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Presbyter. Rev. Edward Edwards.
Pastoral recollections. L. 18;](').

Presbyter, A. AV;;. Francis John
Bodjield I/oo/ier. A quietus for the com-
ing struggle ... By . . . L. 1853.

Presbyter of the Church, A. Robert
Crawford Dillon. The book of common
prayer . . . revised . . , by ... L. 1845.

Presbyter of the Church of Eng-
land, A. lirian ITnnt. Parochial ])astur-
agc ... L. 1722.

Presbyter of the Church of Eng-
l;in<l, A. Nathaniel Marshall. The

penitential discipline of the primitive
church for the first 400 years after Christ
... L.1714.

Presbyter of the Church of Eng-
land, A. Richard Newton, D.D. Plu-
ralities indefensible . . . By ... L.

Presbyter of the Church of Eng-
land, A. ' Daniel Whiston. A primitive
catechism . . . By ... L. 1718. Edited
by William Whiston.

Presbyter of the Church of Eng-
land, A. Thomas Hagwood. Primitive
morality ... By. . . L. 1721.

Presbyter of the Church of Eng-
land, A. Rev. John Boswell. Remarks
on the "Candid Disquisitions." Bv . . .

Presbyter of the Church of Eng-
land, A. William Currie. A sermon, in
Radnor church . . . 1747. P. 1748.

Presbyter of the Church of Eng-
land, A. Rev. John Bold, B.A. The
sin and danger of neglecting the public
service of the church, plainly set forth
... By . . . L. 1745.

Presbyter of the Church of Eng-
land, A. Thomas Ainsivorth. The va-
lidity of Episcopal ordination, and in-
validity of any other, considered in
three letters between . . . and a dissenting
teacher [Asher Humphreys]. Oxf . 1719.

Presbyter of the Church of Scot-
land, A. James Clark, A.M. Presby-
terial government as now established
and practised in the Church of Scotland
... By . . . Edinb. 1703.

Presbyter of the Diocese of Lion-
don, A. William Berriman, D.D. A
seasonable review of Mr. Whiston's ac-
count of primitive doxologies . . . By
... L. 1719.

Presbyter of the Diocese of Massa-
chusetts, A. Jonathan Maghen> Wam-
vright, D.D. Considerations on the
Eastern diocese. By ... B. 1837.

Presbyter of the Episcopal Church
in Edinburgh, A. Charles Hughes Jer-
rot, D.D. Reasons for avoiding contro-
versy respecting statements and opinions
advanced at a meeting lield in tiie As-
semblv Rooms in Edinburgh on tlie 20th
December, 1838 . . . Edinb. 1839.

Presbyter of the Episcopal Church
in Scotland, A. Joh)i Torrg. The Ox-
ford tracts vindicated from the misrepre-
sentations of tlie Edinburgh Review, etc.
By . . . Ediiil). 1839.

Presbyterian, A. Bennett.

Terms of communion agreed upon by
the Scots Methodists ... In a letter
from . . . Edinb. 1779.




Presbyterian concerned therein.
The. James Brown. A second edition
of the debate in the shop about impur-
ity among pastors . . . By ... n.p.

Prescott, Thomas H. William 0.
Blake. The American encyclopsedia of
historj'^, biography, and travel. By . . .
Columbus, 0., 1856.

Prescott, Thomas O. Bev. Thomas
Oliver Prescott Hiller. Sermons . . .
Glasgow, 1848.

Present Pastor, The. Ehenezer Bur-
gess, D.D. Dedham pulpit . . . with a
Centennial discourse. By ... B. 1840.

Present Teacher, The. William A.
Brewer. Some account of Harvard bible
class for students and others. By . . .
B. 1856.

President, The. John Mockett Cramp.
Acadia College. The inaugural address
delivered by . . . Halifax, N.S., 1851.

President, The. Robert Charles Win-
throp. The building and the finances of
the Massachusetts Hist. Soc. Remarks
of . . . at the monthly meeting, July 13,
1871. B. 1871.

President, The. Thomas Burgess.
Discourse delivered at the anniversary
meeting of the Eoyal Society of Litera-
ture. By . . . L. 1831.

President, The. Marshall Pinckney
Wilder. First annual meeting of the
United States Agricultural Society, Feb-
ruary 2, 1853 . .". address. VV. 1853.

President, The. Harry Chester. (1)
Highgate . . . institution. Tlie address of
. . .1847. Kentish Town, 1848.-— (2)
Highgate . . . institution. The address
of". . . 1848. Kentish Town, 1849.

President, The. James Finn. The
opening address of [the Jerusalem Liter-
ary Society] by ... L. 1851.

President, The. Rev. Daniel Turner,
M.A. Short history of the Westminster
Forum ... L. 1781.

President of Harvard University,
The. Josiah Qnincy. Report of . . .
submitting for consideration a general
plan of studies conformably to a vote of
the board of overseers . . . Camb. 1830.

President of the College, The. John
H. Raymond. Vassar Coile»e . . . By
. . . N.Y. 1873.

President of tlie Panama Railroad
Company, The. David Hoadly. Copy
of a private letter addressed by ... to
Isaac Townsend . . . N.Y. 1859.

President of the Royal College of
Surgeons, The. John Henry Green,
Esq., F.R.S. John Hunter: an address
... By . . . L. 1859.

President of the Wesleyan Confer-
ence, The. Thomas Jackson. At the
bar of public opinion. By Ethelred.
Reprinted from the " Wesleyan Times."
L. 18.50.

Priest, A. Charles Seager, 3f.A . The
daily service of the Anglo - Catholic
Church ... By . . . Banbury, 1838.

Priest, A. Rev. Charles J. Boiven.
God's safe way of obedience . . . Revised
and edited by . . . 1872.

Priest of the Church of England,
A. Richard Hooper. A plea for sea-
sons and places of spiritual retirement
for the working clergy. By . . . Oxf.

Principal of the Tw^entieth Dis-
trict School, Cincinnati, O., The.
Thomas M. Dill. Outlines of moral ex-
ercises for public schools. Cincinnati,

Principals of those Halls, The.
Drummond Percy Chase and W- C. Salter.
Education for frugal men at the Univer-
sity of Oxford. An account of the ex-
periments at St Mary's and St. Alban's
Halls. By . . . Oxf. 1864.

Printer's Devil, The. Thomas
Peirce(i ). A poetical gift to the patrons
of the Western Spy ; on the commence-
ment of the year 1818, by the carrier
... By . . . Cincinnati, 1818.

Priscianus. Richard Beiitley. 1661-

Prisoner, A. Samuel Miller Quincy.
A P.'s diary. B. 1882.

Prisoner in England, A. Charles
Andreas. The prisoner's memoirs ; or,
Dartmoor prison . . . By . . . who was
a captive during the whole war. N.Y.

Prisoner of War, A. Alfred Ely. A
journal of ... in Richmond. Edited by
Charles Lanman. N.Y. 1802.

Prisoner of War, A. Col. F. F. Cav-
ada. Libbv life. Experiences of . . .
in Richmond, 1863-64. P. 1864.

Prisoner of War, A. C. M. Erskine,
Life in a rebel prison ; or, the experience
of . . . P. 1883.

Private Gentleman, A. 0. G. R.
Wightman. A specimen of peculiar
thoughts upon sublime, abstruse, and
delicate subjects . . . By ... L. 1788.

Private Gentleman, A. John Cart-
wright. The trident ... L. 1805.

Private Person, A. Granville Sharp.
An address to the people of England;
being a protest of . . . against every sus-
pension of law that is liable to Injure or
endanger personal security.

Private Soldier, A. .lohn McElroy.




Andersonville : a story of Rebel military
prisons ... A P. S.'s experience in Rich-
mond, &c. Toledo, 1879.

Pro me, si merear, In me. Hicliard
Gomjh, in " Gent. Mag.," May, 1786, pp.
386-88. — See " Benvolio," note.

Probationer of the Free Church of
Scotland, A. Peter Halelij Waddell.
Orthodoxy is not Evangelism . . . By
. . . Glasgow, 184.3.

Profess'd Friend to an Honest
Freedom of Thought in Religious
Enquiries, A. Patrick Delann, D.D.
Revelation examined with candour . . .
By . . . L. 1732.

Professor, A. William Fergusson,
M.D. Notes and recollections of . . .
L. 181-.

Professor Emeritus of dead and
living languages (^. B. K., Cam-
bridge, 1867), The. Oliver Wendell
Holmes. Clianson without music. "At-
lantic Monthl3%" November, 1867.

Professor of Botany, The. Charles
Giles Bridle Dauheny. Copy of a report
presented to the visitors of the Oxford
Botanic Garden by . . . Oxf . 1834.

Professor of the Spanish and Por-
tuguese Languages in St. Mary's Col-
lege, A. P. Bahud. A Portuguese and
English grammar . . . By . . . Bait.

Prolix, Peregrine. Philip H. Nick-
lin. Letters descriptive of the Virginia
Springs. By . . . P. 1837.

Prolocutor, The. George Stanhope,
D.D. Answer to a letter from a member
of the lower house of Convocation, inti-
tuled. The Report vindicated from Mis-
reports. L. 1717.

Prometheus. William Bush. The
dawn of liberty : drama. By . . . Chi-
cago, 1869.

Promoter of the Sunday Band,
The. Sir William Domuille. The Sun-
day band at Eastbourne . . . by . . . L.

Prophet of San Francisco, The.
Henrii George.

Proprietor, A. Lewis Glover Praij.
Letter to the friends of . . . F. T. Gray
. . . B. 1842.

Pro|)ri<'tor of the Roman Gal-
lery, Th(!. J. Ji. 'J'liglidfi'rri. On view-
ing and judging jjicturos . . . N.Y.

Protestant, A. David Urqnhart. (1)
Appeal of . . . to tlie Pope. L. 186-. —
(2) The general council. Sequel to the
"Appeal of . . , to the Pope." Tlie mili-
tary oath and Christianity. L. 1869.

Protestant, A. Rev. John Billingslei/.

A brief discourse of schism. By ... L.

Protestant, A. John Bowden. Obser-
vations by ... on a profession of Catho-
lic faith, by a clergyman of Baltimore,
and with the authority of the Rt. Rev.
Bishop Carroll. 180-.

Protestant, A. Rev. John Wilson.
Popular reflections on the progress of
the principles of toleration . . . By . . .
Newcastle, 1814.

Protestant Churchman, A. J. Bal-
lard. A second letter to Mr. Alderman
Sadler by . . . Oxf. 1851.

Protestant Clergyman, A. Rev. Ed-
gell Wyatt Edgell. Heredity : being a
■\dllage dialogue . . . By ... L. 1878.

Protestant Dissenter, A. Sanuiel
Bourn. (1) An address to Protestant
Dissenters ; or, an inquiry into the
grounds of their attachment to the
Assembly's catechism . . . by . . . L.
1736. — (2) Address to the congrega-
tion of Prot. Dissenters ... at the Cas-
tle Gate in Nottingham, &c., by . . .

Protestant Dissenter, A. John Gam-
ble. Brief observations on the present
state of Ireland . . . By . . . Dublin,

Protestant Dissenter (A) , a Friend
to Truth, Peace, and Liiberty. John
Sladen. Reasons offer'd against pushing
for tlie repeal of the Corporation and
Test Acts ... By . . . L. 1732.

Protestant Episcopalian, A. Wil-
liam Jaij. A letter to the Right Rev.
Levi Siiliman Ives ... By ... V. 1846.

Protestant Layman, A. David Clark.
Correspondence between a Roman Catho-
lic priest, and . . . Dublin, 1821.

Protestant Member of the Univer-
sity of Oxford, A. Jolui Allen Giles,
D.C.L. Reply to an expostulatory let-
ter. . . By . . . Oxf. 1829.

Protestant of the School of the
Reformation, A. James Bri/ce, D.D.
" The pitli and marrow " of the present
controversy in the Church of Scotland.
By . . . L. 1841.

Protestant Watchman, A. James
Richardso)!. Review of Mr. Gisborne's
considerations on tlie Catliolic relief bill
... By . . . York, 1830.

Proud Duke, The. Charles Seymour,
Duke of Somerset.

Provisional Bishop, The. Horatio
Potter, D.D. A pastoral letter to the
laity ... of New York ... By . . . N.Y.

Prudence, Aunt. L. 11. Muzzy.

P-^vu-ll, Th-m-s, Esq. Thomas Pow-




nail. The speech of . . . late G-v-rn-r of
this province, in the H — se of C-ra — ns,
in favor of America. B. 1769.

Prussien, Un. J. B. Clootz, since

^' called Anac/iarsis. Addresse d' . . . a un

Anglois [Edmund Burke]. Paris, 1790.

Psychalethes, Estlbius. William
Coward, M.D. Second thoughts con-
cerning human souls. L. 1702.

Publicola. John Williams, in the
-^Weekly Dispatch," 1840.
.- Publicus. Caleb Fleming. A mod-
ern plan : upon which the minds and
manners of youth may be formed . . .
L. 1748.
,- , . Publius. Samuel B. Williams. P . . .
on banking ; or, the money-changers' ta-
bles overtlirown. N.Y. 1849.

,.Piiclica. Miss Sotheran.

-\^ Punchinello. Alexander Blunt. Pun-
/ chinello's sermon, etc. [A satire on J.
Henley. Edited, or rather written, by
A. B,] L. 1727.

"Punch's" Commissioner. William
Makepeace Thackeray. A Brighton night
entertainment. By . . . October, 1845.

Pungent, Pierce. Francis Sylvester
Mahoni/. (1) Literary characters. By
. . . "Eraser's Mag.," April, 1830, p. 291 ;
June, 1830, p. 563. — (2) Men and man-
ners. A series of satires. In " Eraser's
Mag.," 1834.

/ Pupil, A. E. Brooks. The Bruce
Castle Magazine. Edited by ... - Tot-
tenham, 1839.

/Pupil of the late Dr. W. Hunter, A.

Bev. John Trusler. The practi<;e of mid-
wifery ... By . . . L. 1788.
^Purchaser, A. Bev. John William
Donaldson. Strictures on the Rev. W. G.
Cookesley's penny letter to his son. By
. ■. . Bury St. Edmunds, 1855.

Puritan, Tlie. George H. Boiighton.

The members of " The Tile Club " conceal
their identity, when they appear in print, behind
sobriquets. In the " Book of the Tile Club " the
" Puritan " is George H. Boughton; the " Owl,"
F. Hopkinton Smith; the " Bishop," William
Gedney Bunce; the ■' Q-riflBn," li. Swain Oif-
ford; the " Eagle," George W. Mnynard; the
'" Pasan," Elihu Vedder; the " Bulgarian," F.
D. Millet; the " Builder," Stanford^ White; the
" Chestnut," EdioinA. Abbey; and the " Saint,"
Augustus St. Gaudens.

Putnam, Eleanor. Mrs. Harriet L.
(^Vose) Bates. (1) Signature in the
" Atlantic Monthly." — (2) Old Salem.
By . . . B. 1886. Edited by Arlo Bates.

Puto. Henry Bate. " Tekel," thou
art weighed . . . and found wanting . . .
L. 1872.

Put's Boy. Henry M. Putney. His
signature to humorous political letters,
which attracted much attention.
^^uzzlem, Peter. Sir William Herschel,
in the " Ladies' Diary."

Pylodet, Ij. Frederick Leypoldt. La
litterature fran9aise contemporaine . . .
N.Y. 1867.

Pym, T. Clara Creed. Mixed pickles :
a story for boys and girls [by Mrs. Field}
. . . Illustrated by . . . L. 1886.


Q. Richard Gough, in " Gent, Mag.,"
1785, p. 877. — See " Benvolio," note.

Q. G. C Rosenberg. (1) Man of the
people : a novel. L. 1843. — (2) You
have heard of them. L. 184-.

Q. in the Corner. Thomas Haynes
Bayly. Epistles from Bath. 1817.

Q.,J.P. Josiah Phillips Quincy. Manu-
script corrections from a copy of the fourth
folio of Shakespeare's play. B. 18 — .

Q., W. F. IF. F. Quicksell. The
Shakespearian question. In the " Re-
public" (W.), Nov. 20, 1881.

Q. Z., late Comnjoner of Oxon, Dr.
John Ellison. A most pleasant descrip-
tion of Benwel village, in the county of
Northumberland . . . By . . . Newcastle-
upon-Tyne, 1726.

Quadrat, Nonpareil, X. P. D. J.
G. P. Holden.

Quaker Poet, The. Bernard Barton.
Quaker Poet, The. John Greenleaf


Quarante, Un des. Prosper Merimee.
H. B. [Henri Beyle], par .^ . . Eleu-
theropolis [Bruxelles], 1864.

Quarles, Geoffrey. Edgar Allan
Poe(l). Introduction to "The poets
and poetry of America." N.Y. 1887. —
See " Lavante."

This writer is not probably Mr. Poe, but as-
sumes his pseudonym partially to confuse mat-

Quartz. Afrs. T. C. Patterson.

Queen of Babylon, The. Mrs.

Woffington. The green room squabble ;
or, a battle royal between . , . and the
daughter of Darius [Mrs. Bellamy]. By
Saimiel Foote. L. 1756.

Queen of Hearts, The. Elizabeth




Stuart, the daughter of James I., and the
unfortunate queen of Bohemia.

Queen of the Dead Heads. Ida

Quekett Club-Man, A. T. Chartres
White(^l). The student's handbook to
the microscope . . . By ... L. 1887.

Quencher, Mark. Charles M. Con-
noil if.

Querist. Harman Blennerhasset. Pub-
lished in 1806 a series of papers in the
Ohio " Gazette," under this signature,
in support of the schemes of Aaron

Quick, Tim. George B. Wool-


Quidam. William Meston. The knight.
L. 1723.

Quiet Observer. Erasmus Wilson.

Quiet observations on the ways of the
world. N.Y. 1887.

Quill, Charles. James Waddel Alex-
ander. Tlie American meclianic. P.

Quinqiiagenarius. Godfrey Faussett,
D.D. A few plain reasons for retaining
our subscription to the articles at matric-
ulation . . . Oxf. 1835.

Quinquegenarian, A. James Hunter.
Reminiscences of . . . n.p. 1867.

Qiiintus. Alplieus Crosby (^^. Con-
servatives and reformers. A pamphlet
for the times. B. 1843.

Quirinus. Johann Joseph Ignaz Doel-
linger. liomische brief e vom council.
Von . . . Miinchen, 1870.

Quixote, Don, Juu. James Tytler^ in
the " Edinb. Mag."



R. Rev. Henry Meen. — See " E."
R. James Itichardson, Jr., in the
" Christ. Exam."

R. Samuel Ripley, in the " Christ.

R. Chandler Robbins, D.D., in the
" Christ. Exam."

R., A. Alexander Russel. Exposure

' of the attack [in the " Law Magazine

and Law Review " for August, 1856] on

Lord Cockburn's " Memorials." Edinb.


R. A., Esq. Thomas Carte. A full
answer to a letter of a bystander ... L.

R. C. [Richard of Cashel]. Rich-
ard Laurence, On the existence of
the soul after death . . . By ... L.

R., C. Chandler Robbins, D.D. Our
pastor's olfering: a compilation ... B.

R., C. Clara Reeve. The progress of
romance through times, countries, and
manners ... By . . . L. 1785.

R. D. R. William Maginn. A wel-
come to His Majesty King George the
Fourth on his arrival in Ireland. " Black-
wood's Mag.," 1821.

R., E. Eliza Bobbins, in the " Clirist.

R., E. Ellas Riggs. Notes on the
grammar of the Bulgarian language.
Smyrna, 1844.

R., E. Emilia Risberg. Rolf och
Alfliild. Sthlm. 1860.

R. E., a Member of the Society.

Ralph Eddowes. On the early treatment
of children ... By . . . P. 1809.

R., E. H. Mrs. Elizabeth Harcourt

R., G. George Ripley, in the " Christ.

R., jGr. Gilbert Rorison. The three
barriers : notes on Mr. Darwin's " Origin
of Species." Edinb. 1861.

R., G. B. G. B. RIchardsonCi). Wil-
liam and Elizabeth Elstob, the learned
Saxonists. L. 1847.

R., G. H. George Henri/ Richards.
The China Sea Directory, Vol. IV. . . .
[with an advertisement signed . . .]. L.

R., H. Mrs. Harriet (Rashleigh) Rodd.
The cliiirch catechism partially explained
... L. 1836.

R. H., the E. of R. John Wilmot, 2d
Earl of Rocliester. Poems on several
occasions. By... L. 1701.

R., I. Iscfac Rail, 31. D., in the " Christ.
E.xani." (B.), 1851.

R., J. James Richardson, Jr. Poetry
in the " Christ. Exam.," XXXVIII., p.

R., J., M.D. John Robinson, M.D.
Piulosopliical and scriptural enquiries
into the nature and constitution of- man-
kind, considered only as rational beings
. . . Autliore ... L. 1757.

R., J. G. John Gray Rogers, in the
" Christ. Exam."

R., J. J. John Jope Rogers. Notice




of Mr. John Knell, of Gray's Inn, 1733-

1811. Helston, 1871.

R., J. O. James Otis Bockwell. (1)
The absent husbanfl. " Amer. Monthly-
Mag.," April, 1829, p. 53. — (2) The Red
Rover. May, 1829, p. 107.— (3) Mary.
July, 1829, p. 227.— (4) A morning on
the Andes. August, 1829, p. 339. — (5)
Napoleon. September, 1829, p. 400.—
(6) The tempest. December, 1829, p.
616. — (7) The discontented eagle. June,
1830, p. 158.

K., J. S. Joseph 8. Ropes. The finan-
cial situation. " Banker's Mag.," August,

R., K. Klas Rydberg. A Swedish

R., Li. N. Mrs. Ellen Ranyurd. (1)
The book and its missions, past and pres-
ent . . . Edited by . . . L. 1856-64. —
(2) The Missing Link Magazine ; or,
Bible work at home and abroad . . .
Edited by . . . L. 1865-83.

R. M. Susannah Freeman Centlivre.
Love's contrivance : a comedy. L. 1703.
R. M. T. H. [Regular Member of the
Third House]. Dr. Francis Bacon. He
wrote for the New York " American,"
then edited by Charles King, under this

R., R. Robert Runeberg. A Swedish

R., R. Robert Rantoid, Jr. The rogue
in spite of himself. " New England
Mag.," Vol. VIII., p. 108. 1835.

R., R. Robert Roxby. The fisher's
garland, for 1821. Newcastle, 1821.
The verses were written by R. R.
R., R. P. Robert Fossae Rogers, in
the " Christ. Exam."

R., S. Samuel Beufs, in the " Christ.

R., S. Samuel Richardson. Lines in
the " Gent. Mag.," Vol. VI., p. 61.

R., S. Rev. Samuel Rosewell. A con-
fession of faith, as it was publickly de-
livered by a dissenting minister at his
ordination, August 2d, 1705. L. 1706.

R. S. Richard Gough. Remarks on
the essay prefixed to Pinkerton's " An-
cient Scottish Poems." In " Gent. Mag."
for February, 1786, pp. 115-17.

R., T. T. Rubinsohn, P.D., in the
"Christ. Exam." (B.), 1853.

R., W. William Ross. The new as-
tronomer ; or, astronomy made easy . . .
By . . . L. 1735.

R., W. William Russell. Poetry. In

the " Christ. Exam.," II., p. 273. B. 1825.

R., W. U. William Upton Richards.

The great truths of the Christian religion.

[Edited by . . .] L. 1862.

R , J. James Rivington. Suppli-
cation of . . .

It was written by Dr. Witherspoon.

R , air. J , Mem. of the Phy,

Med. Soc. in Edinburgh. John Ricketts.
Poems on several occasions. By. . .
Edinb. 1771.

R — a. Flias Vilhelm Ruda. Fram-
lingen fran Norden. About 1832.
V R — er, Mr. Ab — I. Jonathan Swift.
Cursory but curious observations of . . .
upon a late famous pamphlet, entitled,
Remarks, &c. L. 1711.

R — n, Anders. Anders Flodman.
Upp och ned. Sthlm. 1862.

R— s, M. Miss 3Iathilda Roos. Mari-
anne. Sevenskt original. Sthlm. 1881.

R***, Froken. Constantia Carolina
Ainalia von Strussenfelt. Andelunden vid
Kassin. About 1832,

Rafaelleof Auctioneers, The. George
Leigh. So called by Dr. Dibdin.

Rag Emperor. Samuel H. Napoleon
Sonaparte Everette.

Rag, Tag, and Bobtail. James Cam-
eron Lees, D.D. A rollicking tour in the
land of the Gael. By . . . Paisley, 1878.

Rail Splitter, The. Abraham Lincoln.

Railway Reader, The. James Sped-
ding. Companion to the railway edition
of Lord Campbell's Life of Bacon. By
... L. 1853.

Raimbault, A. T. Charles Yves Cousin

Raimund, Golo. Mme. Bertha Heyn
Friedrich. Gesucht und gefunden (1880),
and numerous other novels.

This pseudonym is generally attached to the
name Georg Dannenberg. The latter personage,
however, is a myth, and was the creation of Karl
Rumpler, in Hannover, the first publisher of
Mme. Friedrich, who by this means diverted the
attention of the public from the real author.

Raleigh, W. Henry St. John, Vis-
count Bolingbroke. (1) The craftsman
extraordinary ; being remarks on a late
pamphlet entitled, Observations on the
conduct of Great Britain, &c. L. 1775.
— (2) The craftsman extraordinary; or,
the late dissertation on parties continued,
n.p., n.d. — (3) Observations on the pub-
lic affairs of Great Britain. In a letter
from ... to Caleb d'Anvers, of Gray's-
Inn, Esq.

Ramble, John. John Carter.

Ramble, Robert. John Frost. R.
R.'s stories. P. 1839.

Rambler, A. aS'. Smith. Reflections
of . . . througli the ruins of mental, ma-
terial, and artificial creation. L. 1847.

Rambler, The. Charles Joseph La-
trobe. The R. in North America. L.




Ramblex" among the Tombs, A.

Samuel Shepherd. Under this signature
he addressed a letter to " The Times,"
on " Tiie Tomb of Chaucer," August 25,

Rambler at Home, A. Robert Mont-
cfomerji Bird{l). A tale of a snag.
From the note-book of . . . " Amer.
Monthly Mag.," August, 1837, p. 121.

Randolph, Ramus. Edward N. Den-
nijs. The alpha ; or, the first principles
of the human mind ... L. 1851.

"The author originally intended to publish
this work under the pseudonym of the fictitious
narrator, ' Ramus Randolph.' It is dedicated
to the ' daughter of Dionysius ' [i.e. himself], so
that he personifies himself twice in this book."

Raphael. Mjs. E. Edson (^Gibson Du
Sois) Evans.

Rasselas, Prince. Mr. Wliite, in con-
tributions to the New York " Times."

Rattlebrain. William Eassie.

Ray, Captain. Edward Smith.

Rbg. Prof. Sigurd Ribbing. Grund-
linier till Philosophicus historia. Upsala,

Rd, A. Anton Ridderstad. Vid in-
vigningen af grafmonumentel afver
L. C. VViede. 1884.

Rdd. Carl Fredrik Ridderstad. A
Swedish author and journalist.

Real Author of that Performance,
The. John Withersjiuon. A serious
apology for the " Ecclesiastical Charac-
teristics." By . . . Edinb. 1763.

Real Friend of Methodists, A. Ed-
ward Sharman. The Christian world un-
masked . . . Watertown, 1819.

Reason, Mr. James Donaldson. 1706.

RecentMissionaryof the A. H.M.S.
in Wisconsin, A. Rer. .lob CJusliman.
A letter to the Edwards Church, North-
ampton [Mass.]. Madison(?), 1856.

Recluse, A. William Benton Clulow.
Essays of . . . L. 1865.

Rector, The. Rev. John Cotton Smith.
Annual address to the parishioners of
the Cliurch of the Ascension. By . . .
N.y. 1861.

R u-tor. The. Rev. Edioard B. Boggs.
The ('liurch and the Rebellion. Mr.

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