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man. An eminent English divine ; b. in
London; Archdeacon of St. Albans,
1780 ; Bishop of St. Asaph's, 1802-6.

Horsmanden, Daniel, 1691-1778.
The Recorder of the City of Neio York.
An American jurist; b. in England;
Chief Justice of New York, 1763-78 ; d.
at Flatbush, N.Y.

Horsnell, William. W. H. A Ca-
nadian poet, of Montreal.

Hort, John Josiali. Two Moiiyitcd
Sentries. An Irisli officer; entered the
service, 1840; Lieut.-Col., 36th Foot,
1855 ; served in the Eastern campaign of
1854-55 with the 4th Regiment.

Horton, Sir Robert John Wilmot,
2d Bart., 1784-1841. Philalethes. An
English statesman ; b. at Ormaston, Co.
Derby; Christ Church Coll., Oxford,
1806; M.P., 1818-20 and 26-; d. at Sud-
brooke Park, Petersham.

Hoshour, S. K. Lorenzo Altisonant.
An American writer.

Hoskins, Mrs. Josephine R. Hilde-
garde; Jacqueline. An American " South-
land" writer, of New Orleans; b. in New
York State.

Hoslcyns, Chandos Wren, 1812-76.
C. W. H. An English lawyer ; educ. at
Balliol Coll., Oxford ; called to the bar
at the Inner Temple, 1838; M.P. for
Hereford, 1869-75.

Hoskyns, J. A Physician.

Hosmer, Miss Harriet G., 1830-.
Kilosa. An American sculptor ; b. at
Watertown, Mass.; has for some years
resided at Rome.

Hosmer, Mrs. Margaret. An Old
Teacher, An American religious

Hostrup, Jens Christian, 1818-.
Jens Christrup. A Danish lyric and
dramatic poet; b. at Copenhagen; stud-
ied theology ; in 1856 became pastor at
Silkeborg in Jutland, and in 1863 at
Erederiksborg in Seeland.

Hotchkiss, Miss Ella A. Hazel
Wylde. An American writer.

Hotten, John Camden, 1832-73.
Cadwalader Rowlands ; A London Anti-
quary ; Joshua Sylvester; Theodore Tay-
lor; Titus A. Brick. An English book-
seller, of London, where he died.

Houghton, John William. J. W.
Hogo-Hunt. An English humorist of the

Houghton, Richard Moncktou
Milnes, 1st Baron, D.C.L., F.R.S., 1809-
85. A Layman. An English poet; Trin.
Coll., Cambridge, 1831 ; M.P. for Ponte-
fract, 1837-63, when he was raised to the

Houlding, John Richard. An Old
Boomerang. An English writer, of Aus-

Houssaye, Arsene, 1815-. Alfred
Mousse; Arsene Housset ; Pierre de I'Es-
toile. A French man of letters ; b. at
Bruyeres; settled in Paris; his works
embrace romance, the theatre, poetry,
and criticism.

Houston, George. An Israelite;
Nathan Joseph. An American writer.

Hovey, WiUiam Alfred, 1842-.
Causeur. An American journalist; b.
and educ. in Boston ; editor of the Boston
" Transcript," 1875-81.

Howard, Mrs. Anna Holyoke
(Cutts). A. H. H.; Anna Holyoke;
Edith Elliot; Lux Dux; Sana. An
American writer.

HoTPard, Edward, 8th Earl of Suf-
folk, -1731. A Person of Quality. An
English peer.

Howard, Rev. John, M.A. A Minis-
ter of the Church of England. An English
clergyman; Rector of Marston Trussel,
Northampton, and afterwards Vicar of
Kidderminster, Worcestershire.

Howard, Joseph, Jr. Dead Beat;
Diabolus ; Howard of the "Times" ; M.
T. Jiigg. An American journalist.

Howard, Luke, 1772-1864. Eccletus ;
H.; A Friend; An University Pen. An
English Friend, of Plaistow, Essex ; last
of Tottenham, Middx., and Ackworth,
Yorkshire; d. at Tottenham.

How^ard, Martin, -1781. A Gentle-
man of Halifax. An American loyalist;
his house at Newport, R.I., was destroyed
and his person injured; he fled to Nortli
Carolina, and was there Chief Justice for




a short time ; in 1778 he went to Eng-
land, where he died.

Howe, Charles, 1661-1745. A Per-
son of Honour. An English writer; b. in
Gloucestershire; a diplomatist under
James II.

Howe, Elias, Jr., 1819-67. Gumbo
Chaff. An American inventor; b. at
Spencer, Mass. ; invented his sewing
machine in 1846 ; from that time lived
chiefly in Boston.

Howe, Mrs. Julia (Ward), 1819-.
A Lady. An American poet ; b. in New
York City; in 1843 married Dr. Samuel G.
Howe,and has since lived chiefly in Boston.

Howe, Miss Blaud. Halcyon. An
American novelist, of Boston ; daughter
of the preceding.

Howell, Mrs. F. C. Walsingham.
An American writer.

Howell, Jolin. A Sufferer. A Scot-
tish writer.

HoweU, John, 1788-1863. Bill
Truck. A Scottish author, of Edinburgh ;
a " polyartist," as he called himself.
He was a printer and book-binder, and
invented the plough for cutting the
leaves of books, etc., etc. ; d. in Edin-

How^ells, Williatn Dean, and An-
other, 1837-. Two Friends. A popular
American editor and author; b. at Mar-
tinsville, O.

Howes, Osborne. F. A. C. T. An
American writer.

How^ison, William. M. de Peudemots.
A Scottish writer ; protege of Sir Walter

Howitt, WiUiam, 1795-1879. Dr.
Cornelius. An English author; b. at
Heanor, Derbyshire ; has chiefly devoted
his life to literary pursuits.

Howlett, Robert, Esq. R. H., Esq.,
near Forty Years a Practitioner in this
Art. An early English writer on angling.

Hows, George W. Strix. An Ameri-
can journalist, of New York City.

Howse, Mrs. Rebecca (Wildgoose
Hedges), 1737-1818. Mother Goose. An
English woman, of Oxford.

Hoyle, Edmond, 1672-1769." A Gen-
tleman. An EngUsh writer of London,
on games.

Hoyt, Charles H. His Majesty Him-
self. An American journalist; on the
staff of the Boston " Post."

Hoyt, Mrs. G. S. Ilarion West. An
American religious writer.

Hubbell, Mrs. Martha Stone, 1814-
66. A Pastor's Wife. An American
writer; b. at Oxford; d. at North Ston-
ington ; both of Connecticut.

Huber, Johann Nepomuk, 1830-79.
Janus. A German theologian; b. at
Munich ; Professor of Philosophy there,
1859-79; was an old " Catholic."

Hue, Abbe' Evariste Regis, 1813-60.
A Nankin Man of Science. A Erench lit-
erary man of world-wide celebrity ; a na-
tive of Toulouse, and became a mission-
ary in 1839 ; d. in Paris.

Huddesford, George, 1751-1809. The
Editor of "■Salmagundi." An English
clergyman and humorous poet; M.A. of
New Coll., Oxford, 1780; Vicar of Lox-
ley, Co. Warwick ; d. in London.

Hudson, George, 1800-71. The Rail-
way King. An Englishman ; b. in York ;
M.P. for Sitnderland, 1845-59.

Hudson, Eev. Henry Norman, 1814-.
A Chaplain. An American Shakespearian
scholar; b. in Cornwall, Vt. ; Middle-
bury Coll., 1840 ; has for some years re-
sided in Cambridge, Mass.

Hudson, William G. Cadwalader.
An American journalist.

HUlsen, Helene (von Haseler), GrSr
fin von, 1829-. Helene. A German au-
thor; b. at Blankenf elde ; in 1849 mar-
ried the theatrical Von Hiilsen at Ber-

Hughes, Catherine. C. H. An Eng-
lish writer.

Hughes, George, M.A. A Graduate
of Oxford; A Poetaster. An English
poet ; Christ Church, Oxford, 1811,

Hughes, John, Esq., 1790-1858. Bul-
ler of Brasenose. An English literary an-
tiquary, of Donnington-priory, Berks.

Hughes, T. M. An English Resident,
An English poet and prose writer; in
1845 resident in Spain.

Hughes, Thomas, 1823-. A Layman ;
An Old Boy ; Vacuus Viator. An English
writer; b. at Donnington-priory, near New-
bury, Berks.; Oriel Coll., Oxford, 1845;
called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn, 1848 ;
M.P., 1865-74 ; visited the United States
in 1870.

Hughes, WUliam, 1803-61. Piscator.
An English lawyer; Auditor of the Poor
Law Union District of Cornwall and
Devon. ; b. at Maker Vicarage ; d. at
Millbay Grove, Plymouth.

Hugo, Le Comte Victor Marie, 1802-
85. Aristide; Hierro. A French poet
and novelist ; b. at Besan^on; resided at
the islands of Jersey and Guernsey, 1851-
71 ; d. in Paris.

Huidekoper, H. J., 1776-1854. A
Unitarian Layman, A Dutch-American;
b. in the Netherlands ; came to the United
States in 1795 ; in 1804 removed to Mead-
ville, Penn., where he lived and died.




Huish, H. A Blue. An English nov-

Hulburt, D., M.D. Zepa. An Amer-
ican writer.

Hull, Kev. Joseph Darling, A.M.,
1818-. A Connecticut Pastor. An Amer-
ican teacher and minister; b. in New Ha-
ven, Conn. J Yale Coll., 1837 ; Yale Div.
School, 1842 ; Pastor at Essex, Conn.,
1844-48; Principal of the Murray Hill
Institute, New Yoi'k City, from 1864.

Hull, Thomas, 1728-1808. A Gentle-
man. An English actor and dramatist ;
b. in London ; for a time an apothecary ;
and an actor at Covent Garden Theatre,
1759-1808 ; d. in Westminster.

Hullah, Jlrs. M. M. H. An Eng-
lish musician, or writer on music.

Humbert, Dr. C, alias Sylvan Gard-
ner. The Rain -Water Doctor. D. in
the vicinity of Philadelphia, in June,
1825, at " the supposed age of one hun-
dred years."— See " L. I. Star," June 9,

Humble, Eev. Michael Maughan,
M.A. A Parish Priest. An English
clergyman ; Emman. Coll., Cambridge ;
Eector of Sutton w. Duckmanton, 1839-
83 et seq.

Humboldt, Gay. Burr Lington, D.LL,
An American writer.

Hume, Eev. Abraham, D.C.L., F.E.S.,
about 1815-. A Lancashire Incumbent,
An Irish clergyman and antiquary ;
Vicar of Vauxhall, Liverpool, 1847-83
et seq.

Hume, J. F. Willys Niles. An Amer-
ican writer.

Hume, Eev. James Deacon, 1774-
1842. H. B. T. An English civilian ;
b. at Newington, Surrey ; Assistant Sec-
retary to the Board of Trade, 1829-40 ;
d. at Eeigate.

Hume, Miss Sophia, 1702-74. S. H.
An English Quaker lady, of London ; b.
in South Carolina ; d. in London ; was a
minister about 25 years.

Humfrey, John. J. H.; A Grave
Author of Middle and Unparty Princi-
ples; A Lover of Peace and the Public
Good. An English political writer, of
the first part of the 18th century,

Humphrey, Asa, 1781-1841. A
Schoohnaster in the Eastern Country. An
American poet ; b. and d. at North Yar-
mouth, Me. ; by occupation a chair-
maker (?).

Humphrey, E. A. A Churchman.
An English writer.

Humphrey, George. A Collector.
An English conchologist.

Humphrey, Rev. John. His Respect-

ful Neighbour, J. H. An English clergy-
man, of Erome.

Humphrey, Mrs. S. G. Stereo. An
American writer.

Humphreys, Col. David, LL.D.,
1753-1818. A Gentleman of the Army.
An American poet, soldier, and diplo-
matist; b. at Derby, Conn.; Yale Coll.,
1771 ; lived and d. at New Haven, Conn.

Humphreys, Edveard Rupert, LL.D.
A British Commoner; The Head Master
of an English Grammar School. An Eng-
lish writer and educator; now, 1883, a
classical teacher of Boston.

Humphreys, Henry Noel, 1810-. H.
N. H. An ArchcBologist. An English'
numismatist; b. at Birmingham; educ.
in England and on the Continent, where
he resided several years, chiefly at Eome.

Hunt, Freeman, 1804-58. An Ameri-
can ; A Citizen of New York. An Amer-
ican printer, editor, author, and pub-
lisher ; b. at Quincy, Mass. ; in 1831 set-
tled in New York City ; d. at Brooklyn,

Hunt, Helen. H. H. — See "Jack-
son, Mrs. H. (F. H.)."

Hunt, (James Henry) Leigh, 1784-
1859. The Editor of " The Examiner " ;
Henry Honeycombe; Mr. Town, Junior,
Critic and Censor-General. An English
poet and prose writer; b. at Southgate,
near London ; resided chiefly in London ;
d. at Putney.

Hunt, Jedediah, 1815-. Cresinus.
An American merchant; in 1860, at Chilo,
Clermont Co., 0.; also a poet and prose
writer; b. at Candor, Tioga Co., N.Y. ;
removed to Ohio about 1840.

Hunt, Mrs. Margaret. Averil Beau-
mont. An English Avriter.

Hunt, Eev. Robert Shapland, M.A.
R. S. H. An English clergyman; Ex-
eter Coll., Oxford, 1841 ; Vicar of Mark-
Beech, Edinbridge, 1852-83 et seq.

Hunt, Ro^vland, Esq. An Independ-
ent Voter. An English political writer,
of Shrewsbury.

Hunt, Thornton, 1810-78. T.H. An
English journalist, of London, after 1840;
son of (James Henr^-) Leigh Hunt.

Hunt, "William. W. H., Gent. An
English dramatist; a Collector of Excise ;
wrote one play, of which the following
line is a specimen : —

" As the tall trees stood circling in a row."

Hunter, Mrs. Anne (Home), 1742-
1821. Mrs. J. H. An Enghsh poet;
vrife of Dr. John Hunter, and sister of
Sir Everard Home ; b. and d. in London ;

Hunter, John. N. R. A Scottish




Hunter, Rev. Joseph, F.S.A., 1783-
1861. J. H.; An English Traveller, An
English antiquary; b. at Sheffield; Asst.
Keeper of the Public Eecords, 1838-61 ;
d. in London.

Huntington, Miss Cornelia. Martha
Wickham. An American writer, of East
Hampton, L.I.

Huntington, Rev. Dan, M.A., 1774-
1864. Octogenary. An American Cong,
minister ; for many years resident at Had-
ley, Mass.

Huntington, Emily. E. H. An
American writer for the young.

Hunting-ton, Frederic Dan, D.D.,
1819-. F. D. H. An American clergy-
man; b. in Hadley, Mass.; Amherst
Coll., 1839; Bishop of Central New York,
1869-83 et seq.

Huntington, Rev. George, M.A. A
Clerical Friend. An English clergyman ;
St. Bees, 1846 ; Rector and Vicar of Ten-
by, 1867-83 et seq.

Huntington, Jedediah Vincent,
M.D., 1815-62. John Vincent, Esq. An
American poet and novelist ; b. in New
York City; Univ. of New York, 1838;
became a Roman Catholic in 1850 ; was
then a journalist at Baltimore, 1853-54,
and at St. Louis, 1855-57 ; d. at Pau,

Huntington, Joseph, D.D., 1735-95.
A Gentleman of Connecticut. An Ameri-
can Cong, minister; b. at Windham,
Conn.; Yale Coll., 1762; pastor at
Coventry, Conn.

Huntington, Rev. William, ' 1744-
1813. S. S., Sinner Saved. An English
Meth. preacher, of London ; b. in Kent ;
d. at Tunbridge.

Huntley, Mrs. E. D. Fannie Grey.

Huntley, Stanley, 1845-85. Spoopen-
dyke. An American journalist ; b. in
New York City; for many years con-
nected with the press at Chicago, 111.;
about six years ago returned to New
York City; and d. there.

Hnntt, Henry, M.D. An Annual Vis-
itor. An American physician.

Huot, Ii. H. Un Observateur. A
French-Canadian writer.

Hurd, Richard, D.D., 1720-1808. A
Warhurtonian. An English prelate ; b.
at Congreve, Staffs. ; Bishop of Worces-
ter, 1781-1808 ; d. at Hartlebury.

Hurlbut, William Henry, 1827-.
Raimond. An American journalist; b.

at Charleston, S.C. ; Harv. Univ., 1847 j
Div. School, 1849; Law School, 1852;
since 1855 has been connected with the
periodicals and newspapers of New York

Hussey, Edward IJa-w. E. L. M.
An English litterateur of the day.

Hussey, Rev. Robert, B.D., 1801-56.
Preshyterus. An English scholar ; b. at
Sandhurst, Kent ; Christ Church, Oxford,
1825 ; Professor of Ecclesiastical History
at Oxford, 1842-56 ; d. in Oxford.

Hussey, William. A Layman ; One
of the People. An English writer.

Hutcheson, Archibald, Esq., -1740.
A Member of the House of Commons. An
English politician, and writer on finance.

Hutchinson, E. A Native American.
An American writer.

Hutchinson, Francis. F. H. An
English clergyman ; Bishop of Doun and

Hutchinson, Henry, 1800-31. H,
An English architect, of Birmingham;
d. at Leamington.

Hutchinson, Henry Howe, 1812-.
Henry Howe. An English actor; b. at
Norwich ; made his de'but in London in
1834 ; and has remained there since.

Hutchinson, John, Esq., 1674-1737.
J. H. An Englisli writer; b. at Spenny-
thorn, Yorkshire; was opposed to Sir
Isaac Newton's system.

Hutchinson, William. John Sands.
An American journalist.

Hutchisson, W. H. Florio. George
Trigger. An Anglo-Indian sportsman
and writer on sports ; for 18 years resi-
dent in Bengal.

Hutton, Rev. John, B.D. J. H. An
English clergyman.

Hutton, R. N. An Old Rugbcean.
An English writer.

Hutton, Rev. Wyndham Madden.
W. M. H. ; A Member of the Univ. of
Oxford. An English clergyman; St.
Edmund Hall, Oxford, 1854; Vicar of
Twyford w. Hungarton V., etc., 1877-80
et seq.

Huyn, liuise, 1843-. M. Ludolff.
A German author ; b. at Koblenz, where
she passed her early life; commenced
her literary career in 1876.

Hyde, Rev. John. A Bible Student.
An English Swedenborgian minister.

Hyer, Rev. G. W. A Clergyman of
the P. E. Church. An American writer.





lago, Eev. WiUlam, B.A., 1836-.
W. I. An English clergyman ; b. in
London ; Chaplain of the Cornwall Co.
Asylum, 1862-83 et seg.

Ide, Simeon. Their Wellwisher. An
American writer.

lUff, Rev. George. G. I. An Eng-
lish educator; Head Master of Grange
School, Sunderland; Bishop -Wearmouth.

Inchbald, Mrs. Elizabeth (Simp-
son), 175.3-1821. Elfrida. A cele-
brated English actress, dramatist, and
novelist; b. in Stanningfield, Suffolk;
from 1781 devoted to literary pursuits at

Ingelow, Jean, 1830-. Don John.
An English poet and prose writer; b. in
Boston, Lincolnshire ; resided for many
years at Kensington, London.

Ingersleben, Einilie von. Emmy
von Rothenfels. A German writer.

Ingersoll, Charles, A.M., 1805-. A
Citizen of Pennsylvania. An American
political writer ; b. in Philadelphia ;
Univ. of Penn., 1822.

IngersoU, Charles Jared, 1782-1862.
Inchiquin. An American statesman ; b.
in Philadelphia; M.C., 1813-15 and
1841-47 ; lived and d. in his native city.

Ingersoll, Joseph Reed, LL.D., 1786-
1868. A Northern Man. An American
lawj-er and statesman; b. in Philadel-
phia; N.J. Coll., 1804; M.C., 1835-37
and 1841-49; Minister to England, 1849-
53; d. in his native city.

Ingham, Rev. Harvey A. A Lover
of the Word. An American clergyman.

Ingham, Mrs. W. A. Anne Hatha-
way. An American writer.

ingleby, Clement Mansfield, LL.D.,
1823-. Jabez. An English critic and
metaphysician ; b. at Edgbaston, Birming-
ham; Trin. Coll., Oxford, 1847 ; Vice-Pres.
of the Royal Society of Literature.

Inglis, Charles, D.D., 1734-1816.
An American; Candidus ; Papinian; A
Son of Truth and Decency. An Ameri-
can clergyman; of Trinity Church, New
York City, 1777-83, then Bishop of Nova

Inglis, Henry David, 1795-1835.
H. Derwent Conway. A Scottish journal-
ist ; b. in Edinburgh ; for a long time
editor of the " Derbyshire Courier " ;
travelled extensively ; published ac-
counts of his travels, and d. in London.

Inglis, James. Maori. An East
Indian planter and sportsman.

Inglis, John, D.D., -1850. One of the
Alumni. A British colonial writer;
Bishop of Nova Scotia, 1834-50.

Inglis, John, D.D., 1763-1834. One
of the Ministers of Edinburgh. A Scottish
clergyman; one of the ministers of
Greyfriars Church, Edinburgh; b. in
Perthshire ; d. in Edinburgh.

Inglis, W. J. B. An English writer
of educational works.

Ingraham, Rev. Joseph Holt, 1809-
61. Adina ; Kate Conynghame ; A Yankee.
An American novelist ; b. in Portland,
Me. ; Rector of a parish, and of St.
Thomas's Hall, an academy for boys, at
Holly Springs, Miss.

Ingram, James, D.D., 1774-1850. J.
/. An English clergyman; b. at East
Codf ord ; Trin. Coll., Oxford, 1796 ; Pres-
ident of Trin. Coll., Oxford, and Rector
of Garsington, 1824-50 ; d. in Oxford.

Ingram, Rev. Robert, 1727-1804. A
Country Clergyman. An English clergy-
man ; b. at Beverly ; Fellow of Corpus
Christi Coll., Cambridge ; Vicar of Worm-
ington and Boxted, Essex ; d. at Segrave,
near Loughborough.

Innes, Cosmo. C. I. A Scottish ad-
vocate, of Edinburgh.

Innes, Duncan. D. I. ; A Layman.
A Scottish writer, of Edinburgh (1).

Innes, William. A West India Mer-
chant. A British colonial writer.

Inshtatheamba. Bright Eyes. An
Indian woman.

Ireland, Alexander. Fhilobiblos. An
English bibliographer of the day.

Ireland, Joseph N. A Play-goer.
An American writer.

Ireland, (Samuel) William Henry,
1777-1835. Anser Pen-Dragon, Esq. ;
Charles Clifford ; H. C, Esq. ; Henry
Fielding; Satiric us Sculptor, Esq. An
English literary forger ; b. and d. in Lon-
don ; educ. in France ; passed his life in
literary pursuits.

Ireland, WiUiam W., M.D. An Offi-
cer li'ho served there.

Iron, Mrs. N. C. Stella. An Ameri-
can writer.

Irons, AVilliam Josiah, D.D., 1812-
83. A Bachelor of Divinity. An English
clergvman ; b. at Hoddesden, Herts. ;
Queen's Coll., Oxford, 1833 ; Prebendary
in St. Paul's Cathedral, 1860 ; Rector of
St. Mary Woolnoth lo. St. Mary Wool-
church, London, 1872-83.

Irvine, Eev. Alexander. W. P. 4r




A. I. ; A Minister of the Church of Scot-
land. A Scottish minister, of Kannoch.

Irvine, Mary Catharine. Aura. An
English poet and novelist.

Irving, John Henry Brodribb,
1838-. Henrij Irving. An English actor;
b. at Keinton, near Glastonbury; first
appeared on the stage in 1856, at Sunder-
land, in the character of " Richelieu."

Irving, John Treat, Jr., 1810-. His
Nephew ; John Quod. An American law-
yer, of New York City ; nephew of Wash-
ington Irving.

Irving, Peter, 1771-1838. Percival

G . An American journalist ; b. and

d. in New York City ; brother of Wash-
ington Irving J resided in Europe, 1809-

Irving, Theodore, LL.D., D.D., 1809-.
A Layman. An American clergyman ;
nephew of Washington Irving ; b. in New
York City ; Columbia Coll., 1837 ; in 1875
Eector of St. John's School for young
ladies, in New York City.

Irving, Thomas J. Gerald Hart. An
American novelist.

Irving, Washington, LL.D., 178-3-
1859. Fray Antonio Agapida; Geoffrey
Crayon ; Diedrich Knickerbocker ; Jono/-
than Oldstyle; A Sentimental Philosopher.
A distinguished American miscellaneous

Other pseudonyms ascribed to him are, " An-
thony Evergreen, Gent." and " Launcelot Lang-
staff." The latter was rather the pseudonym for
the whole staff of writers of " Salmagundi."

Irving, William, 1766-1821. Pindar
Cockloft, Esq. ; A Gentleman of New York,
An American merchant and humorist;
brother of Washington Irving ; b., lived,
and d. in New York City.

Isaacson, Rev. Stuteville, M.A. A
Barrow Knight. An English clergyman;
Rector of Bradfield St. Clare, Suffolk,
1836-60 et seq.

Ivers, Rev. Hardinge Furenzo.
Alethinos ; A Roman Catholic. An Eng-
lish clergyman.


Jabet, George S. Eden Warwick.
An English humorist.

Jacltman, Rev. John. A Clergyman.
An English divine of the first part of the
18th century.

Jackson, Audrevr, LL.D., 1767-1845.
Old Hickory. An eminent American sol-
dier and politician ; President of the
United States, 1829-37.

Jackson, E. A. E. A. J. An Ameri-
can religious writer of the day.

Jackson, Hall, 1739-97. A Gentleman
of the Faculty. An American physician;
Hon. M.D., Harv. Univ., 1793; practised
his profession at Portsmouth, N.H.

Jackson, Mrs. Helen Maria (Fiske
Hunt), 1831-85. H. H. ; Saxe Holm (1 ).
An American poet and prose writer; b.
in Amherst, Mass. ; was first married to
Major Hunt, U.S.A., who was killed in
1863; and then to Mr. Jackson; has re-
sided at Newport, R.I., and at Colorado
Springs ; d. in San Francisco.

Jackson, Rev. J. L., M.A. Clericus
Dorcestriensis. An English clergyman ;
Rector of Swanage, Dorset.

Jackson, Rev. John, 1686-1763. A
Clergyman; A Clergyman in the Country;
Philalethes Cantabrigiensis ; A Presbyter
of the Church of England. An English
Arian divine ; h. in Yorkshire ; Master
of Wigton's Hospital, 1729-63.

Jackson, Hon. Jonathan, 1743-1810.
A Native of Boston. An American mer-
chant and statesman, of Newburyport,
Mass. ; b. and d. in Boston ; Harv. Univ.,
1761 ; Member of Provincial Congress,
1775-77; M.C., 1782.

Jackson, M. E. A Lady. An Eng-
lish writer on botany.

Jackson, Rev. T., 1810-. Pieter
Maritzburg. An English writer.

Jackson, Thomas W. Hickory. An
American journalist, of New York City.

Jackson, Dr. William, -1795. Cur-
tius. A London journalist; b. in Ire-
land ; took part in the Irish rebellion of
1797 ; was arrested and sentenced to
death, but committed suicide in prison.

Jackson, William, 1730-1803. H.
Nettle. An English musician and land-
scape painter; b. in Exeter, where for
many years he gave his time to music,
painting, and literature.

Jackson, William, D.D., 1750-1815.
The Bishop of Oxford. An English cler-
gyman ; b. at Stamford; Christ Church,
Oxford, 1772 ; Regius Prof, of Greek at
Oxford, and Bishop of Oxford, 1811-15;
d. at Cuddesden, Co. Oxford.

Jacob, Alexandre Andr6, 1826-78.
Alexandre Erdan. A French journalist,
of Paris; b. at Angles (Vienne) ; d. at
Frascati, near Rome.




Jacob, C. G. J. An English (?)

Jacob, Giles, 1686-1744. G. J.
An English poet, dramatist, and law-
compiler; b. at Romsey, Co. of South-

Jacob, Hlldebrand, Esq., -1739.
H — d J — s, Esq. An English poet and
dramatist; son of Sir John Jacob; re-
sided in Clarges Street, Piccadilly, Lon-

Jacob, Thomas Greer, 1797-1837.
A Member. An Irish Friend, of Bel-
fast ; b. in Waterf ord.

Jacobs, Mrs. Harriet. Linda Brent.
An American autobiographer ; a slave

Jacox, Rev. Francis. Nicias Foxcar ;
A Recluse; Parson Frank. An English
clergyman; B.A., Cambridge, 1847; in
1880 et seq. resident at Prestwood, Charl-
wood, Crawley, Sussex.

Jacquot, Charles Jean Baptiste, de
Mirecourt, 1812-80. Eugene de Mire-
court. A French author ; b. at Mirecourt ;
commenced his literary career at Paris,

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