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welt : roman . . . Berlin, 1868.

Nemo. George Wilder Fox.

Nemo. Hablvt Knir/ht Browne. His
signature to the first two plates — to the
" Pickwick Papers," — which he after-
wards changed to " Phiz."

" Nemo," of Louisiana. John L. Me-
gee. Reveries in rh^vnie. N.Y. 1846.

Neologist, The. Ril/erl Charles Sands,
in the New York " Commercial Ad-

Nephew^ of an East India Director,
The. Aiif/iistu.:> Bosanquet. India seventy
years ago. By ... L. 1881.

Nepomuk. Rev. Julius Axe! Kiellman-
Goransoii. Kiirlekens seger.

Nestor. Alexander Carlyle. A paper
so signed in support of the Duke of

New England Lady, A. 71/i'ss Maria
J. B. Browne. Laura Huntley : a storv
for girls ... By . . . B. 1850. ^

New England Pastor, A. Nathanael
Emmons. D.D. The platform of ecclesi-
astical government established by the
Lord Jesus Christ. Discourse of ... to
}iis flock, March 26, 1826. Providence,
R.I., 1826.

Ne^v Writer, A. Charles Wood.
Buried alone •. a story by . . . L. 1869.

NcAV Writer, A. Lewis Moj-ris.
Songs of two worlds.

New York Detective, A. James
Branijiton. Leaves from the note-book
of . . . The private record of J. B. N.Y.

New York Presbyter, A. Rer. John
Cotton Smith. The New Missionary So-
ciety. N.Y. 1860.

New Yorker, A. Daniel Curry, D.D.,
fJj.D. New York: a historical sketch
... By . . . N.Y. 1853.




Ne^wport, AndrcTV. Daniel Defoe.

Newton, Charles E. C. E. Ferine.

Newton, R. Edward Cave.

" In 1731 Cave purchased a small printing
office at St. John's Gate, Olerkenwell. Here, in
the gateway of the old priory of the Knights of
St. John, he started husiness as a printer, under
the name of ' R. Newton,' and began the ' Gen-
tleman's Magazine.' "

Nicolovius. Rev. Nils Loven. Folk-
lifoet i Skytts harad . . .

Nigard, Salomo. Samuel Draing.

Nilla. Mrs. Abby Allin Curtiss.

Nimrod, Lady. William Makepeace
Thackeray. The lion hunters of Bel-
gravia; being . . . 's journal of the past
season. " Punch," August and Septem-
ber, 1850.

Nine Authors. Miss Frances Aivdry,
Miss M. Bramston, Miss Christabel R.
Coleridge, Miss A. E. Anderson Morshead,
Miss C. M. Yonge, Miss F. M. Peard,
Miss Mary 8. Lee, Miss Eleanor Price,
and Miss Florence Wilford. The miz
maze ; or, the Winkworth puzzle : a
story in letters. By ... L. 188-.

Nipclose, Sir Nicholas, Baronet.
David Garrick. The tlieatres : a poeti-
cal dissection. L. 1772.

No Fisher but a Well-w^isher to
the Game. Sir Walter Scott.

Noaek, Gubben. Karl Ekstrom.
Skogvaktarens berattelser. Sthlm. 1873.

Noble Celsus, The. Charles Mon-
tagu, Earl of Halifax.

Noble Commander in America, A.
John Campbell, 4th Earl of Loudoun. The
conduct of . . . impartially reviewed, etc.
L. 1758.

Noble Lord, A. John Campbell, 4th
Earl of Loudoun. An answer to a let-
ter . . . vindicating ... L, 1760.

Noble liord, A. Lord George Sack-
ville. Viscount Sackville. The conduct
of . . . [at the battle of Minden, Aug. 1,
1759] scrutinized. By a volunteer who
was near his person . . . [/.e. John Doug-
las]. L. 1759.

Noble Lord, A. Anthony Ashley
Cooper, 3d Earl of Shaftesbury. Several
letters written by ... to a young man
at the university. L. 1716.

Nobleman, A. William Russell, LL.D.
The history of Modern Europe ... in a
series of letters from ... to his son. L.

Nobleman, A. James Howard Harris,
Viscount Fitzharris, 3d Earl of Malmes-
bury. A reply to the pamplilet [by
Henry Southern and Sir George Vil-
liers], entitled " The policy of Eng-
land towards Spain." By . . . L.

Noble Peer, A. Robert Harley, Earl
of Oxford. Part of the seventh epistle
of the first book of Horace imitated, and
addressed to . . . [by Jonathan Swift].
L. 1713.

Noblesse Oblige. Howard Evans.
Our old nobility. By . . . L. 1886.

Nobody. Rev. James Cook Richmond.
Nothing. By . . . P. 1827.

Nobody (the Writer). John Freder-
ick Denison Maurice. Dialogue between
Somebody . . . and Nobody., L. 18— 7.

No Matter by Whoni. James Ralph.
The case of authors by profession or
trade stated ... L. 1758.

Non-commissioned Officer, A. John
Fletcher. Advice to the British soldier.
By . . . L. 1839.

Non-Intrusionist, A. John Hamilton.
Memorial submitted to Her Majesty's
government . . . Edinb. 1842.

Noque, Ore. Bessie C. Blakeman.
Historicals for young folks. Bv . . .
B. 1874.

Norden, Marie. Friederike Wolf-
hagen. Columbus und seine zeit; his-
torischer roman. Wien, 1861.

Norman, Johannes. Chr. Winter-
Hjehn. Interniezzoer (Inpass).

Normannus. Thomas Stott. In de-
fence of the Protestant Loyalists of
Ireland. In "Gent. Mag.," 1801, p.

North, Christopher. Willia m Mag in n .
A happy New Year to the true men of
the land, from ... " Blackwood's Mag.,"
January, 1824, p. 124.

Ascribed by Mackenzie to Maginn.

North Briton, A. <S''V Whitelaw{'>y
Ainslie, M.D. Pizano : a tragedy in five
acts ... By . . . 1799. — See "Notes
and Queries," 1859, p. 305.

Norton, Miss Elena. Miss

O'Hea. The rose and the ring. L. 188-.

NorAveb, J. J. Browne, in " Humor-
istische Operafantasien . . . Amsterdam,.

Norwich Quaker, The. J6hn Gurney.
The Callico Quaker's [Jolin Eggleston]
speech to the . . .House of Lords. In
opposition to . . . L. 1720.

Not by the Editor of " Captain
Rock's 3Iemoirs." Joseph Blanco White.
Second travels of an Irish gentleman in
search of a religion . . . Dublin, 1833.

Nothing, Marcus. Morice Dreyfus.

Nottingham Poet, The. Philip
James Bailey.

NovusHomo. William John Conrthope.
The Tercentenary of Corydon : a bucolic
drama ... By . . . Oxf . 1864.

Noyes, McLeod-. Francis T. Patton.




Nunez, May. Mrs. Senator Spencer.
The story of Mary. N.Y. 1885.
: Nyky. Isaac Bicker staffs. Love in
the suds : a town eclogue. Being the

lamentation of Eoscius [D. Garrick] for
the loss of his ... L. 1772.

This was written by William Kenrick, LL.D.,
1779, and was grossly abusive of Mr. Garrick.

o. fyk

O. Samuel Osgood, D.D., in - the
" Christ. Exam."

O. Rev. Henry Atkinson. Signature
in the " Cornish Mag.," 1828, p. 155.

O., A., LiLi.D. Abraham Oakes. The
story of Balaam and his ass . . . By . . .
L. 1751.

0-, F. S. Frances Sargent (^Locke) Os-
good. VVarblings. By... B. 1850.—
See " Greenwood, Grace."

O. 31., Haberdasher. Alexander Car-
li/le. Plain reasons for removing a cer-
tain great man [the elder Pitt] from His
M — y's presence and councils forever . . .
By... Edinb. 1758.

O., S. Samuel Osgood, in tlie " Christ.
Exam," Vol. XLIIL, p. 1.
' O-, S. Sf/dneif Oicenson, Lady Sydney
Morgan. St. Clair ; or, the heiress of
Desmond. By . . . L. 1803.

0.,W.,Esq. William Oldijs. Camden's
Britannia : translated probably by Mr. O.

O , Comte d'. Arsene Hoiissage.

Le jeu de la vie et le jeu de I'amour.
Public en 1866 par la " Revue du XIX«

O***, Charles. Le Comte Charles Denis
William 0' Kellij. Paroles d'un voyage ur.
Paris, 1835.

O****. Oscar II., King of Sweden,
has contributed poems to some periodi-
cals under this signature.

O — r. 0. Brander. ITumoristiska
rodfargskonturer for 1867. Sthlm. 1867.

Oats, Sergeant. J. B. Vawter. Prison
life in Dixie . . . Chicago, 1880.

0'13., Arthur. Richard Be.adon Brad-
ley. Review [of "The crowning of tlie
British poetesses. A poem"]. By. . .
" Cornish Mag.," 1828.

O'Dowd, Darby. Mrs. Kate Lubij.

O'Gorinan, William. William Little

O'Hara, Barnes. Mic}ia('l Banim.

O'Shanter, Tarn. Thomas Archer.

Obscure and Nameless Bard in the
Braes of Angus, An. Joseph Gordon.
Poetical trifles. \iy . . . Forfar, 1825.

Observator. Samuel Blodget. Thoughts
on the incrciising wealth of tlie United
States. \V. 1801.

Observator on Warton, The. Joseph

Observer, An. John Emory, D.D. His
signature to several articles in the " Na-
tional Messenger," Georgetown, D.C.,
which were afterwards published in a
pamphlet under the title, "The divinity
of Christ vindicated from the cavils and
objections of Mr. John Wright." 1817.

Observer. John P ode Drake. On the
so-called Armstrong gun. In the " Me-
chanic's Mag." (N.S.), II., p. 381. 1859.

Observer, An. .lames Everett. The
" Iron Question " vindicated .. . . By . . .
L. 1857.

Observer, An. John Alexander, D.D.
Review of certain recent proceedings of
the Kirk ... By . . . Edinb. 1839.

Observer, An. John Corri/. A satir-
ical view of London at the commence-
ment of the xixth century. By . . .
L. 1801.

Observer, An. Cyril Pearl. Tale of
intemperance. By ... B. 1839.

Occasional Contributor, An. Al-
fred Porter Putnam. " Can two walk
together except they be agreed "? " By
... B. 1870.

Occasional Writer in the British
Critic, An. Samuel Parr, LL.D. Re-
marks on the statement of Mr. George
Combe. By . . . L. 1795.

Occultarius, Cosmopolites, etc.
Elizabeth Craven, Baroness Craven, after-
wards Margravine of Anspach-Baireuth.
Pleasant passetime for Christmas even-
ings; or, tlie predictions of . . . L. 1795.

Octavius. Francis C. Bliss. The
nauglity man ; or, Sir Thomas Brown.
By . . . Newark, N.J., 1878.

Octogenarian, An. Baptist Noel
Turner, M.A. Extracts from ..." Nugai
Canoraj " ; or, amusements of Scribble-
thorpe Hall ... By . . . — See Nichols'
" Illustrations of Literature," VI., pp.

Octogenarian of Philadelphia, An.
Matlmc Carey. The Querist. An humble
imitation of a work under a similar title
published by the celebrated Berkeley,
Bishop of Cloyne ... By . . . 1'. 1839.




Octogenary Pen, An. Mrs. Hester
Lynch (Thrale Salusbury) Piozzi. Love
letters, written when she was eighty, to
the handsome actor, William Augustus
Conway, aged twenty-seven, " written at
three, four, and five o'clock (in the morn-
ing) by ... a heart twenty-six years old,
and as H. L. P. feels it to be, all your
own." Letter V., 1820.

Odd, Orvar. Oscar Patrih Sturzen-
Becker. Samlade ax. Nya dikter af.
Sthlm. 1868.

Ornskog, Sonen i. Adolf Ivar Ar-
ividsson. Ungdoms rimfrost af.

Officer, An. Benjamin Franklin
Webster. Annals of the Army of the
Cumberland ... By . . . P. 1863.

Also ascribed to John Fitch.

Officer, An. Thomas Thrush. Apol-
ogy of . . . for withdrawing from the pro-
fession of arms ... L. 1833.

Officer, An. Archibald Alexander
Douglas. Christ still on earth ... By
. . . ■ L. 1865.

Officer, An. William Blakeney. A
few short addresses. By . . . 1877.

Officer, An. Hon. Henry Seymour
Conway. The military arguments in the
letter to a right honourable author fully
considered. By ... L. 1758.

Officer, An. George Robert Gleig.
Narrative of the campaigns of the Brit-
ish army at Washington and NeAV Or-
leans in 1814 and 1815 ... By . . . L.

Officer, An. Lord Edward Thurlow.
A refutation of the letter of an Hon.
brigadier general, commander of ^is
Majesty's forces in Canada. By . . .
L. 1760.

Officer, An. James Glenie. A short
essay on the modes of defence best
adapted to the situation and circum-
stances of this island . . . By ... L.

Officer, An. Col. Moyle Sherer.
Sketches of Ladia. Written by . . . L.

Officer, An. J. Cunningham. Strict-
ures on military discipline . . . By . . .
L. 1774.

Officer, An. Capt. William Trant.
Two years in Ava, and the operations of
the Burmese war. By . . . 1827.

Officer in the Archdeacon's Court,
An. Edward Steward. Suggestions [by
Henry Bathurst, Archdeacon of Nor-
wich] for readjusting the present church
rate system . . . also, two letters from
. . . L. 1835.

Officer in the Army, An. Gen.
Murray. Speculative ideas on the

probable consequences of an invasion
... By . . . L. 1782.

Officer in the Commissariat De-
partment of the Army, An. John
Edgecumbe Daniel. Journal of . . . com-
prising a narrative of tlie campaigns
under . . . Wellington, in Portugal,
Spain, France, and the Netherlands, in
the years 1816-18 ... L. 1820.

Officer in the Service of the £ast
India Company, An. Richard Hall
Gower. A treatise on the theory and
practice of seamanship . . . By ... L.

Officer in the Service of the Hon.
East India Company, An. John
Clunes. A short account of the Pin-
daries, preceded by historical notices of
the different Maliratta states. By . . .
L. 1818.

Officer of Rank in the Squadron,
An. Sir Edward Berry. An authentic
narrative of the proceedings of His Maj-
esty's squadron under the command of
. . . Nelson ... L. 1798.

Officer of State, An. F. Hartig.
Genesis ; or, the details of the Aus-
trian revolution [of 1848]. By . . .
L. 1872.

Officer of the Bombay Division,
An. T. W. E. Holdsworth. Cam-
paign of the Indus . . . from ... L.

Officer of the Ninth Regiment,
An. General Charles William Thompson.
Twelve months in tlie Britisli legion.
By . . . L. 1836.

Officer of the Regiment, An. Joseph
M. Califf. Record of the services of the
seventh regiment. United States colored
troops, from September, 1863, to No-
vember, 1866. By . . . Providence,

Officer of the Royal Navy, An.
H. C. Goldsmith. The golden Cher-
sonese ; or, the Logan rock restored. By
. . . Penzance, 1824.

Officer of the Royal TVavy, An.
Rear Admiral Henry Gage Morris. Ques-
tions on the Pentateuch . . . By ... L.

Officer of the United States Army,

An. Sergeant Atkins. A tale of

adventure. By . . . P. 1871. ' -

Officer of the Volunteer Corps,
An. Archibald Campbell Eraser. Short
thoughts on the present price of provis-
ions. By . . . L. 1800.

Officer of Zouaves, An. Jean Joseph
Gustave Cler. Peminiscences of . . .
N.Y. 1860.

Officer on Half-Pay, An. William




Gregorij Dawkins. The position of officers
in the army. L.(1) 1873.

Officier de I'armee navale en Ame-
rique en 1781-82, Un. Comte Francois
Joseph Paul de Grasse-Tilli/. Journal
d' . . . (as described in two contemporary
journals). Amsterdam, 1783.

Old Army Surgeon, An. Samuel
Dickson. Wliat killed Mr. Drummondj
the lead or lancet ? By ... L. 1843.

Old Asiatic Merchant, An. Alexander
Robertson. Eeflexions on the present diffi-
culties of the country . . . By ... L. 1820.

Old Author in a New^ Walk, An.
John Richard Best, aiterwaTds John Richard
Beste ; still later John Richard Dighif Beste.
(1) Isidora ; or, the adventures of a Nea-
politan. A novel. L. 1841. — (2) The
pope : a novel. By ... L. 1840.

Old Bachelor, An. William Lloyd
Garrison. Breach of marriage promise.
In the Newburyport (Mass.) "Herald,"

Old Bohemian, An. Gustave Louis
Maii-ice Strauss. (1) Tlie reminiscences
■of . . . L. 18—. — (2) Stories by . . . L.

Old Book. ./. P. Schmidt. Les
eglises gotliiques. Paris, 1837.

" Old Boy," An. Edward Bellasis.
The " Phormio " at the oratory school,
1881. By... 1881.

Old Brother Officer, An. Col.
W. M. Leake(l). A letter to Colonel
Chesney . . . By . . . , who served many
years in Turkey. L. 1854.

01<1 Buffer, The. Frederick Gale.
Modern English §ports : their use and
abuse. L. 188-. ,

Old Bullion. Thomas Hart Benton.
A sobriquet of this eminent statesman.

Old Bushman, An. Horace William
Wheelwright. (1) A sprinnc and summer
in Lapland. L. 18G-. — (2) Ten years in
Sweden... L. 1805.

Old Business Man, An. George
Draper. Sane views on the tariff ques-
tion. By . . . B. 1880.

Old Catholic, An. Arthur Cleveland
Coxe. Catholics and Roman Catholics.
By . . . Buffalo, 1874.

Old Cavalry Officer, An.- Charles
Montauhan Carmichael. A rough sketch
of the rise and progress of the Irregular
Horse of the Bengal army. By . . .
[Paris, 1847(?)].

" Old Chapultepec." W infield Scott.

Old-clothes Philosopher, An. Wil-
liam Brnde. fEdii)us on the sphinx of
the nineteenth century ; or, politico-
polemical riddles interpreted. By . . .
L. 1862.

Old Contributor, An. Mrs. Annie
(^Thomas') Cudlip. The Helston Flora
Day. By... In "The Queen," 1868.

Old Contributor to Maga, An.
Charles Neaves, Lord Neaves, Songs
and verses, social and scientific. Edinb.

Old Cornish Woman, An. Alary
Keli/nack. Aunt Mavor's picture books
for little readers. The old Cornish wo-
man. L. 1853.

Old Diplomatic Servant, An. Henry
Headley Parish. British diplomacy illus-
trated in the affair of the " Vixen "...
By . . . Newcastle, 1838.

Old Divine, An. Matthew Henry. The
communicant's companion . . . Abridged
from the work of . . . L. 1814.

Old Ex-Scholar of Trinity College,
Dublin, An. Thomas Wallace, LL.D. A
review of the doctrine of personal iden-
tity ... By . . . L. 1827.

Old FolloM'^er, An. Henry Ducie
Chads. Memoir of Admiral Sir Henry
Ducie Chads, G.C.B. By . . . Portsea,

Old Grog. Admiral Edward Vernon,
so called by his sailors because he wore
a grograni cloak in foul weather.

Old Hand, An. Thomas E. Bryan.
The art of book canvassing; or, agent's
aid. By . . . N.Y. 1875.

Old Hereditary Burgess, An. Sir
James Foiilis. Observations on the pro-
posed bridge and bridge-tax : humbly
offered to the town-council of Edinburgh
. . . By . . . Edinb. 1775.

Old Hurrygraph. James A. Robinson.

Old Jacob. .James II. of England.

Old Line Democrat, An. George
Wilkes. " McClellan " : who he is and
what he has done ... By . . . N.Y. 1864.

Old Looker on of Cliange, An. Ed-
mund Carrington. The Victoriad ; or, the
New World : an epic ... of the Victorian
a!ra ... By . . . L. 1861.

Old Maid, An. E. Carrington. Con-
fessions of ... L. 1828. ■ ■

01d3Ian, An. Mrs. William Pitt Byrne.
" De omnibus rebus "... discursive
ramblings on the road of every day life.
By . . . L. 1887.

Old Man, An. John Payne Collier.
An (). M.'s diary forty years ago.

Old 3Ian, An. Alexander Dalrymple.
Thoughts of ... on the high price of
corn. L. 1800.

01d-3Ian-\vith-a-Cane. Benjamin

Penh(dloiv Shillaber. His signature in the
Hartford " Evening Post."

Old Member of Parliament, An.
Richard Glover. Considerations on the




attorney-general's proposition for a bill
for the establishment of peace with
America. By ... L. 1782.

Old Member of Parliament, An.
John Eanby. Doubts on tlie abolition of
the slave trade. By ... L. 1790.

Old Member of Parliament, An.
Philip Withers. riiilo-Theodosius ; or, a
new edition of Theodosius . . . By . . .
L. 1790.

Old Oak. James Oakes. 1880.

Old Observer, An. RoioLund Hill.
Spiritual characteristics . . . By ... L.

Old Officer, An. Walter Bromley.
Distressed and destitute state of the in-
habitants of Spain and Portugal, respect-
ing moral and religious instruction. By
... L. 1813.

Old Pastor, An. Bev. Thomas John
Mackee. Morning musings. By . . .
Huntingdon, 1859.

Old Peninsular, An. Thomas Boys.
My Peninsular medal. In " Blackwood,"
November, 1849, to July, 1850.

Old Pioneer, An. George H. Gilman.
History of the town of Houlton (Maine).
From 1804 to 1883. Haverhill, Mass.,

Old Prairie Hen, An. Catherine Nich-
ols. Wild flowers of the West. By . . .
Chicago, 1874.

Old Printer, An. William Dorrington.
Composing-room lectures ... L. 1878.

Old Public Functionary. James

Old Put. Israel Putnam.

Old Resident, An. William Arm-
strong. The aristocracy of New York :
wlio they are and what they were. By
. . . N.Y. 1848.

Old Resident, An. Albert H. Porter.
Niagara. Past and present, 1805-1875.
By . . . 1875.

Old Revieiver, An. Sir Henry Bul-
tcer, afterwards Lord Dalling. A pam-
phlet on Crimean questions. By . . .
L. 1863.

Old Rowley. Charles IT. of England.

Old Soldier, An. William Francis
Butler. The invasion of England, told
twenty years after. By ... L. 188-.

Old Student, An. John Barling.
Leaves from my writing desk; being-
tracts on the question, What do we
know '? By . . . L. 1872.

"Old Tip" [or Tippecanoe]. William
Henry Harrison.

Old Traveller, An. James Silk Buck-
ingham. A summer trip to Weymoutli
and Dorchester . . . From the note
book of . . . L. 1842.

OldWi^gie. James Davids


times so called because he liad a habit
of pulling off his wig and beating delin-

quent pupils with it

" Old Zach." Zachary Taylor.

Oldboy, Oliver. George Bailej/.

Oldbuck, Jonathan. Ramsay

in Scott's " Antiquar3\"

Oldcastle, Geoffrey, Gent. William
Mudford. The Canterbury Magazine.
Canterbury, Eng., 1834-35. '

Oldcastle, Humphrey, Esq. Nicho-
las Amhurst. Remarks on the history of
England. From the minutes of . . . L.

Also ascribed to Henry St. John, Viscount

Older One who has been through.

An. Atkinson. Letter to a j'oung

man who has just entered college from
... B. 1849.

Oldest School Inspector, The. Jo-
seph Bentlei/. (1) Moral culture for the
people... By... L. 1865. — (2) The vast
expense of ignorance to the Queen's sub-
jects. By . . . L. 1870. — (3) What to
do and how to do it when an election
comes . . . By ... L. 1868.

Olinthus. William J. A. Sheehy.
Reminiscences of Rome ... L. 1858.

Oliver. Oliver Gibhs. 1880.

Olle Niimarker, De. Karl. Valentin
Immanuel Loffler. U't dorp ; lustige
vertellungen van'n oU'n niimarker. Jena,

Omega. Robert Piatt. Cornish saints.
By . . . In the « Cornish Mag.," 1828.

Omega. G. Gilbert. 1867.

One call'd an High-church man.
Charles Leslie. The second part of the
wolf stript of his shepherd's cloathing
... By . . . L. 1707.

One in the Ranks. Michael Con-
stable. Othello in hell, and The infant ;
with a brancli of olives. By . . . Dub-
lin, 18-48.

One intimately acquainted with
him. Cotton Mather. PietAs in patri-
am. The life of his Excellency Sir Wil-
liam Phips, Knt. . . . Written by . . .
L. 1697.

One lately a 3Iember of the Imme-
diate Government of the College.
Andrcn-s Norton. Remarks on a report,
etc. Camb. 1824.

One Miso-Dolos. Charles Leslie. The
good old cause ; or, lying in truth . . .
By . . . L. 1710.

One of Dr. Wheelock's pupils.
Levi Frisbie. On the rise and progress of
Moor's Indian charity school, etc. By
. . . 1811.





One of her 3Iinisters. Thomas
Dowell. Farewell to the outward bound
... By . . . L. 1849.

One of his Candid Neighbours.

Joseph Bellanii/, U.D. A letter to [S.
Webster] the reverend author of the
Winter-evening conversation on origi-
nal sin, from ... B. 1758.

One of Ms Congregation. Edna
Dean Proctor. Life thoughts, gathered
from his [Henry W.ard Beecher] . . . dis-
courses, by . . . B. 1858.

One of His Constituents. Francis
Darr. Our Pacific possessions. Eail-
way to the Pacific ... A letter ... to
Hon. Benjamin Franklin Wade . . . By
... W. 1861.

One of his Constituents. Edward
Cop/eston, JJ.D. A second letter to the
Eight Hon. Robert Feel, M.P. ... By
. . . Oxf. 1819.

One of his Sons. C. Ma/an. Life
and writings of Ce'sar Malan. By . . .
L. 1839.

One of his Sons. Thomas Howard
Gill. The Rev. William Gill: a sketch,
by . . . L. 1871.

One of its Slaves. Mrs. Sarah
Brid'/es Stebhins. Annals of a baby . . .
N.Y." 1877.

One of No Party. Richard Crnttirell.
Reform without revolution ! . . . By . . .
L. 1839.

One of the Aldermen. Henrij Chris-
topher Combe. Substance of a speech de-
livered in the Court of Common Council
... By . . . L. 1812.

Oiie of the Cock and Hen Club.
George Steevens.

" In a few days after tlie Doctor's [Dr. Hicbaid
Farmer] death, the following jcu il'esprit (not
improbably by his friend, Mr. George Steevens)
appeared in one of the daily papers: ' Tliis emi-
nent critiek . . . composed some of his pleasantest
works in an arbour on the verge of a pond where
he resided . . . and he amused himself with a vari-
ety of water-fowls, which covered his pond, and
which, with others not of an aquatic nature, were
much admired by all those who visited his hospi-
table mansion. These birds, a Cambridge friend
informs me, he disposed of in the following man-
ner: —

" ' " My geese I give and bequeath to the Heads
of the University.

My ducks and dralces — to Sir Henry Vane

My peacock — to the Duchess of Gordon.

My guinea-fowls — to Colonel Cawthorne.

My pigeons — to 1-ady IJuckingbarashire, etc.

My doves — to the Princess.

My Rcreech-owl — to Mrs. ^fattock8.

My humming-bird — to Mr. Courtney.

My bantams — to Tommy Onslow.

My chicken — to Nf. A. 'I'aylor.

My king-tisher — to the French Directors.

Mycock-sparrow — to the Duke of CJueensbury.

My old gray i)arrot — to Mrs. Cowley.

My pullets — to Lord William Gordon.

My cuckoo — to Mr. Esten.

My cormorant — to the Duke of Marlborough,

My goldtinches — to Sir William Pulteney.

My vulture — to Lord Lonsdale.

My eagle — to Mr. Pitt.

My jack-daws — to the Broad street beaux.

My magpie — to George Coliuau.

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