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Fox, Mrs. Emily. Toler King. An
American novelist, of Oregon.

Fox, Franklin. A Sailor. An Eng-
lish writer.

Fox, Henry Richard Vassall, 3di
Baron Holland, 1773-1840. .4 Disciple
of Selden ; An Englishman. An English
statesman; b. at Winterslow-house, in
Wiltshire ; d. at Holland-house, Kensing-

Fox, Myron. 'Reynard. An Ameri-
can journalist, of New York City.

Fox, iirs, Sarah (Hustler), 1800-82.
S. H. F.; Sphinx. An English poet; b.
at Bradford, Yorkshu-e ; in 1825 married
to Charles Fox, who d. at Swathmore,
near Ulverstone ; and after that her home
was at Trebah, near Falmouth, where
she died.

Fox, Rev. Thomas Bayley, A.M.,
1808-76. Solomon Pry. An American
clergyman and journalist; b. in Boston;
Harv. Univ., 1828; Pastor at Newbury-
port, Mass., 1831-45; then in Boston for
some years ; for many years editor of
the Boston " Transcript " ; d. in Dorches-
ter, Mass.

Fox, Rev. William Johnson, 1786-
1864. A Norwich Weaver Boy; Publi-
cola. An English divine, writer, and
statesman; b. at Uggeshall Farm, near
Wrentham, Suffolk; for many years was
a preacher at the South-street Chapel,
Finsbury; M.P. much of the time from
1847 till 1862 ; d. in London.

Foxcroft, Francis [Frank]. Rey-
nard. An American poet and editor;
grad. at Williams Coll. in 1871 ; ass't
editor of the " Boston Journal." In 1883
resident in Cambridge.

Foxcroft, George Augustus, 1815-
75. Job Sass. An American humorist;
b. in Boston ; in 1837 bought a farm in
Dedham, Mass., and lived there till 1846,
when he retm-ned to Boston.

Foxcroft, Rev. Thomas, A.INL, 1697-
1769. T. F. ; An Impartial Hand; Phil -
leuth. Bangor, V.E.B. An Americi.a




Cong, minister, of Boston ; Harv. Univ.,

Fracker, George. The Sole Survivor.
An American sailor.

Frame, Miss Fliza. A Nova Scotian.
A Nova Scotian writer of prose and

Frame, Robert. A Sabbath School
Teacher. A Scottisli (?) poet.

France. Lewis Baboon.

Francis, Henry Ralph, M.A. H. R.
F. An English writer on angling; St.
James' Coll., Cambridge, 1834.

Francis, Sir PMlip, K.B., 1740-1818.
A. Distinguished Living Character ; The
Cocoa-Tree ; Junius. An Irish politician;
b. in Dublin ; educ. chiefly at St. Paul's
School, London ; resided in India, 1774-
81 ; M.P. for Yarmouth, Isle of Wight,
1784- ; received the Order of Bath, 1806;
d. in London.

Francis, Samuel Ward, M.D., 1835-.
A Singular Man. An American miscel-
laneous writer; b. in New York City;
Columbia Coll., 1857 ; M.D., 1860 ; began
to practise in New York City, but after-
wards removed to Newport, R.I., where
he resided in 1879 et seq.

Francke, Hermann, -1882. Mein-
rich Lindau. A German poet and

Francklin, Thomas, D.D., 1721-84.
T. F. An English poet and Greek
scholar ; b. in London ; educ. at AVest-
minster School and Trin. Coll., Cam-
bridge; Rector of Brasted, in Kent, 1776-
84; d. in London.

Franke, H. F. J. H. Rausse.

Franklin, . Fr. . An Eng-
lish gi-ammar master, of Hertford.

Franklin, Benjamin, D.C.L., 1706-
90. A. B. ; Father Abraham ; Anthony
Afterwit; B. B.; The Busybody; Mrs.
Silence Dogood ; A Good Conscience ; Ilis-
toricus; The Left Hand; Medius ; Poor
Richard; Richard Saunders, Philomath;
Celia Single ; A Subscriber ; A Tradesman^,
of Philadelphia. A celebrated American
philosopher and statesman, of Philadel-

Franklin, Gov. William, 1731-1813.
Jack Retort. An American loyalist ; the
natural son of the preceding ; Governor
of New Jersey, 1763-76 ; d. in England.

Franks, Rev. James. A Clergyman.
A British colonial minister, of Halifax,

Frankum, R. R. F. An English

Fransham, John. .7. F. An Eng-
lish statistical writer, of Norwich.

Fraser, Donald, D.D. A Minister.

A Scottish Presbyt. minister, of the
Marylebone Presbyt. Church, London.

Fraser, Miss Jessie. Tasma.

Fraser, Rev. Joshua. A Military
Chaplain. A Canadian clergyman.

Fraser, Patrick, LL.D. A Bystander.
A Scottish lawyer, of Edinburgh (?).

Fraser, W. Father Fitz-Eustace, a
Mendicant Friar ; Randolph Fitz-Eustace.
A Scottish (?) miscellaneous writer.

Fraser, Sir William Augustus, 4th
Bart., 1826-. The Ivniglit of Morar. An
English baronet; M.P. for Barnstaple,
1852-53 and 1857-59; for Ludlow, 1863-
65, and for Kidderminster from 1874.

Fraser's Magazine (Regina) was
founded, February, 1830, by Hugh
Eraser and Dr. William Maginn, and
ceased to be published, November, 1882.

Frazaer, 3Iary. Sarah Marshall
Hay den. An American writer.

This is according to Ralph Thomas.

Frazer, John. J. de Jean. An Irish
poet ; b. in King's Co. ; resided for many
years in Dublin, where he worked as a

Frazei", Rev. P. Aristogeiton. An
English Baptist minister.

Frearson, John. M. Justitia. An
English writer.

Free, John, D.D. An Antigallican ;
A Bishop of the Church of England. An
English clergyman ; Vicar of East
Croker, Somersetshire.

Freeland, Mrs. Carrie J. G. C. J.
An American novelist.

Freeling, Sir Francis, Bart., 1764-
1836. Licius. An English baronet; b.
in Redcliff parish, Bristol; employed in
the General Post-Office, 1787-1836; d.
in London.

Freeman, Rev. Gage Earle, M.A.
Peregrine. An English clergyman and
writer on falconry in the London
"Field"; of Wild Boar Clough, Mac-
clesfield, 1883 et seq.

Freeman, James, D.D., 1759-1835.
J. F. An American clergyman ; b. at
Charlestown, Mass. ; Harv. Univ., 1777 ;
Minister of King's Chapel, Boston, 1782-
1835, and d. in that city.

Freeman, Julia Deane. Mary For-
rest. An American writer.

Freind, John, M.D., 1675-1728. J.
Byfielde. An English classical scholar;
b. at Croton, Northamptonshire, and
educ. at Christ Church, Oxford,

Freke, WUliam, Esq., -1767. W. F.,
Esq.; Gul. Libera Clavis. An English
Unit. ; b. at Hannington, Wilts. ; Wad-
ham Coll., Oxford; afterwards a barris-
ter of law; was fined £500 for publishing





a book against the Trinity, and sen-
tenced to make a recantation in the four
courts in Westminster Hall. He resided
at the Chapelry of Hinton St, Mary,
Co. Dorset, where he died.

Fremont, John Charles, 1813-. The
Pathfinder of the Rocky Mountains. An
American explorer and general ; b. in
Savannah, Ga. ; candidate for the U.S.
presidency in 185G.

French, Miss Alice or Olive. Oc-
tave Thanet. An American writer, of
Davenport, la. ; ednc. at the Abbot
Academy, Andover, Mass.

French, Benjamin Franklin, 1799-.
A Gentleman of Philadelphia. An Ameri-
can poet and scholar ; b. in Virginia ;
studied law; in 1830 became a planter
and merchant of Louisiana; afterwards
removed to New York City.

French, James Clark, and EdAvard
Carey. A Committee appointed hy the
Passengers of the " Oceanus."

French, Mrs. L. Virginia (Smith),
1820-81. L'Inconnue. An American
"Southland" writer; b. in Virginia;
educ. in Pennsylvania, and married in
Tennessee ; d. at McMinnville, Tenn.

French, Nicholas. V. F. An Irish
clerg3'-man; R. C. Bishop Ferns.

French, Robert. A Friend to his
Countrij. An Irish writer.

Frend, William, Esq., M.A., 1757-
1811. A Member of the Senate. An Eng-
lisli writer; b. in Canteibury ; Christ's
College, Cambridge, 1780; fixed his
residence in London, and aided in form-
ing the Eock Life Assurance Co., and
was its Actuary till 1827 ; d. in London.

Freneau, Philip, 1752-1832. Tomo
Cheeki ; HezeJciah Salem ; Robert Slender.
An American poet and journalist; b. in
New York Citj- ; grad. at Nassau Hall,
then known as tlie New Jersey "Log
College," in 1771; passed his life chiefly
in Philadelphia, devoted to literary work ;
perished in a snowstorm, near Freehold,

Frere, B. A Dramatist. An English

Frere, John. D. An English schol-
ar, of Eton Coll. ; one of the editors of
the "Microcosm," 1787.

Frere, John Hookham, M.A., 1769-
1846. William and Robert Whistlecraft.
An English poet and diplomatist ; b. in
Norfolk; M.P., 1796; Minister to Spain,
1818-19 ; passed his last years at Malta,
where he died.

Frere, Rev. R. li. R. L. F. An Eng-
lish clergyman.

Frere, William. W. F. An Eng-

lish writer; Serjeant-at-Law; master of
Downing Coll. — See " S., R."

Freshfield, Mrs. Henry. A Lady
An English traveller.

Frey, Albert R. Caxton. An Amer-
ican bibliographer, of the Astor Library,
New York City.

Frey, Friedrich Hermann, 1839-.
Martin Greif A German poet; b. at
Spires; studied at Munich; entered the
army; became an officer in 1859; re-
signed in 1867; and now (1882) lives in

Friswell, James Hain, 1827-78.
.Toques; Mr. Limbertongue. An English
miscellaneous writer; b. in Newport,
Slu'opshire ; devoted himself chiefly to
literature; d. at Fair Home, Bexley

Fritts, Charles. Excelsior.

Frost, John, LL.D., 1800-59. Wil-
liam V. Moore; A Veteran Soldier. An
American educator; b. in Kennebunk,
Me. ; Harv. Univ., 1822 ; in 1828 he set-
tled in Philadelphia, devoting himself to
teaching and literary work.

Frothingham, Nathaniel Langdon,
D.D., 1793-1870. N. L. F. An Ameri-
can clergyman; b. in Boston; Harv.
Univ., 1811; Pastor of the First Church,
Boston, 1815-50, and afterwards lived
and d. there.

Frothingham, Rev. AVashington.
Hei'mit ; The Hermit of New York;
Macaulay ; M artel ; Rosicrucian. An
American journalist, at different times at
Portsmouth or Concord, N.H., and Roch-
ester, Troy, and Utica, N.Y.

Froude, James Anthony, LL.D.,
1818-. Zeta. An English historian and
journalist; b. at Dartington, Devon;
Exeter Coll., Oxford; lectured in the
United States, 1872-73; has written for
" Eraser " and " Westminster Review."

Fry, Caroline. The Listener. — See
"Wilson, Mrs. Caroline (Frj^)."

Fry, John, 1792-1822. Y. N. ; J—n
F-y ; J. F. An English poet and bibli-
ographer, of Bristol; was a publisher
and bookseller.

Fry, Joseph Storrs, 1767-1835.
Peter Bullcalf. An English Friend, of
Frenchay, and afterwards of Redland,
near Bristol.

Fryatt, Fanny. Sepia.

Fuhrmann, AVtlhelm David. W.
D. F. A German classical scholar and
writer on the Greek and Latin classics.

Fuller, Hiram, about 1815-80. Belle
Brittan ; The White Republican. An
American journalist (b. in Halifax,
Mass.), of New York City; afterwards at




London in support of the " Confeder-

Fuller, James Franklin. Ignotus.
An Irish architect, of Dublin.

Fuller, J. J. Uncle John. An Amer-
ican writer.

Fuller, Jolin James Gibson, 1804-.
Ctiriosus. An Euglish antiquary, of

Fuller, Eev. P. P. F. An English
minister of the first part of the 18th cen-

Fuller, Hon. Timothy, A.M., 1778-
18-35. A Citizen. An eminent Ameri-
can lawyer and statesman; b. at Chil-
mark, Mass.; Harv. Univ., 1801; M.C.,
1817-25; d. at Groton, Mass.

Fullerton, Rev. George Humphrey,
18.38-. Rambler. An American Presbyt.
clergyman; Madison Univ., iH.Y., 1858;
Pastor at Walnut Hills' Church, Cin-
cinnati, 1879-81 et se(j.

Fullilove, Mrs. E. J. Elsie Warwick.
An American writer.

Furly, Benjamia, -1714. B. F. An

English Friend, of Colchester; after-
ward s of Rotterdam, In Holland.

Furman, Gerrit Maspeth. Rusticus,
Gent. An American poet, etc., of Brook-
lyn, N.Y.(?)

Furniss, Louise E. Chollet. An
American writer.

Furniss, William. Will De Grasse.
An American writer.

Fusinato, Arnoldo, 181 7-. Don
Fuso; Fra Fusina. An Italian poet; b.
in Schio, in the district of Vicenza;
studied law at Padua; in 1865 he went
to Florence with his family, and in 1870
to Rome.

Fyers, Lieut.-Col. William Augus-
tus. W. A. F. An English officer; en-
tered the army in 1834 ; Lieut.-Col. of
the Rifle Brigade in 1859.

Fysh, Frederic. F. F. An Eng-
lish writer on religion and theol-

Fy^de, Isabella. Edward and Ruth
Garrett. — See " Mayo, Mrs. Isabella


Gage, Mrs. Frances Dana (Barker),
1808-. Aunt Fanny. An American
writer; b. at Marietta, O. ; in 1828 was
married to James L. Gage, of McCon-
nelsville, where she lived for 25 years,
when, in 1853, the family removed to St.
Louis, Mo.

Galaher, Rev. George Fitzgerald,
M.A. Rev. A — m. An English clergy-
man ; Trin. Coll.. Dublin, 1839 ; P. C. of
St. Mark, Horseleydown, 1845-70.

Gale, Benjamin, M.D., 1715-90. A.
Z. An American physician ; b. in Long
Island; Yale Coll., 1733; settled in Kil-
lingworth, Conn.

Gale, Frederick. F. G. An Eng-
lish writer on school matches and the
laws of cricket.

Gale, Hon. Samuel, 1783-1865.
Nerva. A Canadian jurist ; for many
years a Judge of the Court of Queen's
Bench, Lower Canada.

Gale, William. Aura. An English
journalist, of London.

Gall, Rev. James. A Member of the
Free Church.

Gallagher, William Davis, 1808-.
W. D. G. ; Roderick. An American poet
and journalist; b. in Philadelphia;
chiefly resident at Cincinnati ; and after-
wards lived on a farm near Louisville.

GaUatin, Albert, LL.D., 1761-1849.
A Citizen of Pennsylvania. An Ameri-
can statesman ; b. at Geneva, Switzer-
land; came to this country in 1780; U.S.
Minister to France, 1816-23 ; special en-
voy to Great Britain, 1826 ; d. at Astoria,
Long Island.

Galloway, Joseph, about 1730-1803.
Cicero; Fabricius. An American loyal-
ist ; b. in England ; became a lawyer in
Philadelphia ; went with his daughter to
England in 1778, and there passed the
rest of his life.

Gait, John, 1779-1839. Archibald
Jobhry ; Rev. T. Clark; Rev. Michael Bal-
whidder ; Samuel Prior; Thomas Duffle.
A popular Scottish writer; b. in Ayr-
shire ; devoted himself chiefly to author-

Gait, WiUiam Hamilton, 1856-. Nit-

Gandonniere, Almire. Sir Henri
Mortimer. A French writer; author of
articles in the " Chronique."

Gandy. Edvrard. One of Us. An
English writer.

Gane, William IJaw, 181 5-. The
Lowe Farmer. An English and Canadian
writer; came to Canada in 1860.

Gangooly, Joguth Chunder. A Na-
tive Brahmin. A Hindoo convert of Rev.




C. H. Dall ; came to this countrj' to

Garcia, Eduarda. Daniel. A South
American novelist ; niece of Juan Mauoel
de Rosas.

Garczynski, J. Gar. An American
journalist, of New York City.

Garden, Rev. George. An Unknown
Friend. A Scottish -minister.

Gardener, Sylvan. The liain -Water
Doctor. An American quack; flourished
a while about 1817 at Roxbury, Mass.,
and elsewhere. — See "Hist. Mag.," Feb-
ruary, 1862.

Gardiner, John Sylvester John,
D.D., 1765-1830. X. Z. An Ameri-
<;an P. E. clergyman ; b. in Haver-
ford West, South Wales ; after a pre-
vious visit to Boston, he came to the
United States in 1787 ; and was Rector
of Trinity Church, Boston, 1805-30; d.
at Harrowgate, England.

Gardiner, R. R. G., a Cleric of the
Court of Common Pleas. An English

Gardiner, Richard. William Honey-
■comh, Esq. An English writer.

Gardiner, W. A Gentleman of the
Inner Temple. An English translator.

Gardiner, William, Esq., 1770-1853.
A DileUante. An English writer on
music ; b. in Leicester, where he lived
and died.

Gardiner, Mrs . William. Her Mother.
An American writer.

Gardner, . A Virginian. An

American writer, of Richmond, Va.

Gardner, Alexander. A. G. A
Scottish writer on religious subjects.

Gardner, George H. A Retired Cap-
tain, R.jV. a British naval officer.

Gardner, John. Aurelius. An Ameri-
can political writer.

Gardner, John Lane, 1793-1869. An
Officer of the Litre. An American officer ;
h. in Boston ; served in tlie army with
■distinction, 1812-62 ; d. at Washington.

Gardner, Samuel Jackson, 1788-
1864. Decius. An American journalist
and nnscellaneous writer; b. at Brook-
line, Mass.; editor of the Newark (N.J.)
"Daily Advertiser."

Gardner, William. W. G. An Eng-
lish gentleman, of Richmond.

Garner, Robert, F.L.S. A Naturalist.,
An English naturalist of to-day.

Garnham, Rev. Robert Edward,
1753-1802. Terrce Fill us. An English
•divine; b. at Bury St. Edmunds.

Garnier, Jean Joseph, 1816-. Jules.
A French chemist; in 1855 removed to
Turin, Italy.

Garretson, James Edmund, 1828-.
John Darbij. An American writer ; b. in
Wilmington, Del. ; Prof, of Med. in the
Univ. of Pennsylvania.

Garrick, David, 1716-79. D. G. ;
Oakltj. A famous English actor; b. in
Hereford ; passed his life in London ;
and left an estate valued at £140,000.

Garrick, Mrs. Marion Eva, 1725-
1822. Violette. A German lady; wife of
the preceding.

Garvie, William. Barney Rooney.
A Nova Scotian journalist at Halifax,
having previously acted as such at Edin-

Gaspey, Thomas. George Godfrey.
An English author and journalist; com-
menced his literary career in 1809, as re-
porter on the "Morning Post" (London).

Gassaway, Frank. Derrick Dodd.
An American writer.

Gassett, Henry, 1813- A Member of
the Suffolk Committee. An American
bibliographer ; b. in Boston ; Harv. Univ.,
1834; in 1884 resided in Braintree, Mass.

Gaston, Mrs. A. F. A. F. G. An
English writer on domestic economy.

Gathercole, Rev. Michael Augus-
tus. L. S. E. An English divine ;
Vicar of Chatteris, Cambs., 1845-77, and
resident at the Manor House, Chatteris,
1877-83 et seq.

Gatty, Alfred, D.D., 1813-. A. G.
An English clergyman and miscellane-
ous writer; b. in London; B.A., Oxford,
1836 ; Vicar of Ecclesfield, near Shef-
field, 1839-83 et seq.

Gatty, Mrs. Margaret (Scott), 1809-
73. Aunt Judy. An English writer;
wife of the preceding ; b. in Burnham,
Essex; editor of "Aunt Judy's Maga-
zine," 1866-73 ; d. at Ecclesfield.

Gaume, Frangois. F. G. A French

Gauntlett, Rev. Henry. Detector.
An English clergyman ; Vicar of Olney,
Bucks. ; for many years teacher of a
college for the instruction of candidates
for the ministry.

Gauntley, ' AA^illiam, 1775-1860.
TF. G. ; A Temperate Drinker. An Eng-
lish Fi'iend, of Bakewell, Derbyshire ;
an elder.

Gautier, Judith. — See " Me'ndes,
Judith (Gautier)."

GaA'in, Antoine, 1680-. Gabriel d'Em-
iliane. A French secular R.C. priest at
Saragossa, and from 1715 minister of the
English Church.

Gaye, Selina. ^4 Clergyman's Daugh-
ter. An English writer for the young.

Gayet, Sebastien. 1815-. Se'bastien




Ehgal. A French clerk in the publishing
house of Gide Jils, and, it is said, a dra-
matic artist.

Gayette-Georgens, Jeanne Marie,
1817-. Jeanne Marie. A German
author ; b. at Kolberg ; passed her youth
in Breslau and Hirschberg; later mar-
ried the teacher Jan Daniel Georgens,
with whom, 1856-63, she kept a school
for weak-minded children at Vienna, and
has since 1867 resided in Berlin.

Gazley, Alien W. Cephas Broadluch.
An American humorous writer.

Geddes, Kev. Alexander, 1737-1802.
Theomophiliis Broini ; II. W. C(oulthurst),
D.D.; A Protesting Catholic; An Upper
Graduate. A Scottish E.G. divine ; b. in
the parish of Euthven, Co. Banff; was
suspended from his clerical office ou
account of his translation of the Bible ;
d. in London.

Geer, John James. A Yankee Pris-
oner. An American officer in the late
civil war.

Geiger, Annie, about 1850-. Maria
Bogor. A French writer; b. at Stras-
bourg; in 1870 she went to Java, and
spent three years ; in 1874 took up her
residence at Florence, and devoted her-
self to literary pursuits.

Geldart, Martin. Nitram Tradleg.
An English writer of the dav.

Gell, Sir William, '1777-1836.
W. G. An eminent English classical
antiquary; after 1820 resided at Eome
or Naples.

GeUie, Mary E. M. E. B. An Eng-
lish writer for the young ; wife of Wil-
liam Gellie (?).

Gemmer, Caroline M. Gerda Fay.
An English writer of to-day for the

Genet, Edinond Charles, 1765-1834.
A Citizen of Neio York. A French diplo-
matist ; b. at Versailles ; ambassador to
the United States, 1792 ; d. at Schodac,

Genlis, Mme S. F. D. de Saint- Aubin,
1746-1830. S. F. Brulart de Siller,/. An
eminent French author ; b. near Autun,
in Burgundy; passed her life chiefly in
Paris, engaged in literary labor.

Gent, Mrs. L. C. G. An English

Gentleman, Francis, 1728-84. The
Authors of the " Dramatic Censor." An
Irish actor and poet ; b. in Dublin ; first
appearance in that city ; after playing in
London and some provincial towns, he
settled at Malton ; but soon returned to
London, and thence to Ireland, where
he d. in poverty.

GeogMgan, R. Patricius. An Irish
George (William Frederick) III.,

1738-1811. Farmer George; Ralph Rob-
inson. King of Great Britain.

George (Augustus Frederick) IV.,
1762-1830. Admiral George Carlton^
King of Great Britain.

George, Prince of Wales [afterwards
George IV. of England]. A Very Exalted
Subject in His Majesty's Dominions.

George of Prussia, Prince, 1826-.
Georg Conrad. A German dramatic
poet; b. at Berlin; son of Prince Fried-
rich ; has lived from his early life in
Diisseldorf, where his father held his
court. His latest drama is "Katharina
von Medici," 1881.

George, Miss H. Maria. H. M. G. ;
Clinton Montague.

George, William. Frater; A Mem-
ber of the Worcester Anglers^ Society. An
English writer on angling; now editor
of the "Worcester Herald."

Gerard, Cecile Jules Basile, 1817-
64. The Lioii-Killer. A French officer ;
killed 25 lions, 1844-55.

Gerard, James Watson, LL.D. A.
Fishe Shelley. An American lawyer and
poet, of New York City ; Columbia Coll.,

Gerard, Jean Ignace Isidore, 1803-
47. J. J. Grandville. A French carica-
turist; b. at Nancy; in 1824 went to
Paris to exercise his art ; and d. there.

Gerhard, Dagobert von, 1831-. Ger-
hard von Amyntor. A German poet; b.
at Liegnitz ; since 1871 has resided at

Germa, Blaurice, 1825-. Maurice Cris-
tal. A French journalist.

Gerry, Mrs. H. B. H. B. G. An
American writer.

Getchell, JMiss Florence B. Florence
B. Hallowell. An American writer.

Gib, T. T. G. An English religious
writer, of the earlier part of the 18th

Gibbon, Eev, Charles. C. G. A
Scottish minister, of Lonmay, Co. Aber-

Gibbons, Mrs. Anne Trelawny,
1813-. Anne Trelawny. An English
author, of Cornwall ; b. at Penquite,.
near Fowey.

Gibbons, James S. Robert Morris.
An American writer on banks and fin-
ance, of New York City,

Gibbons, Ij. Three Friends. An
American writer.

Gibbs, George 31. Un Citoyen des
Etats-Unis ; A Member of the Committee of




Peace in Paris. An American writer, of
Springfield, Mass. (?).

Gibbs, Joseph H. J. E.G. An Eng-
lish poet.

Gibbs, Montgomery. Gilbert Morti-
mer. An English miscellaneous writer,
of the day.

Gibbs, Silvanus. A Lover of the Pure
Gospel. An English controversial writer,
of Cornwall ; son of Eev. Silvanus Gibbs,
minister of the Unit. Congregation, at
Devonport, 1820-57.

Giberne, Agues. A. G. An English
writer of the day, for the young.

Gibney, Capt. . A Wounded Offi-
cer. An English East Indian officer.

Gibson, Atkinson F., 1764-1829. A.
F. G. An English Friend, of Saffron
Walden, Essex.

Gibson, Edmund, D.D., 1669-1748.
Rev. Dr. Codex. An eminent English
prelate ; b. in Bampton, Westmoreland ;
Bishop of London, 1723-48.

Gibson, Henry. Harry Hunter.

Gibson, John. Scotus. A Scottish

- Gibson, Mary. Frank Stanley. An
American writer.

Gibson, Mary Frances. Winnefred.

Gibson, Mary W. Stanley. Winnie

Gibson, William. A Friend in the
Country. An English Friend, of London.

Gibson, William Sydney, F.S.A.
William de Tyne. An English writer;
formerly Bankruptcy Registrar at New-

Or, William Bambridge, Esq., of Newcastle-
on-Tyne, barrister, who died Dec. 13, 1869, about
60 years old.

Giddings, Hon. Joshua Reed, 1795-
1864. Pacijicus. An eminent American
statesman ; b. at Athens, Penn. ; M.C.,
1838-59 ; d. at Montreal, Canada.

Giddings, Luther. An Officer of the
\st Refft. of Ohio Vols.

Giffard, Pierre. Henri Charlet. A
Erench writer.

Gifford, Rev. Richard, 1725-1807.
R. Duff. An English clergyman ; Rector
of North Okendon, Essex, 1772-1807,
and Vicar of Duffield, in Derbyshire,
1759-1807, where he chiefly resided and
where he died.

Gifford, William, 1756-1826. A
Third Member of this " Symposium." An
eminent English critic; b. at Ashburton,
Devon.; editor of the "Anti-Jacobin,"
1797-98 ; and of the " London Quarterly
Review," 1809-24.

GUbart, James WUliani, F.R.S.,
1794-1863. A Fellow of the Boyal Society.

An English writer ; general manager of
the London and Westminster Bank.

Gilbert, Frederic. Yveling Bamhaud.
An English writer.

Gilbert, G. Gurth. An English

Gilbert, Sir Geoffrey, 1674-1726. A
Late Ijearned Judge. A British jurist :
Chief Baron of the Exchequer in Ireland,
1715 or 1716, and in England, 1725.

Gilbert, James Anthony. A Friend.
An English officer ; Captain in the Royal

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