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Newport, R.L

Kennedy, Patrick. Harry Whitney.
An Irish writer on the legends of Ireland.

Kenner, S. A. Essay Caigh. An
American journalist.

Kennet, White, D.D., 1660-1728.
W. K.; A Member of Convocation; A
Member of the Said Society. An English
prelate ; b. at Dover ; Bishop of Peter-
borough, 1718-28.

Kenney,James, Esq., about 1770-1849.
K. An Irish dramatist; at an early age
was a clerk in a banking-house ; d. at

Kenrick, Francis Patrick, D.D.,
1797-1863. Omikron. An Irish-American
clergyman; b. in Dublin; came to the
United States in 1821; Archbishop of
Baltimore, 1851-63, where he died.

Kenrick, WiUiam, LL.D., -1779. W.
K., Esq. ; W. Avon ; A Friend ; A Lady ;
Archimagirus Metaphoricus ; Ontologos.
An English " critic of equal ability, im-
pudence, and literary ferocity ; was the
terror of the new scribes, and the object of
disgust to the old authors of his own day."

Kent, Anne. Adrian. An English

Kent, Benjamin. 1707-88. Amicus.
An American loyalist ; Harv. Univ., 1727 ;
minister at Marlboro', Mass., for a time ;
but studied law and settled in Boston;
d. at Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Kent, Charles. O. K. — See "Kent,
William Charles Mark."

Kent, John. Lycurgus. An English
journalist of the 18th century.

Kent, John. Alan Fairford ; Sir Min-
imus Pigmy. A Canadian writer ; for a
time chief secretary to Sir Geo. Arthur,
and then private tutor and secretary to
the Earl of Carnarvon.

Kent, William Charles Mark, 1823-.
C. K. ; Mark Rochester ; An Oscotian ; A
Templar. An English journalist; b. in
London ; called to the bar at the Middle
Temple, 1859; but adopted literature as
a profession.

Kenward, Philip. Flaneur. An
American journalist, of Brooklyn.

Kenworthy, Dr. Charles J. Al
Fresco. An American writer, of Jackson-
ville, Elorida,

Keplinger, Mrs. E. M. (Patterson).
Q'leen of Hearts. An American " South-
land "writer; b. in Baltimore, Md. ; for
many years a teacher in tlie public
schools of New Orleans.

Keppel, W^illiam Coutts, K.C.M.G.,
P.C., 1832-. Viscount Bury. An English
gentleman ; educ. at Eton ; M.P. for
Wick, etc., for Norwich, and later for Ber-
wick ; Treasurer for H. M.'s Household.

Ker, David. D. K. An American
journalist ; correspondent of the New
York " Times."

Kerfoot, John Barrett, D.D. The
Bishop. An American P. E. clergyman ;
President and Professor at Hobart Coll.,
1864-66 ; Bishop of P. E. Church, Pitts-
burg, 1866-80 et seq.

Kernigan, . The Khan. A Cana-
dian journalist.

Kerr, Charles. A Student in the Uni-
versity of Edinburgh. A Scottish poet, of

Kerr, James. An Officer in the E. I.
Co.'s Service. An English civilian and
translator, of Patna, India.

Kerr, Robert Malcolm, LL.D. R.
M. K. An English advocate and barrister.

Kersey, John. J. K. An English
writer on algebra, in the time of Charles II.

Kershaw, Philip G., B.A. Marcullus.
A Canadian writer, of Montreal ; McGill
Coll., 1867; d. some years since.

Kesson, John. The Translator. An
English writer.

KetteU, Samuel, 1800-55. Peeping
Tom; Sampson, Short and Fat; Timothy
Titter well. An American humorist; b.
at Newburyport, Mass. ; editor of the
"Boston Courier," 1848-55; d. at Mai-
den, Mass.

Kettle, Mary Rosa Stuart. Rosa
Mackenzie Kettle. An English writer;
b. at Overseale, near Ashby-de-la-Zouch,
in Leicestershire ; in 1880 resident at
Heathside, Parkstone, Dorset.

Kewley, John, M.D., D.D. An Epis-
copalian of * * Maryland. An American
clergyman; b. in England; Eector of
the Parish of St. George's, New York
City. 1813-16.




Kidd, Rev. Samuel, M.A., 1801-43.
Alfted. An English Orientalist; b. in
Hull ; Prof, of Chinese in the Univ. of
London ; d. at Camden Town.

Kidder, E. R. -S'«/ Slocuni.

Kidder, Frederic. Orient; Sagada-
hoc. An American local historian ; b,
in New Ipswich, N.H. ; d. at Melrose,

Kidder, Joseph. Reddik. An Ameri-
can newspaper contributor.

Kilvert, Adelaide Sophia. A
Mother and the Mistress of a Familij. An
English writer.

Kimball, Edmund, 1793-1873. A
■Citizen. An American lawyer ; b. in
Newburyport; Harv. Univ., 1814; a law-
yer in Boston for some years, and af-
terwards at Wenham, Mass., where he

Kimball, George. Frank Hudson.
An American writer.

Kimber, Rev. Isaac, 1692-1758. An
Impartial Hand. An English Dissenter ;
b. at Wantage, Berkshire.

Kimber, S., Jr. Dr. Syntax, Jr.
An American political writer.

King, Counsellor . A Gentleman

-of the Middle Temple. An Irish poet and
lawyer; son of Sir Anthony King, Knt. ;
Alderman of Dublin.

King, Edward, 1735-1807. E. K***,
■of M*** S*** ; A Plain, Honest Layman.
An English antiquary ; b. in Norfolk ; of
Clare Hall, Cambridge, and of Lincoln's
Inn, London ; devoted himself chiefly to
literary pursuits in that city, and d. there.

liing, Edward, 1795-1837. Lord
Kingsborough. An English antiquary ; son
of the Earl of Kingston ; d. in the Sher-
iff's prison at Dublin.

King, John, D.D., 1652-1732. A
Divine of the Church of England. An
English clergyman; b. at St. Coulomb,
Cornwall ; Rector of Chelsea, 1694-1732,
where he died.

King, Peter, Lord King, 1669-1734.
An Impartial Hand. An English jurist ;
b. at Exeter, Devonshire ; Lord Chancel-
lor of England, 1725-33.

King, Rev. Richard, 1749-1810.
Brother Abraham. An English clergy-
man ; Vicar of Steeple Morden, Cam-
bridgeshire; and Rector of Worthin,
Salop; d. at Steeple Morden.

King, Richard John, 1820-. R. J.
K. An English antiquary ; wrote for
John Murray his series of Handbooks to
the Cathedrals of England.

King, Rufus, LL.D., 1755-1827. Ca-
millus. An American statesman; b. at
Scarborough, Me.; Harv. Univ., 1777;

admitted to the bar, 1780; removed to
New York City, 1788 ; U.S. Senator, 1789-
96 and 1813-25; Minister to England,
1796-1804 and 1825-26; d. at Jamaica,

King, Mrs. Sue (Petigru). A Heart-
less Woman ; An Idle Woman. An Amer-
ican " Southland " writer ; b. at Charles-
ton, S.C. ; married Henry C. King; in
1872 resided at Washington, D.C.

King, WiUiam, LL.D., 1663-1712.
A Master of Arts; Tom Boggy; Mons.
Samuel de Sorbiere. An ingenious and
humorous English writer; b. in London;
resided in that city from 1708, and d. there.

King, William, LL.D., 1685-1763.
Frederick Scheffer ; Peregrine 0' Donald;
Florio ; Amias Riddinge, B.D.; Peregrine
Smyth, Esq. An English poet; b. at
Stepney, Oxford ; Principal of St. Mary's
Hall, Oxford, 1718-22.

Kingdon, Rev. Samuel Nicholson,
B.D., 1805-72. A Clergyman in the West.
An English clergyman ; b. at Bridgerule ;
Vicar of Bridgerule, near Holsworthy,

Kingman, Eugene. Ion. An Amer-
ican journalist.

Kingsbury, Rev. O. A. Quercus. An
American writer.

Kingsford, William. W. K. A
Canadian author and journalist; after-
wards moved to England.

Kingsley, Dr. . The Doctor, —

See "Earl, The."

Kingsley, Rev. Charles, 1819-75. C.
K; Chartist Parson; Parson Lot; Lord
Dundreary ; A Minute Philosopher. An
English clergyman, novelist, and social
reformer ; b. at Holne, Devon. ; Magda-
len Coll., Cambridge, 1842 ; Rector of
Eversley, Hamps., 1844-75; lectured in
theUnited States, 1873-74; d. at Eversley.

Kingsley, Mrs. Fanny E. (Gren-
fell). His Wife. An English lady ; wife
of Charles Kingsley.

Kingsley, Henry, 1830-76. Granhy
Dixon. An Eng. journalist, reviewer, and
novelist ; brother of Charles ; b. at Holne,
Devon.; Worcester Coll., Oxford; editor
Edinburgh " Daily Review," 1870-72.

Kingsley, George Henry. The Doctor.

Kingsley, Vine Wright. Americus;
A Member of the New York Bar. An
American political writer; a lawyer in
New York City.

Kingsley, Z. An Inhabitant of Florida.
An American writer on slavery.

Kingsman, William. A Country Gen-
tleman. An English writer, of Petworth.

Kingston, William Henry Giles,
1814-80. Barrington Beaver, Esq. ; Bar-




nabii Brine, Esq. An English writer of
books for boys ; b. in London.

Kinney, Mrs. Elizabeth C. (Dodge).
Stedman. An American poet and prose
writer, of Newark, N.J.

Kinsella, Thomas. Brookli/n. An
American journalist, of Brooklyn, N.Y.

Kip, Lieonard. A Member of the Bar.
An American lawyer and novelist.

Kip, William Ingraham, D.D.,
1811-. A Member of the N.Y. Gen-
eal. and Biocj. Society. An American
clergyman ; b. in New York City ; has
been minister successively in Morristown,
N.J., New York City, Albany, N.Y. ; and
missionary bishop ; resident at San Fran-
cisco since 1853.

Kippis, Andrew, D.D., 1725-95. A.
K. An English Unit, divine; minister
of a congregation at Boston, Lincoln-
shire, 1746 ; of another, at Dorking, 1750 ;
and of another, at Westminster, 1753 ;
editor of the " Library," etc.

Kirk, Eleanor. Mrs. Nelly Ames.
An American writer of the day.

Kirke, Charles D. Se De Kay. An
American writer of the day.

Kirkland, INIrs. Caroline Matilda
(Stansbury), 1801-64. Mary Clavers.
An American writer ; b. in New York
City ; about 1830 married William Kirk-
land, of Hamilton Coll. ; editor of the
« Union Magazine," N.Y., 1847-48.

Kirkland, Charles Pinckney, LL.D.
An Officer in the Field. An American
lawyer, of New York City ; Hamilton
Coll., 1816.

Klrkivood, Robert. Boby Awl. A
Scottish writing master, of Edinburgh.

lOrschner, Miss L. Ossip Schubin.
An American writer of the day.

Kirwan, Thomas. One of the Seven-
teenth. An American soldier of the 17th
Massachusetts, in the late civil war.

Kister, W. H. Richard Baleigfi. An
American journalist.

Kitching, Mrs. H. St. A. H. St. A. K. ;
A Lady. An English writer.

Klencke, Hermann, 1813-81. Her-
mann von Maltitz. A German physi-
cian; b. at Hanover; studied medicine;
practised in his natlA'e State ; in 1837 re-
moved to Leipsic ; in 1839 to Brunswick,
where he gave natural history lectures ;
and from 1855 again resided in Hanover.

Klopstock, Friedrich Gottlieb,
1724-1803. Tiie German Milton. A
celebrated German poet ; resided at
Hamburg, 1771-1803, as councillor of
the Danish legation.

Knapp, Rev. Henry Ryder, M.A.,
-1817. Peeping Tom. An English cler-

gyman, wit, and genius ; Rector of Wood-
ford, and Vicar of Rounds, Northampton-

Knapp, John Leonard, Esq., E.S.A.,
E.L.S., 1767-1845. A Naturalist. An
English naturalist; b.at Shenley, Bucks.;
d. at Alveston, Gloucestershire.

Knapp, Martin. Broadaxe. An
American writer.

Knapp, Samuel IJorenzo, LL.D.,
1783-1838. Ali Bey; Ignatius Loyola
Robertson, LL.D.; Shahcolen, a Hindu
Bhilosopher residing in Philadelphia. An
American lawyer and journalist ; b. at
Newburyport, Mass. ; Dartmouth Coll.,
1804 ; was an editor at Boston ; in 1827
began to practise law in New York City ;
d. at Hopkiuton, Mass.

Knatchbull, Misses , Kingcups.

English authors.

Kneeland, Abner, 1774-1844. A. K.
An American journalist, in New York
City and Boston ; d. at Salubria, Ind.

Kneppelhout, Jan, 1814-. Ivlikspaan.
A Dutch author ; b. at Leyden ; studied
there ; and distinguished himself by his
original pictures of the student-life.

Knevels, Mrs. D. C. Frances Eastwood.
An American (1) novelist of the day.

Knight, . Solomon Grildrig.

Knight, Ashton. Signor Sarti.

Knight, Charles, 1791-1873. S. T. ;
Grandfather Smith; Patterson Aymar ;
Vander von Bluggen. An English editor
and publisher; b. at Windsor; settled in
London in 1820; d. at Addlestone, Surrey.

Knight, Frederick, Esq., 1791-1849.
A Student at Law. An American poet ;
brother of the following ; b. at Hamp-
ton, N.H. ; d. at Rowley, Mass.

Knight, Rev. Henry Cogswell, Esq.,
1788-1835. Arthur Singleton, Esq. An
American poet; b. at Newburyport, Mass. ;
Brown Univ., 1812 ; ordained as an Epis.
clergyman, but never settled.

Knight, Mrs. Henry Gaily. Grand-
mother Hope. An English writer for the
young ; wife of H. G. Knight, M.P., 1786-

Knight, John CoUyer. K. An Eng-
lish writer, of the British Museum.

Knight, Oliver. Pontiac. An Ameri-
can writer.

Knight, T. T. K. An English writer,
of Papcastle.

Knighton, William, LL.D. An In-
dian Journalist. An English colonist; for
many years a planter in Ceylon.

Knott, Rev. Robert Rowe. A Cam.'
bridge M.A. An English clergyman; St.
John's Coll., Cambridge, 1819; Chaplain
of the W. London Union,




Knowles, Mrs. Mary, 1727-1807. A
Child of Candour. An English Quaker
lady; b. in Staffordshire; widow of Dr.
Knowles, London ; distinguished by vari-
ous works in the polite arts of poetry,
painting, needlework; d. in Ely-place,
Holborn, London.

Knox, D. B. Dalriada. An Irish
writer of the day.

Knox, Mrs. Isa Craig, 1831-. Isa.
A Scottish writer; b. in Edinburgh; re-
moved to London in 1857, and married
her cousin, Mr. John Knox.

Knox, Eev. Spenser. An Irish Clergij-
man. An Irish divine; Rector of Mag-
hera, Diocese of Derry.

Knox, Thomas. Walneerg. An Eng-
lish poet.

Knox, Vicesimus, 1752-1821. Anti-
polemus; A Calm Observer. An English
clergyman; Master of Tunbridge School
for 33 years, 1779-1812 ; after his retire-
ment he lived in London, engaged in lit-
erary pursuits ; d. at Tunbridge.

Knox, WiUiam, 1732-1810. A Gen-
tleman in Lo7idon ; A Late Under Secretary
of State ; A Laijman of the Church of Eng-
land. An Irish statesman ; Under Secre-
tary of State at London, 1770-82; Agent
of the Georgia Loyalists, 1784; d. at
Great Ealing.

Koch, Ernst. Edouard Helmar.

Konig, E-wald. August, 1833-. Ernst
Kaiser. A German author; b. at Bar-
men ; gave himself exclusively to a lit-
erary career ; in 1871 he settled in Neu-

Kohlman, Rev. Anthony, 1771-1836.
Hev. John Beschter ; A Countryman of
Martin Luther. A French R. C. priest ;
b. at Kayersberg, near Colmar (Haut-
Rhin) ; officiated in the United States,
1807-25; Prof, of Theol. in the Rom.
Coll., 1825-36 ; d. in Rome.

Kolzow-Massalski, Princess Helena
Ghika, 1828-. Dora D'Istria. A Wal-
lachian writer ; in 1849 married Prince
Alexander Kolzow-Massalski; since 1855
has resided in Western Europe ; 1882
had a villa in Florence.

Korn, W. Feist. Hilarius.

Kortright, Miss Fanny Aikin, 1821-.
Berkeley Aikin. An English writer; b.
in London ; a daughter of the late com-
mander, N. Berkeley Kortright, an Amer-
ican by birth, but for 50 years an officer
in the British navy. She began her lit-
erary career at the age of 17.

Koster, John Theodore, Esq. A
Merchant. An English writer; Member
of the Royal Academy of Sciences at

Kotzebue, WUhelm von, 1813-. W.
Augustsohn. A German poet and diplo-
matist ; b. at Reval ; since 1870, Minister
at Dresden.

Krackowizer, E. W. T. S.; Theo-
phrastus Schopenhauer. An American
writer, of Normal Park, 111.

Krasinski, Count Valerian. A Nat-
uralist. A Polish miscellaneous writer,,
of London.

Krause, Ernst Ludwig, 1839-. Carus
Sterile. A German writer ; b. at Zielen-
zig, in West Prussia; with Darwin and
Hackel he founded the monthly "Kos-
mos" in 1877.

Kiihne, August, 1829-. Johannes van
Dewall. A German novelist ; b. at Her-
f ord in Westphalia ; served for many
years in the army; and retired in 1875'
with the rank of Lieut.-Colonel.

Kynaston, Herbert, D.D., 1809-78.
H. K. An eminent English clergyman
and hymn-writer; Prebendary of St.
Paul's, 1853-78.

Kynaston, Thomas. A Layman. An
English writer.


Liabarre, Louis, 1810-. Jacques Bien-
aise. A Belgian journalist ; b. at Di-
nant (Namur) ; has been connected with
advanced Republican sheets in Paris,
Liege, and Brussels.

liabouchere, Henry Du Pre, 1831-.
Besieged Resident ; Our Member for Paris ;
Scrutator. An English politician ; b. in
London ; educ. at Eton, and Trin. Coll.,
Cambridge ; was in the diplomatic ser-
vice, 1854-64 ; M.P. for Windsor, 1865-

66 ; for Middlesex, 1867-68 ; Northamp-
ton, 1880-82 et seq.

Liaboulaye, Edouard, 1811-83. Dr.
B.€n€ Lefebvre. A French jurist and
statesman ; b. in Paris.

Lachlan, Major Robert. L. An
English officer; retired from the army;
for many years served in Canada; in
1867 resided in the United States.

La Corte, . A Resident there. A

Spanish writer.




Liacoste, Mile Mathilde, -1881. Louise
Gerald. A French novelist.

IJacroix, Mme Louise. Mme d'Ag-
hovne. A French writer of the day.

Lacroix, Paul, 1806-84. Le biblio-
phile Jacob ; P. L. Jacob, bibliophile ;
Antomj Dubourg ; Pierre Dufour. An
eminent French editor and literary an-
tiquary ; b. in Paris.

Jjacuuza, Emanuel, 1731-1801. Juan
Josafat Ben-Ezra. A South American
writer; Bishop of St. Jago of Chili.

Lacy, Willoughby. One formerly pos-
sessed of the Place. An English poet ;
son of James Lacy, Esq.

Ladd, Mrs. Catharine (Stratton),
1810-. Alida; Arcturus; Minnie Man-
flower ; Morna. An American " South-
land" \vriter, of Winnsboro', S.C. ; b. in

Ladd, Joseph Brown, 1764-86.
Arouet. An American poet and prose-
writer ; b. in Newport, R.I. ; killed in a
duel at Charleston, S.C.

Ladd, William, 1778-1841. Philan-
ihropos. An eminent American peace
reformer; b. in Exeter, N.H. ; Harv.
Univ., 1797 ; for many years editor of
the " Friend of Peace," etc. ; d. at Ports-
mouth, N.H.

Lafuente, Modesto, 1806-66. Fray
Gerundio ; Tirabecque. A Spanish his-
torian ; b. at Eabanel de los Caballeros,
Province Palencia ; was at first professor
at Astorga ; then in 1838 settled at Mad-
rid as a journalist and satirist.

Lahee, M. R. B. T.; M. R. L. An
English writer.

Laing, Alexander, 1787-1857. The
Brechin Poet. A Scottish poet; b. at
Brechin ; was a flax-dresser for about 20

Laing, David, LL.D. D. L. ; An Em-
inent Collector in Edinburgh. A Scottish
editor and literary antiquarj'^ ; Librarian
of the Signet Library, Edinburgh.

Laird, Lieut. Francis Charles, R.N.
George Howard, Esq. An English sea-
man and writer.

Lake, Rev. . An Episcopalian.

An English clergyman.

Lamb, Charles, 1775-1834. Burton,
Junior ; Crito ; Edax ; Elia ; An Eye-wit-
ness ; Hospita; A Londoner; Moriturus.
An English essayist ; b. in London ; clerk
in the office of the East India Company,
1792-1825 ; retired on a pension of £450 ;
d. at Edmonton.

Lamb, Rev. J. A Manchester Man.
An EngUsh writer.

Lamb, Sir James Bland Burges,
Bart., D.C.L., 1752-1824. Alfred; Ser-

jeant Bradshaw ; Verus. An English
statesman and man of letters ; b. at Gi-
braltar; in 1795 he retired from politics
and devoted himself to literature.

Lamb, John. J. E.; James Elia;
Lovel. An English servant and friend of
the benchers of the Inner Temple ; father
of Charles Lamb.

Lamb, Mrs. Joseph. Buth Buck. An
English writer for the young.

Lamb, Miss Mary Anne, 1765-1847.
Bridget Elia ; Mrs. Leicester. An English
writer; sister of Charles Lamb; b. in
London ; d. at St. John's Wood.

Lambert, C E. 0. E. L. An Eng-
lish novelist.

Lambert, Henry. An Ex-M.P. An
Irish writer ; M.P. from Wexford Co.,

LamboU, William, Jun. W. L.,
Junior. An English Friend, of Reading.

Lamothe-Langon, Etienne Leon,
Baron de, 1786-. Alfred Nettement ;
J. Pouchet; Mme la C^^^ D'Adhemar. A
French litterateur.

Lamotte-Fouque, Friedrich Hein-
rich Karl, Baron von, 1777-1843. Pel-
legrin. An eminent German poet and
novelist ; b. in Brandenburgh ; the latter
part of his life resided in Paris, Halle,
and on his estate of Nennhausen.

Lancaster, A. E. A. E. L. An Amer-
ican writer.

Lancaster, Joseph, 1778-1838. Ami-
cus. An eminent English Friend and
educator; b. in London; came to this
country in 1818; and d. in New York

Lancaster, Thomas. Philalethes Can-
daliensis. An English Friend, of Sed-

Landesmann, Heinrich. Jlieronymus
Lorm. A German writer of the day.

Landon, Letitia Elizabeth, 1802-
38. L. E. L. An English poet; b. at
Brompton, London; in 1838 married
Mr. George Maclean, Governor of Cape
Coast Castle, and sailed for her new
home ; but d. there in a few months.

Landon, Melville D. Eli Perkins.
An American humorist.

Landor, Mrs. S. W. S. W. L. An
American writer.

Landor, Walter Savage, 1775-1864.
W. S- L. ; Boythorn ; An Octogenarian.
An English poet, soldier, philosopher,
essayist, and critic ; resided in Italy for
more than 30 years from 1815.

Lane, James Woods, D.D. Cameroy.
An American clergyman.

Lane, Richard J. A. E.; E. J. L.
An English writer.




Lang, John. MofussUite. An Eng-
lish (?) humorist.

Lange, Ernst PhUipp Karl, 1813-.
PliUipp Galen. A German noA^elist ; b.
at Potsdam ; studied medicine at Berlin ;
entered the Prussian army as a surgeon ;
afterwards travelled extensively ; and in
1878 retired from service on a pension.

Langliorae, Eev. Jobn, 1735-79. One
of H. M.'s Justices of the Peace. An Eng-
lish poet and translator; b. in Kirby
Stephen; best known as the translator
(with his brother William) of "Plutarch's

Langley, . Pavo. An English

journalist, of London.

Liangton, Joseph. Thomas Bullion.
An English financial writer.

LangTvorthy, Asahel, A.M., -1835.
A Kentuckian. An American writer;
Univ. of Vermont, 1805.

Lianigan, George F., 1846-. Allid ;
Toropholite. A Canadian journalist and
sporting writer; b. at St. Charles, River
Hichelieu, Upper Canada ; in 1867 joined
the staff of the INIontreal " Gazette."

Lianman, Charles, 1819-. An Angler ;
A Landscape Painter; A Tourist. An
American journalist; b. at Monroe,
Mich. ; for some years pi-ivate secretary
to Daniel Webster ; afterwards librarian
to the U.S. House of Representatives ; in
1871 became American Secretary of the
Japanese Legation at Washington.

Liansing, Abraham. One of the Peo-
ple. An American political writer ; a
broker of Boston.

Liareombe, Miss Jane Elizabeth.
Kate Campbell. — See " Lincoln, Mrs.

Lardner, Nathaniel, D.D., 1684-1768.
Philalethes. An English Dissenter; b. at
Hawkhurst, Kent; Asst. Minister at
Crutched Friars, London, 1729-68.

Larking, Rev. Lambert Blackwell,
M.A., -1868. L. B. L. An English cler-
gyman ; b. at Maidstone ; Brasenose Coll.,
Oxford, 1820; Chaplain to Viscountess
Falmouth, Baroness Despencer; d. at
Eyarsh Vicarage, Maidstone.

gois Alexandre Frederic, due de, 1747-
1827. Un Europe'en, A French peer and
philanthropist ; travelled in the United
States, 1792-99.

Laroue, Mile L6onie. Rene'. A
French dramatist, of Macon, actu-
ellement a Paris.

Larra, Mariano Jose de, 1809-37.
Ramon de Arriala; Figaro. A witty and
popular Spanish writer and journalist ; b.
and d. in Madrid.

La Rue, F. A. H., M.D. Isidore de M4-
plats. A Canadian journalist, of Quebec.

Larwood, Rev. Joshua, -1808. A
Sailor. An English clergyman ; Rector
of Swanton Morley, Norfolk ; and many
years chaplain on board the "Britannia."

Lascelles, Robert. Piscator. An
English angler.

Lascelles, Rowley, Esq., 1771-1841.
A Member of it ; Numa ; Publicola ; Yor-
ick. An English lawyer; b. in the par-
ish of St. James, Westminster; educ. at
Harrow School ; and called to the bar at
the Middle Temple in 1797; afterwards
resided in Dublin ; and practised at the
Irish bar about 20 years.

Lasselle, Mrs. E. L. E. L. L. An
American writer.

Lasson, Adolf, 1832-. L. Adolf A
German poet and philosopher; b. at
Altstrelitz in Mechlinburg ; from 1877
teacher of Philosophy in the University
of Berlin.

La Terriere, Pierre De Salles, M.D.,
-18.34. A Canadian. A French Can-
adian physician ; d. at Les Eboulements,
Lower Canada.

Latey, John Lash. A Working Man.
An English writer.

Latham, Rev. Henry, M.A. Presbyter
Cicestrensis. An English clergyman;
Vicar of Fittleworth, Petworth, Sussex,
1827-60 et seq.

Latham, Henry Jepson. Ring Jep-
son. An American writer of the day.

Lathbury, Miss Mary A. Aunt Mary.
An American writer for the young.

Lathrop, John, Jr., A.M., 1772-1820.
Moral Censor. A famous American wit,
poet, and orator ; son of the Rev. Dr.
John Lathrop, of Boston ; b. in Boston ;
Harv. Univ., 1789.

Lathrop, John Hiram, LL.D., 1799-
1866. A Citizen of New York. An Amer-
ican educator; b. at Sherburne, N.Y. ;
Yale Coll., 1819 ; President of the Univ.
of Columbia, Missouri, 1865-66; and d.

Lathrop, Mrs. Mary (Torrans).
Lena. An American writer; b. in Cen-
tral Michigan ; in 1864 married Garnett
C. Lathrop; began to write at the early
age of 14 years.

Lathy, Thomas Pike, Esq., 1771-.
Piscator. An English poet ; b. in Exeter;
bred to trade, but devoted himself chiefly
to letters.

Latouche, J. D. The Cheshire Weaver.
An English writer of the first part of the
18th century.

Latrobe, Charles Joseph. The Ram-
bler in Mexico. An English traveller;




accompanied Irving in his " Tour on the

Liatrobe, John Hazelhui-st Bone-

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