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val, 1803-. . An American lawyer;

b. in Philadelphia ; admitted to the Bal-
timore bar in 1825 ; is a member of the
Maryland Historical Society, and has
given much time to historical and other
literary work.

Liatto, Thomas C Aiken Dunn. An
American journalist, of Brooklyn, N.Y,

Laughan, Dr. . A Farmer. An

American writer.

Laujon, Pierre, 1727-1811. The
French Anacreon. A French poet ; b. in
Paris; president of the "Caveau Mod-
erne," a Paris club, noted for its good
dinners, but every member must be a

Laurence, Richard, D.L.C., 1760-
1838. R. C. ; Enoch. An English orien-
talist; b. in Bath; Corpus Christi Coll.,
Oxford, 1782; Arabic Professor at Ox-
ford, 1814-22; Archbishop of Cashel,
1822-39; d. in^Dublin.

Laurent, Emile, 1819-. Eriiile Col-
ombey ; Un ancien enfant de chceur. A
French bibliographer; attached to the
Royal Library, 1845-47 ; afterwards sub-
librarian to the Corps legislatif.

Laurie, Rev. Thomas, 1821-. A Re-
turned Missionary. A Scottish-American
missionary to Syria, 1841-57 ; and pastor
at West Roxbury, Mass., from 1857.

Lausanne, Laurent Jean de, -1877.
Laurent-Jan. A French humorist ; friend
of Balzac.

Law, Hon. Elizabeth Susan, 1799-.
E. S. L. ; E. S. Z. An English lady ;
afterwards Lady Colchester; wife of
Charles Abbot, 2d Lord ; 3d daughter
of 1st Lord Ellenborough.

LaTV, Thomas, 175G-1834. Justinian.
An English-American financier; an uncle
of Lord Ellenborough ; d. at Washington,

Lawler, Peter. Peter Pindar. An
English writer.

LawTence, Bessie. Agatha. An
American poet of the day.

Lawrence, Fredericli, 1821-67, A
Barrister. An English lawyer and biog-
rapher; b. at Bisham, Berks.; called to
the bar at the Middle Temple, 1849 ; d.
in London.

Law^rence, James, Esq., 1773-1840.
St. Ives. An English writer; a Knight
of Malta, who styled himself Sir James
Lawrence, and on the Continent the Chev-
alier de Lawrence ; d. in London.

Lawrence, John, 1756-about 1836.
Wm. Henry Scott. An English sporting

writer ; a literary farmer ; b. at Colches-
ter; became a merchant in London.

Lawrence, Mrs. Margarette

(Woods). Meta Lander. An American
writer, of Lawrence, Mass. ; wife of Dr.
E. A. Lawrence, and daughter of Dr.
Leonard Woods, of Andover.

Lawrence, Mrs. Mary (Hall), 1749-
1815. Una; Fidelia. A celebrated
beauty; b. in Jamaica; wife of Richard
James Lawrence, Esq., of Fairfield, Ja-
maica; d. in London.

La\^Tence, Roger. A Lay Hand;
A Known Friend of Mr. Leslie. An Eng-
lish religious writer of the first part of
the 18th century.

Lawrence, Mrs. Rose. A Lady. An
English writer, of Wavertree Hall, Liver-

Lawrence, William Beach, LL.D.,
1801-80. An American Citizen. An
American jurist; b. in New York City;
Columbia Coll., 1818 ; called to the Bar,
1823; Lieut.-Gov. of Rhode Island;
passed the last years of his life in Wash-
ington, and d. there.

Lawrence, William Richards, M.D.
One of the Board of Managers. An Amer-
ican physician ; b., 1812, at Longwood,
Mass. ; Harv. INIed. School, 1845 ; resident
at Brookline, Mass.

Lawrie, W. F. B. W. F. B. L. An
English writer.

Lawry, Rev. John. L. An English
clergyman ; Prebendary of Rochester.

Lawson, Miss Charlotte Eliza. —
See "Riddell, Mrs. C. E. (L.)."

Lawson, E. M. E. M. L. An Eng-
lish writer of the day.

Lawson, James, 1799-. A Cosmopo-
lite. A Scottish-American poet and prose
writer: b. at Glasgow; of New Tork
City from 1815.

Lawson, Rt. Hon. James Anthony,
LL.D., 1817-. John Bradley. An emi-
nent Irish lawyer ; b. at Waterf ord ; Trin.
Coll., Dublin; called to the Irish bar,
1840; Judge of the Irish Court of Com-
mon Pleas from 1868.

LaAvson, John, D.D., -1760. A Late
Eminent Divine of the Church of England.
An English clergyman ; Trin. Coll., Dub-
lin; Rector of Swanscombe, in Kent,
where he died.

Lawton, Charl-tvood. N, N. An
English writer of the first part of the
18th century.

Lay, E. Elizabeth. E. E. L. An
American (1) writer of the day.

Lea, Mrs. Floride (Clemson). C. df
Flori. An American "Southland" writer ;
a granddaughter of John C. Calhoun; L.




in Pendleton Village, S.C; in 1870 re-
sided in New York City.

Lea, Henry Charles, 1825-. Mizpah.
An American author and publisher, of
Philadelphia; and b. in that city; grand-
son of Mathew Carey.

Leacli, Harry HarTTOod. A Senti-
mental Idler.

Leadbetter, J. J. L. An English
writer of the day.

Leask, William, D.D. A Dissenting
Minister. An English clergyman, of

Leathes, Mrs. Stanley, ilf. G. An
English novelist of the day; wife of a
London clergyman.

Lebeau, Eugene. Eugene Ruy-Blas.
A French poet ; a ballad-maker, of Lice.

Le Breton, Mrs. Anna Letitia
(Aikin). One of a Literary Family.
An English lady; autobiographer of the

Lebrun, Pauline (Guyot), 1805-.
De Camille; Camille Lebrnn. A Erench
woman of letters, of Paris; wrote also
under the pseudonyms "Laure Dar-
tigue" ar»d "Fabien de Saint Leger."

Leclianteur, M. E. De Pontaumont.
A French -writer; Inspector of the Ma-
rine, Cherbourg.

liechmere, E. Edmund Stratford.

lie Clerc, Miss Clara. Harry Holt;
Polly Holt. An American " Southland "
writer; b. in Alabama; in 18G9 teacher
at " College Temple,"' Newnan, Ga.

Lieclere, liOuis, 1799-185i. Ludovic
Celler. A French economist, of Paris.

Lecomte, Jules, 1814-G4. Jules Du
Camp; Van Engelyom. A French jour-
nalist and man of letters, of Paris ; b. at
Boulogne ; d. at Paris.

Led'huy, Jean Baptiste Alphonse.
Chrysostome Dagobert. A French teacher
at London.

liCe, Miss A. E. A. E. L. An Eng-
lish writer.

Lee, Miss Abby. A. L. An Ameri-
can writer.

Lee, Arthur, M.D., LL.D., 1740-92.
An American; An American Wanderer;
Junius Americanus; Monitor; An Old
Member of Parliament. An American
statesman, of Virginia ; b. in Westmore-
land Co. ; educ. at Edinburgh and Lon-
don; U.S. secret agent in Paris, 1776-79;
M.C., 1782-89; d. in Middlesex Co., Va.

Lee, Charles, 1731-82. Junius Ameri-
canus. An English-American soldier ; a
Major-General in the American army ;
b. at Dernhall, Cheshire, England.

Lee, Mrs. Eleanor Percy (Ware),
and Another, 1820-50. Two Sisters of

the West. An American poet; sister of
Mrs. C. A. Warfield ; b. near Natchez ;
resided in Philadelphia and Cincinnati,
and married H. W. Lee, of Vicksburg,

Lee, Dr. Francis. A Lay Gentleman.
An English writer of 200 years ago.

Lee, Frederick George, D.D.
F. G. L. An English clergyman and
poet; St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, 1854;
Vicar of All-Saints, Lambeth, 1867-83
et seq.

Lee, John, D.D., 1780-1859. Alumm
of the University of Edinburgh. A Scot-
tish divine and scholar ; b. in a village
on Gala Water; Univ. of Edinburgh;
Principal of the Univ. of Edinburgh,
1840-59 ; d. at his residence in the col-

Lee, Miss Mary Elizabeth, 1813-49.
^L E. L. ; A Friend. An American
writer in prose and verse, of Charleston,
S.C. ; b. and d. in that city.

Lee, Mrs. Rachel Frances Antonina
Dashwood, about 1770-1829. R. F. A. ;
Philopatria. An English writer, calling
herself Baroness Despencer.

Lee, Richard Henry, 1732-94. The
Federal Farmer. An eminent American
statesman, of Virginia ; b. at Stratford,
Westmoreland Co. ; educ. in England ;
M.C., 1778, and its President, 1784; U.S.
Senator, 1789-92 ; d. at Chantilly, West-
moreland Co., Va.

Lee, Mrs. Sarah (Wallis Bowdich),
1791-1856. A Traveller. An English lady;
b. in Colchester; d. at Erith, Co. Kent.

Lee, William, -1840. Un Ame'ricain
Citoi/en. An American writer; consul
at Bordeaux.

Leech, H. E. S. H. E. S. L. An
English botanical writer.

Leeds, William Henry. W. H. L.
An English architect.

Lees, James Cameron, D.D.
A. R. A. ; Rev. Rory M'Rory ; Rag, Tag,
and Bobtail. An eminent Scottish min-
ister, of the High Kirk, Edinburgh.

Lefevre, Mrs. . Mrs. L**^. An

Irish writer.

Lefevre, Sir George William, Knt.,
M.D., 1797-1846. A Travelling Physician.
An English physician, of the British Em-
bassy at St. Petersburgh ; d. in London.

Legge, Alfred Owen. Augustus Sta-
well; One of her Sons. An English writer,
of Manchester.

Leggett, WUUam, 1802-39. A
Country Schoolmaster ; A Midshipman of
the U.S. Navy; Several American Authors.
An American journalist ; b. in New York
City ; d. at New Eochelle, N.Y.




Lieg'Ii, Gerard. J. Christian; Gilbert
Dalrymple, D.D. An English writer of
300 years ago.

Le Grice, Rev. Charles Valentine,
M.A., 1773-1858. C. V. Le G.; Civis ;
Gronovius; Vigilans. An English clergy-
man ; friend of Lamb and Coleridge ; b.
at Bury St. Edmunds; in 1796 he visited
Cornwall, which thenceforward became
his home ; d. at his seat, Trereife, near
Penzance, in Cornwall.

Leidesdorf, Franz. Franz Wallner.
A German writer.

Leigh, Mrs. . Sator. An English

writer of the day.

Leigh, Benjamin Watkins, LL.D.,
1781-1849. Algernon Sijdnetj ; An Emi-
nent Citizen of Virginia. An eminent
American lawyer and statesman; b. in
Chesterfield Co., Va. ; in 1813 removed
to Richmond; U.S. Senator, 1835-^7,
when he retired into private life: d. at

Leigh, Chandos, Baron Leigh, 1791-
1850. A Gloucestershire County Gentleman.
An English poet; b. at Stoneleigh, Co.
Warwick ; Christ Church, Oxford ; a
friend of Lord Byron and of Dr. Samuel
Parr ; d. at Bonn, on the Rhine.

Leigh, P. Brady. A Member of
Gray's Inn. An English lawyer and

Leigh, Percival. Mr. Pips; Profes-
sor. An English humorist and journal-
ist, of London.

Leighton, John, E.S.A., 1822-. Luke
Limner. An eminent English artist, of
London; b. in Westminster; published
his first work in 1844.

Leland, Aaron Whitney, D.D., 1787-
1871. Expositor. An American clergy-
man, of Charleston, S.C, 1812-34; and
from 1834 professor in the Theol. Sem.
at Columbia, S.C. ; b. in Peru, Mass. ;
Wms. Coll., 1808.

Leland, Charles Godfrey, 1824-.
Hans Breitmann; Meister Karl; Mace
Sloper. An American humorist; b. in
Philadelphia ; educ at New Jersey Coll.,
and spent three years in European uni-

Le aiesurier. Rev. Thomas, B.D. A
Cletgyman of the Diocese of Durham;
******, M.A., Fellow of New College. An
English clergyman ; b. in Guernsey ;
New Coll., Oxford ; Rector of Haughton,
near Darlington.

Lemoine, Adolphe, 1805-80. Lemoine
Montigny. A Erench dramatist ; b. in
Paris; in 1839 he renounced literature
to devote himself to the direction of the
" Gymiiase " theatre ; d. in Paris.

Lemon, Mark, 1809-70. Uncle Mark.
An Englisli humorist, dramatist, and
journalist; b.in London; for many years
one of the editors, or sole editor, of
" Punch," and literary editor of the " Il-
lustrated London News."

Lenny, Christian, D.D. A Clergy-
man of the Church of England. An Eng-
lish divine ; St. John's Coll., Cambridge ;
B.D., 1842; in 1873 et seq. resident at
Fern Lodge, Pinkneygreen, Maidenhead.

Lenox, James. L. An American
bibliographer, of New York City.

Leonard, Miss Agnes. Mollie Myrtle.
An American " Southland " poet and
prose writer; b. in Louisville, Ky. ; in
1868 was married to Dr. S. E. Scanland,
formerly of Kentucky.

Leonard, Charles C. Crocus. An
American Western writer of the day.

Leonard, Rev. Charles Hall. C.n.
L. An American Univ. minister; Pro-
fessor of Homiletics and Pastoral The-
ology at Tuft's Coll., 1869-84 et seq.

Leonard, Daniel, A.M., 1740-1829.
Massachusettensis ; A Native of New Eng-
land; A Person of Honor. An American
loyalist ; b. in Norton, Mass. ; Chief Jus-
tice of Bermuda; he was the Beau
Trumps in Mrs. Warren's " Group."

Leonard, Rev. Henry Charles. The
Minister of the Church. An American
Univ. minister; at one time pastor at
Orono, and afterwards at Waterville,

Leonowens, Mrs. Anna Harriette
(Crawford), 1834-. The English Gov-
erness. An English writer ; governess in
the family of the king of Siam, 1863-67;
b. at Caernarvon, Wales ; settled in the
U.S. in 1867.

Leopold, Alexander. A Rational
Christian. A German writer; Prince of
Hohenhole and Bishop of Sardica.

L'Epine, Ernest Louis Victor Jules,
1826-. Ernest Manuel; Quatrelles. A
French dramatist and novelist ; b. in
Paris ; has held several positions, but
was in 1865 appointed Counsellor at the
Court of Accounts.

Le Reboullet, Adolphe Louis Au-
guste, 1845-. Prosper Chazel. A French
litie'rateur ; b. at Strasbourg; in 1872, en-
tered the staff of " le Temps."

Lermont, L. Cousin Cicely. An
American writer of the day.

Le Sieur, W. D. Laon. A Canadian

Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. A Mem-
ber of the Church of England ; Philaletkes ;
A Student of the Temple; A Gentleman in
Scotland; A Gentleman in the City. An




I rish religious and political writer ; d. at
Glaslougli, County Monaghan.

Ijeslie, Sir John, Knt., 1766-1832. A
Gentleman. A Scottish poet and scholar ;
b. at Largo, Fifeshire ; educ. at St. An-
drew's and at Edinburgh ; then pro-
ceeded to London, where he engaged in
literary work j Prof, of Nat. Hist, in the
Univ. of Edinb., 1819-32 ; d. at his seat,
at Coates, Fifeshire.

Leslie, Mrs. Madeline. A Phj/sician's
Wife. A Scottish writer of the day.

Lespes, Antoine Joseph Napoleon
(called Leo), 1815-75. Timothee Trimm.
A French author ; b. at Bouchain (Nord) ;
began his literary career in the minor
Paris journals; founded in 1862 the
" Petit Journal," which soon had a circu-
lation of 200,000 coi)ies ; d. in Paris.

Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim, 1729-
81. The Father of German Literature.
An eminent German poet.

Lester, Rev. Charles Edwards,
1815-. Helen Dliu ; Berkeleij Men. An
American journalist; b. at Griswold,
Conn. ; came to the Bar in Mississippi ;
afterwards ordained to the Presbyt. min-
istry; from 1847 resided at New York

LetchTTorth, Thomas, about 1736-
84. T. L.; Philaretus. An English
Friend, of Southwark, London ; a minis-
ter about 26 years ; d. at Newbury.

Letellier, Charles de Saint Malo.
Maximilien Eaotd. A French dramatist
and miscellaneous writer, of Paris.

Letts, J. M. A Returned Californian.
An American writer.

Lever, Charles James, M.D., LL.D.,
1806-72. Cornelius O'Doicd; Paid Gose-
bet ; Harri) Lorrequer. An Irish novel-
ist ; b. in Dublin ; Trin. Coll., Dublin ;
for a time, after 1845, he resided with
his family at Florence ; Vice-Consul at
Spezia, 1858-67 ; d. at Trieste.

Leveson, Major Henry A. II. A. L.,
the Old Shelcarry ; The Old Shekarry.
An Irish sporting writer.

Levy, Julius, 1831-. Julias von Ro-
denherg. A German poet and dramatist ;
b. at Rodenberg iii Hessen ; since 1859
has resided at Berlin.

Lewes, George Henry, 1817-78.
Frank Churchill; Slinc/sby Lawrence;
Vivian ; The Author of " The Life of
Goethe." An English writer ; b. in Lon-
don; from 1839, devoted himself at Lon-
don to literature and science.

Lewin, Ross. A Field Officer. An
English soldier.

Lew^is, Albert Henry. Lewis Henry.
An American writer of the day.

LcAvis, Alonzo, 1794-1861. The Lynn
Bard. An American poet and local his-
torian ; b. and lived in Lynn, Mass., all
his life, acting as a teacher, an editor, a
map-maker, a civil engineer, and for
many years a justice of the peace.

Lewis, Charles B. M. Quad; The
Detroit Free Press Man. An American
journalist and humorist.

Lewis, Emma. E. L. An Ameri-
can lady, of Philadelphia, "who, during
years of weary confinement" by sick-
ness, gave utterance to her consolations
in poetry, for the support and consola-
tion of others.

Lewis, Mrs. Estella Anna Blanche
(Robinson). Stella. An American
"Southland" poet; b. in Baltimore;
educ. at the Troy Female Seminary;
married S. D. Lewis, a lawyer ; resided
in,. Europe, 1858-80.

Lewis, Rev. John, M.A., 1675-1746.
****; A Friend to Liberty and Property.
An English clergyman and antiquary; b.
in Bris"tol ; Vicar of Mynstre, 1708-46.

Lewis, John Dela^vare, M.A. John
Smith of Smith Hall, Gent. ; An Under-
graduate. An English writer ; Trin.
Coll., Cambridge, 1850.

Lewis, Julius Warren. F. Clinton

Lewis, Mrs. L. P. L. P. L. A Ger-
man writer of the day.

Lew^is, jNIrs. Mary. Meta. An Amer-
ican poet of the day.

Lewis, MattheAv Gregorj^, 1775-
1818. "Monk" Lewis; A West India
Proprietor. An English novelist and
dramatist; b. in London ; M.P., 1796; in
1796, commenced his literary career; the
latter years of his life were passed in
travelling ; d. on board sliip; returning
to England from the West Indies.

Lewis, Richard. Peter Pounce, Esq.
An English satirist, of the 18th century.

LeAvis, Rev. Thomas. A Clergyman ;

Anonymous Londinensis ; T.L ; A

Lay-Hand. An English clergyman, of
London, of the first part of the 18th

Lewis, Waller, M.D., 1817-82. Cam.
An English writer on whist.

Lewison, William H., 1822-57. Ju-
lius Ccesar Hannibal. An American
journalist, of New Orleans; editor and
proprietor of the " Picayune " ; d. in
New York City.

Leypoldt, Friedrich, 1837-84. F.
Pylodet. A German- American pub-
lisher ; came to this country in 1854 ;
in 1865, settled in New York City; d.




liiddell, The Hon. and Rev. Robert,
M.A., 1808-. A Sexagenarian. An Eng-
lish clergyman and poet; Christ Church,
Oxford, 1829; in 18b3, resided at Wihon-
place, London.

Liieber, Francis, LL.D., 1800-72.
Americus ; Arnold Franz; The Stranger.
A German American historical and po-
litical writer ; b. at Berlin ; came to this
country in 1827 ; Prof, at Columbia
Coll., N.Y., 1857-72; d. in New York

Lieber, Oscar Blontgomery. Ameri-
cus. An American journalist.

Liebich, Augusta. Marjorie March.
An American writer.

liillie, li. C. L. C. White. An Amer-
ican writer of the day.

Liilly, AVilliam, 1602-81. Zadhiel.
A famous English astrologer; b. in Lei-
cestershire ; d. at Hersham.

Lincoln, Mrs. Jane Elizabeth (Lar-
combe), 1829-. Kate Campbell. An
American writer ; b. at Colebrook, Conn. ;
in 1851 married Rev. Heman Lincoln, a
Baptist clergyman.

Lincoln, Levi, A.M., 1749-1820. A
Farmer. An eminent American lawyer
and statesman, of Worcester, Mass.;
Lieut.-Gov. of Mass., 1807-8, and Act-
ing Gov., 1808-9.

Lind, John, Esq., -1780. A Member
of Lincoln's Inn. An English lawyer and
political writer; son of Charles Lind;
Vicar of West Mersey, Essex, 1738-48.

Lindesay, H. H. Her Sister. An
English lady; a writer of the day; sister
of Charlotte Williams Wynn.

Lindo, Mark Prager, -1877. Mr.
Oude Neer Smitts. An Englishman by
birth, but long resident at the Hague,
where he died.

Lindsay, Colin, -1722. The Eight
Honourable the Earl of B . A Scot-
tish nobleman; 3d Earl of Balcarres;
succeeded, 1662.

Lindsey, Rev. Theophilus, M.A.,
1723-1808. A Late Member of the Univer-
sity. An English Unit. ; b. at Middlewich,
Cheshire ; St. John's Coll. ; occupied a
chapel in London, 1774-93, where he died.

Lindsley, John Berrien, M.D. A
Poor-Rich Man. An American physi-
cian ; b., 1822, at Princeton, N.J. ; Secre-
tary to the State Board of Education of
Tennessee ; 1875 resident at Nashville.

Ling, Nicholas. V. S. — See " R. J."
Richard Jones.

Lingard, John, D.D., LL.D., 1771-
1851. A Catholic; Ellas. An English
Roman Catholic clergyman ; b. in Win-
chester; educ. at Douay, France ; for 40

years held a small preferment at Horn-
by, Lancashire, where he died.

Linn, Rev. John Blair, D.D., 1777-
1804. A Young Gentleman of New York.
An American Presbyt. minister; b. in
Shippensburg, Penn. ; Columbia Coll.,
1795; asst. minister of the Eirst Presbyt.
Church, Philadelphia ; was brother-in-
law of Charles Brockden Brown.

Linning, Thomas. A Friend. An
English writer of the first part of the
18th century.

Linskill, Miss . Stephen Yorlce.

An English writer of the day, of York-

Linton, Mrs. Eliza (Lynn), 1828-.
Girl of the Period. An English writer;
b. at Crosthwaite, Cumberland Co. ; one
of the twelve daughters of James Lynn,
D.D., vicar of that place ; in 1881 was
very ill at Florence, threatened with
total blindness ; married the following.

Linton, William James, 1812-.
Spartacus. An English-American author
and engraver; b. in London; for many
years of London ; then of New York
City ; and finally of New Haven, Conn.

Linz, Amelie (Speyer), 1824-. Amd'-
lie Godin. A German novelist; b. at
Bamberg ; married, in 1845, the Prussian
engineer, Lieut. Franz Linz (who died in
1870); and since 1873 has lived in Munich.

Lippincott, Esther J. T. Esther J.
Trimble. An American writer of the
day, of Philadelphia.

Lippincott, Mrs. Sara Jane (Clarke),
182.3-. Grace Greemcood. An American
writer, of Philadelphia; b. at Pompey;
educ. at Rochester, N.Y.; in 1853 married
Leander K. Lippincott, the publisher, of

Lipscomb, George, M.D., 1773-1846.
Viator. An English litterateur; b. at
Quainton, Buckingham Co. ; studied med-
icine in London, but seems to have chiefly
devoted his life to literary pursuits ; d.
in London.

Lipsius, Marie, 1837-. La Mara. A
German writer on music and musicians;
b. at Leipsic ; passed some time at Wei-
mar in the study of music under Liszt ;
and now lives in Leipsic.

Lister, John. A. F. G. A Scottish
advocate ; a writer of the day.

Lister, Thomas, Esq., LL.D., -1828.
Hampden. An English writer ; a gradu-
ate of Oxford ; resident at Armitage
Park, Staffs., and for many years a mag-
istrate for that county.

Littell, John Stockton. J. S. L.
An American editor and compiler, of
Germantown, Penn.; b. at Burlington,




N.J. ; brother of Eliakim Littell, the emi-
nent publisher.

Little, Harvey D., 1803-33. Velas-
ques. An American poet, journalist, and
lawyer, of Columbus, 0.

Liittlehales, Richard ("?). Ccemeterius.
An English scholar; a contributor to
the "Microcosm," of Eton Coll, 1787.

Liivandais, Augustus, M.D. A. P.

Liivermore, George, A.M., 1809-65.
The Antiquarij. An American merchant
of Boston ; b., lived, and d. in Cam-
bridge, Mass.

liivingston, Brockliolst, LL.D.,
1757-1823. Aquiline Nimhlechops, Demo-
crat. An American jurist; b. in New
York City ; New Jersey Coll., 1774 ; jus-
tice of the U.S. Supreme Court, 180G-23;
d. in Washington.

liivingston, Philip, A.M., 1716-78.
A Citizen. An American politician; b.
in Albany, N.Y. ; Yale Coll., 1737 ; M.C.,
1774 and 1776.

Liivingston, Robert R., LL.D., 1747-
1813. Cato. An Amei'ican jurist and
statesman ; b. in New York City ;
Columbia Coll., 1765; Chancellor of
New York, 1777-1801 ; and Minister to
France, 1801-4.

Livingston, William, LL.D., 1723-
90. Un Cultivateur de New Jerseij ; A
Farmer of New Jerseij ; A Gentleman Edu-
cated at Yale CoHege; Hortensius ; Tijro-
Philolegis. An American statesman ; b.
in New York; Yale Coll., 1741; Governor
of New Jersey, 1776-90.

Lizardi, Don Joaquin Fernandez
de, 1771-1827. J. F. de L. A Mexican

Llorente, Juan Antonio, 1756-1823.
Don Juan Nellerto. A learned Spanish
historian, of Madrid; in 1809 promoted
suppression of the Inquisition.

Lloyd, Charles. An Old Man of Busi-
ness ; An Honest Man. An English writer;
private Secretary to Richard Grenville
Temple, 1st Earl Temple.

Lloyd, Rev. Charles, LL.D. A Dis-
senting Minister. An English Dissenter;
a good scholar and an able schoolmaster,
of Palgrave, Suffolk.

Lloyd, Miss Gmma F. E. F. L.;
A Clergyman's Daughter. An English

Lloyd, H. A Member of the Revision
Committee of the Church of Ireland. An
Irish writer of the day.

Locke, David Ross, 183-3-. Petro-
leum V. Nasby. An American humorist ;
b. at Vestal, Broome Co., N.Y. ; became
a printer; and, after having charge of

several other sheets, is the editor of the
Toledo (O.) "Blade."

Locke, Mrs. Jane EJrmina (Stock-
weather). A Lady of Massachusetts.
An American poet; b. at Worthington,
Mass. ; married, 1829, Mr. John Goodwin
Locke, of Ashby, Mass.; from 1849 lived
in Boston ; d. in Ashburnham, Mass.

Lockerby, Miss Elizabeth N. E. N.
L.; An Untaught Minstrel. A poet, of
Prince Edward's Island, chiefly on relig-
ious topics.

Lockhart, John Gibson, 1794-1854.
Dr. Peter Morris, the Odontist ; William
Wastle ; Z. A Scottish writer ; b. in Lan-
arkshire ; educ. at Glasgow and Oxford ;
called to the bar in 1816; but preferred
a literary life ; about 1825 removed to
London ; d. at Abbotsford.

Lockhart, John Hugh. Hugh Little-
john. A child of the preceding and
grandchild of Sir Walter Scott.

Lockhart, Laurence, D.D. A Parish
Minister ; A Minister of the Establishment.
A Scottish clergyman.

Loflft, Capel, 1751-1824. A Fellow of
a College; R. E. Storer. An English
lawyer; author of legal, theological, po-
litical, poetical, and other works ; b. at
Bury St. Edmunds; the latter part of

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