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Artillery, 1837.

Gilbert, John T. An Irish Archivist.
An Irish writer of the day.

Gilbert, Mrs. R. L. Charles D. Knight.
An American writer of fiction, of the

GUbert, Richard, Esq., 1794-1852.
R. G. An English printer, of Loudon ;
b. and d. in that city.

Gilbert, WUliam Schwenck, 1836-.
Bab; Tomline La Tour. An English
dramatist and contributor to periodical
literature, of London; b., educ, and
lives in that city.

Gilchrist, John James, LL.D., 1809-
58. Tristram Sturdy, Esq. An Ameri-
can jurist; b. at Medford, Mass.; Harv.
Univ., 1828; Chief Justice of the U.S.
Court of Claims at Washington, where
he died.

Gilder, Miss Jeanette L. Brunsiuick ;
Erasmus. An American journalist ;
editor of the New York " Critic," and
correspondent of the " Boston Saturday
Evening Gazette" and "Philadelphia

Gilder, Joseph B. The Lounger.
An American journalist, of New York

Gilder, Richard Watson, 1844-.
Old Cabinet. An American poet and
journalist; associate editor from 1870,
and editor of the " Century," N.Y., from
1881 ; was b. in Bordentown, N.J. ;
served a short time in 1863 in the 1st
Philadelphia Artillery in the defence of
Carlisle, etc.

Giles, Alfred E. A Citizen of Massa-
chusetts. An American writer of the

Giles, William Branch, 1762-1830.
A Native of Virginia. An American
statesman ; b. in Amelia Co., Va. ; M.C.,
1790-98 and 1801-2 ; U.S. Senator, 1805-
15, and Governor of Virginia, 1827-30;
d. at " The Wigwam," in his native coun-

Gill, Rev, J. A Manchester Layman.
An English writer.

GiUe, Charles Eugene, 1820-5&




Athanase Piedfoot. A French lyric poet
and dramatist.

Gillespie, William Honynian.
Ter-Tisanthrope. A Scottish (?) tlieo-
logical writer of the day.

Gillespie, WiUiam Mitchell, LL.D.,
1816-68. A NeAO Yorker. An Ameri-
can civil engineer; b. in New York City;
Columbia Coll.. 18."4; Prof, in Union
Coll., Schenectady, N.Y., 1845-68; d. in
his native city.

Gillies, Mar5'. Harriet ]\Ji;rtle. —
See "Miller, Mrs. Mary (Gillies)."

Gillies, Robert Pearce. KemperJiau-
sen. A Scottish journalist ; liv^ near
Edinburgh ; first editor of the " Foreign
Quarterly Review"; a friend of Sir
Walter Scott.

Gillmore, Parfeer. Ublque. An
English (?) sporting writer.

Gilman, Mrs. Caroline (HoTvard),
1794-. Mrs. Clarissa Packard; A New
England Bride ; A New England House-
keeper ; A Southern Matron. An Ameri-
can lady ; b. in Boston, Mass. ; in 1819
married Samuel Gilman, D.D., of
Charleston, S.C. ; in 1883 et seq. lived in
Cambridge, Mass.

Gilman, Samuel, D.D., 1791-1858.
S. G.; A Member. An Artierican cler-
gyman ; b. in Gloucester, Mass. ; Harv.
Univ., 1811 ; in 1819 married the preced-
ing ; Pastor at Charleston, S.C, 1819-58 ;
d. at Kingston, Mass.

Gilman, Mrs. Stella (Scott), 1844-.
Mrs. Marion Vaughn. An American
author; b. in Alabama; in 1885 a resi-
dent in Cambridge, Mass.

Gilmer, Francis W., Esq. A Virgin-
ian. An American lawyer; at one time
reporter to the Court of Appeals of Vir-
ginia; d. early.

Gilmer, John Harmer. A Virginian.
An American writer on finance, etc.

Gilmore, James Roberts, 1823-.
Edmund Kirke. An American writer;
b. in Boston ; in 1857 retired from busi-
ness, and engaged in journalism and

Gilmore, Rev. Joseph Henry, A.M.,
1834-. Genesee. An American divine
and educator; b. in Boston; Brown
Univ., 1858 ; Prof, at the Univ. of Roch-
ester, N.Y., 1867-83 et seq.

Gilmour, Rev. James, M.A. Hoinos.
An American clergyman ; Union Coll.,
1850; in 1868 of Brooklyn, N.Y.

GUpin, Rev. William, 1724-1804.
■Josiah Frampton. An English clergy-
man; b. at Carlisle; Queen's Coll., Ox-
ford; Vicar of Boldre and Prebendary
■of Salisbury.

Gilroy, Clinton G. A Wayfaring
Man. An English writer.

Girard, Pierre, -1882. Piccadilly.
A French journalist of the day.

Girardin, Delptine Gay de, 1804-
55. Delphine Gay; Vicomfe Delaunay.
A popular French writer ; b. at Aix-la-
Chapelle ; wife of the following ; of
Paris, where she died.

Girardin, Emile de, 1802-81. JSmile.
Delumothe ; La Girandole, i.e. Weathercock.
An eminent French journalist and politi-
cian ; b. in Switzerland ; removed to
Paris and engaged in literary work, from
which he retired in 1880 at San Remo,
where he died.

Girette, Jules. Jides Rornain. A
French writer; secretary of M. de
Mackau, Minister of Marine.

Gladstone, John. An Edinburgh
Burgess o/'1786.

Gladstone, Thomas H. The English-
man. An English traveller.

Gladstone, William E^vart, D.C.L.,
1809-. Bartholomew Bouverie ; The Chan-
cellor of the Exchequer ; Etonian; Etonien-
sis ; Gladiolus ; Mr. Gresham ; William.
An English statesman; b. at Liverpool ;
educ. at Eton and Oxford; B. A., 1831;
prime minister, 1868-74 and 1880-85.

Glascock, William Nugent. An
Officer of Rank. An English novelist;
a captain in the Royal Navy.

Glaser, Adolf, 1829-. Reinald Beimar.
A German author; b. at Wiesbaden; at-
tended there the Royal Gymnasium, and
later the Univ. of Berlin ; edited the Ber-
lin " Monatshefte," 1856-78 ; at present
(1882) lives in Darmstadt.

Glass, Rev. John, 1698-1773. A Scot-
tish clergyman ; b. and d. at Dundee.

Glassbrenner, Adolf, 1810-76. Adolf
Brennglas. A German satirical poet and
writer ; b. at Berlin ; passed his life there
in literary pursuits, and d. there.

Glasse, Dr. . A Country Magis-
trate. An English law writer.

Glasse, Mrs. Hannah. A Lady. An
English author.

Glasse, Samuel, D.D. The Minister
of a Parish. An English clergyman;
Rector of Wanstead, Essex.

Glassford, James, Esq. ./. G. A
Scottish advocate, of Dougalston.

Gleig, Rev, George Robert, 1796-.
G. B. G.; An Eyewitness ; An Officer
who served in the Expedition. A Scot-
tish clergyman ; served in the Peninsula
War, and in the War of 1812-15 in Amer-

Glenn, Rev. William. A Village Cu-
rate. An Irish clergyman ; Trin. Coll.,




Dublin; C. of Derryloran, Cookstown,
€o. Tyrone, 1880-83 et seq.

Gloag, J. A. Lake. Ekal Gaolg. A
Scottish novelist of the day.

Glossop, Maria Elizabeth, 1851-.
Maria Harris. An English actress.

Glover, Mrs. Elliot. Elinor Vei/. An
American journalist.

Glover, Richar.d, 1712-85. A Cele-
brated Literary and Political Character ;
An Old Member of Parliament. An Eng-
lish merchant and famous poet and Greek
scholar; M.P. from 1760.

Glover, William, M.D. One of the
People. A Scottish physician.

Glubb, Eev. Peter Southmead, B.D.,
1819-. P.8.G. An English clergyman;
h. at Liskeard ; Sidney Sussex Coll., Cam-
bridge, B.D., 1857 ; Vicar of St. Anthony-
in-Meneage, 1858-83 et seq.

Gliiek, Elizabeth, 1815-. Betty Pa-
oli. A German poet and prose writer ;
b. in Vienna ; the daughter of a physi-
cian ; since 1852 has resided in her native

Goddard, William, 1740-1817. An-
drew Marvel. An American journalist;
at Providence, 1762; at Philadelphia,
1767; Baltimore, 1773-92, when he re-
turned to Rhode Island ; d. at Provi-

Godolphin, William, Marquis of
Blandford. An English Traveller at

Godwin, Mrs. Mary Wollstoncraft,

1759-97. Mrs. W . An English

author ; b. in London ; d. in Somers-


Godwin, WiUiam, 1756-1836. Rev.

Edward Baldwin ; Theophilus Marcliffe ;■
A Lover of Order ; Verax ; The Sir Hil-
debrand Ilorrible of the English Novelists.
An English novelist ; b. in Cambridge-
shire ; studied theology at Hoxton ; after
preaching five years, removed to London,
and began his career as an author ; and
d. in that city.

Goetz, Mrs. Angelina (Levy). Ange-
lina. An English song-composer.

Gogol, Nikolai Vasilievich, 1809-52.
V. Alif: A Russian Noble. A celebrated
Eussian litte'rateur : passed his later years
in Moscow.

Goldicutt, John, 1793-1842. J. G.
An English architect ; studied at the
Royal Academy in Paris, and in Rome ;
■was one of the secretaries of the Insti-
tute of British Architects.

Goldschmidt, Meyer Aaron. Adolf
Metier. A Danish poet and journalist,
of Copenhagen.

Goldsmith, James Carleton [or Jay

Carlton]. Goldie ; Jay Carlton [or
Charleton']. An American writer.

Goldsmith, Oliver, 1728-74. Master
Michael Angelo ; The Citizen of the World ;
A Chinese Philosopher ; A Nobleman. An
eminent Irish author; b. in Leinster;
from 1756 led a literary life in London.

Gonzales, Louis Jean Emmanuel,
1815-. Caliban. A French journalist
and romance writer ; b. at Salutes (Nie-
dercharente); studied in Paris; then de-
voted himself to literary pursuits.

Goodale, Elaine, and Dora Reed.
Tivo Children. American poets, of Sky-
Farm, South Egremont, Mass.; Elaine,
b. 1863; Dora Reed, 1866.

Goodale, Miss Mary Green. Edith
Alston. An American "Southland"
poet; b. in New Orleans; began to write
poetry at the age of twelve years.

Goode, Very Rev. William, D.D.,
F.S.A., 1801-68. A Clergyman; Phi-
lalethes. An English clergyman ; Trin.
Coll,, Cambridge, 1825; Dean of Ripon,
1860-68; editor of the "Christian Ob-

Goodman, Miss Margaret. An Eng-
lish Sister of Mercy. An English ladj^ ; a
Sister of Mercy at Devonport.

Goodrich, Frank Boott, 1826- Dick
Tinto. An American writer ; b. in Bos-
ton ; Harv. Univ., 1845 ; for several
years the Paris correspondent of the New
York " Times."

Goodrich, H. Nevrton. Beelzebub.
An English poet.

Goodrich, Samuel Griswold, 1793-
1863. 0. B. ; Peter Parley. An Ameri-
can popular and miscellaneous writer,
chiefly for the young; b. at Ridgefield,
Conn!; U.S. Consul at Paris, 1848-52; d.
in New York City.

Goodridge, IMrs. Mary Williams
(Greeley). Dorothy Dudley. An Amer-
ican writer.

Goodwin, George B. Lknnis Mul-

Goodwyn, Ma j. -Gen. Julius Ed-
mund, C.B. Gershom. An English
ofiicer; entered the army, 1844; Lieut.-
Col. 41st Foot, 1854; Colonel, 1858; dis-
tinguished himself in the Eastern cam-
paign of 1854-55.

Goorbeyre, Dr. Imbert. Un Etho-
phile. A French physician ; nephew of
Admiral Goorbeyre; d. Guadeloupe.

Gordon, Archibald D. The Prowler.
An American journalist, of New York

Gordon, Clarence. Vietix Moustache.
An American novelist of the day.

Gordon, George. Will Honeycomb.




Gordon, James. Amicus. A Scot-
tish advocate, of Craig.

Gordon, Col. James. Pious Jeems.
An American writer.

Gordon, John M. Vindex. An Amer-
ican writer.

Gordon, Thomas, 1684(1 )-1750. Ca-
to; An Englishman ; ALai/man. A Scot-
tisli religious and political writer; b. at
Kirkcudbright, Galloway ; and settled in

Gordon, William. A Citizen of Aber-
deen ; Purenthenopeus Heieticus.

Gore, Mrs. Catherine Frances Grace
(Moody), 1799-1861. C. F. G. : A Des-
ennuyee. An English novelist ; b. at
East Retford, Notts.; in 1823 married
Capt. Charles A. Gore ; devoted her life
chiefly to literary work ; d. at Linwood,

Gore, Christophei-, LL.D., 1758-1827.
Manlius. An American statesman; b. in
Boston; Harv. Univ., 1776 ; Governor of
Massachusetts, 1809-14; United States
Senator, 1814-17 ; d. at Waltham, Mass.

Gore, John, Baron Annaly. A Nolle
Lord and Eminent Laicyer. An English

Gorman, Charles O. An Irish Catho-
lic Whig. An American politician.

Gorman, Rev.Thomas Murray, M.A.
T. M. G. An English clergyman ; Hert-
ford Coll., Oxford, 1863; inl883 resident
at Invermore, Woodstock-road, Oxford.

Gorst, Gilpin. The Deputy Governor.
An English author.

Gosliii, S. B. 8. B. G. An English
writer of the day.

Gosling, Charles, about 1657-1747
or 48. The British Timon. An English
woman-hater; b. in London, and d. there.
— See "Gent. Mag.," November, 1784, p.

Gosnell, William. Fogarty 0' Fogar-
iy, Esq., of Biarrwy. An Irish poet;
contributor to " Blackwood."

Goss, Elbridge Henry, 1830-. Elhe-
gos. An American author ; b. in Boston ;
Treasurer of the Melrose (Mass.) Sav-
ings Bank.

Goss, Warren Lee. A Soldier. An
American soldier of the 2d Mass. Reg't
of Heavy Artillery in the late civil war.

Gottschalk, Louis Moreau, 1829-
69. A Pianist. An American musician ;
b. at New Orleans ; educ. in Paris ; made
professional tours in Europe and the
United States ; d. near Eio Janeiro.

Gough, Eev. Benjamin. A Brother
Metliodist. An English Wesleyan Meth-

Gough, John. An Englishman.

Gough, Eev. John. Philalethes. An
English clergyman; Eector of Kirk-
Ireton, Derbyshire.

Gough, Richard, 1735-1809. Clio-,
R. G. ; D. II. ; A Layman ; R. G., jun-
ior. An eminent English antiquary;
"the Camden of the 18th century"; b.
in London ; devoted his life to antiquari-
an research ; d. at Enfield.

Gould, Benjamin F. 8eth Spicer.

Gould, Edward S., 1808-. Cassio ;
The Man in the Claret Cohi-ed Coat. An
American merchant, of New York City,
and litte'rateur ; b. at Litchfield, Conn.

Gould, James Li. Harry Hunter.
An American writer, of New York City.

Gould, Sylvester C, 1840-. Godfrey.
An American journalist; b. in Weare,
N.H. ; now (1885) publisher of "Notes
and Queries," Manchester, N.H.

Gould, Rev. William, A.M. Com-
moner. An English clergyman of the
18th century.

GoTvan, William. Western Memo-
rabilia. An American bookseller and
bibliographer, of New York City.

Gower, Foote, M.D. A Fellow of the
Antiquarian Society. An English physi-

GraflF, John Franklin. Grayheard.
An American novelist of the day.

Graham, Eev. . Taoalttbob. An

English writer ; a clergyman of the 18th

Graham, Mrs. Elizabeth Susanna
(Davenport), 1763-1844. Theresa Tidy.
An English writer for children ; daughter
of John Davenport, Esq., and widow of
Thomas Graham, Esq., of Edmond Cas-
tle, Cumberland, and of Lincoln's Inn,
London ; d. at Clapham Common, a
suburb of London.

Graham, Esther, -1859. Madge
Wildfire. A Scottish rustic beauty;
made insane by her wrongs ; dwelt in
the old Quarry Hill of Melrose ; d. in
the road, near Ellwand-bridge.

Graham, Sir James Robert George,
2d Bart., LL.D., 1792-1861. A Cumber-
land Land-oirner. An English states-
man ; a member of the English Ministry
most of the time. 1830-55.

Graham, Eev. John. A Member of
the Synod of United Original Seceders,
A Scottish minister of the 18th cen-

Graham, Robert, M.D., 1786-1846,
i?. G. A Scottish physician and botan-
ist; b. at Sterling; Professor of Botany
at Glasgow, about 1818 ; in the Univ. of
Edinburgh, 1820.

Graham, Eev. William. A Friend




to tite Natural and Religious Ric/hts of
Mankind, An English clergyman, of

Grahame, James, 1765-1811. Cal-
vinus. A Scottish poet and advocate;
b. at Glasgow, and educ. at the Univ.
there j was till 1809 an advocate at Edin-
burgh; was a curate at Shipton, Glouces-
ter, England, 1809-11; d. at Glasgow.

Grainger, James, M.D., 1723(1 )-G7.
A Physician in the West Indies. A Scot-
tish physician; b. in Dunse, Co. Berwick;
practised his profession first in London ;
then at St. Christophers, West Indies,
where he died.

Gramont, Antoine Agenor Alfred,
Due de, 1819-. Andreas Memor. A
French diplomatist.

Granger, Gideon, 1767-1822. AUjer-
non Sidnei/ ; Senectus; Epaniinondas. An
American lawyer and statesman; b. at
Suffield, Conn.; Tale Coll., 1787; in 1814
removed to Canandaigua, N.Y., where he

Grant, Alexander H., M.A. A. H.
G. ; FranJc Seajield. An English poet of
the day.

Grant, Mrs. Anne (McVickar), 1755-
1838. An American Ladtj. A Scottish
writer ; b. at Glasgow ; spent some years
with her father in America ; in 1779 mar-
ried Rev. James Grant of Laggan, in In-
vernesshire; in 1810 removed to Edin-
burgh, and d. there.

Grant, Sir Charles. Simplicius. An
English statesman.

Grant, Sir Francis, Lord CuUen,
about 1660-1726. «**; A Magistrate in
the Countrg ; A Country Gentleman. An
eminent Scottish lawyer and judge.

Grant, G. A Veteran Stager. An
English writer.

Grant, Gertrude, -1883. Gerald
Grant. An English novelist; d. at
Goritz, Austria.

Grant, James. J. G., Late Serrish-
tehdar of Bengal. A British colonial

Grant, James. 1802-79. Mask;
One of No Party. A Scottish journalist
and miscellaneous writer; b. at Elgin,
Morayshire ; removed to London in
1834 ; editor of the " Morning Adver-
tiser," 1850-70.

Grant, Judith T. J. T. G. An Eng-
lish religious biographer.

Grant, William, and Brothers.
Cheeryhle Brothers. An English mercan-
tile firm of Manchester. W. Grant
(1775-1842) d. at Springside, near Bury;
was a magistrate and dep.-lieut. of his

Granville, Augustus Bozzi, M.D.,

1783-1872. A. B. G******** ; An Eng-
lish phj'sician and traveller ; b. at Milan ;
resided chiefly in London when not trav-
elling; d. at Dover.

Granville, George, Lord Viscount
Lansdowne, 1667-1735. A Nobleman
Abroad. An English poet.

Grasberger, Hans, 1836-. Karl
Birhenbuhl. An Austrian poet; b. at
Marktflecken, Obtach; studied law at
Vienna, 1856-60; studied art in Italy,
1867-73; since 1870 the art-editor of the
Vienna "Presse."

Grascome, Samuel. S. G. An
English religious WTiter.

Gratacap, Paul Antoine, 1788-.
Cap. A French naturalist and scientific

Grattan, Thomas Colley, 1796-1864.
A Walking Gentleman. A popular Irish
novelist; b. in Kildare; British consul at
Boston, 1839-53.

Graves, Rev. Richard, 1715-1804.
The Editor of " Columella," " Eugenius,"
etc. ; The Editor of the " Spiritual Quix-
ote" ; Euphrosyne ; A Nonagenarian; An
Intimate Friend of His; Rev. P. P.,
M.A. ; Peter Pomfret ; Peter of Ponte-
fract; Geoffrey Wildgoose. A popular
English poet and novelist; Rector of
Claverton, near Bath, 1750-1804.

Graves, Samuel, 1788-. Ulysses,
An English political writer, of Col-

Gray, . A Scots Gentleman. A

Scottish writer of the first part of the
18th century.

Gray, Rev. Andrew. A Free Church-
man ; A Minister of a Chapel of Ease,
A Scottish minister, of Perth.

Gray, Asa, M.D., LL.D., 1810-.
A. G. An eminent American botanist;
b. at Paris, Oneida Co., N.Y. ; Fisher
Prof, of Natural History at Harv. Univ.,
1842-84 et seq.

Gray, Harrison. A Friend to Peace
and Good Order. An American loyalist ;
Receiver General of Massachusetts; in
1776 went to England, and d. there. He
was the grandfather of Harrison Gray
Otis, of Boston.

Gray, Miss Louisa M. Kate Thome.
A Scottish (?) novelist.

Gray, Rt. Rev. Robert, D.D. The
Bishop of Capetoicn. An English clergy-
man ; Univ. Coll., Oxford, 1831 ; Bishop,

Gray, Simon. George Purees. An
English miscellaneous writer.

Gray, W. A Forfarian. A Scottish




Graydon, Alexander, 1752-1818. A
Desidtorij Header. An American writer ;
b. at Bristol, Penn. ; resided in Philadel-
phia, 1816-18, where he died.

Grayson, WiUiam J., 1788-1863. Cur-
tins. An American poet and politician,
of Charleston, S.C. ; b. in Beaufort, S.C. ;
South Carolina Coll., 1809; M.C., 1833-
37; d. at Newbern, N.C.

Great Britain and Ireland. John

Greatrex, Rev. Charles Butler. Abel
Log. An English clergyman ; Curate
in charge of Echinswell w. Sydmonton,
Hants., 1878-79; in 1880 et seq. resided
at Burghclere, Newbury.

Greaves, Alexander. Philalethes.
An American writer.

Greaves, Eev. Thomas Berkeley.
Solomon SecondsigJit. An English poet
and novelist.

Greeley, Horace, 1811-72. R. G.
An American journalist ; b. in Amlierst,
N.H. ; went to New York City in 1831 ;
and was there engaged in journalism till
his death at his country residence near
Chappaqua, N.Y.

Greeley, Miss Mary Williams. Doro-
thy Dudley. — See " Goodridge, Mrs. Mary
Williams (Greeley)."

Greely, Robert H. Bob O' Gotham.

Green, Duflf, 1794-1875. An Ameri-
can. An American lawyer, journalist,
and politician, of Georgia ; where he was
born, and died.

Green, G. G. G. An American

Green, George Smith. A Gentleman
of Oxford ; A Tradesman of Oxford. An
English poet ; a watchmaker, of Oxford,
in the 18th century.

Green, John. J. G. An English
traveller of the 18th century.

Green, John, D.D., about 1706-79.
G. An JEnglish clergyman ; b. at Bev-
erly, in Yorkshire ; Bishop of Lincoln,

Green, John Richards, 1758-1818.
,Tohn Gifford; Humphrey Hedgehog. An
English author and journalist; having
become deeply in debt by his excesses,
in 1782 fled to France under the assumed
name of John Gifford. He died a mag-
istrate of Worshipstreet police-court, at
Bromley, in Kent.

Green, Joseph, 1706-80. Me, Phil
Arcanos, Gent. ; Me, the Hon. B. B., Esq.
An American wit and satirical poet, of
Boston; resided in England, 1775-80.

Green, Nathan. Over-Forty. An
American writer of religious fiction, of
the day.

Green, Rupert. li. G. An English
writer, of Worcester.

Green, Mrs. S. A Cockney. An Irish

Green, Thomas, Esq., 1769-1825. A
Lover of Literature ; A Young Gentleman.
An English man of letters, of Ipswich;
entered the Middle Temple, but de-
voted his time to travel and literary

Greene, Albert Gorton, 1802-68.
Old Grimes. An American poet ; b. at
Providence, R.I. ; Brown Univ., 1820 ;.
for many j'ears President of the E.I.
Hist. Soc.

Greene, Annie Douglas. Marion
Douglas. — See " Robinson, Mrs. Annie
Douglas (Greene)."

Greene, Asa, M.D., -1837. Elnathan
Elmwood, Esq. ; A Late Merchant; A
Yankee ; Dr. Dodimus Duckworth, A. N. Q. ;
Ex-Barber Fribbleton. An American
bookseller and journalist, of New York
City ; for a time editor of the New York-
" Evening Transcript."

Greene, Charles Gordon, 1804-.
Flaneur. An American journalist ; b. in
Boscawen, N.H. ; editor of the " Morning
Post," Boston, 1831- ; Naval Officer at
the Port of Boston, 1853-57 ; resides in

Greene, Edijvard Burnaby, -1788.
E. B. G. An English poet.

Greene, Nathaniel, 1797-1876. Bos-
cawen. An American journalist; b. at
Boscawen, N.H. ; founder of the "Bos-
ton Statesman," 1821 ; Postmaster at
Boston, 1829-41 and 1844-49 ; and d. in
that cit3\

Greenleaf, Benjamin, 1786-1864. A
Practical Teacher. An American edu-
cator; b. at Haverhill, Mass. ; Dart. Coll.,,
1813; Principal of Bradford (Mass.)
Academy, 1814-36; of Bradford Teach-
ers' Sem., 1839-48; d. at Bradford.

Greenleaf, Joseph. Mutius Sccevola.
An American lawyer and political writer,
of Boston.

Greenleaf, Lawrence N. Peter
Punever. An American poet of the

Greenleaf, Simon, LL.D., 1783-1853.
S. G. An American jurist; b. at New-
buryport, Mass. ; Royall Professor of
Law in Harv. Univ., 1834-46; Dane
Professor, 1846-48; and Emeritus, 1848 -
53; d. in Cambridge, Mass.

Greenwood, George. An Officer of
the Household Brigade of Cavalry. An
English officer; Colonel of the 2d Life
Guards ; retired from service in 1838.

Greenwood, James. Amateur Cas-




ual; One of the Crowd. An English jour-
nalist, of London.

Greer, Mrs. Maria. Armar Greye.
An English writer of to-day.

Greer, Mrs. Sarah. An Irish Ladij ;
A Lady. An Irish Friend ; wife of John
E.. Greer, of Monkstowu, near Dublin.

Greg, Samuel, 1804-76. A Layman.
An English poet and prose writer, of
Manchester ; brother of William Rath-
bone Greg.

Greg, WUliam Kathbone, 1809-81.
W. R. G. An English economist and
writer on social science, of London ; b.
at Manchester.

Gregory, Alexander Tighe. An
Englishman Abroad; An Englishman in
Sioitzerland. An English traveller.

Gregory, J. Captain Gregory Sea-
worthy. An American (?) writer.

Gregory, John, M.D., 1724-73. A
Father. An eminent Scottish physician ;
Prof, of Physic in the Univ. of Edin-
burgh, 1766-73.

GrenvlUe, A. S. A. S. G. An
American poet, of Dedham, Mass. (?).

GrenviUe, George, 1712-70. G. G.;
A Son of Candor. An English states-
man; Chancellor of the Exchequer,

GrenviUe, George, Lord Nugent,
1788-1850. John Hampden; The Lord
and Lady there. An English nobleman ;
educ. at Brazenose Coll., Oxford;
D.C.L., 1810; d. at his seat, Lillies,

GrenviUe, Hon. Robert Fullte,
1800-67. An Invalid. A English officer
and civilian, of Pembrokeshire ; d. at

Grey, Sir Charles Edward, Ivnt.,
1785-1865. One of the Commissioners.
An eminent English jurist; Governor of
Jamaica from 1846 ; d. at Tunbridge

Grey, Ford Grey, Earl. A Noble-
man. An English lord.

Grey, Rev. Harry. H. G.

Grey, Henry, 3d Earl, 1802-. G. C.
An English statesman; b. at Howick
House; Trin. Coll., Cambridge, M.A.,
1823 ; succeeded his father in 1845 ;
Secretary of State for the colonies,

Grey, Isaac. A Native of Pennsyl-

Grey, J. E. One of the Million. An
English writer.

Grey, Jeannie H. Hearton Drille.
An American (?) novelist.

Grey, Zachary, LL.D., 1687-1766.
An Admirer of Monarchy and Episcopacy ;

A Country Curate ; A Country Gentleman ;
A Friend ; A Gentleman and No Knight;

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