, Frangois Victor, 1829-.
Bernadille. A French litterateur; b. at
Cheppy, near Varennes ; devoted him-
self to literary work at Paris.

Fournier, Antoine. Jean Dolent. A
French novelist of to-day.

Fournier, Jules. Auguste Verite'. A
Canadian merchant; b. in France; set-
tled in Montreal.

Fowle, Mrs. Mary, 1703-84. Immor-
tal Molly. A lady of Cambridge, Eng-
land; youngest daughter of Alderman
Fowle, woolen draper of that town, and
d. there.

FoTvle, Rev. Thomas Welbank,
M.A. Cellarius. An English clergj'-
man; Oriel Coll., Oxford, 1858; rector
of Islip, Oxford, 1875-83 et seq.

Fowler, Frank, 1833-63. Harper
Atherton ; A Lounger. An English jour-
nalist, author, and secretary of the Li-
brary Company. In 1855 left England
for New South Wales, and started the
"Month" at Sydney; but soon returned
to England, and in 1862 was editor of
the "Literary Budget," London; d. at
Oakley-cottage, Hammersmith.

Fowler, Moses Field. Moses. An
American writer, of Boston.

Fow^ler, William. The Butcher. An
English writer.

Fox, Charles H. Urastix Bust.
An American compiler of Ethiopian

Fownes, Sir William. Sir W. F.
An Irish gentleman, of Dublin.

Fox, . An Old Correspondent.

An English political writer ; second son oi
Lord Holland.

Fox, Hon. Charles James, 1749-1806.
Carlo Khan ; Cnceus Fidvius ; The Cub ;
The Fox; Right Honourable Mendicant;
The Man of the People ; The Most Unpa-
triotic Man Alive. A celebrated English
orator and statesman ; b. in London ;
Univ. of Oxford, 1766; d. at Chiswick-

Fox, Edward, Esq., 1829-62. Ljinn
Frith. An English poet, of Welling-
ton, Somerset; was drowned while

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