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Storks. Pi'of. Thomas Henry Hux-
ley, in Mr. Mallock's "The New Re-

The real names of the fictitious characters in-
troduced, are as follows: " Htorks," Prof. Hux-
ley ; "Stockton," Prof. Tijndall ; "Herbert,"
Mr. Ruski.n ; " Donald Gordon," Ihomas Car-
lyle ; " Jenkinson," Prof. Jewett ; "Mr. Luke,"
Mr. Matthew Arnold; "Saunders," Prof.
Kingdon Clifford; "Ro.se," Mr. W. Pater;
"Leslie," Mr. Hardinf/e ; " Seyden," Dr.
Pu.sei/ ; " Lady Grace," Mrx. Mark Pattlson;
" Mrs. Sinclair," Mrs. Singleton ( Violet Fane).
See " N. and Q.," March 6, 1886, p. 192.

Stot, Joseph. Robert Whitworth. A
sequel to the friendly advice to the poor
of Manchester. Manchester, 1756.

Stray Yankee in Texas, A. Samuel
A. Hammitt.

Streamlet, Rev. Josiah. Bev. Joshua
Brookes, in " Blackwood," March, 1821.
Brief sketch of Kev. Josiah Streamlet.
[By Mr. Charles Wheeler.]

Stretcher. /.. Hnhert. 1814.

Strivelyne, Elsie. Sir Joseph Noel
Palon. >:-:.

Student, A. John Brown. The ac-
coucheur : a letter to Rev. Mr. Tatter-
shall ... on the evils of manmidwifery.
By . . . L. 18.59.

Student, A. Albert Jerome Chittenden.
The candidating fair. A. S.'s dream of
trial preaching. Andover, Mass., 1873.

Student, A. R. Magill, A.M. The
race : a prize poem, composed at Glas-
gow College, in April, 1814, with other
poems. By . . , Glasgow, 1815.

Student in Paris, A. Augustus Kings-
ley Gardner. Old wine in new bottles ;
or, spare hours of . . . N.Y. 1848.

Student in the University of Glas-
gow, A. James Arbuckle. Glotta. Glas-
gow, 1721.

Student of Humanity, A. David
Pae. The powers of Europe and the
world's great quarrel . . . By . . . Edinb.

Student of Medicine, A. Rev. Wil-
liam Bobb. A gratulatory address to his
alma mater. By . . . Edinb. 1826.

Student of Medicine in the Uni-
versity of Edinburgh, A. Alexander
Campbell. Odes and miscellaneous poems.
By . . . Edinb. 1796.

Student of the Middle Temple, A.
Joseph Beldam. II pastore incantato : a
drama ; Pompeii, and other poems. By
... L. 1823.

Student of the Middle Temple, A.
Henry Lucas. The tears of Alnwick :
a pastoral elegy . . . By ... L. 1777.

Sub-Utopian, A. Richard Walker,
B.D. Oxford in 1888 : a fragmentary
dream. By . . . Oxf . 1838.

Subaltern of Artillery, A. Frederick
Robinson. Seven gray pilgrims. 1874.

Sue-Sand, Alexandre, fils. Edicard
Hamlei/ Bruce. The last French hero.
Edinb! 1879.

Suffolk Minister, A. Thomas Har-
mer. Remarks on the ancient and pres-
ent state of the Congregational churches
of Norfolk and Suffolk ... By . . .

Suh, Au***te. P. L. Stapleton. 1818.

Summerdale. Alexander Young.
Why we live. By . . . Ciiicago, 1880.

Sundarius. Charles Spencer, 3d Earl
of Sunderland.

Sunday School Teacher, A. F. 0.
Fish. St. Ann's Church, Brooklyn, N.Y.,
1784-1845 ... By . . . Brooklyn, 1845.

Superintendent, A. Lewis Glover
Pruij. The Boston Sunday school hymn
book. By . . . B. 1834.

Superintendent, The. James Edward
Fitzger(dd. Address of His Honor . . .
at the opening of the first legislative
council of tiie province of Canterbury,
New Zealand, September 27, 1853. Lit-
telton, N.Z., 1853.

Superintendent, The. Edward Au-
gustus Ilolyoke. Ni'W year's address to
the cliildren of the Nortli Society Sunday
Scliool, Salem, Mass. By . . . Salem,

Superintendent, The. Samuel Hobart
Winldeij. A question book on the life of
Jesus .' . . By . . . B. 1860.




Superintendent, The. Samuel Hurd
Walleij. The S.'s offering. By . . . B.

Superintendent of Public Schools,
The. John JJudleij Philbrick. Course of
study for grammar schools . . . By . . .
B. 1868.

Superintendent of the Coast Sur-
vey, The. Alexander- Dallas Bache.
Navy Yard at Patuxent River. Letter
from ... W. 1866.

Superior of the Society, The.
Priscilta Lydia Sellon. Reply to a tract
by the Rev. J. Spurrell ... L. 1852.

Supernumerary, A. John Fring. On
the principles of the common or incep-
tive discipline . . . By ... L. 1840.

Surgeon Aurist, A. William Wright.
A few minutes' advice to deaf persons
... By .' . . L. 1839.

Surgeon of the U. S. Navy. William
S. W. Ruschenberger. Remarks on the
condition of the hospital fund of the
United States ... P. 1848.

Suspensurus. Charles Lamb. On
the last peach, in the " London Mag.,"

Sussex, Jasper. William Maginn.
The equality of the sexes. "Blackwood's
Mag.," August, 1826.

Sussex Clergyman, A. Rev. Joseph
Wise. The coronation of David . . .
By . . . Lewes, 1766.

Swahn, Christer. Prof. V. H. Wich-
strom. En sjelfmordares anteckningar.
Sthlm. 1882.

Swellmore. William Makepeace

Thackeraij. Poor Puggy. "Punch,"
October, 1851.

'^ Swerdna, Mrs. 3Ii-s. Andrews.

Ambrose Rodman. By . . . N.Y. 1865.

Swift, Jonathan. Jolm Arbuthnot,.
M.D. Le proccs, etc. L. 1754.

Sycorax. Joseph Ritson. In Dibdin's
" Bibliomania."

Sylvan. George Wright. 1772.

Sylvan. Richard Wright Proctor.
Memorials of Manchester streets. Man-
chester, 18 — .

Sylvaiius. William Carleton.

Sylvanus. Joh7i Nichols. Visit to an
octogenarian, July 17, 182.3; signed
" Capricornus " [Ur. Thomas Prognall
Dibdin]. In Nichols' "Illustrations of
Literature," Vol. VIII., pp. 26-29.

Sylvia. Mrs. Sara Pfeiffer. Foster-
barnet. Medaljongen. Sthlm. 1864.

Sylvianus. Rev. William Duke. His
signature to a pamphlet published in
1816, on the difficulties in the Church of
Maryland with the Rev. George Dashiell.

Sylvius. Hugh Williamson. Letters
from ... to the freemen inhabitants of
the United States. N.Y. 1787.

Synergus. Rev. Robert Edward Gam-
ham. Papers in " Commentaries and
Essays," published by the society for pro-
moting the knowledge of the Scriptures.
L. 1784-96. — See "Gent. Mag.," VoL
LXXII., p. 1221.

Syphax. John Tucker Prince, in the
Boston " Transcript."

Syr. Samuel A. Allen. My own home
and fireside. P. 1846.


T. Samuel Johnson.

Boswell Bays that Dr. Johnson dictated the
essays in the " Adventurer," signed " T," to
Richard Bathurst (d. 1762), who wrote them
down and sold them for two guineas each for his
own benefit.

T. Thomas Broughton, who contributed
the lives marked " T," in the original
edition of " Biographia Britannica."

T. William Jlenry Trenwith. (1)
Antichrist. P. 1866.— (2) The Apoca-
lypse ... P. 1866.— (3) The crisis . . .
P. 1865. — (4) God and his wisdom, etc.
N.Y. 1877. — (5) Immortality . . . N.Y.
1878. — (6) Jerusalem. P. 1866. — (7)
Liberty. N.Y. 1870. — (8) Prophecy.
N.Y. 1868 — (9) Religion. N.Y. 1869.—
(10) Rime. P. 1866. — (11) Treason
... P. 1866.

T., A. F., Miss. Miss Anne Fraser

Tytler. (1) Grave et gai. Rose et gris.
Trad, . . . Paris, 1860. — (2) Leila en
Angleterre. Trad, de I'angl. Lausanne,
1853. — (3) Leila dans la niaison pater-
nelle. Trad, de I'angl. Lausanne,
1853. — (4) Leila, ou I'ile diserte. Trad.
de I'angl. Lausanne, 1846. — (5) Marie
et Florence a seize ans ; par . . . Trad,
de I'angl. Lausanne, 1852.

T., B. B. Benjamin Bussey Thatcher.
(1) In the "Christ. Exam."— (2) Im-
plora pace. " New England Mag.," Vol.
VI., p. 504. 1834. — I will remember
thee. Vol. IX., p. 105. 1835.

T., B. N. Rev. Baptist-Noel Turner.
Specimen of a new translation of the
Psalms. "Gent. Mag.," 1820, pp. 395,

T. C. William Maginn. Letters from




the dead to the living: No. 1. Barret-
tiana. January, 1822. — No. 2. Caltiana.
August, 1822, etc.

T., C. Churlotta C. af Tihell. Blom-
mor vid viigen till Zion af . Sthlm. 1852.

T., C. H. C. H. Temperly. Songs of
the press, and other poems relative to the
art of printers and printing ... L. 1745.

T., C. T. Christopher Toppan Thayer,
in the "Christ. Exam."

T., F. Frank Tuthill. Arnell's poems.
" Amer. Whig Eev.," August, 1848, p. 174.

T., F. F. Tanner. The plainest, easiest,
and prettiest method of short-hand ever
yet published. By . . . L. 1712.

T., G. George Tichior, in the " Christ.

T. G. P. "T." J. Johns, P. "G." Hill,
and "P." H. C'udllp. Music. By . . .
" Helston Grammar School Mag." 1852.

Mr. Cudlip wrote pp. 16 and 17 of tbe article.
The first part was written by Tremenheere John
Johns and Pasco Grenfel Hill.

T. H. E. A. Arthur Henry Hallam.
Remarks on Professor Rosetti's " Disqui-
sizioni sullo Spirito Antipapale." L. 1832.

T., H. T. Henrij Theodore Tuckerman.

(1) In the "Christ. Exam." (B.), 1852.—

(2) Greenough, the scvilptor. "Amer.
Monthly Mag.," January, 1836, p. 53. —
Spring. June, 1836, p. 580. — (3) My
mother's grave. Vol. V., p. 200. 1833.
— A glimpse at Basil Hall. Vol. VIII.,
p. 127. 1835. — Parting. Vol. IX., p.
122. — May. p. 3-58.

T., H. W. Henry Warren Torrey, in
the "Christ. Exam."

T., J. Joseph Tuclcerman, D.D., in the
"Christ. Exam.," III., 361. B. 1826.

T., J. W. James William Thompson, in
the " Christ. Exam."

T., J. M. Joseph Meredith TQ7ies. Notes
of a summer trip. W.(?) 1875(?).
. T., M. B. M. M-s. Mary B. M. Toland.
Iris: tlie romance of an opal ring. P. 1870.

T. M. O. T. F. S. 31. [The Master of
the Free School, Margate]. Zarliariah
Cozens. His signature in the " Gent.

T., N. Nicholas Transidder. Signa-
ture in the " Selector or Cornish Mag.,"
1820, 1827.

T., N. Nicholas Truhner, in the dedi-
cation to the memorial of Joseph Octave
Delepierro (+ 1880).

T., S. P. Samuel Prideaux Tref/elles.
On eternal life and those wlio receive it.
n.p., n.d.

Dr. Trngelles often signed his writings " S.

T. T. William Makepeace Thackeray,
in the " Constitutional" (L.).

T. T. T. Thomas Henry Sealy. The
porcelain tower ; or, nine stories of China.,
Compiled . . . by . . . L. 1841.

T., W. William Turner, in the " Christ.

T., W. William Tong. An account of
the life and death of Mr. Matthew Henry
... L. 1716.

T., W. G. William Gill Thompson.
The fisher's garland, for 1822. Newcas-
tle, 1822.

The verses were written by " W. Gr. T."

T. W. O. Mary Ellen Atkinson. Hes-
ter's happy summer. By ... B. 1871.

Table-Gossip. Mrs. Washburn,

in the Boston " Globe."

Tacitus. John Douglas. Letters in the
"Public Advertiser," 1770 and 1771, un-
der the signatures of " Tacitus " and

Tacitus. William Darby. (1) Fred-
erick the Great. "Amer. Whig Rev.,"
September, 1845, p. 292. — (2) Prussia.
"Amer. Whig Rev.," December, 1845, p.

Talib. William Cuninqhame. (1) In the
"Christ. Observer" (L.), 1810.— (2) Re-
marks upon David Levi's dissertation on
the prophecies relative to the Messiah . . .
By an inquirer [calling himself Talib].
1810. — See "An Inquirer."

Tanfucio, Neri. Renato Fucini. Cento
sonetti di . . . Eirenze, 1872.

Tar, A. William Nugent Glascock,
Tales of . . . By . . . L. 1830.

Tarr, Simon. Simon Neiccomh. — See
"A Rocliester Fellow."

Tarro Australasiaticus. David Burn.
Sydney delivered ; or, the princely bucca-
neer. By . . . Sydney, 1845.

Taura, Elfried von. August Peters.
Zkvis von Rosenberg, genannt von Falk-
enstein : liistorisclier roman. Prag, 1860.

Taverner. Alexander Young, in the
Boston " Post."

Teaolier, A. Benjamin H. Coe. First
lessons in perspective, and sketching from
Nature ... By . . . N.Y. 1846.

Teacher, A. Henry White Pickering.
Latin phrase book . . . By ... B.

Teacher, A. Ehenezer Hyde. The
Newton collection of sacred music . . .
By ... B. 1844.

Teacher, A. George Whitejield Sam-
son. Outlines of the history of ethics, by
. . . W. 1801.

Teacher, A. Afi-s. Anna Cabot (Jack-
son) Loirell. Theory of teaching . . . By
... B. 1841.

Teacher, The. ;l/)-,s. E. N. Horton.
The teacher's harvest ... B. 1852.




Teacher and Friend to Youth, A.

Adam Keys. The excitement; or, a
collection of amusing and instructive
lessons . . . By . . . Prescot, 1831.

Teacher of the Persic, Arabic, etc.,
Languages, A. Benjamin Gerrans.
Tales of a parrot ... By . . . L. 1792.

TearefOAvl, Sr. Guzzledown. Wil-
liam Hogarth.

Telescope, Tom, A.M. Oliver Gold-
smith (1). The Newtonian system of
philosophy . . . Being the substance of
six lectures read to the Lilliputian society.
By . . . L. 1787.

TeU, Agnes, Forf. tUl. lira. Bosa
Carlen. Tuva. In berilttclse. Sthlm.

Telltale, George. Isaac Edward
Holmes. Recreations of . . .

Tell-Truth, Paul, Esq. George Saville
Carey. Liberty chastized ; or, patriotism
in chains : a tragi-comi-political farce. L.

Telmann, Konrad. Ernst Otto Konrad
Zitelmann. Das jiingste gericht ; novelle.
In " Vierteljalirl. Mag."

Tenioinoculaire. Jean SylvainBailly.
Memoires d' . . . , etc. Paris, 1804.

Temple, T. B. Tliomas Banister.
Two papers on some of the popular dis-
contents. L. 1849.

Temple, Theodore. Samuel Lorenzo
Knapp. The secret discipline, &c., ex-
plained. By . . . N.Y. 1833.

Templeton, Timothy. Charles Adams.
The adventures of my Cousin Smith.
L. 1855.

Tenella, La. Mrs. Mary (^Bayard)
Clarke. (1) Mosses from a rolling stone.
By . . . Ealeigh, N.C., 1866. — (2) Wood
notes ; or, Carolina carols : a collection
of North Carolina poetry. Compiled by
. . . Ealeigh, 1854.

Terry, Kose. Rose Terry Cooke.
Poems. By... B. 1861.

Testy, Nick. Forest, One of

his signatures in the " St. James's Chron-

Thames Tunneller, The. Richard
Howe. A name given to him by James
Payn, because he spent a night in the
Thames Tunnel, and wrote a graphic ac-
count of it in " Chambers' Journal." —
See James Payn's "Recollections," p.

Than, John A. John A. Lynch. A
letter to the people of the United States
... By . . . W. 1872.

Theatric J<lr Amateur, A. James Win-
ston. Theatrical tourist ... L. 1805.

Their Father. James Hitchens. A
short account of Samuel Hitchens and of

his brother Thomas Hitchens, of Bisveal,
near Redruth, in Cornwall. L. 174-.

Their Late Pastor. Rev. Nelson Clark.
Pastoral assumptions ... A . . . state-
ment of . . . trials endured by the evan-
gelical church of Quincy [Massachu-
setts] ... in their connection with . . .

Their Kev. Pastor. Bev. Nathaniel
Eells. A letter to the Second Church
and Congregation in Scituate. Written
by . . . [About Whitefield.] B. 1745.

Their Vicar. Rev. Augustin Gaspard
Edouart. An address to the parishion-
ers of Leominster upon the worship of
the Virgin Mary. From ... L. 1866.

Theoc. Theodore \_Thomas Edward']

Theophilus. Rev. Caleb Fleming.
Free thoughts upon a free enquiry into
the authenticity of the first and second
chapters of St. Matthew's Gospel . . .
London, s.a.

Theosebes Bereanus. William Haz-

Theta. Jidia Hyde. A summer day-
dream, and other poems. By ... L,

Thiacus Scotus-Agricola. George

Thickhead. Mark Lemon. — See
" Wronghead."

Thomas, Father. Thomas Doyle,

" His letters in ' The Tablet,' and other peri-
odicals, under the signature of ' Father Thomas,'
were full of a quaint humour peculiar to himself,
and generally went true to the mark."

Thomasine. Miss Olivia lOiight, after-
wards Mrs. Hope Connolly.

Thor. Robert Henry Thurston.

Thorne, Olive. Mrs. Harriet (^Mami)

Thornet, Teresa A. Mrs. Anna Hol-
loivay. Kate Comerford; or, sketches
of garrison life. P. 1881.

Thrasher, The Lincolnshii^e. Charles
Bichardson. Miscellanies. Leeds, Eng.,

Thrift, V'ernon. Abraham Hayward.
In Warren's " Ten Thousand a Year."

Thurston, Oliver. Henry Flanders.
Adventures of a Virginian. P. 1881.

Thyra. Mrs. Alfkild Agrell. A Swe-
dish author.

Tic-tic, Count Horloge de. 3Irs. C.
E. S. (S.) Norton. Her signature to the
letter to Mr. Hayward, presenting him
a clock.

Tiddy-doll. Richard Grenville, Lord
Temple. In the pasquina.des of the




Tiger, The. Dr. William Dunlop, in
"Blackwood's Mag."

Tiger Lily. Lillie Devereux Blake.

Tiinanus, Sara J. Mrs. Wilbur F.
Crafts. The infant class. By . . . Chi-
cago, 1870.

Timon. Eugene Lemoine Didier.

TiJiion. James Brijdges, 1st Duke of

" In 1731 Pope published his ' Epistle to Lord
Burlington,' in which occurs the famous descrip-
tion of ' Timon'a ' villa, and 'Timon' was at
once identified with the Duke of Chandos."

Timotheus. William Oldisworth. 1711.

Timothy. Silvester Holmes. Fifty-
five reasons for not V^eing a Baptist. By
. . . New Bedford, 1830.

Tinman, Philippe Hamlin. John

Tippling Philosopher of the Roj^al
Society, A. William Oldisworth. The
delightful adventures of honest John
Cole, that merry old soul . . . By . . .
L. 1732.

Tippy. T. P. Cooke (as he was al-
ways called).

Tish. Sir Edward George Earle Lyt-
ton-Bulwer, 1st Baron Lytton. Intro-
ductory chapter to the " Parisians."
"Blackwood's Mag.," p. 115, 1872.
Paris, Aug. 28, 1872.

Titmarsh, Michael Angelo. Wil-
liam Makepeace Tliackeraii. Titmarsh v.
Tait. "Punch," March, 1846.

Tittle-Tattle, Sir Fopling. Daniel
Defoe, in " Mist's Journal," March 26,

Titus. William Maginn. The last
words of Charles Edwards, Esq. " Black-
wood's Mag.," October, 1823.

Tivag. Daniel E. Gavit.

Toby, Sir. Scott Sutton.

Tombo, Mons. .John Armstrong.

Tonim. Minot. 1877.

Tonsenius. Charles Townshend, Vis-
count Townshend.

Topics, 3Iinor. Joh7i Swinton.

Tornow, Dr. Karl Valentin Imman-
uel Loffier.

Torrence, Cousin. John D. Coughlin.

Tory, A. Edward Hitgesson Kuatch-
bidl-Hugesson, Baron Bradbournc. Pro-
tectionist parodies. By . . . Oxf.

Tory of the Old School, A. Plumer
Ward. The reviewers reviewed . . . ad-
dressed to the editor of the "Quarterly
Rev." (L.), 1839.

Touchstone. John Darcie.

Toiich.stone. Herring. Touch-
stone to the people of the United States
on the choice of a president. N.Y. 1812.

Touchstone, Timothy, of Saint
Peter's College, Westminster. R.

Oliphant, J. H. Allan, Sir W. E. Taunton,
W. Aston, the Hon. T. J. Twistleton, etc.
The trifler ... By . . . L. 1788.

Tougue-loosed Doctor, The. Henry
Sacheverell. Isaac Bickerstaff's [Sir
Richard Steele] letter to . . . L.

Town Crier, The. Charles A. Byrne.

Tramp, Tilbury. Charles James

Translator, The. Thomas James
Mathius. A translation of the passages
. . . quoted in ... " Pursuits of litera-
ture ".. . By... Dublin, 1799.

Translator of Catullus, The. George
Frederick Notf, D.D. Petrarch translated
... By . . . L. 1808.

Translator of Michaelis, The. Her-
bert Marsh, D.D. Letters to Mr. Arch-
deacon Travis . . . Leipzig, 1795.

Translator of that Worlc, The.
Francis Haywood. An analysis of Kant's
" Critick of pure reason." By ... L.

Translator of that Worlc, The.
Robert Clifford. Application of Barruel's
Memoirs of Jacobinism, to the secret
societies of Ireland and Great Britain.
By . . . L. 1798.

Traveller, A. William Stirling, M.P.
Cosas de Espafia ; or, scraps from the
portfolio of . . . L. 1847.

Traveller, A. Thomas Liddell. Four
letters . . . signed ..." a Traveller," " a
Triggite," " a Parish Waywarden," and
" a Contributor to the Way Rate," 1838.
Bodmin, 1838.

Traveller, A. John Francis Campbell.
Frost and fire, natural engines ; tool
marks ai)d chips . . . By ... L.

Traveller, A. ./. Palgrave Simpson.
Second love, and other tales from the
i note book of . . . L. 1846.

Traveller from New Zealand, A.
D. Ronqh. Recollections of a visit to
Europe' in 1851 and 1852. By . . . Auck-
land, 1853.

Traveller in the East, A. Sir John
Malcolm, G.C.B. Sketches of Persia . . .
L. 1827.

Traveller Maude. Thomas Maude.
— See " Eraser," I., p. 753.

Trebor. Robert Emmet. The London
])riile and shamrock: a fable. In "The
Press," (Dublin), No. 11, 1797.

Treddlehoyle, Tom. ./.Rogers. The
Bairnsla Foaks Annual, and Pogmoor
Olmcnack, for 1843 (for 1882). Be . . .
Barnsley, 1843-82,




Tria Juncta in lino, M. N. A., or
Master of No Arts. Richard Griffith.
The Koran; or, the life, character, and
sentiments of . . . L. 1770.

Triangle. Frank Bellew.

Trim. Edward Baldwijn. A con-
gratulatory letter to the Rev. William
Atkinson, M.A., Fellow of Jesus College,
Cambridge, on his appearance in the
character of a printer, &c. L. 1790.

Trimmer, Will. William Pidtenei/,
Earl of Bath. The new comers ... To
which is added the character and history
of . . . L. 1742.

Trinitarian, A. Joshua Leavitt. Let-
ter from ... to a Unitarian, dated at
Greenfield, August, 1820. Greenfield,
Mass., 1820.

Trinity Praelector in Physiology,
The. Michael Foster. Studies from the
physiological laboratory in the Univer-
sity of Cambridge. Edited by . . . Camb.

Tripod, John. George Blagden Bacon.
Legendaiy history of New York. By . . .

Tristram, Sir. Sir Walter Scott, in
Dibdin's " Bibliomania."

Trost, Sven. Count Carl Johan Gustaf
Snoilskq. Dikter af.

Trofast. 7s. Faggot. 1768.

TroUope, Susanna. William Maginn.
Death in the pot. Letter from an elderly
gentlewoman to Mr. Christopher North.
" Blackwood's Mag.," February, 1820.

Trott, John, yeoman. Henry St. John,
Viscount Bolingbroke. The craftsman
extraordinary : containing an answer to
the defence of the enquiry into the rea-
sons of the conduct of Great Britain . . .
By . . . L. 1729.

True, Hollis. T. C. Chegividden. Vic-
toria Britannia; or, celebrate the reign
. . . N.Y. 1879.

True, Kate. 3frs. Kate Tannant Woods,
in " Elrichs'(?) Mag."

True Briton, The. Thomas Tod.

True-Church-man, A. Charles Leslie.
The new association of those called Mod-
erate-Churchmen, with the modern Whigs
and Fanaticks, to undermine and blow-
up the present church and government
... By . . . L. 1702.

True Churchman, A. Benjamin
Hoadlij. A T. C.'s reasons for repeal-
ing the corporation and test acts ... L.

True Liover of his Country, A.
James Armour. A premonitor \vm ruing
... By . . . 1752.

, True Patriot, A. Joseph Warren,
{/' M.D. Three articles in the Boston

"Gazette," thus signed, February 29,
March 7, and March 14, 1768.
True Patriot and Good Man, A.

William Lisle Bowles. The sentiments of
... on the mischievous tendency of Tom
Paine's " Rights of man "... Canter-
bury, 1819.

Trueman, Farmer. Han-

way. Advice from ... to his daugh-
ter Mary, upon her going to service.
L. 1792.

Trumbull, Henry. James Steward.
History of the discovery of America . . .
Trenton, 1812.

Though published as by " Henry Trumbull,"
was actually written by James Steward.

Trustee, A. John Whally. A plan
or scheme for the regulation and man-
agement of the charity schools founded
by Sir John Cass . . . By ... L.

Trustee of the Fife and Mid-Lothian
Ferries, The. Roger Aytoun. Observa-
tions upon the means by which the com-
munication betwixt the counties of Fife
and Mid-Lothian might be improved . . .
By . . . Edinb. 1828.

Trypho Emeritus. Thomas Payne.

Tunsley, O^ven. 3Iiss Jennison. Love
,poems and sonnets. B.(?).

Turnabout, the Rev. Secretary.
Joseph Priestley. Anything; or, from
anywhere : otherwise, some account of
the life of . . . the great high priest.
Birmingham, 1792.

Twitcher, Harry. Henry Brougham.

Two in one House. John James and
Sarah Morgan (Bryan) Piatt. The chil-
dren out of doors : a book of verses.
By . . . Edinb. 1884.

Two Loungers. Charles Dudley and
Frank Forsyth. Skits and sketches of
Scarborough. Scarborough, 188?.

Two Members of that Church.
Alonzo E. and Sarah J. Newton. The
" Ministry of angels " realized : a letter
to the Edwards Congregational Church,
Boston. By . . . B. 1853.

Two Members of the N. T. Com-
pany. Charles John Eilicott and Edwin
Palmer. The revisers and the Greek
text of the New Testament. By ... L.

Two Naval Officers. Thomas Thrush
and another. Conversations on religious
topics between ... L. 1839.

Two of her Daughters. A'. Fry and
Rachel E. Cresswell. Memoirs of the life
of Elizabeth Fry . . . Edited bj- ... L.

Two Readers of Dar^vin's Treatise
on the Origin of Species. Daniel




Treadwell and Asa Gray. Discussion be-
tween . . . upon natural theology. New
Haven, 1860.

Two Sisters of the West. Mrs.
Catharine Ann {Ware) Warjield a.i\dMrs.
Eleanor Perctj ( Ware) Lee. The wife of
Leon, and other poems. By . . . N.Y.

Tyro-Theologus, A.M. Stone.

A short and seasonable application to

the public in behalf of a respectful ad-
dress to the Parliament to procure a
legal redress of notorious, religious
grievances. By ... L. 1768.

Tyrrel, Thomas Signis. Thomas

Tythiugman, A. Bufus Wi/man. Re-
marks on the observance of the Lord's
Day as a moral, a positive, and a civil
duty. By . . , Camb., Mass., 1816.


U., C W. Charles Wentworth Upham,
in the " Christ. Exam."

U., E. V. Edward Vernon Utterson.

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