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A Gentleman of the University of Cam-
bridge; A Learned Hand; A Lover of
Episcopacy ; A Lover of History ; One
irho is neither Jacobite nor Hepublican,
Presbyterian nor Papist ; Philalethes Can-
tabrigiensis ; A Presbyter of the Church of
England ; A Sincere Admirer of True Lib-
erty ; A Sincere Lover of the Present Con-
stitution; A Sincere Protestant. An emi-
nent English clergyman, literary critic,,
and controversialist; Rector of Hough-
ton Conquest, Beds., and Vicar of St.
Peter's and St. Giles's, Cambridge; d. at
Ampthill, near Houghton Conquest.

Grey-Egerton, Sir Philip De Blal-
pas, 10th Bart., 1806-. P. G. E. An
English gentleman ; M.P. for Chester
City, 1830; South Cheshire, 1835-68;
and Cheshire West from 1868-81.

Griesebach, Eduard, 1845-. Tan-
haiiser der neue. A German author; b.
at Gottingen ; studied law there ; chose
the diplomatic career, and rose to be
consul at St. Petersburg in 1881.

Griffin, Mrs. AUce (MeClure). Muni
Tell; Addie Glenmore. An American
" Southland" poet ; b. in Boone Co., Ky. ;
grad. at the Wesleyan Female Sem., Cin-
cinnati, at the age of sixteen; married,,
at Newport, Ky., in 1861, Mr. G. W. Grif-
fin, an American author, and they have
since resided at Louisville.

Griffin, George. A Layman. An
American religious writer.

Griffin, Gerald, Esq., 1805-40. Oscar.
An L-ish poet; b. in Limerick; the latter
part of his life he spent in a Catholic
monastery, devoting himself to religious
exercises, and d. there.

Griffin, John Quincy Adams. Aza-
rias Bumpus ; A Bunker Hill Boy. An
American lawyer, of Boston.

Griffith, Acton Frederick. A. F.
G. An English bibliographer.

Griffith, Mrs. EUzabeth (Griffith),
-1793. Frances. A Welsh lady ; a ^^Tite^
of novels and plays ; married Richard
Griffith ; d. at Millecent, Co. of Kildare.

Griffith, Richard. Henry. — See
" Griffith, INIrs. Elizabeth."

Griffith, WUliam, Esq. Eumenes.
An American political writer, of New

Griffiths, Mattie. A Female Slave.
An American colored poet; b. in Louis-
ville, Ky. (?); in 1860 resided in Boston,
writing for the " Anti-Slavery Standard,"
and other Boston and New York jour-

Griffiths, Richard. A Late Cde-




brated Genius Deceased. An English au-

Grigg, Eev. Jolin, A.M. T/ie Rector
of St. l^imothy's Church, Philadelphia. An
American clergyman ; Columbia Coll.,

Griggs, Miss . H. N. An Ameri-
can religious poet.

Grimani, Julia C. J. C. G. An
English poet.

Grimston, William Hunter, 1843-.
W. H. Kendal. An English actor; b. in
London ; entered the dramatic profession
at London in 1861, where he has since
•chiefly remained.

Grimston, Mrs. W. H., 1848-. Mrs.
W. H. Kendal. An English actress ;
ne€ Margaret [" Madge "] Robertson ;
■wife of the preceding.

Grimstone, Mrs. Lieman. Oscar.
An English poet.

Grinfield, Charles Vaughan, M.D.
C V. G. An English physician and
writer, of Clifton.

Griswold, A. Minor, 1837-. The
Fat Contributor. An American journal-
ist, of Cincinnati (?).

Griswold, Almon W. A Biblioma-
niac. An American lawyer, of New
York City.

Griswold, Miss Mary Caroline. Car-
rie. An American " Southland " poet and
prose writer, of Charleston, S.C.

Griswold, William McCrillis. Ger-
ald Smith; Arthur Venner ; P. Q. In-
dex. An American joiirnalist and bib-
liographer ; Harv. Univ., 1875 ; employed
in the Library of Congress at Washing-

Gross, Amalie (von Saebach) von,
1803-. Amalie von Winter. A German
poet and novelist, of Weimar ; a friend
of Goethe.

Grosvenor, Lord Robert, Baron
Ebury, 1801-. A Member of the Last
Parliament. An English nobleman ; b.
at Millbank House, Westminster; Christ
Church, Oxford, 1821; M.P., 1822-57;
residence, Moor Park, Kickmansworth,

Grote, Mrs, George. A Mutual Friend.
An English writer.

Grouvelle, Philippe Antoine, 1758-
1806. Ph. G*». A French poet and
diplomatist ; b. at Paris ; engaged in
politics ; was Secretary of the Provisory
Executive Council, and obliged to read
the sentence of death to Louis XVI. ; was
afterwards Minister to Copenhagen; d.
at Varennes.

Grover, Albert. Trebla Revorg. An
English writer of to-day.

Gruau de la Barre, Modeste,

Count. Elialdm.

Griimbke, Johann Jakob. A Teni-
porarij Inhabitant.

Grund, Francis J., about 1803-63.
A German nobleman; An Observer. An
American author; b. in Germany; re-
sided many years in Philadelphia, and d.

Gruppe, Otto Friedrich, 1804-76.
Absolutus von Hegelingin. A German
poet and critical writer ; b. at Dantzic ;
and d. in Berlin.

Guenard de Mer6, Elisabeth, Bar-
oness, 1751-1829. M. de Boissy. A
French novelist, of Paris.

Guernsey, Miss Lucy Ellen. L. E.
G. An American writer for the young.

Guernsey, Koscellus S. B. S. G.
An American lawyer and Shakespearian
scholar, of New York City.

Guidickins, F. W. F. W. G., of the
Middle Temple. An English lawyer of
the last century.

Guild, Mrs. Caroline Snow^den
(Whitmarsh), 1817-. Hetty Holyoke.
An American author and compiler, of
Boston (Eoxbury) Mass. ; b. in that city.

Guines, Louis Alexandre Gosset
de. Andr€ Gill. A French caricaturist
and writer.

Guinot Eugene, 1812-61. Pierre
Durand ; Paul Vermond. A French
liite'rateur and journalist; b. and d. in

Gunn, Miss Harriet M. A Lady.
An English writer.

Gunn, Eev. Henry Mayo. H. M. G.
An English Cong, minister; studied at
Coward Coll. ; and entered upon his min-
istry at Warminster in 1839.

Gunning, Mrs. (Minifie), -1800.

A Lady. An English writer; widow of
General Gunning; d. in London.

Gurney, Hudson, Esq., F.E.S., F.S.A.,
M.P., 1774-1864. M. G. An English
poet and antiquary ; b. in Norwich, and
d. in that city.

Gurney, Eev. John Hampden, A.M.,
1802-62. J. H. G. An English clergy-
man and hymn-writer; b. in London;
Trin. Coll., Cambridge, 1824; Eector of
St. Mary's, Marylebone, London, 1847-62.

Gurney, Joseph John, 1788-1847. A
Member of the Society of Friends. An
English Friend; b. in Earlham, near
Norwich ; travelled in this country, 1837-

Gurney, Mrs. Maria (Rowe), 1802-68.
A Mother. An English poet ; b. at Laun-
ceston; married Charles Gurney of Tre-
bursye. South Petherwin, where she died.




Gurney, Miss Priscilla Hannah,

1757-1828. A Cordial Well-whlier to the
Cause of Universal Truth and Righteous-
ness. An English Friend; daughter of
the youngest son of Joseph Gurney,
and great-granddaughter of Robert
Barclay, the Apologist; and b. in Nor-

Gutch, John Mathew, Esq., 1777-
1861. The Bristol Junius; Cosmo; An
Octogenarian. An English journalist, of
Bristol ; editor and proprietor of " Felix
Farley's Bristol Journal " for nearly 50

Guthrie, F. Anstey. F. Anstei/. An
English novelist.

Guy, William Augustus, F.R.S.,
1810-. A London Physician. An emi-
nent English physician ; b. at Chiches-

ter; Pembroke Coll., Cambridge, 1837 ;
connected with King's Coll., London,
from 1838.

Guyot, Mile Pauline. Mme Camille
Lebrun. A French novelist.

Guyton de Morveau, N. Brumore.
A French writer ; brother of Baron
Louis Bernard Guyton de Morveau,
the Chemist.

GAvilliam, John. A Professor. An
English poet.

Gwin, Thomas, 1G56-1720. T. G.
An English Friend ; son of Thomas
Gwin, of Falmouth, Cornwall.

Gvpinnett, Richard, Esq., -1717.
Pijlades. An English gentleman; once
affianced to Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas, Jr»

Gwynn, AlMnia. A Lady.


Habberton, John, 1842-. E. A.
Burton ; Uncle Harry ; Their Latest Vic-
tim. An American author and journal-
ist, of New York City; b. on Long

Habersham, Robert, -1832. Mr.
Airg ; Deloraine Digress. An American
scholar; Harv. Univ., 1831.

Haberstich, Samuel, 1821-72. Arthur
Bitter. A Swiss writer ; b. at Dorschen,
in the Canton Bern ; spent his life chiefly
in Bern, and d. there.

Habich, Edward. An American.
An American writer, not by birth, but
from love of the cause of liberty.

Hack, James, Jun., 1758-1829. A
Citizen. An English Friend, of Chiches-

Hack, Maria, 1778-1844. M. H.
An English Friend, of Chichester ; d. at

Hack, Mary P. Claudia. An Eng-
lish writer of the day.

Hacker, Franz, 1836-. Franz von
Seehurg. A German Catholic popular
writer; b. at Nymphenburg; studied
philosophy, jurisprudence, and theology,
and became cathedral vicar at St. Caje-
tan, in Munich.

Haderman, Miss Jeannette R.
Ann Atom. An American "Southland"
writer, of Lake St. Joseph, Tensas Par-
ish, La. ; b. in New Jersey; the daughter
of an Epis. clergyman.

Haberlin, Karl liudwlg, 1784-.
H. E. R. Belani. A German novelist;
b. at Erlangen.

Haering, Georg WUhelm Heinrich,

1798-1871. Wilibald Alexis; ]'F*«**s.
A popular German novelist; had a seat
called Haringsford, to which he gave
something of the celebrity of the Isle of

Haeselbairth, A. C. A. C. H. An
American journalist, of New York City.

Hagarty, Tiie Hon. John Hawkins,
D.C.L., 1816-. Zadig. A British colo-
nial jurist; b. in Dublin; spent two
years at Trin. Coll., 1832-34 ; then emi-
grated to Canada, where he studied law ;
Chief Justice of Ontario from 1878.

Hahn-Hahn, Ida 3Iaria Louisa
Frederika Gustava, Grafinn, 1805-
80. A German Countess. A German
novelist ; was divorced in 1829 ; became
a Roman Catholic about 1850.

Haight, Mrs. Sarah (Rogers). A
Lady of New York. An American trav-
eller; wife of Richard K. Haight, of
New York City.

Haines, F. E. H. F. E. H. R. An
American biographer.

Haines, Rev. Herbert, M.A. H. E.
An English writer ; Exeter Coll., Oxford,
1848 ; second master of the Gloucester
Collegiate School.

Haines, Zenas T. Corporal. An
American soldier of the 44th Mass.
Reg't in the late civil war.

Hakew^ell, James Ridg-way. J. R. E.
An English writer of the day on athlet-

Hakewill, Arthur WiUiam, 1808-
56. An Architect. An English arcl.i




tect, of London ; lecturer to the Architec-
tural Society, 1848.

Haldeman, Samuel Stehman, LL.D.,
1812-80. Felix Ago. An American phi-
lologist and naturalist ; Prof, of Comp.
Philology in the Univ. of Penn., 1869-80.

Hale, Rev. Edward Everett, 1822-.
Col. Frederic Ingham ; A Neiv England
Minister, A.B. An American clergy-
man ; b. in Boston ; Harv. Univ., 1839 ;
Pastor at Worcester, Mass., 1846-56; in
Boston, 1856-85 et seq.

Hale, John Mc, D.D. Hierophilus.
An Irish prelate ; Roman Catholic Arch-
bishop of Tuam.

Hale, Sir Matthew, 1609-1676. A
Learned Hand. An eminent English
jurist; b. at Alderley, in Gloucester-
shire ; Lord Chief Justice of England,

Hale, Capt. Nathan, 1755-76. The
American Spy. An American soldier;
b. in Coventry, Conn. ; executed as a spy
in New York City.

Hale, Nathan, LL.D., 1784-1863.
The Editor of the Boston Daily Advertiser ;
A Gentleman of Boston. An American
journalist; b. in Westhampton, Mass.;
William's Coll., 1804; removed to Bos-
ton in 1810.

Hale, Salma, 1787-1866. Algernon
Sidney ; A Citizen of Massachusetts. An
American lawyer; b. at Alstead, N.H. ;
M.C., 1817-19; practised law at Keene,
N.H., 1834-66, and d. tl-ere.

Hale, Mrs. Sarah Josepha (Buell),
1790-1879. A Lady of New Hampsldre.
An American author and journalist; b.
in Newport, N.II. ; was the widow of
David Hale; d. in Philadelphia.

Hales, Thomas, 1740-about 1780.
D'hele. An English dramatic writer;
settled in Paris about 1770, and wrote in
French with ease and elegance.

Hales, WiUiam, D.D., -1831. Octa-
vius. An Irish clergyman; Fellow of
Trin. Coll., Dublin ; and Rector of Killes-

Halford, Sir Henry, Bart., M.D.,
1766-1844. Sir H. H., Bart. An Eng-
lish poet and physician ; b. at Leicester ;
educ. at Ruglay and Oxford ; practised
his profession and died in London.

Halfpenny, F. W. F. W. H. An
English bibliographer, of London.

Haliburton, Thomas Chandler,
1796-1865. A Colonist; Sam Slick of
Slickville. A British colonial judge and
humorist, of Nova Scotia ; b. at Windsor,
N.S. ; but removed to England in 1850;
and d. at Gordon House, Isleworth.

Haliburton, WtUiam. A Bostonian.

An American writer upon the influence
of the stage.

Halkerstoun, H. A Country Gentle-
man. A Scottish writer, of Rathillet,

Halkett, Lady Anne. A Lady.

Hall, Capt. . An Officer of the

Army. An English officer; supposed to
have been a major in General Howe's army.

Hall, A. Oakey. Hans Yorhel. An
American journalist, of New York City.

HaU, Rev. Baynard Rust, D.D.,
1798-1863. Bobert Carlton. An Ameri-
can writer, of Brooklyn, N.Y., from 1852.

Hall, Blakely. Flaneur. An Amer-
ican journalist, of San Francisco.

Hall, Chambers. C. H. An Eng-
lish writer on art.

HaU, David, 1682-1756. Theophilus
Philanthropos. An English Friend, of
Skipton, Yorkshire ; a schoolmaster.

HaU, Mrs. F. (Howe). F. H. An
American writer.

Hall, Fitzedward, A.M., J.U.D,
F. E. H. An American Anglo-Sanskrit
scholar; Harv. Univ., 1846; Prof, in
London ; Librarian of the India Office
till 1869.

Hall, George. G. H. An English
antiquary and traveller.

HaU, James. An Amateur. An
English writer, of London (?).

HaU, James, 1793-1868. Orlando.
An American lawyer, financier, journal-
ist, and litterateur; b. at Philadelphia;
in 1833 removed to Cincinnati, and d.
near that city.

HaU, John E., 1783-1829. The Editor
of the " Port Folio." An American law-
yer and journalist; editor of the "Port
Folio," Philadelphia, 1816-27; d. in
Philadelphia (?).

HaU, Miss Louise G. Lulu. An
American literary lady of the day.

HaU, Rev. Robert. A Presbyter of the
Church of England. An English clergy-
man of the first part of the 18th century.

Hall, Robert Pleasants, 1825-54.
A South Carolinian. An American law-
yer and poet; b. in Chester District,
S.C. ;. in 1849 removed to Macon, Ga.,
and d. there.

HaU, Mrs. Sarah (Ewing), 1761-
1830. A I^ady of Philadelphia. An
American writer; b. in Philadelphia.

Hall, Spencer. S. H. An English

Hall, Spencer T. Sherwood Forester.
An English biographer and miscellane-
ous writer.

Hall, Thomas. Baby Rattler, Gent.
An English writer.




HaU, W. Will-Will-he-so. An Eng-
lish author; a singular character.

Hall, William. Peter Paul Pallette.
An English writer, of Birmingham (?).

Hall-Stevenson, John, -1785. Cosmo.
An English writer; a kinsman of Lau-
rence Sterne, and the "Eugenius" of his
"Tristram Shandy"; lived in "Crazy

Hallard, Frederick. One of the
Defeated. A Scottish lawyer ; connected
■with the Edinburgh Advocates' Library.

HaUe, Hughes R. P. Fraser, LL.D.
R. F. Brancassine. An English writer
on philosophy, etc.

Halleck, Fitz-Greene, 1790-1867. A
Connecticut Farmer's Boy. An eminent
American poet ; b., lived, and d. in
<juilford, Conn.

HaUet, John. J. H. An English
•writer of the first part of the 18th cen-

Hallett, Benjamin Franklin, A.M.,
1797-1862. Their Chairman. An Ameri-
can lawyer and politician; b. in Barn-
stable, Mass. ; Brown Univ., 1816 ; a
member of the Boston bar, and d, in that

Hallett, Miss E. V. Ferna Vale. An
American writer.

Hallett, M. W. M. W. H. An
American writer.

Halley, Edmund, LL.D., 1656-1742.
An Infidel Mathematician. An eminent
mathematician and astronomer; b. at
Haggerston, Shoreditch, London ; As-
tronomer Roj^al, 1719-42.

Halliburton, Sir Brenton, Knt.,
1775-1860. Anglo-American; An Octoge-
narian ; An Old Inhabitant of British North
America. A British colonial jurist;
Chief Justice of Nova Scotia, 1833-60.

Halliw^ell-Phillipps, James Or-
chard, LL.D., F.R.S., etc., 1820-. A
Fellow of the Hoy al Society ; J. 0. H. An
English literary antiquary ; b. in Chel-
sea; studied for a time at Cambridge;
and entered upon his work in London in

Hallock, Charles. Penman. An
American sporting writer, of New York

Halloran, liawrence Hynes, D.D.,
1766-1831. Philo-Nauticus. An Irish
clergyman ; in 1818 convicted of forging
a frank, by which he defrauded the rev-
enue of lOd., and sentenced to transpor-
tation for seven years ; d. at Sydney,
New South Wales.

Halpine, Charles Graham, 1829-68.
Charles Broadbent; The Letter H; Priv-
ate Miles O'Reilly. An Irish- American

writer; b. at Oldcastle, Co. Meath, Ire-
land; Univ. of Dublin, 1846; in 1847
came to this country; and was a journal-
ist in New York City, 1847-68.

Halsey, Harlan, 1835-. Tony Pastor.
An American comic vocalist, of New
York City.

Halstead, Murat, 1829-. M. H. An
American journalist ; b. in Butler Co., O.;
in 1851 went to Cincinnati; and from
185.3 has been connected with the "Cin-
cinnati Commercial."

Halstead, William H. Quilp, Jr.
An American poet, of Norfolk (?), Va.

Halsted, Leonora B. Barbara El-
bon. An American writer, of St. Louis.

Hambro, Mrs. C. J. A Grandmother;
Philojuvenis. An English writer for the

Hamel, . H. A German musi-
cal writer.

Hamilton, Alexander, LL.D., 1757-
1804. An American; Camillus; Cato_
Lucius Crassus ; Pacificus ; Phocion ; Pub
lius ; Scipio. An American statesman
b. in the West India island, Nevis; Col
umbia Coll. (then King's Coll.), 1774
U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, 1789-95
d. in New York City.

Hamilton, Alexander. Cuthbert Clut-
terbuck of Kennaquhair. A Scottish nov-
elist ; writer to the Signet.

Hamilton, Mrs. Alice (liing). Alice
King. An American writer.

Hamilton, Charles G. C G. H. An
English w'riter on grammar, etc.

Hamilton, Edward. Theseus. An
American engineer (?).

Hamilton, Miss Elizabeth, 1758-
1816. Geoffrey Jarvis ; A Hindoo Rajah.
An English lady ; author of several use-
ful and elegant works; d. at Harrogate.

Hamilton, Frank E. Fern. An
American writer.

Hamilton, Eev. G. One of the Minis-
ters of this Present Church. A Scottish (?)
minister of the first part of the 18th cen-

Hamilton, Gavin. G. H. A Scot-
tish poet of the day.

Hamilton, Harris, D.D. A Beneficed
Clergyman of the Established Church. An
Enghsh clergj-man.

Hamilton," John Church, 1792-1882.
His Son. An American lawyer; b. in
Philadelphia; Colimibia Coll., 1809;
aide to Gen. Harrison till 1814; d. at
Long Branch, N.J.

Hamilton, Miss Kate W. Fleta.
An American writer for the young.

Hamilton, Robert Douglas, M.D.,
1783-1857. Mungo Coulter Goggle; Guy




Pollock. A Canadian physician, and fre-
quent contributor to the newspaper
press, and author of several works.

Hamilton, Robert S. Leland A.
Webster. An American writer.

Hamilton, Captain Thomas, 1789-
1842. T. H.; Major Spencer 3Ioggridge
of the Prince's Own. An English officer ;
served in the Peninsula War, and that
with the United States of 1812-15 ; d. at
Pisa, Italy.

Hamilton, William, Esq., 1704-54.
Hamilton. A Scottish poet, of Bangour.

Hammerton, J. Orion. An Eng-
lish almanac maker.

Hammitt, Samuel A., 1816-. Philip
Paxton ; Sam Slick in Texas. An Ameri-
can humorist; from 1848 resident in
New York City.

Hammond, Mrs. , 1847-. Louise

Capsadell. An American writer.

Hammond, Anthony, Esq., 1668-
1738. A Gentleman. An English writer ;
b. in Huntingdonshire; a Commissioner
of the Navy, and a man of note among
the wits, poets, and parliamentary writers
of his time.

Hammond, Charles, 1779-1840.
Hampden. An American lawyer and
journalist, of Cincinnati, 1825-40.

Hammond, Mrs E. H. Henri Daug€.
An American writer of the day.

Hammond, Mrs. J. S. Belle Boyd.
An American writer.

Hammond, Samuel H., 1809-. A
Journalist. An American writer; b. at
Bath, N.Y.

Hampden, John. Parallax. An
English writer.

Hamper, WiUiam, Esq., 1776-1831.
H. D. B. ; M. B. ; Repmah. An English
poet and antiquary; b. in Birmingham,
where he spent his life, and was a Jus-
tice of the Peace for the Counties of
Warwick and Worcester ; d. at Highgate,
near Birmingham. .

Hancock, George. Philo-Malthus.
An English economist.

Hancock, John, 1737(?)-93. Johnny
Dupe. An American patriot; b. in
Quincy, Mass. ; Harv. Univ., 1754 ; Pres-
ident of the Continental Congress, 1775;
Governor of Mass., 1780-84 and 1787-93.

Hancock, Rev. John, 1703-44. Phi-
lalethes. An American minister, of Brain-
tree, Mass.

Hancock, John, D.D. A Presbyter
of the Church of England. An English
clergyman; Eector of St. Margaret's,
Lothbury ; Prebendary of Canterbury ;
and Chaplain to the Duke of Bedford.

Handley, James. J.H.; One of Her

Majesty's Surgeons. An English writer
of the first part of the 18th century.

Hanks, Rev. Stedman Wright.
An Observer. An American writer of
the day on theology; agent Seaman's
Friend Society, Congregational House;
living at Cambridge.

Hannay, . Vindex. An English

writer, of Marylebone Bank, London.

Hannay, Robert, 1789-1868. A Mem-
ber of the Faculty. A Scottish lawyer.

Hannegan, Dennis. Doctor Robinson.
An American writer.

Hannett, John. John Andrews Ar-
nett. An English writer, of London, on

Hansgirg, Therese von. Theodor
Reinwald. A Bohemian novelist; wife
of Karl Viktor, Ritter von Hansgirg, a
Bohemian author (1823-77), who died at

Hanson, Alexander Contee, -1819,
Aristides ; A Native Citizen and Servant
of the State. An American lawyer and
statesman, of Maryland.

Hanson, Sir Lievett. An Officer of the
Chancery, ^-c. An English writer.

Hanson, Sir Richard Davis. C. V.
8. An English colonial jurist ; went to
New Zealand, 1846; Advocate-General of
South Australia, 1851-56 ; Attorney-Gen-
eral, 1856-61; Chief-Justice from 1861.

Hanway, Jonas, 1712-86. Mr.
B***** ; A Gentleman of the Partie ; A
Member of the Marine Society. An Eng-
lish merchant ; b. in Portsmouth ; resided
for some years in Russia, engaged in
mercantile business.

Hanway, Mary Anne. A Lady. An
English novelist; resided at Blackheath.

Happer, A. P. Inquirer.

Harbin, Rev. George. A Gentleman.
A Non-juring English clergyman of the
first part of the 18th century.

Harcourt, Sir William George
GranviUe Vernon, LL.D., Q.C., 1827-.
Historicus. An eminent English publi-
cist ; M.P. for Oxford City from 1868.

Hardenberg, Friedrich Ludwig
von, 1772-1801. Novalis. A German
poet and philosopher ; b. at Wiederstett,
Prussian Saxony ; the friend of Schlegel,
Fichte, and Schelling; d. at his native

Hardham, John, -1772. Abel Drug-
ger. An English dramatist; b. at Chi-
chester; removed to London, and was at
first a lapidary, or diamond-cutter; after-
wards possessed the greatest snuff-trade
anywhere about ; and was for some years
under-treasurer to the theatre in Drury
Lane ; d. in London.




Hardie, Robert. Eidrah Trebor ;
Hartebor Reid. A Scottish writer on

Harding, W. M. Porte-Plume. An
American writer.

Harding, William. Bashi-bazouk ;
Commodore Robin ; Fac et Spera. An
American journalist, of New York City.

Hardinge, Mrs. Belle (Boyd). Pelle
Boyd; A Friend to the South. An Amer-
ican woman, of Martinsburg, Va. ; a spy
for "Stonewall" Jackson and other
Rebel generals ; married one Hardinge,
an officer of the U.S. Navy, who deserted
to the " Confederates."

Hardinge, George, F.R.S., P.S.A.,
1744-1816. Owen Junior; Jasper Har-
grave ; A Lajjman ; Mimitius Felix. An
English lawyer ; Attorney General to the
Queen; and H. M.'s Justice for the
Counties of Glamorgan, Brecknock, and
Radnor; d. at Presteigne.

Hardwick, the Rt. Hon. Philip
Yorke, 1st Earl of, 1690-1764. Bt. Hon.
P — p E — / of H — k. An eminent Eng-
lish statesman; Lord High Chancellor,

Hardy, Arthur Sherburne, 1847-.
A. S. H. An American civil engineer ;
b. in Mass.; Professor at Dartmouth
Coll., 1873-83 et seq.

Hardy, Mrs. Janet (Gordon). Janet
Gordon. An English novelist of the

Hardy, John Stockdale, Esq.,
F.S.A., 1793-1849. Britannicus. An
English ecclesiastical lawyer; b. at Lei-
cester; Registrar of the Archdeaconry
Courts of Leicester; d. at his residence
in the Newarke, Leicester.

Hare, Rev. Augustus William, 1792-
1834. A Member of a Close College. An
English clergyman ; Rector of Alton
Barnes, Wiltshire, 1829-34 ; d. in Rome.

Hare, Rev. Francis, D.D., -1740. A
Citizen ; The Clergyman ; An Impartial
Hand ; Philo-Criticus ; A Presbyter of the
Church of England. An eminent English
clergyman ; b. in London ; Bishop of
Chichester, 1731-40.

Hare, Julius Charles. Julius Hir-

Hare, Julius Charles, and Augustus
William. Julius Charles, 1795-1855 ;
Augustus William, 1792-1834. 2'wo
Brothers. English theologians, of the
Church of England.

Hare, Robert, M.D., 1781-1858. El-
dred Grayson, Esq. An eminent Ameri-
can chemist ; b. in Philadelphia ; Profes-
sor in the Univ. of Penn., 1818-47; d. in
Ills native city.

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