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voted himself entirely to literature and

Herzen, Alexander, 1812-70. Iskan-
der. A Russian socialist and able re-
publican writer ; d. at Paris.

Heslop, R. O. Harry Haldane. An
English dialect writer.

Hesse, Liepold Auguste Constantin,
-1844. L. A. Constantin. An old book-
seller and bibliographer, of Amsterdam.

Hetzel, Pierre Jules, 1814-. Pierre
Jules Stahl. A French author and pub-
lisher, of Paris ; in 1851 removed to

Heun, Karl Gottlob Samuel, 1771-
1854. H. Clauren. A German novelist;
b. at Dobrilugk ; spent his life chiefly in

HeTverdine, Rev. Thomas, M.A^

T. H. An English clergyman ; Rector
of Abington, and Vicar of Basingbourn,

Hewetson, William. A Christian.
An English Friend.

Hewins, Miss C M. C. M. H. An A-
merican bibliographer, of Hartford, Conn.

Hewitt, Harry S., 1856-. Keld. An
American journalist, of Syracuse, N.Y.

Hewitt, John. /. H. An English

HewittStebbins, Mrs. Mary Eliza-
beth (Moore), 1808-. lone; Jane. An
American poet ; b. in Maiden, Mass ^
married Mr. James L. Hewitt, and in
1854 Mr. R. Stebbins ; has resided chiefly
in New York City.

Hewlett, Rev. Joseph T., 1800-47.
P* ; Peter Priggins. An English divine ;:
b. in London; Worcester Coll., Oxford;
a teacher, 1828-40 ; an Epis. clergyman,
1823-28 and 1840-47 ; d. at Little Stam-
bridge, Essex.

Hewson, Hugh, 1724-1809. Hugh
Strap. An English hair-dresser, of Vil-
liers-street, London; the original of the
character of " Hugh Strap " in Smollett's
"Roderick Random."

Heygate, Rev. William Ed^rard,.
M.A., 1816-. W. E. H. ; A Clergyman
of the Episcopal Church, in England. An
English divine ; St. John's Coll., Oxford,^
1839; Rector of Brightstone, Newport^
Isle of Wight, 1869-83 et seq. — See "A
Layman of Boston, U.S.A."

Hey\vood, James. James East/. An
early English writer.

Heyw^ood, Samuel. A Layman. An
English barrister-at-law.

iiibbard, Miss Carrie S., 1833-.
Mabel St. Glair. An American poet ; in
1860 resided at Spring Hill, Fulton Co., O.

Hickes, George, D.D., 1642-1715. A
Dignify'd Clergy-man of the Church of
England. An English divine; b. in
Yorkshire ; Dean of Worcester.

Hickes, T. T. H., Pharmacop., Rus-
tican. An early English pharmacist.

Hickey, James Harden. Saint Pa-

Hiekey, Rev. Ross, 1790-. Martin
Doyle. An Irish clergyman and rural
economist ; b. in Co. Cork.

Hickling, George. Rusticns. An
English poet of the day.

Hicks, Mrs. Emilie Earle (Steele),
1820-. A Lady. An English author;,
b. at Penryn ; in 1842, married William
Briddlecombe Hicks, at St. Glavis.

Hicks, Jennie E. Sophie Sparkle..
An American writer of the day.




Hiflfernan, Paul, M.D.^ 1719-77. P.
H., M.D. An Irish physician ; b. in the
Co. of Dublin; went to London in 1753;
and for tlie rest of his life was a hack

Higgins, Matthew James, 1810-68.
J. 0.; Jacob Omnium; Civilian; Pater-
familias. An Irish journalist; for 20
years a constant contributor to the Lon-
don "Times," and afterwards to the
"Pali-Mall Gazette."

Hlggiuson, Stephen, 1743-1828.
Cato ; Laco. An American merchant
and politician ; b. in Salem, Mass. ; M.C.,
1782-3; d. in Boston.

Higham, Mrs. Mary R. M.R.H. An
American writer of the day.

Higham, T. R. T. Pi. II. An Eng-
lish dialect writer, of Cornwall.

Highmore, Joseph, 1692-1780. J.
H. An English painter ; b. and d. in
London; was a writer of considerable

Hildreth, Rev. Hosea, A.M., 1782-
1835. A Father. An American minis-
ter, of Gloucester, Mass. ; b, at Chelms-
ford, Mass, ; Harv. Univ., 1805.

Hildreth, James. A Dragoon. An
American soldier ; served in the Western
-countrv, 1833-34.

HUdreth, Richard, 1807-65. A Na-
tive American. An American journalist
and miscellaneous writer; b. at Deer-
field, Mass.; Harv. Univ., 1826; d. at
Elorence, Italy.

HUdrop, John, D.D., 1725-56. An
Impartial Hand. An English clergy-
man ; Rector of Wath, near Rippon,

Hildyard, Rev. James, B.D. In-
goldshij. An English clergyman ; Christ
Coll., Cambridge, 1833 ; Rector of In-
goldsby-Grantham, 1846-83 et seq.

Hilgard, Heinrich, 1834-. Henry
Villard. A German-American financier ;
■emigrated to this country from Munich
in 1853, and at first settled at Belleville,
111. ; in 1878 was a millionaire and rail-
road king in New York City.

Hill, Mrs. A. P. (Dawson). Buth.
An American "Southland" writer; in
1872, SuiDerintendent of the " Orphans'
Free School " at Atlanta, Ga.

HiU, Benson Earle, 1795-1845. Pol-
lexenes Digit Snift ; Dean S\fiifl, of Brazen-
nose. An English author and comedian ;
at one time editor of the " Old Monthly " ;
^nd afterwards co-editor, with Theodore
Hook, of the "New Monthly"; d. in
London, in penury and distress.

HiU, F. S. F. S. H. An American

HUl, Frank Harrison. APiominent
London Journalist. An English writer;
successively editor of the "Northern
Whig " at Belfast, and the " Daily News,"

Hill, George, 1796-1871. A Voyager.
An American poet; b. at Guilford,
Conn.; Yale Coll., 1816; Librarian, etc.,
of the State Dept., Washington, 1831-55;
then spent the rest of his life in his na-
tive town ; d. in St. Vincent Hospital,
New York City.

HUl, George Canning, 1825-. Lewis
Myrtle; Thomas Lackland. An Ameri-
can writer ; b. in Norwich, Conn. ; Yale
Coll., 1845.

Hill, Henry Serine, 1845-. H. S. H.
An English journalist; b. at Exeter;
Reporter of the " Western Daily Mer-
cury," 1863-77.

Iim, Isaac, 1788-1851. A Citizen of
New England. An American journalist
and politician; b. in Cambridge, Mass.;
resided in Concord, N.H., from 1809; U.S.
Senator, 1830-36; d. at Washington, D.C.

Hill, Sir John, M.D., 1716-1775.
George Crine, M.D.; Mrs. Glasse; An
Impartial Hand; The Inspector; Abra-
ham Johnson ; A Lady ; A Sclavonian
Nobleman in London; Christian Uvedale.
An English author ; a singular character
and voluminous writer; resided in Lon-
don. . .

Hill, Li. C. L. C. H. An American
novelist of the day.

Hill, Sir Richard, 1733-1808. A
Friend; A Gentleman of the University of
Oxford; An Old Member of Parliament ;
Philalethes. An English Calvinistic
Methodist ; sometimes preached in their
chapels ; at one time M.P. for Salop.

Hill, Thomas, about 1760-1840.
Paul Pry, etc. An English eccentric;
b. and d. in London ; was styled by
Lockhart"the most innocent and igno-
rant of bibliomaniacs."

Hillard, George Stillman, LL.D.,
1808-79. An Idler; S ylvanus Dashwood ;
Silas Standfast. An American lawyer
and writer ; b. at Machias, Me. ; Harv.
Univ., 1828; practised law in Boston;
d. in Brookline, Mass.

Hiller, Rev. Thomas Oliver Pres-
cott. An American. An American
poet ; a Swedenborgian minister.

Hilliard, Kate. Lucy Fountain. An
American (?) poet.

Hineks, Edward, D.D., 1792-1866.
E. H. An Irish archaeologist; b. in
Cork; Trin. Coll., Dublin, 1812; cele-
brated for his knowledge of Assyrian




Hincks, Sir Francis, K.C.B., 1807-.
A Member of the Legis. Assem. of Upper
Canada. A Canadian statesman; b. at
Cork, Ireland ; settled in Canada in
1832; Financial Minister of Canada,

Hindley, Miss Anne. — See " Woods,
Mrs. A. (H)."

Hingeston-Randolpli, Rev. Francis
Charles, M.A., 1838-. A Covntrt/ Far-
son ; Herbert Murraij. An English cler-
gyman; b. at Truro; Eector of Ring-
more, Kingsbridge, Devon., 1860-83 et
seq. ; Rural Dean of Woodleigh, 1879.

Hinkley, Holmes, 1853-. Eleven
Sophomores. An American educator; b,
in Boston; Harv. Univ., 1876; a teacher
in Boston in 1881-82 et seq.

Hinman, Royal Ralph, 1785-1868.
An Antiquarian. An American biogra-
pher ; b. in Soutlibury, Conn. ; Yale
Coll., 1804; Secretary of State for Conn.,
1835 - 42 ; spent the last years of his life
in New York City, and d. there.

Hinton, Henry lil, 1840-. Ralph
Morel)/. An American actor, dramatist,
and publisher; b. in New York City;
first appearance on the stage, 1864.

Hinton, Howard. Hd. H. An
American novelist and publisher, of
New York City.

Hippisley, John, -1748. A Gentle-
man. An English comic actor and dram-
atist ; built a theatre at Bristol, and had
commenced another at Bath, when he d.
at Bristol.

Hislop, Rev. Alexander. Godfrey
Golding. A Scottish Free Church minis-
ter, of Arbroath.

Hitchcock, Ethan AUen, 1798-1870.
E. A. H. An American author; b. at
Vergennes, Vt. ; West Point, 1817 ; d. at
Hancock, Ga.

Hitchcock, Francis. Frank Murdoch.
An American writer.

Hitchins, Fortescue, 1784-1814. A
Young Gentleman. An English poet ; b.
at St. Hilary ; Solicitor at St. Ives ; d. at

Hlinka, Adalbert, 1817-. Franz
Prawda. A Bohemian author; b. at
Nekrasin ; studied theology at Vienna
and Prague ; and is at the present time
(1882) Castle chaplain at Hradet.

Hoare, Rev. Edreard Xewenham,
M.A. Decanus. An English clerffyman;
Trin. Coll., Dublin, 1862; Rector of
Aerise, Canterbury, 1879-83 et seq.

Hoare, Prince, Esq., 1755-1834. A
Layman. An English artist and drama-
tist ; b. at Bath ; Secretary to the Royal
Academy from 1799 ; d. at Brigliton.

Hoare, Sir Richard Colt, Bart.,
F.R.S., F.S.A., F.L.S., 1758-1838. R. C.
H. An English antiquary ; b. and d. at

Hoare, Miss Sarah, 1767-1855. A
Friend to Youth. An English Friend, of
Bath ; b. in Bristol.

Hobart, Augustus Charles, 1822-.
Capt. A. Roberts. An English naval offi-
cer; known as Hobart Pasha, being on
half pay ; he commanded a swift block-
ade runner, the " Don," 1861-65, along
the coasts of North Carolina.

Hobart, John Henry, D.D., 1775-
1830. Corrector. An American clergy-
man ; b. at Philadelphia ; New Jersey
Coll., 1793 ; Asst. Bishop and Bishop of
New York, 1811-30; d. at Auburn, N.Y.

Hobbs, Samuel. Sylvan. An Eng-
lish poet.

Hobhouse, Sir Benjamin, 1757-1831.
A Barrister at Law. An English states-
man; M.P., 1797-1818; and filled several
important posts.

Hobhouse, John Cam, Lord Brough-
ton, 1786-1869. An Englishman resident
at Paris. An English author; b. near
Bristol; Trin. Coll., Cambridge, 1808;
accompanied Lord Byron to Greece ;
M.P., 1820-51 ; raised to the peerage in

Hoblyn, Miss Maria Theresa.
Theta. An English poet and musical
composer, of Cornwall ; b. at Mj'lor Vic-

Hobson, Robert. R. H. An English

Hobson, Rev. Samuel, LL.D. A
Norfolk Clergyman. An English divine ;
LL!d., Cambridge, 1831 ; Vicar of Tut-
tington, Norwich, 1853-74 et seq.

Hoeed6, Jules. Jules Neuvil. A
French poet.

Hodder, Edwin. Old Merry. An
English writer of the day.

Hodge, Thomas Hounsell. H. T.
Devon. A Canadian WTiter.

Hodges, Sydney, 1829-. George Bu-
dock. An Englisli portrait painter ; b. at
Worthing ; resident, 1880, in London.

Hodgkin, John. ^4 Member of the
English Bar. An English Friend, of
Tottenham ; afterwards of Lewes; son of
John Hodgkin, of Tottenham.

Hodgkin, John Eliot, F.S.A. J. E.
H. An English artist of the day.

Hodgkinson, . A Gentleman

lately returned from America. An English

Hodgman, Rev. Stephen A. A Chap-
lain of the U. S.A. An American clergy-




Hodgson, William, Jr. W.H.,junr.
An English vrriter.

Hodshon, Ralpli. A Laijman. An
English writer of the 18th centurj-.

Hodson, Mrs. Margaret (Holford).
A Lady. An English poet ; daughter of
Mrs. M. Holford, of Chester.

Hoflftnan, Charles Fenno, 1806-84.
A New Yorker. An American poet; b.
in New York City ; in 1824 entered upon
literary pursuits ; in 1849 was seized with
a mental disorder, and was compelled to
retire from the world ; d. at Harrisburg,

Hoflftnan, David, LL.D., 1784-1854.
Cartaphilus ; Anthoni/ Grumhler, Esq., of
Grumbleton Hall. An American lawyer ;
"b. in Baltimore ; Professor of Law in the
Univ. of Maryland, 1817-36; practised
his profession in Philadelphia, 1838-47 ;
d. in New York City.

Hoffman, David Murray, LL.D.,
1791-1878. Pacijicator. An American
jurist ; b. in New York City ; Columbia
Coll., 1809 ; Judge of the Superior Court
of New York, 1853-62.

Hofland, I\Irs. Barbara (Wreaks
Hoole), 1770-1844. An Englishwoman.
An English writer; b. in Sheffield; d. at

Hog, Rev. James. A Member of the
Church of Scotland. A Scottish minister,
of Carnock.

Hog, James Maitland. A Barrister.
A Scottish lawyer.

Hogan, Eev. !Edmund. E. G. An
Irish editor.

Hogarth, Mrs. Georgina. His Sister-
in-law. An English lady; sister-in-law of
Charles Dickens.

Hogarth, T. B., E.A. T. B. H., R.A.
An English artist.

Hogarth, William, 1697-1764, Giles
Grinagain. A celebrated English painter;
b., lived, and d. in. London.

Hogg, James, 1772-1835. J. H. Craig,
of Douglas, Esq. ; The Ettrich Shepherd ;
The Shepherd; Jamie the Poeter; A Jus-
tified Sinner; Robert Wringham Colwan.
A famous Scottish poet ; b. at Ettrick in
Selkirk ; in 1810 removed to Edinburgh ;
d. at his residence on the banks of the

Hogg, James. J. H. A Scottish pub-
lisher, of Edinburgh.

Hogg, Thomas Jefferson, Esq., 1792-
1862. John Brown, Esqre.; A Traveller.
An English lawyer; b. at Norton, Co.
Durham ; called to the bar at the Middle
Temple, 1817 ; for more than 20 years
was Revising Barrister for Northumber-
land, etc. ; d. at St. John's Wood, London,

Holbaeh, Paul Thiry, Baron von,
1723-89. . Mirahaud. A German phi-

Holberg, Baron liudvi^ig von, 1684-
1754. Niels Klim. A Danish poet and
dramatist, of Copenhagen,

Holbrook, Mrs. A. M. Pearl Bivers.

Holbrook, Silas Pinckney, 1796-
1835. A Boston llerchant; Jonathan Far-
brick ; A Traveller. An American writer ;
b, in Beaufort, S.C.; studied law in Bos-
ton, and practised at Medfield, Mass. ; d.
at Pineville, S.C.

Holcroft, Thomas, 1744-1809. Wil-
liam Vincent, of Gray's Inn; Mar-
shall. An English actor and dramatist;
b. in London, and chiefly practised his art
there ; but spent the principal part of the
years 1799-1801 in Germany and France.

Holden, J. G. P. Ralph Redwood.

Holden, Luther Li. Rambler ; Ranger.
An American journalist; correspondent
of the Boston " Journal."

Holden, Mrs. Maria. May Myrtle.

Holden, Oliver, -1831. A Citizen of
Massachusetts. A popular American com-
poser of sacred music; was a carpenter;
then a music-teacher and bookseller ; d,
at Charlestown, Mass.

Hole, Matthew, D.D., about 1640-
about 1730. A. B.; A Presbyter of the
Church of England. An English clergy-
man; Rector of Exeter Coll., Oxford,

Hole, Rev. Samuel Reynolds, M.A.
An Oxonian. An English clergyman ; Bra-
senose Coll., Oxford, 1844 ; Vicar of Caun-
ton, Newark-on-Trent, 1850-83 et seq.

Holford, Miss Margaret. — See
"Hodson, Mrs. M. (H.)."

Holland, Ed"win Clifford, about
1793-1824. A South Carolinian. An
American poet, essayist, and journalist,
of Charleston, S.C.

Holland, Rev, Frederic West,
1811-, A Pilgrim of 1851. An Ameri-
can clergyman; b. in Boston; Harv.
Univ., 1831 ; has been pastor in many
places; is now (1885) resident in Con-
cord, Mass.

Holland, Henry Fox, 1st Baron,
1705-74. The Paymaster. An English
nobleman and politician.

Holland, Henry Richard Vassall
Fox, 3d Baron, 1773-1840. A Disciple
of Selden; An Englishman. An eminent
English statesman; b. at Winterslow
house, in Wiltshire ; d. at Holland house,

HoUand, John, 1794-1872. A Chris-
tian Poet; Sexagenarius. An English
author and journalist ; b. in Sheffield,




Yorks. Co. ; was for a time an optician,
but afterwards devoted his life in liis na-
tive city to literary pursuits, and d. there.

Holland, Josiah Gilbert, 1819-81.
Dr. Henrji HaJford ; Max Mannering ;
Timothy titcomb. An American author
and journalist; b. at Belchertown,
Mass. ; was connected with the " Spring-
field Republican," 1849-66, and editor
of "Scribner's Monthly," 1870-81; d.
in New York City.

Holland, Rev. Thomas Agar, M.A.
An Undergraduate. An English clergy-
man ; Worcester Coll., Oxford, 1825 ;
Rector of Poynings, Sussex, 1846-8-3 et

Holley, Marietta. Josh. Allen's Wife.
An American novelist of the day.

Holley, Myron, 1779-1841. A Citizen
of New York. An American lawyer and

Hollingbery, R. H. An Indian Offi-
'cial. An English colonial writer of the day.

Hollings^vorth, Rev. Nathaniel
■John. A Late Steward of the Sons of the

Hollis, Rev. John. A Layman. An
English clergyman.

Hollis, William. A Contributor to
*' Bentley." An English scholar and

Holloway, Liaura Carter. L. C. H.
An American writer of the day.

Holman, James, 1787-1857. The
Blind Traveller. An English traveller;
entered the navy in 1798; was made
lieutenant, 1807 ; at the age of 25 was
compelled by blindness to leave the ser-
vice, but afterwards travelled all over
the world ; d. in London.

Holme, li. A Young Artist. An Eng-
lish artist.

Holmes, Cecil Frederick. C. F. H. ;
A Harrow Tutor. An English writer of
the day.

Holmes, Mrs. Dalkeith. A Lady.
An English writer.

Holmes, Edward. A Musical Pro-
fessor. An English writer.

Holmes, Mrs. Elizabeth (Emra),
—1843. A Country Parson's Daughter.
An English writer; daughter of Rev.
John Emra, Vicar of St. George's, Bris-
tol, and mfe of Marcus Holmes, Esq., of
"Westbury-on-Trym ; was a frequent con-
tributor to periodicals ; d. at Westbury.

Holmes, Nathaniel, A.M. N. H.
An American Shakespearian scholar ;
Harv. Univ., 1837 ; Royall Professor of
Law, 1868-72 ; in 1885 resident at Cam-
bridge, Mass.

Holmes, Oliver Wendell, M.D.,

1809-. Autocrat of the Breakfast Table;
The Poet at the Breakfast Table; The
Professor at the Breakfast Table. An em-
inent American poet; b. at Cambridge,
Mass.; Harv. Univ., 1829; Professor of
Anat. and Physiol, in his alma mater,
1847-82 ; and Professor Emeritus from

Holroyd, Rev. James John, M.A.
I. J. H. An English clergyman ; Christ
Coll., Cambridge, 1830; Rector of Ab-
berton, Essex, 1830-70 et seq. ; resident
at White Hall, near Colchester.

Holt, John. A Gentleman formerly of
Gray's Inn. An English Shakespearian
scholar of the last century.

Holt, John Saunders, 1826-. Abra-
ham Page, Esq. ; John Capelsay. An
American lawyer and novelist, of Wood-
ville. Miss. ; b. at Mobile, Ala., and educ.
in jSTew Orleans and at Centre Coll., Dan-
ville, Ky.

. Holthaus, P. T>. A Journeyman Tay-
lor. An American traveller.

Holyoake, George Jacob. 1817-.
The Editor of the " National." An Eng-
lish Radical and journalist, of London;
b. at Birmingham ; claims to be the foun-
der of " Secularism " ; was the editor of
the "Reasoner."

Homan, Samuel H., 1842-. Homer ;
Luxymon Roy. An American writer.

Home, Sir Everard, Bart., 1756-1832.
E. H. An eminent Scottish surgeon;
President Royal Coll. of Surgeons ; prac-
tised in London for many years.

Home, G. A Midshipman.

Home, M. J. An Officer. An Eng-
lish writer.

Homer, James Lloyd. A Merchaiit
of Boston. An American printer and pub-
lisher, of Boston. i

Homes, Mrs. Mary Sophie (Shaw).
Millie May field. An American poet ; b.
in Frederick City, Md. ; has resided most
of her life in New Orleans ; in 1864 mar-
ried Mr. Luther Homes, of that city.

Honan, Michael Burke. Our own
Correspondent. An Irish journalist.

Hone, William, 1779-1842. Cecil.
An English satirist, antiquary, and pub-
lisher, of London ; b. in Bath.

Honeyvv'ood, St. John, Esq., 1765-98.
S. J. H., Esq. An American lawyer; b.
at Leicester, Mass. ; Yale Coll., 1782 ;
was a teacher at Schenectady, and a law-
yer at Salem, N.Y.

Hook, James, LL.D., 1771-1828.
Fitz-Harding. An English writer;
brother of Theodore Edward Hook ; b.
in London; Dean of Worcester, 1825-
28; d. at the Deanery.




Hook, Theodore Edward, Esq.,
F.S.A., 1788-1841. Alfred Allendale,
Esq.; Vicesimus Blenkinsop, LL.D.,
F.R.A., A.S.S., etc.; Mrs. Ramshottam;
Tekeli. An English novelist ; b. in Lon-
don; spent his life there in literary
work, and d. at his house, near Fulhara
Bridge, near London.

Hook, Rev. Walter Farquhar, D.D.,
F.E.S., 1798-1875. A Layman. An
English clergyman ; b. in London; B.A.,
Oxford, 1821 ; Dean of Chichester,
1859-75 ; d. in London.

Hooke, Josiah. A Citizen of New
England. An American educator.

Hooker, Edward William, D.D.,
1794-. Her Father. An eminent Ameri-
can divine ; b. in Goshen, Conn. ; Mid-
dlebury Coll., 1814 ; Prof, in Connecticut
Theological Institute, 1844-48.

Hooker, John. An Eminent Lawyer
of Connecticut. An American lawyer.

Hooper, Col. George W. An Amateur.
An American writer.

Hooper, Henry. Ducdame. An
English novelist of the day.

Hooper, Johnson J., Esq., -1863.
A Country Editor; Capt. Simon Suggs.
An American lawyer and journalist; b.
and educ. in North Carolina; removed
to Alabama; Secretary of the Provis-
ional Congress of the Confederate
States, 1861 ; resided at Lafayette,

Hooper, Miss Lucy, 1816-41. L. H.
An American poet; b. in Newburyport,
Mass. ; resided at Brooklyn, N.Y., 1831-
41, and d. there.

Hooper, Samuel, A.M., 1808-75. A
Merchant of Boston. An American mer-
chant and statesman ; b. at Marblehead,
Mass.; M.C., 1851-75; d. at Washington,

Hooper, Miss Susan C. Adrienne.
An American " Southland " writer ; b. in
Richmond, Va. ; in 1871 a teacher in the
Richmond Female Institute.

Hooton, Charles. Bilberry Thurland.
An English novelist.

Hope, Alexander Janaes Beresford,
LL.D., 1820-. D. C. L. An English
statesman; son of "Anastasius" Hope;
M.P. for the Univ. of Cambridge from

Hope, John. An Advocate of the
Cause of the People. A Scottish writer ;
"M.P. "for Linlithgow in 1768 on the
nomination of his kinsman, the Earl of
Hopetown, but lost his seat and allow-
ance of £200 a year by giving offence to
the Earl in his vote on the expulsion of

Hopkins, David, -1814. A Late

Resident at Bhagulpore. A British colo-
nial civilian, of the Bengal Medical
Establishment; d. at Samarang, Island
of Java.

Hopkins, Samuel aiUes, 1772-1837.
A House Holder. An American lawyer;
Yale Coll., 1791; M.C., 1813-15; lived
and d. at Geneva, N.Y.

Hopkins, Rev. William, B.A., 1706-
86. A Member of the Church of England,
An English Arian clergyman ; b. in Mon-
mouth; of All Souls Coll., Oxford; Cu-
rate of Slaugham, Co. of Sussex, 1766-86.

Hoplunson, Francis, Esq., LL.D.^
1737-91. Peter Grievous, Esq.; A. B. C.
D. E. An American jurist; b. in Phila-
delphia; Univ. of Pemi., 1757; U.S.
Judge of the District of Pennsylvania,.
1790-91 ; d. in his native city.

Hopkinson, J. The Honorary Secre-
tary. An English naturalist, of Wat-
ford, Co. of Herts.

Hopkinson, Joseph, LL.D., 1770-
1842. An American. An eminent Amer-
ican poet and jurist ; b. in Philadelphia;.
Univ. of Penn., 1786 ; Judge of the U.S.
Court for the Eastern District of Penn-
sylvania, 1828-42 ; d. in his native city.

Hopley, Miss Catherine C. A Block-
aded British Subject. An English writer.

Hopper, Clarence. IthurieL An
English writer.

Hoppin, Augustus, 1828-. C. Auton^
An American artist; b. at Providence,
R.I. ; Brown Univ., 1848 ; studied law ;
then art, in Europe.

Horbery, Rev. Matthew, D.D., 1707-
73. A Clergyman in the Country. An
English clergyman; b. at Haxay, Lin-
colnshire; Rector of Standlake, and Pre-
bendary of Lichfield.

Horlock, K. W. Scrutator. An Eng-
lish sporting writer.

Home, . Naufragus. An English


Home, George, D.D., 1730-92. A
Clergyman; One of the People called
Christians; An Undergraduate; Z. An
eminent English divine ; b. at Otham,
near Maidstone, in Kent ; Bishop of
Norwich, 1789-92; d. at Bath.

Home, Henry, Jr. An American

Home, Richard Hengist, -1884.
The Farthing Poet; M. I. D. ; Salem
Ben Uzdir. An English poet and critic ;.
educ. at Sandhurst ; went to Australia,
in 1852, with William Howitt ; has of
late years resided in London, where he

His name was Richard Henry; in 1864 ha-

adopted that of Richard Hengist.




Home, Thomas Hartwell, D.D.,

1780-1862. John Clarke ; A Lincolnshire
Grazier. An English biblical critic ;
educ. in London; Prebendary of St.
Paul's, 1841 ; and Librarian of the Brit-
ish Museum, 1824-00 ; d. in London.

Horner, William Edmunds, M.D.,
1793-1853. A Physician of Philadelphia.
An American anatomist; b. at Warren-
ton, Va. ; Prof., etc., of Anatomy in the
Univ. of Penn., 1816-53; d. in Philadel-

Horniliold, John. J . . . U. . . . . ,
G. A. D. S. An English religious writer
of the last century.

Horsburgh, James. J. H.; An Old
Inhabitant. A Scottish writer; Provost
of Pittenweem.

Horsburgh, Matilda. M. H. A
Scottish novelist of the day.

Horsley, Samuel, D.C.L., 1733-1806.
The Archdeacon of St. Albans ; A Clergy-

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