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his life he resided on the Continent till
his death.

Lofland, Dr. John. The Milford
Bard. An American poet.

Loftin, J. C. Ace Clubs. An Ameri-
can poet of the day.

Logan, Rev. George, 1674-1755, A
Minister of the Church of Scotland. A
Scottish clergyman; minister of Edin-

Logan, M. C. Ellerton Vincent.

Logan, Miss Olive. — See " Sikes,
Mrs. Olive (Logan)."

Logan, Thomas A. Gloan. An Amer-
ican writer of the day.

Logan, W. H. H. M.; A Gentleman
in Toivn. A Scottish writer, of Edinburgh.

Lomax, E. Victoria. Byrd Lyttle.
An American ^vriter of the day, of Balti-

Lombard, Israel. L. An American
merchant, of Boston, Mass.

Lomenie, Louis Leonard de, 1815-
78. L'Homme de Rien. A French au-
thor; b. at St. Yriex ( Haute -Vienne); de-
voted himself at Paris to literary labor,
especially for the "Revue des Deux
Mondes " and the " Patrie " ; d. in Men-

Long, Charles Edward, Esq., M.A.,
1796-1861. A.; A.; L.; Blanche Croix;
A Jamaica Proprietor. An English gen-




tleman; b. at Benham-park, Berks.;
educ. at Harrow School and Trin.
CoU., Cambridge, B.A., 1819; d. in

Loug, Edward, -1809. Cleon. An
English boy ; a youthful friend of Lord
Byron, at Harrow School.

Long, Edward, 1734-1813. Nicholas
Babble, Esq.; A Planter. An English
writer; b. at Eosilian, St. Blaize, Corn-
wall ; Judge of the Vice-Admiralty Court
at the island of Jamaica, 1757-97; d. at
Arundel Park, Sussex.

liong, George, 1800-. A Member of
the Universit// of Cambridge. An English
scholar ; b. at Poulton, Lancashire ;
educ. at Camb. Univ. ; Prof, of the An-
cient Languages in the Univ. of Virginia,
1824-26; of Greek in the London Univ.,
1826-31 ; of Latin in the Univ. of Lon-
don, 1846-49 ; and of Class. Lit. at
Brighton, 1849-71.

Liong, Roger, S.T.D., 1680-1770.
Dicaiophilus Canfabrigiensis. An English
divine and astronomer; Master of Pem-
broke Hall, Cambridge, 1733-70.

Liongfellow, Henry Wadswortli,
LL.D., 1807-82. An American; Profes-
sor Strongfellow. An American poet ; b.
at Portland, Me. ; Bowdoin College,
1825 ; d. at Cambridge, Mass.

Liongley, John. An Eminent English
Counsel. An English lawyer, of Koch-

liongstreet, Rev. Augustus Bald-
win, LL.D., 1790-1870. A Native Geor-
gian ; Bob Short. An eminent American
jurist, divine, and educator; b. at Au-
gusta, Ga. ; Yale Coll, 1813; Pres. of the
Univ. of Mississippi, 1860-70 ; d. at Ox-
ford, Miss.

Lord, E., 1788-1871. E. L. An
English writer on education.

Lord, Miss Grace Virginia, -1885.
Virginia Champlin. An American lady,
of Boston, where she died.

Lord, John Keast. The Wanderer.
An English writer of the day.

Lord, Nathan, D.D., LL.D., 1793-
1870. A Northern Presbyter. An Amer-
ican minister ; b. at South Berwick, Me. ;
Bowdoin Coll., 1809; Andover Theolog-
ical Sem., 1815 ; President of Dartmouth
Coll., 1828-63; d. at Hanover, N.H.

Lord, W. B., R.A. W. B. L. An
English artist of the day.

Lorimer, Rev. John Gordon. A
Churchman. A Scottish clergyman, of
Free St. David's Church, Glasgow.

Lothian, Maurice. A Sincere Friend
of the People. A Scottish lawyer.

Lothrop, Mrs. Harriet Mulford

(Stone). 3Iargaret Sidney. An Ameri-
can writer of the day, of Boston.

Loudon, John Claudius, 1783-1843.
A Scottish Farmer and Land Agent. An
eminent Scottish writer on gardening
and agriculture ; b. at Cambuslang, in
Lanarkshire ; passed the latter part of
his life in London, where he died.

Louis XV., 1710-74. Zeohinizul. The
Erench king.

Lourdoneix, Paul de. Pierre et Paul.
A Erench miscellaneous writer.

Love, James, -1774. ScriUerus Max-
imus. An English actor and dramatist^
whose real name was James Dance ; d.
about 1774.

Love, John, Jr. J. L. An English
writer of the first part of the 18th cen-

Loveday, John, D.C.L., 1742-1809,
Academicus ; Antiquarius ; Scrutator ; Vin-
dex. An English advocate and anti-
quary ; b. at Caversham, near Reading ;
and d. at Williamscot, near Banbury.

Lovejoy, Cornelia. Paid Everett.

Lovel, Robert. Moschus. An Eng-
lish poet ; a friend of Southey.

Lovell, John. 1835-. Zeta. An
English journalist, of London; manager
of the Press Association, 1869-80 et seq.

Lover, Samuel, 1797-1868. Ben Tro-
vata. An Irish poet, painter, singer, and
novelist; b. in Dublin; removed to Lon-
don in 1837 ; visited the United States be-
fore 1840, when he returned to England.

Loveriug, Johu, 1788-. Nehemiah
Notional. An American writer, of Boston.

Lovett, John, 1765-1818. A Wash-
ingtonian. An American poet; b. in
Norwich, Conn.; Yale Coll., 1782; M.C.,
1813-17 ; d. at Eort Meigs, O.

Low, Miss Mary. Aunt Mary, An
English writer.

Low, Samuel, 1765-. An American.
An American poet and dramatist.

Lowe, Bennett. Justitia. An Eng-
lish photograph artist.

Lowe, Mrs. Martha A. (Perry). His
Wife. An American poet; b. in Keene,
N.H. ; wife of the Rev. Charles Lowe;
for many years resident in Somerville,

Lowe, Solomon. A Layman. An
English writer of the first part of the
18th century.

Lowell, James Russell, D.C.L.,
LL.D., 1819-. J.B.L.; Hosea Biglow ;
Elmwood ; Columbus Nye ; Homer Wilbur;
A Wonderful Quiz. A distinguished
American poet; U.S. Minister to Spain,
1878-80 ; to England, 1880-85.

Lowell, John, LL.D., 1769-1840.




Boston Rebel; A Bostonian ; An Alumnus
of that College ; A Citizen of Massachusetts ;
A Layman ; His Intimate Friend ; A New
England Farmer; A Massachusetts Law-
yer; No Bel Esprit; An Old Farmer ; A
Yankee Farmer. An eminent American
lawyer and political writer, of Boston;
b. at Newburyport, Mass. ; Harv. Univ.,
1786 ; lived and d. in Boston.

Lower, Riehard, 1782-1865. Uncle
Tim; Tim C/adpoIe ; An Octogenarian.
An English schoolmaster, land-surveyor,
and for nearly half a century factotum
in most of the parochial offices ; b. in Al-
fristin, Sussex ; resided near Chiddingly ;
and d. in Tunbridge.

liowrie. Rev. Randolph "W. li. W.
L. An American Epis. clerg3'man ; in
1882, of Washington, D.C.

Lowrie, Hon. Walter, 1784-1868. His
Father. An American statesman; b. in
Edinburgh, Scotland; U.S. Senator for
Pennsylvania; Secretary U.S. Senate,
1825-36; Secretary Presbyt. Board of
Missions, 1836-68 ; d. in New York

Lowth, Robert, D.D., 1710-87. The
Lord Bishop of Oxford ; A Young Gentle-
man of Winchester School. An English
writer ; b. at Winchester ; Professor of
Poetry at Oxford, 1741-66; Bishop of
London, 1777-87.

liowth, Thomas Henry. T. H. L.
An English writer of the 18th century.

lioyd, Samuel Jones, 1st Baron Over-
etone, 1796-. Mercator. An Englisli
writer; educ. at Eton, and Trin. Coll.,
Cambridge, 1815 ; is a Magistrate for
Berkshire and Co. Carmarthen, etc. ; for-
merly a banker in London ; M.P. for
Hythe, 1819-20 ; seat at Overstone Park,

lioyson, Charles Jean Marie, 182 7-.
Le Pere Hyacinthe. A Erench prelate ;
b. in Orleans ; in 1870 he became a secu-
lar priest; in 1872 married an American
lady in London.

.liubliner, Hugo, 1846-. Hugo Burger,
A German dramatist ; b. at Breslau ; since
1857, the time of the death of his father,
has been actively engaged as a manufac-
turer at Berlin.

Lucas, Kev. Charles. s s,

M.A., of the University of Oxford. An
English clergyman ; Exeter Coll., Oxford,
1791 ; Curate of Avebury, Wiltshire.

Lucas, Robert (■?). A Gentleman of
the Middle Temple. An Irish lawyer of
Dublin, who was obliged to leave his
country on account of his political writ-
ings. — See the "Monthly Review," vol.
2, p. 178.

Lucas, William. A. Z. An English

barrister-at-law, of the Middle Temple.

Lugay, Henri Rochefort de. H. de
Lugay. A French writer.

Luckey, Rev. John. A Chaplain. An
American biographer, and chaplain of
Sing Sing Prison, N.Y.

Lucy,^Henry W., 1845-. Tlie Mem-
ber for Chiltern Hundreds ; Toby, M.P.
An English joxirnalist, of London; b. at
Crosby, near Liverpool.

Luders, Catharine. Emily Hermann.
An American poet of the West, in Indi-

Ludlam, George. G. L, An Eng-
lish dramatist.

Ludlow, Fitz-Hugh, 1837-70. A
Pythagorean. An American author; b. in
Poughkeepsie, N.Y. ; Union Coll., 1856;
a voluminous contributor of prose and
poetry to the magazines, and his books
were mainly made up of these contribu-
tions ; d. in Geneva, Switzerland.

Luders, Charles Henry, 1858-. C.
H. L. ; Henry Karlsten. L. H. C. An
American journalist.

Lukens, Henry Clay, 1838-. Erratic
Enrique; Heinrich Yale Snehul. An
American journalist, of New York City.

Lukens, Mrs. Mary C. (Painter),
1842-. Dolly Dawdle. An American
writer ; wife of the preceding.

Lukin, Rev. James. J. L. An Eng-
lish clergyman; Brasenosc Coll., Oxford,
1849; Rector of AVickford, Chelmsford,
1881-83 et seq.

Lum, Dyer Daniel. A Gentile. An
English writer of the day.

Lumb, E. E. L. An English poet.

Lumley, Benjamin, 1812-75. Her-
mes. An English lawyer and opera man-
ager, of London.

Lumlej^, H. R. Lyulph. An English
journalist; in 1872, editor of the Lon-
don " Court Journal " ; author of dramas,
works of fiction, etc.

Lumsden, James. A Mercantile Man.
A Scottish writer ; principal of the Eree
Church Coll., Aberdeen.

Lundy, Benjamin, 1789-1839. A
Citizen of the United States. An Ameri-
can abolitionist ; b. in Hardwich, Sus-
sex Co., N.Y.; in 1808, removed to
Wheeling, Va. ; published the " Genius
of Universal Emancipation " in several
Southern towns, but about 1829 removed
it to Washington ; d. in Lowell, La Salle
Co., 111.

Lundy, John Patterson, D.D., 1823-.
A Presbyter of the Church in Pliila. An
American clergyman; b. at Danville,
Penn.; N. J. Coll., 1846; Princeton




Theol. Sern., 1846; in 1881, resident at
Idlewild, Penn.

liunn, Arthur Wallbridge. Arthur
Wallbridge. An English writer.

liunt, George, A.M., 1803-85. Wesleij
Brooke. An American lawyer, poet, nov-
elist, and journalist, of Boston ; b. at
Newburyport, Mass. ; U.S. District Attor-
ney for jNIass., 1849-53 ; d. in Boston.

Lupton, Rev. James, M.A. J. L.
An English clergj'man ; Ch. Ch., Oxford,
1823 ; Rector of St. Michael Queenhithe
U-. Holy Trinity, London, 1832-74 et seq.

Lyman, Darius, Jr., 1826-. A For-
mer Resident of the South. An American
■writer; b.at Ravenna (1), Portage Co., O.

Lyman, Joseph, D.D., 1750-1828.
An Old Republican. An American Cong,
minister; Yale Coll., 1767; pastor at
Hatfield, Mass.

Lyman, Mrs. Laura Elizabeth (Ba-
ker), 1831-. Kate Hunnibee. An Amer-
ican writer; b. at Kent's Hill; wife of
Joseph Bardwell Lyman, of Richmond
Hill, L.L

Lyman, Theodore, 1792-1849. An
American. An eminent American law-
yer and politician, of Boston ; b. and d.
in that city ; Harv. Univ., 1810.

Lynch, Rev. Thomas Toke. A Dis-
senting Minister; Silent Long. An Eng-
lish Cong, minister ; in London from
1848; afterwards at Mornington, Hamp-
stead Road.

Lyne, Rev. Charles, M.A., 1802-73.
A Clergyman. An English clergyman ;
b. at Castle Hill, Liskeard ; Prebendary

of Exeter, 1842-73; d. at Colby Villa,

Lyne, Rev. Joseph Leycester. Igna-
tius, Deacon, etc.; Ignatius, O.8.B.;
Brother Ignatius. An English clergy-
man, once Curate of Claydon, Suffolk.

Lyon, Miss H. F. D. Fredrika.

Lyon, Isaac F., -1881. An Old Cart-
man. An American journalist, of New-
ark, N.J. (?).

Lyon, James T. A Staff Officer. An
American soldier.

Lyon, Lemuel. Two Private Sol-
diers. An American soldier, 1758-75.

Lyon, Robert. Anti-Tijidalian. An
English controversial writer, of the 18th

Lyttelton, Lord George, 1708 or 9-
73. A Persian; A Young Nobleman. An
English poet and statesman; b. at Hag-
ley, Worcestershire ; Lord of the Treas-
ury, 1744 ; Chancellor of the Exchequer,
1756 ; then retired to private life.

Lytton, Rt. Hon. Sir EdTvard
George Earle Lytton -Bulwer, 1st
Baron, D.C.L., 1803-73. Pisistratus
Caxton. A celebrated English novelist
and dramatist; b. in Norfolk; Univ. of
Cambridge, 1826; d. in London.

Lytton, Rt. Hon. Ed^vard Robert
Bulwer-Lytton, 2d Baron, 1831-. His
Son; Edward Trevor; Owen Meredith.
An English poet and diplomatist ; son of
the preceding.

Lytton, Rosina Doyle (Wheeler)
Lytton- Bulwer, Lady. Chevely. An
L'ish novelist ; wife of 1st Baron Lytton.


McAfee, Mrs. Nelly (Marshall),

1847-. Sans Souci. An American
" Southland " writer ; b. in Louisville,
Ky. ; in 1871, married Mr. McAfee at
Frankfort, Ky.

Blacallan, David. Scrutator, An
English writer.

McAlpine, Robert W., 1838-. R.
W. M.; Oliver Ancient; Gath Brittle;
Dhu; George Gregory Gregg ; Uncle Jake;
Sonica. An American journalist, of New
York City.

MacAndrew, Mrs. Barbara (Mil-
ler). B. M. A Scottish writer of the

Macartney, Sir George (afterwards
Earl), 1737-1806. A Late Chief Secre-
tary of that Kingdom. An Irish states-
man ; b. at Lissanore, near Belfast ;

Trin. Coll., Dublin, 1757; from 1798
lived in retirement ; d. at Chiswick, Sur-

Macartney, William H. Major
Middoon. An American journalist.

Macaulay, Rev. Aulay, about 1758-
1819. Academicus ; Clericus Leicestrien-
sis. A Scottish clergyman ; b. in Car-
dross, Dunbartonshire; educ. at the
Univ. of Glasgow ; was the uncle of
Thomas Babington Macaulay. He was
Vicar of Rothley, 1796-1819.

Macaulay, Patrick (?), M.D. An
American Physician. An American writ-
er, of Baltimore (?).

Macaulay, Rt. Hon. Thomas Bab-
ington, Baron Alacaulay of Rothley,
1800-59. Cid Hamet Benengeli ; A Gen-
tleman of the Middle Temple ; Tristram




Merton; Richard Quongti. An English
liistorian; b. at Rothley Temple, Lei-
cestershire ; B. A., Cambridge, 1822 ;
called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn, 1826,
but never practised ; d. at Holly Lodge,

McBride, James, 1789-1859. A Cit-
izen of the United States. An American
author, of Hamilton, 0. ; one of the old-
est and best-known pioneers of Southern

McBurney, M. Carroll Malone. An
American journalist.

McCabe, James D., about 1840-.
Edward Winslow Martin. An American
writer; b. at Eichmond, Va. ; resided in
that city during tlie civil war, devoting
his pen to the service of the Confederate
cause ; has since resided in Brooklyn,
N.Y., engaged in literary work.

Maccall, William, M.A., 1812-. At-
ticus. A Scottish miscellaneous writer,
of London ; b. at Largs, Ayrshire ;
educ. at Glasgow and Geneva.

McCance, James liaw. J. L. Mc-

C ; McC ,• Mac. An English

gentleman, of Inglcwood, St. James's
Eoad, Sutton, Surrey.

McCann, P. Tlie Man about Town.
An American writer.

McCarroll, James, 1815-. Terry
Finnegan. A Canadian poet, humorist,
and miscellaneous writer, of Upper Can-

MacCartliy, Mrs. Charlotte. A
Ladij. An English writer.

McCarthy, Denis Florence, about
1817-82. J. IT. An Irish poet, de-
scended from the ancient royal Irish
sept of MacCauras; from 1871, he re-
ceived a pension of £100; d. in London.

McCaul, John, D.D., LL.D., 1807-
A Graduate. An eminent Irish-Cana-
dian scholar ; b. in Dublin ; Trin. Coll.,
Dublin ; Vice Chancellor of the Univ. of
Toronto from 1859.

MacClean, Edward, 1 847-. Mac. An
American journalist and bibliographer.

McClellan, Mrs. Harriet (Hare).
Harford Flemming. An American nov-
elist, at one time of Philadelphia.

M'Clellan, Kate. K. M. An Amer-
ican writer.

MeClenthen, Charles S. A Private
Soldier. An American writer.

McCIure, David, D.D., 1748-1820.
A Native of Philadelphia. An American
Presbyt. clergyman; b. at Newport, R.I. ;
Yale Coll., 1769; pastor at East Wind-
sor (now South Windsor), Conn., 1786-
1820, where he died.

McCluskey, Henry, 1827-70. Paddy.

An American journalist, of Philadel-
phia (?).

McCobb, Mrs. Mary Selden. Mary
Densel. An American writer of the day.

McCoU, Evan, 1808-. The Mountain
Minstrel. A Scottish-Canadian lyric poet,
of Kingston; b. at Kenmore; removed
to Canada in 1850.

McCoU, Rev. Malcolm, M. A., F.R.S.L.,
1838-. Expertus ; Scrutator. A Scottish
clergyman of the English Church ; b. at
Glenlinan in Ross-shire ; educ. at Edin-
burgh and in Germany; Rector of St.
George, London, 1871-83 et seq.

McConneU, Wmiam. Mac{Artist).
An English poet of the day.

McCord, Mrs. Adelaide, 1835-68.
Indigina. An American writer.

McCord, Mrs. Ijouisa S. (Cheves),
1810-. A Lady of South Carolina. An
American "Southland" writer; b. at
Columbia, S.C. ; in 1840 married David
J. McCord ; during the civil war resided
in her native city.

MacCormick, Charles, LL.B., 1752-
1807. A Member of his Privy Council.
An Irish writer ; studied laAv in London ;
but chiefly devoted himself to literary
pursuits ; d. m London.

McCormick, M. R. The Forest War-
bler. An American writer of the day.

McCosh, John, M.D. Nomentino. An
English writer of the day.

McCracken, J. Li. H., about 1813-53.
An Emeritus Professor. An American
merchant and humorist; b. in New York
City ; d. in Sierra Leone, Africa.

McCrie, Thomas, D.D., 1772-1835.
Scoto-Britannicus. An eminent Scottish
critic, biographer, and historian ; b. at
Dunse; pastor at Edinburgh from 1795,
where he died.

M'Crugar, Thomas. Zeno. A Scot-
tish writer, of Edinburgh.

McCrum, Myra Daisy. Daisy How-

31'Culloch, David. Oleander. A
Scottish writer, of Glasgow, of the day.

McCulloch, John Ramsay, 1789-
1864. J. R. M. An eminent Scottish
economist; b. at Whithorn; professor in
the Univ. of London, 1828-32; d. at

M'CuUoh, James H., Jr., M.D. An
Officer of the U.S. Army. An American
piij^sician, of Baltimore, Md. ; b. in Mary-
land; Garrison Surgeon, 1814; disbanded,

McCullough, Joseph B. An Ameri-
can journalist of the day, of St. Louis,

McDaniel, Samuel Walton, LL.B.,




1833-. Parsonus Rusticus. An American
lawyer ; b. in Philadelphia ; Harv. Law
School, 1878; has practised in Boston,
1878-84 et seq. ; resides in Cambridge,

McDermott, Hugli F., 1833-. Pax.
An American journalist, of Boston.

Macdiarmid, John, about 1789-1852.
Atticus Secundus. A Scottish journalist;
b. in Edinburgh ; and educ. at the Univ.
of that city; in 1817 he became editor
of the " Dumfries Courier."

MacDonald, Eev. Andrew, 1757-90.
Matthew Bramble. A clever Scottish
writer; b. and educ. in Leith ; was a jour-
nalist, first at Glasgow, then in London.

Macdonald, Angus W. A Virginian.
An American writer of the day.

MacDonald, Rev. George, 1825-.
Dalmocand. A Scottish novelist ; b. at
Huntly ; educ. at the Univ. of Aberdeen ;
settled in London, devoting himself to lit-
erature ; lectured in this country, 1872-73.

Macdonald, John Hay Atholl. Jean
Jambon. A Scottish humorist ; Solicitor-
General of Scotland.

MacDonald, Wilson. Homo ; Spiral
Groove. An American sculptor, of New
York City.

McDonneU, Jolin W., 1856-. Patrick
Fitzgibbons. An American journalist and
reporter, of New York City.

McDonough, C. J. Warwick.

M'Donough, Capt. FelLx, -1836. The
Hermit. An English writer, of London ;
wrote for the " Literary Gazette,'^ but
latterly, steeped in poverty, he dragged
on existence as a " bookseller's hack."

McDowell, Mrs. Katherine, 1853-83.
Sherwood Bonner. An American writer ;
wrote for "Harper's Weekly," etc.; d. at
Holly Springs, Miss.

McElroy, Wniiam E. Myron Hub-

McFarlan, W. L. A Special Corre-
spondent. A Scottish traveller; corre-
spondent of the " Glasgow Herald."

Macfarlane, Robert, 1815-83. Ruth-
erglen. A Scottish antiquary.

Macfarlane, William. A Layman.
A Scottish writer.

M'Gaffey, Mrs. Louisa Amelia
(Pratt), 1833-. Ruth Crayne. An Amer-
ican poet ; b. at Darby Plains, Madison
Co., O. ; in 1855 married to John M'Gaf-
fey, a lawyer of Springfield, O., where
she afterwards resided.

MacGavoek, Randal W., 1828-. A
Tennessean. An American traveller; b,
at Nashville, Tenn.

MacGeachy, Charles E. A. Mac,
(The Danburian).

M'Gee, Thomas D'Arcy, 1825-68.
Philo -Veritas; A Backicoodsman. An
Irish-American journalist ; b. in Carling-
ford; in 1848 came to America for a per-
manency; and was the editor of journals
in the United States and Canada ; d. at
Ottawa, Canada.

QIacgeorge, Andrew. A Layman ;
Veritas. A Scottish writer, of Glasgow.

MacGeorge, Rev. Robert Jackson,
about 181 1-. Cidpepper Crabtree, Esq.;
Solomon of Streetsville. A Scottish cler-
gyman of the English Church; Incimi-
bent of Streetsville, Upper Canada, 1841-
58, when he returned to Scotland.

McGhee, Rev. Robert James, M.A.,
1789-. A Minister of the Church of Ire-
land. An Irish Epis. divine ; Trin. Coll.,
Dublin, 1811 ; Rector of Holywell-cwm-
Needingworth, Hants., from 1846.

M'Gibbon, Alexander. A Lounger,
an Old 3Iaid, and Lady Honora. A Scot-
tish poet.

M'Gilchrist, John, M.D. J. M'G.
A Scottish poet.

M'Gill, Rev. John. A Chapel Minis-
ter. A Scottish minister.

Macgowan, Rev. John, 1726(1 )-80.
The Listener; The Shaver. An English
minister among the Particular Baptists.

M'Gregor, John, 1797-1857. A Bar-
rister; Simeon South. A Scottish statis-
tician; b. at Stornaway, Ross-shire; ap-
pointed one of the two Joint Secretaries
of the English Board of Trade at Lon-
don in 1840 ; d. at Boulogne.

MacGregor, John, 1825-. Rob Roy.
An English traveller ; b. at Gravesend ;
lives in Greenwich, near London.

McGrew, Alexander, 1826-. Bran-
dywine ; Sandy Osborne. An American
journalist, of Memphis, Tenn.

McGuire, Mrs. J. "\V. (Brockenbor-
ough). A Lady of Virginia. An Ameri-
can " Southland" writer; b. at Richmond,
Va. ; wife of Rev. John P. McGuire, an
Epis. clergyman ; teacher of a school at
Tappahannock, Va., 1865-70 et seq.

McHale, Frank. Geraint.

McHale, John, D.D., 1791-1881.
Hierophilus; John, Archbishop of Tuam.
An eminent Irish prelate ; b. at Tubber-
n a vine. Mayo ; was a student at May-
nooth, and then lecturer and professor
there ; on the death of Dr. Kelley, he
was made Archbishop of Tuam.

Machar, Miss A. M. Fidelia. An
American writer of the day.

BIcHenry, George. An Old Acquain-
tance; A Native of Pennsylvania. An
American political writer.

McHenry, James, M.D. Solomon




Second- Sight. An American poet, novel-
ist, and miscellaneous writer, of Phila-

Mcllvaine, Eliza Rodman. — See
"Church, Mrs. Eliza Rodman (Mcll-

Macintosh, . M. An American

journalist, of Buffalo, N.Y.

Mcintosh, Maria Jane, 1803-. Aunt
Kittij. An American novelist ; b. at Sun-
bury, Ga. ; removed to New York City
in 1835, and devoted herself to literary

Macintosh, William. A Lover of his
Country. A Scottish writer of the 18th
century, of Borlum.

Mclntyre, Hugh D. Aberdeen.

Mackarness, Rt. Rev. John Fielder,
D.D. One of themselves. An English
clergyman; Merton Coll., Oxford, 1844;
Bishop of Oxford, 1870-83 et seq.

Mackarness, Matilda Anne

(Planche). Susie Sunbeam. An Eng-
lish writer for the young.

Blackay, iliss . Jeannie Dods.

An English (?) journalist.

Mackay, Aberigh, 1849-81. Ali
Baba. An Indian official; Principal of
the Presidency Coll., at Indore, Ind.

Mackay, Andrew, LL.D., F.R.S.E.,
1759-1809. James Andrew, A.M. A
Scottish mathematician ; Mathematical
Examiner to the Hon. E. I. Co. ; d. in
George Street, Trinity Square, Minories.

Mackay, Charles, LL.D., 1814-.
Herman Grimbosh ; John Wagstaffe, Esq.,
of Wilbye Grange; Launcelot Wagstaffe.
A Scottish poet and journalist ; b. in
Perth; educ. in London; of London
from 1847; United States correspondent
of the "London Times," 1862-65.

Mackay, Francis Alexander. Fran-
cis Fitzhvgh. A Scottish poet of tlie day.

Mackay, Rev. James. A Chaplain
in H. M. Indian Service. An English
clergyman, at Fort George.

MacKellar, Thomas, 1812-. Tarn.
An American poet; b. in New York
City; a type-fomider of Philadelphia
from 1833.

Blacken, John. Ismail Fitzadam. An
Irish sailor and poet; b. at Brooken-
borough ; in 1820, wrote for the London
" Literary Gazette."

MacKenna, Theobald, Esq., -1809.
A Catholic and a Burkist. An Irish bar-

McKenny, Thomas Lorraine, 1784-
1859. Aristides. An American writer;
Indian Agent, in the employ of the
United States Indian Department; d. in
New York City.

Mackenzie, Alexander Slidell,

1803-48. IVie American in England; A
Young American. An American naval
officer ; b. in New York City ; d. at Tar-
rytown, N.Y.

Mackenzie, Mrs. Anne Maria. El-
len of Exeter. An English novelist, of

Mackenzie, C. F. // Musannif. An
English writer of the day.

3IcKenzie, G. A. Ellis Dale. A
Canadian journalist.

Mackenzie, George, 1630 or 81-1714.
E. C. An eminent Scottish statesman;.
Viscount Tarbat and Earl of Cromarty.

Mackenzie, Sir George Steuart, 7tb
Baronet, F.R.SS. L. and E., -1848. M.

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