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there, 1853-87.

Bo"wen, Nathan. A Native of Neiv
Enfjlaud. An American writer; justice
of the peace, and notary public of Mar-
blehead in tlie last century.

Bowie, John, 1725-88. Don Bowl,'.
An English writer on Spani.sli literature;
descended from Dr. John Bowie, bisliop
of Rochester; educ. at Oriel Coll., <),\-
ford ; vicar of Idmeston, in Wiltshire,
1750-88, where he died.

Bowles, John, 1751-1819. A Lay-
man. An English barrister of Lon-
don ; commissioner of bankrupts ; d.
at Bath.

BoAAdes, William Lisle. " One of tlie
funilii of the Bowleses " ; A Member of the
University of Oxford ; A True Patriot and
Good Man.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 361.

Bowman, Eddowes, 1810-69. B. An
English Dissenter; b. at Nantwich; educ.
at Hazlewood, near Birmingham; in 1840
graduated M.A. at Glasgow, and then stud-
ied at Berlin ; classical professor in the
Manchester New College, 1846-53 ; d. in

Bowman, Jacob Li. Hans Patrick
Le Connor. An American writer of the
day, of St. Louis (?).

Bowman, J. M. Christojilier Roniannt.
An American writer of the day.

Bowness, William, 1809-67. An
Artist. An English painter; b. at Ken-
dal; he was self-taught; and, after some
practice in his native town, — soon after
his twentieth year, — lie went to London,
and achieved considerable success as a
portrait and figure painter; he is the
author of a number of poems in the
Westmoreland dialect ; d. in London.

Bowyer, William, 1699-1777. Archi-
tectus Verborum. An eminent English
painter and publisher ; b. in Dogwell
Court, White Fryars, London ; from
1722 till his death he was employed as
an author, editor, printer, and publislier.

Boyd, Andrew^ Kennedy Hutchison.
A. K. U. B.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 361.

Boyd, .James P. A Member of the
Neto Orleans Bar. An American writer
of the (lay.

Boyd.^John. Her Father. A Scottisli
writer; father of Mary Boyd.

Boyd, Mary. .1 Departed Child. A
Scottisli child ; daughter of Kev. John

Boyle, . An Expelled Correspon-
dent. An English joiUMialist of the day ;
correspondent of the " Standard '' (L.).

Boyle, Acland. Von Boyle. An
.'Vmerican journalist of the day, of
Philadelphia, in the German dialect.

Boyle, Hon. Eleanor Vere (Gor-
don). E. V. B.

See "I. and P.," First Scries, p. 361.

Boynton, Charles Brandon. A
Ijooker on from America.

See "I. and P.," First Scries, p. 361.

Boys, Thomas, 1792-1880. An Old
Peninsular; Vedette. An English anti-
quary and theologian; b. at Sandwich;




educ. at Cambridge ; incumbent of Holy
Trinity, Hoxton, 1848-80.

Boyse, Rev. Joseph, 1660-1728. J. B.,
Dissenting Minister ; W.B.,D.D. An Eng-
lish Presbyterian minister ; b. at Leeds ;
was one of sixteen children of Matthew
Boyse, formerly elder of the church at
Rowley, New England, and afterwards
a resident, for about eighteen years, at
Boston, Mass. ; was minister at Dublin
for forty-live years from 1683.

Brade, WDliani. An Old-Clothes
Philosopher. An English writer of the
da J'.

Bradford, Charles Frederic, 1806-
87. C. F. B. An American poet ; Hon-
orary A.M. at Harv. Univ. in 1860 ; b.
and d. in Boston.

Bradford, George Partridge, A.M.
B. An American gentleman; Harv.
Univ., 1825 ; in 1887 resided in Cam-
biidge and Concord, Mass.

Bradford, J. E. J. E. B. An
American writer.

Bradford, John. Josias Homelij. An
English novelist of the day(?).

Bradford, William John Alden,
1797-1858. W. J. A. B. An American
lawyer ; b. in Wiscasset, Me. ; Harv.
Univ., 1816 ; studied law and practised
his profession in Essex and New Bed-
ford, Mass. ; then went to Iowa, and
practised at Dubuque ten or twelve
years ; later, returned to Boston ; d. at
sea, on the passage from Central Amer-
ica to New York.

Bradley, Rev. Charles, 1789-1871.
A Clergyman of the Church of England.
An English divine; b. at Halstead,
Essex ; he was for a time a member
of St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, but took
no degree ; curate of High Wycombe
in 1812; here for many years he com-
bined the work of a private tutor with
the sole charge of a large parish ; was
vicar of Glasbury, in Brecknockshire,
1825-71 ; incumbent of St. James'
Chapel at Clapham, in Surrey, 1829-
52 ; spent the latter part of his life at
Cheltenham, and d. there.

Bradley, Daniel B. D. B. B. An
English colonial writer, of Bangkok.

Bradley, Emily. Clara Cushman.

Bradley, Rev. Richard Beadon,
18U3-51. Arthur O'B. An English
clergyman ; b. at Minehead ; for a time
curate of the East Church, Teignmouth,
wliere he died.

Braeme, Charlotte M. A Sister of
Mercy; Bertli.aM.Clay. A Roman Cath-
olic writer of England ; a voluminous
author of the day.

Brampton, James. A New York
Detective. An American writer of the

Bramston, James, 1694(?)-1744.
The Author of the "Art of Politicks." An
English poet; educ. at Westminster
School and Christ Church, Oxford ; vicar
of Lurgashall, Sussex, 1723, and of Hart-
ing, in the same county, 1725.

Brander, O. — r. A Swedish

Brandrup, Marie. Marie Widdem.
A German writer of the day.

Bransby, James Hews, 1783-1847.
Monticola. An English Unitarian min-
ister ; b. at Ipswich ; educ. at Exeter
Academy ; was chiefly a schoolmaster ;
d. at Bron'r Hendref, near Carnarvon.

Brash, John, and others. The Ed-
itor of the Ts^ing's Highway. English
journalists and writers of London.

Brasher, A. A. B. A Scottish
writer of the daj^

Braun, Karl Johann, ritter von
Braunthal, 1802-67. Jean Charles. A
German poet and novelist, b. in Eger;
retired to Vienna, and d. there.

Bray, Rev. Thomas, 1656-1730. A
Sincere Lover of our Protestant Establish-
ment. An English divine ; b. at Marton
in Shropshire ; educ. at Oxford ; in 1 695
lie was selected to be sent to Maryland
as commissary to the bishop of London,
but was not able to go there till 1699 ;
no less than 39 libraries — the first at
Annapolis — were established through
his instrumentality in North America ;
he did not remain in Maryland, as it was
found that he could do more for the
church by returning home and working-
there ; he became vicar of St. Botolph
Without, Aldgate, in 1706, and re-
iuained(?) there till his death, devoting
himself to tlie founding of libraries in
Great Britain and America; to the pro-
moting the instruction of the negroes,
and establishing a colony in America to
provide for the poor who could not find
employment at home.

Bray, Thomas, D.D., 1706-85. Mr.
Boots. An English clergyman ; b. at
Stratton ; rector of Exeter College, 1771-
85 ; d. at Exeter.

Brazer, John, D.D., 1790-1846. ,/. B.
An American clergyman ; b. in Wor-
cester, Mass. ; Harv. Univ., 1813 ; pro-
fessor of Latin there, 1817-20 ; pastor at
Salem, Mass., 1820-46 ; d. at Charleston,

Break, James Lloyd, 1818-76. A
Missionary. An Ameri(;an clergyman ;
b. in Philadelphia ; educ. at the Univ. of




Pennsylvania, and the General Theologi-
cal Seminary, New York City ; devoted
his life to the missionar3' service at the
West ; d. at Benicia, Cal.

Brekell, Rev. John, 1697-1769. .7. B. ;
Verus. An English Presbyterian ; b. at
North Meols, Lancashire ; minister at
Liverpool for more than forty years, and
d. there.

Brenan, Joseph, 1829-57. J.B. An
Irish poet ,• b. in the North of Ireland ;
becoming implicated in a revolutionary
movement at Tipperarv, he fled to this
country in 1849 ; was for several years
on the staff of the New Orleans "Delta,"
and d. in that city.

Brent, Henry Johnson, 1811-80.
J. B.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 363.

Brett, Robert, 1808-74. B. B. ; The
Editor of " The Churchman's Guide to
Faith." An English surgeon ; b. at or
near Luton (?), Bedfordshire ; entered at
St. George's Hosjiital, London, as a medi-
cal pupil, and passed his examinations
in 1830 ; he practised at Stoke Newing-
ton for many years till his death.

Breval, John Durant de, 1680-
1739. J. D. B. ; Joseph Ga>i.

See " I. and P.." First Series, p. 363.

Brevint, Daniel, D.D., 1016-95. A
Late Author. An English polemical and
devotional author; b. in the isle of
Jersey ; educ. at the Univ. of Saumur on
the Loire ; fellow of Jesus Coll., Oxford,
1637 ; dean of Lincoln, 1681-82 to 1695,
and d. at tlie deanery house.

Brewer, William A. The Present

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 363.

Brewster, Mrs. Ann Hampton
(Harris), 1818-. Emma Dnvul. An
American writer ; b. in IMiiladelpliia ; in
1886 resident in Rome, Italy; has writ-
ten for "Blackwood," etc.

Brice, Andrew, 1690-1773. Democri-
liis Jiirenal. An English printer; b. at
Exeter ; apprenticed himself for five
years, as a printer, to a tradesman in
his native city ; commenced business
on his own account in 1714; became
the oldest master printer in England,
but parted with his business for an
annuity, and retired to a country house
near Exeter.

Bridge, Rev. Henry 31. A Minister.
An American clergyman.

Bridges, Mrs. Colonel . Afrs.

Forrester. An English novelist of the

Bridges, Thomas. Cotton, Junior.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 364.

Briggs, Charles Frederick. H. F.

[Harry Franco],

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 364.

Briggs, George Ware, D.D. G. W.B.
An American clergyman; Brown Univ.,
1825 ; Cambridge Divinity School, 1834 ;
in 1887 was pastor at Cambridgeport,

Brighani, Charles Henry, 1820-79.
C. H. B. An American clergyman ; b.
in Boston; Ilarv. L'niv., 1839; Cam-
bridge Divinity School, 1844 ; minister
at Ann Arbor, Mich., 1866-77 ; professor
at Meadville, Penn., 1860-77 ; d. at
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Brigham, WiUiam, 1806-69. W. B.
An American lawj^er ; b. at Grafton,
Mass; Harv. Univ., 1829; studied law
and practised in Boston, 1832-69, and
d. there.

Brine, Rev. Edw^ard. The Chaplain.
An English clerg\'man ; Queen's Coll.,
Cambridge, 1842 ; chaplain of the Eng-
lish Church at the Hague, 1851-87.

Brine, George, -1881. The King of
the Vagrants. An English beggar; d. at
the Union workhouse at Sherborne.

Brinley, George, 1819-57. G. B.,
T. C, C. An English essayist; b. at
Cambridge ; educ. at Trin. Coll., Cam-
bridge ; college librarian, 1845-57, and
d. there ; most of his writings appeared
in the "Spectator," or in "Eraser's

Brior, J. The Butler of Brasenose

Briscoe, John Ivatt. J Member of
the fJniversitij of Oxford.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 364.

Bristed, Charles Astor. C. A. B. ;
Carl Benson ; Colonel Cranberri/ Faster.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 364.

Brittain. Thomas, 1806-84. Brittan-
icHs. An Englisli naturalist ; b. at Shef-
field ; settled in Manchester in 1842,
and continued to live there the re-
mainder of his life, and d. there.

Brittan, Samuel B. S. B. B. ; A
Dweller in the Temple. An American
spiritualist of the day.

Brock, Irving. A Member of the
Spilal-felds Benevolent Society. An Eng-
lish writer early in the nineteenth cen-

Brock, R. A. Civis. An American
writer of the day ; a member of the Vir-
ginia Historical and Pliilosophical So-
ciety, Richmond, Va.

Brockedon, William, 1787-1854. An
Alpine Traveller. An I'higlish author
and painter; b. at Totnes; afterwards
lived chiefly in London, and d. there.




Broderip, Mrs. Frances Freeling
(Hood), lb30-78. His Daaghter. An
linglish lady ; daughter of Thomas
Hood; b. at Winchmore Hill, Middlesex ;
in 1849 she married Rev. John Somer-
ville Broderip, rector of Cossington,
Somersetshire (1844-66) ; in 1857 she
commenced her literary career; d. at

Brodie, Sir Benjamin Collins, Bart.,
D.C.L., r.R.S.,178o-1862. B.C.B. An
eminent English surgeon ; b. at Winters-
low, in Wiltshire; sergeant surgeon to
Queen Victoria ; d. at Bromepark, Betch-
worth, Surrey.

Brodie, Erasmus Henry. Gerald.
An English poet; one of Her Majesty's
inspectors of schools.

Brokel, Johanna Antonie. Antonie
Brook. A German novelist of the day.

Bromley, Walter, Esq. An Old
Officer. An English writer ; paymaster
of 23d Regiment of Welsh Fusileers.

Bromwell, William. E.B. An
American writer; a Philadelphia(?) rail-
road man.

Brooke, Miss . Fairfax Bi/rnne.

An American novelist of the day.

Brooke, Mrs. Frances (Moore),
1724-89. The Editor, Afan/ iSiiif/leton,
Spinster ; F. B. An English authoress ;
daughter of Rev. William Moore ; M'as
married about 1756 to the Rev. John
Brooke, D.D., rector of Colney, Norfolk,
and chaplain to the garrison of Quebec ;
soon after their marriage they left Eng-
land for that city on his garrison duties ;
d. at Sleaford, Lincolnshire.

Brooke, Rev. Henry, 1694-1757.
JoJin Collier. An English divine and
schoolmaster; b. at Manchester; educ.
at Manchester and at Oxford ; head mas-
ter of Manchester grammar school, 1727-
49; rector of Tamworth, Gloucestershire,
1730-57, and d. there.

Brooke, John Charles, F.S.A., Esq.,
1748-94. J.B.; .1 . C. B. An English
antiquary ; b. at Fieldhead, in the parish
of Silkstone, near Sheffield; became
Somerset Herald in 1777 ; with Mr.
Pingo, York Herald, and fourteen other
persons^ he perished in the fatal catastro-
phe of the third of February, 1794, in
attempting to get into the pit at the
Little Theatre, in the Playmarket.

Brook, N., M.D. A Gentleman, etc. An
English physician, of Bath; left England
in 1785 to make an investigation of the
commerce of Italy witli Great Britain ; on
his return, he was afflicted witli blindness.

Brookes, E. A Pupil. A pupil at
Bruce Castle School, Tottenham.

Brookes, Rev. Joshua, 1754-1821.
Rec. Joseph Rivers; Rev. Josiah Stream-
let; Knave of Clubs; St. Crispin. An
English eccentric ; b. at Cheadle-Hume,
near Stockport; his father, a shoemaker,
who soon removed to Manchester, was a
cripple, known by the name of " Pontius
Pilate " ; the son was educ. at Oxford ;
chaplain to the collegiate church of
Manchester, 1790-1821.

Brookfield, William Henry, 1809-
1874. Fraid- Whitestock. An English
divine ; b. at Sheffield ; educ. at Cam-
bridge ; rector of Somerby-cum-Humby,
near Grantham, 1865-74 ; residing chiefly
in London.

Brooks, Rev. Charles, 1795-1872.
An American resident in Paris. An
American clergyman ; b. in Medford,
Mass. ; Harv. Univ., 1816 ; pastor at
Hingham, Mass., 1821-38 ; then passed
four years in Europe, in tlie study of
animals ; on his return led an active
literary and philanthropic life ; d. at

Brooks, Charles Timothy. C. T. B.

See "L and P.," First Series, p. 366.

Brooks, Charles William Shirley.
The Late Genial Editor of '^ Punch."

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 366.

Brooks, Rev. Joshua William. The
Editor of the "Investigator on Prophecy."

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 366.

Brooks, Noah, 1830-. Castine ; John
Riverside. An American journalist; b.
in Castine, Maine; in 1886 resident at
Newark, N.J.

Broom, W. W. TF. W. B.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 366.

Brotherhead, Alfred Paxson. The
Bo If Author. An American novelist of
the day, of Pliiladelphia.

Brotherton, Edward, 1814 66. E.
B. ; Libra, ; Pilgrim. An English Swe-
deuborgian ; b. at Manchester ; was de-
voted to the work of popular education ;
editor and chief writer of the first volume
of " The Dawn " (Manchester, 1861-62) ;
d. at Cornbrook, Manchester.

Brotherton, Mrs. Martha (Harvey).
An Englisli writer, wife of Josepli Broth-
erton, wliom slie married in 1806 ; they
were Bible Christians, and as such, were
vegetarians and total abstainers ; Mrs.
B. published anonymously, " Vegetable
Cookery " in numbers, first collected
into book form in 1821.

Brotherton, Mrs. Mary. M. B. An
English writer in " Temple Bar," etc.

Brough, Robert Barnabas, 1828-
60. An Old Boltemian.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 3fi().




Brougham, Henry Peter, Lord
Brougham and Vaux. A Big-Wig; A
Friend of the People ; Harrg Twitcher ;
Mr. Peter Jenkins ; Foaming Fudge.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 366.

Brougham, John, 1814-80. Harry

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 366.

Broughton,Rev. Thomas, 1704-74. T.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 367.

BrOAver, Wiss Minnie D. Marie De

Brown, Dr. A Late Popular


Bro^vn, Alexander. Berwickshire
Sanilie. A Seottisli dialect poet of the
first part of the nineteentli century.

Brown, Buckminster, M.D., 1819-.
B — n. An American surgeon ; b. in
Boston ; Harv. Medical School, 1844 ; in
1887 still practices his profession in

BroAvn, Charles Brockden. Popli-
cola ; C. B. B.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 367.

Bro^vn, Colin. The Ewing Lecturer
on Music, Andersonian Universitij, Glasgow.

Brown, D. Reader Bookum. An
American humorous writer; published at
East Dover, Vt.

Brown, Frances, 1810-. The Blind
Poetess of Ulster. An Irish poet; b. at
Stranoi^ir, count}' Ulster, whose poems
were niuc*^ admired.

Brown, George 31. Virginius. An
American writer of tlie day.

Brown, (icorge Shaw^ " Silver-
cloud," II detertivf <ifi<-<'i\

Brown, Mrs. Helen K. H. E. B.
An .Vini-rican religious writer.

Brown, James. A Scotsman.

See " 1. and P.," First Series, p. 367.

Brown, Kev. James. The Preshf/terian
concerned therein. A Seottisli minister of

Brow^n, James Bryce. A Four
Years' Resident. A Scottish writer ; an
emigrant to Canada.

Bro'wn, James E. Mose Skinner. An
American humorous writer of the day.

Brown, John, M.D., 1735-88. A Gen-
tleman conversant trith the Suhject . A Scot-
tish physician ; founder of the Brunonian
system of medicine ; h. in the parish of
Buncle, Berwickshire ; when he was
eighteen he went to Edinburgh to sup-
port himself by private tuition; when
twenty-four lie went again to Edinburgh
and began to study medicine ; after gain-
ing liis profession, he, not suciceeding in
gaining practice in Edinl)urgli, in 1786
removed to London, and d. there.

Brown, Lancelot, 1715-83. Capa-
bilitg Brown. An English architect and
landscape gardener ; b. at Harle-Kirk,
Northumberland ; he realized a large
fortune, and in 1770 he was high
sheriff of Huntingdonshire.

Brown, Robert, D.C.L., 1773-1858.
Verus. A Scottish botanist ; b. at Mont-
rose, and educ. at Aberdeen and Edin-
burgh ; librarian of the Linnsean Society,
1806, and to Sir Joseph Banks, 1810-20 ;
keeper of the botanical collections at the
British Museum, 1827-58.

Brown, Samuel Sneade. .^^1 Sanita-
rian. An English writer of the day.

Brown, Thomas. Thomas Bruno.

Bro'wn, Walter. A Lapnan. A
Scottish writer.

Browne, Benjamin Frederick. B.
F. B. An historical and genealogical
writer of Salem, Mass.

Browne, Hablot Knight, 1815-82.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 368.

Browne, J. J. Norweb. A musical
writer; published at Amsterdam, 1867.

Browne, James, LL.D., 1793-1841.
Colonel Cloud.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 368.

Browne, John. A Student. An Eng-
lish medical student.

Browne, John White, 1810-60. ./.
W. B. An American lawyer; b. in
Salem, Mass.; Harv. Univ., 1830; was
a lawyer at Lynn, Mass., and after-
wards in Boston ; d. in Braintiee, Mass.

Browne, 3Iaria J. B. ^1 New Eng-
land hull]. An American writer for the
young; b. in Nf)rtliamplon, Mass.; was
a teaclier by profession, but wrote much
for magazines niid newspapers.

Browne, Sara H. A Ladii ; A S. S.
Teacher. An American author ; sister of
Maria J. E.; b. in Sundei'land, Mass.;
wrote several books and magazine arti-
cles in prose and verse.

Browne, Sir William, 1092-1774.
J), a. An English jihysician ; educ. at
Cambridge; settled at Lynn; hnving-
acquired a competency by his profes-
sion, he removed to London; d. iit liis
house in Queen's Square, Bloomsbury.

Brownsoii, Orestes Augustus, 1803-
76. (>. A. IJ. An .\merican author; b.
at Slockbridge, Vt. ; d. in Detroit, Mich.

Bruce, Alexander. .,1 Friend of the
Author. A Scottish advocate of the first
jiart of the eigliteenth century.

Bruce, Archibald, 1746-1816. A
Foreign Protestant ; A Rural iJirlne. A
Scottish clergyman; b. at Broomhall,
Stirlingshire ; educ. at Glasgow ; minis-




ter at Whithurn, 1768-86; professor of
divinity, 1786-1806.

Bruce, George. A Volunteer. A
Scotti:<li writer of sixty years ago.

Bruce, Rev. John. Philalethes. A
Scottish divine ; minister of tlie United
Secession congregation, Nevvmilns.

Bruce, Wallace, 1844-. Thursttj
McQuill. An American lecturer; b. at
Hinsdale, Columbia Co., IST.Y. ; Yale
Coll., 1867 ; has lectured extensively
on literary subjects.

Brunet, Pierre Gustave, 1807-, and
Delepierre, Joseph Octave, 1804-79.
G. B. 0. D.

Brunet, P. G. — See " I. and P.," First
Series, p. 369.

Delepierre, J. O. — See " I. and P.,"
First Series, p. 407.

Brun, Ida Brunsig, edle von. Ida
von Brun-Barnow. A German novelist
of the daj^

Bryan, Edward B., Esq. E. B. B.
An American writer of South Carolina.

Bryan, Thomas E. An Old Hand.
An American publisher of New York

Bryant, John Howard, 1807-. J.
11. B. An American poet; brother of
W. C. Bryant; b. at Cummington, Mass.;
emigrated in early life to the West, and
became a farmer in Illinois.

Bryant, William CuUen. W. C. B.; B.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 369.

Bryce, James, D.D., 1767-1857. A
Protestant of the School of the Reformation.
A Scottish divine; b. at Airdrie, in Lan-
arkshire; educ. at the Univ. of Glasgow;
minister at Killaig, county Londonderry,
Ireland, 1805-57, and d. there.

Brydges, James, 1st Duke of Chan-
dos. Timon. An English nobleman
of the first part of the eighteenth cen-

Brydges, Sir S. E. S. E. B.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 369.

Brydone, James. An Elder of the
United Presbyterian Church. A Scot-
tish writer and publisher(?) of Edin-

Buchan, Alexander Winton. Esther.
A Scottish i^oct and compiler.

Buchanan, Rev. . A. T. A

Scottish clergyman of Inverary more
than a century ago.

Buchanan, James, 1791-1868. Old
Ptdilic Eiinctionari/. An American states-
man ; b. in Franklin Co., Penn. ; Dickin-
son Coll., Carlisle, Penn., 1809 ; admitted
to the bar, 1812 ; president of the United
States, 1857-61 ; d. at Wheatland, near

Buchanan, John, LL.D. Glasguensis.
A Scottish writer of the day.

Buchanan, Robert Williams. B.;

R. ir. B.; Williams Buchanan.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 369.

Buchler, Thomas H., M.D. T. H. B.
An American physician of Baltimore.

Buck, Benjamin. Masdama. An
American writer of the day.

Buck, James Smith. Ichabod. An
American writer of the day, of Mil-

Buckham, Rev. Philip Wentworth.
A Graduate of Cambridge, and Editor of
the " 71ieat7-e of the Greeks." An English

Buckingham, Edgar. E. B. An
American clergyman ; Harv. Univ., 1831 ;
Divinity School, 1835 ; in 1887 pastor at
Deerfield, ISlass.

Buckingham, Edwin, 1801-33. Phin-
ehas Pica.. An American journalist ; b.
in Boston ; an editor and proprietor of
the "New England Mag."; d. on board
the brig " Mermaid."

Buckingham, James Silk. An Old

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 370.

Buckingham, Jane W. J. W. B.
An American writer of the day, in

Buckingham, Joseph Tinker. J.
T. B.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 370.

Buckner, J. P. Karl Kringle. An
American writer of the day.

Buckridge, Rev. Theophilus, M.A.,
1724-89. T. B.; ***. An English an-
tiquary ; b. in Lichfield ; educ. at Ox-
ford ; Master of St. John's Hospital in
Lichfield, 1769-89, whore he died.

Budd, Thomas HayAvard. A Chum
of ./ohnni/ Bull. An English writer of
the day ; a solicitor(?).

Budd, William. Witch Hazel-Bud.

Budgell, Eustace. X: E — ce B — II.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 370.

Buford, Lieut. Harry T. Loreta
Janeta Valasqnez. An American writer.

Bulfinch, Stephen Greenleaf, 1809-
70. <S. G. B. An American clergyman ;
b. in Boston, Mass.; Columbian Coll.,
1826 ; studied theology at Cambridge,
Mass. ; after preaching some years, in
1852 removed to Cambridge, and d. there.

Bulfinch, Thomas, 1796-1867. T. B.
An American author; b. and d. in Bos-
ton, Mass. ; Harv. Univ., 1814 ; was a
merchant in Boston till 1837 ; and a
bank clerk, 1837-67.

Bull, Mrs. E. O. E. 0. B. An Eng-
lish lady ; widow of Rev. Henry Bull.




Bull, Frederick. AJournei/man Book-
binder. An English writer of London.

Bull, Ij. a Banker. An American (1)
fancier of the day.

Bullard, Mrs. Anna Tuthill Jen-
Icins. Mrs. Caustic. An American

Billiard, Asa, 1804-. The Secretan/
of the Massachusetts Sabbath School So-
cieti/. An American clergyman ; b. at
Northbridge, Mass. ; Amherst Coll., 1828 ;
Andover Theol. Sem., 1829-31 ; secre-
tary of the Massachusetts Sabbath

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