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Durovernum ; with other poems. L.

Brooke, Wesley. George Lunt. East-
ford ; or, household sketches, by ... a
novel. B. 1855.

Brooklyn. Thomas Kinsella, in the
"Eagle" (Brooklyn).

Brooks, Chatty. Miss Rosella Rice,
ill her contributions to "Arthur's Maga-

Broomstraw^. Alfred Duke, in his
contributions to the " State" (Richmond,

Brother, A. William Biglow. Com-
mencement : a poem ; or rather com-
mencement of a poem. Recited before
the Phi Beta Kappa Society ... in Cam-
bridse, Aug. 29, 1811. Salem, 1811.

Brother, A. Rev. George Clement

Boase. To husbands, fathers, and broth-
ers ... a word in season ... L. 1848.

Brother Fish Dealer from the Far
North, A. Mr. Anderson. A letter to
the Duke of Richmond ... L. 1844.
The letter is signed, " The Originator of
the Shetland Fishery Company."

Brother Methodist, A. Rev. Benja-
min Gough. A few earnest words to
British Methodists, from . . . Leeds,

Brother of the Apollo liodge, 711,
Oxford, A. Bishop Walter Mant, M.A.
A Preemason's pocket companion . . .
L. 1831.

Brother of the Birch, A. William
Cobbett. A twig of birch for the butting
calf . . . N.Y. 1795.

Brown, Mr. William Makepeace
Thackeray. Mr. Brown's letters to a
young man about town, in "Punch,"

Brown, Isaac. William Motherwell.
Renfrewshire characters and scenery.
L. 1881.

Brown, James. Joseph Robertson.
The new " Deeside Guide "... Aberdeen,

Brow^n, John. James Edward Neild,
M.D. His signature to a letter to the
editor of the "Melbourne (Victoria) Ar-
gus "in 1867, on "The Hamlet Contro-

BroAvn, John, Esqre. Thomas Jeffer-
son Hogg. Memoirs of Prince Alexy
Haimatoff. Translated from the origi-
nal Latin Mss. under the immediate
inspection of the Prince. By ... L.

Brown, The Late J. Alexander
Wheelock Thayer. Signor Masoni, and
other papers of the . . . Edited by . . .
Berlin, 1862.

This is a collection of Mr. Thayer's contribu-
tions to American periodicals.

Brown, Pisistratus. William Black.
Brown, Polemophilus, Curate of

P — n. Alexander Geddes, LL.D. A
new year's gift to the good people of
England . . . 1798.

Brown, Theomophilus. Rev. Alex-
ander Geddes. A sermon preached on
the day of the general fast, Feb. 27,
1799, by . . . L. 1799.

Brown, Thomas, redivivus. Caro-
line Frances Cornwallis. An exposition
of the vulgar and common errors adapted
to the year of grace MDCCCXLV.
Edited . . . B. 1846.

Brown, Thomas, the Younger.
Thomas 3foore. Intercepted letters; or,
the twopenny post bag. L. 1813.




Brown, Vandyke. Frederic J.

Prouting, editor of the "Berkshire Bell
and Counties' Review" (Reading).

Brown, Vandyke. William Penn
Brannan. Harp of a thousand strings. 18-.

Browne, Dunn. Rev. Samuel Fisk.
Letters from Europe, in the " Springfield
Republican." 18-

Brow^ne, Junius Henri. Albert
Deane Richardson. Four years in Seces-
sia: adventures within and beyond the
Union lines. N.Y. 1865.

Browne, Matthew. William Brighty
Rands. The chain of lilies; and other
poems. L. 1857.

Brow^ning, Francis. Francis Brown-
ing Owen. Poems . . . Detroit, 1874.

Brownjohn, Bellamy. Robert Carr
Dunham. No thoroughfare. B. 1868.

Brow^njolin, John. Charles Reming-
ton Talbot. Miltiades Peterkin Paul:
his adventures. B. 1877.

Brow^nlow^, Parson. William Gan-
naway Brownlow.

Brow^nrig, Henry. Douglas Wil-
liam Jerrold. Black eyed Susan, L.
1826 ; The rent-day, L. 1830,

Brulart de Sillery, Stephanie
Felicitfe. lime. Stephanie Felicity Du-
crest de Saint-Aubin. La botanique his-
torique et litte'raire. Paris, 1811.

Brummel, Beau. George Bryan

Brumore. N. Guyton de Morveau.
Traite curieux des charmes de I'amour
conjugal dans ce monde et dans I'autre.
Ouvrage [of Svvedenborg] traduit du
Latin . . . par . . . Brussels, 1881.

Bruno, G. Alfred Jules ^mile Fouil-
lie. Tour de la France par deux enfants.
Paris, 187-. ■

Brunold, Friedrich. August Fried-
rich ileijer. Die Askanierburg Werbel-
lin. Zurich, 1880.

Brunswick. Bliss Jeanelte L. Gilder,
as correspondent in New York, for many
years, of the "Boston Saturday Evening

Brutus. Fisher Ames, in contribu-
tions to the newspapers of Boston

Brutus. Henry Mackenzie, Esq.

" In political literature he was the author of a
' Review of the Proceedings of the Parliament,'
■which met first in the year 1784, and of a series
of letters under the signature of ' Brutus.' "

Brutus. David Owen.

Brutus. Stephen Simpson, who, under
this signature, contributed to the Phila-
delphia "Aurora."

Brutus. Robert James Turnbull. The
crisis; or, essays on the usurpations of

the Federal GoTemment. Charleston
(S.C), 1827.

Brutus. Samuel Finley Breese Morse.
Foreign conspiracy against the liberties
of the United States . . . N.Y. 1835.

Brutus. Robert Coram. Political in-
quiries . . . Wilmington (Del.), 1791.

Brutus. One of the signatures
adopted by Junius {q.v.). He addressed
a letter to Lord North under this name,
dated Feb. 21, 1771. — See " Atticus."

Brutus, Lucius Junius. William
Cranch. Examination of the President's
reply to the N. Haven remonstrance.
N.Y. 1801.

Bubb, Belle Z. Samuel W. E. Beck-
ner, editor of the " Corner Stone " (N.Y.).

Buck, Ruth. Mrs. Joseph Lamb.
How Charley helped his mother ... L.

Buddie, Jasper. Albert Smith, who
while a member of the London College
of Surgeons, in 1838 et seq., attracted at-
tention by a series of papers in the
"Medical Times," entitled "Jasper Bud-
die ; or, Confessions of a Dissecting-room

Budlong, Pharaoh. Frederic Beecher
Perkins. President Greeley, President
Hoffman, and the resurrection of the
Ring : a history . . . Budlington, 1872.

Budock, George. Sydney Hodges.
A tale of the Western Counties.

Burger, Hugo. Hugo Lubliner. Auf
der Brautfahrt. 1880.

Biirger, W. Theophile jStienne Jo-
seph Thor€. Histoire des peintres de
toutes les ecoles . . . Paris, 1863.

Buffalo Bill. Hon. William F. Cody.

Bull, John. Great Britain and Ire-
land. — See " Strutt, Lord."

Bull, Thomas. William Jones. A
letter to John Bull, Esq L. 1793.

Bull, W. Ann Jebb. Two penny-
worth of truth for a penny ... L. 1793.

BuUcalf, Peter. Joseph Storrs Fry.
The history of John Bull and his three
sons ... By , . . L. 1819.

Buller of Brasenose. John Hughes,
Esq., celebrated in " Christopher in the
Tent," was a contributor to " Blackwood's
Magazine," Edinb. 1819, etc.

Bullion, Thomas. Joseph Langton (? ).
Internal management of a country bank.
L. 1850.

Bull-US, Hector. James Kirke Pauld-
ing. The diverting history of John Bull
and Brother Jonathan. N.Y. 1812.

Bumpas, Azarias. John Quincy
Adams Griffin. Reports of cases argued
and decided in the Old Fogy Court, dur-
ing Hilary and Michaelmas terms, before




the Et. Hon. Bepee Dicques, Baron Cu-
cumbre, C.J., Hon. Danelle Needhame,
B., and Hon. B. Koussiele, J., in the
" Carpet-Bag," Boston, 1852.

Buncle, John, Esq. Thomas Amory.
The life and opinions of John Buncle,
Esq. L. 1756-66.

Bundelcund. Edmund Burke, in the
" Wasliington Union," 1846.

Bunker Hill. Rev. Benjamin Frank-
I'll De Costa, in his letters to the " Adver-
tiser" (Boston), during 1861-62.

Bvinker Hill Boy, A. John Qiu'nci/
Adams Griffin. Some fresh suggestions
on the project of annexing Charlestown
to Boston. By . . . Charlestown, 1855.

Bunker, General. C. Lorain Bug-
gies. The great American scout and spy.
N.Y. 1870.

Bunker, Timothy, Esq. William
Clift. The Tim Bunker papers; or,
Yankee farming. N.Y. 1868.

Bunsby, Jack. Theodore H. Vanden-

Buntline, Ned. Edward Z. C. Jud-
son. The king of the sea, N.Y. 1848;
The ghouls of New York, N.Y. 1850.

Bunyan, John. Rev. James Bard-
wood. Heart's ease in heart-trouble . . .
By . . . L. 1762.

Bunyan, John, Junior. Rev. Wil-
liam Arnot. The drunkard's progress . . .
Edinb. 185-3.

Burghley, Feltham. C. A. Ward.
England subsists by miracle. L. 1859.

Buritonensis, Johannes. John Jo-
sias Arthur Boase. Spicelegia, " Cornish
Mag.," 1828.

Burleigh. William Henry Burleigh.

Burleigh. Rev. Matthew Hale Smith.
Sunshine and shadow in New York,
Hartford, 187- ; also in his contributions
to the " Boston Journal," etc.

Burlington. Robert Sanders. — See
"Spencer, Nath."

Burlington, Charles, and others.
Robert Sanders, LL.D., and others. The
modern universal British traveller. L.

Burlington Hawkeye-man. Rob-
ert J. Burdette.

Burt, Caleb. Cecil Burleigh.

Burton, Junior. Charles Lamb, in
his essay. On the melancholy of tailors,
contributed to the " Reflector."

Burton, Alfred. John Mitford, R.N.
The adventures of Johnny Newcome in
the navy: a poem ... L. 1818.

Burton, H. A. John Habberton. Hel-
en's babies : by their latest victim, B.

Burton, Richard. Nathaniel Crouch.
Admirable ciu-iosities, rarities, and won-
ders in Great Britain and Ireland. 10th
ed. L. 1737.

Bury, Viscount, 31. P. William
Coutts Keppel, Viscount Bury. Exodus
of the western nations. By ... L. 1865.

Busby, Scriblerus, IjL.D. Gulian
Cmmmelin Verplanck. " Prolegomena.,
notes, and other scholastic trimmings "
to The epistles of Brevet Major Pindar
Puff. N.Y. 1819.

Bushwhacker, Dr. Frederic S. Coz-
zens. Sayings of . . . and other learned
men. N.Y. 1867.

Buskin, Captain Sock. W. J. Sor-
rel ( ?). How to "get up " theatricals in
a country house ... L. 1866.

Bust, Urastix. Charles H. Fox. Sa-
ble songster. Selected and arranged
by . . . P. 1859.

Busybody, The. Benjamin Franklin.

Benjamin Franklin " wrote a series of smart
articles in his old, favourite style of the ' Spec-
tator,' which he called 'The Busybodj',' and
which he publi.shed in Bradshaw's despised pa-
per, throwing ridicule on Keimer and bis ' Ga-
zette.' " (Phila. 1728-). — Andrews' s History
of ■Jownalism.

Busy Woman, A. Mrs. Mary Bay-
ard [Devereux) Clarke. Mosses from a
rolling stone ; or, the idle moments of a
busy woman. Winchester, Va. 186-.

Butcher, The. William Fowler.

Butler, Diana. Mrs. Henrietta E.
Tindal. The heirs of Blackridge Manor :
a tale of the past and the present . . .
L. 1856.

Butt, Bos-tvell. Charles H. Ross.
Hush Money : a life drama. L. 187-.

Butterfly, A. Rev. J. A. Allan. Day
dreams by . . . Kingston, Can. 1854.

Buttons. T. Z. C. Cowles.

Bj^eld, T., 3I.D. John Woodward,
M.D. The two Sosias ... [A satire on
Dr. Mead.] L. 1719.

Byfielde, J. John Freind, M.D. A
letter to the learned Dr. Woodward. L.

Byles. Edmund Quincy, in the "New
York Tribune."

Byr, Robert. Robert von Bayer. Eiue
geheime Depesche. 1880.

Byrne, Janet. Jane Besemeres. Pat-
sy's first glimpse of heaven. L. 1873.

BjTO. John Roby (1). Compendium
of county history. By . . . in " Gent.
Mag.," LXXXVL, Pt. 2, p. 313 et seq.

Byron, G. G. N., Baron. Br. Louis
Eustache Polidori. The Vampyre : a tale
by the Right Honourable Lord B. L.



Byi'on, L/ord. Jacques Albin Simon
Collin de Plancy. La mort de Napoleon,
dithryambe traduit de I'Anglais de Lord
Byron: prece'dee d'une notice sur la
vie et la mort de Napoleon Bona-
parte, par Th. Moore (idem). Paris,

Bystander, A. Patrick Fraser, LL.D.
Domestic economy, gymnastics, and
music: an omitted clause in the educa-
tion bill . . . Edinb. 1855.

Bystander, A. Corbyn Morris. A
letter from ... to a member of Parlia-
ment ... L. 1741.


©» Charles Clarke. Twelve maxims
on swimming. L. 1833.

C. The signature adopted by Junius
{q.v.) in his private letters to Mr. Wood-
fall. Several letters to the "Public Ad-
vertiser" (e.f/., March 24, 1768, etc.) are
also signed thus.

C. Mrs. Francesca Anna (Pascalis) Can-
feld, who made translations from the
French and Italian, wrote original hymns
in Italian, and was a frequent contributor,
under various signatures, to literary jour-
nals. ,

C. John Cogan, in the " Times" (Brook-
lyn, N.Y.).

C. Samuel Tai/lor Coleridge, in Lamb's
" Elia," passim.

C. Rt. Hon. John Wilson Croker, in
" Notes and Queries," L. 1859.

C. Bev. Edward Bouverie Fiisei/, one
of the contributors to "Tracts for the
Times," L. 1840-48.

C. Robert Smith. His signature to
papers in the " Microcosm," published at
Eton College, 1787 et seq.

C Mrs. Caroline Anne (Boities) Southei/.
Eor more than twentj' years her writings
were published without her name, and
many of them in " Blackwood's Maga-
zine " under the signature of " C."

C. IIo7i. Charles Yorke, in his contri-
butions to the " Athenian Letters "...
L. 1741-43.

C Matheiv Careij. Advices and sug-
gestions to increase the comforts of per-
sons in humble circumstances. P. 18.32.

C. Rev. Arthur Cleveland Coxe. Chris-
tian ballads. N.Y. 1840.

C. Alexander Chalmers. Dissenter's
psalms, " Gent. Mag.," August, 1794, p.
696 ; Biographical anecdotes of the late Mr.
Boswell, "Gent. Mag.," June, 1795, p. 469.

C. Francis Hinrjston. Essay on friend-
ship, " Cornish Magazine," 1828.

C. Edward Capper. Miscellaneous
observations upon authors, ancient and
modern. L. 1731-32.

C, or Coadjutor. Rev. Henry Meen,
B.D. Translator of " Coluthus Lyco-

polites," in Dr. Anderson's edition of
" Translations," in which " C " stood for
" Coadjutor," who was Mr. Meen.

C, Dr. Samuel Cooper, D.D., in Be-
loe's " Sexagenarian," I., 39, 2d ed. L.

C, Lord. Lord Camelford. — See
Lamb's "Elia." Distant correspond-

C, Mi"S. 2Irs. 3Iaria Susanna Cooper,
in Beloe's " Sexagenarian," I., 40, 333,
2d ed. L. 1818.

C, A. Antoine Caillot. Abrege' des
voyages modernes . . . Paris, 1820.

C, A. Alexander Cameron. A letter
to the Eev. John Smith, D.D. ... on his
Life of St. Columba. 1798.

C, A. Alexander Chalmers. Memoir

of .John Nichols, Esq., E.S.A L.


C, A., Esq. Anthony Collins. A dis-
sertation on liberty and necessity . . . L.

C, Sir A. Sir AstJey Cooper. — See
Lamb's " Elia," EUistoniana.

C, A. C. Rev. Arthur Cleveland Coxe.
Saul : a mystery . . . N.Y. 1845.

C, A. N. Archibald N. Carmichael.
Genealogy of her Majesty, Queen Vic-
toria . . . Edinb. 1845.

C, B. Benjamin Chandler. The Apos-
tles' Creed better than the Assembly's
Catechism ... L. 1720.

C, B. Bracy Clark. A new exposi-
tion of the horse's hoof. L. 1820.

C, B., Vestryman of Marylebone.
Bracy Clark. An exposure of the cor-
ruption of the Saxon name Arm's Housen
into Almshouses ... L.

C, C. Charles Coghlan. Love and
hate ; or, the court of Charles I. A his-
torical drama ... L. 1857.

C, C Charles Clark. Tiptree races :
a comic punning poem, a la Hood's cele-
brated " Epping Hunt." L. 1834.

C, C Charles Chorley. Translations,
1866; Verse, 1867," Horatian metres at-
tempted in English, 1867; The episode
of Hector and Andromache . . . 1867 ;



from the Italian of Tasso's sonnets,
1867 ; Truro.

C C, alias Chilly Charley. Charles
Clark. Bills, ills, and chills ; or, rhyme
and fun about sixty-one. 1861.

C, Charles. Charles Cousin.

C. C C. William Ralston Balch, in liis
contributions to various periodicals.

C, C. C. Rev. C. C. Colton. Kemarks,
critical and moral, on the talents of Lord
Byron and the tendencies of Don Juan
. . . L. 1819.

C, C. D. Charles Dexter Cleveland.
First lessons in Greek . . . By ... B.

C, C. M. Charlotte Moon Clark. How
she came into her kingdom : a romance.
Chicago, 1878.

C, C. P. Charles Purton Cooper. The
case of Arnold v. Arnold ... L. 1847.

C, C. S. Charles Stuart Calverley.
Fly-leaves. N.Y. 1875.

C, D. Button Cook, in his contribu-
tions to the " World." L.

C. D. S. De Morgan. From matter
to spirit . . . Ten years experience in
spirit manifestations. With a preface
by A. B. [«.e., Augustus C^} T>e Morgan].
L. 1863.

C, E. Elizabeth Cummings, in her
contributions to various periodicals on
musical subjects.

C. E. Mrs. Charlotte Elizabeth {Phe-
lan) Tonna. Maternal martyrdom, a
fact illustrative of the improved spirit
of popery in the 19th century. L. 1830.

C, E. Edward Capell. Notes and
various readings to Shakespeare ... L.

C, E. Ebenezer Cornwall. The un-
veiling of the everlasting Gospel ... L.

C, E., Gent. Ebenezer Cook. Sot-
weed redivivus ; or, the planter's looking-
glass. In burlesque verse. Calculated
for the meridian of Maryland. By . . .
Annapolis, 1730.

C, Mrs. E. Mrs. Elizabeth Carter, in
Beloe's " Sexagenarian," I., 336. 2d ed.
L. 1818.

C, E. B. Miss Essie B. C heesborough,
who, under these initials, wrote much for
Southern periodicals.

C, E. B. Eliza B. Chase. Over the
border. Acadia, the home of " Evange-
line." By . . . B. 1884.

C, E. I. Edward John Carlos. His
signature in the " Gent. Mag."

C, E. J. Edward John Carlos. Niche
in St. Bartholomew's Church, London.
L. 1841.

C, E, R. Eustace R. Conder. An

order for the solemnization of matri-
mony. L. 1854.

C, E. V. E. V. Childe.— See "A

C, F. E. Frederick E. Cushman. His-
tory of the 28th regiment Massachusetts
vols Wash., D.C. 1865.

C, F. M. Frances 3Iary Cusack. An
illustrated history of Ireland . . . L. 1868.

C, F. S. Francis Sewell Cole. — See

C, G., Esq. George Cartwright, Esq.
Labrador : a poetical epistle . . . Don-
caster, 1785.

C, G. R. George Richard Corner, Esq.
Grammar school of St. Olave's, South-
wark, in " Gent. Mag.," 1836. Pt. I., pp.
15, 137.

C, H. Howard Carroll, in the New
York " Times."

C, H. Hugh Gleghorn, M.D. Hortus
Madraspatensis. Catalogue of plants . . .
in the Agri-horticultural Society's gar-
dens, Madras. Madras, 1853.

C., H. Heririj Chamberlain. A new
and complete history and sin-vey of the
cities of London and Westminster . . .
L. 1770.

C, H. A. Henry Acheson Crozier,
M.R.C.S. Parc-au-Chapel, Cape Corn-
wall. Exon. 1856.

C, H. P. Henry F. Charley. Old
love and new fortune : a play . . . L. 1850.

C, H. G., Esq. H. G. Gurran. Con-
fessions of a Wliitefoot ... L. 1884.

C, H. O. Henry Octavius Coxe. Forms
of bidding pi-ayer . . . Oxf. 1840.

C, H. S. H. S. Cunningham. Chroni-
cles of Dustypore : a tale of modern An-
glo-Indian society ... L. 1875.

C, I. Sir Hay Campbell. Hints upon
the question of jury trial ... L. 1809.

C, I., M.D. Rev. James Clark. Christ's
impressions strong, sweet, and sensible on
the hearts of believers . . . 1700.

C, I. E. B. Irvine E. B. Cox. The
angler's diary ... L. 1866-67.

C, J. Rev. John Courtarey. — See "A

C, J. John Campbell. The case of the
publicans, both in town and country, laid
open ... L. 1752.

C, J. John Corey. A cure for jeal-
ousie : a comedy ... L. 1701.

C, J. Sir James Caldwell. Debates
relative to the affairs of Ireland ... L.

C, J. J. Clay. The laws of short
whist, edited by John Loraine Baldwin . . .
and a treatise on the game by . . . L.

C, J. J. Carrick (1). Life of Sir Wil-



liam Wallace. 3d ed. L. and Glasgow,

C, J. J. Clarh. Newcastle remem-
brancer, and freeman's pocket companion
. , . Newcastle, 1817.

C, J. Rev. James Craig. Spiritual
life : poems on several divine subjects
. . . Edinb. 1727.

C, J. Joel Cook. Summer rambles.
P. n.d.

C, J. John Canton. On the thermom-
eter and barometer, " Gent. Mag.," Octo-
ber and December, 1748, pp. 452 and

C, J., Esq., a Volunteer. John Calef.
The siege of the Penobscot by the rebels
. . . L. 1781.

C, J., M.D. Dr. J. Castro. A disser-
tation on the method of inoculating the
small-pox ... L. 1721.

C, J., Med. D. Rev. John Colbatch.
Memoirs of Denmark ... L. 1700.

Also ascribed to Jodocus Crull.

C, J., M.D. John Cooke, M.D. The
new theory of generation ... L. 17G2.

C, J., ai.D., Fellow of the Royal
Society. Jodocus Crull. The antiqui-
ties of St. Peters ... L. 1711.

C, J., one of the Ministers of the
Gospel at Glasgow. Rev. James Clark.
Just and sober remarks on some parts
and passages of the overtures concerning
kirk-sessions . . . 1720.

C, J. D. John David Chambers. A
companion to Confession and Holy Com-
munion . . . L. 1853. — See" A Layman."

C, J. F. J. F. Coates, in liis contribu-
tions to the "Mail and Express" (N.Y.).

C, J. F. & li. James Freeman, and
Lilian, Clarke. Exotics. B. 1875.

C, J. H. James H. Connolli/, in his
contributions to the "World" (N.Y.).

C, J. 31. and C. John Mill, and Char-
lotte, Chanter. Jack Frost, and other
tales. L. 1858.

C, J. P. John Paijne Collier. A light
Bondell of livly discourses called Church-
yardes Charge, etc. Edited ... L.

C, J. R. Dr. John Rose Cormach.
Notice of the late Dr. Abercrombie.

C, Jj. Rev. Lyman Coleman. Guide-
book of the Lehigh Valley Railroad . . .
P. 1872.

C Li. I. O. Joseph Addison. In the
" Tatler " his papers have no signature ;
in the "Spectator" they are either
"C," "L.," "L," or "O."; in the
" Guardian " they are marked by a hand.

C, L. M. Miss L. M. Cole. Science
of food. L. 1883.

C li. M. Alexander Chalmers. Trib-
ute to the memory of Dr. Andrew
Kippis, " Gent. Mag.," October, 1795, p.
803, etc.

C, M. Michael Constable. — See " A
British Soldier."

C, M. Mathew Carey. To Messrs.
N. Goddard . . . the committee of the
Boston merchants. P. 1828.

C, BI. A. Miss Mary Anne Cruse.
Cameron Hall ... P. 1867.

C, C. M. Charlotte Moon Clark. How
she came into her kingdom : a romance.
Chic. 1878.

C, BI. D. Moncure D. Conway. Shake-
speare at home. Letter from . . . from
Stratford-on-Avon, April 21, 1883. In
the " Commercial Gazette," Cin., May
26, 1883.

C., M. J. Mrs. 3L J. Carrington. Ab-
sa-ra-ka. Home of the crows ... P. 1868.

C, 31. J., Blinister of the Gospel at
Dirletown. Rev. James Clark. A dis-
course of the duties of people to their
pastors . . . Edinb. 1701.

C, 31. J., Blinister of the Gospel in
Glasgow. James Clark. Gospel cor-
dials . . . Glasgow, 1722.

C, N. Nicholas Carlisle. — See " D., J.,"
James Dallawai/.

C, P. P. Rev. Philip Pearsall Car-
penter. On chanting. From the " Chris-
tian Reformer " for December, 1848.
Warrington, Eng. 1848.

C, P. W. Peleg Whitman Chandler.
The authenticity of the Gospels . . . from
the " New Jerusalem Magazine," for
June, 1866. B. n.d.

C, R. Rev. Rowland Connor, in his
contributions to the " International Re-

C, R. Rev. Robert Colvill. The Cal-
edonian heroine . . . Edinb. 1771.

C, R. Richard Cattermole. Gems of
sacred literature. Edited ... L. 1841.

C, R. Robert Clark. Golf: a royal
and ancient game. Edinb. 1875.

C, R. Robert Carruthers. The history
of Huntingdon. 1824.

C, R. Robert Calder. The lawfuU-
ness and necessitie of observing the anni-
versary fasts ... 1710.

C, R. C. Bichard Charles Coxe. The
mercy at Marsden Rocks . . . Newcastle,

C, R. C. Richard Colama Close. Was
Bacon Shakespeare? In the " Victorian
Review," Melbourne, Australia, for No-
vember, 1880.

C, R. E. Mrs. R. E. Cressivell. Mem-
ories of her mother [Mrs. Fry], in a let-
ter to her sisters . . . Lynn, 1846.




C, K. H. Robert Henri/ Clive. Docu-
ments connected with the history of Lud-
low and the Lords Marchers. By . . .
L. 1841.

C, R. Li. Hev. Bussell Lant Carpenter.
Free blacks and slaves. From the " Chris-
tian Reformer" for August, 1853. n.p.,

C, S. S. Courtauld. Ferns of the
British Isles described and photographed.
L. 1877.

C, S. Mrs. Croft. A Gospel har-
mony of the events of Good Friday . . .
L. 1878.

C, S. Samuel Colliber. An impartial
enquiry into the existence and nature of
God ... L. 1718.

C, S. Samuel Carter. The law of
executions. L. 1706.

C, S. Stephen Crisp. Short history
of a long travel from Babylon to
Bethel ... L. 1718.

C, S., Barrister at liaw. Samuel
Carter. Lex customaria; or, a treatise
of copy-hold estates ... L. 1701.

C, S. S. Samuel Stillman Conant (?).
The Circassian boy. Translated . . .
B. 1875.

C, S. T. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, in
Lamb's "Elia": The two races of men.

C., T. Thomas Carlyle. His signature
to some of the articles he contributed to
"Brewster's Edinburgh Encyclopsedia,"
in Vol. XIV., XV., and XVI.; also in
" Macmillan's Magazine," July, 1862.

C., T. Thomas Chatterton, in the
" Freeholder's Magazine."

C, T. Thomas Crowley. Account of
a plan for civilizing the North American
Indians. L. about 1766.

C, T. Thomas Corbett. An accoimt
of the expedition of the British fleet to
Sicily, in the years 1718, 1719, and 1720 . . .
L. 1739.

C, T. Thomas Church. Entertaining
passages relating to Philip's war. B.

C., T. TTiomas Crawfurd. Notes and
observations on Mr. George Buchanan's
" History of Scotland." Edinb. 1708.

C, T. A. Thomas Adolphus Cragoe.
The river Fal and Falmouth harbour,

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