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nerungen . . . im Feldziige, 1870, 71.

Scholiast, The. Mark. Antony V Wolfe
Howe. The scholiast schooled . . . By
a Bostonian [William Bcntlev Fowle].
Camh. 1846.

Schoolboy tliirtcen years of a^e, A.
John /t'ylinid, the younger. Tlic plagues
of Kgy[)t. By . . . n.p., n.d.

Schoolmaster, A. Albert Bitzins.
The joys and sorrou-s of . . . 1861.

Schwarz, Peter. /'. C. Peter.son.

Scion of the old Church. Rev.

Robert Rodolph Suffield. Our churches.
By . . . L. 1844.

Scot, Phil. Harris. A defence

of the Scots abdicating Darien . . . By
. . . Edinb. 1700.

Scotch Banker, A. George Driim-
mond Charles- The theory of money in
connection with some of the prominent
doctrines of political economy. By . . .
Edinb. 1868.

Scotch Episcopal Clergyman, A.
Rev. William Robb. The patriotic wolves :
a fable. By . . . Edinb. 1793.

Scotch Preacher, A. Rev. James
Wood. The strait gate, and other dis-
courses . . . By . . . Edinb. 1881.

Scots Gentleman, A. William Car-
stairs. The Scottish toleration argued
... In a letter from ... L. 1712.

Scotsman, A. James Broivn, navy
pilot. Observations on stocking the
mountainous grounds of Ireland with the
black-faced sheep . . . By . . . Glasgow,

Scotsman, A. William T. Ker. The
restoration of the Church of Scotland.
By . . . Edinb. 1879.

Scott, Leader. Lucy E. Barnes.
Sculpture : renaissance and modern. By
. . . N.Y. 1886.

Scott, Richard. Paul Par/ait, in
"Paris Mag."

Scottish Philhellen. Edward Mas-
son. Philhellenika ; or, poetic transla-
tions ... By . . . Edinb. 1852.

Scotus. Samuel Raleigh. Reform in
the bankruptcy law of Scotland. By. ..
Edinb. 1852.

Scotus Novanticus. Simon Somer-
ville Laurie. Metaphysica nova et ve-
tusta. Ethica; or, the ethics of reason.
Edinb. 1885.

Gcourge of Grammar, The. Giles
Jacob. In Pope's " Dunciad."

"Jacob, the scourge of Grammar, mark with

Nor less revere the blunderbuss of law."

Scriblerus, Faustinus. Cuthbert

Scriblerus Redivivus. Rev. Edward
Caswall. (1) A new art, teaching how
to be plucked ... By . . . Oxf . 1835. —
(2) Pluck examination papers for candi-
dates at Oxford and Cambridge in 1836
. . . By . . . Oxf. 1836.

ScribJcrus, Tertius. Thomas Cooke.
^ Scripture Reader, A. RicharJ Eowe.
Name under which he jjublished a work
on London life.

Script urista. Rev. William Hart. A
letter to . . . containing some remarks on




his answer to Paulinus's three questions
. . . New Haven, 1760.

Written by Joseph Bellamy, D.D.

Scrutator. Rev. Malcolm Maccoll.
Who is responsible for the war ? L. 1871.

Scythrop. Perci/ Bysshe Shelleij, in
T. L. Peacock's " Niglitmare Abbey."

Sea- Actor. Paulin H. Pearce. Drama.
L. 1859.

Search, Warner Cliristian, and
Peter Peeradeal. Sir William Cusack
Smith, Bart. Ramble on ; or, dialogue
the second, between . . . Dublin, 1835.

Seaward, Sir Edward. William
Ogilvie Porter. Sir E. S.'s narrative of
his shipwreck . . . frum the year 1733 to
1749, as written in his own diary. Edited
by Miss Jane Porter. L. 1831.

Sebastian. 3Irs. Marie Sophie {Birath')
Schwartz. Ett tidens barn. Sthlm. 1873.

Secretaries of the Congregational
Union and Mission of Victoria. W.
S. H. Fielden and J. C. MacMichael. The
Australian Congregational year book
and calendar. 1867-69. Edited by . . .
Melbourne, 1867-69.

Secretary, The. Charles Deane. Rules,
orders, and statutes of Harvard College
. . . presented at a meeting of the Massa-
chusetts Historical Society . . . with re-
marks by . . . Camb. 1876.

Secretary of State, The. Timothy
Pickering. Review of tlie administration
. . . since the year ninety-three ; or, the cor-
respondence between . . . and the French
minister [P. A. Adet] on that subject.
B. 1797.

Secretary of the Massachusetts
Sabbath School Society, The. Asa
Bullarcl. Sabbath school results. By
... B. 1842.

Secretary of the New York Sabbath
Committee, The. R. S. Cook. Sketch
of the Sabbath reform. N.Y. 1863.

Secretary of the Royal Society of
Canada, The. John George Bourinot.
The ... a literary fraud. By Nicholas
Elood Davin. Ottawa, 1882.

Secretary of tlie Society for pro-
moting Christianity amongst the
Jews, The. Alfred Long Stackhouse.
Darkness made light ; or, the story of
"Old Sam" [Hyams], the Christian
Jew. Tnsmanio, Launceston, 1859.

Secretary of the Treasury, The.
William Harris Cran-ford. A letter [by
Aristides] to ... on the commerce and
currency of the United States. N.Y. 1819.

Secretary of War, The. Joel Roberts
Poinsett. (1) Letter from . . . transmit-
ting a system of reorganization of the
militia of the United States, March 20,

1840. W. 1840. — (2) Plan of a standing
army of 200,000 men submitted to Con-
gress. By . . . W. 1840.

Secundus, Trismegistus. Sir Thomas
Bernard, in the "Director" (L.), 1807,
Vol. II., 381.

Sedley. John E. Hall. Signature in
" The Port-Folio " at Philadelphia.

Seed and Plum Cakins. John Trus-
ler, LL.D. See " Gent. Mag.," Vol. XC.,.
Pt. 2, p. 120.

Seeker, A. Francis William Pitt
Greenwood, D.D., in the "Christ. Exam.,
III., p. 109. B. 1826.

Segrave, Adolphus. Philip Gilbert
Hamerton. Marmorne, etc. L. 1878.

Selden, Camille. Mme. de Krinitz.

Portraits de femmes par . . . 188-.

Selim. George Lyttelton, Lord Lyttfel-
ton. The Persian letters continued . . .
Letters from ... at London, to Mirza at
Ispahan. L. 1736.

Selitn the Persian. Lord Lyttelton.
The trial of . . . for divers high crimes and.
misdemeanours. L. 1748. By Moore, Ed-
ward (1712-57), English dramatist.

Selina. Mrs. Sarah F. Abbott. Saturday
evenings with my children. By... B.n.d.

Sellen, Gustav. Karl Ludivig Wil-
helm Alvensleben. Der strafende burg-
geist . . . Meissen, 1830.

Semloh. Holmes. 1833.

Senex. Robert Reid. (1) Autobi-
ography of R. R. (Senex) . . . Glasgow,.
1865. — (2) Old Glasgow and its environs.
By . . . Glasgow, 1864.

Senex. John Adams Dix. On the
mode of constituting presidential electors.
Addressed to the people of the State of
New York. N.Y. 1823.

Senior, S. H. Samuel Hxmton.

Senior Fellow^ of a College in Cam-
bridge, The. John Golbatch, D.D. Rea-
sons for altering the method used at
present in letting church and college
leases. By . . . Camb. 1739.

Senior Member of the Company, A.
H. W. Busk. A sketch of the origin
and history of the New England com-
pany. By ... L. 1884.

Senior Member of the University
of O.xford, A. James Ingram, D.D. Ob-
servations on the bill now in progress
througli Parliament, in support of the
spiritual authority of the Church of
Rome. By . . . Oxf. 1825.

Senior Minister of the West Church
in Boston, The. Charles Lou-ell, D.D.
Sermons, chiefly practical. By ... B.

Senior Physician, A. Thomas Har-
rison Bur der. Letters from ... to a junior




physician [Dr. James Hope] on the im-
portance of promoting the religious wel-
fare of his patients. In the " Evangeli-
<;al Magazine " for 1836.

Senior Resident Member of the
University of Oxford, A. Charles
Portales Golightly, M.A. The position of
the Right Rev. Samuel Wilberforce, D.D.,
Lord Bishop of Oxford, in reference to
ritualism ... By . . . L. 1867.

Septchenes, Jean de. Jacques Albin
Simon Collin de Planet/. Jacquemin du
f reimaurer . . . Grimma, 1852.

Serious Enquirer, A. Anthony Tem-
ple. Objections to Mr. Lindsey's inter-
pretation of the first fourteen verses
of St. John's Gospel . . . By ... L.

•^Serious Inquirer, A. Rev. Jacob
Norton. A candid and conciliatory re-
view of the late correspondence of the
Rev. Dr, Worcester with the Rev. AV. E.
Channing, on the subject of Unitarian-
ism. By . . . B. 1817.

Serins. H. Ernst, Jr. 1864.

Severin, Justus. Adolf Miitzelhurg.
Robert Clive, dereroberer vonBengalen:
historischer roman. Leipzig, 1868.

Severin, Paul. Bai/mond Bnicher.

Seven Years' Resident, A. G. Nettle.
Letters from an Eastern colony ... in
1826-7. By... L. 1829.

Severn, LaAvrence. Miss Ada M.
Trotter. Heaven's gate : a story of the
forest of Dean. B. 1886.

Several gentlemen. Samuel Derrick.
A companion for a leisure hour. L. 1749.

Severus, Baptista. jSfatthew Cooker.

Sexagenarian, A. Canniff JIui(/ht.
Country life in Canada fifty years' ago.
Personal recollections and reminiscences
of . . . Toronto, 1885.

Sexagenarian, The. William Beloe.

A second key, by Ilenry R. Luard, D.D., will
be found in " The nibliotriapher," Vol. VI., pp.
120, loO, l.'.l, 1>>'2, and 18:3.

A third key, by U. B. Wheatley, will be found
in the same volume of "The Bibliograpber,"
pp. "■<, 9<5, 143, 1.5S.

Seymour, The Hon. Juliana Su-
sanah. Sir John Hill. Tlic comhict of
a married life ; laid down in a series of
letters, written by . . . toayounglady her
relation, lately married. L. 1753.

Shade of Alden, The. James TJoyd
Homer. Nahant and otiicr places . . .
By . . . B. 1848.

Shade of Sir Robert Peel, The.
Henri) dale. Religion, rigiits and rever-
ence.' By . . . L."^185-.

Shaker, A. Frederick White Krans.
Auto#if)graphy of . . . Mt. Lebanon,
N.Y., 1869.

Shareholder, A. Henry Booth. The
case of railways . . . By . . . Liverpool,

Sha'wmut. Bev. Nathan Henry Cham-
berlain, in the " Boston Transcript."

Shayback, Mr. Rev. Samuel June

Shayback, Mrs. Mrs. Katherine Isa-
bel (^Hayes Chapui) Barrows.

Sheelagh. Lord William Conyngham
Plunket. Letters to John Bull. L. 1777.

Shemeya, Ebn. David Parkes. The
star : being a complete system of . . . as-
trology ... By . . . L. 1839.

Shepard, Hazel. Helen A. S7nith.
Birds and fishes. Natural history
studies . . .

Shepard, William. William Shepard
Walsh. (1) The Uterary life. N.Y.
1883. — (2) Our young folks' history of
the Roman Empire. 188-.

Sheridan, Richard Brinsley Butler.
Sir John Vanhrugh.

Sir John Vanbiugh, advocate, produced at
the Drury Lane, London, in 1697, a comedy en-
titled " The Relapse," etc. Nearly a century
later, Sheridan brought it out at the same theatre
as his own, under the title, "A trip to Scar-
borough.", iu— ,'/'.. .. ■ • ■ ' ■'

Sherry, Charles. John Osborne Sar-
gent. Quite too susceptible. By . . .
"New England Mag.," Vol. VIIL, p. 26.

Shiels, Tibby. Miss Isabella Richard-

Shimei. John Dryden, in Pordage's
" Azaria and Hushai."

Shirlej''. Charles James Lever. (1) A
campaigner at home. By ... L. 1865.
— (2) A reprint of " Robert Browning,"
frotn " Eraser." February, 1863.

Shoestrings, Mr. Negative. Sir Wil-
liam Whillock.

Shortfellow, Mr. William P. Cope-
land. Stanlico Africanus. Stanley's
trip from Zanzibar to Ujije. By . . .
n.p. 1873.

Shuffleton, Thomas. W. Thomas

Siamese Minister of State, A.
Cliao Phya Thipakon. The modern Bud-
dhist; being tiie views of . . . L. 1870.

Sidartha. Henry E. Nesmith. Poems.
N.Y. 1887.

Sidney. Rev. John Allen. An essay
on the policy of appropriations by the
United States for purchasing, liberating,
and colonizing tiie slaves thereof. B.

Sienna, B. T. Charles Ledyard Norton.

Sicvad, Hadji, and a talented Hea-
then Staff. (Icnild SliDiley Davies. Tiie
Moslem in Cambridge : a Liberal and




advanced journal . . . Conducted by
. . . Cambridge, 1890 [1870].

Sigma. Lucius Manlius tiargent. (1)
The ballad of the abolition blunder-buss.
B. 1861. — (2) The betterment law. n.p.,
n.d. — (o) Notices of the histories of
Boston. By . . . B. 1857.

Sigma. Samuel Neiuington. (1) The
corn, bean, and mangold planter. By
... L. 1858. — (2) The corn planter.
By . . . L. 1857.

Sigma. J. B. Shaio. Sonnets and
other poems. By ... L. 1863.

Signora Inglese, Una. Lavinia Fair-
fax. Rime Italiane, composte da . . .

Sigurd. Alfred Hedenstierna. Kaleid-
oskop. Qvaden och ogvaden. Sthlm.

Silas. Rt. Bev. William White, D.D.
Thoughts on the singing of psalms and
anthems in churches. Signed ... P.

Silas, Uncle. James W. Poland. The
Walker family: a true story. By . . .
B. 1847.

Sill, E. Row^Iand. Andrew Hedbrooke.

Silly Billy- Eustace Clare G-renville
Murrai/. Strange tales. Prom " Vanity
Fair." By . . . L. 1882.

" Silvercloud," a detective Officer.
George Shaw Brown. Studies in decla-
mation . . . By . . . Glasgow, 1865.

Silverspoon, Doctor. Dr. Wither-
spoon. The XLV. chapter of the
prophecies of Thomas the Rhymer in
verse . . . Dedicated to . . . preacher
of sedition in America. Edinb. 1776.
By Hugh Arnot.

Simcoe, Adolplius. William Make-
peace Thackeray. Miss Tickletoby's lec-
tures on English history, in "Punch,"

Simmons, P. E. R. De Witt Clinton
Cooley. The high old court of impeach-
ment. By . . . St. Paul, 1878.

Simon. Henry B. Hooker. Put off
and put on; or, the vile and beautiful
apparel. By . . . B. 1846.

Simon, the Tanner. Rev. Thomas
Prentice (^1). A letter to the Rev. An-
drew Croswell ... B. 1771.

From the tract itself it appears that the writer
was an overseer (or " had a chartered right" to
be) of the college, a clergyman, and a resident at
Charlestown; which facts agree in Mr. Prentice,
and make it probable that he wrote it.

Simpkins, Jonas. Benjamin E. G.
Jeivett. Reveries of a woodsawyer.
N.Y. 1873.

Sincere Friend to America, A.
Alexander Hamilton. The Farmer re-
futed . . . N.Y. 1775.

Sincere Lover of our Protestant
Establishment, A. Thomas Bray.

Papal usurpation and persecution, as it
has been exercised in ancient and mod-
ern times. By ... L. 1712.

Sincere Lover of the Truth, A.
Rev. John Williamson. Reasons against
the restoration of Professor Simson, to
teach or preach . . . Edinb. 1729.

Sincere Lover of Truth and Union,.
A. John Mortimer. Some considerations
concerning the present state of religion
... By . . . L. 1702.

Sincere Well-wisher to the Colony,
A. lliomas Turner Wise. A review of
the events which have happened in Gre-
nada . . . By . . . Grenada, 1795.

Sincere Well-wisher to the public,
A. Martin Madan. Thoughts on execu-
tive justice. By ... L. 1785.

Single-speech Hamilton. William
Gerard Hamilton.

Singleton, Captain. John Oshorne
Sargent. A talk upon talking. " New
England Mag.," Vol. VIII., p. 372. _ 1835.

Sirmoon, Hoin. John AIorison(1)
Anecdotes, pasquinades, and mess-table
stories ... By . . . L. 1858.

Sister, A. Mrs. ( W hidden)

Tappan. A short account of Robert
Cutts Whidden. By . . . B. 1848.

Sister of Mercy, A. Charlotte M,
Braeme. Tales from the diary of . . .
L. 1867.

Sister Sainte Claire, Order of Ste.
Ursula. Mar If Bebecra Theresa De Costa.

Sitting Bull. Robert D. Clarke. The
works of . . . in the original French and
Latin. Omaha, 1877,

Skenandoah. Lewis Henry Morgan.
Letters on the Iroquois,in Colton's "Amer..
Whig Rev.," 1847.

Skinner, Mose. James E. Brown. Rec-
ollections of a lazy life. By . . . B. 1869.

Skirra. Maria Skerret. The Rival
Wives answered ; or, ... to Clarissa. L.
1738. — See "Clarissa."

Sleekhead. Gilbert a Beckett. — See
" Wrong-head."

Sleinada, S. J. P. J. A. Daniels.

Slick, Jonathan, Esq., of Weathers-
field, Conn., 1854. Ann Sophia (^Win-
terbotham) Stephens. High life in New
York. By . . . 1854.

Slop, Dr. John Burton, M.D.

" His political opinions rendered him obnox-
ious to Sterne, who satirized him in ' Tristram
Shandy ' under the name of ' Dr. Slop.' "

Sloth. Robert Thorn. Esop's fables,,
written in Chinese by the learned Mun
Mooy Sein-Shang ... by his pupil . . ..
Canton, 1840.




Slottved. J. P. Palmer. 1801.

Slug, Abel. Henri/ Headletj.

Sly, Sam. William Taylor Sammons.

Small-beer Poet. William Thomas
Fitzgerald. So called by Cobbett.

Smallage, George. George Smal-

Small Shot. Dr. Joseph Toiuers. The
"shade of Dr. Stuart defended against
"Vindex." In "Gent. Mag." for 1786,
p. 1128.

Smallshot, Jasper. Maj. Ware.

Sqtiibs and crackers, serious, comical, and
tender, by . . . L. 1812.

Smith, Mr., Demy of Magdalen
College, Oxford. Walter Birch, B.D.
Verses spoken at the Encsna, by . . .
Oxf. 1810.

Smith, J. Jeremy Collier. Signature
to a letter to Atkins, the publisher, Dec.
1, 1710.

Smith, Prof. J. Q. John P. Burt.
Humorous sketches and addresses by
. . . Dubuque, la., 1879.

Smith, John. Henry Swasey McKean.
Tieck's " Lover of Nature " : a tale, trans.
. . . by . . . Camb., Mass., 1833.

Smith, John, Esquire. Seba 8mith(^).
Speech . . . not delivered at Smithville,
Sept. 15th, 1864. N.Y. 1864.

Smith, Sir Michael Angelo Raph-
ael. Charles Bush. — See " Jones, Prof.

Smith, Shirley. Miss Ella J. Curtis.
The favourite of Fortune. L. 1886.

Smith of Smitheden, The. Daniel
M'lvor. The wanderer: fantasia and
vision, &c. By . . . Edinb. 1857.

Snaffle, Will, The Saddler. Bohert
Dunkin, in Paris's "Philosophy in Sport."
L. 1827.

Society of Gardeners, A. Thomas
Fairchild and others. Catalogus planta-
rum ... By . . . L. 1730.

Society of Gentlemen, A. Adam
Smith, David Hume, and others. " The
Edinburgh Magazine and Review." By
, . . Edinb. 1773-70.

Also Baid to have been conducted by IVilliam
Smellie and Gilbert Stuart,

Society of Gentlemen, A. Andrew
Kippis -and others. " 'I'lie I.iibrary ; or,
Moral and Critical Magazine." By . . .
L. 1761-62.

Society of Gentlemen, A. Ephraim
Chambers. " The Literary Magazine ; or,
the History of the Works of the Learned"
... Hy... L. 173.5-37.

Society of Gciitlcmcn, etc., A. John
Potter, M .D. " Tlio Theatrical Review,"
... \iy . . . L. 1772.

Society of the Learned, A. Ralph

Heathcote, Sylva ; or, the wood ; being a
collection of anecdotes . . . By ... L.

Socrates Christianus. Ediuard Ste-
phens. Letter to a missionary priest. By
. . . n.p., n.d.

Sola. Josephine Tyler. Waymarks ;
or, Sola in Europe. N.Y. 1885.

Soldier, A. A. F. Hill. Our boys.
The personal experiences of ... in the
Army of the Potomac. P. 1865.

Soldier of the Cross, A. William
Robertson Aikman. The last regret ; or,
the power of divine regeneration . . . By
. . . L. 1861.

Soldiers' Friend, The. Frederick,
Duke of York.

Solicitor, A. Richard Sargent. Prin-
ciples of the laws of England. By ; . .
L. 1839.

Solicitor-General, The. Sir Roun-
dell Palmer. — See " F., T." [Thomas Fal-
coner] .

Solitaire. George Wilder Fox.

Some of his quondam dear Friends,
called Quakers. George White^/ield. A
serious examination of George Keith's
pretended serious call to the Quakers
... By . . . L. 1707.

Somebody. George Gordon Noel
Byron, Lord Byron. Poems written by
. . . most respectfully dedicated (by per-
mission) to nobody; and intended for
everybody who can read ! ! ! L. 1818.

Somers. Harry Slillicell Edwards.

Somersetshire Clergyman, A. Rev.
Thomas Spencer. The corn laws and the
national debt ; or, the parson's dream
and the queen's speech. By ... L.

Son of a Military Officer, The.
Frederick W. N. Bayley. Four years'
residence in the West Indies, during the
years 1826-29. By . . . L. 1833.

Son of Candor, A. Richard Gren-
ville, 1st Earl Temple. The principles
of the late changes impartially exam-
ined . . . from ... L. 1765.

Also ascribed to George Grenville.

Son of Martin-Marprelate. Thomas
Walter. An essay upon that paradox,
infallibility may sometimes mistake ; or,
a reply to a discourse concerning Epis-
cojjacy. Prefixed some remarks upon
" A Discourse " [Mr. Checkley's] shew-
ing who is a true pastor of Christ, etc.
By . . . B. 1724.

Sophia, MevrouTT. Mevrouw Sophia
MacLeod. 1882.

Sopho. Henry Horm, Lord Karnes.
An analysis of the moral and religious
sentiments contained in the writings of




. . . and David Hume, Esq. By George
Anderson. Edinb. 1755.

South Carolina Federalist, A.

Charles Pinckney{'i). Answer to a dia-
logue between a Federalist and a Repub-
lican, first inserted in tlie newspapers in
Cliarleston. Charleston, 1800.

South-Carolinian, A. Whitemarsh
Benjuinin Seabrook. An appeal to the
people of the Northern and Eastern
States, on the subject of negro slavery
in South Carolina. By . . . N.Y. 1834.

South Carolinian, A. Joel Boberts
Poinsett. Notes on Mexico, with maps.
P. 1824.

Southern Physician, A. Dr. Samuel
H. Dickson. The principle of life.
"Amer. ¥/hig Rev.," October, 1847, p.

Southerner, A. Edward Alfred Pol-
lard. The Southern spy; or, curiosities
of slavery in tlie South. Letters from
... to a Northern friend. W. 1859.

Spec, Alonzo, Historical Painter.
William Makepeace Thackeraij. Mr.
Spec's remonstrance. " Punch," 1843.

Special Commissioner, A. John
Lewis Roqet. A Cambridge scrap book
... By ^ . Camb. 1859^

Spectator. Henrfj Walter Bellew.
Contributions to the Calcutta "English-
man " in February, 1869, under this sig-

Spirit of a Little Bell awakened
by " The Chimes," The. Mrs. Matilda
Anne (^Planche) Mackarness. Old Joliffe ;
not a goblin story. By ... L. 1845.

Sporus. John Hervey, Lord Hervey.
In Pope's " Prologue to the Satires." —
See " Lord Fanny."

Square, A. Edwin Abbott Abbott.
Flatland : a romance of many dimen-
sions. By . . . B. 1885.

Squat, Squire. Sir William Pulteney,
Earl of Bath. — See " Courtly," Sir Rob-
ert Courtly.

Squid, Scotch. Eliza Gilbert Hurd.

Squintum, Doctor. George White-
Jield. In Foote's farce of the " Minor."

Sqnintum, Doctor. Rei\ Edward
Irving. So called by Theodore Edward
Hook, Esq.

Squirt, Dr., apothecary to alma
mater's (or the old lady's) Stew^ard.
Rev. Dr. Samuel Squire.

"From an unlucky similitude of names, he
was ridiculed by tbe aijpellation of . . . His
dark complexion procured him iu college conver-
sation, and in the squibs of the town, the nick-
name of ' The Man of Angola.' "

Staff Officer, A. Lieut. Col. Fred. C.
Newhall. With General Sheridan in his
last campaign. By ... P. 186G.

Stage Driver, A. James S. McCue.
Twenty years in California. Incidents
in the life of . . . San Francisco, 187-

Stalwart Republican, A. Rev.
Henri] C. Badger. Dead heads, financial
and moral ... By . . . B. 1884.

Stanley, Henry ]>I. John Roivlands.

St— pe, Sir W — in. Sir William Stan-
hope. The original speech of . . . L.

Stanton, Evan. Rev. T. P. Hughes,
author of " Ruhainah."

Starbuck, Caleb. E. C. Godwin.
Hampton heisihts ; or, the spinster's
ward. N.Y. 1856.

Starr, Margaret. Miss J. S. Cragin.

Starvation Dundas. Henry Dundas,
1st Lord Melville, who first introduced
the word starvation into the English
language, in a speech in Parliament, in
1775, in an American debate.

State Agent, A. John Lewis Peyton.
The American crisis ; or, pages from the
note book of . . . during the civil war.
L. 1867.

State Librarian [of Connecticut],
The. Charles .Jeremiah Hoadly . Report
of . . . relating to the registration of
births and deaths for . . . 1862. New
Haven, 1863.

State Librarian, The. William Tur-
ner Coggeshall. State library, 13th an-
nual report . . . With a historical sketch
by . . . 1859.

Steenwyck. Henry Clay Lukens, in
the " Norristown Herald. 'L

Steeple Jack. Charles Aubin.

Stein, A. Margaretha Wulff. Little
Anna : a story for pleasant little children.

Stein, Armin. Hermann Nietschmann.
Count Erbach : a story of the Reforma-
tion. N.Y. 1882.

Stein, Paul. Albertine (Roslein) Hin-
rich. Handwork und Industrie. Leipzig,

Stella. Mary M. Cox. Minna Monte.
By... P. 1872.

Stentor. William Stanley, D.D. So
called in the " Tattler " for the loudness
of his voice.

Stepliens, Kitty. Catherine Capell-
Coningsby, Countess of Essex.

Stephenson, Valentine. Miss Georg-
ina Hamlen.

Stepniak. Michael Dragomanov(^.').
Underground Russia . . . By ... L.

Three or four other names are given.

Stern, Detlef. Dora Slrempel. Hy-
patia : roraan ... In " Vierteljahrl.





Stern, Otto. Louise Otto Peters. Lud-
wig, der kellner. Leipzig, 1843.

Sterne, Laurence. John Cars. A
■continuation of Tristram Shandy (L.
1760), was by John Cars.

Stevenson. Mrs. Elizabeth (^Cleghorn)

Stevenson, Pierce. Mrs. C. E. S.
(Sheridan) Norton. On the custody of
infants' act, in the " Law Magazine."

Stilling, Heinrich. Johann Heinrich
Jung. (1) Tlie autobiography of . . .
L. 1843.— (2) Heinrich Stilling's jugend;
eine wahrhafte geschichte. Berlin, 1777,

Stomach, A. Sydney W/iiting. Me-
moirs of . . . Written by himself ... L.

Stonecastle, Henry. Henry Baker.
" The Universal Spectator and Weekly
Journal." L. 1728-33.

In "I. and P." this is assigned to "William
Oldys. Stephen in "National Biography" as-
cribes it to Baker.

Stonehenge. John Henry Walsh. The
coursing calendar and review of the
season . . . Edited by . . . L. 1857, etc.

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