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mouth Coll., 1819; AndoverTheol. Sem.,
1823 ; minister of the First Church in Ab-
ington, Mass., where he died.

Shee, Sir Martin Archer, Ivnt.,
D.C.L., 1769-1850. ^1 Painter. An
eminent Irish artist ; b. in Dublin ;
President of the Roj'al Academy, 1830 ;
d. at Brighton.

Sheehan, John, 1831-. The Irish
Whiskey Drinker ; The Knight of Iiinish-
owen. An Irish barrister and poet, and
a member of the English Bar (Home Cir-
cuit) ; for some years he settled down in
his native country, — in the romantic
county of Wicklow, — and lived in lit-
erary ease, but has since resumed his
pen. See "Notes and Queries," May,
1868, p. 514.

Shelburne, William Petty, Earl of,
1737-1805. L—d Sh—lb—ne. An Eng-
lish statesman ; a political friend of the
Earl of Chatham ; Prime Minister of
England, 1782-83 ; a liberal patron of
learned men, and had one of the finest
libraries in the kingdom.

SheUey, Percy Bysshe, 1792-1822.
S. ; .John Fitzvictor ; A Gentleman of Ox-
ford ; The Hermit of Marlow ; M// Aunt
Margaret Nicholson ; The Poet of Poets ;
Victor. An eminent English poet ; b. at
Field Place, Sussex ; educ. at Eton and
Oxford, but did not graduate ; resided in
Italy, near Leghorn ; he was drowned in
the Gulf of Lerici.

SheUman, Harry J., 1843-. Puflb
Smoko. An American journalist, of
Indianapolis, Ind.

Shelton, Rev. Frederick William,
LL.D., 1814-81. Nil Admirari, Esq. An
American P. E. clergyman ; b. at Jamai-
ca, L.I. ; New Jersey Coll., 1834 ; from
1854, at Montpelier, Vt. ; in 1874 et seq.,
at Carthage Landing, N.Y.

Shelton, Mrs. Julia (Finley). Laura
Lorrimer, An American " Southland "




poet; b. on the Cumberland Eiver,
Tenn. ; in 1855, married Mr. J. A. Sliel-
ton, of Bellefonte, Ala.

Shepard, Mrs. Hannah (McIJaren),
1830-. Scotch Granite. An American
writer of the day.

Shepard, Nathan. Keij-Note. An
American journalist, of New York City.

Shepherd, Jacob R. Richmond.

Shepherd, Richard Heme. R. H. S.
An English poet ; minister of Eanelagh
Chapel, Chelsea.

Shepherd, Mrs. Sophy Winthrop
(Weitzel). Soph if Winthrop. An Amer-
ican writer of the day.

Sheppard, Elizabeth Sara, 1830-
62. Elizabeth Berger ; MmeKinkel; Be-
atrice Reijnolds. An English novelist ;
daughter of a clergyman, of Blackheath ;
d. at Brixton.

Sheppard, George, about 1820-.
Caleb Will-ins. An English and Cana-
dian journalist; in 1867, resided in New

Sheppard, Sarah. S. S. An English

Sherer, J. A Gold-Digger. An Eng-
lish writer.

Sheridan, Miss Caroline. — See
"Maxwell, Mrs. C. (S.)."

Sheridan, Richard Brinsley But-
ler, 1751-1816. The Most Artful Man
Alive. An eminent Irish orator, states-
man, and dramatic poet ; b. in Dublin ;
d. in London.

Sheridan, Thomas. Tom Sparkle.
An English civilian ; son of Richard
Brinsley Sheridan ; d. in 1817, at the
Cape of Good Hope, where he was colo-
nial paymaster.

Sherloclt, Martin. An English Trav-
eller; Un Voi/ageur Anglais. An Irish
divine ; chaplain to the Earl of Bristol.

Sherlock, W. Photius, junior. An
Irish lawyer, of Dublin.

Sherwood, Hon. Henry. A Citizen.
A Canadian legislator; M.P., 1843-54,
and successively, solicitor, and Attorney-

Sherwood, John D., 1818-. Harry
Scratchley. An American lawyer; b. at
rishkill,'N.Y.; Yale Coll., 1839; admit-
ted to the Bar, 1845; and has practised
his profession in New York City.

Sherwood, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth
(Wilson). M. E. W. S. An American
novelist and writer of the day for " Ap-
pleton's Journal " and other magazines.

Sherwood, Mrs. Mary (Neal). John
Stirling. An American (?) writer of the

Sherwood, Reuben, D.D., -1856.

Phllalethes. An American clergyman, of
the P. E. Church; Yale Coll., 1813.

Shewell, John Talwln, 1782-1866.
/. T. S. An English Friend, of Ipswich;
b. in London ; was a minister ; d. at his
residence, Rushmere, near Ipswich.

Shields, G. O. Coquina. An Ameri-
can sporting writer.

Shields, Mrs. S. A. S. Annie Frost.

Shillaber, Benjamin Penhallow,
1814-. lUrs. Partington ; Ruth Parting-
ton ; She P. Billaber. An eminent Amer-
ican humorist and journalist, of Boston;
b. at Portsmouth, N.H., and learned the
trade of a printer in Dover, N.H.

ShiUitoe, Thomas, about 1754-1836.
T. S. An English Friend, of London;
last of Tottenham ; a minister for more
than 50 years.

Shinn, Earl. Edward Strahan. An
American (1) writer of the day.

Shipley, William Davies. A Mem-
ber of the Society for Constitutional Infor-
mation. An English writer; Dean of St.

Shippen, William, 1672-1743. An
English statesman ; successively M.P
for Bramber, Saltash, and Newton.

Shipton, Anna. A. S. An English
writer of the day, of hymns and devo-
tional books.

Shirra, James. A Member of the
Guildry. A Scottish writer of the day.

Shirra, Robert, 1724-1803. A Protes-
tant. A Scottish clergyman; minister of
Linktown, Kirkcaldy.

Shittler, Rev. Robert. A Clergyman
of tlm Church of England. An English
divine ; Vicar of Alton Pancras, Dorset,
1842-60 et seq.

Shore, A. and IJouisa. A. and L.
English poets.

Shore, Rt. Hon. John, 1st Lord, 1752-
1834. A Late Resident of Bengal. A
British colonial civilian; b. in Devon-
shire; went early to India; Governor-
General of India, 1793-98 ; d. in London.

Short, Charles William. C. W. S.
An English officer of the Coldstream

Short, Miss Mary Asenath, 1833-.
Fanny True ; Cultivator Mary. An
American poet; b. at HaA-erhill, Mass. ;
in 1860 of Plymouth, Richland Co., 0.

Shorter, Thomas. Thomas Brevior.
An English poet ; secretary of the "Work-
ing-Men's College, London (?).

Shorthouse, J. Henry. Geoffrey
Monk, M.A. An English writer of the

Shortrede, Andre^w. Lieut. Abel
Knockdunder, H.P. A Scottish writer




Shuckburgh, Charles. A Gentleman
of Gloucestershire. An English writer of
the 18th century.

Shurtleff, Nathaniel Bradstreet,

M.D., -1874. N. B. S. An American
literary antiquary ; b. in Boston; Harv.
Univ., 1831; Harv. Med. School, 1834;
practised in Boston ; Maj'or of Boston,
1868-70; d. in that city.

Shute, Kev. Hardwick, M.A. One
ivho Knoivs it. An English clergyman;
Pembroke Coll., Oxford, 183G ; in 1883
resident at Lilian Villa, Queen's Eoad,
Teddington, Middlesex.

Sibbald, Sir Robert, M.D., -about

1712. Sir B .S" . An English

naturalist and antiquary ; cduc. at Edin-
burgh and at Leyden ; resided chiefly in
Edinburgh, and d. there.

Sibley, Henry Hastings, 1811-. Hal
a Dacotah ; The Walker in the Pines. An
American officer; major 1st Dragoons,
May 13, 1861 ; resigned. May 13, 1861,
and entered the Confederate service.

Sidey, James A. F. Crucelli. A
Scottish (?) humorist of the day.

Sidmouth, Henry Addington, Vis-
count, 1757-1844. Lord S. An English
nobleman ; b. in London, and d. at the
White Lodge, Richmond Park.

Sidney, Li. Densyli. An English
Unit, writer.

Sidney, Samuel. Emigrant. An
English writer ; for some time a resident
in Australia.

Sigerson, George, M.D. An Ulsterman.
An Irish writer of the day, on Ireland.

Sikes, Mrs. Olive ( Logan), 1841-.
Olive Logan; Chroniqueuse. An Ameri-
can actress and writer of great merit ; b.
in New York State ; wife of W. W.
Sikes, journalist, of New York City.

Sikes, Eev. Thomas, M.A. A Coun-
try Clergi/7nan. An English divine;
Vicar of Gilsborough, Northants. ; M.A.
at Pembroke Coll., Oxford, 1792.

Sill, Richard. Charles Dirrill. An
English Sliakespearian scholar of one
hundred years ago.

Siller, Miss Hilda. Hilda. An
American writer, of Milwaukee, Wis.

Silliman, George Joseph Li. W.

Simcox, George Augustus, M.A. A
Mamhler. An English dramatist ; Fellow
■of Queen's Coll., Oxford.

Simmel, August, 1815-78. August
Schrader. A German novelist; b. at
Wegeleben, near Halberstadt, where he
was educated; about 1842 settled at
Leipsic, where his first work was pub-
lished, and where he died.

Simmonds, . Sir Ferdinando

Fungus, Gent. An English writer, of
Blandford, Dorsetshire.

Simmons, George W., 1815-82. A
Friend to American Enterprise. An Amer-
ican merchant tailor, of Boston ; senior
proprietor of Oak Hall.

Simmons, William Hammatt, A.M.,
1812-41. C.Domal; Lockfast. An Amer-
ican; Harv. Univ., 1831; a brilliant
reader and rhetorician.

Simms, Jeptha Root, 1807-. An
American writer; b. iu Canterbury, Conn.
— See "American Spy, The."

Simms, William Gilmore, LL.D.,
1806-70. A Collegian; Frank Cooper;
Isabel; A Southron. An American writer;
b. and d. at Charleston, S.C. ; admitted
to the Bar, 1827, but did not practise;
about 1833 settled at Woodlands, near

Simon, Emma (Couvely), 1848-.
Emma Vely. A German author; b. at
Braunfels, near Wetzler; in 1871 she
married the bookseller Simon, in Stutt-
gart, and made their house the literary
saloon for all distinguished persons who
came to Stuttgart.

Simond, Louis, 1767-1831. A French
Traveller. Resided and travelled many
years in England and the United States.

Simonds, WiUiam, 1822-59. Walter
Aimwell. An American journalist and
writer of books for the young; b. at
Charlestown, Mass.; editor and proprie-
tor of the " Boston Saturday Rambler,"
1846 ; and connected with the " New
England Farmer."

Simons, Mrs. Liydia Lillybridge.
E. L. An English poet; wife of Mr.
Thomas Simons, of Maulmain(l), East

Simpson, Archibald. Gillespie Mac-
Shinie. A Scottish biographer of one
hundred years ago.

Simpson, Mrs. Jane Cross (Bell),
1811-. Gertrude. A Scottish poet and
hymn-writer, of Edinburgh ; sister of
Henry Glassf ord Bell ; b. in Glasgow ;
author of the hymn, " Go when the morn-
ing shineth."

Simpson, S. S. S. S. S. An Ameri-
can writer for the young.

Simpson, Stephen, 1789-1854. Bru-
tus. An American journalist ; b. and d.
at Philadelphia.

Simpson, Thomas, 1710-61. Hurlo-
thrumho, etc. An eminent English math-
ematician ; b. at Market-Bosworth, Lei-
cestershire ; Professor of Mathematics
in tlie Roj'-al Academy at Woolwich,
174.3-60; d. at Bosworth.




Sims, George Robert, 1847-. Du<jo-
net. An English dramatist, ballad-writer,
and journalist, of London; a principal
contributor to the " Referee," a sj)orting
and dramatic journal, of London; has
recently produced a highly successful
melodrama, "The Romany Rye."

Sinclair, Miss Carrie Bell, 1839-.
Clara. An American " Southland" poet;
h. in Milledgeville, Ga. ; in 1871, residing
in Philadelphia.

Sinclair, James. Siyma. A Scottish
writer of the day.

Sinclair, Sir Jolin, 1st Bart., LL.D.,

1754-1835. Tlie President; ,

Esq., Member of Parliament for the Countij
of . A Scottish agricultural reform-
er ; b. at Thurso Castle, Caithness ; educ.
at Glasgow and Oxford ; admitted to the
Scottish and English Bars, but never
practised; M.P., 1780-1811; shared in
the publication of 367 books and pam-
phlets ; d. in Edinburgh.

Singleton, ilrs. Mary (Montgome-
rie liamb). Violet Fane. An English
poet ; is the Avife of Mr. Henry Single-
ton, an extensive Irish landowner.

Singleton, William. A Late Teacher;
A True Quaker. An English Friend, of
Owlerton, near Sheffield.

Sjoberg, Erik, 179i-lS28. Vitalis.
A Swedish poet; b. in Ljungo, Suder-
niania; educ. at the Univ. of Upsal;
lived and d. in Stockholm.

Sltefflngton, Sir liumley St. George,
Bart., 1771-1850. Sk—ff—inril — n, Esq.
An English dramatist; b. in the parish
of St. Pancras, Middlesex; educ. at
Hackney ; d. in London. — See " Gent.
Mag.," JFebruary, 1851, p. 200.

Skelton, John. Shirley. A Scottish

Skelton, Rev. Philip, 1707-87. An
Old ilan; An Old Officer. An Irish
clergyman; b. near Lisburn; Vicar of
Pinrona, 1766-80 ; d. in Dublin.

Skene, Felicia M. F. F. M. F. S.
An English poet of the day.

Skene, James Henry. A British
Pesident of Ttventij Years in the East. An
English writer.

Skidmore, Harriet M. Marie; Rn-
hamah. An American poet of the

Skidmore, Joseph, Senior. A. B.
An English Priend, of Rickraans worth,
of the first part of the 18th century.

Skillman, Isaac, D.D., 1740-99. A
British Bostonian. An American Baptist
clergyman; b. in New Jersey ; N.J. Coll.,
1766; pastor at Boston, Mass., 1773-90;
at Salem, N.J., 1790-99, where he died.

Skinner, Miss Abby. Aunt Abbie.
An American writer for the young.

Skinner, Charles M., 1852-. Tramp.
An American journalist, of Brooklyn,

Skinner, Rev. George. H. H. Ber-
nard, Ph.D. An English clergyman;
Jesus Coll., Cambridge, 1818 ; Chaplain
of King's Coll., Cambridge.

Skinner, Rev. John, 1744-1816. A
Laiiiiian. A Scottisli Epis. clergyman;
Bishop of Aberdeen, 1788-1816.

Skinner, Dr. Salmon, 1818-81.
Amigo. An American journalist, of New
York City.

Slade, Daniel Denison, M.D., 1823-.
Medicus. An American physician ; b. in
Boston, Mass.; Harv. Univ., 1844; Prof.
of Practical Zoology, 1871-82; resides
at Chestnut Hill.

Slater, George. &. S. An Ameri-
can journalist, of New York City.

Slaughter, jMrs. M. Pleasant Eider-

Sleech, Ven. John, -1788. J. S.,
A.C. An English clergyman; King's
Coll., Cambridge, 1733 ; Archdeacon of
Cornwall, 1741-88 ; d. at Exeter.

Sleeman, Major-General Sir William
Henry, 1788-1856. An Indian Official;
An Officer in the Mil. and Civ. Service of
the Hon. E. I. Co. An eminent English
officer; b. at Stratton; Brit, resident at
Lucknow, Oude, 1849-56; d. at sea,
returning from India.

Sleeper, John Sherburne, 1794-1878.
Haicser Marting<de. An American sea-
man and journalist, of Roxbury, Mass. ;
b. at Tyngsboro; d. at Roxbury.

Sleeper, Walter T. Uncle Walter.
An American writer for the young.

SlideU, Mrs. Edward. C. C. Fraser
Ti/tler. An English writer.

Sliver, W. A. Frederick Marsden.
An American dramatist.

Sloan, James. An American. An
American writer; N.J. Coll., 1805.

Slocum, Mary S. F. Willa West. An
American writer of the day.

Slosson, Annie T. The Youngest
Member. An American writer of the day,
on the fine arts.

Slote, Daniel, 1830-83. Dan. An
American blank-book manufacturer, of
New York City.

Slous, F. It. An Awkward Man. An
English writer.

Small, George G. Bricktop. An
American humorist and journalist, of
New Y'ork City.

Small, Rev". John. ./. S., A Presby-
ter of the Episcopal Church of Scotland,




A Scottish writer of the first part of tlie
18th century.

SmaU, Samuel W., 1851-. Old Si.
An American journalist, of Atlanta, Ga.

Smalley, George W. G. W. S.
An American journalist; London corre-
spondent New York " Tribune."

Smart, Mrs. Anna Maria, 1732-1809.
The Lass with the Gulden Locks. An
English lady, of Reading, Berks.; for
more than 40 years principal proprietor
of the " Beading Mercury and Oxford

Smart, Benjamin, 1756-1833. T.
Ramsneb; B. >§«***,• A Lombard. An
English poet and prose writer, of the
parish of St. James's, Westminster ; bul-
lion merchant and refiner ; d. in London.

Smart, Benjamin Humphrey, about
1785—. Francis Drake, Esq. ; A Follower
of Locke. An English elocutionist;
taught elocution more than 50 years in
London, from 1815, and wrote much upon
grammar, logic, rhetoric, and metaphysics.

Smart, Charles, M.D. Polijivarp Old-
fellow, M.D. An American novelist ; b.
in Scotland ; asst.-surgeon in the late civil
war, 1862-64 ; capt.-asst.-surg., 1866.

Smart, Christopher, 1722-70. Eben-
ezer Penlweazle. An English poet and
translator, of London ; b. at Shii^bourne,
Kent. ; Fellow of Pemberton Hall, Cam-
bridge ; d. in London.

Smedley, Rev. Edward, 1789-1836.
A Churchman ; A Protestant. An English
clergyman ; b. in Westminster ; Preben-
dary of Lincoln, 1829-36 ; d. at Dulwich.

Smedley, Francis Edward, 1819-64.
Frank Farleigh; Francis Phiz; Two
Merrij Men. An English novelist and
journalist, of Beechwood, Great Marlow;
d. at Regent's Park, London.

Smedley, Miss Menella Bute. M.
S. An English poet and prose writer;
sister of the preceding.

Smeeton, George. Guiniad Charfj.
An English sporting writer. — See
" Saunders, James."

Smellie, William, 1740-95. A Jury-
man. A learned and ingenious Scottish
printer and eminent naturalist ; b. in the
Pleasance of Edinburgh ; resided in that
city during his life, and d. there.

Smiles, R. W. B. W. S.: One of their
Own Order. An English writer.

Smiles, Samuel, Jr. A Bo/j. An
English writer.

Smith, . An Eminent Lawyer.

An English lawyer; Fellow of King's
Coll., Cambridge.

Smith, . Publicola. An English

journalist, of London.

Smith, A. W. A. W. 8. An English

Smith, Mrs. Adolphe (Jerrold),

-1882. Corisande. An English writer ;
daughter of Blanchard Jerrold.

Smith, Albert, 1816-60. Jasper Bud-
die. An English humorist ; b. at Chert-
sey ; settled in London, 1841 ; wrote for
several journals; gave public entertain-
ments; d. at Fulham, near London.

Smith, Rev. Alexander Maekay.
A. M. S. An American poet ; Trin.
Coll., Hartford, Conn., 1872.

Smith, Mrs. Caroline L. Aunt Car-
rie. An American writer for the young.

Smith, Mrs. Castle. Brenda. An
English writer for the young.

Smith, Rev. Charles. Ebenezer Tom-
Tit. An English clergyman ; Minor
Canon of Norwich.

Smith, Charles H. Bill Arp ; Dr.
Helle Bore. An American humorist and
Confederate States soldier.

" I'm a good Union man so-called, but I'll bet
on Dixie as long as I've got a dollar." Bill Akp.

Smith, Charles J. The Call-Boy.
An American journalist, of New York

Smith, Charles Manby. A Journey-
man Printer. An English writer.

Smith, Charles William. C. W. S. ;
One who is really an Englishman. An
English professor of elocution, of Lon-

Smith, Charlotte. Kenner Deene.
An English novelist ; later than the fol-

Smith, Mrs. Charlotte (Turner),
1749-1806. A Solitary Wanderer. An
English poet and novelist ; before she
was sixteen, married Mr. Benj. Smith, a
West India merchant, by whom she was
involved in difficulties, with her twelve
children, which it required the diligent
use of her pen to relieve ; d. at Tetf ord,
near Farnham, Surrey.

Smith, Rev. Clement Ogle, M.A. A
Priest of the English Church. An English
clergyman; Corpus Christi Coll., Cam-
bridge, 1858; Rector of Shelf anger. Diss.,
1863-83 et seq. He changed his name to
Rev. C. 0. Blakelock.

Smith, D. E., M.D. A Physician. An
American physician.

Smith, Edward, M.D. A London
Physician. An English writer ; assistant
physician to the Hospital for Consump-
tives, Brompton.

Smith, Elbert H. A Western Tour-
ist. An American poet.

Smith, Eleanor. Heatherbell. An
English writer of the day, of London.




Smith, EU, D.D., 1801-57. Palesli-
nensis. An eminent American mission-
ary and orientalist; b. at Northiord,
Conn.; Yale Coll., 1821; Andover
Theol. Sem., 1826; d. at Beyroot.

Smith, Rev. Elisha, -1739. A Coun-
tri) Clergi/man ; A Corresponding Member
of the Society, etc. An English divine ;
Lecturer of Wisbech, and Rector of Ticl
St. Giles's, in the Isle of Ely, and Cas-
tle Rising, Norfolk.

Smith, Miss Eliza. A Clergyman's
Daughter. An English or Scottish writer.

Smith, Mrs. Eliza A. E. Honey Bee.
An American writer; wife of John
Gregory Smith, formerly Governor of

Smith, Miss Elizabeth, 1776-1806.
A Young Lady lately deceased. An Eng-
lish lady, distinguished for her learning ;
b. at Burnhail, near Durham; taught
herself ten different languages.

Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth Oakes
(Prince), 1806-. Ernest Helfenstein.
An American writer ; b. at Cumber-
land, near Yarmouth, Me. ; wife of Seba
Smith, of Portland, Me.; in 1840 re-
moved to New York City ; in 1876 resi-
dent at Holywood, Carteret Co., N.C.

Smith, Elizabeth S. Elizabeth S.
Chester. An American writer.

Smith, Fannie N. Christabel Gold-

Thus the Library of Congress has it; others,
Jidie P., which see.

Smith, Fanny. Fanny Manetti. An
American writer.

Smith, Mrs. Frances Elizabeth,

1832-. Fanny Fales. An American

Smith, Mrs, Frances Irene (Burge),
1826-. Fan-Fan. An American jour-
nalist ; daughter of the Rev. L. Burge,
of Wickf ord, R.I. ; and b. there.

Smith, Francis Shubael, 1819-. Ten-
pin Boy. An American poet and jour-
nalist ; b. in New York City ; once co-
editor of the New York " Dispatch " ;
afterwards, of the New York " Weekly."

Smith, George, D.D., 1693-1756.
G. S. ; A Divine of the Univ. of Cam-
bridge; A Lover of that Innocent and
Healthful Diversion. An English cler-
gyman ; son of John Smith, titular
Bishop of Durham.

Smith, George, D.D. Clericus. An
eminent English Cong, minister ; of Lon-
don from 1842.

Smith, Rev. George, M.A. L. L.;
Leonard Lovechurch. An English clergy-
man; late of Trin. Coll., Cambridge;
curate of the Parish Church, Sheffield.

Smith, Rev. George Charles, 1782-
1868. Capsicum. An English minister;
b. in London ; pastor of the Baptist
Chapel, Penzance, 1807-25 and 1848-63,
and preacher to the sailors at Penzance,
etc. ; opened the Eirst Mariners' Church,
in London, in 1825 ; visited New York
City, 1861 ; d. at Penzance.

Smith, Mrs. George Clinton. The
Widow in Blue. An American writer of
the day.

Smith, Goldwin, LL.D., 1823- A
Layman. An eminent English historian
and journalist; b. at Reading; educ. at
Eton and Oxford; of Toronto, Canada,
from 1871.

Smith, Miss Hannah, 1841-. Hesba
Stretton. An English novelist, of Wel-
lington, Shropshire.

Smith, Helen C. An American Woman.
An American Avriter of the day.

Smith, Helen E. Ethel Gale. An
American writer of the day.

Smith, Rev. Hely Hutchinson Au-
gustus. H. H. A. S. An English cler-
gyman; B.A., Oxford, 1852; Rector of
Tansley, Matlock, 1807-83 et seq.

Smith, Rev. Henry. An Old Itine-
rant. An American Meth. C?) minister.

Smith, Horace, 1779-1849. The Late
Paul ChatJieldyM.D.; Jefferson Saunders,
Esq. ; One of the Authors of "Rejected Ad-
dresses." An English poet and novelist ;
brother of James; b. in London; d. at
Tunbridge Wells.

Smith, J\Irs. Horace Wemys. H. W.
S. An American writer; wife of the
son of Richard Penn Smith, of Phila-

Smith, Dr. James. Sir J. M. and J.
S. — See " Mennis, Sir John."

Smith, James. J. S. A British co-
lonial editorial writer on the "Argus";
a resident of Melbourne, Australia.

Smith, James and Horace. An Am-
ateur of Fashion.

Smith, James, 1775-1839. Momus
Medlar. An English poet and novelist ;
b. in London ; brother of Horace ; d. in

Smith, James Alexander. J. A. S.
An English (?) theological writer.

Smith, James Moore, -1734. Philo-
mauri. An English dramatist ; b. and d.
in London; finds a place in Pope's im-
mortal satire, " The Dunciad."

Smith, John. A. An English scholar,
of Eton Coll., and of King's Coll., Cam-
bridge ; was one of the editors of the
" Microcosm, at Eton, in 1787."

Smith, John, ^dituus. An English
poet, early in the 19th century.




Smith, Mrs. Jolin. A Housekeeper.
An American C?) author.

Smith, Mrs. John A. Aunt Esther.
An American writer of tlie day.

Smith, John Gordon, M.D., F.K.S.,
about 1788-1833. An Officer. A Scot-
tish surgeon ; b. at Aberdeen ; served in
the Peninsula War ; afterwards librarian
to the Duke of Sutherland ; professor
in the Univ. of London, 1828 ; d. in Fleet
prison, London, where he was confined
for debt.

Smith, John Russell, 1810-. J. R.
S. An English bookseller, of London;
b. at Sevenoaks, Kent ; co-editor of the
" Library of Old Authors."

Smith, John Stores. John Ackerlos.
An English translator and writer.

Smith, Joseph, D.D., 1670-1756. An
Orthodox Divine. An English clergyman ;
b. at Lowther in Westmoreland; Provost
of Queen's Coll., Oxford.

Smith, Joseph Edward Adams.
Godfrey Greylock. An American writer,
of the day, of Pittsfield, Mass.

Smith, Joshua. A. An English poet
and hj^mn writer.

Smith, Mrs. JuUe P., -1883. Christa-
bel Goldsmith. An American novelist ;
resided at Esperanza, a large and beauti-
ful estate at Hartford, Conn.; she was
thrown from her carriage at her own
door, and killed almost instantly.

Smith, Lister. L. S. An English
Friend, of Halstead, in Essex.

Smith, Mrs. Marion C. Marion
Couthoui/. An American writer.

Smith, 3Iary Ann. Rusco. An Amer-
ican poet of the day.

Smith, Mrs. Mary Prudence
(Wells), 1840-. P. Thome. An Ameri-
can writer ; b. in Attica, N.Y. In 1875
she married Lafayette Smith, Esq., of
the Cincinnati Bar, in which city she
now (1878) resides.

Smith, Matthew Hale, 1810-79.
Burleigh. An American preacher, author,
and journalist; b. in Connecticut; lived
chiefly in New York City, and d. there.

Smith, R. C. Raphael. An English

Smith, Robert. C. An English
scholar, of Eton Coll. ; one of the editors

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