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" Les revelations des, tou&u'hS* anonyrg,es> m efa'ptlevfFonymes sont non-seulement
tps pmir lex r/rns dn rinnde, inni* . ncoye importantes pour I'liistorien litte-
raire et le bi<xjr<ii>hc ; ce sont, In rVv /////.s-/ryr\ cles litteratures que les erudites ont
toujours cherche a decouvrir." QUERARD.


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THOMAS' i;. CROw,tii. &',.<3o.

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r I ^HIS work is designed as a Dictionary of American and Eno -
_JL lish Initials and Pseudonyms employed from the beginning of
the 18th century to the present time ; to which have been added
some of the more recent and important Continental ones, and a
few false-names, which, by a strict definition of words, would be
called sobriquets. , . ,

A similar work by Mr: , Albert R. Frey, of the Astor Library,
New York City, was placed \b'y the; p.ubli&h'ers at the writer's
disposal, from which" ab'oufj ' two thousand, ',tftles\ were taken, and
added to his own ' compilation, making an* aggregate of twelve


thousand initials an'd, .pseudonyms, and eight thousand real names

, * >

of authors. ." ' " '^ '

Attention is called" 'tC', the very complete t article, by Mr. Frey,
on " Junius," to be louncVin vthe first part,?',','

For the convenience '"of /{hose si&g> this dictionary, it may
be well to state that the 'first part ' gifees " the initials and pseu-
donyms, followed by the real names, of the authors, together with
some representative literary performance ; and the method used in
indexing, with some exceptions, is to treat the literary disguises
as real names, and arrange them as is customary with the latter,
i.e., the last member of the initial or pseudonym is put first, and
determines the alphabetical order. The second part contains the
real names of authors, followed by the initials and pseudonyms,
and short biographical notices.

The writer has endeavored to make this work both compre-
hensive and correct, and, in order to do this, has availed him-
self of the Harvard University Library, and every other source


of information to which the kindness of tho*se > interested in the
undertaking has given him access, and believes he has been
enabled to produce a volume that will be useful to librarians
and of interest to the general reader.

Notification of errors or omissions, or any information that would
add to the value of the work, will be gladly received by the

undersigned. ' .


OCT. 1, 1885.





*. Henri/ Ward Beecher, in the New
York "Independent," author of "The
Star Papers." N.Y. 1855.

*. Rev. Benjamin Franklin De Costa,
in his letters to " The Advertiser" (Bos-
ton), during 1861-62.

*. Charles Fenno Hoffman. His signa-
ture in the New York "American,", in
which he published a series of brilliant

***. William Kelynack Daft,, Mam-
mon ; a poem. By ... PenzaM^, 1,856.

***. Rev. Benjamin Franklin f)e Costa,
in his letters to "The Advertiser ' (Bos-
ton), during 1861-62.

***,a Magistrate in the Countrey.
Sir Francis Grant, Lord Culjt^i. A let-
ter . . . giving a new historicgl account of
designs, through the Christ??,?! .vorld . . .
Edinb. 1701.

***, Americain. M. Paul Ulrich Du-
buisson. Abrege de la Resolution .de
1'Amerique anglaise. Paris, 1778.,' ,'

****. Rev. Matthew Raine, in Belce's
" Sexagenarian," Vol. I., chap. 40.

****. Mrs. Amelia Opie, in Beloe's
"Sexagenarian," I., 411. 2d ed. L.

****. Rev. John Lewis. A dissertation
on the antiquity and use of seals in
England . . . L. 1740.

****, The Late Lord. Henri/ Hi/de,
Lord Ht/de and Cornbury. The mistakes ;
... a comedy. L. 1758.

****, Priscilla. Priscilla Wakefield.
Leisure hours ; or, entertaining dia-
logues ... By ... L. 1794.

**** ******. Jo/in Murray. Letter
to ... on the Rev. W. L. Bowles's
strictures on the life and writings of
Pope. By the Right Hon. Lord Byron.
L. 1821.

fr***^ ****. Mrs. Anne Penny. Po-
ems, with a dramatic entertainment. L.

* '^~*^~

***. The Rev. James Pycroft.
The collegian's guide ; or, recollections
of college days ... L. 1845.



enson. Moral tales

X****** #***


*' '*):*

John Hall Stev-
2d ed. L. 1783.
Sir Robert Wal-

John Darling.


liam Coombe. =
logue. By .

By ... L.

Esq. Charles
Scintilla? juris. L. 1877.
r A., Fellow of New
CoHege!> 'Th&mas Le Mesurier. Trans-
lations," chi( fly from the Italian, of Pe-
trarch and'Mot'a's'tasio. Oxf. 1795.

. John, H. -B. Latrobe. Three

great battles^ Baltimore, 1863.

Honourable Mr. Wil-
The auction : a town ec-
. J , v L7t'778.

Member of Parlia-
ment for. the County of . Sir

John Siiirl't'i: ' Lacubrations during a
short reoQS^ i . .' L. 1782.

- , Lady. Lady Wallace. A

letter to a ..friend, with a poem
" The 1 .ghost of Werter."

s s, M. A. of the Univer-
sity of Oxford. Charles Lucas. Free
thoughts on a general reform . . . Bath,

? . Charles Wolcott Balestier. A

potent philter, contributed to " The Trib-
une " (N.Y. ), 1884.

$^ = ". Joseph Addison , in his contribu-
tions to " The Guardian."

=^2. / Walker. Miscellaneous ob-
servations upon authors ancient and
modern. L. 1731-32.
O. See " Theta."

Miss Eliza Brown Chase.

- Over the border : Acadia,
the home of Evangeline.
B. 1884.

The above musical notes represent " E.B.C.,"
the initials of the author's name.


A (alpha). Mr. Bowden. Lyra apos-
tolica. Derby and L. 1836.

The above work consists of a collection of
poems reprinted from " The British Magazine,"
in which they had previously appeared over the
following signatures :

a (alpha). Mr. Bowden (as above).

P. R. Hurrell Fronde

y. John Keble.

8. John Henry Newman.

. Isaac Williams.

1. Rev. Henri/ William Wilberforce.

A. Samuel Adams, in the "Boston

A. William Henry Davenport Adams.
The desert world ... L. 1869.

A. Wilkes Allen, in "The Polyan-
thos" (Boston), 1806-07.

A. Mrs. Allenby. The starling of the
spire ; or, a bird's-eye view of the church
as it was. [In verse.] . . L. 1866.

A. Mr. Anthony. Irwell, and other
poems ... L. 1843.

A. Matthew Arnold. The strayed
reveller. L. 1849. Empedocles,on Efrm.
L. 1852. , ' - :

A. Benjamin Brierley t ' G6fa/to Cy-
prus. By A. Manches-ter ,']&((>. ',

A. Rev. John KebU, one', erf, the con-
tributors to " Tracts fbf the 'Times." L.

A. Bishop Zachm-y Pearfe. Miscella-
neous observations upon authors ancient
and modern. L. 1731-32". -

A. Alexander Pope.' ^-See " Bavius."

A. John Smith. , -Hjs'', signature to
papers in the "MicvoJosni/', published
at Eton College. ll^Qi'e't- scq, , <

A. Joshua Smith. Scari'd^l,{u\ verse] ;,
by the biographer of A'naores-iv ,' Holt,
Norfolk, 1827. ' ,'/ ' /

A. Mrs. Caroline Anne Boidks<>S t 6iithey.
Chapters on churchyards, in "Bia'ck-
wood's Magazine," commenced April,

These contributions to "Black-wood" were
published separately in 1829, and 2d ed. in 1841.

A. Ann Taylor. The wedding among
the flowers. [In verse.] ... L. 1808.

A., A. Adam Anderson. Jim Blake's
tour from Clonave to London. Illus-
trated with sketches by E. N., A. R. A.
[Erskine Nicol.] . . Preface and notes
by A. A. Dublin, 1867.

A., A. Mrs. Anna Atkins. The
colonel: a story of fashionable life,
1853. A page from the peerage, 1863.
The perils of fashion, 1852.

A., A. A. Hon. Alvey A. Adee. Ba-
con's Promus. By . . In the " Repub-
lic," Washington, Feb., March, May,

A., A. H. Andrew Billiard Atteridge.
Islam. L. 1878.

A., A. S. A. 8. Atcheson. The bread
of life . . . 1849.

A., B. Benjamin Antrobus. Buds and
blossoms of piety ... 2d ed. L. 1691.

A. B. Benjamin Franklin. Proposed
new version of the Bible ; one of the
bagatelles (written about 1778).

A. B. Matthew Hole. An antidote
against the poison of some late pam-
phlets. Oxf. 1717.

A. B. A signature which has been
attributed to Junius (q.v.). See Letter
to the " Public Advertiser," Nov. 5, 1771,

A. B. Joseph Skidmore, Senior. An
essay on the Vth of Matthew, from verse
33rd to 37th ... L. 1713.

A. B. Jonathan Swift. See " A Per-
son of Quality."

A., G. B. Sir George Biddell Airy, in
his contributions to the "Athenajum." L.

A. B. Philologer. Laurence Sterne.

,' ''VI happened to be acquainted," says Sterne,
' ",',vith' ayoung man from Yorkshire, who rented
^'w^lioToy'in one of the paved alleys near Corn-
' 141'., for.' th,e' sale of stationery. I hired one of
' the 'panee'of .glass from my friend, and stuck up
the' fplldv/Vig advertisement with wafers:

"Epigrams, anagrams,, paragrams, chrono-
grams, .monograms, epitaphs, epithalaniiums,
prologues, epilogues, madrigals, interludes, ad-
vertisements, letters, petitions, memorials on
every occasion, essnys on all subjects, pamphlets
for and arg$iupt< 'ministers, with sermons upon
any text, pr <fo'r aijy sect, to be written here on
reasonable fcvnjs, by A B p hilo i oger .

" The 1 "'onira'onness of the titles occasioned
numei'ouE.ijyf-lieations, and at night I used pri-
vatiefy tocguTC fnto the office to digest the notes
, >5r he>ds Vf .the day, and receive the earnest,
wfii'ch V~a<3 directed always to be left with the
mem^rahdums, the writing to be paid for on
deliVery', according to the subject." Percy

A., C. Miss Charlotte Adams, in con-
tributions to " The Art Age." N.Y.

A., C. Charlotte Anley. Miriam ; or,
the power of truth, 1826. The prisoners
of Australia, 1841.

A., C., Esq. Christopher Anstey. Brit-
ain's genius : a song . . . Bath, 1797.

A., C. B. C. C. B. C. Amicus. Hints
on life ; and how to rise in society.
By ... L. 1845.

A., C. E. Clementine Edith Aiken.
The days we live in. B. 1876.

A., C. F. Cecil Frances Alexander.
Hymns for little children ... L. 1862.

A. C. I. G. (A Cornishman in Glouces-
tershire.) John White. The humorous
adventures of Tim Trevail, related in the
pure, unadulterated vernacular. L. 1872.

A. D. C., The. Francis Cowley Bur-
nand. Being personal reminiscences of

the university "Amateur Dramatic Club,"
Cambridge. L. 1879.

A., D. J. B. de. Don Juan Bautista
de Arriaza. Coleccion de algunos ver-
sos. Paris, 1805.

A., E. Edward Aggas. The defence
of death ... L. 1570.

A., E. Edwin Arnold. The light of
Asia; or, the great renunciation. . . .
L. 1879.

A. E. R. J. Lane. Marks and re-
marks for the catalogue of the exhibi-
tion of the Royal Academy. L. 1856.

A., E. Edwin Arnold. Political po-
ems by Victor Hugo and Garibaldi.
" Done into English by an Oxford gradu-
ate." 1868.

A., E. Edward Atkinson. Senator
Sherman's fallacies ; or, honesty the best
policy. By ... B. 1868.

A., E. Edward Archer The small
boy's mythological primer, in rhyme.
L. 1858.

A., E. Ezra Abbot. A translation of
the Gospels . . . By A. Norton. [Ed-
ited by C. E. N., i.e., C. E. Norton, and
E. A.]

A., E. A. Mrs. Elizabeth Allen Anna-
ble Needham. Incidents in the lives of
good men. By ... B. 186-.

A., E. C. Mrs. Elizabeth Can/ Agas-
siz. Geological sketches. Edited . . .

A., E. C. Miss Emily C. Agnew. Ger-
aldine: a tale of conscience. L. 1837-39.

A., E. G. E. G. Adams. Battle at
Fort Rice, July 28, 1865. Fort Rice,
D. T., 1865.

A., E. M. % Ernst Moritz Arndt. Wan-
clerungen aus und um Godesberg.
Bonn, 1844. Deutsche Lieder. Berlin,

A., E. S. Ernest Silvanus Applei/ard.
The sure hope of reconciliation. 1847.

A., E W. Mrs. Eliza Winslow Allder-
dice. Heart's delight. N.Y., 1879.

A., F. Frederick Archer, in his con-
tributions to "The Keynote" (N.Y.).

A., F. Rev. Frederick Arnold, in
"London Society," "Leisure Hour," 1867.

A. F. James Otis. Considerations
on behalf of the colonists, etc. B. 1765.

A., F. C. Frances Charlotte Armstrong.
Dick Ford and his father. L. 1875.

A., F. E. Florence Emib/ Ashley.
Lagonells. [A tale.] ... L. 1872.

A. F. G. John Lister. Epigrams and
jeux d'esprit. Edinb. 1870.

A. F. S. Miss Sarah A. Flint. Hope
Douglass ... B. 1867.

A., G. Grace Ayuilar. Home scenes
and heart studies. L. 1852.

A., G. A. G. A. Ai/nge. Tecumseh ;
or, the death of the Shawnee chief . . .
Weymouth, 1830.

A., G. B. George Biddcll Airy. Six
lectures on astronomy. L. 1849.

A., G. F. George Fife Anc/as. Aus-
tralia : a popular account ... L. 1865.

A. G. O. T. U O. C. Owen Manning.
An inquiry into the grounds and nature
of the several species of ratiocination
. . . 1754.

The above letters are the initials of " A gen-
tleman of the University of Cambridge."

A , H. Henry Attwell. A book of
thoughts. Selected ... L. 1865.

A , H. Henry Alford, Dean of Canter-
bury. Gurney's (J. H.) sermons on the
Acts of the apostles. Edited by H. A.
L. 1862.

A., H W. Henry Wentworth Acland.
Prints for cottage walls . . . Oxf. & L.

A., I. Jasper Atkinson. Catholic
blinds for Protestant eyes ... L. 1829.

A., I. John Atkinson. The state of
our circulation and currency considered
. . L. 1826.

A., J. John Aikin. The arts of life . . .
L. 1802.

A., J. John Adij. An exordium to the
reading of the sacred writings of the Old
and New Testaments. L. 1807

A., J. Jacob Abbot. The little scholar
learning to talk ... L. 1836.

A., J. John Albee. In memory of
Gerald Fitz Gerald ... n.p. 1863.

A , J. John Af/g. The ocean harp : a
poem ... P. 1819.

A., J. John Anstey. The pleader's
guide . . 1808.

A , J. John Aikin, LL D. The wood-
land companion. L. 1802.

A., J., M.D. John Arbuthnot, M.D
Examination of Dr. Woodward's account
of the deluge ... By ... L. 1695.

A., J., and C., R. C. John Adamson
and S. C. C. Ballads from the Portu-
guese translated and versified by ...
Newcastle, 1846.

A., J IJ. John Lavicount Anderdon.
The river Dove ; with some quiet thoughts
of the happy practice of angling . . .
L. 1845.

A., J. M. Rev. John Marks Ashley.
The treatise of S. Catherine of Genoa on
purgatory, newly translated . . . 1878.

A., J. R., and J., M. C. John Reed
Appleton and Morris Charles Jones. Evans.
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1865.

A., J. S. J. 3. Attwood, in his contri-
butions to " Notes and Queries." L.
1876 et seq.


A., J. Y. John Yonge Akerman. Tales
of other days ... L. 1830.

A., li. Lombe Atthill. The church of
England recommended . . Halesworth,

A., Li. Louisa Anthony. Traits of
private life. Manchester, n.d.

A., L. Li. Mrs. G. B. or L. L. Adams.
A ride through the Holy Land. B. 1875.

A. L. O. E. (i.e., A Lady of Eng-
land.) Miss Charlotte Maria Tucker, in
her numerous works for young people.
L. 1875, etc.

A., Li. S. Louis Simon Auger. Notice
sur la vie et les ouvrages de Le Sage.
Paris, 1813.

A., 31. Mrs. Maria Abdy. Her signa-
ture in the "New Monthly." L about

A., M. Matthew Arnold. Christian
life : its hopes, its fears, and its close.
Edited by ... L. 1845.

A., M. Mrs. M. Allen. A history of
Ford Abbey, Dorsetshire : late in the
County of Devon. L. 1846.

A., M. Thaddeus O'Mahony. Questions
on Locke's essay concerning human un-
derstanding. L. 1800.

A. M., Oxon. W. S Moses. Carpen-
terian Criticism. L. 1877.

A. M. B. A. Marie Henri Beyle. His-
toire de la peinture en Italic Paris,

A.,M. E. M.E.Arnold. The painted
window : a poem. L. 1856.

A., N. Nathaniel Ames. Nautical rem-
iniscences. Providence, 1832.

A., N. Col. Nathan Appleton. Sketch
of the life of Albert Kintzing Post. By
N. A. N.Y. 1873.

A., P., Minister of the Gospel. Rev
Peter Annet. Judging for ourselves . . .
L. 1739.

A., P. G. Prosper Gabriel Audran.
Grammaire Arabe en tableaux . . .
Paris, 1818.

A., R. Richard Alsop (?) The enchant-
ed lake of the Fairy Morgana. [Trans-
lated.] 1806.

A., R. Robert Allsop. Letters, conver-
sations, and recollections of S. T. Cole-
ridge . . . Preface by ... L. 1858.

A., R. Rev. Robert Aspland. Sermons
on various subjects, chiefly practical.
L. 1847.

A. R. A. James Cameron Lees, D.D.
A rollicking tour in Ireland. By Bag,
Tag, and Bobtail ; a rollicking tour in
the land of the Gael. Paisley, 1878.

A., R. F. Rachel Frances Antonina
Dashwood Lee. Memoirs of ... L.

A., S. Samuel Ayscough. Topograph-
ical description of Cudham, Kent, in
"Gent. Mag." Sept. 1804., pp. 830-901.

A., S. A. Samuel Austin Allibone. An
alphabetical index to the New Testament.
... P. 1868.

A., S. D. S. D. Alexander. Notes on
New Testament literature. [By Joseph
Addison Alexander.] Edited . . . 1867.

A., S. M. Stephen Merrill Allen. Reli-
gion and science ... B. 1874.

A., T., Captain Light Dragoons.
Capt Thomas Ashe. History of the
Azores, or Western Islands . . . L. 1813.

A., T., Gent. Thomas Ashe. Travels in
America, performed in 1806 ... L. 1808.

A., T. B. Thomas Bailey Aldrich.
The bells : a collection of chimes. N.Y.

A., T. K. Thomas Kerchever Arnold.
A Latin Syntax and first reading book :
... L. 1836.

A. V. Arthur Ashley Sykes. A letter
to the Rev. Dr. Sherlock ... L. 1717.

A., W. William Allen. The duty of
abstaining from the use of West India
produce. A speech ... L. 1792.

A., W. W. Alexander. Fruits of
piety . . . York, 1824.

A., W. William Asplin. See " A
presbyter of the Church of England."

A., W. B. W. B. Anthony. Essential
memoranda of English grammar. Com-
piled . . . 1881.

A., W. E. William Edmonstoune
Aytoun. His signature in "Blackwood's

A , W. E. A. William Edward Armi-
tage Axon. Nixon's Cheshire prophecies
. . With an ... essa^ on popular
prophecies ... L. 1878.

A., W. H. D. William Henry Daren-
port Adams. Black's guide to the history,
antiquities, and topography of the County
of Surrey ... L. 1861.

A. Z. Benjamin Gale. The present
state of the colony of Connecticut con-
sidered . . . New L. 1755.

A*****, Major. Charles Barwell Coles.
Short whist, its rise and progress, to
which are prefixed precepts for tyros.
By Mrs. B** 1 ***, with an essay ... by
Prof. P. (q.v.). L. 1865.

By Mrs. B***** is meant Mrs. Battle, whose
opinions on whist were contributed to " The
Monthly Magazine." L. 1821. By " Elia "

A****d, Mr. William Arnold, Mr.
A d's motives for renouncing the pop-
ish, and re-embracing the protestant reli-
gion in which he was educated, etc. L.


A****e, D*** of. Archibald Campbell,
3d Duke ofArgi/le. Letter to the right hon-
orable Sir ****** ******* [Robert Wai-
pole] upon . . . expeditions. L. 1740.

A ****, P. C. .Philippe Charles Anbry.
Le' Petrarque Fran9ais, Poe'sie's diverse
de . . . Tours, 1801.

A . Arthur Cleveland Coxe. St.

Jonathan; the lay of a Scald . . . N.Y. 1838.

A. and LJ. A. and L. Shore. Fra
Dolcino, and other poems. L. 1870.

A , the Rev. M. Rev. George Fitz-
gerald Gulaher, M.A. Auricular confes-
sion proved to be contrary to Scripture.
L. 1875.

A n, E 1 of. Willoughby Bertie,
Earl of Abingdon. An adieu to the turf:
a poetical epistle from ... to his grace
the A p [Archbishop] of Y k [York].
L. 1778.

Ab. Benjamin Brierley. Ab-o'-th'-Yate
at the great show. [Signed "Ab."]
Reprinted from " Ben Brierley's Journal "
for August, 1869. Manchester, 1869.

Ab hissel. Benjamin Brierley. Ab-
o'-th'-Yate and the " Wreath." By ...
Manchester, 1879.

AB-o'-th'-Yate. Benjamin Brierley.
Ab-o'-th'-Yate and the cobbler of Alder-
burn on the great strike. By Ab. Man-
chester, 1878.

Abacrombi, Signor. James Aber-
cromby, Baron Dunfermline. Thaumatur-
gics. Coal Hole, Pleasance . . . Signer
A. (from Exchequer Land) formerly
Assistant-Juggler to Mr. Cunning ... [A
satire on J. A.'s candidature for the repre-
sentation of Edinburgh.] Edinb. 1832.

Abafi, Lajos. Lajos Aigner. Mikes
Kelemen. [A biography.] Budapest, 1878.

Abati, Francesco. William Winwood
Reade. See-Saw : a novel ... L. 1865.

Abbie, Aunt. Abby Skinner. Carroll
Ashton ; or, the rewards of truthfulness . . .
P. 1855.

Abbott, Alice Irving. Miss H. H.

Abbott, Rosa. Rosa (Y.) Abbott
Parker. Rosa Abbott Stories.

Abdallah. Otway Curry, who con-
tributed to the press at Cincinnati under
this nom de plume.

Abdallah. Am/itsto Pereira Soromenho.

Abdallah, Khalid Eb'n. Sir Henry
Ta i/lor, K.C., D.C'.L. See Khalid Eb'n

Abdiel. Samuel Hall. See Samuel
Hall, calling himself "Abdiel."

Abdiel. Joshua William Brooks. Ab-
diel's essays on the advent and kingdom
of Christ, and the events connected there-
with ... L. 1834.

Aberdeen. Hugh D. Mclntyre.
Abolitionist, An. Thomas Fisher,
Esq., F.S.A. The negro's memorial . . .
By ... L. 1825.

Abrabanel, Solomon. William Ar-
nall. The complaint of the children of
Israel . . . By S. A. of the House of
David. L. 1736.

Abraham. Abraham Norwood. The
acts of the elders, commonly called the
book of Abraham. B. 1845.

Abraham, Brother. Rev. Richard
King. An answer to the letters of Peter
Plymley [Sydney Smith]. L. 1808.

Abraham, Father. Benjamin Frank-
lin. Father Abraham's speech to a great
number of people, at a vendue . . . B. 1807.

Abricht, Johanu. Jonathan Birch.
Divine emblems embellished with etch-
ings on copper . . . designed and written
by J. A. L. 1838.

Absent Brother, An. Daniel Wilson.
Letters from . . . 1823.

Absentee residing in Bath, An.
Rev. Edward Mangin. Utopia found;
being an apology for Irish absentees.
By ... Bath, 1813.

Absented member, An. Sir Wil-
liam Windham. A letter . . . upon the
present situation of the affairs of Great
Britain. L. 1739.

Academicus. See " Antiquarius."

Academicus. Rev. Aulay Macaulay,
M.A. During his residence at the Univer-
sity of Glasgow he wrote many essays,
moral and literary, in " Ruddiman's
Weekly Magazine," under the signature
of "Academicus."

Academicus. Charles Seager, M.A.
Auricular confession . . . Oxf. 1842.

Academicus. William Pulteney Alison.
Correspondence between A. and Con-
siliarius on the comparative merits of
phrenology, and the mental philosophy
of Reid and Stewart. Edinb. 1836.

Ace Clubs. J. C. Loftin. Friendship :
a poem . . . Montgomery, Ala., 1871.

Acharius. Fredrik Vilhelm Scholander.
Luisella. 1867.

Acheta. Miss L. M. Budgen. March
winds and April showers . . . By . . .
L. 1854.

Acheta Domestica. Miss L. N. Bud-
qen. Episodes of insect life. By A. D.
L. 1849-51.

Ackerlos, John. John Stores Smith.
Selections from the poetry of H. Heine,
trans, by J. A. L. 1854.

Ackermann, Gottlieb. Franz Xaver
Ma i/er. Volkspredigten und Homilien . . .
Landshut, 1831.

Acorn. James Oakes.


Actaea. Mrs. Elizabeth Gary Agassiz.
A first lesson in natural history. B. 1859.

Acton, Llewelliii. Wynne Edwin
Baxter. Perseverance ... L. 1803.

Actor, Au. Pierce Egan. The life
of ... L. 1825.

Actress, Au. Mrs. Anna Cora (Ogden
Mowatt) Ritchie. Autobiography of . . . ;
or, eight years on the stage. B. 1854.

Actual Settler, An. //. Y. Head.
Suggestions on ... colonization through
the . . . allotment system. By ... Mon-
treal, 1865.

Adair, James. Sir Richard Phillips.
Five hundred questions and exercises on
Murray's . . . English grammar. L. 1824.

" Adam." Arthur Hugh dough.

In his Botbie of Tober-na-Vuolich, Hobbes
was Ward Hunt; Adam, Clough himself ; Lind-
say, F. R. Johnson of Christ Church ; Hewson,
J. S. Winder of Oriel ; Arthur, H. W. Fisher of
Christ Church ; Airlie, J. Deacon of Oriel; and
Sir Hector . . ., Mr. Farquharson.

Adam, Onkel. Carl Anton Wetter-
la n/h. The fatal chain. From the Swed-
ish of ... 18G4.

Adam, Uncle. George Moqridge.
The Chinese. By ... L. 1845.

Adam, Adam Fitz. Edward Moore,
R. 0. Cambridge, Horace Walpole, Lord
Chesterfield, etc. The world. L. 1755-57.

Adam, Christian. Carl Christian
Thorvaldus Andersen. Strid og Fred. Et
Digt i sex sange. Copenhagen, 1858.

Adams, Moses. Dr. George W. Bagby.
For Virginians only. What I did with
my fifty millions. By ... P. 1874.

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