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Pech, Henriette, 1847-. Eliska Krds-
nohorskd. A Bohemian poet ; b. at
Prague; her lyrics are much admired;
she is also a successful aesthetic critic ;
and has written the text for the three
operas, "Lejla," "Der Kuss," and "Das

Peck, Ellen. Culler Pine. An Amer-
ican novelist of the day.

Peck, George Washington, 1817-59.
Cantell A. Biglg. An American writer,
of Michigan; b. at Rehoboth, Mass.;
Brown Univ., 1837 ; d. at Boston.

Peck, John Mason, D.D., 1789-1858.
An Old Pioneer. An American Baptist
clergyman; was a pastor in various
churches of Missouri, Illinois, and Ken-
tucky, 1845-58; d. at Rock Spring, 111.

Peck, LiiUie, -1878. Ruth Elliott. An
English writer; daughter of the Rev.
James B. Peck, of Chelmsford.

Peck, William. W. P. An English

Peck, William R. A Theophilanthro-
pist. An English writer.

PeckweU, Henry, D.D., 1748-87. A
Friend to Civil and Religious Liberti/. An
English clergyman; Rector of Bloxam.




Pedder, James, 177-5-1859. J. P.
An English agriculturist; b. at Newport,
Isle of Wight; came to this country
about 1832; edited^the "Boston Cultiva-
tor," 1844-59; d. at Roxbury, Mass.

Peebles, Mrs. Mary L., 1839-. Lijnde
Palmer. An American writer for the
young; b. in Lansingburg, N.Y.

Peebles, WiUiam, D.D. A Clergy-
man of the Church of Scotland. A Scottish
minister and poet, at Newton-upon-Ayr.

Peel, Sir Robert, 2d Bart., D.C.L.,
1788-1850. The Minister. An English
statesman; b. near Bury, Lancashire;
educ. at Harrow and Oxford ; English
Premier, 1834-35 and 1841-46; d. in

Pegge, Samuel, LL.D., 1704-96. S.
P. ; P. S. ; G. ; P. ; P. E. ; L. E. ; P. G. ; An
Antiquary ; L, Echard ; Paul Gemsege ; A
Ploughist; Fortius; T. Roiv ; Senex ; Vica-
rius Cantianus ; A Late Learned and Rev-
erend Divine. An eminent English anti-
quary ; b. in Chesterfield ; Prebendary of
Lincoln, 1772-96.

He published, besides his other works, several
hundred articles on antiquities in " Archseo-
logia," "Bibl. Top. Brit.," and "Gentleman's
Magazine." See " Gent. Mag." LXVI., pp. 891,
892, 979, 1081, 1084.

Peignot, Etienne Gabriel, 1767-
1849. Jacques Rambler. A learned
French bibliographer.

Peirce, Augustus, M.D., 1802-49.
Poeta, Engince Societatis. An American
physician ; b. at New Salem, Mass. ; Harv.
Univ., 1820; practised his profession at
Tyngsborough, Mass., and d. there.

Peirce, Benjamin, LL.D., F.R.S.,
1809-80. Ben Yamen ; Benjainin the Flor-
entine. An eminent American mathe-
matician ; b. at Salem, Mass. ; Harv.
Univ., 1829 ; professor at Harv. Univ.,
1832-80 ; d. at Cambridge.

Peirce, Benjamin Osgood, Jun.,
Ph.D., 1854-. Eleven Sophomores. An
American mathematician; b. at Beverly;
Harv. Univ., 1876; instructor in his
alma mater, 1876-77, 1881-84; and assist-
ant professor, 1884-85.

Peirce, Bradford Kinney, D.D.,
1819-. B. K. P.; The Chaplain. An
American clergyman ; b. in Eoyalton,
Vt. ; Wesleyan Univ., 1841 ; chaplain of
the House of Refuge, Randall's Island,
N.Y., 1863-72 ; editor of " Zion's Herald,"
Boston, from 1872.

Peirce, I. A Wanderer. An Ameri-
can writer.

Peirce, Rev. James, 1673-1726. A
Dissenter in the Country. An eminent
English Nonconformist divine, of Exon ;
b. in London.

Peirson, Mrs. Eliza O. Aliqua. An
American writer for the press, of the day.

Pelham, the Right Hon. Henry,
1695-1754. Mr. P****m. An Eng-
lish statesman ; Chancellor of the Ex-
chequer, 1743-54.

Pell, Ferris. Publicola. An Ameri-
can writer on money and banking ; a law-
yer; Columbia Coll., 1806.

Pell, Robert Conger, 1835-68. Chet-
wood Evelyn, Esq. An American miscel-
laneous writer; b. in New York City; d.
at Interlachen, Switzerland.

This is also given: Robert Cruger Pell.
" Clement Evelyn, Esq."

Pelligrini, . Spy. An American

journalist, of New York City.

Pelz, Edward, 1800-76. Treumund
Welp. A German writer; b. at Penig,
Saxony ; was a publisher and bookseller
in several European cities, 1815-50; spent
in the United States 1850-66; was de-
voted to literary work at Gotha, 1869-76,
where he died.

Pember, Arthur. A. P. An Ameri-
ican writer, of New York City.

Pemberton, Lieut. Col. . Leo.

An English officer; a writer of the day.

Pemberton, Charles Reece, 1790-
1840. A Sailor. An English actor, elo-
cutionist, and poet; in 1832-34 he contrib-
uted a series of papers to the " Monthly
Repository," entitled " Autobiography of
Pal Verjuice," which was believed to
shadow forth some of the vicissitudes of
his own early life ; d. at Birmingham.

Pemberton, Edgar. F. M. Berton.
An English novelist.

Pembroke, George Robert Charles
Herbert, 13th Earl, 1850-. The Earl.
An English nobleman ; educ. at Eton ;
Under-Secretary of War, 1874-75.

Penfield, A. A. F. An American
financier of the day.

Pengelly, William, F.R.S., F.G.S.,
1812-.- M. Y. ; A Geologist. An EngUsh
geologist, etc. ; b. at Castle Street, East
Looe; in 1878, resident at Lamorna, Tor-

Penn, William, Esq., 1776-1845.
The Rajah of Vaneplysia ; An Undergrad-
uate. An English gentleman ; a descend-
ant of Admiral Sir William Penn, father
of the founder of Pennsylvania ; passed
most of his life within certain confines
of South wark; d. in Nelson-square,
South wark.

Penneck, Rev. Henry, M.A., 1800-
62. Mr. Bayle. An English clergyman,
of Penzance, Cornwall; b. at Market
Jew Street, Penzance ; d. at Penzance.

Pennecuik, Alexander, M.D., 1652-




1722. A. P., M.D. A Scottish poet
and botanist ; b. at Newhall, County
of Edinburgh.

Pennell, Mrs. Elizabeth (Robins).

An American writer of the day, of Phil-
adelpliia; a niece of Charles Godfrey

Penney, William, Lord Kinloch,
1801-72. A Lai/man. A Scottish writer;
senator of the College of Justice.

Pennie, John Fitzgerald, 1782-1848.
A Modern Genius; St/lvaticus. An Eng-
lish writer; b. at East Lulworth, Dorset-
shire ; was an actor, schoolmaster, poet,
etc. ; d. at Eogvald Cottage, Wareham,

Pennington, Mrs. S. S. P. An
English writer of the 18th century.

Penny, Mrs. Anne (Christian), 1731-
84_ **** *****_ ^jy English poet ; her
first husband was Capt. Hugh Christian,
who commanded the batteries at Ehode
Island when Count D'Estaing was re-
pulsed; her second husband was in the
navy ; she was highly esteemed by Dr.
Johnson ; d. in London.

Pennyman, John. Phil Ang. An
English anti-Quaker writer.

Penrose, Vice-Admiral Sir Charles
Vinicombe, 1759-1830. A Flag Officer.
An English seaman ; b. ■ at St. Gluvias ;
entered the Eoyal Navy in 1775 ; Rear-
Admiral of the Blue in 1813 ; d. at Ethy,
St. "Winnow.

Penrose, Mrs. Elizabeth Cart-
wright, 1781-1837. Mrs. Markham. An
English writer ; wife of Rev. John Pen-
rose, Vicar of Bracebridge; d. at Lin-

Penrose, Eev. John, M.A., 1778-1859.
A Senior ; A Trinitarian. An English
clergyman ; Corpus Christi Coll., Oxford,
1799; Vicar of Langton, near Wragby,
Lines., 1802-59, and P. C. of North
Hykeham, 1838-59 ; d. at Langton.

Pentz, Jacob. Gopher.

Perceval, Hon. and Eev. Arthur
Philip, B.C.L., 1800-53. A Churchman ;
A Late Felloiv, etc. ; A Minister of the
Church of Ireland; One of His Majesty's
Chaplains; One of His Majestfs Servants;
A Presbi/ter in the Diocese of Canterbury.
An English clergyman; All Soul's Coll.,
Oxford, 1820; Rector of E. Horsley,
1824; d. at Little Bookham, Surrey.

Perceval, Hon. and Rev. Charles
Cl-eorge, 1796-. The Rector of Caherton,
Bucks. ; A Country Clergyman. An Eng-
lish clergyman; b. at the Admiralty,
Whitehall ; Rector of Calverton, Bucks.,
from 1822.

Perceval, Sir John, 1st Earl of Eg-

mont, 1685-1748. A Nobleman of the other
Kingdom. An English lord; b. at Barton,
in the County of York.

Pereira, Jonathan, M.D., F.R.S.,
1804-53. J. P. An eminent English
physician and pharmacologist ; b. and d.
in London ; physician at the London
Hospital, 1851-53.

Perkins, Miss Eliza. A Lady. An
English writer on botany.

Perkins, Ellen M. Christie Pearl.
An American writer for the young.

Perkins, Frederic Beecher. Pha-
raoh Budlong. An American bibliogra-
pher ; Yale Coll., 1850 ; librarian at San

Perkins, Henry. An Experienced
Clerk. An English accoimtant.

Perrier, Miss Anna. An Irishwoman.
An Irish writer of the day.

Perry, Capt. David. An Old Soldier.
An Amei-ican soldier, of Chelsea, Vt.

Perry, Mrs. E. C. Elfin Hall.

Perry, Eev. Henry G. Regryph. An
An American journalist, of Chicago.

Perry, W. A. Silalicum. An Amer-
ican journalist, of Seattle, Wash. Ter.

Perry, William Stevens, D.D., 1832-.
W. S. P. An eminent American clergy-
man ; b. in Providence, E.I. ; Harv. Univ.,
1854; Bishop of Iowa, 1876-85; and re-
sides at Davenport, la.

Per5', Edmund Sexton. An Arme-
nian in Ireland.

Peter, William, 1788-1853. A Lay-
man. An English poet and politician;
b. at Harlyn, St. INIerryn ; H. M. Consul
for Pennsylvania and New Jersey, 1840-
63 ; d. in Philadelphia.

Peterkin, Alexander, 1781-1846.
Alumnus Edinensis ; Anti-Harmonicus ;
Civis. A Scottish poet, lawyer, and an-

Peters, Bernard. Pestalozzi. An
American journalist, of Brooklyn, N.Y.

Peters, Samuel Andrevir, LL.D.,
1735-1826. A Gentleman of the Province;
Parson Peter; John Viator, Esq. An
American loyalist; b. in Hebron, Conn.;
Yale Coll., 1757 ; d. in New York City.

Peters, W. A., 1841-. Doctor Bran-
son; ,Toel Sloper. An American journal-
ist, of New York City.

Peterson, Charles J., 1818-. J.
Thornton Randolph. An American pub-
lisher and journalist, of Philadelphia;
proprietor and co-editor of "Peterson's
Ladies' National Magazine."

Petit-mere, Frederic du. Monkey.
A French writer.

Pettes, George William. X, Y, Z,
Club ; G. W. P. An American poet.




Pettigrew, Thomas Liettsom, 1813-
37. A Cornet in the E. I. Co.'s Service.
An English writer ; son of Thomas Joseph
Pettigrew; a literary antiquary, of Lon-
don ; d. at Bangalore.

Pettingell, Rev. John Hancock,
A.M., 1815-. Clericus. An American
bibliographer ; b. at Waterbury, Conn. ;
Yale Coll., 1837; pastor at South Dennis,
Mass., 1843-47; settled at Essex, Conn.,
1848; in 1882 was at Philadelphia.

Pettitt, Charles. Besurgam.

Pettman, William, Esq. 0?ie of the
Barbarous Blockheads of ike Lowest Mob ;
Philopolites. An English writer; at one
time a schoolmaster at Sandwich, and
afterwards of Ham, in the county of Kent.

Petzel, Rosa. Martin Claudius. A
German writer of the day.

Phelan, Charlotte Elizabeth. — See
"Tonna, Mrs. C. E. (Tonna)."

Phelan, William, D.D., 1789-1830.
Declan. An Irish clergyman; b. at Clon-
mel ; Trin. Coll., Dublin ; Rector of Killy-
man, Co. Tyrone, 1824-30, and of Artray,
Co. Derry, 1825-30.

Phelps, Charles, A.B., -1854. A Citi-
zen of the United States. An American
political writer, of Vermont ; Hon. A.B.
at the Univ. of Vermont, 1812.

Phelps, Mrs. Elizabeth (Stuart),
1815-52. H. Trusta. An American nov-
elist ; daughter of Prof. Moses Stuart,
and wife of Prof. Austin Phelps.

Phelps, Miss Elizabeth Stuart,
1844-. Onjjx. An American novelist ;
daughter of the preceding; b. at An-
dovcr, Mass.

Phelps, Miss Li. IJ. Alpha. An Ameri-
can writer of the day.

Phelps, W. D. Webfoot. An Ameri-
can novelist of the day.

PhUes, George P., A.M., 1828-.
Paulus Silentiarius. An American ^pub-
lisher of New York City, 1854-70; b. at
Ithaca, N.Y. ; Hon. A.M. at Dartmouth
CoU., 1868.

Philip, Robert, D.D., 1791-1858, and
Another. A Minister and a Layman. An
English Dissenter, of Maberley Chapel.

Philippe, Adolphe, 1811-. Dennery.
A French dramatist ; b. in Paris ; since
1831 has produced, either alone or with
others, about 200 dramas.

Philips, Mrs. Katherine (Fowler),
1631-64. Orinda. An English lady of
wit and accomplishments; b. in London;
when young she married James Philips,
Esq., of Cardigan ; and afterwards went
with the Viscountess of Dungannon into
Ireland ; d. in London.

Phillimore, Harriet Eleanor. H.

E. P. An English novelist of the

Phillipps, Miss . Old Maid. An

English writer; daughter of Rev. Edward
Thomas IMarch Phillipps, of Hathern Rec-
tor}^, Loughborough, Leicester.

PhUlips, Mrs. .— See "Pontes,^

Madame de."

Phillips, Miss Anna H. Helen W.
Irving. An American poet, of Lynn,

PhUlips, Charles, 1787-1859. A Man
of the World. An Irish barrister, poet^
and novelist ; b. at Sligo ; educ. at Dub-
lin ; Commissioner of the Court of In-
solvent Debtors, 1846-59; d. in London.

Phillips, Mrs. Constantia. Mrs.

C P . An English writer of the

18th century.

Phillips, Capt. Edwin D., 1827-64.
An Officer of the Army. An American
officer ; b. in New York ; appointed from
Michigan; U.S. Military Acad., 1852;
Asst. Instructor of Infantry Tactics,
1861-62 ; d. at New Orleans, La.

Phillips, George Searle, 1818-, Jan-
uary Searle. An English-American jour-
nalist and novelist ; b. at Peterborough,
Northants. ; cduc. at Cambridge ; has ed-
ited several journals both in the United
States and in England.

Phillips, Gus. Oofty Gooft.

Phillips, Henry, Jr. Antiquarian ; A
Member of the Numismatic Society of Phila.
An American lawyer and numismatist,
of Philadelphia.

Phillips, John. J. P., a Student of
Astrology. An English writer of the 17th
and 18th centuries; nephew of John

Phillips, Melville. Snap. An Amer-
can writer, of Philadelphia.

Phillips, Sir Richard, Knt., 1768-
1840. James Adair; Rev. 8. Barrow;
Rev. David Blair; M. I'abb^ Bossut ; Rev.
C. C. Clarke; Rev. J. Goldsmith; M. Pel-
ham; Common Sense. An English pub-
lisher, of London, where he was b. ; estab-
lished, in 1790, the " Leicester Herald" ;
the " Monthly Magazine," London, 1796 ;
the "Antiquary's Magazine," 1807; and
re-purchased the "Monthly Magazine"
about 1809, and continued to publish It
for 25 years ; d. at Brighton.

Phillips, Walter P. John Oakum.

Phillips, Watts, Esq., 1829-74. Felioir
Balfour. An English dramatist and jour-
nalist ; b. in London ; d. at West Bromp-

Phillips, WiUard, LL.D., 1784-1873.
A Citizen of Massachusetts. An American
lawyer ; b. at Bridgewater, Mass. ; Harv.




Univ., 1810 ; Judge of Probate for Suffolk
Co., 1839-47 ; lived and d. in Cambridge,

PhUlips, WiUard P. W. P. P. An

American civil engineer, of Salem, Mass.

Phillips, William. Paul Potion. An
English poet, of the Middle Temple.

This is also ascribed to William Shearsmith.

Phillips, WLlliam Wirt, D.D., 1796-
1865. The Pastor. An American Presbyt.
clergyman ; b. in Montgomery Co., N.Y. ;
Columbia Coll., 1826; pastor in New
York City, 1818-65 ; and d. there.

Phillpotts, Henry, D.D., 1777-1869.
A. Clergyman of the Diocese of Durham.
An English prelate ; b. at Bridgewater ;
educ. at Corpus Christi Coll., Oxford;
Bishop of Exeter, 18-31-69.

Phipps, Constantine John, Lord
Mulgrave, 1746-92. A Member of Par-
liament. An English and Irish noble-
man; entered very young the naval ser-
vice; post-captain, R. N., 1765; M.P. for
Lincoln, 1768; created an English peer,
1790; d. at Liege, Germany.

Piatt, John James, and Another,
1835-. Two Friends. An American poet,
of Cincinnati ; b. at Milton, Ind. ; educ.
at the Columbus (0.) High School and
Kenyon Coll.

Piatt, Mrs. Louisa (Kirby), 1812-64.
Belle Smith. An American author, of
Cincinnati, where she died.

Piatt, Mrs. Sarah Morgan {Bryan),
1836-. Minnie Myrtle ; A Woman. An
American poet ; wife of John James Pi-
att ; b. at Lexington, Ky. ; educ. at New-
castle, Ky. ; in 1868 et seq. lived at Cin-

Piazzi, Mme Adrienne. Leila Ha-
noum. A Hungarian novelist.

Pichon, Thomas. An Impartial

Pichot, Amed§e, 1796-1877. Sir J.
Perriwig. A French journalist; b. at
Aries ; studied medicine, and in 1819 set-
tled in Paris, but soon devoted himself
to literary pursuits ; d. in Paris.

Pickard, Hannah Maynard, 1812-
44. A Lady. An English writer.

Pickens, John. Horatio. An Amer-
ican humorist, of Boston ; connected with
several banking institutions.

Pickering, Henrj^ 1781-1838. An
American. An American poet; b. at
Newburg, N.Y. ; was a merchant at Sa-
lem, Mass., 1801-25 ; in 1825 removed to
New York City, but soon settled at Ron-
dout-on-the-Hudson, and devoted himself
to literary pursuits; d. in New York

Pickering, John, LL.D., 1777-1846.

A Member of the Massachusetts Bar. An
American philologist; brother of the
preceding; b. at Salem, Mass.; Harv.
Univ., 1796; was a lawyer in Salem,
1801-27 ; City Solicitor of Boston, 1829-
46; d. at Salem.

Pickering, Timothy, LL.D., 1745-
1829. The Secretary of State; Verus.
An American statesman; father of the
preceding ; b. in Salem, Mass. ; Harv.
Univ., 1763; was a lawyer in his native
town; U.S. Secretary of State, 1795-
1800; U.S. Senator, 1803-11; d. at Sa-

Piokersgill, Lieut. Richard. A Sea
Officer. An English naval officer ; after
sailing three times round the world, and
once in search of a north-west passage,
he was drowned in the Thames by the
upsetting of a boat in a gust of wind.

Piekford, Rev. John, M.A. Oxonien-
sis. An English clergyman; Queen's
Coll., Oxford, 1851; Rector of New-
bourne, Woodbridge, 1872-83 et seq.

Picton, Col. Thomas, 1822-. An Ex-
Editor ; Gotliamite; Paul Preston. An
American journalist, of New York City.

Pierpont, Rev. John, A.M., 1785-
1860. The Pastor of HoUis Street Soci-
ety ; Theron. An American clergyman
and poet ; b. at Litchfield, Conn. ; Yale
Coll., 1804; pastor in Boston, 1819^5.
at Troy, N.Y., 1845-49; at Medford,
Mass., 1849-56 ; employed in the Treas-
ury Department at VVashington, 1861—
64 ; d. at Medford.

Pierrepont, Henry Evelyn. A Di-
rector. An American writer, of Brook-
lyn, N.Y. ; son of Hezekiah Beers Pierre-
pont, of that city.

Pierson, Miss Susan. Miss Susan

P . An English lady; friend of

Charles Lamb.

Pietrowskl, Rufin. A Siberian Ex-

Pigott, Richard. An Irish National
Journalist. An Irish journalist of the

Pike, Albert, A.M., 1809-. The Fine
Arkansas Gentleman. An American law-
yer, politician, soldier, and journalist;
b. in Boston; was in the Confederate
service, 1861-65; editor of the "Mem-
phis Appeal," 1867-.

Pike, Mrs. Frances West (Ather-
ton), 1819-. Anna Ahem; Katherine
Morris. An American novelist ; b. at
Prospect, Me. ; widow of Rev. Richard
Pike, of Dorchester, Mass.

Pike, Mrs. Mary H. Greene, 1827-.
Mary Langdon; Sydney A. Story, Jr.
An American novelist; b. at Eastport,




Me.; wife of Fred. A. Pike, M.C., of
Calais, Me.

Pike, Noah W. G-ordox. An Amer-
ican writer, of New York City.

Pilgrim, Thomas, -1882. Arthur
Morecamp; Eugene Owl. An American
•writer, of Gonzales, Tex.

PUlet, Raymond Frangois Leon,
1803-67. Ernest Renaud. A French
journalist, theatrical manager, and dra-
matic author ; b. in Paris ; d. at Venice.

Pilon, Martin Regul. Yanko-Sequor.
An American writer and publisher, of
New York City.

Pim, Jonathan. A Member of the
Society of Friends. An Irish Friend, of

Pinchard, Mrs. . A Ladij. An

English writer ; the wife of an attorney
at Taunton, in Somersetshire.

Pinckney, Charles, LL.D., 1758-
1824. A Republican ; A South Carolinian ;
A South Carolina Planter. An American
statesman; b. at Charleston, S.C. ; was a
lawyer; M.C., 1784-87; U.S. Senator,
1798-1801; Minister to Spain, 1802-5;
again M.C., 1819-21; d. in his native

Pinckney, Thomas. Achates.

Pine, Kev. George Stevenson, 1853-.
Eleven Sophomores. An American cler-
g3^man ; b. in Philadelphia ; Harv. Univ.,
1876 ; rector of St. Mark's Church, New
Canaan, Conn., 1881-85.

Pinkerton, John, F.S.A., 1768-1826.
H. Bennet, M.A.; R.obert Heron, Esq. A
Scottish writer; b. in Edinburgh; settled
in London in 1781 ; but resided in Paris
the latter part of his life, and d. there.

Pinney, G. W. Columella. An Amer-
ican writer, of San Francisco.

Piozzi, Mrs. Hester Liynch (Thrale
Salusbury), 1740-1821. Anna Matilda.
A British authoress, of London ; friend of
Dr. Johnson ; b. in Wales ; d. at Clifton.

Piper, Mrs. . Estelle. An Amer-
ican writer of the day.

Pitcairne, Archibald, M.D., 1652-
1713. A Scots Gentleman. A Scottish
physician ; b. in Edinburgh ; studied at
Montpelier and Paris ; Prof, of Physic in
the Univ. of Leyden, 1692-93; and the
chief physician in Edinburgh, 1693-1713.

Pitcairns, The. The P — s. Pitcairn,
Dr. David, was a minister of the Church
of Scotland, and for more than 50 years
pastor of the church of Dysart ; Pitcairn,
Major, lost his life, at the age of 52, at
the battle of Bunker's Hill ; Pitcairn, Dr.
W., was very high in the profession of
physic ; Pitcairn, Dr. David, 2d, was the
eldest son of Major Pitcairn.

Pitman, Ambrose, Esq. Ephraim
Epigram, Esq.; A Young Gentleman of
Seventeen. An English poet, composer,
editor, and contributor to periodical lit-
erature; resided in London from about

Pitman, John, LL.D., 1784-1864. One
of the Rhode Island People. An Ameri-
can jurist ; b. in Ehode Island ; Brown
Univ., 1799; Judge of the U.S. District
Court for 40 years ; d. in Providence, E.I.

Pitman, Mrs. 3Iarie J. (Davis).
Margery Deane. An American writer of
the day, of Newport, K.I.

Pitt, Eight Hon. WiUiam, Earl of
Chatham, 1708-78. WiUiam the Fourth ;
The Celebrated Commoner; The Great
Man. An eminent English statesman;
b. at St. James', Westminster; entered
Parliament as M.P.for Old Sarum, 1734;
created Earl of Chatham, 1766; Lord
Privy Seal and Premier, 1766-68; d. at
Hayes, Kent.

Pitt, Et. Hon. WiUiam, 1759-1806.
Deep Will ; Juuus Florus ; A Right Hon-
ourable Person. An English statesman;
son of the preceding; b. at Hayes, Kent;
educ. at Pembroke Coll., Cambridge ;
called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn ; Eng-
lish Premier, 1784-1801 and 1804-6; d.
at Putney.

Fitter, J. Mercury. An English poet.

Pittis, Eev. John. A Presbyter of
the Church of England. An English cler-
gyman of the first part of the 18th cen-

Pitts, Eev. Joseph. A Presbyter of
the Church of England. An English cler-
gyman of the first part of the 18th cen-

Ptsdey, Frank M., 1826-. Olla Po-
drida. An American author and editor,
of San Francisco ; b. in Leroy, N.Y.

Place, Francis. Gamaliel Smith. An
English writer; a tailor at Charing
Cross, London, who wrote for the " West-
minster Eeview."

Planche, James Robinson, 1796-
1880. The Somerset Herald. An English
miscellaneous writer ; b. in London ; au-
thor of nearly 200 dramatic pieces, etc. ;
d. at St. Leonard's Terrace, Chelsea.

Platel, FelLx. Ignotus ; Etienne Pall.
A French writer, of Paris, of the day.

Player, John. Thomas Elbridge
RooJce, Esq. An English merchant at
Fockington, near Bristol.

Playfair, William, 1759-1823. Joshua
Montefiore and J. Jephson Oddy. A Scot-
tish writer on politics and political econ-
omy ; b. near Dundee ; left Scotland for
England, and, proceeding to Birming-




ham, was engaged in 1780 as a draughts-
man at Soho, in the employment of Mr.
James "Watt. After various other em-
ployments, he became an author in Lon-
don, where he died.

Plinth, Octavins. The Bain-Water
Doctor. An American quack, an imitator
of Sj'lvan, enemy of human diseases.

Ploug, Parnio Karl, 1813-. Paul
liytter. A Danish poet; studied philol-
ogy at Copenhagen from 1829, and after-
wards devoted himself entirely to literary

Plumer, WiUiam, 1759-1850. Cin-
cinnatus. An American lawyer and
statesman ; b. at Newbury, Mass. ; in
1768, removed to Epping, N.H.; U.S.
Senator, 1802-7; Governor of N.H.,
1812-13 and 1816-19; afterwards en-
gaged in literary pursuits ; d. at Ep-

Plummer, John, 1831-. The North-
amptonshire Poet. An English poet and
prose writer; b. near Tower Hill, Lon-
don ; settled at Kettering, Northants., in

Plumptre, Annab^lla. A Lady. An
English writer; third daughter of the Rev.
Dr. Robert Plumptre, who was for 28
years president of Queen's Coll., Cam-

Plumptre, Miss Anne. Miss p**»»**«_
An English writer ; sister of the preced-
ing; second daughter of Dr. Plumptre.

Plumptre, John, D.D. A Clergyman
of the Church of England. An English
divine; Dean of Gloucester, Canon of
Worcester, and sometime Fellow of
King's Coll., Cambridge.

Poe, Edgar Allan, 1809-49. A
Bostonian ; Arthur Gordon Pym ; Hans
Pfaal; Quarles. An eccentric American
poet and prose writer; b. in Boston;
educ. in London, in Virginia, and at
West Point; was a journalist at Rich-
mond, Va., in New York City, and in
Philadelphia ; d. in Baltimore.

Poilow de Saint-Mars, Gabrielle
Anne (de Cisternes de Coutlras),
JMarquise de, 1805-. Jacques lieynaud ;

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