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Dul.liii, ]Hr.U.

Parish Priest, A. Charles Leslie
Courtenay. Our new life in Christ. Ed-'
ited by . . . L. 1863.

Parish Priest, A. Frederick William
Faber. Examination of conscience ; safe
advice about this duty . . . By ... L.

Parish Priest, A. William Edward
Scudamore. Steps to the altar . . . Com-
piled by . . . L. 1846.

Parishioner, A. Rev. Ebenezer De-
votion. The half-way covenant : a dia-
logue between Joseph Bellamy, D.D.,
and . . . continued. By . . . New Lon-
don, Conn., 1769.

Two letters to Bellamy from the " Parish-
ioner" were published at New Haveu, 1770.

Parishioner, A. Richard Willett. A
memoir of Hawarden parish, Flintshire
... By . . . Chester, 1822.

Parishioner of St. Peter's, A. George
Bloomfield. Thetf ord Chalj^beate spa :
a poem by . . 1820.

Parisian, The. Mary Charlton. L.

Parisien devenu Muscovite, Un.
Horace Gay. Deux anne'es d'excursions
d' . . . MoscoM', 1847.

Parley, Peter. William Martin. The
holiday keepsake. By ... L. 1865.

Parmegiano of Auctioneers, The.
John Lochee (Jack Loche'e). So called by
Dr. Dibdin.

Parochial Clergyman, The. Plcv.
Thomas Tregenna Biddulph. Tlie P. C.'s
ordination vows . . . Bristol. 1824.

Parochial Minister, The. Thomas
Tregenna Biddulph. The . . . 's affection-
ate address, etc. Bristol, 1824.

Parson, A. Robert Herbert Story, D.D.
Poems V)y ... L. 1863.

Parthenopaeus Hereticus. William
Gordon. (1) An accotmt of the supersti-
tious ceremonies and wicked i)ractices of
the Church of Home, in the Holy Week
(2d ed., London, 1719). — (2) Popery
against Christianity ... L. 1719.

Particular, Pertinax. Tobias Wat-
kins. 'IViles of the tripod. Bait. 1821.

Partington, Mrs. Sa.muel P. Avery.
Mrs. P.'s carpet-bag of fun. N.Y. 1854.

Pasquinus, Petrus, C.P.M. Thomas
Comber. A scourge for adulterers, etc.,
of 1810. By . . . ('ensor of public man-
ners ; of Ballyn o' lichstein, in the island
of Utopia. L. 1810.

Pastor. Sanford J. Ilortoii. P.'s
offering. 1847. Providence, 1847.

Pastor, A. Very Rev. Edward Mey-
rick Goulburn, D.D. Farewell counsels
of . . . to his flock. L. 18 — .

Pastor, A. Rev. I. C. Matthews. The




Christian's strength : a pastor's word of
exhortation . . . Maidstone, 1860.

Pastor, A. Gard'mer Spring, D.D.,
LL.D. Fragments from the study of . . .
N.Y. 1839.

Pastor, A. Rev. Henry John Betts.
Gleanings from . . . By ... L. 1854.

Pastor, A. Thomas Baijlet/ Fox.
Hints to Sunday-scliool teachers . . . By
. . . B. 1840.

Pastor, A. Rev. Pitt Clarke. A P.'s
legacy to his people . . . Taunton, Mass.,

Pastor, A. Plini/ Butts Dai/. A P.'s
new year's address to his parishioners.
Manchester, N.H., 186-.

Paston", A. Rev. Beedam Charles-
worth. A P.'s parting words of affec-
tionate counsel to his flock . . . Bris-
tol, 1862.

Pastor, A. John Turner Sargent.
Serious questions for the new year, from
... to his flock. B. 1843.

Pastor, The. William Henrg Furness.
An address delivered in the First Congre-
gational Unitarian Church in Philadel-
phia ... 1831. By... P. 1831.

Pastor, The. Rev. Samuel Hohart
Winkley. A book of questions prepared
for the use of students of the Scriptures,
at Pitts Street Chapel [Boston]. By . . .
B. 1853.

Pastor, The. Rev. Alonzo II. Quint.
The Christian patriot's duty. A sermon
addressed to the Mather Church and So-
ciety, Jamaica Plain, Mass., April 28,
1861. By . . . B. n.d.

Pastor, The. William Newell. Hymns
for the festival of the Sunday school of
the first parish, Cambridge, Mass. By
. . . Camb. 1860.

Pastor, The. Frederic Tlenrg Hedge.
" Live soberly " : a sermon preached to
the First Church in Brookline. By . . .

Pastor, The. William West Phillips.
Memorial of the goodness of God . . .
Discourse ... in the city of New York,
Jan. 11, 1846. By... N.Y. 1840.

Pastor, The. Rev. Moses Chase. A
statement of facts in the trial of . . .
J. Henshaw . . . By . . . and cliurch,
West Brookfield. Worcester, Mass., 1843.

Pastor at Maiden, The. Joseph
Emerson. A timely seeking of God
urged. B. 1737.

Pastor of the Westminster Cong.
Soc. . . . Providence, The. Rev. Augus-
tus Woodhiiri/. On tiie use of the word
" Evangelical." Providence, 1854.

Pastor's Wife, A. il/r.s. Cecilia
Con^dfj. Memorial of . . . L. 1874.

Pasty, Carolina Petty. 3frs. Eliza-
beth Cohbold.

Patentee, The. Oliver Abbott Shaw.
A brief description of the nature and
construction of tlie visible numerator . . .
By... N.Y. 1831.

Paterfamilias. Martin Farquhar
Tiipper. P.'s diary of every-body's tour
... L. 1859.

Pathfinder, of the Field. H. C.
Dear. Pheasants and poultry : how to
breed and rear them successfully. L.

Patient, The. Walter Channing. A
fragment of medical autobiography ; or,
a case reported by . . . B. 1864.

Patrick of the King's Chekar
3Iaister. Patrick Eraser Tiftler. Life
of John Wicklyff .... L. 1826.

Patricola. John Toland. 1717.

Patriotic Englishman, A. W. P.
Russell. Political thoughts in prose and
verse ; or, a fig for invasion . . . By . . .
L. 1808.

Patroon, The. Stephen Van Rensse-

Paul. Rev. Arturus' Granger, A.M.
Ultra Universalism and its natural affini-
ties. By . . . Hartford, 1839.

Paul the Aged. Paul Whitehead.

Paul, Uncle. Edward Abbott.

Paul, Uncle. Paul F. De Gourna.)/.

PaAvkie, James, Esq. John Gait.
The Provost ; or, memoirs of 'his own
times : compiled from the papers of . . .
By . . . L. 1821.

Peak, Gavilan. Ilennj Pope. Strug-
gle for existence. N.Y. 1872.

Pederson, Are. Arvid August Afze-
lius. En ny sorgesang iifver Hogstsalig
Konung Carl XIV. Johans dod. Sthlni.

, Pedestrian Tourist, A. George Hume
Weatherhead, M.D. The pliilosophical
rambles ; or, the observations of . . .
through France and Italy. L. 1834.

Pedling- Tibbald. Lewis Theobald, in
Pope's " Dunciad."

Peeper, Simon, Esq. Rev. J. Harris.
The inspector. Bv . . . No. 1, July, 1807.
L. 1807.

Pelican, A. James Watson Gerard.

Pen and Pencil, A. F. P. Palmer
and Alfred Jlenri/ Forrester. Wander-
ings of . . . L. 1846.

Penetrating- Argilius, The. John
Campbell, 2d Duke of Argyle.

Penfeatlier, Amabel. James Fenimore
Cooper. Elinor Wyllys. By . . . Edited
by J. F. C. P. 1846.






Penitent Peri, A. G-eonje C. Pear-
son. Flights inside and outside paradise.
By . . . N.Y. 1880

Penniless, Pierce. Thomas Nash.

Pennsylvania Farmer, A. John
Hare Powel. Eeply to Col. Pickering's
attack upon ... P. 1825.

Pennsylvanian, A. Mathew Carey.
Twenty-one golden rxiles to depress agri-
culture, etc. By . . . P. 1824.

Many other tracts written by Mr. C, and
signed "A Pennsylvanian," will be found in
" Habin."

Penseroso. Heeqe, Frau. Alban und
Nanny. Leipzig, 1849.

Perambulating Philosopher, The.
(Tilhert Abbott a Beckett. His signature to
a series of articles in the " Illustrated
London News."

Percevall, Plaine. Thomas Nash(iy

Percival, Fanny. Mrs. F. A. Percy.

Percy, L. Mile. Herpin. Histoire
d'une grande dame au 18® siecle ; la
prinoesse Helene de Ligne.

Peregriniis pedestris. James Echrard
Marston. Der linlsteinische tourist.
1833, 1836.

Perfect, Thomas. Sir .lolm Hill.

Perhaps. Sajnud Horsley, LL.B. His
signature to a letter in the " Gent. Mag.,"
for November, 1783.

Pericranium. Bobi'rt Nares. Ad-
vice to the students and admirers of
craniology. " Gent. Mag.," January,
181-''), p.. 11.

Per — se, Sylvanus. James Safaf/e( ?)
<ind others. Editors of the " Montlily
Anthology" (B.), 1803, etc.

Perier, Jules. Alfred Joseph Xavler
Michiels. " Vn Entrepreneur do Litte'ra-
ture" (Paris), 1847.

For the celebrated controversy between him
and Arsene Ilousoaye, which occasioned the
above work, vid. D'Ueilly, " Dictionnaire des
pseudonymes" (Paris, 180VI), p. -R-.

Persan eu Aiigleterre, Un. Lord
(jreonje Lyiteltoi}. Lettrcs d' . . . a son ami
a Ispahan ... L. 1770.

Persins. J. P. Andreirs. Citv affairs.
W. 1820.

Persius, Jr. Alderman \otfar/e.

Person concerned in Trade, A.
James Butlericorth. A complete history
of the cotton trade. By . . . IManches-
ter, 1823.

Person of Honour, A. W'illium I'ld-
teneij, Karl of Batii. An odi', imitated
from Ode XL, Book 2d of Horace. From
P...1 F...y [Paul Foley] to N...s
F . . . y [Nicholas Fazakerley]. By . . .
L. 1745.

P(5rson of Honour, A. (korf/e Vil-
Jieis,2(\ Duke of IiuckiiiLrliam. I'octical

reflections on a late poem entitled Absa-
lom and Achitophel. By . . . L. 1682.

Person of Note, who resided many
years there, A. John Bobinson. An
account of Sweden . . . By ... L.

Person of Quality, A. Jonathan
Sii'ift, D.D. A project for the advance-
ment of religion and the reformation of
manners. By ... L. 1709.

Person of Quality, A. .John Hervey,
Lord Hervey. A satire in the manner of
Persius ; in a dialogue between Atticus
and Eugenio. By ... L. 1739.

Person wlio had some share in his
Education, A. Thomas tSheridanC^).
To the Right Honourable the . . . Vis-
count Mont-Cassel : this fable is . . .ded-
icated by . . . Dublin, 1727.

Person Avho renounced Deism, A.
Francis Grey. Soiue judicious remarks
and observations made by . . . New
Bedford, Mass., 1805.

Persuasive Euphemius, The. Sir
Robert Waljjole, Earl of Orford.

Perugini, Mrs. Charles Edward.
Js^ate Jjickens. An English artist — the
younger daughter of Charles Dickens.

Peruvian Princess, A. F. d'lssem-
j honnj d'Hajjjmncoiirt, Dame de Grafliigny.
' Sequel of letters written by . . . Dublin,
j 1740.

I Peter. lieu. William Cockburn, M.A.
The persecution of the clergj^ repre-
hended in a discourse upon the banish-
ment of an injured divine [Atterbury].
L. 1723.

Peter the Plowman. James Mercer.
Proceedings of a craw club held in Fife
on the fourth of June, as reported by
. . . Dunfermline, 1813.

Peters, Jeremy. Thomas L. Smith.

Petit, Lizzie. P. C. Cutler. Light
and darkness; or, fate's shadow. N.Y.

Petitioning Clergyman, A. John
Disney, D.D. ]?emarks on Dr. Bal-
guy's sernion . . . 1775 . . . By ... L.

Petty, Under. William Makepeace
Thackeray. Why can't they leave us
alone in the holidays'^ "Punch," Janu-
ary, 1851.

Pew Holder, A. Henry S. Olcott.
Pulpit sketches ; or, the dreams of . . .
Albany, 1846.

Pg. Henry Pickering. Signature to
poetry in the "United States Literary
Gazette" (B.), 1824.

I*helps, Mrs. S. S. Frances Irene
Biinio (,'risn'old. Sister Eletinor's brood.

Phil, Hib. John /iarrctt, DO. Que-




Ties to all the serious, honest, and well-
meaning people of Ireland. Dublin,

Philadelphus. Thomas Curteis, Rec-
tor of Wrotham, Kent.

Philadelphus. Increase Mather. A
letter of advice to the churches of the
Non-Conformists in the English nation
... L. 1700.

Philadelphus. Saxe Bannister, M.A.
Remarks on the Indians of North Amer-
ica, in a letter to the " Edinburgh Re-
viewer " (L.), 1822.

Philagathos. Ezra Stiles, D.D. A
poem commemorative of Goffe, Whaik^y,
and Dixwell, three of the judges of
Charles I. By . . . B. 1795.

Philaletes. Joseph Backhmd. 1839.

Philalethes. Alexander Comrie. 1752-

Philalethes. John Swinton. 1738.

Philalethes. Thomas Curteis, Rector
of Wrotham, Kent.

Philalethes. Laurence Echard. An
answer to Dr. Edmund Calamy's letter
to . . . Archdeacon Echard . . . L. 1718.

Philalethes. Rev. John Cameron. The
Catholic Christian defended, etc. Bel-
fast, 1771.

Philalethes. Elisha Williams. The
essential riglits and hberties of Protes-
tants. L. 1744.

Philalethes. Charles Paynter. In-
stinct and mind. By . . . Plymoutli,

Philalethes. John Poinfret. " Rea-
son," written in 1700; and "Dies noves-
sima " ; or, " The Last Epiphany "
[poems]. L. 170-.

Philalethes. James Staunton Bab-
cock. (1) Numa and Egeria. Classical
ballads. No. 1. "Amer. Whig Rev.,"
October, 1746. — (2) Road song of
earth's traveller. " Amer. Quar. Rev.,"
April, 1845, p. 362.

Philalethes. Robert Findlay, D.D.
Remarks on Mr. Lindsey's dissertation
upon praying to Christ ... L. 1781.

Philalethes. Bev. John Bruce. Re-
marks on Pliilanthropos' [Rev. James
Morrison] answer to the question
" What must I do to be saved ? " By . . .
Kilmarnock, 1841.

Philalethes. Richard Challoner, D.D.
A specimen of the spirit of dissenting
teachers ... By . . . L. 1736.

Philalethes Antichubbius. F. Hor-
ler. Memoirs of T. Chubb ... a fuller
and more faithful account. L. 1747.

Philalethes Cantabrigieiisis. James
Jurin. The minute mathematician; or,
the freethinker no just thinker. L. 1735.

Philalethes Cantabrigiensis. Bishop
John Kaye. (1) Remarks on Dr. Wise-
man's lectures . . . By ... L. 1838. —
(2) Reply to the " Travels of an Irish
gentleman in search of a religion " [by
Thomas Moore] ... By . . . L. 1834.

Philalethes, Eugenius, Jun. Robert
Sambe'r. A treatise on the plague . . .
By . . . L. 1721.

Philalethes Rusticans. Richard
Shepherd, D.D. Reflections on the doc-
trine of materialism . . . By ... L.

Philalethes or Liover of Truth, T.3I.
Thomas Alaule. For the service of truth.
By . . . P. 1703. — See collections of
Essex Institute, Vol. III., p. 238.

Philalethes, Theodorus. Thomas

Philalethius, Ireneus. W. Teelinck.

Philander. Rev. John Cameron. His
signature in the " Theological Reposi-
tory," Vol. II., 1771.

Philanthropist. William Evans.
History. Syracuse, N.Y., 1858.

Philanthropos. Rev. Morgan John
Rhees. Letters on liberty and slavery r
an answer to ... " Negro-slavery de-
fended by the Word of God." By . . .
N.Y. 1798.

Philanthropos. John Thomas Barber
Bi'iiiimonf. Life insurance. L. 1814.

Philanthropos. Rev. James Morrison.
The question " What must I do to be
saved ? " answered by . . . About 1840.

Philanthropos, Theophilus. Robert
Poole, M.D. Physiciil vade mecum ; or,
fifth gift of .. . L. 1741.

Philanthropus Jjondinensis. Daniel
Scott. An essay towards a demonstra-
tion of the Scripture Trinity. By . . .
L. 1725.

Also ascribed to James Pierce, of Exeter.

Philanthus. John Sharpe, Jr. The
retrospect ; or, review of the memorable
events of Mona in the year 1790. By . . .

Philaretus. Edmund Curll: Atter-
buryana . . . By ... L. 1727.

Philargyrius Cantabrigiensis. J. C.
de Pamv. Emendationes in Menandri et
Philemonis reliquas. Astelodami, 1711.

Philargyrius Cantabrigiensis.

Joshua Barnes, 1711, 1712.

Phileeclesia. Rev. Charles Henry
Davis. Suggestive sketch of an Irish
church constitution and canons . . . By
. . . Dublin, 1870.

Phileulethere de Leipzig. Richard
Bentley. La friponnerie laique des pre-
tendus esprits forts d'Angleterre, on re-
marques de . . . sur le " Discours de la




liberte de jienser " (d'A. Collins), trad, de
I'anglois par N. N. [Armand de la Cha-
pelle]. Amsterdam, 1738.

" L'original anglaia est intitule " Remarks
upon a late discourse of free thinliing, in a letter
to F. H., D.D. [Dr. Francis Hare]. L. 1712."
This is entered in "I. and P." under the pseudo-
nym " Phileleutherus Lipsiensis."

Phileleutheros Orielensis. John
Davison, B.D. A short account of cer-
tain notable discoveries . . . contained in
a work [hj H. Kett], entitled, Elements
of general knowledge, etc. By . . . Oxf.

Phileleutherus Britannicus. John
Hlldrop, D.D. Reflections upon reason.
By . . . L. 1722.

Phileleutherus Lipsiensis. Richanl
Bentley. Emendationes in Menandri et
Philemonis reliquas . . . Ultrajecti,

Phileleutherus Londinensis. Sam-
uel Squire, D.D. Remarks on Dr. K 's

[King's] speech before the University of

() d [Oxford], at the dedication of

Dr. R 's [Radcliffe's] library.

By . . . L. 1750.

Phileleutherus Vigorniensis. Paul
Cardale. The true doctrine of the New
Testament concerning Jesus Christ, etc.
L. 1771.

Philhellen Ktonensis. Lancelot

Shadwel.l, Emi. The Iliad of Homer,
faithfully rendered in Homeric verse . . .
By . .. L. 1844.

Philistor. Jolin Pinl-erton. Letters
... on tlie cultivation of tlieir national
history. In "Gent. Mag.," 1788.

Phillipps, Ambrose Lisle, Esq. Am-
brose Lisle A^Iarrh P/iillijips de Lisle. The
Catholic Christian's complete manual . . .
By . . . L. 1847.

Philo-Bereaniis. Enoch B. Ke.nrick.
I'lnal restoration demonstrated from the
Scriptures of Truth . . . by . . . B. 1821.

Philo-Kuriaoes Loncardiensis.

Thoiti'is Yonnf/.

Philo- Pacific us. Rev. Robert Folger
W'dlcnt. Harvard University, 1817.

Philobiblic us Cantabrigieusis.

Jiikn Chaiiman, D.D. Remarks on a let-
ter [by Conyers Middlcton] to Dr. Water-
land ... By . . . Camb. 1731.

Philobiblius. Richard ]Vatson. The
sophist untnaskfd ... L. 1797.

Philochristus. Rev. Jonas Proast.
A second letter to the autlior of tiie
Three letters for toleration . . . OxL


Philocosmos. Handel Clark.

Phllocrlticus Cantabrigicnsis. John
Jackson. A treatise on the improvement
made in tl)e art of criticism, collected out

of the writings of a celebrated hypercritic
[Wm. Warburton] ; by . . . L. 1748.

Philoditto. James Moore Smith, in
" Daily Journal," 1728.

Philoeunomos. Roger Sherman.

Philokalus. Benjamin G. Sporon.

Philoletlius. Pedro Lozano. A true
and particuhir historj' of earthquakes . . .
L. 1748.

Philomath, T. N. Jonathan Swift.

Philomela. Mrs. Elizabeth (Singer)
Roiue. (1) Divine hymns and poems on
several occasions, &c., by . . . and several
other ingenious persons. 1704. — (2)
Poems on several occasions, written by
... L. 1696.

Philonauticus. Lawrence Hynes Hal-
loran. The female volunteer; or, the
dawning of peace: a drama. 1802(?).

Philonorvagus. EvanHammer. 1771.

Philonous. Richard Berenger. His
signature to No. 156, in the " World,"
Dec. 25, 1755. He was also the writer
of Nos. 79 and 202, which have no sig-

Philoparthen, Esdras. George Whar-
ton. Poems. L. 1661.

^iXo(j>\vvKTis- William Makepeace

Thackerai/. A plea for Plush. "Punch,"
July, 1846.

•^iXoiroiTJTTis, P. H. Patrick Hume.
Annotations on Milton's Paradise Lost.
6th ed. L. 1695.

*LA.0^YXi2N. Rev. Richard C.

Philoscriblerus. James Moore Smith,
in " Daily Journal," 1728.

Philosinensis. W.H. Medhurst. 1835.

Philotheos Physiologus. Thomas

Pliysician, A. William Kitchiner.
The cook's oracle ... L. 1823.

Physician, A. John Allen. Observa-
tions rtn tiie state of the dispute between
. . . and an apothecary, concerning a pre-
scription of Sydenham ... L. 1765.

Physician, A. Rowland Jackson, M.D.
A physical dissertation on drowning . . .
By . . . L. 1746.

Physician, A. Walter Ghanning. Re-
marks on the employment of females . . .
in midwifery. By . . . B. 1820.

Physician, A. N. F. Cook. Satan in
society, by ... St. Louis, 1877.

Physician, A. Llobcrt Couper. Specu-
lations on the mode and ajtpearances of
impregnation in the human female . . .
Edinb. 1789.

Physician of Charleston, S C, A.
Dr. Samuel H. Dickson. Suicide. "Amer.
Whig Rev.," August, 1847, p. 137.




Physitian in the Countrey, A. John
Peachie. Some observations made upon
the Barellas . . . Written, by ... to Dr.
Allen, etc. L. 173-.

Pica, Phinehas. Edwin Buckingham.
Orthography. " New England Mag.,"
Vol. L, p. 105. 1831.

Pierrepont. William C. Church.

Pieseis. L. A. Beardslee.

Pigalle. Jean Jacques Rousseau, in
his contributions to " L'Autographe au
Salon" (Paris), et al.

Pilgrim.. Ednxird JBrotherton. One of
his signatures in Swedenborgian periodi-

Pilgrim Good-Intent, The. JVoah
Worczster, D-D. A parable, occasioned
by the late portentous phenomenon. By
. . . Concord, N.H., 1812.

Pilgrim, Lord. Gerard de Nerval et
Arseiie Jloussai/e. Successively the pseu-
donym of these veriters in the editorship
of the "Artiste " (Paris).

Pilgrim of Seventy, A. John Cox.
The path of life and the perfect rest . . .
By . . . L. 1878.

Pilgrimen. Ulrika Sofia von Strus-
senfelt, Sveriges forsta romanforfattare.
Stiilm. 1853.

Pindar. Rev. William Woodis. The
tuck-net split. By . . . L. 1824.

Pindar, Peter, Jr. Nathaniel Chap-
man Freeman. Parnassus in Philadelphia.
A satire. By . . . P. 1854.

Pindar, Peter, Jun. John Agg. The

R 1 lover; or, a duke defeated

... By . . . 10th ed. L. 1812.

Pindaricas. Jonathan Sloiv.

Pirate, A. Edmund Gurrie. A scene
in tlie West Indies. By a four-years' resi-
dent. L. 1832.

Pitawall, Ernst. Eugen Hermann

Pitti-Clout. William Pitt. ^ Pitti-
Clout and Uun-Cuddy [Henry Dundas] :
a political ecologue.

A satire upon W. Pitt and H. Dundas.

Plagiary, Sir Fretful. Richard Cum-
ier/o?uZ(?), in Sheridan's play, "The

Plain Dealer, A. Thomas Rushton.
Party detected ; or, plain truth : a poem.
By . . . L. 1770.

Plain Hand, A. Ezra Mundi/ Hunt.
About the war. Plain words to plain
people. By . . . P. 1863.

Plain Man, A. Henri/ William Pullen.
Everlasting punishment. Do our clergy
believe in it ? A plain question. By . . .
L. 1872.

Plain Man, A. Rev. Joseph Mendham.
Some account of the discussion on infal-

libility which took place at . . . Birming-
ham . . . 1830 . . . Bv . . . Birmingham,

Platonic Puritan. John Hoioe.

Playfair, Peter. William Tait. P.P.'s
correspondence with the editor of the
"Times" journal on both sides ... L.

Plug, Percival, R.N. James Hunnay.

Plush, Mr. J — s. William Makepeace
Thackeray. Thoughts on a new comedy ;
being a letter from ... to a friend.
" Punch," February, 1850.

Poet, A. Louis B.elrose, Jr. A P.'s
appeal for protection of home industry.
P. 1884.

Poet, A. James Montgomery. Prose.
By . . . P. 1824.

Poet-Philosopher of Venusia, The.
Qnintus Horatius Flaccus. Original views
of passages in the life and writings of . . .
L. 1851. By John Murray, LL.D.

Poet Squab. John Dry den. So
called by Lord Rochester.

Poet Wheelman, The. S. Conant
Foster. Wheel songs. 1884.

Polemius. James Stanhope, 1st Earl

Polite and Ijearned Physician of
Oxford. William Talbot, D.D.

Political Economist, A. Thomas
Charles Banfield. Six letters to the
Right Hon. Sir Robert Peel, Bart., being
an attempt to expose the dangerous ten-
dency of the theory of rent advocated
by Mr. Ricardo ... By . . . L. 1843.

Politicus. James Cheetliam. Obser-
vations on the conduct of Governor
Lewis, in relation to the bribery charged
on the ijassage of the act to incorporate
the Merchants' Bank. By . . . N.Y.

Pollet, Mr. Mi/les Davies. The
recantation of ... a Roman priest, etc.
L. 1705.

Pollex, D., and Others. William Al-
linqham. Blackberries picked from many
bushes. L. 1884.

Polycephalus, Hydra, Esq. W. D.
Whitlington and others. The Galvinist:
a periodical paper. By . . . Canib.,
Eng., 1804.

Polyglott, Pandemus, LIj.D., Liugd.
Bat. Olim. Soc. William Maginn, in
"Blackwood's Mag.," October, 1837, p.

Pomfret, Ellen Lionise. Ellen Louise
Chandler Moidton. This, that, and the

Poningoe. Caleb Dunn.

Pontfeus. Henry Sacheverell. — See
" The High Gerraan'Doctor."




Pope in Worsted Stockings. Rev.
George Crabbe. Is what Horace Smitli
in a note to " Rejected Addresses " called

Popllcola. Col. Isaac Barre'. (1)
In "Public Advertiser," 1770. — (2) Un-
der this signature the letters of Junius
were ascribed to him.

Popllcola. Charles Brockden Broivn.
Monroe's embassj^, etc. P. 1803.

Popular Writer, A. John Timbs.
The illustrated year. — Book of won-
ders, etc. Edited by . . . L. 1850.

Port Oar, A. Emil Charles Bfeiffer.
An account of the '89 freshman crew
of Harvard College . . . By ... B.

Potts, Philips, Esq., Holyhead.
Willinni Magtnn. Translation of the
" Wine-bibber's glory." " Blackwood's
Mag.," 1822.

Poughkeepsie Seer, The. Andrew
Jackson Davis.

Power, Cecil. Charles Grant Blair-
Jindie Allen. Babylon: a novel. L.

Practical Chemist and Experi-
enced Liquor Dealer, A. John Stephen.
A treatise on the manufacture, etc., of
f reigns ... By . . . P. 1860.

Practical Farmer, A. Jolin Arnt-
stromj. A treatise on agriculture . . . By
. . . ' Albany, 1819.

Preacher to a Christian Commu-
nity at Ijeeds, A. Daniel Srott. — See
"A Wesleyan Minister."

Preaching Weathercock, The. Mr.
William Richardson. The preaching
weathercock : a paradox proving Mr.
W. R. (lately a dissenting minister, and
now a presbyter of the Church of Eng-
land) will cant, recant, and re-recant . . .
L. 1712. By JoJin Dunton.

Preceptress, A. il//.s.s Charlotte Palm-
er. Letters on several subjects from
... to lier pupils ... L. 1797.

Premier, The. Benjamin Disraeli.^
Earl of Heaconsfield. The P.'s defence
of his administration ... L. 1879.

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