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And my rooks — to the Club at Brookes's." '"
— "Oracle," September 21. "One of the Cock
and Hen Club."

One of the Committee of the Ameri-
can Academy. Jacob Biyelo/r. A short
reply [to Marcus Bull's pamphlet]. B.

One of the Company. B. Chamiinf/
M. Page. Sketch of Page's Battery of
Morris' Artillery, 2d Corps, Army of
Northern Virginia. By . . . N.Y. 1885.

One of the Crew. P. D. Haijivood.
The cruise of the "Alabama." By : . .
B. 1886.

One of the Family. Joseph Harfwell
Williams. A brief study in genealogy ;
Connin, Conny, Cofiy, Coney, Cony. By
. . . Camb., Mass., 1885.

One of the Family of the
Bowleses. Williain Lisle Boicles. Re-
ply to an "Unsentimental sort of critic,"
the reviewer of " Spence's Anecdotes " in
the Quarterly Review for October, 1820
... By . . . L. 1820.

One of the Fancy. Pierce Ei/an.
Boxiana; or, sketches of antient and
modern pugilism. By ... L. 1812.

One of the Hearers. Cotton Mather.
The grand point of solicitude ... A ser-
mon ... B. 1715.

One of the Last Century. William
Sfemart Rose. Thoughts and recollec-
tions by . . . L. 1825.

One of the Magistrates of the
Public Office in Great Marlborougli
Street. Philip Neve, Esq. A letter to
the Rev. William Cockburne ... L.

One of the Majority. Rev. James
Gall. Six letters to ])r. Begg and his
protesting minority . . . From . . .
Edinb. 1808.

One of the blasters. John James
Charles A'orman. School services, com-
i piled for the use of the Forest School,
j Walthamstow. By . . . L. 1850.

One of the Members of the College.
Charles Coote. Sketches of the lives and
characters of eminent English civilians,
with an historical introduction relative to
the college of advocates . . . By. . . L.

One of the Ministers in Boston.
Cot/on Mather. (1) Sober sentiments
... By . . . B. 1722.— (2) The voice
of God in a tempest . . . B. 1723.

Oue of the Ministers in tlie Nortli-




part of Boston. Cottun Mather. The
soul upon the wing . . . By ... B. 1722.

One of the Ministers of the Gospel
ill Glasgow. James Clark. (1) The
cross and the crown ; or, a cluster of
cordials . . . by . . . Edinb. 1705. —
(2) The debaucherie and vices of the
present age . . . By . . . Edinb. 1707.

One of the Old School. liev. William
Bentinck Lethem Hawkins. Sketches of
country life and country matters by . . .
L. 1840.

One of the Old School. Bobert Sey-
))iour{1). The school-master abroad, by
... L. 1834.

One of the Old School. Colin Mac-
kenzie. Tavern anecdotes . . . By . . .
L. 1825.

Also ascribed, t6 WiUiam West.

One of the People. Thomas Frognall
Dibdin(}). A letter to the Earl of Liv-
erpool ... By . . . L. 1824.

One of the People. George Barrell
Cheever. The republic or the oligarchy ?
which ... By . . . N.Y. 1866.

One of the People. William Wirt.

" In 1808, he wrote the essays in the Richmond
'Enquirer' signed 'One of the People,' addressed
to the members of Congress who had joined in a
protest against the nomination of Mr. Madison to
the presidency."

One of the People called Christians.

Jeremiah Waring. Three letters, addressed
to the readers of Paine's Age of Reason.
By... L. 1797.

One of the Pilgrims. A. C. W. Trues-
dell. A California pilgrimage, by . . .
San Francisco, 1844.

One of the Professors. Thomas
C^ark, iU.D. The right of Marischal
College and University, Aberdeen, to
confer degrees . . . By . . . Aberdeen,

One of tlie Pupils. Mrs. Louisa
(Goddard) Whitney. The burning of
the convent . . . by . . . Camb., Mass.,

One of the Readers. Samuel Mather.
A letter to the author [John Clarke] of
a letter to Dr. Mather, etc., by . . . B.

One of the 687 F.R.S sss.

Dr. Augustus Bozzi Granville. Science
without a head ; or, the Eoyal Society
dissected. By ... L. n.d.

One of the Suffering Clergy of the
Church of Scotland. William Mglnc.
A time to weep ... a sermon . . . Edinb.

One of the Three Hundred. Flavel
S. Mines. Presbyterian clergyman look-
ing for the churcli. By . . . N.Y. 1849.

One of the Trustees. Samuel Bulkley
Haggles. The duty of Columbia College
to the community . . . by . . . N.Y. 1854.

One of their Brethren. John Walker,
F.T.C.D. The church in danger . . .
Addressed to the clergy . . . By . . .
Dublin, 1796.

One of their Gossips. Miss Eliza-
beth Tuckett. Our children's story. By
... L. 1870.

One of their own Class. John T.
Glanville. Servants defended. By . . .
Oxf. 1847.

One of them. Leonard Marsh. A
bake pan. For the dough-faces. By . . .

One of themselves. Daniel Ellis,
F.R.S. E. Considerations relative to
nuisance in coal-gas works . . . Ad-
di-essed to proprietors ... in the vicinity
of the oil-gas works at Tanfield. By . . .
Edinb. 1828.

One of themselves. Donald Bain.
Olden times; or, the rising of the ses-
sion. A comedy . . . By . . . Edinb.

One of themselves. William Make-
peace Thackeray. On literary snobs. In
a letter from ... to Mr. Smith, the cele-
brated penny-a-liner. " Punch," June,

One Recently Returned from the
Enemy's Country. Edward Alfred Pol-
lard. A letter on the state of the war.
By . . . Richmond, 1865.

One that has had Experience of
them. Cotton Mather, D.D. The night-
ingale ... By . . . B. 1724.

One that has perused the " Summer
Morning's Conversation." Charles
Chauncy. The opinion of ... B. 1758.

One that holds Communion with
the Church. John Humfrey. A sea-
sonable caution to the members of this
new parliament . . . By ... L. 1703.

One that was once a Scholar to
him. Cotton Mather. Corderius Amer-
icanus ... In a funeral sermon on Mr.
Ezekiel Cheever ... By . . . B. 1708.

One w^ell acquainted with some of
the Travellers. William Gustling. An
account of what seemed most remark-
able in the five days' peregrination of
the five following persons, viz., Messieurs
Tothall, etc. Imitated in Hudibrastics.
By... L. 1781.

One w^ho, as a Son Avith a Father,
served Avith him in the Gospel. Cot-
ton Mather, D.D. A father departing
. . . Dr. Increase Mather ... By . . .
B. 1723.

One who Believes the Christian



• • 'j tures. Joseph Rogerson Cotter.
■:;ng facts. England's sin ; Ireland's

, . ^Britain's peril. By . . . L. 1867.

'; ,o who for more than thirty

. ' ias dealt largely Avith money.

jj.'. Chambers. Everybody's question;

or, a few words on banking and currency.

By . . . L. 1864.

One Avho has been " almost wor-
ried to Death." Heiirt/ and Augustus
Maijhew. The greatest plague of life ;
or, the adventures of a lady in search of
a good servant. By ... P. 1847.

One who has impersonated them.
Ladii Helen Faucit ilartin. On some of
Shakespeare's women. By ... L. 1885.

One who has never lived out of it.
Thomas (reerutq. Our parish : a medley.
By . . . Hailsham, 1886.

One who has served. Alfred Wilks
Draqson. Tlie young dragoon. By . . .
L. 1870.

One who has served under Sir
Charles Napier. G. B. Malleson. The
meeting of the Bengal army . . . By . . .
L. 1857.

Also ascribed to Henry Charles Bunbury.

One w^ho "has some there." Al-
mira Se>/mour. Our silent city: a poem,
n.p. 1866.

One who heartily desires the Or-
der, Peace, and Purity of the
Churches. Tliomas Fitch, A.M. An
explanation of Say-Brook platform . . .
By . . . Hartford, 18(i3.

One Avho is also an Elder. Ricli-
ard Mant, IJ.I). A second letter to the
Rev. Henrv Hart Milman, M.A. ... By
. . . Oxf. 1830.

One Avho is no partizan or bigot.
Samuel f^ai/. Brief remarks, caution,
etc., to tlie inhabitants of tliis highly-
favoured nation, (Jld England. By . . .
L. 1700.

One who knoAvs. Charles Edward
Pickett. Sand-gambling versus mining-
gambling . . . From . . . San Francisco,

One who knows all about thein.
Lillie E. Burr. Dot and Dime. Two
characters in ebony. By ... B. 1877.

One who knows it well. C. R.
Lushinqlou. The practice of the Men-
dicity Society. Hy ... L. 1847.

One who Values Christianity for
its own sake, and believes in it as a
Revelation from God. John Nelson
Darhij. Dialogues on tiie essays and
reviews. By ... L. 180.".

One who w^as born in the Colony
of Massachusetts 15ay. Rer. lienjamin
PrescotI {''. ). A free and ('.'ilm considiTa-

tion of the unhappy misunderstandings
and debates which have of late years and
yet subsist between 'the Parliament of
Great Britain and these American colo-
nies . . .' Written by . . . Salem, Mass.,

One who ^vas there in 1857-58.
Walter Coningshij Erskine, Earl of Kellie.
A chapter of the Bengal mutiny . . . By
... L. 1871.

One Avho ^vishes vi^ell to him in
common ^vith 3Iankind. Rev. John
Clarke. A letter to Doctor Mather . . .
By . . . B. 1782.

Oneida. James Dugan. Doctor Dis-
pachemquic : story of the great Southern
plague of 1878. New Orleans, 1879.

Onesimus. Peter L. Courtier. The
pulpit. L. 1810-12.

Ongiiill. John Cresivell. P^ssays and
letters in the " World."

Onslow. John Caldwell Calhoun.
Onslow in reply to Patriclc Heiiry [Philip
Richard Fendall]. W. 1826.

Opera 3Ianager, An. J/a.r Maretzek.
Crochets and quavers ; or, revelations of
... in America. N.Y. 1855.

Opimius. William Henry Fitzhugh.
Controvers}'^ between Caius Gracchus
and ... in reference to the American
society for colonizing the free people of
colour of the United States . . . George-
town, D.C., 1827.

Opzoomer, Miss. Miss Wallis. Royal
favour. L. 1885.

Oraquill. Man/ Bornemann. Ma-
dame Jane Junk and Joe. By . . . San
Francisco, 187(i.

Orderly Sergen nt, An. E. W. Waters.
22d Connecticut volunteers. A journal
of incidents connected with the travels
of the 22d regiment for nine months : in
verse. By . . . Hartford, 1863.

O'lieid, John Charles, Esq. Joslah
Cornier. Reviewers reviewed . . . By . . .
Oxf. 1811.

Origen Adamantius, Renatus.
Thomas Woolston. Epistola secunda . . .
Circa Fidem vere Orthodoxam ... L.

Original Editor of the Encyclo-
p;cdia 3Iotropolitana, The. Thomas
(Jurtis. The London Encyclopajdia . . .
By ... L. 1829.

Original Editor of the " Family
Friend," The. Robert Kemp Philip.
The i)ractical housewife . . . By ... L.

Original Republican, An. S. T.
drover. Remarks on the existing rebel-
lion ... By . . . St. Louis, 1865.

Orlando. Michael Wodhull. The



character of Orlando in Dr. Dibclin's
" Bibliomania " has been attributed to
Mr. Wodhull. — See " Gent. Mag.," No-
vember, 1816, p. 464.

Orine, Benjamin, M.A. Alexander
H. Japp, LL.D. Treasury of devotional
reading. L. 188-.

Orthodox Clergyman of Massa-
chusetts, An. Rev. Jacob Norton. (1)
Seasonable and candid thoughts on hu-
man creeds, etc. By ... B. 1813. —
(2) Tilings set in a proper light . . . By
... B. 1814.

Orthodoxus. Thomas Coneij, D.D.
Twenty-five sermons upon several sub-
jects ... L. 1730-50.

Osander. Benjamin Allen. Miscella-
neous poems on moral and religious sub-
jects. By . . . Hudson, N.Y., 1811.

Osborne, Edith. Mrs. Blake. 1876.

Oscar. Willard 0. Carpenter.

Oscar. Mrs. Leman Grintstone.

C'leonc, and other poems. L. 1821.

Oscar Fredrik. Oscar II., King of
Sweden. Ur svenska flottans niinnen,
dikter. Sthlm. 1858.

Ostsee, Johannes von der. Johann
Daniel Fcdk, called Johannes. Goethe aus
nilhern personlichen umgange dargestellt;
ein nachgelassenes werk. Leipzig, 1856.

Oswald, E. Bernhardine Schulze-
Sniidt, frau. Vain forebodings ... P.

Other Surviving Sons of the Late
Earl and Countess of Berkeley, The.
Maurice Frederick Fitzhardinge Berkelei/,
Baron Fitzhardinge, and others. Reply
to some passages in a book entitled " My
life and recollections, by the Hon. Grant-
ley F. Berkeley." L. 1865.

O'Toole, Bryan, Esq., of Gray's Inn.
William Maginu. Barney Moon : a vision
of Covent Garden and St. Giles. By . . .

Otto, Franz. Johann Gottlieb Chris-
tian Franz Otto Spamer. Deutscher dich-
ter, denker und wissensfiirsten im 18. und
19. jarh .; in lebensbildern f iir jugend imd
volk . . . Leipzig, 1877.

Out and About. Miss Ahby Langdon
Alger, in the Boston " Gazette."

Outsider, An. Sidney S. Hurlbut.
Early days at Racine, Wisconsin . . . By
. . . Racine, 1872.

Overseer, An. Sir George Nichotls.
Eight letters on the management of our
poor. By ... L, 1822.

Owen, Catherine. Mrs. Catherine
Owen NitscJi. New cook book, ^y . . .
N.Y. 1885.

0^vl, The. F. Hopkinson Smith. —
See " Puritan, The."

Ox and Bull . Bobert Har-

lei/, Earl of Oxford, and Henry Saint-John,
Viscount Bolingbroke. Or a funeral ser-
mon for the two beasts that are to be
slaughter'd upon Tower-Hill, next session
of Parliament, etc. L. 1715.

By John Dunton, bookseller.

Oxford Divine, An. Richard Bur-
don. The Oxford Ai'go. By ... L.

Oxford Man, An. W. E. Youngman.
Lascine. 1874.

Oxford Tutor, An. William Warde
Fowler. A year with the birds. Oxf.

Oxonian, An. John Duncombe. Par-
ody on Gray's Elegy. By . . . 1776.

Oxonian, An. Harry John Wilmot
Burton. Poems. By . . . Oxf. 1865.

Oxonian Graduate, An. Bobert
Nares('}). Defence of the English Uni-
versities. "Gent. Mag.," 1827, p. 594.

Oxoniensis. Rev. Francis Chenevix
Trench. A ride in Sicily. By ... L.

Oyster, An. Robert Henry Cobbold.

A poetic description of the festivities at Oak-
ley Park, September 27, 1832.

" By . . . from home,
Unaccuatom'd to roam,
Who's contented to dwell
In his snui; little shell,
With the world as it goes,
Or the tide as it flows ;
So that he only knows
Of sweet peace, the rei^ose."
Ipswich, 1832.



P. Cazneau Palfrey, D.D., in the
" Christ. Exam."

P. Ephraini Peabody, D.D., in the
" Christ. Exam."

P. George Putnam, D.D., in the
" Christ. Exam."

P. [T. G. P.]. Bev. Pender Hodge

P. H. B. Palmar. Bref fran Stock-
holm under riksdagen 1847-48 af P.
Sthlm. 1849.

P. Daniel McDonald, D.D. A series


of articles in the " Gospel Messenger,"
under this signature.

P. George P. 31arsh. Translation
from the German " Amer. Whig Rev."
yeptember, 1845, p. 256.

P. Edward J. Pringle. (1) Free
school system in South Carolina. " South -
ern Quar. Rev.," October, 1849, p. 31. —
(2) The judiciary system of South Caro-
lina. " Southern Quar. Rev.," November,
1850, p. 464. — (3) McKenzie's works.
" Southern Quar. Rev.." January, 1848.
— (4) "The Teople," "Southern Quar.
Rev.," January, 1854, p. 17.

P. Mrs. Isabel Burton, ne'e Countess
Arundell of Wardour. The revival of
Christianity in Sj'ria . . . Related by
... L. 187-.

P. Henry Peuiierk. St. Piran's Church,
etc. « Gent. Mag.," 1844.

P. and I. Pamplin and Alex-
ander Qi^ Irvine. . Botanical tour in the
liighlands of Perthshire. 1857.

P., A. P. Andrew Preston Peabody,
D.D. (1) In the "Christ. Exam." —
(2) Position and duties of the North
with regard to slavery. " Christ.
Exam.," 1843.

P. A. P. O. I. L. A. John Locke. Epis-
tola de tolerantia, ad clarissimum virum
T. A. R. P. T. O. L. A. li.e. Theologia
apud remonstrantes professorem, tyran-
nidis osorem, Limburgium Amsteloda-
raensem], scripta a . . . [i.e. Pacis ami-
co, persecutionis osorc, Joanne Lockio
Anglo]. Gouda, 1689.

P., A. R. Augustus Russell Pope, in
the " Christ. Exam."

P., A. T. Augustus Tkorndike Perkins.
A private proof printed in order to pre-
serve certain matters connected with the
Boston branch of the Perkins family . . .
B. 1885.

P., Rev. C. K. Charles Kegan Paul.
On terms of communion . . . By tlie . . .
Camb., 1861.

P., E. Ephruim Peabodi/. (1) In the
" Christ. Exam." — (2) Tlie i)oor scholar.
In the' "United States Rev. and Literary
Gazette," July, 1827, p. 303. — (3) Sea-
side musings. In the " United States
Rev. and Literary Gazette," May, 1827,
p. 137.

P., E. Edward Pnrkitt, in the "Clirist.

P., E. A. Edgar Allan Pop. A tale of
horror. By . . . B. 1859. — See " (green-
wood, Grace."

P., E. B. Edward Bonn'rlr Puxcy,
D.D. (1) Dr. Ilampdcn'H pa^t iind i)ris-
ent statements conipiireil. ().\f. 1836. —
{2} The spiritunl iiiiiili;i!, i y . . , Law-

rence Scupoli . . . Translated ... L.


P., E. C. Miss E. C. Price. One only.
By . . . L. 1874.

P., E. H. Edward Hayes Plumptre,
D.D. His signature in the "Contem-
porary Rev.," " Guardian," etc., etc.

P., E. li. Edward Lillie Pierce. Secret
suffrage. From the Boston " Post," Aug.
2, 1852, and Dedham " Gazette," July 30,

P., E. P. Miss Elizabeth Palmer

P., 'E. S. Elizabeth Sill Pearsall,
Countess of Harrington. Poems by . . .
L. 18—.

P., F. Francis Parkman, D.D., in tlie
" Christ. Exam."

P., F., Jr. Francis Parkman, Jr., in
the "Clirist. Exam." (B.), 1851.

P., F. A. F. A. Porcher. (1) Ameri-
can educational works. " Southern Quar.
Rev.," January, 1854, p. 57. — (2) Busy
moments of an idle woman. " Southern
Quar. Rev.," January, 1854, p. 212. —
(3) Common schools in South Carolina.
" Southern Quar. Rev.," April, 1854, p.
470. — (4)False views of liistory. "South-
ern Quar. Rev.," July, 1852, p. 23.—
(5) Historical sketch of Craven County.
"Southern Quar. Rev.," April, 1854, p.
377. — (6) Modern art. " Southern Quar.
Rev.," January, 1852, p. 86. — (7) Politi-
cal institutions of Sparta and Athens.
" Southern Quar. Rev.," October, 1853,
p. 451.

P. F. C. Alexander Dunlop. Re-
joinder to the Bishop versus the Duke . . .
By . . . Edinb. 1850.

P., G. P. George Frederick Pardon.
The Christmas tree . . . for all young
people. L. 1856-60.

P., G. W. George Washington Peck.
(1) A fantasy piece. "Amer. Whig
Rev.,'" August, 1848, p. 179. — (2) Ho-
garth's musical liistory. "Amer. Whig
Rev.," May, 1848, p. 533.— (3) Hudson's
k-ctures. " Amer. Whig Rev.," July, 1848,
]). 39. — (4) Lamb's letters. "Amer.
Whig Rev.," October, 1848, p. 381.—
(5) Men, women, and books. " Y\mer.
Wiiig Hev.," October, 1847, p. 399. —(6)
Music in New York. " Amer. Wliig
Rev.," February' and May, 1847, pp. 163,
513. — (7) Omoo. " Amer. Whig Rev.,"
July, 1847, p. 36. — (8) The physiognomy
of cities. "Amer. Whig Rev.," Septem-
ber, 1847, p. 233. — (9) Poems and prose
writings of Richard H. Dana. "Amer.
Wliig Rev.," January, 1850, p. 66. —
(10) A review of Mr. Longfellow's
Lviingeline . . . N.Y. 1848. — (11) Rus-



sia. "Amer. Whig Kev.," May, 1848,
p. 493. — (12) The thousand and one
nights. "Amer. Whig Kev.," December,
1847, p. 601. — (13) Twenty sonnets.
"Amer. Whig Kev.," July, 1848, p. 81.—

(14) Twenty more sonnets ... " Amer.
Whig Rev.," November, 1850, p. 502. —

(15) The violin. "Amer. Whig Rev.,"
December, 1846, p. 619. — (16) The vio-
lin. " Amer. Whig Kev.," December,
1847, p. 619.— (17) Works of Edgar A.
Poe. " Amer. Whig Kev.," March, 1850,
p. 301. — (18) Works of J. Fenimore
Cooper. " Amer. Whig Rev.," April,
1850, p. 406.

P., Gr. W. G(?orge William Pettes.
Whist universal : an analysis of the
game ... B. 1887.

P., K., the Incomparable Mrs.
Airs. Katherine (^Fowler) Philips.

P., H., Penzance. Henry Penneck.
(1) On the protection of national an-
tiquities and the prostration of Men
Skryfa. " Gent. Mag.," 1849. — (2) Sir
Harry Trelawny. " N. and Q.," 1860.

P., H. J. Mrs. Henrietta J. Putnam.
Bible verses for the little ones. By . . .

P., H. W. Henry Webster Parker.
(1) Enjily. " Amer. Whig Rev.," August,
1846, p. 117. — (2) The shadow. — The
death of Shelley: a vision. "Amer.
Whig Rev.," May, 1849, pp. 487, 530. —
(3) To a flower found in a chest of tea.
"Amer. Whig Rev.," April, 1849, p. 407.
— (4) Words of the corpse-watcher to
his comrade. " Amer. Whig Rev.,"
February, 1846, p. 180.

P., J. John Parkman, in the " Christ.

P., J. G. John Gorham Palfrey, in
the " Christ. Exam."

P., J. H. James Handasyd Perkins, in
the " Christ. Exam."

P., K. Karl Pearson. The common
sense of the exact sciences. [By Wil-
liam Kingdon Clifford . . . Edited and
in part written by . . .] L. 1885.

P., Li. A. D. L. A. der Pouyet. Sa-
cred chronology and numbers ... in
their application to . . . prophecy . . . By
. . . Liverpool, 1863.

P., Li. J. Mrs. Louisa Jane (^Park)
Hall, in the " Christ. Exam."

P., M. de. M. de Cornelis Pauw.
Reserches philosophiques sur les Ameri-
caines . . . Par . . . Berlin, 1770.

P., M. L. Mrs. Mary (Loivell) Putnam.
(1) Hungary and Austria. In the "Christ.
Exam." (B.), 1850.— (2) Tlie N. A. Re-
view on Hungary. The same, 1851.

P., O. W. B. Oliver William Bourne
Peahody, in the " Christ. Exam."

P. P. Theodor Wilhelm Kjerstrup
Rumohr. Nils Juel, der danische admiral
und seine zeit. Stuttgart, 1848.
■ P. Q. R. Augustus Pecquer{^). The
Unionist ... P^ditor for . . . By . . .
Tunbridge W^ells, 1848.

P., Sir R. Sir Richard Phillips. A
letter to the livery of London relative to
the views of the writer in executing the
office of sheriff. By . . . L. 1808.

P., S. H. Stephen H. Perkins. The
middle classes. — The motive of vir-
tue. In the "Christ. Exam." (B.),

P., T. Theodore Parker, in the " Christ.

P., T. Theophihts Parsons. His sig-
nature as editor of the " United States
Literary Gazette," 1825.

P., T. Sir Thomas Phillipps. The
visitation of Somerset, 1623. Typis
Medio-Montanis [Middle Hill]. 1838.

P., T., S. C. T. Thomas Phillips, sec-
ular canon at Tongres. The study of
sacred literature fully stated and con-
sidered ... By . . . L. 1758.

P., W. W. Pilkington. The Athlete
for 1866. L. 1867, Vol. 1871, edited by
H. F. Wilkinson.

P., W. William Parsons Lunt. Poe-
try, in the " Christ. Exam.," III., p. 381.
B. 1826.

William Bourne Oliver
Christ. Exam."
]\[rs. Lcetitia. Pilkington.
The draper's [M. Pilkington] letter to
. . . concerning her book of memoirs
lately published. Dublin, 1748.

P — r, 31 — w, Esq. Matthew Prior,
Esq. Upon Lady Katherine H — de's first
appearing at the playhouse in Drury
L. 1718.
Mr. William Pitt, Earl
The speech of . . . L.

P., W. B. O.

Peabody, in the '
P — n, Mrs. Ij.



of Chatham.
P . .


, Sir C • . . Sir Constantine
The conduct of the purse of
in a letter . . . occasioned by
their having conferr'd the degree of doc-
tor upon . . . 1714.

P 1, J , commonly

called E of E . John

Perceval, Earl of Egmont. A genuine
copy of the tryal of . . . the reputed
author of a pamphlet, entitled an Exam-
ina of the principles, etc., of the two
B rs [Brothers], etc. L. 1749.

P , L. U., A.M. Thomas Edwards.

A letter to the author of a late episto-
lary dissertation . . . By ... L. 1744.

P— e, A . Alexander Pope. — See

"C— ffe, C— s."



P****. J. B. Paris dfi Mei/zieu. — See
" A Gentleman in France."

Pacifico, Dr. Solomon. William
Makepeace Thackeray . (1) The proser : es-
says and discourses by . . . On an inter-
esting French exile. "Punch," June,
1850. — (2) On an American traveller.
"Punch," July, 1850.

Paclficus. John Ryland. A modest
plea for free communion. Ey . . . 1772.

Padring, Ryrie B jolla. Patrick Vin-
cent Fitz-Patrick. Thauuiaturgus. L.

Padwell, Peter, of Padin^ou, Esq.
Christopher Bullock. Woman's revenge;
or, a match in Newgate : a comedy . . .
To which is added, A compleat key to
the Beggar's Opera. By ... L. 1728.

Pagan« The. Elisha Vedder. — See
"Puritan, The."

Pain, Tommy. Thomas Paine. —
See " Cobb, Billy."

Palaemon. William Maginn. Cri-
tique on' Lord Byron. " Blackwood's
Magazine," 1822.

Palm, Adolf. Adolf 3Iiiller. Im laby-
rinth der seele ; zwei novellen. Leipzig,

Palmer, Albert. Albert Nathan.

Palmer, Fr. H. Emma Hartmann.

Pandora. Mrs. Blanche Boosevelt
{Tucker) Macchetia. '

" ' Pandora,' as the title by which the poet
[H. W. Longfellow] usually addressed nae." —
See note on p. 12 of her book on " The home
life of H. W. L."

Pansmouser. Gottlieb. Theophilus
IJiiihc I. I. a i);irtMgi' ik' la I'olognc.

Paiit;ij>ruel, (irtragaiitua. Knight
of the Sable Purse. William. Hufas
Chrtwood. The stock-j<)l)l)(.'rs; or, the
humours of Exchange-Allev : a comedy
... L. 1720.

Paniirge. William Scnit, in tlie "Pub-
lic Advertiser," 1770.

Paoli, Betty. J}arhe Plisah/th Gluck.
Rornaiicerf). Leipzig, 1845.

I*apa, Un. Pierre Jules Fletzel. Al-
pliaU't (le Mile. Lili. Paris, 1805.

Paper King. Jolni Lau\

Paragraph, Peter, frcorge Faulkner,
in " The Orators," one of Samuel Foote's
comedies. L. 1762.

Parens. S'l/nr/e. 1831.

Pariii, A. P. L. Henri/ W. Faxon.

Parish Priest, A. GI II. R. Fletcher.
— See "K., G. II. R."

Parish Priest, A. Jean Baptiste Bou-
vier. \ dogmatical and practical treatise
on indulgences . . . abridged . . . By . . .

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