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la comtesse Dash. A French writer; b.
in Paris ; was driven by her misfortunes
to devote herself to literary labor.

Poinsett, Joel Roberts, LL.D., 1779-
1851. A Citizen of the United States. An
American statesman; b. at Charleston,
S.C. ; educ. in Connecticut, at Edinburgh,
and at Woolwich; travelled in Europe
and Asia, 1801-9; M.C., 1821-25; U.S.
Secretary of War, 1837-41 ; d. at States-
burg, S.C.

Poinsot, Antoine Edmond, 1834-.

Georges d'Heilly. A French bibliogra-
pher, of Paris, of the day,

Pole, Thomas, M.D., 1753-1829. A
Friend to Education, etc. An English
Friend, of Bristol ; a minister 66 years.

Pole, Prof. William, Mus. D., F.R.S.,
F.R.S.E., 1814-. Prof P. An English
civil engineer; b. at Birmingham; pro-
fessor at the Univ. Coll., London, 1859-
67 ; the author of a scientific work on
whist, and a contributor to the " Quar-
terly Review " ; in 1875 resident in West-

Polglase, Ann Eaton, 1803-65.
A. E. P. An English Friend, of Bristol;
b. at Helston ; in 1842 married William
Moore ; d. at Bristol.

Polidori, Dr. Louis Eustache,
-1830. Lord Byron. An Italian physi-
cian ; b. at Bientina, near Pisa ; Profes-
sor of Physiology at Florence, 1825-30.

Political Tatler. Supposed editor,
Joshua Standfast.

Polk, Josiah F. Akroates. An Amer-
ican writer.

Pollard, Edward Alfred, 1838-72.
A Distinguished Southern Journalist ; The
Southern Spy. An American journalist
and miscellaneous writer, of Richmond,
Va. ; b. in Nelson Co., Va. ; educ. at the
Univ. of Va., and at William and Mary
Coll. ; editor of the " Richmond Exam-
iner," 1861-65, and of the "Southern
Opinion," 1867-69.

Pollock, Rev. John. A Well-wisher
of the Good-old-icay. A Scottish minister
of the first part of the 18th century.

Pollock, Rev. John. A Member of the
Church of Scotland. A Scottish minister
of the last part of the 18th century.

Polwhele, Rev. Richard, 1760-1838.
P.; P. P.; Eusebius Exoniensis ; A Country
Gentleman ; An Undergraduate; A Young
Gentleman of Truro School. An English
poet and clergyman; b. and d. at Truro;
Vicar of Newlyn East, 1821-38.

Pomeroy, Mark M., 1833-. Brick
Pomeroy. An American journalist, of
New York City ; late editor of the
"La Crosse (Wisconsin) Democrat."

Pomfret, John, about 1667-1703. A
Person of Quality. An English poet.

Pond, Frederick Eugene, 1856-.
Red Wing; Will Wildwood. An Ameri-
can journalist.

Pond, George E. Philip Quillibet.

Poniatowski, Jozef Anton, Prince,
1762-1813. The Polish Bayard. A Pol-
ish general and marshal, of France.

Ponsonby, iliss Sarah. Zara. — See
"Butler, Lady Eleanor."

Ponsonbj', Hon. Frederick George




Brabazon, 1815-. Richard Roe. An
English lawyer and dramatist ; b. in Lon-
don; Trin. Coll., Cambridge, M.A., 1837;
called to the Bar, 1840; and given the
Midland Circuit.

Ponsonby, Hon. Spencer Cecil Bra-
bazon, 1824-. Bolton Row. An English
writer; son of the 4th Earl of Besbor-
ough ; private secretary to Lord Palmer-
ston, and in 1853, to Lord Clarendon.

Pontes, Mme de (Phillips). The

Translator of the Niebelungen Treasure.
An English poet and dramatist; previ-
ously Miss Phillips.

Pool, Maria L. Catharine Eamshaio.
An Amei'ican writer of the day.

Poole, Ricliard, M.D. An Aged Lay-
man. A Scottish physician of the 19th

Poole, Mrs. Sophia (Liane). A Con-
sul's Daughter and Wife ; The English-
looman; His Sister. An English writer;
sister of Edward William Lane ; and wife
of Stanley Poole.

Poole, William Frederick, A.M.,
1821-. P. ; Philorthos. An eminent Amer-
ican bibliographer ; b. in Salem, Mass. ;
Yale Coll., 1849 ; librarian of the Chicago
Public Library from 1873.

Pooley, . A Gentleman of the

Middle Temple. An English barrister, of
great eminence in his time.

Poore, Benjamin Perley, 1820-. Pe?-
ley ; The Major; Raconteur. An Ameri-
can editor and journalist ; b. in Newbury,
Mass. ; chiefly at Washington from 1854.

Pope, Alexander, 1688-1744. A.;
Esdras Barnivelt, Apoth.; Dick Distich;
An Eminent Hand; An Eye -Witness; Hfr.
Joseph Gay ; Gnatho ; M. ; ifartinus Scrib-
lerus ; Dob Short. A celebrated English
poet ; b. in London ; d. at Chiswick.

Popham, Eev. Vyvyan Wallis, M. A.,
1833-. V. W. P. An English clergyman
and composer; b. at Antron, near Hel-
ston; Exeter Coll., 1853; Curate of Illo-
gan, 1863-79 ; afterwards resident at
Windsor-terrace, Bedford.

Popplewell, Thomas, -1790. Old
Pop. An English singer, of London.

Porson, Richard, D.D., 1759-1808.
Cantabrigiensis ; J. N. Dawes ; Sundry
Whereof An English Greek scholar and
critic; b. at East Euston, in Norfolk,
Regius Professor of Greek in the Univ.
of Cambridge, 1790 ; Head Librarian of
the London Institution, 1806-8; d. at his
rooms in the Old Jewry.

Porteous, Eev. . A Minister of

the Church of Scotland. A Scottish min-
ister of the last part of the 18th century.
Porter, Mrs. Anne Emerson, 1816-.

Uncle Jerry. An American writer ; b. at
Newburyport, Mass. ; wife of Charles E.
Porter, Springfield, Vt.

Porter, David, 1780-1843. An Amer-
ican long Resident at Constantinople. An
American naval officer; b. in Boston;
served in the navy with great distinction
from 1798 to 1826; Charge' d'Affairs to
Turkey, 1830 ; and afterwards Minister till
his death at Pera, near Constantinople.

Porter, Miss Jane, 1776-1850. J. P.;
An Englishwoman. An English writer;
b. at Durham; resided some years in
London; then in Esher, and still later
with her brother. Dr. W. 0. Porter, at
Bristol, where she died.

Porter, Sir Robert Ker, Knt.,K.C.H.,
1780-1842. An. Ojficer. An English art-
ist and traveller; brother of Anna Maria
and Jane Porter ; b. at Durham ; d. at
St. Petersburg.

Porter, Mrs. Robert P. Cress; A
Detective's Daughter. An American writer
of the day.

Porter, WiUiam Trotter, 1806-58.
York's Tall Son. An American sporting
journalist, of New York City; b. at New-
bury, Vt. ; founded " Porter's Spirit of
the Times," and conducted it till his
death in New York City.

Portland, William Henry Caven-
dish Bentinck, Duke of, 1738-1809. A
Late Prime Minister. An English states-

Portsmouth, Henry, 1703-80. Cath-
olicus; Philalethes. An English Eriend,
of Basingstoke, Hants., where he died.

Post, Mrs. Lydia (Minturn). Syd-
ney Barclay. An American writer of the

Post, Sarah L. Rosa Graham. An
American writer of the day.

Postel, Karl, 1793-1864. Charles
Sealsfield. A German novelist; resided
many years in the United States, and
associate editor of the "Courrier des

Postlethwayt, James, Esq., F.E.S.,
1688-1758. J. P., Esq., F.R.S. An
English statistical and financial writer.

Postlethwayt, Malachy, about 1707-
67. A British Merchant. An English
writer on trade and commerce.

Potocki, Count L6on. L. P. A
Polish writer.

Pott, Rev. Joseph Holden, M.A.,
1759-1847. Valentine. An English cler-
gyman; b. in London; Archdeacon of
London, 1814-42; Chancellor of the
Cathedral Church of Exeter, 1826-47 ; d.
at his house in Woburn-place, London.

Potter, Albert Knight, D.D. Six.




An American Bapt. clergyman ; b. in
Coventry, R.I. ; Brown Univ., 1859; pas-
tor at Springfield, Mass., 1864-81 et secj.

Potter, Elisha Reynolds, 1811-82.
A Landholder. An American writer ; b.
in S. Kingston, R.I. ; Harv. Univ., 1830 ;
M.C., 1843-45; d. in his native town.

Potter, Rev. Robert, 1721-1804.
Mr. P. An eminent English classical
scholar; educ. at Emmanuel Coll., Cam-
bridge; Prebendary of Norwich, 1788;
and Vicar of Lowestoft and Kessingland,

Potter, Woodbourne. A Late Staff
Officer. An American soldier; b. in
Pennsylvania; appointed from that
State; second lieutenant 7th Infantry,
1837 ; resigned, 1839.

Pottinger, J. An American.

Potts, Liaurence Holkar, M.D., 1789-
1850. ^sculapius. An English physi-
cian ; b. and d. in London ; inventor of
the hydraulic pile-driver patent, etc.

Potts, Stacy Gardner, 1800-65.
Oliver Oakwood. An American lawyer;
b. at Harrisburg, Penn. ; admitted to the
Bar, 1827 ; Judge of the New Jersey Su-
preme Court, 1852-59; d. at Trenton, N.J.

Potvin, Charles, 1818-. Dom Ja-
cobus; Dom Liber. A Belgian poet and
literary historian ; b. at Mons ; studied
at Lowen, and then became Professor of
the National Literature at the public
lectures of the City of Brussels ; in 1869,
he founded the "Revue de Belgique."

Potwln, Mrs. H. K. H. K. P. An
American writer of the day, for the

Pouclikine, Alexandre Sergeie-
vitcli, 1799-1837. Ivan Belkine. A cel-
ebrated Russian poet, of Moscow, after
the accession of Nicholas.

Poulet-3Ialassis, Auguste Paul,
-1878. Paul Bouillon. A French politi-
cal writer.

Poutre, Felix. Cii prisonnier d'etat.
A Canadian writer.

Po^well, Thomas, 1809-. Pierce Pun-
gent ; Grandfather Whitehead. An Eng-
lish-American journalist; b. in London;
came to New York City in 1849, and has
been engaged there since in editing sev-
eral journals.

Powell, Thomas. T. de Monmouth.
An English writer of the last century.

Power, Dr. , D.D. Fidelis. An

Irish clergyman ; Bishop of Waterford.

Power, Miss Marguerite A. Hono-
ria; Honoria N. An Englisli novelist;
niece of the Countess of Blessington.

Pow^er, Richard. A Barrister. An
Irish lawyer ; Baron of Exchequer.

PoAver, Samuel Brow^ning. S. B. P.

An English writer for the young.
Power, Mrs. Susan C (Dunning).

Shirley Dare. An American writer of
the day.

Pow^ers, Miss S. Rugeley. S. B. P.
An English writer of the day ; secretary
to the Ladies' National Association for
the DifEusion of Sanitary Knowledge,

Pow^nall, Henry. H. P. ; An Inhab-
itant. An English author, of Epsom, in

Pownall, Thomas, 1722-1805. A
King's Friend. An English statesman ;;
b. in Lincoln ; Governor of Massachu-
setts, 1757-60; from 1780 spent his life
in retirement and in antiquarian studies ;
d. at Bath.

Poyas, Mrs. E. A. The Octorjenarian
Ladij of Charleston, 8. C.

Poynder, John, Esq., 1779-1849. A
Layman. An English writer; for many
years one of the proprietors of the East
India House; d. at South Lambeth.

Poyser, Thomas, Esq., F.R.C.S.,
1790-1860. T. P. An English physi-
cian; for nearly 50 years the leading
practitioner in Wirksworth and its dis-
trict; gave Miss Nightingale her first
hints in nursing and medicine; d. at
Wirksworth, County Derby.

Praed, Winthrop MackTvorth,
1802-39. Peregrine Gourte^iay ; Vyvian
Joyeuse. A brilliant English poet and
classical scholar ; b. and d. in London;
educ. at Eton and Trin. Coll., Cam-
bridge ; called to the Bar, 1829 ; M.P.,
1830-31 and 1835.

Prantner, Ferdinand, 1817-71. Leo
Wolfram. A German author ; b. at Vi-
enna and d. there.

Pratt, Anna A. Say Putnam. An
American writer of the day, for the

Pratt, Mrs. Ella (Farnam). Doro-
thea Alice Shepherd. An American writer
of the day ; b. in New York.

Pratt, li. Maria. L. L. ; Laura Lor-
ing. An American writer of the day, for
the young.

Pratt, Samuel Jackson, 1749-1814.
Courtney Melmoth. An English writer;
b. at St. Ives, in Huntingdonshire; d. at
Birmingham ; he was for a time an actor
and then a bookseller at Bath.

Preble, George Henry, 1816-85. El-
berp. An eminent American naval offi-
cer, 1835-78; b. in Portland, Me. ; d. at
his home at Cottage Farm, Brooklino,

Prentice, George Denison, 1802-7U.




II Penseroso. An American journalist;
b. at Preston, Conn. ; Brown Univ., 1823 ;
admitted to tlie Bar, 1829; editor of the
"Louisville (Ky.) Journal," 1830-70 ; d.
at Louisville.

Prentiss, Mrs. Elizabeth (Payson),
1823-78, Aunt Susan. An American
writer for children ; daughter of the Rev.
Dr. Ed. Payson, of Portland, Me., and
wife of the Rev. Dr. G. L. Prentiss, of
Union Theol. Sem. ; d. at Dorset, Vt.

Prescott, Eev. Benjamin, 1687-1777.
Philopolities. An American Cong, minis-
ter, of Danvers, Mass., 1713-56; Harv.
Univ., 1709.

Prescott, Kenrick. K. P. An Eng-
lish scholar of the 18th century.

Prest, Thomas Prescott. Angelina.
An English ( 1 ) dramatist.

Prevost, Ven. Sir George, 2d Bart.,
1804-. F. ; Contributor to the Tracts for
the Times. An eminent English clergy-
man; Archdeacon of Gloucester, 1865-
81 ; Vicar of Stinchcombe, Dursley, 1834-
83 et seq.

Price, Chace. A Welch Member of

Price, Emanuel. Peter Peppercorn.
An American poet of the day.

Price, James F. An American. An
American writer.

Price, James H. A Virginian. An
American po^t.

Price, Joseph. Pecos Jepplii. An
English writer.

Price, Capt. Joseph. A Free Merchant
in Bengal.

Price, Eev. Thomas, 1788-1848.
Carnhuanaive. A "Welsh minister; b.
in Brecknockshire ; Vicar of Cwmdu,
1825-48 ; d. at the vicarage house of that
parish, near Crickhowell, Co. of Brecon.

Prichard, J. V. J. V. P. An

Shakespearian scholar.

Priestley, Joseph, LL.D., E.E.S.,
1733-1804. A Lover of the Gospel; A
Lover of Peace and Truth; A Patriot. An
English chemist, philosopher, and theo-
logian; b. at Fieldhead, Birstall, Yorks.;
resided in the United States from 1794.

Prime, Benjamin Young, M.D.,
1733-91. An American; An American
Gentleman. An American poet; b. in
Huntingdon, Long Island ; New Jersey
Coll., 1751; wrote many Eevolutionary
songs and ballads, which circulated
widely during the war.

Prime, Eev. EdTvard Dorr Griffin,
1814-. Eusebius. An American clergy-
man, journalist, and traveller; b. at Cam-
bridge, N.Y.; Union Coll., 1832; journal-
ist in New York City.

Prime, Samuel Irenseus, LL.D.,
D.D., 1812-85. Irenceus. An eminent
American clergyman and journalist; b.
at Ballston, N.Y. ; Wms. Coll., 1829 ; of
New York City from 1840 ; d. at Man-
chester, Vt.

Prime, WiUiam Cowper, 1825-. W.
An American lawyer and journalist; b.
at Cambridge, N.Y. ; New Jersey Coll.,
1843 ; editor and one of the proprietors
of the New York "Journal of Com-
merce " from 1861.

Pring, Rev. John, B.A., 1777-1855. A
Supernumerary. An English clergyman.

Pringle, Edward J. E. J. P.; A

Prinsep, John, Esq. Gurreh Doos ;
A Planter and Distiller in Bengal.

Proby, John. King Porus. An Eng-
lish reporter of a very eccentric charac-
ter; was always in a perspiration (wliich
earned him the name of " King Porus "
from George Colman); he reported the
Parliamentary debates entirely from
memory, and without making a single
note. He d. in the Lambeth work-

Procter, Miss Adelaide Anne, 1835-
04. ]}iliss Mary Berwick. An English
poet; "the golden tressed Adelaide,"
daughter of the following ; b. and d. in

Procter, Bryan Waller, 1787-1874.
P.; Barry Cornwall; James Jessamine;
X. X. X. ; X. Y. Z. An eminent Eng-
lish poet; b. and d. in London; educ. at
Harrow; was called to the Bar at Gray's
Inn in 1831 • and from that time steadily
practised his profession.

Proctor, Col. George. Humphrey
Ravelin, Esq. An English officer of the
Eoyal Military Coll., Sandhurst.

Proctor, John. Puck. An English
caricaturist of the day.

Proctor, John J., 1833-. A Ragged
Philosopher. A Canadian poet and prose
writer ; for some time a teacher at Len-
noxville, L.C.

Prosser, Col. G. W. Z. An English

Proud, Eev. Joseph. Philo. An
English minister, of York Street Chapel,
St. James's Square, London; he was at
first a mechanic, but became a Sweden-
borgian minister, and gathered a congre-
gation at Bristol, but afterwards removed
to London.

Proudfit, David Ti. Peleg Arhwright.
An American poet and journalist.

Prouting, Frederic J., 1859-. Ar-
gus; Vandyke Broicn ; Verite sans Peur.
An English writer.




Prower, — — . Emeritus. An English

Prudhomnae, Louis Marie, 1752-
1830. L. M. B., Armateiir. A French
revolutionist; b. at Lyons; issued an
ultra republican journal in Paris, in 1789.

Pudsey, William. W. P — y. An
English writer, of the first part of the
18th century.

Piickler-Muskau, Fiirst Herrnann
Ludwig Heinrich von, 1785-1871. A
German Prince ; Semilasso. A German
author ; b. at Muskau, in Silesian Prus-
sia ; studied law at Leipsic ; travelled
extensively, and d. at Kranitz, near Kott-

Pugh, Edward, -1814. A Native
Artist. An English miniature painter;
practised in London; exhibited at the
Eoyal Academy, 1793-1806 ; d. at Ruth-
in, North Wales.

Pugh, Edward. David Hughson,
LL.D. An English writer, early in the
19th century.

Pugh, IMrs. Eliza Liofton (Phillips).
Arria. An American " Southland "
writer, of Louisiana.

PuUen, Charles Henry. Cosmopoli-
tan. An English writer of the day.

Pullen, Rev. Henry William, M.A.
Canon. An English clergyman; Clare
Coll., Cambridge, 1859 ; chaplain of H.
M. S. " Alert " in the Arctic expedition,

Pulman, George P. K. John Trot-
andot; Piscator. An English sporting
writer of the day.

Pulsifer, David. R. L. Midgley.
An American antiquary, of Boston; b.
in Ipswich, Mass.

Pulteuey, Wmiam, Earl of Bath,
1682-1764. A Freeholder; A Member of
Parliament; Will Worthij. An English
peer; was at first a Whig and personal
friend of Walpole, but from 1725 to
1742, one of his most bitter opponents ;
assisted Bolingbroke in the " Craftsman."

Purdy, Alderman. The War-Horse.

Purnell, Thomas. Q. An English
antiquary and journalist, of London; on

the staff of the "Globe"; secretary to
the Archaeological Institute, London.

Purple, Edwin R., 1831-79. Neajie.

Purton, Rev. William, M.A. X. Y.
Z. An English clergyman; Trin. Coll.,
Oxford, 1855; Vicar of St. Clement,
Bournemouth, 1880-83 et seq.

Puseley, Daniel, -1882. D. P.; Frank
Foster. An English traveller and writer.

Pusey, Edward Bouverie, D.D.,
1800-. C. ; Contributors to the Tracts for
the Times. An eminent English clergy-
man and theologian ; Christ Church, Ox-
ford, 1822 ; Regius Professor of Hebrew,
at Oxford, 1828-80 et seq., with Canonry
of Christ Church annexed.

Pusey, Pennock. The Assistant Sec-
retary of State. An American writer, of

Putnam, Mrs. Ellen T. H. Thrace
Talmon. An American \vriter of the day,

Putnam, Mrs. Mary (Lowell),
1810-. Edward Colvil. An American
Avriter of distinction ; b. in Boston ; sis-
ter of James Russell Lowell, and wife of
Samuel R. Putnam, a merchant of Boston,

Putnam, Mrs. SaUie A. (Brock).
A Lady ; Virginia Madison ; A Riclmiond
Lady. An American poet and novelist ;
from 1870, of New York City; b. at
Madison Court House, Va. ; in 1858 re-
moved to Richmond.

Putney, Henry M. Snoggins. An
American journalist, of Manchester,
N.H. ; 1860-70, correspondent of the
Manchester "Mirror"; and now (1885)
on the editorial staff of that paper.

Pycroft, Rev. James, 1813-. J. P. ;
**** *** ***. An English clergyman and
miscellaneous writer ; B.A., Oxford, 1836 ;
in 1880 resident at Gloucester Gardens,
Hyde Park, London.

Pyle, Rev. Philip, -1799. Philip. An
English clergyman ; Rector of Castle Ris-
ing and Lynn St. Edmund, Norfolk, Nor-

Pyne, William Henry, Esq., 1770-
1843. Ephraim Hardcastle. An English
painter and miscellaneous writer; b.,
lived, and d. in London.


Quanten, Emll von, 1827-. Sdrkilax.
A Finnish poet ; b. at Bjorneborg; settled
in Sweden; and was librarian of King
Charles XV., 1864-72.

Quanten, Fran Emil von. Tiirdus :

Merula. A Finnish translator; wife of
the preceding.

Quarll, Philip. An Englishman. An
old English writer.

Querard, Joseph Marie, 1797-1865.




}tarie Jozon d'Erquar. A French bibli-
ographer, of Paris ; b. in Rennes ; d. in

Quevedo, Walter C. Odds and Ends.
An American journalist, of New York

Quincey, Thomas. T Q .

An English writer ; father of Thomas de

Quiucy, Edmund, A.M., 1808-77.
Bijles. An American scholar and writer ;
b. in Boston; Harv. Univ., 1827; lived
and d. in Dedham, Mass.

Quincy, Josiah, Jr., 1744-75. Ed-
ward Sexhy ; Calisthenes ; Marchmont
Needham; An Old Man. An eminent

American lawyer and patriot, of Bos-

Quincy, Samuel Miller, 1833-. A
High Private. An American lawyer and
journalist; b. in Boston; Harv. Univ.,
1852 ; served in the civil war, 1861-65 ;
for several years one of the editors of
the " Monthly Law Reporter," Boston.

Quivogne-Cliartrouse, Marie Emi-
lie, 1850-. MarcdeMontlfaud. A French
author ; b. at Paris ; married at an early
age the Spanish Count Quivogne, who
became a bookseller, and his business
was devoted almost entirely to the sale
of the works of his wife, whose first book
was published when she was 13 years old.


Raabe, Wilhelm, 1831-. Jakob Cor-
vinus. A German humorous writer; b.
at Eschershausen in Brunswick; has
taught philosophy at the University of
Berlin for a time from 1855 ; since 1870
has resided in Brunswick.

Rack, Edmund, 1735-87. Eusebius ;
A Friend to True Libertij. An English
Friend ; b. in Attleborough, Norfolk ; be-
came a linen-draper at Bardfield, Essex ;
about 1775 removed to Bath, where he

Radcliffe, Alida G. A. G. E. An
American (?) hj^mn writer.

Rae, William. A Probationer of the
Church of Scotland.

Raffles, Thomas, D.D., LL.D., 1788-
1863. A Doctor of Diviniti/, but not of Ox-
ford ; Three Friends. An English Dis-
senter ; b. in Spitalfields ; pastor of the
Cong. Church at Hammersmith, 1808-11 ;
and of the Great George Street Chapel,
Liverpool, 1811-61; d. at Edge-Hill,

Raine, Rev. Matthew, 1760-1810.
«-«**_ _^n English clergyman ; Fellow
of Trin. Coll., Cambridge, 1783 ; school-
master of the Charter House, 1791 ;
Preacher of Gray's Inn, 1809; Rector of
Little Hallingbury, Essex, 1810.

Raisson, Horace Napoleon, 1798-
1854. A. B. Pe'rigord. A French man
of letters ; b. in Paris ; was in the office
of the ministry of finance, 1818-22 ; then
devoted himself to literature.

Raithhy, John, Esq. A Member of
Lincoln's Inn. An English law writer ;
originally a law-stationer of Chancery
L;ine, London.

Raleigh, Walter S. W. S. R. An

American (1) writer of the day.

Ralph, James, -1762. A Gentleman
of the Middle Temple ; An Impartial In-
quirer ; Lilburne; A Lover of Truth and
Liberty ; A Primcoch ; A Woman of Qual-
ity. An English political journalist and
pamphleteer, dramatist, poet, and histo-
rian ; probably b. in Philadelphia ; in
1724 went to London with Benjamin
Franklin ; d. at Chiswick.

Ralph, Julian E. The German Barber.
An American j ournalist, of New York City.

Ralphs, . Issacltar Barebone. An

English journalist, of London, of the
18th century. Probably James Ralph.

Ralston, Thomas N., D.D. Eureka.
An American clergyman.

Ram, Rev. Stopford James, M.A.
Ruth Vernon. An English clergyman ;
St. John's Coll., Cambridge, 1849 ; Vicar
of Christ Church, Battersea, 1877-80 et

Ramsay, . R. An English libra-
rian, of London Librar^^, Ludgate Street,
long since extinct.

Ramsay, Allan, 1685-1758. Quod Ar.
Scot. A Scottish poet; b. at Leadhills,
Lanarkshire; was first a wig-maker; then
a bookseller at Edinburgh.

Ramsay, Allan, Jr., 1713-84. Bri-
tannicus ; Marcellus ; Steady-; Zero. A
Scottish portrait painter; b. at Edin-
burgh ; son of the poet ; settled first in
Edinburgh, then in London ; " the son of
the poet was a man of literature as well
as genius"; d. at Dover.

Ramsay, D. Hortensius.

Ramsay, James. A Gentleman. A




Scottish writer, of Eyemouth, Co. of
Berwick; of the first part of the 18th

Ramsay, Rev. James. A Member of
the Duddingston Curlmg Society. A Scot-
tish minister.

Kamsden, F. E. Kalula. An Amer-
ican journalist.

Kand, C. H. Mabel Hdzelton. An
American (1 ) novelist of the day.

Rand, Olive. 0. E. An American
author and journalist; now (1885) on the
editorial staff of the Manchester (N.H.)
^' Mirror."

Randall, J. R. J. R. R. An Ameri-
can poet, of Maryland.

Randies, E., 1760-1820. The Lyr-
ist. An English organist; a pupil of
the celebrated Parry, harper to Sir W.
W. Wynn ; d. at Wrexham.

Randolph, Paschal Beverley, M.D.,
1825-. Griffin Lee; A Rosicrucian. An
American editor and novelist, of Boston
and New York City ; b. in the latter.

Rands, William Brighty, 1827-82.
Henry Holbeach ; Matthew Browne ; Timon
Fieldmouse. An English miscellaneous
writer, of London.

Ranken, Major George, 1838-55. A
Soldier ; AT., Author of Nothing, and prop-
erly represented by the above Unhiown
Quantity. An English officer of the
Royal Engineers ; killed at Sebastopol,
while leading an assault party on the

Rankin, Fannie W. F. W. R. An
American (■?) novelist of the day.

Ranking, B. Montgomerie. M. B.
An English poet of the day.

Ranyard, Mrs. Ellen, -1880. L. N.
a. An English writer, of London ; editor
of the " Missing Link Magazine."

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