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HareL Marie Maximilien, 1749-
1823. Elie, le Pere. A French ecclesi-
astic, of Saint-Germ ain-des-Pres.

Harlaud, John, F.S.A. Iota. An
English literary antiquary, of Manches-
ter (^,j.

Hartey, Robert, Earl of Oxford and
Mortimer, 1661-1724. Humphry Mack-
ivorth. A distinguished English states-
man and an eminent patron of letters,
and a great collector of literary treas-
ures ; b. in London; Lord High Treas-
urer, 1711-14.

Harness, Rev. WiUiam, M.A., 1790-
1869. Presbyter Catholicus. An English
clergyman; b. at Wickham, Hants.;
B.A., Cambridge, 1813; Prebendary of
St. Paul's, London.

Harper, Mrs. Eliza Elliott (Lewis),
1834-. Sindera. An American " South-
land" writer, of Minden, Claiborne Par-
ish, La. ; b. in James Co., Ga., and re-
moved to Louisiana in 1846, and at an
early age married Dr. James D. Harper.

Harper, Mrs. Frances Ellen (Wat-
kins). Effie Afton. An American poet,
of Baltimore.

Harper, John. Hautboy.

Harper, Rev. Samuel BroAvn. An
English Priest. An English clergyman ;
Curate of Dalton.

Harring, Paul, 1798-. Harro. A
Danish adventurer, poet, and novelist;
visited the United States about 1844.

Harrington, George N., 1827-68.
George Christy. An American minstrel

Harrington, John A. John Carboy.
An American novelist of the day.

Harris, Alexander. An Emigrant
Mechanic. An English emigrant to Aus-

Harris, Charles H. Karl Pretzel.
An American writer, of New York

Harris, Miss E. F. S. E. F. S. H.; A
Companion Traveller. An English writer,
of Windsor.

Harris, Emily Marion. Estelle ;
E. M. H. An English writer.

Harris, Mrs. F. (aicCready), Hope

Harris, George W., 1805-69. Sut
Lovengood ; A Nat'ral Born Durn'd Fool.
An American jurist and humorist ; b. in
Tennessee; d. near Knoxville, Tenn.

Harris, James Henry. Jack Staff.
An American writer, of St. Louis,
Mo. (?).

Harris, Joel Chandler, 1848-. Unde
Remus. An American negro-dialect
writer ; b. in Georgia.




Harris, John, 1784-1858. Q. in the
Corner. An English Friend, of Rat-
cliff, afterwards of Wapping, and lastly
of Kingston-upon-Thames.

Harris, John. Kuklos. A Canadian
writer on natural philosophy, etc.

Harris, Rev. Joseph Hemington,
M.A. Fresbyter Anglicanus. An Eng-
lish clergyman; Vicar of Tor-Morhun
w. Cockington, Devon., 1848-79; resi-
dent at Soi'el, Torquay, 1880 et seq.

Harris, Josiah, 1821-. Cuntabar ;
Iskmael ; A Philanthropist; Saint Meva.
An English journalist and miscellaneous
writer, of Cornwall.

Harris, Mrs. Lilly C. Chrysanthea.
An American hjmn-writer ; wife of
Thomas Lake Harris.

Harris, Rev. N. Sayre. Secretarij and
General Agent. An Epis. clergyman; in
1882 of New York City. i

Harris, Richard. ABivmster. An
Englisli lawyer. ^^^^-"^"^

Harris, RichafS, 1833-. Benedick
Whipem ; Cordrac Verdello. An English
miscellaneous writer of the day.

Harris, Mrs. Sydney S., 1834-.
Miriam Coles. An American novelist ;
b. in Long Island.

Harris, Thaddeus Mason, D.D.,
1768-1842. A Student of Harvard Uni-
versity; Dorcastriensis. An American
Cong, minister, of Dorchester, Mass.,
1793-1839; b. in Charlestown, Mass.;
Harv. Univ., 1787 ; d. in Dorchester.

Harris, Thomas Iiali:e, 1823-. Chrys-
antheus. An American poet and spiritu-
alist; b. in England; founder of the
order "The Brotherhood of the New
Life " at Passaic, N..J., 18G1-67, and at
Brocton, N.Y., 1867-75 et seq.

Harris, W. C. A Ball's Bluff Pris-
oner. An American soldier.

Harrison, Mrs. Win. (Kingsley).
Lucas Malet. An English novelist ; a
daughter of Charles Kingsley.

Harrison, Mrs. Constance (Gary).
Refugitta. An American "Southland"
writer; b. in Mississippi (?) ; in 1866
married Mr. Burton N. Harrison, and in
1870 was residing with him in New York

Harrison, George. His Grandson.
An English Friend, of Lancashire; son
of George Harrison, of Wandsworth,
near London.

Harrison, John, 1796-1852. J. H.
An English Friend, of Manchester.

Harrison, Susannah. A Young
Woman. An English poet of the last

Harriss, Julia Mildred. The Min-

strel Maiden of Mobile. An American

Harsha, David Addison, 1827-. A
Pilgrim. An eminent American author j
b. in Argyle, Washington Co., N.Y. y
since 1851 has devoted himself to lite-
rary work in New York City.

Hart, Adolphus M., 1834-. A
Hoosier. A Canadian writer and lawyer^
of Montreal, from 1857.

Hart, C. W. A Member of the Bar.
An American lawyer, of Steubenville, O.

Hart, Charles B. Mr. Benjamins^
An English writer.

Hart, Ernest Abraham. Pupils of
the City of London School. An English
Shakespearian scholar.

Hart, Mrs. Fanny (Wheeler). A
Clergyman's Wife. An English writer.

Hart, M. C Chevalier. An Ameri-
can journalist.

Harte, Francis Bret. Bret Harte.
An American writer ; b. in Albany, N.Y. *
went to California, dug for gold, tauglit
school, engaged in the express business,
set type, wrote for the " Caiifornian," was
Secretary of the U.S. Mint at San Fran-
cisco in 1864, started the "Overland
Monthly " in 1864, was Professor of Mod-
ern Literature in the Univ. of California,
1870-71 ; then returned to the East, and
for some years has been United States
Consul at Glasgow.

Harte, Jerome Alfred, 1854-. Zu-
lano. An American writer; b. at San
Francisco, Cal. ; has been for several
years a contributor to the San Fran-
cisco " Argonaut," of feuilletons,
sketches, and translations.

Hartley, Mrs. May Laffan. The
Irish Charles Dickens. An Irish writer;
b. in Dublin ; her first essay in literature
was a paper in " Fraser's Magazine " for
1876, on "'Convent Schools."

Hartley, Rev. Thomas, 1707-84. Un
Ami. An English clergyman ; Rector of
Win wick, Northamptonshire; was a trans-
lator of Swedenborg.

Hartley, Thomas, 1748-1809. Pho-
cion. An American soldier and states-
man; b. at Reading, Penn.; practised law
in York ; M.C., 1789-1800 ; d. at York.

Hartmann, Agnes (Taubert) von.
A. Taubert. A German writer; wife of
Eduard von Hartmann.

Hartmann, Eduard von, 1842-. Karl
Robert. A German philosopher ; b. in
Berlin; and there devoted himself to the
study of philosophy and natural science.

Hartmann, Moritz, 1821-72. Pfaffe
Mauritius. A German poet and prose-
writer; b. at Dusehnik in Bohemia; stud-




ied in Prague and Vienna ; in 1868 he
settled in Vienna ; and d. there.

Hartshorne, B. F. B. F. E. An
English poet.

Hartwell, Mary. H. 31. Lewtral.
An American novelist.

Harvey, Alexander, M.D. A Uni-
versity Professor. A Scottish physician ;
Professor at Aberdeen.

Harvey, Rev. Sdmund George, B.A.,
1828-. The Captain; The Other. An
English clergyman ; b. at Penzance ;
Vicar of Mullyon-Helston, 1865-8-3 et

Harvey, Gabriel, LL.D., about 1545-
about 1630. Don Richardo de Medico
Campo. An old English writer ; a caus-
tic wit, during the reign of Elizabeth.

Harvey, Miss J. A Young Lady.

Harvey, James. R. V. An English
financial writer of the day.

Harvey, Rev. Moses. Delta ; Locomo-
tive; Nemo. An American Presbyt. min-
ister, of St. John's, Newfoundland ; b. at
Armagh, Ireland ; studied in Belfast
Coll. ; came to Newfoundland in 1852.

Harvey, Rev. Kicliard, M.A. R. H.
An English clergyman and hymn-writer;
St. Catharine Coll., Cambridge, 1818;
Rector of Hornsey, Middlesex, 1829-80.

Harvey, William, 1800-66. Aleph.
An English artist; b. at Newcastle-on-
Tyne; was an apprentice of Thomas Be-
wick; in 1817 went to London.

Harvey, William Henry, M.D.,
1811-66. W. R. H. An Irish botanist ;
b. at Limerick ; Professor at Trin. Coll.,
Dublin, 1856-66.

Harvey, Rev. William Woodis,
M.A., 1798-1861. Vindicator. An Eng-
lish clergyman ; b. at Penzance ; Preben-
dary of Exeter, 1839-64 ; d. at Torquay.

Harwood, Miss Isabella. Rose Neil.

Harwood, Thomas. Clio. An Eng-
lish author; educ. at Eton, and Univ.
Coll., Oxford; Master of Lichfield
School ; in 1787 resided at Lavenham,
near Sudbury, Suffolk.

Haseltine, 3Iayo H. .1/. H. H. An
American writer.

Haseltine, W. H. H. W. H. H. H.
An American journalist.

Haslewood, Joseph, 1769-1833. Eu.
Hood; Gridiron Gabble ; ChristoferValdar-
fer. An English editor and bibliogra-
pher ; b. in London ; one of the founders
of the Roxburghe Club.

Hassall, Miss . A Lady at Cape


Hassan, A. B. A. B. H. An Ameri-
can poet.

Hassard, John R. G., 1836-. J. R.

G. H. An American journalist; b. in
New York City ; educ. at St. John's,
Fordham, N.Y., 1855; since 1866, em-
ployed in his native city.

Hasselt, Andre Henri Constant
van, 1806-74. Alfred dAcaline. A Bel-
gian miscellaneous writer; member of
the Royal Academy of Brussels.

Hastings, Thomas, -1800. Archy
Macsarconica, F.R.S. An English itin-
erant bookseller and pamphleteer ; b. in
the bishopric of Dwham ; lived chiefly
in London, where he died. His travelling
name was " Dr. Green."

Hatfield, John, -1803. A Gentleman.
An English impostor, swindler, and for-
ger; during a visit to Keswick, in Cum-
berland, he called himself the Hon. Alex.
Aug. Hope, M.P. for Dumfries ; married,
in 1802, a young lady of fortune, not his
only wife ; forged Hope's name ; was con-
victed of forgery, and hung for that crime.

Hatfield, Miss Julia. The Idle Scholar.
An American compiler.

Hatheway, Calvin. An Inhabitant
of the Province. An American writer, of
New Brunswick.

Hatt, Francis, 1691-1767. A Lover
of Truth and Mankind universally. An
English Friend, of Ratcliff, London; a
member of the Southwark Monthly Meet-
ing ; d. in Clerkenwell.

Hattdn, jMrs. Anne Kemble, 1764-
1838. Anne of Swansea. An English
lady ; sister of Mrs. Siddons ; d. at Swan-
sea. — See "Kemble, Ann."

Hatton, Joshua. Guy Roslyn. An
English (?) poet.

Hauenschild, Richard Georg Spil-
ler von, 1822-55. Max Waldau. A
German poet ; b. at Breslau.

Haug, Johann Christoph Fried-
rich, 1761-1829. Friedrich con Hophthal-
mos. A celebrated German epigram-
matist; Librarian at Stuttgart, 1817-29;
b. in TViirtemberg ; d. in Stuttgart.

Hauser, Carl. Rentier Pinncherg ;
Adolar SanfVeben ; Schnake ; Gretchen
Shoddy. An American journalist, of
New York City.

Hausrath, Prof. Adolf. George Taylor.

Havard, Jean Alexandre d'Al-
banes-Havard. Alhnnis Havard d' ;
A. d'Albancs. A French writer; in the
public service.

Haven, Mrs. Alice (Bradley Neal),
1828-63. An American writer ; b. in
Hudson, N.Y. ; married Joseph C. Neal,
of Philadelphia, in 1846; and in 1853,
Samuel L. Haven; and afterwards re-
sided at ^Nfamaroneck, N Y. ; and d.




Havers, Miss Dora. Tlieo. Gift. An
English novelist of the day.

Ha-warden, Eev. EcUvard. E. H.
An English Eoman Catholic writer, of
the earlier part of the 18th century.

Haweis, Rev. Thomas, LL.B., M.D.,
1733-1820. The Presbijter. An English
clergyman ; b. at Eedruth ; Eector of All
Saints, Aldwinkle, Northamptonshire ; d.
at Bath.

HaTres, Mrs. Joel. Her Mother. An
American writer; wife of Eev. Dr. Hawes,
of Hartford, Conn.

Hawes, WiUiam Post, 1821-41. J.
G If press, Jr. An American journalist, of
New York City.

Hawke, Lady Aunabella Eliza Cas-
sandra, 1787-. The Eight Honourable
Lady //*«**. An English poet ; sister
of the lion. Martin Bladder llawke.

Haw'ker, Capt. , E.A. A Regi-
mental Officer. An English soldier ; Cap-
tain of the 14th Light Dragoons.

Hawker, Mrs. Charlotte E. (I'Ans),
-1863. C. E. H. An English trans-
lator; wife of Eev. Eobert Stephen
Hawker, M.A., Vicar of Morwenstow,

Hawker, Admiral Edward, 1782-
1860. A Flag Officer. An English sea-
man ; entered the navy in 1793 ; became
captain in 1804; d. at Brighton.

Hawker, Eev. Robert, 1753-1827.
R. H. An English Calvinistic minis-
ter; b. at Exeter; Magdalen Coll., Cam-
bridge ; for fifty years vicar of a church
in Plymouth.

Haw^ker, Eev. Robert Stephen,
•M.A., 1804-75. R. S. H.; Breachan;
A Cornish Vicar; Procul; Reuben; Canon
Tremaine; The Vicar of Morwenstow ; Two
Oxford Men ; X. An English clergyman ;
b. at Stoke Damerel ; Vicar of Morwen-
stow, Cornwall, 1834-75; d. in Plymouth.

Hawkes, James. A Citizen of New
York. An American writer.

Hawkes, W. R. W. R. H. An Eng-
lish poet and dramatist, of the early part
of the present century.

Hawkesw^orth, John, LL.D., 1715 or
19-1773. Greville, or H. Greville. An
eminent English author and critic ; b. in
London, where he chiefly passed his lit-
erary life, and where he died.

Haw^kins, Col. Charles Ashton.
Vidocq. An American writer of the

Hawkins, Edward, D.D., 1789-. A
Resident Member of Convocation. An Eng-
lish clergyman ; St. John's Coll., Oxford,
1811 ; Provost of Oriel ColL, 1828.

Hawkins, Sir John, 1719-89. J. H.

An English attorney and solicitor; in
1753 retired from business, and devoted
himself to literary pursuits; from 1777
resided in Westminster, where he died.

Haw^kins, Rev. John. A Fair In-
quirer. An English Catholic priest ;
joined the Protestants in 1782-84.

Haw^ks, Francis Lister, D.D., LL.D.,
1798-1866, Frater; Lambert Lilly; A
Protestant Episcopalian; Uncle Philip.
An eminent American clergyman and
author; b. at Newbern, N.C. ; Univ. of
North Carolina, 1815; Eector of the
Calvary Church, New York City, 1850-
QQ, where he died.

Hawling, Francis. A Citizen of Lon-
don. An English dramatist.

Havi'S, Li. Two Private Soldiers. An
American soldier, 1758-75.

Hawthorne, Nathaniel, 1804-64.
Oberon ; Ashley Allen Royce. An emi-
nent American romancer; b. in Salem,
Mass.; d. at Plymouth, N.H.

Haw^trey, Eev. C. D. A Spiritual
Watchman. An English clergyman.

Hawtrey, Miss Edith. Hope Wraythe.
An Englisli writer of the day.

Hay, Dr. . An Episcopal Divine.

An English clergyman of the first part
of the 18th century.

Hay, Sir Andrew Leith, F.R.S., 1785-
1862. A British Officer. A Scottish sol-
dier; b. at Aberdeen; M.P. for the El-
gin burghs, 1832-38 and 1841-47 ; d. at
his seat, Leith Hall, Aberdeenshire.

Hay, George, -1830. Hortensius. An
American jurist ; many years U.S. Attor-
ney, and afterwards Judge of the U.S.
Court for the Eastern District of Vir-
ginia ; d. at Richmond.

Hay, Mary Cecil. Howard MarJcham.
An English novelist.

Hayden, Eev. John. J. H. An Eng-
lish clergyman ; Archdeacon of Surrey.

Haydon, Benjamin Robert, 1786-
1846. B. R. H. An eminent English
artist; b. in Plymouth; committed sui-
cide in London.

Hayes, . Thomas Bishop. An Eng-
lish writer ; a footman to Lord Belgrave.

Hayes, Henry. A No-Party Man.
An English religious writer.

Hayes, Isaac Israel, M.D., 1832-81.
John Hardy, Mariner. An American
Arctic explorer; b. in Chester Co., Penn.;
Univ. of Penn., 1853 ; surgeon of the sec-
ond Grinnell expedition, 1853-55 ; com-
mander of another expedition, 1860-61 ;
d. in New York City.

Hayes, P., M.D. A Gentleman of the
Faculty. An English physician.

Hayes, Eev. Thomas, M.A. Theta;




Lancastriensls. An English clergyman;
St. John's Coll., Cambridge, 1834 ; Kec-
tor of Duntsbourn-Abbots, 1861-73.

Hayley, William, 1745-1820. A
Friend to the Sisterhood. An Englisli
■poet and miscellaneous writer; the friend
and biographer of William Cowper.

Haynes, John Edward, 1825-. John
H. Edwards. An American publisher and
writer, of Kew York City.

Hays, ilrs. Mary. M H .

An English novelist.

Hay~ward, Edward Dykes. E. D.
H. An English Eriend, of Southwark,
London; son of William Hay ward, of
Maiden, Essex.

Hayward, S. A Lover of his King
and Country. An English writer of the
18th century.

Hayw^ood, Mrs. Eliza (Fowler),
1693(?)-1756. A Celebrated Author of
that Countrij ; Explorabilis. An English
writer ; b. in London ; the author of sev-
eral loose novels, and some respectable

Haza, Mile de. H. Paris. A

French author.

Hazard, Rowland Gibson, LL.D.,
1801-. H. ; Heteroscian. An American
manufacturer ; b. in South Kingston, R.I. ;
resident at Peacedale, R.I. ; devoted much
time to literary pursuits.

Hazard, Thomas Robinson, 1784-.
A Nortliern Man with American Principles ;
Shepherd Tom. An American writer, of
Rhode Island ; brother of the preceding;
b. in South Kingston, R.I.

Hazeltine, M. W. M. W. H. An
American \\Titer; literary editor of the
New York " Sun."

Hazeltine, Miron J. Miron. An
American writer on games.

Hazen, Mary P. Mabel; Marion
Haven. An American \^Titer of the day
on religious topics.

Hazlett, Helen. M. H. Tatem. An
American ("?) novelist.

Hazlitt, William, 1778-18.]0. ]V.
H.; Boswe/l lied/virus: Edicard Senrch :
Phantasies ; W. An English essay-
ist ; b. at Wem, in Shropshire; went
to London before 1804, and devoted
himself to literary pursuits ; d. in that

Head, Edward Francis. An Ad-
mirer of Chivalry. An English (1 ) dram-

Head, Sir Francis Bond, 1st Bart.,
179.3-1875. A British Subject. An Eng-
lish politician; b. at Rochester; served
for a time in the army ; afterwards trav-
elled, and wrote accoimts of his travels ;

received a pension of £100, 1867-75 ; d.
at Croydon.

Head, Truman. California Joe. An
American sportsman (?).

Headley, Henry, 1766-88. C. T. 0.
An English poet and literary critic ; b. at
Instead, in Norfolk; educ. at Trin. Coll.,

Heady, Morrison. Uncle Juvinell.
An American writer.

Hearne, Mary Anne. Marianne Farn-
ingham. An English Avriter ; b. at Farn-
ingham, in Kent.

Hearne, Thomas, 1678-1735. A Gen-
tleman of Cambridge ; Phileleutherus Can-
tabrigiensis. An English antiquary, col-
lector, and editor; b. in Berkshire; re-
sided chiefly at Oxford.

Heath, Miss Maggie E. Miriam;
Nettie Neale. An American " South-
land " writer, of Oakland, Va. ; b. at
Petersburg, Va.

Heath, W. McKendree. R. E. Du-
caigne. An English author.

Heathcote, George. An Old Servant.
An English gentleman ; once an Alder-
man of London.

Heathcote, Ralph, D.D., 1721-95.
A Gentleman of the Commission. An Eng-
lish clergyman ; b. in Barrow-upon-Soar,
Leicestershire ; educ. at Jesus Coll.,
Cambridge ; Prebendary of Southwell,

Heathcote, Rev. William Beadon.
W. B. H. An English clergyman ;
Chaplain to the Bp. of Salisbury, 1850-
60 et seq.

Heaton, Ellen Marvin. E. M. H.
An American writer of the day.

Heaton, Rev. John. H. An Eng-
lish clergj^man.

Heaven, Mrs. S. M. Laura Preston ;
Lucia Norman. An American writer, of
San Francisco (? ).

Heavlin, Mrs. R. A. Uniche. An
American writer, of North Carolina.

Hebbard, AViUiam Wallace, M.D.
Leiand Searcher. An American novelist.

Heber, Richard, 1773-1833. Atticus ;
Cato Parvus. An English man of let-
ters ; half-brother of Reginald ; b. in
Westminster; educ. at Oxford; spent
£180,000 for books ; d. in London.

Heberden, Dr. . E. An Eng-
lish author of the 18th century.

Hector, INIrs. Annie F. Mrs. Alex-
ander. An English novelist ; in 1877
was living in Dresden, Germany.

Hedge, Ed-ward Holyoke, -1837.
Jeremiah Grimes, Jun., Gent. An Ameri-
can graduate of Harv. Univ., 1828.

Heesom, Rev. Frederick. Parvus,




An Euglish author; b. at St. Veep;
Schoolmaster at Polperro ; local

Hello, Mme Ernest. Jean Lander.
A French novelist.

Helps, Sir Arthur, 1817-75. One of
the Special Constables in London. An
English author ; Trin. Coll., Cambridge,
1835; was in the public service, 1840-
59; Secretary of the Privy Council,

Hemans, Mrs. Felicia Dorothea
(Browne), 1794-1835. Clara Balfour;
A Lady. An English poet ; b. in Liver-
pool; the last years of her life were
passed in Dublin, where she died.

Heminings, Rev. Joseph. A Disci-
ple of the Prince of Peace. An English

Hempel, Friedrich Ferdinand.
Peregrinus Syntax. A German philolo-
gist of the first part of the 18th century.

Hemyng, Bracehridge. An Old
Etonian; Jack Harhaway. An English
novelist of the day.

Henderson, Andrew. A Christian;
An Impartial Hand ; Miltonicus. A Scot-
tish writer ; once kept a bookseller's
shop in Westminster Ilall ; styled him-
self A.M.

Henderson, Miss Florence IJeslie,
1859-. F. L. H. An English poet ; b.
at Truro ; educ. under masters in Brus-
sels and Normandy.

Henderson, Julia Putnam. Theta.
An American writer of the day.

Henderson, N. J. Tricotrin. An
American journalist.

Henderson, Thulia Susannah.
T. S. H. An English writer.

Henley, Rev. John, 1692-1756. Peter
de Quir ; .lonadab Swift ; Sir Isaac Rat-
cliffe, of Elboiu-lane. An English lec-
turer who, for 30 years, delivered his
famous orations in London upon theology,

Hennequia, Alfred, 1842-. Alfred
Lebrun. A French dramatist ; b. at Lut-
tich; studied there, and became an
engineer; from 1875 devoted himself, at
Paris, entirely to dramatic poetry.

Hennessy, John C. Irraghticonner.
An American publisher, of New York

Henningsen, Charles Frederick.
One ivho has Seen and Describes. An
English writer.

Henry, Caleb Sprague, D.D., 1804-
83. Dr. Oldham at Greystones. An Amer-
ican clergyman; b. at Rutland, Mass.;
Dart. Coll., 1825; in 1874 removed to
Stamford, Conn.

Henry, David, 1710-92. A Practical
Farmer. A Scottish writer; b, near
Aberdeen ; resided in London ; was con-
nected with the "Gent. Magazine" for
more than half a century.

Henry, H. li. H. L. H. An Ameri-
can writer for the young.

Henry, Mrs. Ina M. (Porter). Ethel
Hope. An American " Southland "
writer; in 1872 resided near Greenville,,
Butler Co., Ala.

Henry, Capt. J. Camillus. A Cana-
dian writer.

Henry, Mrs. Blary H. Hoice Penning..
An American novelist of the day.

Henry, Walter, M.D., 1791-1860.
Miles; Piscator; Scrutator; A Staff Sur-
geon. An Irish journalist; b. at Don-
negal ; was stationed in Canada, 1827-
41; at Halifax, 1841-52; in Canada
again till his death at Belleville, Upper

Henshall, James A. Oconomowoc.
An American writer of the day, of Wis-

HenshaAV, Mrs. ■. Aunt Maggie.

Henshaw, David, 1791-1852. A Mer-
chant. An American politician ; b. at
Leicester, Mass. ; in 1814 settled in Bos-
ton ; Collector of the port of Boston,
1830-38 ; d. in his native town.

Henshavp, Mrs. Sarah Edvrards.
Sidney E. Holmes. An American writer
of the day.

Hentz, Mrs. Caroline Liee (Whit-
ing), 1800-56. Aunt Patty. An Amer-
ican writer ; b. in Lancaster, Mass. ; in
1825 married Prof. N. M. Hentz; d. at
Marianna, Fla.

Hepw^orth, Mrs. George Hughes.
Una Savin. An American writer ; wife
of Rev. G. H. Hepworth, of New York

Herbert, David. Daryl Holme. A
Scottish translator of the day.

Herbert, Henry George, Lord Porch-
ester, and 2d Earl of Carnarvon, 1772-
1833. The Bigwig's Friend. An Eng-
lish nobleman; d. in London.

Herbert, Henry William, 1807-58.
W. H. H.; Dinks (1); F. F. of the Ce-
dars; Franh Forester; Mr. Sponge; Old
Yorkshire Turfman. An English-Ameri-
can writer; came to the United States in
1831 ; his last years were passed at New-
ark, N.J.

Herbert, Sarah A. F. Herbert New-
bun/. An American (1) writer.

Hereford, John Butler, D.D., Bish-
op of, 1717-1802. Vindex. An English
clergyman ; b. at Hamburg; Bishop of
Hereford, 1788-1802, where he died.




Heme, Thomas, 1722-. Phileleuthe-
rus Gantabrigiensis ; Philonagnostes Criti-
cus. An English controversialist ; b. in
Suffolk ; a man of learning, virtue, and
spirit ; d. at Woburn.

Heron, A. An Ex-Hussar.

Heron, Agnes and Fanny. Agties
and Fanni/ Natall. American lyric
artists ; made their ch'but in Philadelphia
in 1848 ; in 1870 were in Europe.

Heron, Mrs. Emily (Planning).
Austral ie. An English colonial poet;
daughter of Sir William Montague Man-
ning, Vice-Chancellor of the Sydney

Heron, Robert, 1764-1807. Ralph
Anderson. A Scottish miscellaneous
writer ; b. at New Galloway ; ^vrote and
translated a number of works, and was ed-
itor and contributor to several periodicals.

Herrick, Edward Claudius, 1811-
62. B. F. An American scholar ; b. in
New Haven, Conn. ; Yale Coll., 1862 ;
Librarian there, 1843-58, and Treasurer,
1852-02 ; d. in New Haven.

Herrick, N. N. H. An English writer
of the first part of the 18th century.

Hervey, Mrs. Eleonora Louisa (Mon-
tagu), 181 1-. Margaret Russell. An
English author ; b. in Liverpool ; the
wife of Thomas Kibble Hervey.

Hervey, John, Lord Hervey of Ick-
worth, 1696-1743. .4 ]\Iemher of the
House of Commons; A Nobleman. An
English political and poetical writer;
Lord Privy Seal, 1740-42; he was the
" Sporus " of Pope's Satires.

Hervey, Thomas Kibble, 1799-59.
Jack Ketch. A Scottish poet; b. at
Paisley; engaged in literary work in
London ; d. at Kentish Town.

HerviUy, Ernest d', 1839-. Le Pas-
sant. A French author; b. in Paris;
became a railroad engineer, but soon de-

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