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Translated from the Greek ... L.

31., T. Sir Theodore Martin. Transla-
tion of Horace's ode " Ad Pyrrham "
and its application "To Coralie," in
" Blackwood," February, 1887.

31., T., St. Petersburg. Thomas
^fichell. Handbook for travellers in
Russia, Poland, and Finland. L.

31., T. S. Thomas S. Muir. (1) De-
scriptive notices of some of the ancient
parocliial and collegiate churches of
Scotland. L. 1848.'— (2) A ramble
from Edinburgh to Durham. Edinb.




M., W. William Mitchell, in tlie
"Christ. Exam." (B.), 1851.

M., W. William Mountford, in the
" Christ. Exam." (B.), 185L

M., W. William Milton. Mechanic
power. " Gent. Mag.," January, 1814,
p. 38.

M., W., Esq. Walter Moyle. Dis-
course upon tlie revenue of the state of
Athens. Translated with liistoric notes
from Xenophon. L. 1697.

M., W., of 3Ievagissey. Rev. William
Moore. The happy seaner. By . . .
" Evangelical Mag.," 1812.

M., W., the yovinger. William Mac-
readij. The pied piper of Hamelin : a
child's story. (Written [by Eobert
Browning] for and inscribed to . . .) L.

M'K., H. Henrij M'Kenzie. The lay
of the Turings . . . n.p., n.d.

M'N., J. James M' Naughton. Reflec-
tions on the doctrines and duties of the
Christian revelation. By . . . Edinb.

M , Dr., A of D , and Dr.

E , B of F . Dr. William

Magee, Archbishop of Dublin, and Dr.
Elrington, Bishop of Ferns. Scene in
Trinity College, Dublin. Sketches of
. . . "Eraser's Mag.," April, 1830, p.
I M — n, Mr. Rev. Martin Madan. — See
" H— s, Mr."

M—n [Mason], Rev. William. Bev.

<• Richard Polwhele. An epistle from . . .

petitioning for the vacant laureateship.

L. 1785.

i/ Mac Adam, Sawney. The Marquis

, George Toivnshend.

McGee. David MacGregor Means.
^ MacGregor, Malcolm. Rev. William
Mason. (1) The dean and the squire : a
political eclogue ... L. 1782. — (2) He-
roic epistle to Sir William Chambers. L.

This epistle was also attributed to Walpole,
Matbias, John Baynes, and William Coomhe. —
See " N. and Q.," May 14, 1SS7, p. 382.

For a discussion of the authorship of this
poem, see Chalmers, Vol. XXI., pp. 438, 439.

MacMavel. Thomas Wharton, Marquis
of Wharton. Letter to Zenobius Buon-
delmontius. L. 1680.

Mackenzie, Erick. Mrs. Millicent
Grogan. The Rona pass ; or. English-
men in the Highlands. By ... L.

Mackenzie, Sawney. Marquis George

McQuill, Thursty. Wallace Bruce.
The Connecticut by daylight. By . . .
N.Y. 1874.

/ Macrabin, Mark, the Canieronian.

Patrick Robertson.

Also ascribed to Allan Cunningham.

Macstaff, Donald, of the North.

Robert Hepburn. The " Tatier," by . . .

Numb. 38. From Saturday, May 19,

to Wednesday, May 23, 1711. Edinb.


.■■- Maeularia, Margelina Scribelindra.

William Kenrick, LL.D. The old wo-
man's Dmiciad: with notes. By ... L.

^Macullum More. George John Doug-
lass Campbell, Duke of Argyll, in " North
British Review," 1864.

Mad Anthony. Anthonij Wayne.

•"Maddolo. George. Gordon Noel Byron,
Lord Bj'ron, in Shelley's poem of "Ju-
lian " (Shelley) and " Maddolo."

Madge, Cousin. Mrs. J. H. Ten
Broeck. 1879.

Madonella. Mrs. Mary Astell.

In the 32d number of the " Tatier," appeared
" a srosti misrepresentation " of Mrs. Astell, un-
der this name. The slander was repeated in the
59th and 63d numbers of the same periodical.
" Madonella " is called " Platoune."

Magazine Editor, A. Alaric Alexan-
der Watts. Reminiscences of . . . L.

Magistrate, A. R. Fellowes, Esq.
Thoughts on the present state of the
agricultural interest of this kingdom, etc.
L. 1817.

Magistrate acting for the Counties
of 3Iiddlesex, Surrey, Kent, and Es-
sex, A. Patrick Colquhoim. Observa-
tions and facts relative to public houses.
By . . . L. 1794.

Maglanowich, Hyacinthe. Prosper
Merime'e. La Guzla. P. 1827.

Magopico, minister of aiuchti-
whanock. Mr. Pyot or Pyet, minister
of Dunbar. Memoirs of . . . By Simon
Haliburton and Thomas Hepburn. Edinb.

In a note to Scott's " St. Ronatj's Well " the
name is given as Pyet.

Mahalin, Paul. iSmile Blondet. Les
Allemands chez nous : Metz, Strasbourg,
Paris. Par . . . Paris, 1885.

Mahon, Ogerman. James Patrick
0' Gorman Mahon, who, as claiming to
be the head of the Septs of Clare, gener-
ally received the title of " The O'Gorman

Maiden, Henry, chapel clerk. Rev.
Dr. Thomas James. An account of
King's College chapel, in Cambridge,
... By . . . Camb. 1769.

The real author was not Mr. Maiden, but Pr.




Malser, Hans. Petri Kettenfeier JRoseg-
ger. Annonce nummero 99 ; novelette,
in " Vierteljahrl. Mag."

Maltitz, Hermann v. Friedn'ch Her-
mann Klencke. Der adept zu Helrastedt ;
historischer roman. Leipzig, 1851.

Man, A. Joseph Barker. The his-
tory and confessions of ... as put forth
by himself. Wortley, 1840.

Man in Business, A. John Hope.
Occasional attempts at sentimental poe-
try, ^j . . . L. 1769.

Man of Angola, The. Dr. Samuel
Squire. — See "Squirt, Dr.," etc.

Mato of Business, A. Thomas Quincey.
His signature in the " Gent. Mag."

Man of Business, A. John Davys.
A sort o"f an answer to a piece of a book
entitled, A battle royal . . . By . . .
Oxf. 1711.

Man of Kent, A. William Pettman.
The spirit of the moment candidly con-
sidered ... By . . . Canterbury, 1810.
Man of Ross, The. John Kyrle, of
Ross. linniortalized by Pope in his
" Moral Kssays."

Man of the People. Charles James

Man of Truth, The. Charles Thom-
son. " The repute of his integrity gained
him with the Indians the title of . . ."

Manager, The. F. Ravenscroft. Tiie
Birkbeck Building and Freehold Land
Societies . . . explained in a conversation
between ... and a person desirous of
becoming a member. L. 1855.

Manager of St. Stephen's Co-oper-
ative Store. Prime Mmislrr. — See
" Benjamins, Mr."

Manchester 3Ianufacturer, A. Rich-
ard Cohden. Russia. By . . . Edinb.

Mand, J. E. Jidie Gi-ossheim. Von

schritt zu schritt ; nach einer episode

aus dem leben. In " Vierteljahrl. .Mag."

Winifred. Elliott W. Preston. Lord

15\ run vindicated ... L. 1870.

Manlius. Jolin Douglas. — See " Taci-

Manro, Th. A. W. Thorman. 1838.

Mansfield, Edgar. Pearson.


Mantuan. Rev. Dr. Thomas Town-
son. Specimen of Mr. Heron's [John
Pinkerton] profound taste in criticism.
In "Gent. Mag." for April, 1780, p.

Manuel, Ernest. TCrnest Le'pine, the
French novelist and dramatist, in his
earlier works.

Thf' rt-;i(lcr \n referred to " I^cb I'MciKlonyiticH
du Jour," by (,'harIon Jolict (iioiiv. cd., Pai-iw,

18S4), pp. 71-7-3, for some interesting correspon-
dence relative to this pseudonym.

3Ianufacturer, A. John Hustler. The
occasion of the dearness of provisions
and the distress of the poor ... L. 1767.
Manufacturer, A. John Carmichael .
A treatise on soap-making . . . Edinb.

3Iarcel. William Francis Allen. Sig-
nature in the " Nation."

Marcellus. Vilhelm Alex. Bergstrand. .
Ministerskiftenas historia, etc. Sthlm.

March, Major. Orlando Bolirdr Will-
cox. Faca : an army memoir. Bv . . .
B. 1857.

March, Wenzeslaus. Ciisar Wenzel

}fessenhanser. Polengriiber. Leipzig, 1848.

3Iarcus. Benjamin Franklin Butler.

Remarks on private banking. Albany,


Maria. .John Fraser. A writer for
tlie "Irish Nation" in 1847.

3Iaria. Maria D. Weston. (1) Lu-
zette ; or, good brought out of evil . . .
By... B. 1847. — (2) Nanny: the
young wanderer, and otiier stories. By
... B. 185-. — (3) The three friends . . .
Bv . . . B. 1849. — (4) Tlic wayward son.
By . . . B. 1849.

3Iaria. Mrs. Maria Wilkin. Tlie
shackles of an old love. L. 1882.

3Iarie. Mme. Marie Hugo, dans
" L'Evenement," 1851.

Clarissa. J^ady Mary Chvdleigh. Her
poetical name. — See " C, M."

3Iarket Gardener, A. R. D. Black-
more. The farm and fruit of old : a
translation, in verse, of tiie hrst and
second Georgics of Virgil. By . . . L.

Mario, Karl. Karl Genrqe Winkel-
hlerh. The federalism of ... ' N.Y. 1884.
3Iaro, P. V^irgilius. .lohn Dryden
B(igs(f). The fugitive: an epic poem in
one canto. By... Translated by J. D. B.
. . . n.p., n.d.

Mars, Victor de. Francois Ferdinand
Philippe Louis Afarie d'Orleans, Prince de
Joinville. La Pologne ; scs ancicnnes
provinces et scs veritables limites. Par
... P. 1803.

From the " Revue des Deux Mondes," XLV.,
pp. 497-VJ7.

3Iarshall, Joseph. Sir John Hill.
Travels through Holland, Flanders, etc.,
in 1708-70. L. 1772-70.

Marston, Hyde. Capt. John William

Martenze, Claes. 72. //. Greene.
Cannon-flashes and pen-dashes. N.Y.




Martin. Martin Hugo Lange. 1863-72.

Martin, Eusebe. Henri Morel. Reine
a Paris : revelations. Paris, 1868.

Martine, H. Henry Fitzhardinge.

Marvel, Scott. J. Dawson Findlay.

Marvellous Boy. Thomas Chatterton.

Mary. Miss Mary Patrick Downing.
A writer in tlie " Irish Nation," 1847.

3Iary, Aunt. Mrs. Mary Hughs.
Aunt M.'s library for boys and girls.

Mary, Aunt. Mary Hodgson. The
Philadelphia housewife. P. 1855.

Mary, Cousin. Mary E. Huston.

Mary, Cousin. Mrs. Mary H. Max-
well . . . Letters to the children ... B.

Masdania. Benjamin Buck. Behe-
moth ; or, bulls of Bashan. By . . .
N.Y. 1874.

Massachusetts Freeman, A. Bev.
George Allen. An appeal to the people
of Massachusetts on the Texas question.
B. 1844.

Master Mason, A. Henry Dana Ward.
Freemasonry : its pretensions exposed . . .
By . . . N.Y. 1828.

Master of a Grammar School, The.
W. R. Goodluck. The French genders
taught in six tables. By . . . Revised
by... B. 1826(?).

Master of Arts, A. William King,
LL.D. A proposal for publishing a
poetical translation ... of Mr. Tutor
Bentham's letter to a young gentleman
of Oxford. By . . . L. 1748.

Master of Arts, formerly of Balliol
College, of the University of Oxford,
A. William John Birch. Paul an idea,
not a fact. By . . . 1855.

Master of Arts of the University of
Oxford, A. Sir Richard Hill. Pietas
Oxoniensis ; or, a full and impartial ac-
count of the expulsion of six students
from St. Edmund Hall, Oxford ... By
. . . L. 1768.

Blaster of St. Chloe School, The.
Douglas H. Cumphell. The essentials of
geography . . . By ... L. 185-3.

Master of the Company for the
year 1873-4, The. Charles Mathew
Clode. Memorials of Guild of Merchant
Taylors of the Fraternity of St. John
the Baptist in tlie city of London . . .
Compiled and selected by ... L. 1875.

Master of the Usk Grammar
School, The. W. H. Wrenford. State-
ment made by Judge Falconer to the
trustees of Edwards' charity, relating to
the . . . Usk, 1866.

Matador. William L. Alden.
Mathers, Patrick. James Gregory.

Matilda. Matilda Anthony. Poems.
By . . . Richmond, Va., 1851.

Mattis. Mrs. Mathilda Lundstrom.
Dagslandor. Sthlm. 1867.

Matthaeus, Thomas. John Tindal.

Maurice, Walter. Walter Besant.
All in a garden fair. L. 1883.

Maurice, W. Walter Besant and
James Rice. Ready money : a drama
... L. 1850.

May, Ida. Mrs. Man/ H. Greene

May, Sophie. Sophie Frederike Eliza-
beth Meyer, in a large number of transla-
tions from Sir Walter Scott ; miscella-
neous tales, etc.

Mayor, The. Josiah Quincy, Jr. (1)
Address of ... to the city council of
Boston, Jan. 5, 1846. B. 1846. — (2)
Address of . . . to the cltv council of
Boston, Jan. 4, 1847. B. 1847.

Meade, L.T. Mrs. L. T. Smith. How
it all came round. N.Y. 1886.

Meanvvell,M. William Cowper, M.D.
II Penseroso : an evening's contemplation
in St. John's church-yard, Chester . . .
L. 1767.

Medico Campo, Don Richardo de.
Richard Lichfield. The trimming of
Thomas Nash", etc. L. 1597.

Also ascribed to Gabriel Harvey. — See "I.
and P."

Medicus. /.s««f Pidduck, M.D. Pro-
posed national medical establishment
... By . . . L. 1848.

Medium, The. .John Shoehridge Wil-
liams. An address to the officers and
citizens of the United States . . . To
which is appended . . . the spiritual ex-
perience of . . . Bait. 1854.

Bledvi^ay, Le^vis. William Paterson,
founder of the Bank of England. An
inquir}^ into the reasonableness and con-
sequences of a union with Scotland.
L. 1706.

Meleager. H. W. Sotheby. Ancient
classical novelists. In " Temple Bar,"

Melesigonus, Julius. William Jones.

Blelusine. Moy O'Brien.

Member, A. Nathan Weston. Vindi-
cation of the minority of the congrega-
tion at church, in the South Parish, Au-
gusta ... By . . . Augusta, Me., 1840.

3Iember for Kidderminster, The.
Robert Lowe. — See "Decimal Associa-
tion," etc.

Member for Sussex, The. Edward
Jeremiah Curteis. A defence [by M.
Stapylton] of the petition of the debtors
in Horsham jail from the misconceptions
of . . . 1828.




aieinber of a Law-Society, A.

Francis Blackharne, 3LA. Reflections on
the fate of a petition for relief in the
matter of subscription offered to the
lionourable House of Commons, Febru-
ary 6th, 1772 ... By . . . L. 1774.

Member of Both Syndicates, A.
William Whewell. Reply to " Observa-
tions on the plans for a new library, etc.,
by a member of the first S3'ndicate "
[George Beacock, M.A.]. By . . . Camb.

Member of Ms Flock, A. Richard
Edmonds, Jr. Hymns for the principal
festivals of the church . . . By ... L.

Member of Magdalen College, Ox-
ford, A. James Bateman, M.A. The
Oxford crisis. A word to the wise. By
... L. 1845.

Member of Parliament, A. John
Wilkes. Observations on papers relative
to the rupture with Spain ... In a let-
ter from ... to a friend in the country.
L. 1762.

Member of Parliament, A. Francis
Grant, Lord CuUen. Reasons in defence
of the standing laws about the right of
presentation in patronages . . . By . . .
Edinb. 1703.

Member of Parliament, A. William
Haij. Remarks on the laws relating to
the poor . . . By ... L. 1735.

Member of Parliament, A. William
Seton, Jr. Scotland's great advantages
by an union with Enghmd . . . 1700.

Member of Parliament, A. Anthony
Bacon. A short address to tlie gov-
ernment, the merchants, manufacturers,
and the colonists in America, and the
Sugar Islands, on the present state of
affairs. L. 1775.

Member of Parliament, A. Charles
Ahliott, 2d Baron Colcliester. Some
observations on tlie importance of the
navigation laws. By ... L. 1849.

3Ieniber of Parliament In the
Country Interest, A. Thomas Carle.
The case fairly stated in a letter from
... L. 1745.

Member of the American Bar, A.
Simon Grecnleaf. Testanu-ntary coun-
sels . . . By a retired solicitor. Care-
fully revised by . . . Troy, N.Y., 1845.

Member of the Arcadian Society at
liome, A. William Parsons. A poetical
tour, in the years 1784, 1785, and 1786.
By ... L. 1787.

Member of the Associate Presby-
tery of Olasgo\v, A. Re I). William
Fcrrier. l{e])ly to a i)amphlet, entitled
State of the j)roces8 commenced by the

. . . Associate Presbytery of Glasgow,
against the Rev. James Ramsay . , .
By... Glasgow, 1801.

Member of the Athenian Society,
A. John Dunton. The visions of the
soul before it conies into the body . . .
Written by . . . L. 1692.

]>Iember of the Bar, A. Charles
Edward Lex. Incentives to confirmation.
By... N.Y. 18— .

Membei' of the Bar, A. George Lunt.
A letter upon law ... By . . . B. 1835.

3Iember of the Board of Directors
of Girard College, A. Frederick Adol-
phus Packard. Private documents . . .
[Views of . . . on binding orphans to
suitable occupations.] P. 185-.

Member of the Board of Educa-
tion, A. James S. Whitney. The public
school system of Philadelphia. In the
" Pennsylvania Monthly," February,
1874. P. 1874.

Member of the Boston Bar, A.
Peleq Whitman Chandler. Review of the
D'Hauteville case ... By . . . B. 1841.

Memiber of the Boston Society of
the New Jerusalem, A. Theophilus
Parsons, LL.D. Sunday lessons . . .
By . . . B. 1838.

Member of the Bourne Family, A.
-/.• Walford. Memoirs of tlie life and
labours of . . . Hugh Bourne. By . . .
L. 1854.

Member of the C U. B. C. [Cam-
bridge University Boat Club], A. J. F.
Bateman. Aquatic notes . . . By . . .
Camb. 1852.

Member of the Church, A. George
Andrew Witte. A petition addressed to
the Right Reverend Fathers, the Bisliops
of the Church of Christ, in the United
States ... By . . . Bait. 1874.

Member of the Church established
by the Law, A. W. B. Clarke, A.M.
The reviewer reviewed . . . Poole, 183(i.

Member of the Church of England,
A. Samuel iJean. The sum and sub-
stance of the four evangelists ... By . . .
Oxf. 1726.

Member of the Church of Scot-
land, A. Robert Findlay, D.D. A per-
suasive to the enlargement of psalmod}-
. . . By . . . Glasgow, 17()3.

3Ienlber of the College of Physi-
cians, A. John Moyle. The present ill
state of the practice of physick in this
nation. By . . . L. 1702.

Member .of the College of Physi-
cians, A. Richard Pearson, M.D. The-
saurus medicaminum . . . By ... L.

Member of the College of Surgeons




of liOndon, A. Edward Crisp, M.D.
The Hunterian oration (Feb. 14, 1851)
that would have been delivered by . . .
if permission had been granted ... L.

Member of the Committee, A. Philip
Freeman. Thoughts on the proposed dis-
solution of the Cambridge Camden So-
ciety, suggested for the consideration of
the members. By ... L. 1845.

Member of the Committee, A.
Charles Alan Fijffe, M.A. Remarks on
the scheme proposed by the building
committee of the Oxford Union Society.
By . . . n.p., n.d.

Member of the Consociation and
Association, A. Itev. Jonathan Todd.
A defence of tlie doings of the Reverend
Consociation and Association of New
Haven County . . . By . . . New Haven,

Member of the Constitution Club,
A. Nicholas Amhurst{1). The Protest-
ant session ... L. 1719.

Member of the Council, A. .Joseph
Goffe. The I'esult of an ecclesiastical
council at Princeton, March 7, 1817 . . .
By . . . Worcester, 1817.

Member of the Council of the Na-
tional Union, A. Sir William Thomas
Cliarley. Conservative legislation for
the working classes. No. I. Mines and
factories. Qy ... L. 1872.

Member of the Court, The. John
Downie. The substance of a speech ad-
dressed to the . . . synod of Ross . . . 1810.
By . . . Inverness, 1810.

Member of the Episcopal Church,
A. Sa7uuel Seabnri/, D.D. An address
to the ministers of the Presbyterian and
Independent persuasions of the United
States of America. By . . . 1790.

Member of the Faculty of Advo-
cates, A. Archibald Alison. Remarks
on the administration of criminal jus-
tice in Scotland . . . By . . . Edinb.

Member of the First Syndicate, A.
George Peacock. Remarks on the replies
to the observations on the plans for the
new library, etc. By . . . Camb. 18-31.

3Iember of the House of Commons,
A. Tliomas Gordon. An answer to the
country parson's plea against the Quak-
ers' tythe-bill. L. 1736.

Also ascribed to Lord Hervey.

Member of the House of Commons,
A. William Pulteneij, Earl of Bath. The
case of the revival of the salt duty . . .
In a letter from ... L. 1732.

Member of the House of Commons,
A. Archibald Htitcheson. A letter to the

author of the Calculations in the White
Hall " Evening Post," relating to South
Sea stock ... By . . . L. 1720.

Member of the House of Commons,
A. William Benson. The plebeian. L.

Also ascribed to Sir Richard Steele.

Member of the Household of his
late Majesty, Nussir-u-deen, King of
Oude. William Knighton. The private
life of an Eastern king. By ... L. 1855.

Member of the Incorporated Soci-
ety, A. David Stephens. Thoughts . . .
for the rehef of the poor . . . By . . .
Dublin, 1746.

Member of the Inner Temple, A.
James Holbert Wilson. Temple Bar the
city Golgotha ... By . . . L. 1853.

Member of the Manchester Cor-
poration, A. William Medccdf. A plea
for Ireland . . . By . . . Manchester,

Member of the Massachusetts Bar,
A. John Pickeiing. National rights and
State rights : a review of the case of Alex-
ander McLeod ... By . . . B. 1841.

Member of the Massachusetts Bible
Society, A. Abiel Holmes, D.D. An his-
torical sketch of the English translations
of the Bible, by . . . B. 1815.

Member of the Massachusetts His-
torical Society, A. JosejJi McKean,
D.D. Addition to Wood's continuation
of Dr. Goldsmith's History of England
... By . . . B. 1815.

Member of the Metropolitan Board
of Health, A. B.Dixon. Practical sug-
gestions for removing all the sewage from
the dwellings in and about London, etc.
By . . . L. 1858.

Member of the New Athehian Soci-
ety, A. Joitn Dtinton. The new practice
of piety writ in imitation of Dr. Browne's
" Religio Medici "... By . . . L. 1704.

Member of the N. E. Hist. Geneal.
Soc, A. John Dane. ... A pedigree
of the Dane family. B. 1854,

Member of the Ncav Orleans Bar,
A. James P. Boi/d. Brief analysis of
the Militarj^ Bill,' by . . . New Orleans,

Member of the Ne>v York Bar, A.
Abraham Oal.-eij Hall. A review of the
■Webster case. ' By - . . N.Y. 1850.

Member of the New York Histori-
cal Society, A. Henrij Barton Dairson.
The eastern boundary of New Jersey : a
review of a paper . . . and a i-ejoinder
to the reply of . . . N.Y. 1866.

Member of the Protestant Episco-
pal Association, in South Carolina.
Rei\ Henry Pnrcell. Strictures on the




love of power in the prelacy . . . By . , .
Charleston, 1795.

Member of the said Synod, A. Rev.
John Thomson. An overture presented to
the Reverend Synod of dissenting minis-
ters sitting in Philadelphia . . . 1728 ... .
By . . . P. 1729. , '■

Member of the Same, A. Rev. Georye
Frederick Simvions. A letter to the so-
called " Boston Churches," which are in
truth only parts of one Church. By . . .
B. 1846.

Member of the Scotish Bar, A.
James C-rrahame. Vindication of tlie
Scotish Presbyterians and Covenanters
... By . . . Glasgow, 1817.

Member of the Senate, A. Mm
Howard Mnrsdeii. A letter to . . . the
Duke of Devonshire ... L. 1863.

Member of the Society, A. David
Spence. Arithnietick compendiz'd . . .
Edinb. 1721.

Member of the Society, A. Daniel
^Wi/son, M.A. A respectful address to
the Most Rev. Archbishops . . . members
of the Society for Promoting Christian
Knowledge ... By . . . L. ISKJ.

Member of the Society for Consti-
tutional Information, A. Sir William
.[ones. Dialogue between a farmer and
a country gentleman, on the principles
of government, written hy . . . L.

3Iember of the Society of Antiqua-
ries of London, A. Philip Carteret Wdih.
(1) A short account of Danegeld. L. 175(i.
— (2) A sliort account of some particulars
■ couceruiug Domes Dav Book . . . By . . .
L. 17-')6.

Mf-mber of the Spital-ficlds Benevo-
lent Society, A. Irviii.(j Brock-. A let-
ter to tiie inhabitants of Spital-hclds, on
the characters anfl views of modern re-
formers. By . . . L. 1817.

Member of the University, A. Sir
William ./ones. Oration intended to liave
been spoken in the theatre at Oxford, on
the 9tli of July, 177;'., by ... L. 177.').

Member of the University, A. Fraji-
ris Ai/sroii.(/h, ]J.D. A proper answer to
a late abusive pamjjldct [by Tliomas To-
vey], entitled "Tlie Winchester converts"
... By. . . Oxf. 17;>5.

Member of the University of Cam-
brid<;e, A. William .loms. 'I'lii- consti-
tutional criterion; by. . . L. 1768.

Member of the University of Cam-
brldfjc, A. Ri'v. Samnel Rome. An ejjit-
DUK! of Paley's I'rinciples of moral and
jiolitical philosophy. By ... L. 1825.
Also, Epitome of the evidences of Chris-
tianity. E. 1 82-.

Member of the University of Cam-
bridge, A. Thomas Perronet Thompson.
The first book of Euclid's Elements . . .
By . . . L. 1830.

Member of tlie University of Cam-
bridge, A. Henrfi Car//. The Odyssey
tr,anslated into English prose . . . By . . .
L. 1823.

Member of the University of Cam-
bridge, A. Coni/ers MMdIeton. (1) Re-
marks . . . upon the proposals lately pub-
lish'd by Richard Bentiey, for a new edi-
tion of the Greek Testament, and Latin
vei-sion ... By . . . L. 1721. — (2) A
second part of the Full and impartial
account of all the late proceedings in
the University of Cambridge against Dr.
Bentiey. By . . . L. 1716.

Member of the University of Cam-
bridge, A. Edward Tew. Resignation
no proof. By ... L. 1776.

31ember of the University of Ox-
ford, A. John I. Briscoe. The Gospel ac-
cording to Mark : revised. By ... L. 1870.

Member of the University of Ox-
ford, A. Thomas Wintle. A letter to the
Lord Bishop of Worcester [Bisiiop Hurd]
... By . . . Oxf. 1796.

Also attributed to Ralph Chtirtoii.

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