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with novels for the smaller journals. At
the close of his 60tli year he entered a
cloister; assumed the priesthood; and
retired to Hayti, where he died.

James, Edvpard. Guy Fawkes. An
English writer.

James, Mrs. Edwin. A Beauty. An
American (1 ) writer.

James, George Payne Rainsford,
1801-60. G. P. R. Jacobus. An Eng-
lish novelist; b. in London; resided at
Stockbridge, Mass., 1850-52; British
Consul at Norfolk, Va., 1852-58; and at
Venice, from 1858, and d. there.

James, James Henry. Aliquis. An
English poet and barrister, of the Middle
Temple, London.

James, Thomas Chalkley, M.D.,
1766-1835. P. D. An American phy-si-
cian; b. in Philadelphia; Univ. of Penn.,
1787 ; professor there, 1811-35; d. in his
native city.

Jameson, Mrs. Anna (Murphy),
1797-1860. An Ennuyee ; A Lady. An
Irish miscellaneous \\Titer ; b. in Dublin ;
d. at Ealing, Co. Middlesex.

Jamieson, John, D.D., 1759-1838.
Dr. Jehan, of the Hall Ryal. A Scottish
clergyman ; b. in Glasgow ; educ. at the
Univ. of that city; minister at Edinburgh,
1797-1838, where he died.

Jamieson, William. ^4 Member of
the Honourable Society of Writers to the
Signet. A Scottish lawyer of the 19th

Janin, Jules Gabriel, 1804-74. Le

critique marie; The Married Critic; Le
prince de la critique. A French journal-
ist; b. at Saint-Etienne (Loire); lived
and d. in Paris.

Janson, Charles WUliam. The Stran-
ger. An English writer; "late of the
State of Rhode Island ; " resided in Amer-
ica, 1793-1806.

Janvier, Margaret. Margaret Van-

Janvier, Thomas A. Ivory Black.
An American novelist; author of " Chi-
quita," and contributor to the " Century."

Japp, Alexander Hay. J. H. Alex-
ander, B.A. ; H. A. Page. A British au-
thor and publisher, of London.

Jardine, Alexander. An English Offi-
cer ; An Officer. An English officer; en-
tered the army, 1826; Maj.-Gen., 1859;
served with distinction during the Indian
campaign of 1858.

Jarke, Pranziska Julie (Schlesius),
1815-. E. Badorff. A German author;
b. at Konigsberg; in 1850 married the
rich nobleman Jarke ; and in 1864 com-
menced her literary career.

Jarmain, E. E. J-M-N. An Eng-
lish writer.

Jarnac de Rohan-Chabot, Le Comte
de. Sir Charles Rockingham. A French
novelist ; published chiefly at London.

Jarves, James Jackson, 1818-. An
American Amateur in Europe ; An Inquirer.
An American art critic ; b. in Boston ;
has resided in the Sandwich Islands, and
much at Paris and Florence.

Jarvis, Edward, -1884. E. J. An
American physiologist; b. in Concord,
Mass. ; Harv. Univ., 1826 ; resided in
Dorchester, Mass., and d. there.

Jarvis, Russell. An Anti-Abolitionist ;
A Citizen of New York. An American

Jasmin, Jacques, 1798-1864. The
Barber Poet. A French poet, of the
south of France.

Jay, John, LL.D., 1745-1829. Publius.
An American jurist and statesman; b. in
New York City; Columbia Coll., 1764;
Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court,
1789-94; resided on his estate at Bed-
ford, Westchester Co., N.Y., 1800-27, and
d. there.

Jay, John, 181 7-. A Churchman; A
Citizen of New York; The President. An
American law^'er ; grandson of the pre-
ceding ; b. in New York City ; Columbia
Coll., 1836; admitted to the'bar in 1839;
ilinister to Austria, 1869-75.

Jay, William, LL.D., 1789-1858. A
Churchman ; A Churchman of the Diocese
of Xew York. An American jurist, son of




Chief Justice Jay, and father of the pre-
ceding ; b. in New York City ; Yale Coll.,
1807 ; first judge of Westchester Co., N.Y.,
1820-43; d. at Bedford, N.Y.

Jeacocke, Caleb, 1706-86. The Lit-
erary Baker. An English man of letters ;
a baker of London.

Jebb, Ann. W. Bull. An English

Jebb, Frederick. Guatimozin. An '
English (1) writer.

Jebb, John, M.D., F.E.S., 1736-86.
An Englishman; Paulinus. An English
physician ; b. in London ; Rector of
Ovington, Norfolk, 1764-75.

Jebb, Mrs. (Torkington), 1736-

86. Priscilla. A learned English lady ;
widow of Dr. John Jebb.

Jeflferies, Richard. R. J. An Eng-
lish sporting writer of the day.

Jefierson, Rev. Joseph. J. J.; Eras-
tus ; Iota. An English Dissenting min-
ister, of Basiugbroke, Hants.

Jeflferson, Thomas, LL.D., 1743-
1826. M. J*»; Oliver Fairplay ; Mary
V. v.; A Native and Member of the House
of Burgesses. An American statesman ;
b. at Shadwell, Va. ; President of the
United States, 1809-13; d. at Jlonticello,

Jeffrey, Mrs. Rosa Vertner (Griffith
Johnson). Rosa. An American " South-
land" writer; b. near Natchez; passed
her early life at " Burlington," near Fort
Gibson, Miss. ; at an early age married
Claude M. Johnson ; after his death mar-
ried Alexander Jeffrey, Esq.; in 1870
resided in Lexington, Ky.

JeflFreys, Mrs. Arnold. Alton Clyde.

Jeflfi'ies, Thomas Fayette. Crippled
Fayette. An American writer, of Rock-
ingham. Va.

Jeitteles, Isaak [or Itzig], 1814-75.
Julius Seidlitz. A Bohemian author; b.
at Prague ; driven by the Austrian cen-
sorship away from home ; he lived first
in Saxony, then in Hungary, and later in
Vienna, where he died.

Jekyll, Joseph, Esq., F.R.S., F.A.S.
J — //. An English lawyer and author;
a friend of Charles Lamb ; King's Coun-
sel, Solicitor General to the Prince
Regent, and M.P. for Calne, in Wiltshire.

Jenings, Mrs. Edmond. WyckUjfe
Lane. An English novelist, of Hawks-
hurst, Kent.

Jenkins, Ed-ward, 1838-. A Guest.
An English satirist; b. in Mysore, India;
(-•due. at Montreal and Philadelphia;
called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn, 1864 ;
Agent in London for Canada from 1874;
M.P. for Dundee from 1874.

Jenkins, H. T., 1850-. Tiny Tim.
An English writer, of Southsea.

Jenkins, Joseph, 1808-. J. J., Philo-
math. An English poet and prose
writer; b. at Tresider, in St. Buryan,

Jenkins, Mary. M. J. An English

Jenkinson, Charles, 1st Earl of Liv-
erpool, 1727-1808. Charles, Lord Hawkes-
bury. An English statesman ; b. in
Oxfordshire; in political life, 1761-86;
d. in London.

Jenks, William, LL.D., D.D., 1778-
1866. The Late Rev. Williamson Jahn-
senykes. An American clergyman ; b. at
Newton, Mass.; Harv. Univ., 1797; Pastor
of Green Street Church, Boston, 1826-45.

Jennens, Charles, -1773. The Editor
of" King Lear." An English gentleman,
called "Solyraan the Magnificent," from
the splendor in which he lived.

Jenner, Rev. Charles, 1737-74. C. J.^j
Altamont. An English clergyman ; Vicar
of Claybrook, Leicestershire; author of
novels, poems, etc.

Jenner, Rev. Stephen, M.A. Theophi-
lus Secundus. An English clergyman;
St. John's Coll., Cambridge, 1834; in
1874 resident at Clare House, Horn
Park, Lee.

Jennings, Miss Clotilda. Maude.
An American Nova Scotian writer.

Jennings, Henry Constantine,
1731-1819. An Unfeigned Admirer of
Genuine British Jurisprudence. An Eng-
lish antiquary ; b. at Shiplake, Oxford-
shire ; passed some years on the Conti-
nent; d. within the rules of the King's
Bench, London.

Jennings, John J. Magoogin. An
American journalist.

Jennings, Louis J. L. J. J.; H.
Dropper. An American writer, formerly
editor of the New York " Times."

Jennings, Paul. A Colored Man.
An American writer.

Jennings, Samuel K., M.D. A Lay-
man. An American writer, of Balti-
more (?).

Jennison, Miss Lucy W. Owen
Innsley. An American (?) poet of the

Jephson, John; Courtenay, John;
Burroughs, etc. Jeffrey Wagstaffe,
Esq. Irish essayists.

Jephson, Ralph. R~ph J-ph — n. An
English lawyer of the 18th century.

Jerdan, WiUiam, F.S.A., 1782-1869.
W. J. Andre; Bushey Heath; Teutha ;
Viator. A Scottish journalist ; at Lon-
don, 1801-54.




Jeremy, Henry, M.A. A Barrister.
An English lawyer; A.B. of Trin. Coll.,
Cambridge, 1809.

Jerningham, Edward, 1727-1812.
The Bard ; The Old Bard. An English
poet and dramatist; b. in Norfolk; educ.
at Douay and Paris ; lived and d. in

Jerram, Key. Charles, M.S., 1770-
1853. Scrutator. An English clergy-
TDQan; Magdalen Coll., Cambridge, 1797 ;
Rector of Witney, Oxfordshire, 1834-53,
where he died.

Jerrold, Douglas William, 1803-57.
D. W. J. ; Henrj Brownrig ; Mrs. Mar-
garet Caudle ; Paul Prendergast ; Punch ;
The Late Captain Barahbas Whitefeather.
An English humorist; b. at Sheerness, in
Kent; devoted himself to literary pur-
suits in London ; and d. there.

Jerrold, William Blancbard, 1826-
84. Fin-Bee. An English writer; son
of the preceding; b., lived, and d. in

Jervis, John B., 1796-1885. Hamp-
den. An American civil engineer ; b. at
Huntington, L.I. ; resided at Rome, N.Y.,
86 years ; and d. there.

Jewell, Joseph, 1763-1846. A Lay-
man. An English Friend, of Stratford,
Essex; last of Farringdon, Berkshire; b.
at Stratford-in-the-Vale, Berkshire; d.
at Farringdon.

Jew^sbury, Miss Maria Jane. M. J. J,
— See "Fletcher, Mrs. M. J. (J.)."

Johann Nepomuk Maria Joseph,
King of Saxony. Philalethes. A Ger-
man editor and poet.

John, Henriette Friederike Chris-
tiane Eugenie, 1825-. E. Marlltt. A
German novelist ; b. at Arnstadt, Thu-

Johnes, Col. Thomas, 1748-1816.
A Cardiganshire Landlord. An Eng-
lish litterateur and bibliomaniac ; b.
in Shropshire ; resident at Haf od, Co.
Cardigan ; M.P. and Lord-Lieutenant for
that county ; d. at Dolcothy, Co. Carmar-
then, Wales.

Johns, Rev. Charles Alexander,
F.L.S. A Schoolmaster of Twenty Years'
Standing. An English clergyman; Trin.
Coll., Dublin, 1841 ; in 1874 resident at
Winton House, Winchester.

Johns, Rev. William Stabback, and
Another, M.A., 1838-. B. B. An Eng-
lish clergyman ; b. at Helston, Cornwall ;
Exeter Coll., Oxford, 1861 ; Vicar of St.
Thomas-by-Launceston, 1875-83 et seq.

Johnson, Miss Anna C. — See " Mil-
ler, Mrs. A. C. (J.)."

Johnson, Miss Evelyn Kimball.

Flora McFlimsey. An American au-
thor and journaiist, of New York City.

Johnson, Elizabeth. A Lady of

Johnson, Mrs. Emeline H. (Brown),
1826-50. Lillie Layton. An American
poet; b. at Haverhill, N.H. ; educ. at
Wooster, O. ; in 1845 married Perry
Johnson, of that town, where he died
in 1845, and she soon afterwards.

Johnson, Miss Esther, -1726. Stella.
A friend of Dean Swift; supposed to have
married him in 1716.

Johnson, J. An Old Author. An Eng-
lish writer.

Johnson, James, M.D., 1777-1845.
Frederick Fag. An Irish physician, of

Johnson, Mrs. Jennie A. (Abbott),
1808-72. Margaret Bourne. An Ameri-
can writer; wii'e of Oliver Johnson, of
New York City.

Johnson, John G. A Member of the
Philadelphia Bar. An American lawyer.

Johnson, Ulew^elyn H. Ixion. An
American bicycle racer; Swarthmore
Coll., Pa., about 1879-80; resident (1885)
of Orange, N.J.

Johnson, Lorenzo T>. One of his De-
scendants. An American writer; b. in
Braintree ; son of Mrs. Thomazin John-
son, of Braintree, Mass., who was a de-
scendant of John Alden.

Johnson, Reverdy, LL.D., 1796-1876.
Lawrence Langston ; A Marylander ; A
Southern Citizen. An American states-
man ; b. at Annapolis, Md. ; educ. at St.
John's Coll.; called to the bar; settled
in Baltimore ; LT.S. Senator, 1845-49 and
1883-69; Minister to England, 1868-69;
d. in his native city.

Johnson, Mrs. S. O. Daisy EyebrigM.
An American writer of the day.

Johnson, Samuel, D.D., 1696-1772.
Aristocles. An American writer; Presi-
dent of King's Coll. (now Columbia),
1754-63; Missionary at Stratford, Conn.,
1723-55 and 1763-72.

Johnson, Samuel, LL.D., 1709-84.
S.J.; T. ; An Lmpartial Hand; Probus
Britannicus; The Great Cham of Litera-
ture ; The Leviathan of Literature. An
English poet, critic, essayist and lexico-
grapher; b. at Lichfield; in 1737 went
to London and spent his life there, and
d. there.

Johnson, Thomas, 1675-1750. Mr.
Chubb. An English classical scholar and
editor; b. at Stadhampton, in Oxfordshire.

Johnson, Virginia Wales. Cousin
Virginia. An American novelist; b. in
Brooklyn, N.Y.




Johnson, W. B. Boswell. An Amer-
ican writer, of Virginia.

Johnson, William, Esq. A Barrister.
An English lawyer, of nearly 100 years

Johnston, Mrs. Alma Calder. Alma
Calder. An American novelist of the

Johnston, Andrew^. An Essex Jus-
tice. An English writer of the day.

Johnston, Charles, -1800. The Ed-
itor of "Chrysal" ; The Editor of ''The
Adventures of a Guinea " ; An Adept ;
Oneiropolos. An Irish novelist ; called to
the bar ; went to England, and engaged
in chamber practice and literary work ;
in 1782 went to Bengal and became jour-
alist, and d. there.

Johnston, D. S. B. Lenial Seab. An
American writer.

Johnston, James. A Gentleman of
Middlesex. An English writer, of the
earlier part of the 18th century.

Johnston, Miss Keith. Leslie Keith.
An English writer of the day.

Johnston, Mrs. Marianne C.
(Howe). His Motlier. An American
writer of the day.

Johnston, Richard Malcolm, 1822-.
An Old Man; Mr. Philemon Perch. An
eminent American educator ; b. in Han-
cock Co., Ga. ; Mercer Univ., 1841 ; kept
a classical school at Rockby, Ga., 1861-
67, and at Cliestnut Hill, near Baltimore,
1867-75 et seq.

Johnston, W. F. Malakoff. An
American journalist.

Johnston, William, 1829-. Wayne
Hovey. An Irish novelist ; b. in Down-
patrick; B.A., Dublin, 1852; M.P. for
Belfast from 1868.

Johnstone, Mrs. Christina Jane.
Mistress Margaret Dads, of Cleikiim Inn,
St. Ronan's. A Scottish writer.

Johnstone, George. Philorthos. An
English religious writer of the earlier
part of the 18th century.

Join\TlIe, Francois Ferdinand
Philippe Liouis Marie d'Orleans,
Prince de, 1818-. A. Trognon. A French

Jolly, Miss Emily. E. J. ; Lady who
prefers to be anonymous. An English
writer of the day.

Jones, Absalom. A. J. An Ameri-
can writer, of Philadelphia.

Jones, C, -1792. The Crediton Poet.
An English poet, of Devonshire; d. at
Keynsham, near Bristol.

Jones, Charles A., about 1815-51.
Dick Tinto. An American poet and
lawyer, of Cincinnati.

Jones, Rev. Charles Alfred, M.A

C. A. J. An English teacher ; St. John's
Coll., Cambridge, 1857; Sen. Math.
Master in Weston School, 1862-83 et

Jones, Cornelia. Jane R. Sommers.
An American religious writer.

Jones, David. D. J. An English
writer of the first part of the 18th cen-

Jones, Rev. David. Welch Free-
holder. A Unitarian minister ; colleague
of Dr. Priestley.

Jones, George. Leigh Cliffe. An
English writer.

Jones, George, 1810-79. The Count
Joannes. An American aetor and law-
yer; b. in Boston; in 1870 a lawyer of
New York City.

Jones, Giles. Tom Trip. An Eng-
lish (?) writer of books for the

Jones, Griffith Robert, -1867.
Gutto Lleyon. A Welsh litterateur; an
apt quoter of ancient Welsh Mss. ; d. in

Jones, Henry. Cavendi.ih. An
English writer, of London, on

Jones, Rev. J. P. Devoniensis. An
English clergyman.

Jones, James Athearn, 1791-1854.
An Officer in the Army of Woife. An
American writer; b. at Martha's Vine-
yard ; d. in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Jones, John, 1774-. An Upper Ser-
vant. An English uneducated poet; b.
at Clearwell, Gloucestershire ; patron-
ized by Southey.

Jones, Rev. John Andrew. Andrew,
of Mitchell Street. An English Baptist,
of London.

Jones, John, LL.D., 1765-1827. Ben
David ; Essenus ; Philalethes. A Welsh
Unitarian clergyman, of London, about

Jones, John B., 1810-. A Rebel War
Clerk ; A Roving Priiiter ; A Squatter.
An American journalist, of Philadelphia,
1857 ; b. in Baltimore.

Jones, John Matthew, Esq. The
Naturalist. An Englisli writer.

Jones, Joseph Stevens, M.D,, 1809-
77. .Jefferson Scattering Batkins, An
American actor and dramatist; wrote
about 200 plays ; afterwards city physi-
cian of Boston for several years, and d.

Jones, Justin. Harry Hazel. An
American (?) novelist of the day.

Jones, Leslie Grove, 1779-1839.
Radical. An English officer and politi-




cal writer; b. at Bearfield, near Brad-
ford, Co. of Wilts. ; d. in London.

Jones, Margaret Elizabeth Mary.
M. E. M. J. An Englisli poet.

Jones, ReT. Norris M. A Presbyter
of the Diocese of Maryland. An Ameri-
can clergyman.

Jones, O^ven. Devonshire Poet. An
English uneducated wool-comber.

Jones, Richard. R. J.

Jones, Robert Baker. B. B. J. An
English poet.

Jones, Sarah Li. S. L. J. ; A Block-
aded British Subject. An English

Jones, Stephen, 1763-1827. S. J.;
A Friend to Candour and Truth. An
English author, editor, and journalist, of
London ; b. and d. in that city.

Jones, Rev. Thomas. Alun Glan. A
Welsh poet.

Jones, Rev. Thomas. A Person ivho
travelled, 'etc. A Welsh clergyman ; Rec-
tor of Great Creaton.

Jones, Rev. William, D.D., 1726-
1800. Thomas Bull; Triniti/ Jones; A
Tutor ; An Old Friend and Servant of the
Church; A Presbyter of the Church of
England. A learned English clergy-
man; P.C. of Xayland, 1775, and Rector
of Paston and of Holliugbourne, the
latter till his death.

Jordan, G. W., Esq. G. W. J.; The
Agent for Barbadoes. A British colonial

Jordan, W. W. J. An American

Jordan, W.S. W. S. J.; Visto. An
American journalist, of San Francisco.

Jourdan, Mrs. Mary J., -1865.

31. J. J — n ; A Lady. An Anglo-Indian
poet; wife of Col. Jourdan, of the
Madras Army ; d. in London.

Joy, George. A Calm Observer. An
English political writer.

Joy, Henry H. A Barrister. An
English lawyer.

Joyce, Robert Dwyer, -1883. Fear-
dana; Merulan. An Irish poet; b. in tlie
Co. of Limerick ; sailed for this country
in 1866, and settled in Boston; d. in

Judah, Samuel B. H. Terentius
Phlogobombus. An American satirical
writer, of New York City.

Judson, EdTvard Z. C. Ked Bunt-
line. An American novelist of the

Judson, Mrs. Emily Chubbuck,
-1851. Fanny Forrester. An American
writer; b. in Eaton, Madison Co., N.Y. ;
in 1846 married Dr. Judson; d. at Ham-
ilton, N.Y.

Juel, Frau Tekla (Svensson), 1835-.
Carl Krone. A Danish novelist ; b. in
Copenhagen ; in 1866 married A. Juel,
assistant in the Latin School at Aalborg,
in Jutland.

Jurin, James, M.D., 1684-1750.
Philalethcs Cantabrigiensis. A learned
English phj'sician and mathematician, of

Justamond, John Obadiah, F.R.S.,
—1786. ^4 Professor of Surgery, An
English surgeon, of the 2d Regt. of
Dragoon Guards.

Justice, Alexander. A. J. ; A WelU
Wisher to Trade. An English financial
writer of the first part of the 18th cen-


Kaler, James Otis, 1846-. James
Otis; Abigail Perkins. An American
journalist, of New York City.

Kane, John Kintzing, A.M., 1795-
1858. A Pennsi/lvanian. An American
jurist ; b. in Albany, N.Y. ; Yale Coll.,
1814; admitted to the Philadelphia bar,
1817 ; U.S. District Judge, 1846-58 ; d. at

Kane, Paul. An Artist. " An Amer-
ican artist, who has studied in Europe,
and apparently unites the refinement of
the Old World with the Indian energy of
the New."

Kauffman, C. H. A Merchant. An
English commercial compiler, of London.

Kaufmann, Mathilde (Binder).

1835-. Amara George. A German writer ;
b. at Niirnberg; since 1857 has resided
with her husband in Wertheim.

Kay, A. J. An Upholsterer. An Eng-
lish poet.

Kay, Robert. An Odd-Fellow. A
Scottish writer, of Dumbarton.

Kaye, Sir John William, F.R.S.,.
1814-76. An Optimist. An English offi-
cer and historian ; served some years in
the East India Company's service ; re-
turned home in 1845, and devoted him-
self to literary pursuits ; but entered the
Indian Home Service, and was Secretary
of the Secret Dept., India Office, 1859-74.




Kearie, Miss Aiinie, 1825-79. A. K.
An English novelist ; the last year of her
life she spent in sickness at Eastbourne,
writing her last novel.

Keate, John. J. K. An English
writer; the "plagosus Orbilius " of Eton.
— See " R. S."

Keble, Rev. Jolin, M.A., 1792-1866.
A; y; A Contributor to Tracts for the
Times. An English lyric poet; b. at
Fairford, Gloucestershire ; Corpus Christi
Coll., Oxford, 1810 ; Professor of Poetry
at Oxford, 1831 ; Vicar of Hursley, near
Winchester, 1835-66; d. at Bournemouth.

Keble, Rev. Thomas, B.D., -1873.
E. ; Contributor to Tracts for the Times.
An English clergyman ; Vicar of Bisley,
etc., 1827-73.

Keck, Karl Heinrich Ch., 1824-.
Karl Heinrich. A German writer ; b. in
Schleswig; studied philosophy at Kiel
and Bonn; since 1870 Director of the
Gymnasium at Husum.

Keddie, Miss Henrietta. Sarah Tyt-
ler. An English novelist of the day.

Keene, Edmund, D.D., 1713-81. The
night Rev. Bishop Edmund. An English
prelate; Bishop of Chester, 1752-70; of
Ely, 1770-81.

Keep, Rev. John, A.M., 1781-1870.
Her Husband. An American Cong, min-
ister ; b. in Longmeadow, Mass. ; Yale
Coll., 1802; pastor at Ohio City from
1834; d. at Oberlin, 0.

Keightley, Thomas, 1789-1872. T.
K. An Irish historian ; b. in Dublin ;
Univ. of Dublin, 1808; went to London
to devote himself to literary pursuits ; d.
at Erith, in Kent.

Keiley, A. M. A Rifleman, Esq., Gent. ;
A Virginia Confederate. An American
soldier in the late civil war.

Keir, James, Esq. J. K., F.R.S., and
S. A. So. An English chemist.

Keir, Mrs. James. A Lady. An Eng-
lish writer ; widow of the preceding.

Keith, Rev. Alexander. Bev. A

K ,A.M. An English clergyman; the

famous Parson Keith of May-Fair Chapel.

Keith, Charles. A Student of Mar iscltal
College. A Scottish poet, of Montrose.

Keith, George Skene, D.D. A Mod-
erate Clergyman of the Synod of Aberdeen.
A Scottish divine, of Keith Hall, Aber-
deenshire ; and Presbyt. minister of Ean-
kell, in that county.

KeUey, Albert W., 1838-84. Parme-
nas Mix. An American humorist and
journalist, of Franklin, Ky.

KeUogg, Edward, 1790-1858. White-
hook. An American economist, of Brook-
lyn, N,Y., where he died.

Kellogg, Ensign Hosmer, 1812-82.
Pontoosuc. An American lawyer and
politician, of Pittsfield, Mass. ; b. in Shef-
field, Mass. ; Amherst Coll., 1836 ; d. at

Kelly, Miss Caroline E. C. E. K. —
See "Davis, Mrs. Caroline E. (K.)."

Kelly, Dennis BurroTres. A Mem-
ber of the Irish Bar. An Irish novelist.

Kelly, Miss Frances Maria, 1790-
1882. Barbara S- An English actress;
in 1882 the only living friend of Charles
Lamb; first appeared on the stage in 1799.

Kelly, Hugh, 1739-77. The Babbler.
An Irish author ; b. on the banks of Kil-
larney ; " a staymaker by trade, an attor-
ney's scribe by necessity, and a dramatic
writer by choice."

Kelly, John. Timothy Scrub, Esq.,
of Rag Fair ; A Gentleman of the Temple.
An English lawyer, of the first part of
the 18th century.

Kellj^ Jonathan P. Falconbridge ;
Jack Humphries; Stampede. An Ameri-
can humorist.

Kelly, WiUiam. W. K. An English
religious writer of the day.

Kelsall, Charles, Esq. Junius Secun-
dus ; Mela Britannicus. An English mis-
cellaneous writer.

Kelsey, Mrs. Charles E. Theodelinda.
An American writer of religious fiction.

Kelty, Mrs. Mary Anne. M. A. K.;
A Recluse. An English author, of Cam-
bridge ; afterwards of Peckham, a suburb
of London.

Kemble, Ann. Ann of Swansea. — See
"Hatton, Mrs. Ann Kemble."

Kempe, Alfred John, Esq., F.S.A,
1785-1846. A. J. K. An English anti-
quary; brother of Mrs. Anna Eliza
(Kempe Stothard) Bray, the novelist;
b. in London ; and d. at Stamford- villas,

Kempe, Anne. K. Parameny,

Kenjpshall, Julia A. Julia A. Willis.
An American writer of the day.

Kendall, B. P. 'Timothy Tickle, Esq.
An American writer, of Vermont.

Kendall, E.D. E.D.K. An Ameri-
can writer.

Kendall, Edward P. Galoot.

Kenealy, Ed^vard Vaughan Hyde,
LL.D., D.C.L., 1819-80. Y. An Irish
lawyer; b. in Cork; Trin Coll., Dublin;
called to the Irish bar, 1840, and the
English bar, 1847 ; devoted himself at
London to literary work ; M.P. for Stoke-
on-Trent, 1875.

Kennedy, A. K. A. K. ; A Writer to
the Signet. A Scottish writer, of Edin-
burgh, on political economy.




Kennedy, Benjamin Hall, D.D.,

1804-. A Member of the Univ. of Cam-
bridge. An English clergyman ; b. at
Summer Hill, near Birmingham ; Univ.
of Cambridge, 1827 ; Eegius Professor of
Greek in the Univ. of Cambridge, and
Can. Res. of Ely Cathl., 1867-83 et seq. ;
resident at "The Elms," Cambridge.

Kennedy, John Pendleton, LL.D.,
1795-1870. Pmd Ambrose; A Man
of the Times ; Marh Littleton ; A Member
of the 21th Congr. ; Mephistopheles ; Solo-
mon Secondthoughts, Schoolmaster ; A South-
ern Man. An American lawyer and
writer, of Baltimore; b. in that city;
Baltimore Coll., 1812; admitted to the
bar, 1816, and continued in successful
practice for 20 years ; M.C., 1839-45 ;
Secretary of the Navy, 1852-53; Provost
of the Univ. of Maryland, 1849-70 ; d. at

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