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Cooper, T. Colden. T. C. C. An
American writer.

Cooper, Thomas, M.D., LL.D. Ameri-

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 394.

Cooper, William White, 1816-86.
Sestertius Holt. An English oculist; b.
at Holt, in Wiltshire ; practised in Lon-
don, and d. there.

Coote, Charles, D.C.L., 1761-1885.
One of the Members of the College. An
English writer ; b. in London ; Pembroke
Coll., Oxford, 1782 ; was for a time editor
of the "Critical Review " ; d. at Islington.

Coote, J. The Editor of the " Bio-
graphical Memoir of Her Royal Highness."
An English writer of eighty years ago.

Copeland, William P. 3Ir. Short-
fell o /.v.

Copinger, Walter Arthur, 1847-.
W. A. G. An English barrister-at-law ;
b. in London ; called to the bar at the
Middle Temple in 1869.

Copleston, Ed^va^d, D.D. One of
his Constituents.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 394.

Coppee, Henry, 1821-. Henri de
Coissi/. An American writer; b. in
Savannah, Ga. ; West Point, 1846 ; in
1886 resident at Bethlehem, Penn.

Corbin, Mrs. Caroline Elizabeth
(Fairfield). Caroline Elizabeth Fair-
field. An American religious writer of
the day.

Cordell, Charles, 1720-91. C. C. G.

A D. A. An English Catholic priest;

b. in London ; educ. at Douay ; priest at
the chapel in Newgate Street, Newcastle-
on-Tyne, 1765-91, and d. there.

Cordner, Rev. John. ./. C. An
American clergyman ; for many years
minister at Montreal ; in 1887 resident
in Boston.

Cornelius, Mrs. Mary Hooker. A

Mother. An American writer.

Cornish, Miss . Miss G. An

English writer.

Cornish, Mrs. . Mrs. G. An

English writer.

Cornish, James, M.R.C.S., 1792-1858.
S. H. An English writer; b. and d. in

Cornish, Rev. Joseph, 1750-1823. C.
An English Dissenter ; b. at Tawnton ;
pastor of the church of Protestant Dis-
senters at Colyton, Devonshire, 1772—
182.3, and d. tliere.

Cornu, Francis. Francis. A French
dramatic author ; b. near the commence-
ment of the present century ; was the
author of a considerable number of vaude-
villes, dramas, and melodramas.

Corpe, Rev. John. A Clergyman of
the Church of England. An English min-
ister; rector of Wayford, Somerset.

Corrie, Henry. H. C. An English

Corry, John. A Citizen of the World ,-
An Observer ; An Impartial Observer. An
Irish miscellaneous writer; first went to
Dublin, and about 1792 to London, where
he devoted himself to literary labor.

Corwin, Thomas, 1794-1865. The
Wagon Boy. An American statesman ;
b. in Bourbon Co., Ky. ; governor of
Ohio, 1841-43; United States senator,
1845-50 ; secretary of the treasury,.
1850-53 ; d. at AVashington.

Costigan, Arthur AVilliam, Esq. Le
Brigadier Ferriere. An Irish officer; late
captain of the Irish brigade in the ser-
vice of Spain.

Cotter, Rev. Joseph Rogerson. One
who Believes the Christian Scriptures. An
Irish clergyman ; Trin. Coll., Dublin,
1854 ; rector of St. Mary Magdalene,
Colchester, 1877-87.

Cotton, George Edward Lynch,
D.D., 1813-66. G. E. L. C. An Eng-
lish clergyman; Trin. Coll., Cambridge,
1836; bishop of Calcutta, 1858-66; he
was " the young master " of " Tom
Brown's School Days " ; he was drowned
in the Ganges."

Cotton, W. R. W. R. G. An Eng-
lisli writer.

Cotton, William. W. C. An Eng-
lish poet.

Couch, Thomas QuiUer, 1826-. T.
Q. C, Polperro ; Hook and Crook. An
English Avriter; b. at Polperro, Corn-
wall ; educ. at Guy's Hospital, 1849-

Coues, Samuel Elliott. S. E. C.
See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 395.




Coughlin, John D. Cousin Torrence.
Coulthurst, Henry William, D.D.

M. W. C—t, D.D. ; H. W. C An Eng-
lish clergyman ; vicar of Halifax, and
formerly fellow of Sidney Sussex Coll.,

He preached a sermon before the Univ. of Cam-
bridge, of a singular character, which was trans-
lated into Englibh verse, with considerable humor,
by a writer who assumed the signature of "H. W.
Hopkins, Esq.," who was supposed to be either
Alexander Oeddes or Professor Parson.

Couper, Robert, M.D., 1750-1818. A
Phijsician. A Scottish poet; b. at Bal-
sier, parish of Sorbie, Wigtonshire ; be-
came a tutor in a family in Virginia ; in
1776 returned to Scotland ; became a
physician; in 1788 settled in Fochabers,
Banffshire ; left there in 1806 ; d. at

Courtenay, Hon. Charles Leslie. C.
L. C. ; A Parish Priest. An Englisli cler-
gyman ; Christ Church, Oxford, 1837 ;
vicar of Bovey-Tracey, 1849-87.

Courtenay, Francis Burdett. De-
tector. An English physician of the day.

Courtenay, Et. Hon. Thomas Pere-
grine, 1782-1841. A More Accurate Ob-

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 396.

Courthope, William John. Novus
Homo. An Englisli litte'rateur ; M.A. at
New Coll., Oxford, 1877.

Courtier, Petei" Ij. Onesimus.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 396.

Courtney, Leonard Henry, 1832-
C An English statesman ; b. at Pen
zance, Cornwall ; educ. at Cambridge
called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn, 1858
M.P., 1876-87; is an advanced Liberal
has written for the " Fortnightly He-
view," the " Nineteenth Century," and
tile "International Keview."

Cousin d'Avalon, Charles Yves.
(yiiffct , parfumeiir, distillateur de Paris ;
Ge'rard ; A. T. Rimbault.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 396.

Cowan, James Galloway, M.A. ./.
<i. C. An English clergyman ; vicar of
Hi. John's, Hammersmith, 1863-70 et seq.

Coward, WUIiam, M.D., 1656-1725.
A Lute. Ani/ior; W. C. ; Mr. C—d; Esti-
bius Psi/chalethes; G. C. ; W. C, M.D.,
CM., L.G.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 396.

Cowdy, Mrs. Ann. A Meviorahle
Mdilwr. An English lady; motiier of
Rev. Samuel Cowdy.

Cowdy, Mrs. Cecilia. A Pastor's Wife.
An English lady; writer of the day.

Cowper, Mrs. Frances Maria. A
/.ad If. An Englisli poet; probably a
cousin of William Cowper.

Cowper, Lord William, 1664-1723.

The Eloquent Hortensius. An eminent
English judge and orator; b. in the cas-
tle of Hertford ; called to the bar in
1688; lord chancellor, 1705-10 and 1714-
18 ; d. at his seat in Hertfordshire.

He was the "Manilius" in "The Spectator,"
No. 467.

Cowper, Wmiam, M.D., F.S.A., 1701-
67. M. Meanwell ; A Citizen of Chester.
An English physician ; b. at Chester ;
educ. at Leyden ; practised physic many
years at Chester ; d. at Overlegh.

Cowper, William, 1731-1800. Do-
mestic Poet.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 396.

Cox, Henry Hamilton, 1750-1822.
The Strange Friend. An Irish author ;
b. and d. in Ireland.

Cox, John. A Pilgrim of Seventy.
An English writer of the day.

Cox, Mary M. Stella. An Ameri-
can writer of the day, of Philadelphia(?).

Cox, Sir Richard, 2d Bart, 1660-
1733. Dioriysius, the Areopagite.

See " I. and 1*.," First Series, p. 396.

Cox, Samuel Sullivan, 1824-. A
Biickei/e. An American statesman; b.
at Zanesville, 0. ; Brown Univ., 1846 ;
M.C. for many years; now (1885) of
the city of New York.

Coxe, Rt. Rev. Arthur Cleveland,
D.D. A. C. C. ; The Bishop of Western
JVeio York; An Old Catholic; The Rector.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 396.

Coxe, Rev. Richard Charles, 1800-66.
P. C. C.

vSee " I. and P.," First Series, p. 397.

Coxe, Tench. Greene.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 397.

Cozans, Kate M. T. Cousin Kate. An
American writer of the day for the young.

Cozens, Zachariah. T. 31. 0. T. F.
S. M. ['I'he Master of the Free School,
Margate]. An English writer of Mar-
gate ; for many years a correspondent
of the "Gentleman's Magazine," some-
times under his own signature, but
oftener under the above initials.

Crabbc, Rev. George. Pope in
Worsted Stockings.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 397.

Crabbe, Rev. George, Jr. His Son.
An English clergyman ; son of the poet;
vicar of Bredfield ; afterwards chaplain
of the Seckford Almshouse, Woodbridge,
Suffolk; then rector of INIorton, Norfolk,
and domestic chaplain to Lord Walsing-

Crafts, Mrs. Wilbur F. Sara J.
Timanus. An American writer of the
day, of Chicago(';).




Cragin, Miss J. S. Margaret Starr.

Craik, Rev. James, D.D. The Hector.
An American clergyman ; rector of
Christ Church, Louisville, Ky.

Crakanthorp, John. J. C. An
English writer of the first part of the
eighteenth century.

Crake, Rev. Augustine David. A.
D. C. An English clergyman; Univ. of
London, 1864 ; vicar of Cholsey, Wal-
lingford, 1885-87.

Cramp, John Mockett, 1796-1881.
The President. An English author; b.
at St. Peter's, Isle of Thanet, Kent,
Eng. ; educ. at Stepney Coll. ; presi-
dent of the Baptist Coll. at Montreal,
1844-51 ; and of Acadia Coll., Nova
Scotia, 1851-69; d. in Wolfville, Nova

Craven, Elizabeth, Baroness Craven,
afterwards Margravine of Anspach-
Baireuth, 1750-1828. E. C; H. S. H.,
the M. of A. ; Gosmopolitus Occultarius,
etc. An English writer; daughter of
Augustus, 4th Earl of Berkeley; mar-
ried Lord Craven ; and when she had
been divorced from him she married
Charles Frederick, Margravine of Ans-

Craven, Rt. Hon. William, Lord.
Lord C.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 397.

Cravpford, J. W. Capt. Jack. An
American poet.

" Capt. Jack Crawford, ' The Poet Scout,'
is by far the most picturesque character in
the Grand Army circles. The story of Capt.
Jack's life is an epic and a romance in one, be-
ginning with bis enlistment, at the age of six-
teen, in the Army of the Potomac, and extending
through the most famous of our Indian wars, in
which he served as chief scout. He is a sharp-
shooter, and was the crack marksman in Col.
Henry Pleasant's regiment, and was twice
wounded ; tirst at Spottsylvania, and again at
Petersburg. He was the pioneer of the gold
seekers in the Black Hills, and assisted G-eneral
Sheridan in preparing his maps of the Black

Crawford, Thomas, D.D. A Minis-
ister. A Scottish clergyman.

Craw^ford, William Harris, 1772-
1834. The Secretary of the Treasury. An
American statesman ; b. in Amherst Co.,
Va. ; was carried by his father to Georgia
in infancy ; settled at Lexington, Ga., as
a lawyer in 1798; United States senator,
1807-13; minister to France, 1813-15;
secretary of war, 1815 ; and of the treas-
ury in 1816; was afterwards a circuit
judge in Georgia.

Crawhall, Joseph. J. C. An Eng-
lish artist of the day.

Creed, Clara. T. Pym. An Eng-
lish artist of the day.

Creighton, Rev. James. J. C.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 398.

Cressvi^ell, John. Onghill. An Amer-
ican writer of Chester Co., Penn.

Cresswell, Mrs. Rachel E. R. E. C.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 398.

Crichton, Antoinette K. ^4. K. C.
An 'American writer of the day for the

Crisp, Edwards, M.D. A Member of
the College of Surgeons of London. An
English surgeon of the day.

Criswell, Robert W. Grandfather

Crocker, Miss Ada. Laurence Severn.
An English lady, residing in the United
States ; a writer of the day.

Croft, Rev. Sir Herbert, Bart., LL.D.,
1751-1816. H. C. An English clergy-
man, of Dunston Park, Berkshire ; educ.
at Oxford; vicar of Prittlewell,in Essex,
1787 ; was for some time chaplain to the
garrison at Quebec ; succeeded his father
in 1797 ; was an intimate friend of Dr.
Johnson, to whose " Lives of the Poets "
he contributed the life of Dr. Young.

Croggon, Mrs. Lucy (Emra). A
District Visitor j A Lover of Nature. An
English writer.

Cromwell, R. I. A Blackman. An
American citizen of Louisiana.

Cronhamn, F. — h — . A Swedish

Crook, John, 1768-. An Elector of
Westminster. An English writer ; b. at
Hammersmith ; resident in Lyon's Inn ;
clerk to the board of churchwardens . . .
of St. Clement Danes . . . Westminster.

Crosbie, Andre^v. A Layman. A
Scottish advocate of Edinburgh (?) .

Crosby, Alpheus, 1810-74. Quintus.
All American educator ; b. in Sandwich,
N.H. ; Dartmouth Coll., 1827 ; principal
of the Normal School at Salem, Mass.,
1857-65 ; d. there.

Crosby, Howard, D.D., LL,D., 1826-.
El Mukattcm. An American clergyman;
b. in New York City ; Univ. of the City
of New York, 1844 ; pastor in New York
City, 1863-87; was Chancellor of the
Univ. of New York, 1770-81.

Crosby, Margaret. Margaret Floyd.
An American writer of the day.

Crosland, N. C. An English writer
of the day.

Cross, Mrs. Kate. De Kalb. A
Canadian writer; a correspondent for
several Canadian newspapers ; her de-
ceased husband was a Prussian army
officer of the name of De Kalb.

Cross, Mrs. Marian (Evans Lew^es),
1819-80. Felix Holt. An English mis-




cellaneous writer ; b. at South Farm,
Griff, in Warwickshire ; assistant-editor
of the " Westminster Review," 1851-57
et seq. ; d. in London (?).

Cross, Koselle Theodore. B. T. C.
An English educational writer of the day.

Crosse, J. H. J. H. C. An English

Crosse, Rev. John Dudlej' Oland,
M.A. A Countni CIcTgi/man. An Eng-
lish divine; Exeter Coll., Oxford, 1826;
vicar of Pawlet, Bridgewater, Somerset,
1827-70 et seq.

Crosthwaite, Charles Haukes Tod.
A District Officer ; C. H. T. G. A British
colonial writer.

CrosweU, Harry, D.D., 1778-1858.
The Rector. An American clergyman ;
b. at West Hartford, Conn.; was for
some years a printer and journalist ; en-
tered the Protestant Episcopal Church ;
rector of Trinity Church, New Haven,
from 1815, and d. in that city.

Crowfoot, Rev. John Rustat, B.D.
A " Fellow of a College." An English
clergyman ; Caius Coll., Cambridge, 1839 ;
P.C. of Wangford w. Henham, and vicar
of Reydon, 1860-70 et seq.

CroTFley, Sir Ambrose. Sir Ilum-
phreij Greenhat. An English gentleman ;
an alderman of London.

Crowley, Thomas. Amor Patriap. :

T. a

See " L and P.," First Series, p. 399.

Crozet, Laurent de. Chevalier Api-
cius a Vindemiis. A French writer of

Cruden, Alexander. A. G. ; The
London- Citizen.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 399.

Cruttwell, Richard, LL.B. One of
No Parti/. An English clergyman ; rector
of Spexliall, Suffolk ; either before or
afterwards, ciiaplain of H. M. T. Trident,
and secretary to Rear-Admiral Sir Alex.
J. Ball.

Ciidlip, Mrs. Annie (Thomas), 1 837-
A71 Old Contributor. An English writer ;
b. at Aldhorougli, Suffolk ; wife of Rev.
Pender Hodge Cudlip, whom she mar-
ried at Yealmpton, Devon, in 1867.

Cudlip, I!ev. Pender Hodge, 1835-.
P. [T. G. P., I.e., T. T. Johns, P. G.
Hill and P. H. Cudlip]. An English
clergyman; Mag. Hall, Oxford, 1859;
vicar of Sparkwell, Plympton, Devon,
1884-87 ; was b. at Porthleven, near

Culverw^ell, Henry. //. G. An
English writer of the day.

Cumberland. Richard, 1732 1811.
Giirtiii.i ; Sir Frrifiil I'ldyiarij. An Eng-

lish dramatist ; son of the Bishop of Kil-
more ; educ. at Westniinster and Cam-
bridge ; devoted himself at Tunbridge
Wells to literary pursuits.

Cumming, John, D.D. A Minister of
the Church of Scotland.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 400.

Cumming, W. F., M.D. A Wanderer.
An English physician.

Cumpsty, Andrew. A. G. An Eng-
lish almanac maker, of the first part of
the seventeenth century.

Cundall, Joseph. J. C. An artist
and writer on art, of London.

Cuninghame, Lady Margaret. A
i/oirng Scottish Lad//. A Scottish lady ;
daughter of the Earl of Glencairn, and
her first husband the Master of Evan-

Cuninghame, William. An Liquirer ;
Talib ; An JEnqiiirer. A Scottish writer
of Lainshaw, Ayr.

Cunningham, Rev. Francis, -1867.
F. C. An American clergyman ; Harv.
Coll., 1825; was a minister at Dorchester.

Cunningham, J. An Officer. An
Englisli writer of the eighteenth cen-

Cunningham, James. /. C. A
Scottish writer, of EdinburghC?), of the
seventeenth century.

Cunynghame, Gen. Sir Arthur Au-
gustus Thurlow, G.B.C., 1812-. An
Aide-de-Canip. An English general;
educ. at Eton ; entered the army, 1830 ;
lieutenant-governor of Cape of Good
Hope, 1874 ; deputy high commissioner
in South Africa, 1878.

CurU, Edmund, -1748. E. C; Mr.

E d G - 1; A Laij-Hand; Philare-

tus ; William Ai/re. An English book-
seller of London ; " is embalmed in the
bitter herbs of the ' Dunciad ' " ; lost
Ins ears for publishing some licentious

Currie, Edmund. A Pirate. An Eng-
lish colonial writer.

Currie, Rev. William. A Presbi/ier
of the Church of England. An English
clergyman of the middle of the eighteenth

Curry, Daniel, D.D., LL.D., 1809-.
A New Yorker. An eminent American
Methodist divine ; b. near I'eekskill,
Westchester Co., N.Y.; Wesleyan Univ.,
1837; in 1881 stationed in isiew York

Curry, John, M.D. ./. G, M.D. An
Irish physician.

Curteis, Ed^vard Jeremiah. The
Member for Sussex. An Englisli M.P.
in 1828. "




Curteis, Rev. Thomas, about 1690-
1747. T. C; A Clergpnan; Philadel-
phus ; Philalethes. An English clergy-
man ; rector of Wrotham, Kent.

Curtis, . A Lover of Truth. A

Scottish writer; an apothecary of Edin-

Curtis Charles Bewick. A Lay-
man. An English artist and writer of
the day.

Curtis, Miss Ella J. Shirley Smith.
An English writer of the day.

Curtis, George Ticknor. G. T. C.

See ' I. and P.," First Series, p. 400.

Curtis, George William. The Wan-

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 400.

Curtis, Miss Susan Oak. Llope Harvey.

Cui'tis, Thomas. The Original Editor
of the " EncyclopcEdia Metropolitana." An
English writer ; of Grove House School,

Curtis, Sir William, Bart. Sir W

C ,• Commodore Alderman C ;

Sir T^«**«* (7**»-»; Sir Willie Curt-
Ms. An English poet ; lord mayor of

Curtis, WinsloTl^ Sylvester Colson.
An English murderer.

Curtiss, Mrs. Abby Allin, 1820-.
Nilla. An American poet; b. at Pom-
fret, Conn. ; in 1852 married Daniel S.
Curtiss, farmer-editor, then of Chicago,
111., and soon after removed with him to
Madison, Wis.

Curzon, Sir Nathaniel. SirN 1

C n. An English writer early in

the eighteenth century.

Cusack, Miss Mary Frances, 1822-.
il/. F. C. ; Sister Mary Frances Clare.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 400.

Cashing, Caleb, LL.D. A Friend of
Domestic Industry ; C. C.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 401.

Cushing, Liuther Stearns, 1803-55.
C. ; L. S. C. An eminent American
law-writer and judge; b. in Lunenburg,
Worcester Co., Mass. ; for many years
resided in Boston, and d. there.

Cushman, Rev. Job, -1878. A De-
scendant of "Our Ancient Friend" ; A
Recent Missionary of the Amer. Home
Miss. Soc. in Wisconsin. An American
clergyman ; b. at Kingston, Mass. ;
Brown Univ., 1819.

Cust, Robert Needham, 1821-. R.
N. C. An English lawyer ; b. at Hatley-
Cokayne, Beds. ; called to the bar at Lin-
coln's Inn, 1857 ; in the Indian civil ser-
vice, 1842-68; Hon. Sec. of the Royal
Asiatic Society from 1880.

Cutler, Elbridge Jefferson, 1812-70.
F. J. C. An American poet and edu-
cator ; b. in HoUiston, Mass.; Harv.
Coll., 1853; professor there, 1865-70;
d. in Cambridge, Mass.

Cutler, Mrs. Helen R. An Itinerant's
Wife. An American writer of the day.

Cutler, P. C. Lizzie Petit. An Ameri-
can writer of the day.

Cuyler, Rev. Theodore Liedyard,
1822-. T. L. C. An American clergy-
man ; b. at Aurora, N.Y. ; New Jersey
Coll., 1841 ; Princeton Theol. Sem.,
1846 ; pastor in New York City, 1853-
60 ; at Brooklyn, 1860-87.


Dabney, John Blair. J. B. D. An

American writer of tlie South ; a con-
tributor to the " Southern Literary Re-

Dabney, Rev. Jonathan Peele,
-1868. J. P. D. An American clergy-
man ; b. in Salem; Harv. Coll., 1811;
preached for the most part without regu-
lar settlement.

Dalby, Isaac ('0. 1744-1824. D. An
English mathematician ; professor of
mathematics in the Royal Military
Coll. at Marlow.

Dalgleish, William, D.D. A Clergy-
man. A Scottish minister, of Peebles,
one Imndred years ago.

Dali-ymple, Alexander. A Well-

ivisher to his King and Countrj/ ; An Old

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 402. ^'^^'^
. — Dalton, E. J. An Eye-Witness.' An^'
American controversial writer. •* "

Dalton, Rev. James Edward. A \
Clergyman. An English divine ; Queen's
Coll., Cambridge, 1830; rector of Sea-
grave, Loughborough, 1852-87.

Damme, Johan. Johannes van D — e.
A Swedish writer.

Dane, John. A Member of the N. E.
Histor.-Geneal. Society. An American
genealogical writer.

Daniel, George. G. D ; D — g.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 402.

Daniel, John Edgeoumbe. An Offi-




cer in the Commissariat Department of the
Army. An English soldier ; deputy com-
missary general in 1846 ; received the
war medal with seven clasps, for Sala-
manca, Vittoria, Pyrenees, Nivelle, Nive,
■Orthes, and Toulouse.

Daniel, Thomas, 1720-79. Thomas
West, F.A.S. An English antiquary of
•one hundred years ago.

DanieU, Ralph Allen, 1846-73. D. ;
B.A.D.; A Young Native, R.A.D. An
English writer of Cornwall; son of Ed-
ward Daniell ; d. at Wanganui, New

Daniels, J. A. Sleinada.

Darby, A. A. D.

See " 1. and P.," First Series, p. 403.

Darby, John Nelson. J. N. D. ; One
who values Christianity for its own sake, etc.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 403.

Darby, William, -1854. Tacitus.
An American geographer ; b. in Penn-
sylvania ; contributed to the " American
Whig Eeview."

Darby, William H. W. H. Di/.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 403.

Darcie, John. Touchstone.

Darcy, Robert, 4th Earl of Holder-
ness, -1778. E — I of II — s. An English
peer ; in 1740 he was appointed lord-lieu-
tenant of the North Riding, of Yorkshire ;
in 1744, ambassador to Venice; in 1749,
minister plenipotentiary to the United
Provinces; in 1751, one of the secretaries
of state and of the privy council ; in 1752,
one of the lords justices ; in 1754 again
secretary of state ; was afterwards ad-
miral and warden of the Cinque Ports ;
on his death tlie earldom, for want of
male issue, became extinct.

Darley, George, 178.5-1849. G. D.
An Irish poet and mathematician ; b. in
Dublin; in 1825 removed to London;
contributed to the " Literary Gazette "
and "Athenaeum," and pul^lislied i)oems
and treatises on algebra and geometry.

Darr, Francis. One of His Constitu-
ents. An American writer of Oliio.

Daubeny, Charles Giles Bridle,
M.D., F.R.S., 1795-1827. The Professor
of Bolanij. An English scliolar; pro-
fessor of botany and cliemistiy in tlie
Univ. of Oxford ; b. at Strnttoii.

Daunt, Kev. Edward Syn<>e ToAvn-
shend. E. iS. T. I). An Englisli clergy-
man ; Trin. Coll., Dublin, 1845 ; vicar of
St. Stepiieiis, by Launceston, 1853-87.

Davtyiant, Charles, LL.D., 1(556-
1714. Hir Thomas Double. An English
politician ; inspector of plays ; dramatic
author, and writer upon political economy
and trade.

David, Prof. Carl, af Wirsen. C. D.
W. A Swedish writer.
Davidson, Mrs. Harriet Miller. A

Mother. A Scottish lady ; wife of Henry

Davidson, James, A.M. Old Wiggie.
An American scholar ; professor in the
Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1768-79 and 1782-
1802 ; rector of the academy, 1780-91.

Davie, Mary R. Corinne Lestrange.

Davies, Charles Maurice, D.D. An
Ex-Puseijite. An English clergyman;
Univ. Coll., Durham, 1849 ; head-master
of the West London College School,

Davies, Ed-ward, and Baxter, John
A. E. D. and J. A. B. Davies, Ed-
ward, 1756-1831. An English clergy-
man ; rector of Bishopston, Glamorgan-
shire ; and chancellor of Brecon.

Davies, Gerald Stanley. Hadji
Sievad, etc. An English clergyman ;
Christ Coll., Cambridge, 1868; assistant-
master in Charterhouse School, 1874-87.

Davies, Henry. H D.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 404.

Davies, Eev. Myles. Mr. PoUet.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 404.

Daviess, Col. Joseph Hamilton,
1774-1811. Jo Daviess. An American
lawyer of Kentucky ; author of " View of
the President's conduct concerning the
conspiracy of 1806 " ; b. in Bedford Co.,
Va. ; killed at the battle of Tippecanoe.

Davis, Andrew Jackson, 1826-. The
Poughkeepsie Seer. An American clair-
voyant ; b. at Blooming Grove, Orange
Co., N.Y.

Davis, Rev. Charles Henry, M.A.
Philecclesia. An English clergyman ;
Wadham Coll., Oxford, 1844 ; rector of
Littleton-Drew, Chippenham, 1875-87.

Davis, Rev. Edward, and others. A
Committee of Pastors. An American
clergyman, of Hampden Co., Mass.

Davis, Emerson, 1798-1866. Lin-
nieus. An American clergyman ; b. and
d. in Westfield, Mass. ; Williams Coll.,
1821; vice-president of his alma mater,

Davis, Hasbrouck. H. I). An
American writer ; son of Hon. John
Davis, of Worcester; studied theology,
and was pastor at Watertovvn, Mass.,
1840-53 ; then studied law, and com-
menced its practice at Chicago in 1855;
served in the late civil war, 1861-65;
afterwards returned to his law practice

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