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W., S. Samuel WiUard, D.D., in the
« Christ. Exam.," XXXIX., p. 102.

W., S. Stephen Weston. (1) Conjec-
tural criticism on Virgil. " Gent. Mag.,"
1787, p. 55. — (2) The praise of Paris
... By . . . L. 1803.

W. S. William Blackstone. A mis-
take concerning the Arundel marbles
corrected. " Gent. Mag.," 1779, p.

W., S. *S'. Wheeler. Some particulars
of the last illness and death of J.Wheeler.
Falmouth, 1840.

W., S. Samuel Warren. (1) Jane
Lowe, tiie wise woman ; and the seventh
son. By ... L. 1802. — (2) The first con-
firmation at St. Matthew's. By ... L.

1872. — (3) Edna Willis ; or, the promise
fulfilled. By . . . L. 1866. — (4) The
Mancliester cellar . . . By ... L. 1871.

(5) Mrs. Angus' Thanksgiving . . . By
... L. 1872. — (5) My first baptism at
St. Matthew's ... By . . . L. 1871. —

(6) Stories for every Sunday in the
Christian year. By . . . L. 1862.— (7)
Stories for the Saints' days. i5y . . . L.

1873. — (8) Stories on church-going and
church offices. By . . . L. 1872. — (9)
The two weddings . . . By ... L. 1872.
— (10) What do you go to church for?
... By . . . L. 1869. — (11) What is
worship? ... By . . . L. 1870.

W., S. R. Sarah R. Whitehead. Rose

Douglas ; or, sketches of a country parish
... By . . . L. 1851.

W.,S.T. S.T.Williams. Missionary
stories from the South Sea Islands. L.

W., T. Theodore Warland, in the
" Christ. Exam."

W., T. Tobias Watkins. A table of
redemption, &c. L. 1717.

W., T. H. Thomas H. Wynne. The
narrative of . . . David Fanning ... as
written by himself, with an introduction
[by J. H. Wheeler] and explanatory
notes [by . . .]. 1861.

W., W. William Ware,ia the "Christ.

W., W. William Willis, in the
" Christ. Exam."

W., W. William Whyte. Elegie on
the death of . . . Sir James Falconer of
Phesdo . . . n.p. 1705.

W., W. W. Wileman. Our present
peril : are we standing in the gap ? L.

W., W. C. William Chalmers Whit-
comb. The true consoler . . . By . . .

W., W. D. William Dexter Wilson, in
the " Christ. Exam."

W., W. G. William George Ward.
Strictures on Mr. Ffoulkes' letter to
Archbishop Manning. By the editor of
the " Dublin Review." L. 1869.

W., W. T. William T. Wragg. The
public health. " Southern Quarterly
Rev.," January, 1854, p. 74.

W., W. V. W. V. S. Wilson. (1)
Bibliography of a controversy. In the
" Republic '' (W.), Aug. 17, 1884.— (2)
Was Shakespeare Shakespeare ? In the
" Republic " (W.), Dec. 10, 1881.

W , Mrs. Mrs. Jane (^Cave) Wins-

com. Poems on various subjects. By
Miss Cave, now . . . Bristol, 1786.

W — d, Mr. Rev. George Whitejield.
A poem, entitled Mr. W — d's soliloquy ;
or, a serious debate with himself what
course he shall take ... B. 1745.

W — g, K. Karl J. Warburg. A Swed-
ish author.

W — n, J. Jason Whitman, in the
" Christ. Exam."

W — s. John Weiss, in the "Christ.

W — s, J. John Weiss, in the " Christ.

Wagner, Eduard. Robert Springer.
■^Wagon Boy, The. Thomas Corwin.
C Wainwright, Alexander. William
Henry Rideiiig.

-Waitford, Hannah. David Hume.
.. Walker, liev. James. Mrs. Carnegie,




of Pitterow. Dunnottar castle : a poem.
By . . . Aberdeen, n.d.

Wallace, Jenny. Mary J. Morrison.
Songs and rhymes for the little ones.
N.Y. 1885.

Wallis, Ik. Thomas R. Laughton.

Walraven. James Otis Kaler, in his
contributions to "Frank Leslie's News-
paper" (N.Y.), et al.

Walsingham. Clinton Stuart, in his
contributions to the "Herald" (B.),ei al.
■ Wanderer, A. W. F. Cumming. Notes
of ... in search of healtli through Italy,
Egypt, Greece, Turkey, up the Danube
and down the Ehine. L. 1839.

Wanderer, A. Miss Susan G. Flint.
Recollections of my native village. By
... B. 1856.

Wanderer, A. Caroline E. Rush.
Waymarks in the life of . . . P. 185-.

Wanderer, The. George William
Curtis. The W. in Syria. L. 1852.

Wandering Pilgrim, A. Penelope
Dowling. Wild flowers gathered by . . .
L. 1862.

Wandsbecker Bote, Der. Mathias
Claudius. Auswahl des besten und
schonsten aus Claudius schriften. Hild-
burghausen, 1841-46.

Warburton, Eliot. Eliot Bartholomew
Warburton. The crescent and the cross ;
or, romance and realities of Eastern
travel. By . . . L. 1844.

Warden, Florence. 31rs. Florence
Alice (^Price) James. A prince of dark-
ness. N.Y. 1887.

Warm Well-Wisher to the Inter-
ests of Genuine Christianity, A.
Newcome Cappe. An alphabetical expli-
cation of some terms and phrases in
Scripture. York, 1786.

Warth, Julian. Mrs. Julia (Warth)
Parsons. (1) The full stature of a man.
1886. — (2) Dorothy Thorn. 1887.

Warton, S. S. Sherard.

Warwick. Frederick R. Ryer.

Watchman, A. Ephraim Stinchjield.
Cochranism delineated . . . By ... B.

Water-Drinker, A. Charles Lamb.
Some inquiries into the effects of fer-
mented liquors. By ... L. 1814.

In "I. and P." this was ascribed to Basil
Montagu, but he was the editor. — See "Notes
and Queries " for May, 1887, p. 196.

Wattle. Walter Chisholm. Some .of
his poems with this signature found
their way into the Poet's Corner of the
" Haddington Courier," 1875.

Weaver, A. John Bowden, D.J). A
letter from ... to the Rev. Mr. Sherman
. . . 179-.

Weber, Karl. Adolf Miitzelburg .

Weber, Veit. Georg Philipp Ludwig
Leonhard Wachter. Author of Legends
of ancient times, — Sagen der vorzeit, —
from which Sir Walter Scott took his^
tragedy, " The House of Aspen."

Wed ale. Sir John Hill.

Welch Freeholder, A. Thomas Pen-
nant. Letter from ... to his representa-
tive. L. 1784.

Well-Avisher to his King and Coun-
try, A. George Whalleij. Principles of
trade ... By . . . L. 1774.

Well-wisher to his King and Coun-
try, A. Alexander Dalrymple. Reflec-
tions of the principle of trade in general.
By . . . 1769.

Weller. Jean Joseph Louis Blanc', in
his contributions to " Le Courrier de
Paris," 1857.

Werden, Adolf. Alexander Mann.

Werder, Bertha v. Bertha Antoinette
Heiiriette Meyer. Altes lieben, neues liof-
fen. Leipzig, 1847.

Werner, Julian. Karl Dilthey.

Wesleyan, A. T. E. Horwell. Odd
Fellowship and Wesleyan Methodism . , ,
By. . . L. 1841.

Wesleyan Minister, A. William
Gluyas Pascoe. Correspondence be-
tween . . . , a preacher to a Christian
community at Leeds [Daniel Scott],
and Henry Meeson . . .

West, Annie. Mrs. Annie QAdams)

West, Buxton. Edwin Boss Chamjilin.

West, Thomas, F.A.S. Thomas Daniel.
(1) An account of antiquities discovered
in Lancaster in 1776. Published in the
"Archseologia." — (2) The antiquities of
Furness . . . dedicated by T. West, Tit-
cap in Furness. L. 1774.

West India Merchant, A. John
Robley. A permanent and effectual
remedy suggested for the evils under
which the British West Indies now la-
bour. In a letter from ... to a West
India planter. L. 1808. ' -

West Indian, A. Sir Simon Houghton
Clarke. Some considerations on the de-
pressed state of the British West India
colonies, their claim on the government
for relief; by. . . L. 1823.

Westminster Elector, A. Alexander
P. Stewart. Principle is policy ; or, the
British nation versus statecraft and priest-
craft ... By . . . L. 1859.

Wheaton, Campbell. Henry Stuart

Whetham, John. Thomas Warton.
Verses on the death of Frederick, Prince
of Wales, in the Oxford collection. 1751.




Whetstone, Col. Pete, of the Dev-
il's Peak, of Little Red. Albert Pike.

Whirler, The. John Newhery, in " The
Idler," No. 19. 1758.

Whistle, BUly. Dr. William Whewell.
As they used to call him at Oxford, be-
cause it was so much easier to whistle
his name than to pronounce it.

Whistling Commercial, The. 8.
Walker. Tlie road-leaves from the sketch-
book of a commercial traveller. By . . .
Otley, 1872.

White, C H. Heman W. Chaplin.
The village convict. N.Y. 1884-85.

White, Hubert. J. Storer Cobb.

White, Thomas, Jr. Thomas Stewart
Omond. Poems by . . . Oxf. 1876.

White Knight, The. Maurice Fitz-
gibbon. — See the "Times," Feb. 28, 1881.

White Republican, The. Hiram
Fuller. The times ; or, flag of truce . . .
By . . . Richmond, 1863.

Whitestock, Frank. William Henry
Brookjield, in Thackeray's " Curate's

Wicliflfe. Bobert Nares. Blanco White
and Antonio Gavin. " Gent. Mag.," Feb-
ruary, 1827, p. 126. The same continued
[but I am unable to find the date].

Widdern, Marie. Marie Bi-andi-np.
Prinzessin Schnee ; roman. N.Y. 1882.

Wide Awake. George W. Moore.

Wife of an Officer, The. Mrs. F.
C. Patrick: More ghosts ! By ... L.

Wight skilled in Mathematics. Dio-
nysiiis Williams.

Wilde, Professor. Albert Henry El-
worthy. The orator . . . By ... L.

Wilder. George Wilder Fox.

Wildfire, Will. Sir William Wind-
ham. — See " Hermodactyl," etc.

Wildgoose, Mr. Geoffry. Rev. Sir
Harry Tre.lawney.

Sir 11. Trelawney is stated, in Tyerman's
" Life of Wesley," to have been the hero of
Graves' " The Spiritual Quixote."

Wildman, Willie. Dexter Whiting.
Poems, scriptural illustrations, and ver-
sifications. By . . . Charlton, Mass.,

Wilhelmi, Alexander Viktor. Alex-
ander Viktor Zechmeister. One of you must
marry : a comic drama. In Lacy.

Willfried, H. Hermine Villinger. Die
livcrgiiiis : roman. N.Y. 1882.

Williams, Montague. Was-

borough. — See "Tlie King," in "I.
and I'."

Williams, Zachariah. Samuel .Tohn-
son, LL./J. An account of an attempt

to ascertain the longitude at sea . . .
By... L. 1755.

Appears under " Z. Williams" in the Advo-
cates' Catalogue, but really written by Johnson.

Williamson, Mrs. Florence. Bev.
William Kirkus, LL.B. Frederick Riv-
ers, independent parson. L. 1864.

AVilloughby, Lady. Mrs. Hannah
Mary jRathbone. So much of the diary
of Lady Wjiloughby as relates to her
domestic history ... L. 1845.

Willy, Leon. Leon Willy Widmann.

Willy o' the HoUins. William Gibson.
So called for many years.

Wilmhurst, Zavarre. William Bennet.

Wilson, Henry. Jeremiah Jones Col-

Wiltshire Clothier, F. A.S., A. Henry
Wansey. Wool encouraged without ex-
portation ; or, practical observations on
wool and the woollen manufacture . . .
By . . . L. 1791.

Windsor. Edward Abbott.

Winifred, Weeping. Daniel Defoe,
in "Mist's Journal" (L.), Feb. 15,

Winter, John Strange. Mrs. Henri-
etta Eliza Vam/han Stannard. (1) Houp-
La : a novelette. N.Y. 1885. — (2) Mig-
non's secret ; [also] Wanted — a wife.
N.Y. 1887. — (3) Pluck. N.Y. 1886.

Winter, June. Emily Frances Wheeler.

Winter, Reinhold. 0. R. Ericsson.
Brytningstid. 1885.

Wintley, Hartley. F. 0. Gifford.

Wird, Sixten. P. Sigfried Wieselgren.
Fantasi och verklighet. 1865.

Wirt. William Francis Williams, in
New York " Evening Post."

Witcracker, William. White.

Wittendorf, C. Hermine Camille
Proscliko. Der liofkanzler ; historische
erziihlung. In " Vierteljiihrl. Mag."

Wittol, H. C. Harriet Wilson.

Wizard of the North. Sir Walter

Wladlmir. Adolf Hofmeister. Der
liebo wonn' und weh' ; sagen, novellen
und skizzen. Altenburg, 1840.

WoUmar, Charlotte. Charlotte v.
Witzleben.. Agnes Felscr ; erziihrlung in
bricfen. Ellwangen, 1828.

Wolseianus. Robert Nares. Im-
provements at Cambridge Universities.
" Gent. Mag.," October, 1827, p. 316.

Woman, A. Mrs. Fenivick. Se-
crecy ; or, the ruin of the rock. By . . .
L. 1765.

Woman of Fashion, A. Miss

Piifot. Private correspondence of . . .
L. 18.32.

Wood, Ash. James M. Etches.



Wop, Mr. W. Tademma. 1866.

Working Clergyman, A. Rev. John
Davies Mereweather. Diary of ... in Aus-
tralia and Tasmania. 184-.

Working Clergyman, A. Bev. John
Henry Blunt. Our difficulties and the
way to deal with them. By ... L.

Workless, Faith. Bev. John Ber-

Worthy Patriarch of Howard Di-
vision, The. E. Morrison. A letter
from . . . Halifax, 1867.

Wray, Leopold. Clara (de Pontignij^
de Chatelain. The man of many daugh-
ters. In "Reynold's Miscellany." L.

Besides this signature, she used those of
" Baronne Corn61ie de B.," "Rosalia Santa
Croce," and " Leopoldine Ziska."

Wright, J. WilUam Gifford. Voy-
age to St. Domingo in 1788-90 . . . trans.
... L. 1797.

Wright, May. J. C. F. Gnimbine.
Lethe : a novel. 18 — .

Wright, Samuel. Charles T. Murrati.

Writer of "A Voice from the
North," A. Samuel Broivn Harper. A
few urgent words on the present crisis . . .
By . . . L. 1850.

Writer of " Nuces " and " tiucre-
telis," The, William Johnson, lophon :

an introduction to the art of writing
Greek iambic verses. By ... L. 1873.

Writer of "Seed Time and Har-
vest," The. William King 2\veedie, D.D.
The gospel of other days ; or, thoughts
of Old and New Testament Scriptures . . .
L. 1854.

Writer of the " History of the Man
after God's Own Heart," The. Archi-
bald Campbell. A letter to the Eev. Dr.
Samuel Chandler from . . . 1762.

Writer of the " Preface to the
lately published Mishna," The. Ben-
jamin Elkin. Letters addressed to the
editor of " The Voice of Jacob "... L.

Writer of" The Universal Church,"
&c., The. John Burleij Waring. "Broad-
cast" (short essays). L. 1870.

Wronghead. Douglas William Jerrold.

In Alfred Bunn's "A word with Punch," in
which he retorted upon the principal writers in
" Punch," he described them .as, " Wronghead,"
Mr. Douglas Jerrold ; " Sleekhead," Gilbert d,
Beckett; and " Thickhead," Mr. Mark Lemon.

Wykehamist, A. Frederick Gale.
The public school matches, and those we
meet there ... By . . . L. 1867.

Wykehamist, A. Dr. Blaclciston.

Reply to Dr. Golding's and Dr. Lowth's
answers to the anonymous letter. By
. . . L. 1759.


X. Samuel Woolcock Christophers.
Signature in the " Christian Miscel-
lany " and the " Family Visitor."

X. Eustace Budgell. Signature to his
papers in the " Spectator," of which
there are thirty-seven in the first seven
volumes. There is also a letter of his
in No. 539, signed "Eustace."

"The humour and wit of Budgell appear to
advantage in several of his communications ;
especially in his ' Observations on Beards '
('Spectator,' No. 331), on ' Country Wakes '
(No. 161), in his relation of 'Will Honeycomb's
Amours' (No. 359), and in his detail of the
effects of the ' Month of May on Female Chas-
tity' (Nos. 369 and 395).— See Drake's 'Es-
says,' Vol. III.

X. Gerrit Smith. Jugglery. Dated
Peterboro . . . 1867.

X. Augustus Jessopp. Our premier.

By . . . In the "Helston Grammar

School Mag."

His other signatures in the same magazine
are " A. J.," " J.," " Y.," " O. O.," and " A."

X. Alfred Billings Street. Stanzas.
"Amer. Monthly Mag.," December, 1837.

X., Barnabe. Hippolyte Adolphe
Taine, in his contributions to "La Vie

X., Monsieur. Joseph Howard, Jr., in
his contributions to the " Sun " (N.Y.).

X I E. JTarrij Stilhvell Edwards.

X. Y., Tallow-Chandler. John Mac-
Jaurin, M.A. A loud cry for help to the
struggling Church of Scotland . . . dated
from my shop, in the Candleriggs. Glas-
gow, 1753.

X. Y. Z. John Neal. Three articles
on " American Writers," in " Black-
wood's Mag.," 1824, '25.




Y. A. Fontanel/. Articles in "La
Eevue des Deux Mondes," upon the
"romans et les poesies du jour."

Y., A. A.lexander Young, in the
"Christ. Exam." (B.), 1824.

Y., C. Gr. Sir Charles George Young.
A catalogue of the Arundel manuscripts
in the library of the College of Arms
[with a preface signed . . .]. L. 1829.

Y., E. J. Edward James Young, in
the " Christ. Exam." (B.), 1855.

Y., J. R. .John Russell Young.

Y. Z. Tremenheere John Johns. A
week of Jersey. By ... In " Helston
Grammar School Mag.," 1852.

Y****. Henry Ware, Jr., D.D. To
the Ursa Major. In the " Christ. Exam.,"
Vol. II., p. 360. B. 1825.

Y****, A., Esq. Arthur Young, Esq.
The theatre of the present war in North
America. By ... L. 1758.

Yankee, A. Richard Grant White.
Words and their uses past and present :
•a study of the English language. N.Y.

Yemor, Selrach. Charles Romey.

Yemrof. J. H. S. Formeg. 17G6.

Yoe, Shway. James George Scott.
The Burman; his life and notions. L.

Yorke, Percy, Jr. Thomas Atkinson,
Jr. Three nights in Perthshire ... In
a letter from . . . Glasgow, 1821.

Young Adventurer, A. J. Spooner.
The Puritan or lay-essayist ; being . . .
essays . . .■ Plymouth, 1832.

Young Gentleman, A. James Rid-
del, M.D. Original poems. By . . .
Edinb. 1780.

Young Gentleman of Oxford, A.
Edmund Lechmere. Poems and transla-
tions. By . . . 1770.

Young Gentleman of Philadelphia,
A. Joseph li. Hopkins. Hamiltoniad ;
or, the effects of discord : an original
poem ... By . . . P. 1804.

Young Gentleman of Rank, A.
Willidiii Wirt. The British spy .. . By
. . . Newburyport, 1804.

Young <ientlewomau, A. Mrs.
Theojihila Nelson. Letters . . . on . . . de-
parting from tlie Ciiurch of England.
L. 1707.

Young Jacob. James Francis Ed-
ward iSluarl (The Pretender).

Young Ijady, A. Alicia Catherine
Mani. lOilon ; or, the young godmother
... By . . . Southampton, 1812.

Young Liady, A. Miss Field.

The glory of the heavenly city, and
blessedness of departed saints, graciously
manifested in a vision to ... of Bristol
. . . 1781, as related by herself. Bristol,

Young IJady, A. Miss — — Maunsell.
Letters to . . . wherein the duties and
characters of women are considered. L.
1806. By Mrs. Jane West.

Young Lady, A. Miss Anna Maria
Porter. Original poems . . . By ... 18
years of age. L. n.d.

Young Lady, A. Elizabeth Blower.
The parsonage house. By ... L.

Young Lady, A. Miss Charlotte
{Lennox) Ramsay. Poems on sev-
eral occasions. Written by . . . L.

Young Man, A. Sylvester Judd. A
Y. M.'s account of his conversion from
Calvinism. B. 1838.

Young Man in Town, A. Richard
Graves. The rout, from ... to his
friend in the country. L. 17 — .

You ng Mining Captain, The. Joseph
F. Lean. A tract for youth. Signed
T. R. J., London.

Young Native, A., R.A.D. Ralph
Allen Dan'iell. A few words about New
Zealand. By ... " Helston Grammar
School Mag.," 1857-59.

Young Nobleman, A. Lord ]^w-
haitle, son of Lord Ancram. Chosee
emblems . . . Written for the amuse-
ment of . . . L. 1772.

Young Physician, A. John Spence,
Jr. Ship and shore ; or, pencil sketches
on a recent voyage to, and a tour in old
England. By . . . B. 1847.

Young Relative, A. Theoderick
Bland Dudley. Letters of John Ean-
dolj)li, to . . . P. 1834.

Young Scotsman now a Volunteer
in the Corsican Service, A. James
Boswell(l) A North Briton extraordi-
nary. Written by . . . L. 1769.

Young Scottish Lady, A. Margaret
Cuninghame. The Popish dungeons

open again : a few words on the per-
secution of ... at Florence, etc. L.

Young Shepherd, A. Lsaac Ritson.
Copy of a k'tlcr wrote by . . . to liis friend
in Borrow(hile. A new edition, to wliicli
is added a glossary of Cumberland words,
by James Clarke, autlior of the Survey




and description of the lakes, Penrith,

Young Sicilian, The. Luigi Monti,
in Longfellow's " Wayside Inn."

Young Veteran, The. Lawrence

Younker, A. Josiak Cobb. A green-
hand's first cruise. By . . , Bait. 1841.


Z. Samuel Edmund Sewall, in the
"Christ. Exam.," Vol. IV., p. 200. B.

Zena, Harry. George H. Butler.

Zenas. George Taylor. (1) See "Lay-
Member of the Church of England, A."
— (2) The Scriptural doctrine of man's
salvation, as stated in a sermon pub-
lished by the Bishop of Chester, irrecon-
cilable with the liturgy, articles, and homi-
lies ; a letter . . . Manchester, 1818.

Zeta. Rev. William Woodis Har-
vey. On the use of granite. By . . .
In the "Cornish Mag.," 1828, pp. 107-

Zethar. Francis Harvey. The auto-
biography of . . . Natal, 1868.

Zofim, Migdal. Israel Pick. 1855,

Zoophilus. Edward Blytk. His sig-
nature in " Land and Water," and in the
" Field."


Part II.

Abbe, Cleveland, 1838-. The Direc-
tor. An American meteorologist; b. in
New York City ; educ. at tlie New York
Free Acad. ; director of the Cincinnati
observatory, 1867-71 ; in the United
States Signal Service at Washington
since 1871.

Abbey, Edwin Austin, 1852-. The
Chestnut. An American artist; b. in
Pliiladelphia ; illustrator of books and
periodicals ; resident chiefly in New York
City ; but since 1883 in London.

Abbot, Ezra. E. A.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 325.

Abbott, Charles, 2d Baron Colchester,
1798-1867. A Member of Parliament. An
English naval oflScer ; educ. at West-
minster School ; entered the Royal Navy,
1811 ; admiral on tlie retired list, 1864.

Abbott, Rev. EdAvard, 1841-. Uncle
Paul; Glianning ; Kllerij ; Windsor. An
American clergyman ; b. at Farmington,
Me.; Univ. of New York City, 1860;
Andover Theol. Sem., 1860-62; Epis-
copal minister at North Cambridge,
1880-87 ; and for several years editor
of the " Literary World."

Abbott, Rev. Edwin Abbott, 1838-.
A Square.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 325.

Abbott, Mrs. Sarah F. Selina. An
American religions writer for the young.

A Beckett, GUbert Abbott, 1811-56.
The Perambulutimj P/iilosoji/icr ; Sleekhead.
An English comic writer ; b. in London ;
educ. at Westminster Scdiool; wrote for
the London " Times," " Morning Herald,"
etc. ; d. at Bonlogne-sur-Mer.

Abel, Mrs. Peter E. Hilda. An
American writer of tlie day, of Pliiladel-

Abernethy, John, M.D., 1764-1831.
Doctor M ii-Buok. An Englisli surgi'on ;
b. in London ; studied surgery at St.
Bartholomew and the London hospitals ;

assistant-surgeon and surgeon at the
former, 1787-1827 ; d. at Enfield.

Abraham, Henry Augustus. Luna-
rian. All American writer of the day.

Adair, Robert. Robin Adair. An
Irishman ; a descendant of the Desmond
Fitz Geralds; d. about 1789.

See " N. and Q.," 3d Series, pp. 233,

Adam, Mme. Edmond. Comte Paul

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 326.

Adam, William. W. A. An Amer-
ican clergyman ; for some years an Eng-
lish Baptist missionary in India ; became
a Unitarian missionary there; later came
to this country, and resided at the West.

Adams, Mrs. B. Leith. B. L. A. An
English writer of the day.

Adams, Charles. Timothij Templeton.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 326.

Adams, Charles Coffin, D.D. Tlie
Rector of St. Mnri/'s Church, iVew York.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 326.

Adams, Charles Francis. C. F. A.

See "I. and P.," First Series,pp.306, 326.

Adams, J. F. C. Bruin. An Amer-
ican publisher, in 1887, of the firm Beadle
& Adams, 98 William Street, New York

Adams, John, 1735-1826. A Veteran.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 326.

Adams, John Greenleaf. Her Hus-
band. An American minister ; b. 1810, at
Portsmouth, N.H. He was editor of the
" Gospel Teacher."

Adams, John Quiney. A Celebrated
Personable ; ./. Q. A.

See " I. and 1'.," First Series, p. 326.

Adams, John Turvill, 1805-82. J.
T. A. All American lawyer and journal-
ist; b. in Demarara, South America;
Yale Coll., 1824 ; was for a time a jour-
nalist, then a lawyer; residing from 1844
at Norwich, Conn., where the latter pan




of his life he devoted himself to literary
pursuits ; and d. there.

Adams, WiUiam Bridges, 1797-
1872. Junius liedivivus.

See " I. and P.," Mrst Series, p. 327.

Adams, William Heiiry Daven-
port. Arthur H. Elliott ; IV. H. D. A.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 327.

Adains-Aeton, Mrs. . Jeanie

Her'imj. An English writer of the day.

Adamson, John. J. A.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 327.

Addington, Henry, Lord Sidmouth.
The Doctor.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 327.

Addington, Rev. Stephen, 1729-96.
Eusebes. An English Dissenting clergy-
man ; b. at Northampton ; was a-pupil of
Dr. Doddridge ; became a schoolmaster
of some repute ; then in 1781 the min-
ister of a congregation in London, where
he died.

Addison, Joseph. Atticus.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 327.

Adet, Pierre Aiigiiste, 1763-1832.
The French Minister. A French chem-
ist and politician ; b. at Nevers ; minis-
ter to the United States, 1795-97 ; was
& member of the French Assembly in

Adgate, Mathew. A Citizen of New
York. An American religious writer of
nearlv one hundred years ago.

Adiersparre, Carl August, Count,
1810-62. Albano.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 327.

Adolphus, Otto. A Olergipnan. An
Englisli clergyman; C. C. C, Cambridge,
1851 ; Englisli lecturer to K. C. Ev. Class
Department, 1857-86 ; residing at Lynd-
hurst-road, Camberwell.

Afzelius, Rev. Arvid August, 1785-
1871. Are Pederson. A Swedish clergy-

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