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See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 341.

Balzac, Honore de. Alfred Cou-
di-eux ; Alexandre de B . . . ; Henri B. ;
Lord R'hoone.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 342.

Bancroft, George, 1800-. U. B. An
American historian ; b. at Worcester,
Mass.; educ. at Harv. Univ., 1817; then
spent some years in Germany; Ph.D.
at Berlin, 1820; secretary of war under
President Polk; minister at Berlin, 1871-
74 ; has of late years resided chiefly at

Baiifield, Thomas Charles. A Politi-
cal Economist. An English writer of

Banim, Michael. Bar

See "I. and P.," First

Banister, Tliomas.
An English writer.

Banks, George Nugeiil
graduate Pen ; An Eton Boi/.
lish writer of the day ; of Cambridge

Banks, John, 1709-51. A Gentleman
of' the Middle Temple.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 342.

Bannister, Saxe, 1790-1877. Phil.a-
delphus ; LnAiujlais. An English writer ;
b. at Bidlington House, Steyning, Sus-
sex; Queen's Coll., Oxf., 1813; was
called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn ; at-
torney-general of New South Wales,
1823-26 ; became a gentleman bedel of
the Royal Coll. of Physicians about
1848 ; spent the closing years of his life
at Thornton Lodge, Thornton Heath,
the residence of his only child, Mrs.
Wyndliam, and d. there.

Bai-bauld, Anna Letitia. A Dis-

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 342.

Barbe, Madame C. B. C. Barbier.
A Frencli writer.

Barber, Mary, 1690(1)-1757. Sap-
phira. An Irish poet, and friend of
Swift; her poetic name at the deanery.

Barber, William. W. B. An Amer-
ican writer.

Barclay, George. A Father. A
Scottish minister of Irvine.

Barclay, Mrs. Sarah Blatilda (Fry).
His Widow. An English lady ; widow of
Robert Barclay, first of Bristol, then of
London, a Friend, or Quaker, whom
she married in 1857.

Barhain, Francis. F. B.

See " 1. and P.," First Series, p. 343.

Barham, Richard Harris Dalton,
1815-86. His Son. An English author;
b. in Westwell, Kent; educ. at St. Paul's
School, and at Oxford, after which he
settled at Lolworth, where he resided till
1863, when, for the sake of a warmer
climate, he removed to Dawlish, and
d. there.

Baring, Alexander, 1st Baron Ash-
burton, 1774-1848. Sand// Baring. An
English financier and statesman, second
son of Sir Francis Baring ; was trained as
a banker ; being sent to the United States
on business of his father's house, he,
in 1798, married Anne Louisa, eldest
daughter of William Bingham, of Phila-
delphia ; he became the head of his
father's firm in 1810; M.P., 1806-35 ; was
raised to the peerage in 1835 ; English
commissioner to the United States, 1842;
d. at Longleat, the seat of his grandson,
the Marquis of Bath.

Barker, Edmund Henry. Vindex.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 343.

Barker, Joseph, 1806-75. A Man.
An English avithor, preacher, and con-
troversialist ; b. at Bramley, near Leeds ;
in 1851 came to this country and soon
settled in Nebraska ; but in 1860 returned
to England ; about 1868 he came back to
America, and d. at Omaha. ^

Barker, Thomas, 1722-1809. T. B.,
Gent. An English scientific and mis-
cellaneous writer ; b. and d. at Lyndon,
Rutland ; was for many years an assidu-
ous observer of meteorological phenom-
ena, publishing the results in the " Phil-
osophical Tra^actions " of the Royal
Society. ^ ,

Barker, William Burckhardt,
1810(?)-56. An English Prisoner i7\Rus- .
sia. An English orientalist ; b. at Alep-
po ; was brouglit to England in 1819, and
educ. tliere ; was for many years I'esident
at Tarsus in an official capacity ; d. at
Sinope, on the Black Sea.




Barling, Rev. John, 1804-83. An
Old Student. An English dissenter ; b.
at Weymouth ; was for a time (1856-58)
a colleague of Russell Lant Carpenter,
at Northgate End Chapel ; resided in
studious leisure at Belle Grange, Win-
dermere, for many years from 1858 ; and
then at Leeds, where he died.

Barlow, Henry Clark. A Repre-
sentative; Enrico Clark Barlow.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 344.

Barmby, Mrs. Katharine (Rey-
nolds). Kate. An English writer ; wife
of John Goodwyn Barmby (1820-81),
who was minister of Wakefield more
than 21 years.

Barnard, Daniel Dewey, 1797-1861.
D. D. B. An American lawyer; b. in
Sheffield, ^lass.; educ. at Williams Coll.
and studied law ; in 1821 was admitted
to the bar, and began to practise at
Rochester, N.Y. ; after travelling for
some time abroad, he removed to Albany,
and afterwards resided and d. there.

Barnard, Frederick Augustus Por-
ter, D.D., LL.D. F. A. P. B.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 344.

Barnard, Sir John, 1685-1764. Sir
J. B — d; An Anti-Patriot ; A Late Lord
Mayor of London. An English merchant
a,nd politician ; b. of Quaker parents at
Reading ; lord mayor of London, 1737 ;
M.P., 1722-01 ; d. at Clapliam.

Barnes, Miss E. W. E. W. B. An
American religious writer of the day, of
Philadelphia (?).

Barnes, Edwin C. Leon Claire. An
American writer of the day, of Syracuse,

Barnes, Henry. A Gentleman of the
Middle Tciiijilr. An English barrister of
the eighteenth century ; at one time one
of the secondaries of the Court of Com-
mon Pleas.

Barnes, Joshua, 1654-1712. Phil-
■argi/rius Ca7itabri(/iensis. An English
Greek sciiolar and antiquary, the son of a

• London tradesman; educ. at Cambridge;
professor of Greek there, 1095-1712 ; d.
at Hemingf<inl(?).

Barnes, Kate D. W. Kate Cameron.

Barnes, Ijuey E. Leader Scott. An
English writer of the day ; daughter of
William Barnes, poet ancl philologist.

• >; ' Barnes, Rev. Richard William.
, The Late Perpetual Curate of East and

I* Went T^ooe.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 344.
Barnes, Thomas, 1780-1841. Criti-
cus; Thomas /joinirr, Driver of a 'Turnabout.
See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 344.
Barnett, Francis. Lvfevrc. An

English gentleman ; the " Lefevre " of
" No Fiction," a novel by Dr. A. Reed.

Barnett, John, the Younger. His
Son. An English writer, son of John
Barnett, of Blaby.

Barr, Lillie E. One who knows all
about them. An American writer of the

Barratt, Joseph, M.D., -1882. A
Citizen of Middletown, Conn. An Amer-
ican physician ; honorary M.D. at Yale
Coll. in 1834.

Barre, Isaac, 1720-1802. Corregio ;
Poplicola. An Irish officer; b. at Dublin;
educ. at Trin. Coll. ; joined the army
in 1746, and was by Wolfe's side when
this brave leader fell at Quebec ; M.P.,
1761-90 ; d. in Stanhope Street, May
Fair, London(?).

Barrett, Eaton Stannard, 1786-
1820. E. S. B. ; A Late Resident.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 344.

Barrett, John, D.D., 1753-1821.
Phil. Hib. An Irish scholar ; educ. at
Trin. Coll., Dublin ; vice-provost, 1807-

Barrett, Jonatlian. J. B.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 344.

Barrett, Samuel, D.D., 1795-1866.
B. ; B — t. An American clergyman ; b.
at Royalston, Mass. ; Harv. Univ., 1818;
pastor in Boston, 1825-58 ; soon after-
wards removed to Roxbury, and d. there.

Barrington, John Shute, 1st Vis-
count. *1 Layman ; The Layman.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 344.

BarroAV, Mrs. Frances Elizabeth
(3Iease), 1822-." Aunt Fanny. An
American author ; b. in Charleston, S.C. ;
educ. in New York City, and has passed
most of her life there ; in 1841 she mar-
ried James Barrow, Jr., of that city, and
since 1855 has been much engaged in
literary work.

Barrow, John, D.D., and others.
Five Clergymen. An Englisli clergyman;
principal of St. Edmund Ilall, Oxford,
and rector of Gatcombe, Newport, Isle
of Wight, 1854-00 et seq. ; at one time
tutor and librarian of Queen's Coll., Ox-

Barrows, Mrs. Katherine Isabel
(Hayes Chapin) , 1845-. B. C. B. ; Mrs.
Shayliark. An American writer; b. at
Irasburg, Vermont ; wife of the follow-

Barrows, Rev. Samuel, J. 1845-.
Mr. Sliayback. An A nu'rican clergyman ;
b. in New York City; editor of the
"Christian Register" (R.).

Barry, . B . An English

poet of Bath.




Barry, Miss . His Daughter. An

English lady ; daughter of Henry Barry,
late fellow of Queen's Coll., Oxford.

Bartholomew, Annie E. Fugerman.

Bartlett, David W. f «». An Amer-
ican journalist; for twenty-two years the
Washinuton correspondent of the Spring-
field " Republican " ; afterwards secre-
tary to tlie Chinese embassy.

IJai'tol, Cyrus Augustus, D.D. B. ;

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 345.

Barton, Bernard, 1784-1849. The
Quaker Poet.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 345.

Barton, K. Knot-Rab. An Ameri-
can novelist.

Barton, Lucy. His Daughter. An
English lady ; daughter of Bernard

Barwell, Richard, 1741-1804. A
Nabob. An Anglo-Indian ; b. at Cal-
cutta; was appointed a writer on the
Bengal establishment of the East India
Company in 1756 ; a member of the
council in Bengal, 1774-80; returned to
England, it was said, with one of the
largest fortunes ever accumulated ; M.P.
1790-96 ; d. at Staiistead.

Basset, Adrien Charles Alexandre.
Robert Adrien.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 345.

Basset, Francis, Lord de Dunstan-
ville, 1757-1835. An Englishman. An
English nobleman ; b. at Waltot, Co.
Oxford ; educ. at Harrow, Eton, and
Cambridge; M.P. 1780-84; raised to the
House of Lords in 1796; d. at his man-
sion, South Place, Knightsbridge.

Bastide, Mme. Jenuy (Dufourquet),
1792-1854. Mme. Jenng D*** ; T/ialares

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 345.

Bate, Henry, M.R.C.S., 1846-. Puto.
An English writer; b. at Truro.

Batenian. Pen. John Fitzherbert; A
Member of the C. U. B. C. [Cambridge
Univ. Boat Club]. An English clergy-
man ; St. John's Coll., Camb., 1851 ; rec-
tor of North u\ South Lopham, Harling,
Norfolk, 1681-87.

Batenian, Mrs. Elizabeth Blower.
Mrs. B**-* ; A Young Lad//. An English
novoli-st of one hundred years ago.

Batenian, James. A Member of Mag-
dalen College, Oxford. An English cler-
gyman; Magdalen Coll., Oxford, 1834;
rector of East and West Leake, Notting-
ham, 1859.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 346.

Bates, Mrs. Harriet L. (Vose), -1886.
Eleanor Putnam. An American writer

of the day ; was the wife of Arlo Bates
of Boston.

Bather, Mrs. Liucy Elizabeth
(Bloomfleld), 1836-64. L. E. B.; Aunt
Lncg. An English writer for the young ;
b. at Fulham ; in 1861 married Arthur
Henrj"- Bather, of Meol Brace, Shrop-
shire ; d. at " The Hall," Meol Brace.

Bathurst, Charles. C. B.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 346.

Baudry des LiOzieres, Louis Nar-
cisse, 1761-1841. 73** i**. A French
author and traveller; b. and d. at Paris;
he was for some years a soldier; but
later entered the bureaus of the Marine,
and became the historiographer of that

Bayford, . A Bgstander. An

English controversial writer.

Bayley, Frederick W. N., 1808-53.
The Son of a Mllitarg Officer ; A Clergy-
man in Debt. An English miscellaneous
writer; in 1825 accompanied his father,
who was in the army, to Barbados ; and
remained in the West Indies for four
years ; when he returned to England he
found he could write in verse with con-
siderable facility; he conducted the
" Omnibus," and was the first editor of
the London "Illustrated News"; d. at

Bayly, Ada Ellen. Edna Lgall. An
English novelist of the day.

Bayly, Mrs. Helena (Beecher). His
Widow. An English lady ; widow of
Thomas Haynes Bayly.

Bayly, Thomas Haynes, 1797-1839.
Q in the Corner. An English song-writer,,
novelist, and dramatist; b. at Bath;
educ. at Winchester and at Oxford
(without graduating) ; returned to Lon-
don in 1824, and devoted himself to liter-
ary work; d. at Cheltenham (T).

Bayne, Mrs. Alicia (Pryme). His
Daughter. An English lady ; daughter of
G. Pryme.

Baynes, John, 1758-87. Vale et Fru-
ere. An English miscellaneous writer ;
b. at Middleham, in Yorkshire ; Trin.
Coll., Cambridge, 1777 ; admitted to
Gray's Inn in 1778 or 1779 ; paid much
attention to politics ; contributed politi-
cal articles to the London "Courant";
wrote, anonymously, political verses, and
translations from French and Greek po-
ems, for the "European Magazine"; the
"Archajological Epistle," etc., was gen-
erally ascriljed to him, but he denied the-
authorship; d. in London.

Baynes, Rev. Robert Hall. The
Vicar of S. Michael and All Angels, Cov-
entry. An English clergyman ; St. Ed-




mund Hall, Oxford, 1856; vicar of St.
Michael, Coventry, 1866-79 ; rector of
Toppesfield, Essex, 1879-80; vicar of
Holy Trinity, Folkestone, 1880-85 ; hon-
orable canon of Worcester, 1873 ; in 1887
resided at Burnham, Somerset.

Beach, Rev. John. An Aiionymons
Author. An American clergyman.

Beaconsfield, Benjamin Disraeli,
1st Earl of. Mr. Benjamins ; Manager
of St. Stephen's Co-Operative Store; Con-
ingsby ; A [or Delta] ; Imperial Ben ; Ben ;
Benjamin; Dizzij ; The Premier; The
Right Hon. B D .

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 347.

Beamish, North Ludlow, 1797-1872.
A Cornet. An English antiquary ; son
of William Beamish, Esq., of Beaumont
House, county of Cork; in 1816 he ob-
tained a commission in tlie 4th Royal
Irish Dragoon Guards, in which he pur-
chased a troop in 1823 ; spent much of
his life from 1826 in literary work; d. at
Annmount, county of Cork.

Bean, Rev. James. The Christian

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 347.

Bean, Miss Mary A. The Librarian.
An American ladv of Brookline, Mass.

Beard, John ReUly, D.D., 1800-76.
An Unitarian. An English minister; b.
at Southsea, Hants. ; educ. at the Unita-
rian Coll. at York; minister at Salford,
Manchester, 1825; and Strangeways, the
same city, 1848-64 ; at Sale, near Ashton-
on-Mersey, 1865-73, and d. there.

Beardslee, L. A. Pieseis.

Beauclerk, Lady Diana De Vere,
1841-. Ladij Di Beauclerk. An English
lady ; daughter of tlie 9th Duke of St.

Beaufoy, Charles. C. B. An Eng-
lish natural philo.sopher.

Beaumont, John Thomas Barber,
1774-1841. Philanthropos,

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 348.

Beckering, J. J. .Inhji Nathan.

Beckett, Sir Kdmund, LL.D., 5th
Bart., 1816-. Edmund Beckett Denison.
An English writer; b. at Doncaster;
succeeded his father, 1874 ; educ. at
Eton and Trin. Colls., Oxford ; B.A.,
1838 ; LL.D., 1863 ; called to the bar at
Lincoln's Inn, 1841 ; chancellor of York,
1877; residence, Batch Woods, St. Al-

Beckett, William H. Prof. Chaucer
Jones. An American humorist of the day.

Beckman, Krnst. E. B — n. A Swed-
ish journalist and miscellaneous writer.

Bedell, Gregory Thurston, 1817-.
The Rector. An American clergyman ;

b. in Hudson, N.Y. ; educ. at Bristol
Coll., Penn., and at the Virginia Tlieol.
Sem. ; assistant-bishop and bishop of
Ohio from 1859.

Bedford, John T. J. Litgue'.

See "I. and 1'.," First Series, p. 348.

Bedingfield, Thomas, 1760-89. T.
B — g — d. An English poet; b. at York;
educ. at the Univ. of Liege ; in 1787 com-
menced practice as a chamber counsel in
London, where he died.

Behn, Mrs. Aphra (Johnson), 1040-
89. ^4. B. An English dramatist and
novelist ; baptized at V^jq ; spent some
years in Surinam ; returned to England
about 1658, and married a city mer-
chant named Behn ; before 1666 she
was a widow ; dedicated her life chiefly
to " pleasure and poetry " ; d. in London,
and was buried in Poet's Corner, West-
minster Abbey.

Beilby, J. Wood. Research. An Aus-
tralian geologist of Melbourne ("?).

Beke, Mrs. Emily (Alston). His
Widow. An Englisli lady of Mauritius ;
daughter of Mr. William Alston of Lei-
cester, and widow of Charles Tiistone

Beldam, Joseph. A Student of the
Middle Temple. An English poet ; a
bari'ister-at-law of the Middle Temple,

Belfast, Frederick Richard Chi-
chester, Earl of. Campana ; Lord

7^ y(: jJC" viC' ^ itC- ^ ^ ^

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 349.

Belger, Mrs. Fanny Courtenay
(Baylor). Fannij Courtenay Bai/lor.
An American writer of Texas and Vir-
ginia ; has spent many years abroad.

Bell, Mrs. A. A Lady. An English

BeU, Benjamin, 1749-1806. A Land-
holder. A Scottish surgeon; b. at Dumfries;
at seventeen was sent to the Edinburgh
Medical School ; travelled on the Con-
tinent, and studied at Paris ; surgeon to
the Royal Infirmary at Edinburgh, 1772-
1801 ; he gained a large practice, and also
engaged considerably in agriculture ; d.
at Newington House, Edinburgh.

Bell, Miss Catharine Douglass,
Cousin Kate.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 349.

Bell, Mrs. Emily Ernst (Mynie).
Mrs. Fairfax. An Irish writer of the

Bell, John, and David Francis Con-
die. An Association of Phi/sicians.

Bell, John, 1796-1872. A physician; b.
in Ireland; came to this country in 1810;
graduated at the Univ. of Pennsylvania




in 1817 ; was for several years a lec-
turer in Philadelphia ; and afterwards
a professor in Ohio. — See " Condie,
D. F."

Bell, Mrs. Nancy (Meugens). N.
D'Anvei's. An English writer on art,
of the day.

Bellamy, Daniel, the Elder, 1687-.
A Gentleman of Oxford. An English
miscellaneous writer ; b. in London ;
edue. at Merchant Taylors' School and
at Oxford (which he left, without a de-
gree, in 1709) ; and became a convej^-
ancer's clerk.

Bellamy, Mrs. George Anne, 1731 (?)-
88. The Dawjiiter of Darius. An Irish
actress ; b. at Fingal ; was the daughter
of Lord Tyrawley, ambassador to Lisbon,
who sent her, when she was iive years old,
to Boulogne, where she was in a convent
till she was eleven, when she went to Eng-
land ; she became very eminent as an act-
ress ; d. in London('?).

BeUamy, Joseph, D.D., 1718 or 19-
1790. One of his Candid Neighbours. An
American Congregational minister; b. in
the part of Wallingford which is now
Cheshire, Conn.; Yale Coll., 1735 ; pastor
in that part of Woodbury which is now
Bethlem, Conn., 1740-90 ; and d. there.

BeUasis, Edward, 1800-73. An Old
Boy ; An Anglican since become a Catholic ;
An Anglican Layman. An English bar-
rister ; b. at. Basilden ; educ. at Christ's
Hospital ; was called to the bar in 1824;
was engaged in parliamentary business,
1836-66 ; d. at Hyeres, in Provence,

Bellew, Frank. An Ex-Tramp ; Tri-
angle. An American writer of the day.

Belle-w, Henry Walter. Spectator.
An English traveller.

BeUows, Henry Whitney, 1814-82.
H. W. B.; B — s. An American clergy-
man; b. in Boston ; educ. at Harv. Univ.
and the Cambridge Divinity School ;
pastor in New York City, 1839-82 ; d. in
New York City.

Bellows, John N. ./. N. B. An
American translator.

Bellows, William Lamb, 1802-77.
His Son-in-law. An English Friend;
b. at Bere Regis, Dorset ; resided at Lis-
keard, 1829-32 ; at Pool, near Redruth,
1841-58; at Dorchester, 1858-77, and
d. there.

Beloe, William. The Sexagenarian.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 350.

Belrose, Liouis, Jr. A Poet. An Ameri-
can writer of the day, of Philadelphia.

Belsham, Rev. Thomas. T. B.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 350.

Belshaw, Robert Redman. R. i?

An American(Q writer.

Beuedictsson, Mrs. Victoria.
Ahlgren. A Swedish authoress.

Benham, Henry W., 1817-"^
Engineer Officer. An America'
b. in Connecticut ; educ. at Wesi
served with distinction in the civil >,
1861-05 ; was engaged as a militarv en-
gineer, 1869-82; on^the retired list, 1882-
84 ; d. in New York City.

Benjamin, Park. A Voyager ; P. B.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 350.

Bennet, Rev. John. A Clergyman
of the Church of England. An English
divine ; curate of St. Mary's, Manchester.

Bennet, William, 1746-1820. Za-
varre Wilmhurst. An English clergy-
man (?) ; b. in the Tower of London;
Emanuel Coll., Cambridge, 1767 ; Bishop
of Cloyne, 1794; d. in London.

Bennett, Rev. . A Presbyterian.

A Scottish minister of the Antiburgher
Church, Cupar-Fife.

Bennett, Charles, -1804. The Blind
Organist. A English poet and musician j
b. and d. at Truro ; organist of St. Mary's
in that town, 1764-1804; travelled
through Cornwall as a teacher of music.

Bennett, E. Fidelis. An English
printer, of South Petherton.

Bennett, William. Lee Gibbons. An
English solicitor of Chapel-en-le-Frith,

" Lee Gibbons " is wrongly given in " I. and
P." as the pseudonym of Thomas lioscoe, Jr.

See " N. and Q.," May, 1885, p. 433.
Bennett, Rev. William James

Early, 1804-86. W.J.E.B.; The Vicar

of Frome- Selwood.

■ See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 350.

Benson, Egbert, 1746-1833. Curator.
An American jurist; b. in New York
City; educ. at King's [now Columbia].
Coll., New York City ; attorney -general
of New York, 1777-89 ; member of the
continental congress, 1784-88 ; M.C. the
1st and 2d congress ; and again in 1813-
15; judge of the supreme court of New
York, 1794-1808 ; and a regent of the
New York Univ., 1789-1802 ; d. at Jamai-
ca, L.I.

Benson, William, 1682-1754. A
Member of the House of Commons. An
English critic and politician ; b. in Lon-
don; travelled in Germany and Sweden,
and on his return became the owner of
considerable property in Dorsetshire and
Wiltshire, and was made sheriff of the
latter county in 1710; M.P., 1714-15;
surveyor-general of works, 1715 ; auditor,
17 — ; d. at Wimbledon.




Bentham, Jeremiah. A Knight. An
English lawyer of London ; tlie father of
Jeremy; "had no great practice, but he
made a considerable fortune by the pur-
chase and sale of land. He was, accord-
ing to one description of him, ' authorita-
tive, restless, aspiring, and shabby.' He
believed that pushing was the one thing
needful in life, and he much regretted
that his clever son would not act on this
maxim. He was fond in a dilettante
fashion of literature, and proud of own-
ing Milton's house."

Bentham, Jeremiy, 1747-1832. Anti-

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 351.

Bentinck, Rt. Hon. George Augus-
tus Frederick Cavendisli, 1821-. The

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 351.

Bentley, Joseph. The Oldest School

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 351.

Bentley, Richard, D.D., 1662-1742.
Dismal Fellow ; A (jrentleman of the Tem-
ple; N. 0., M.A. of the Same University ,•
Phileleuthere de Leipzig ; Phileleutherus
Lipsiensis ; Priscianus ; Richardus Criti-
cus Cantabrigiensis.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 351.

Benton, Thomas Hart, 1782-1858.
Old Bullion.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 351.

Bere, Rev. Thomas. The Curate of
Blagdon. An English clergyman ; rector
of Butcombe, near Bristol.

Berenger, Richard, 1721-82. Philo-
nous. An English writer; for many
years gentleman of the horse to George
III. ; nephew of Lord Cobham and Lady
Lyttelton ; d. in London.

Beresford-Hope, Alexander James,
1820-87. Batavian Grace. An English
statesman and journalist ; son of Thomas
Hope, of London and " Deepdene," near
Dorking; Univ. of Cambridge, 1841,
when his political and literary career
began ; at the time of his death he was
M.P. for Cambridge Univ. ; d. in London.

Berg, Mrs. Ijiua (Sandell). L. S.
A Swedish writer of juvenile stories and

Berger, Mrs. Charlotta (Cronh-
jelm), 1784-1852. Ch*******. A Swed-
ish novelist.

Bergstrand, P. E., 1834-. Bias. A
Swedish autlior.

Bergstrand, Vilhelm Alexander,
1850- . \V. B. Marcelhis. A Swedish
journalist and miscellaneous writer.

Berington, Joseph, 1746-1827. J.
B — n ; A Catholic Priest. An English

Catholic divine; b. at Winsley, Here-
fordshire ; educ. at St. Omer ; after being
ordained, he exercised his priestly func-
tions for several years, and then returned
to England ; between the years 1776 and
1814 he published numerous philosophi-
cal, historical, and theological works ;
in or about 1786 he appears to have
been the priest at Oscott, near Barr;
afterwards resided for several years in
the London district ; in 1814 was ap-
pointed priest at Buckland, in Berkshire,
where he died.

Berington, Simon, 1679-. Signer
Gaudentio di Lucca. An English Roman
Catholic writer ; studied and took holy
orders at Douay.

Berkeley, Mrs. Eliza (Frinsham),
1734-1800. The Editor. An English
authoress ; b. at White Waltham, Wind-
sor Forest; in 1761 she married the Rev.
George, the son of Bishop Berkeley ; d.
at Kensington.

Berkeley, George, D.D., 1684-1753.
Dion; D — B — .»/ / G. L. B. 0. C.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 351.

Berkeley, Maurice Frederick Fitz-
hardinge. Baron Fitzhardinge, and oth-
ers, 1788-. The Other Surviving Sons of
the Late Earl and Countess of Bei'kelei/.
An English naval officer, second son of
the 5th Earl of Berkeley.

Bernard, Sir Thomas, 1750-1818.
Trismegistus Secundits. An English bar-
rister-at-law, and chancellor of the dio-
cese of Durham; succeeded his brother,

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